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芜湖繁昌县人民男科医院尿科芜湖中医治疗前列腺China is mulling over a ban on the installation of security cameras in public places where they could infringe on the public#39;s privacy, such as hotel rooms, dormitories, public bathrooms, locker rooms and toilets, according to a draft regulation released by the Ministry of Public Security.根据公安部日前公布的一份条例草案,我国正在考虑禁止在旅馆客房、集体宿舍、公共浴室、更衣室、卫生间等可能侵犯公众隐私的公共场所安装监控录像头。The draft ordinance requires a reasonable distance between a camera or equipment and a household residence, and signs be put up to make the public aware of the presence of cameras in public places.条例草案要求摄像头或录像设备与居民住宅保持合理距离,应设置标识提醒公众注意公共场所存在的摄像头。Organizations or people are not allowed to use cameras to illegally obtain state and business secrets or infringe on the public#39;s right to privacy, the document added.条例还称,任何单位和个人不得利用摄像头非法获取国家秘密、商业秘密或侵犯公众隐私权。When security surveillance footage is disclosed for public use, personal information, such as individual body features and plate numbers, should be obscured, unless otherwise stipulated by law.安全监控录像用于公共传播时,除法律另有规定外,应当对个体特征、车牌号等个人信息进行遮挡。Those who illegally install surveillance cameras in public places will be fined up to RMB100,000, according to the document.根据条例,在公共场所非法安装监控摄像头的,将面临最高10万元的罚款。 /201612/482264芜湖哪个医院能割包皮 S.H.E. is arguably the most successful girl group in the Mando-pop world. S.H.E 可以说是华语流行乐坛里最成功的女子组合。But in many music critics’ and fans’ eyes, Hebe Tien, a member of the crowd-pleasing Taiwan group, only became a real musician, as opposed to just another pop idol, once she released her debut solo album in 2010.但在许多乐评人和歌迷看来,在这个深受大众喜爱的台湾组合中,成员田馥甄(Hebe)在2010年发行了她的首张个人专辑之后,才成为了一位真正的音乐人,而不是又一个流行偶像。On Dec 15, Tien wrapped up her third *consecutive concert at Taipei Arena. 12月15日,Hebe在台北小巨蛋体育馆连唱三场的演唱会圆满落幕。The excited singer didn’t stop her lively performance until 23:15. 这位兴奋的歌手直到23:15分才结束她生龙活虎的演出。Knowing she had to pay NT0,000 (33,000 yuan) for running over, she just laughed a hearty laugh and said: Come on, take my money.在得知她需要付15万台币(约合人民币33,000元)演唱会超时罚款时,她大笑着说:来吧,把我的钱拿去吧。Tien told Taiwan female fashion website Womany that she feels blessed to be able to have her own concerts. 在接受台湾女性时尚网站《女人迷》采访时,Hebe表示,能够开自己的演唱会,她感到十分幸运。On my own stage, I can choose my own songs and present them with reflection on my own life experience. 在我自己的舞台上,我可以选择自己的歌,以我个人生活经历的反思来呈现它们。That’s a real blessing.这真的是一大幸事。She now has a say in her own music too. 现在,她对于自己的音乐也有了发言权。There’s no denying S.H.E.’s commercial *prosperity, but are those catchy love songs – of which many are cover versions of Western hits – really what Tien would like to sing?S.H.E在商业上获得了巨大成功,这一点不可否认,但那些朗朗上口的情歌 —— 许多还是西方热门金曲的翻唱—— 真的是Hebe 想要唱的吗?We know the *headstrong young woman loves her group members but at the same time always dreamed to do the music she really wanted, even if it was an EP of English covers. 我们知道,这位任性的年轻女性很爱组合的其他成员,但她同时也梦想着能做自己真正想做的音乐,哪怕只是一张英文翻唱的迷你专辑。Fortunately for her and her fans though, her dream came true. 对于她和粉丝而言,幸运的是,她的梦想成真了。And what we do know is she has a distinctive *criteria when it comes to song choices for her solo albums. 