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Were approaching 45,000 feet我们即将到达四万五千英尺高and were about to cross an invisible boundary in the atmosphere.我们将穿过大气层中无形的分界面Were leaving behind the first layer, the troposphere,我们将要离开第一个大气层,对流层and entering the stratosphere.进入对流层A very different place.一个完全不同的地方Here the air is stable and exceptionally dry,这的大气很稳定并且非常的干燥so theres virtually no weather.所以这几乎没有天气的变化The stratosphere is home to the ozone layer平流层是臭氧层的家which reduces the amount of lethal solar radiation reaching the Earth.臭氧可以削弱到达地球的来自太阳的致命的辐射Weve reached 50,000 feet我们已经到达5万英尺了Nearly 80% of the mass of gases that make up the atmosphere are below me.几乎组成大气的90%的气体都在我下面了But almost 50 years ago, one man went much, much higher than me,但是大概50年前有人比我去的地方高的多的多and he experienced the atmosphere in a completely different way.他以一种完全不同的方式体验了大气On August 16th, 1960,1960年8月16号long before man had set foot on the Moon,在人类踏上月球之前很长时间military pilot Joe Kittinger军事飞行员 乔.奇廷格took a solo journey to explore the heavens.独自一人到太空的边缘旅行了一次201509/397467lts just a sad moment,to have to carry one of your brothers to his grave.很难过的一刻 要亲手抬自己兄弟的棺木We would perform all night, tell you the truth, evety day.每天都要表演一整晚lts not a good feeling.lts a major part of you died with that.感觉很糟 自己的一大部份 跟着他一块走了And there was this mans house, who used to sell candy,有个人在家里卖糖果we used to stop there and just load up, eat candy for days.我们以前都会去买一大堆 吃它个好几天l neverlost a child.我从未失去过孩子Children are supposed to bury their parents, not parents bury their children.白发人应该由黑发人来送 而不是反过来And thats what hurt me the most.这是最让我心痛的Many days, l go back to his first cry,from the doctor slapping him on his butt,up till his death.有好多天我都回想从他第一次哭 出生时被医师打的那一记 到他离开人间But all the memories of Michael are fond to me. I cant pick out any particular.但是 每个关于迈克尔的片段都印象深刻 我无从选择201511/410919The Dragon Boat festival端午节Dragon Boat Festival端午节Several thousand years ago, densely weedy lakes and hosts of poisonous snakes and insects characterize the south of China. But people born and brought up in this Yangtze River area had also built up a rich store of culture. And from these different cultural patterns, evolved many of the folk customs associated with the Dragon Boat Festival.数千年前,杂草丛生的湖泊以及一大堆的毒蛇和毒虫代表着中国南方的特色。但在这扬子江(长江)流域出生成长的人们也已建立起非常丰富的文化。从这些不同的文化模式中,发展出很多和端午节有关的民间习俗。By two thousand five hundred years ago, the Dragon Boat Festival had gradually become one of Chinas traditional festivals, held each May the fifth, according to the lunar calendar. The Dragon Boat Festival is popular amongst most Chinese people, both those living at home in their native country and those overseas. But it is particularly celebrated in Zigui County and Huangshi City, Hubei Province, Miluo City in Hunan Province and Suzhou City in JiangSu Province.两千五百年前,端午节逐渐变成中国的传统节庆,根据农历,每年五月五日举行。端午节在大多中国人之间是很普遍的,对那些生活在他们祖国家里的和那些在海外的都一样。但它在湖北省秭归县及黄石市、湖南省泪罗市和江苏省苏州市被特别地庆祝。The colorful and the diversified folk customs involved in the Dragon Boat Festival have developed from older customs around this season, aimed at driving away evil. Chief amongst these were the elimination of diseases, the chasing away of the evil spirits and the warding off of natural disasters. The festival possesses an unique national spirit and abundant connotations, which have deep influence on the lives of Chinese people.多采多姿又多元涉及端午节的民间习俗从较古老、大约在这个季节的习惯演变而来,目的是要驱邪。这些之中最主要的是消灭疾病、驱邪以及避开天灾。这节庆拥有一项独特的民族精神和丰富的内涵,那对中国人民的生活有着深远的影响。During the Dragon Boat Festival, people from different areas organize many folk custom activities. These include sacrifices made in memory of Chinese historical figures. The poet, Qu Yuan, is chiefly venerated around Zigui County in Hubei Province and Miluo City in Hunan Province. Meanwhile, the ancient hero, Wu Zixu is more honored in the areas to the south of the Yangtze River.在端午节时,不同地区的人们组织许多民俗活动。这些包括纪念中国历史人物的牺牲。诗人屈原,主要在湖北省秭归县和湖南省泪罗市受到景仰。同时,一位远古的英雄,伍子胥在扬子江以南区域更受尊敬。Sports competitions are held: spectacular and impressive dragon boat races held in Zigui County and Miluo City, as well as many other sites. In addition, various other competitive folk games and activities take place, such as shooting at willow wands and boat driving. Customs to ward off evil include hanging certain plants that lead to bringing luck, such as calamus or mugwort in the family home to escape bad luck.举行运动竞赛:壮观且让人印象深刻的龙舟比赛在秭归县和泪罗市举行,也在许多其他地点举行。另外,举行各式各样其他的民俗竞赛以及活动,像是射柳条、划船。避邪的习俗包括在家里悬挂特定会带来好运的植物,像是菖蒲或艾草,以逃脱厄运。Eating customary Dragon Boat Festival fair: nearly everyone will eat sticky rice wrapped in corn leaves, known as Zongzi, and be drinking a potent local brew called realgar.吃合乎习俗的端午节美食:几乎人人都会吃包在玉米叶里的糯米饭,众所周知的粽子,还会喝一种叫做雄黄酒的本地烈酒。Customs associated with health: bathing in orchid water, taking Chinese herbs and eliminating poisonous or bad elements, and so on.健康有关的习俗:在兰花水中沐浴、用中国草药以及消灭有毒或有害的元素,诸如此类。Entertainment activities: amongst these are performing or watching typical operas and rowing dry dragon boats.活动:这些包括表演或观赏独特的戏剧以及划旱船。The customs of the Dragon Boat Festival in the hometown of the poet, Qu Yuan in Zigui County, Hubei Province are more detailed. Here, Dragon Boat Festival is held three times during the lunar month of May.端午节的习俗在诗人屈原湖北省秭归县的家乡更讲究。在这里,端午节在农历五月举行三次。On May the fifth, locals hang out the calamus or mugwort and drink realgar alcohol to chase away evil. On the fifteenth, they hold a typical dragon boat competition. On the twenty-fifth, families and relatives gather together and carry out various activities to ward off illness and diseases.在五月五日,当地人挂出菖蒲或艾草并饮用雄黄酒来驱邪。十五日,他们举办一场特别的龙舟竞赛。在二十五日,家人和亲戚们团聚在一起并从事许多活动来避开病痛。In particular, farmers in Zigui County take part in a spontaneous literary poetic gathering, where they sing, recite and otherwise enjoy themselves. These folk customs have a history going back at least four hundred years.尤其是,秭归县的农民们参与一场自发性的文学诗歌聚会,在那儿他们吟唱、朗诵要不就自得其乐。这些民间风俗有段至少往回追溯四百年的历史。The Dragon Boat Festival is an important symbolic event, which also allows ordinary Chinese people to commune with nature and the universe, and has become an indispensable part of the Chinese folk calendar.端午节是个重要的象征性活动,它也让一般中国人和大自然以及宇宙融为一体,而且变成中国民俗历不可或缺的一部分。From the mysts of the past right-down to the modern day, it has afforded a special means of communication and dialogue between people and nature, and has always been a source of affection and good wishes for local people.从过去的神话直至今日,它已经提供了一种人和大自然之间特殊的沟通对话方式,而且对当地人来说一直是个情感以及美好心愿的来源。This much loved celebration plays a unique role in helping to create a harmonious social environment and improving the relations between human beings and their natural environment. In this way, it has become an irreplaceable culture symbol of the Chinese nation.这备受喜爱的庆典,在帮助创造和谐的社会环境以及改善人类和他们大自然环境间的关系上,扮演着一个独特的角色。如此一来,它已成为一个中华民族无可替代的文化象征。The Dragon Boat Festival helps to forge a sense of fellowship, as well as fermenting local and national pride. In addition, it serves to enhance the coherence of social groups and sectors through strengthening of cultural identity. On December the fourteenth, 2007, the Dragon Boat Festival was declared a national holiday by the Chinese government.端午节协助锻炼出一种同胞感,也酝酿地方以及民族的骄傲。另外,透过加强文化认同,它足以强化社会团体和部门的凝聚力。2007年十二月十四日,中国政府宣布端午节为国定假日。The Chinese government has long placed great importance on protecting the folk customs of the Dragon Boat Festival. And in the coming years, the government will invest additional funding to support folk customs, traditional activities associated with the Dragon Boat Festival.中国政府长久以来非常注重保护端午节民间习俗。在未来,政府会投资额外的经费赞助民间习俗、和端午节有关的传统活动。These efforts into strengthened study and protection of the Dragon Boat Festival can further publicize the cultural elements associated with it, while, at the same time, fully respecting the traditions and feelings of different interest groups, areas and communities towards this magnificent and unique celebration.这些对端午节加强研究及保护的努力能够进一步地宣扬和它有关的文化元素,同时,全然地尊重不同利益族群、区域及社群,对这高尚独特的庆典的传统和感受。注:本期视频由于某些原因无法上传,故缺失,见谅!201506/381696


China rehearses V-Day parade纪念抗战胜利70周年 阅兵排开始China held a large-scale overnight rehearsal for the September 3 military parade, in Tiananmen Square and along Changan Avenue in downtown Beijing.在北京天安门广场以及长安街,为即将到来的9月3日阅兵式进行了大规模的通宵排。More than 10,000 servicemen and women, about 500 military vehicles and nearly 200 aircraft took part. 超过1万多名男女将士,约500辆军用车辆及200架飞机投入到此次排当中。All formations, including foreign troops and World War II veterans, were present, while about 35,000 guests watched the proceedings.包括外国军队及二战老兵的所有方阵队伍全部到场,35000名游客观看了排过程。The parade will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and the victory of the war of Chinas Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.这次的阅兵是为了纪念世界反法西斯战争暨中国抗日战争胜利70周年。译文属201508/395164

Thats roughly the equivalent of having a 20-watt light bulb这就相当于有一盏20瓦的灯泡on inside your head, all the time.装在你身体里 还一直点亮着Most other primates use多数其他灵长类生物only 10% of their energy to fuel their brain.脑部只消耗10%的能量Our huge, hungry brains make us the exception.我们更大 更耗能的脑袋使我们有别于它们Our best guess is that, in humans,最合理的猜测是 once cooking enabled the gut to become smaller,烹饪使人类的肠胃变小then the energy spared from looking after the gut多余的能量就不用供给胃部was made available to the brain...直接供给脑部了...a very expensive organ that这么耗能的器官certainly needs to be fuelled from somewhere.当然需要能源补给了So it seems likely that what cooking did was make those big brains possible.很可能正是烹饪 让人类大脑得以进化But the big brain which has served us so well...但是我们一向表现良好的大脑...is now causing us great problems in the 21st century.却为21世纪的我们带来了大麻烦201506/378487

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