我们还可以得知的是,在个人专辑的歌曲选择上,Hebe有着与众不同的标准。Latest release Day by Day (《日常》), which dropped in July, for example, tells of the *trivia in her daily life, including brushing her teeth, doing yoga and taking the bus.比如,她今年7月发行的最新专辑《日常》讲述的就是刷牙、做瑜伽、搭公交车等她日常生活中的琐事。But being self-*indulgent when it comes to making music usually leads to a flop. 但随心所欲地做音乐很可能导致失败。The 33-year-old singer, who’s been in showbiz for 16 years, should be well aware of this. 这位已出道16年、现年33岁的歌手应该很了解这一点。But what she knows for sure is the *whopping result a hit can bring. 但她一定知道的是一首热门金曲所带来的巨大反响。The 2015 hit single A Little Happiness (《小幸运》) has won her a number of nominations at both the Golden Horse Awards and Golden Melody Awards.她的2015年热门单曲《小幸运》便获得了金马奖和金曲奖的多项提名。But Tien herself prefers to walk on rough *terrain, as then the views are better, she told Womany. 但Hebe自己却更喜欢走险路,因为那样风景会更好,她在接受《女人迷》网站采访时表示。Actually, so long as we pull out all the stops to produce one big hit, we can get a good reward from an album. 事实上,只要我们全力以赴地制作出一首大热歌曲,我们便能从这张专辑中获得很好的收益。But that’s not good for me, the singer added. 但对我来说,那样并不好,这位歌手补充道。It seems that her biggest wish is for her music to express her own voice.她最大的心愿似乎就是让她的音乐传达出自己的声音。Offshore Island (《离岛》), a single from Tien’s first album, To Hebe, may probably best demonstrate the singer. Hebe首张专辑《To Hebe》中的一首单曲《离岛》或许最能表露这位歌手的心声。I’m a small island, a *satiable island... 我是座小小岛,容易满足的小岛……I never worry about the small population on my island... 不担心我这岛居民太少……I only need those who know me to know me.懂的人懂得就好。 /201612/485428南陵县人民男科医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

芜湖繁昌县男科医院男科Hunger is more powerful than thirst, fear or anxiety, new research suggests.最新研究表明,饥饿对人的影响比口渴、恐惧或者是焦虑都要大。Scientists at the National Institutes of Health found lab mice would be willing to put themselves in danger or cut themselves off socially if it meant they could eat.美国国立卫生研究院的科学家们发现,如果实验室的老鼠在粮食充足的情况下,它们甚至愿意将自己置身于危险之中,或者切断自己与社会的联系。The mice also picked food over water in every scenario.在不同的实验环境下,老鼠们相对于饮水更倾向于选择食物。The findings have been hailed as a crucial step towards our understanding of eating disorders and how to control food cravings.这项发现已经被视为人们了解饮食失调及如何控制对食物的渴望的至关重要的一步。It is the first research that pits different cravings against each other, looking at how hunger affects us in a more naturalistic setting.研究人员首次在相互竞争的状态下对人类不同的欲望进行研究,并观察饥饿如何在自然环境中对我们产生影响。Previous studies have isolated each craving - hunger, thirst, fear - to work out how the brain triggers such instincts.先前的研究中,人们将不同的欲望进行分开,例如饥饿、口渴和恐惧,同时观察大脑如何触发人类的这种本能。But now experts in diabetes and obesity are looking at how powerful each craving is, in relation to our other survival instincts.但现在糖尿病和肥胖症的相关专家研究的是几种不同生存本能之间的关系,并了解单个生存本能对人体产生的影响。The study, carried out by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), put mice in different scenarios where they would have to choose between cravings. 该研究由美国国家糖尿病、消化及肾脏疾病研究中心(NIDDK)负责承担,研究人员将实验小鼠放在不同的实验条件下,并让其在不同的生存本能之间做出选择。To make them hungry, the scientists did one of two things: deprived the mice of food for 24 hours or activated neurons that are known to cause hunger.为了让实验小鼠处于饥饿状态,科学家们会让小鼠处于饥饿状态24小时,或者激活能够产生饥饿感的神经元中心。A similar process was performed to make them thirsty. To make them scared they would put them in a large space which smelled like foxes.让它们产生口渴感的方式与让其产生饥饿感的方式相同。至于恐惧感,为了让小鼠产生恐惧会将其放置在闻起来有点像狐狸味道的环境中。In one set of experiments, mice that were both thirsty and hungry consumed more food at the expense of drinking water. That, however, was the least surprising result.实验中,又渴又饿的小鼠们在同样的条件下相比饮水消耗了更多的食物。然而,这样的结果却是让人十分惊讶的。To their astonishment, hungry mice placed in a scary situation would overcome their fear and venture ahead if they knew there was food in the danger zone.让实验人员惊讶的是,将饥饿的小鼠们放置在令它们感到害怕的环境中,如果它们知道这里有食物,则会选择克制自己的恐惧。By contrast, sated mice preferred to stay in #39;safe#39; corner zones or in a non-scented chamber rather than venture out into the more risky locations.相比之下,吃饱的小鼠们则会选择待在相对“安全”的角落,而不会冒着风险去探索其它区域。Hunger also drove mice to cut themselves off socially. Hungry mice preferred to spend time in a chamber with food rather than a different chamber containing another mouse.解饿感也会趋势小鼠切断自己于社会间的联系。处于饥饿状态的小鼠宁愿选择自己一个人待在有食物的屋子里,也不去另外一间屋子跟一群小鼠混在一起。Mice that were lonely but not hungry strongly preferred the company of another mouse to a chamber baited with food.具有强烈孤独感但是还不是很饿的小鼠,则会选择寻找自己同伴,而不再独自躲在有食物的屋子里。#39;We interpret this as a unique ability of hunger-tuned neurons to anticipate the benefits of searching for food, and then alter behavior accordingly,#39; lead author Dr Michael Krashes said. 研究项目负责人迈克尔·克拉希斯士表示;“我们认为独特的饥饿调节神经元事先预测到食物的作用,并因此改变了生物体的行为模式。”#39;Evolutionarily speaking, animals that consistently picked the right motivations over others have survived while other animals have not.#39;“从进化论的角度来说,能够活下的动物们都是做出来正确的选择,而其它的动物我们就可想而知了。” /201610/469918芜湖市割包皮 芜湖男性男子男科医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱

芜湖哪家医院做包皮手术最好的I can feel their unasked questions. 我能感觉到那些没有问出口的问题。People wonder how I can still stand, still walk, still laugh. 人们想知道,我怎么还能站着,还能走路,还能发笑。But they don’t ask. 不过他们没有问。You can’t ask that of a mother who has lost her child. 他们不能向一个失去孩子的母亲问这些问题。My son, Daniel, died three years ago at the age of 22. 我的儿子丹尼尔(Daniel)三年前22岁时去世。When people ask me, How… are you?, that pause, that inflection, tells me that’s really what they want to know.当人们问我你……还好吗?他们的停顿和语调的变化让我知道,他们是真的想知道。I am tempted to tell them that it is I who am lost, not he. 我很想告诉他们,迷失的人是我,不是他。I am lost in my search for him, knowing he is nowhere on this earth. 我在寻找他的过程中迷失了自己,知道他不在这个世界的任何一个角落。And still, it would not surprise me if he were to appear by my side wearing only his jersey boxers eating a snack at the kitchen counter. 不过,如果他突然出现在我身旁,只穿着运动短裤,坐在厨房的操作台边吃零食,我也不会感到意外。At times I can almost smell his warm cheesy breath and his still-boyish sweat. 有时,我几乎能闻到他温暖的奶酪味呼吸和他依然具有男孩气息的汗味。But when I look over my shoulder, he is not there.但是当我回头看时,他不在那里。My mind invents stories. 我开始在头脑中编故事。Daniel is not dead; he is lamenting the performance of his fantasy football team with high school buddies while they wait on line for ice cream at Magic Fountain. 丹尼尔没有死,他正和高中的伙伴们在Magic Fountain冰激凌店一边排队一边哀叹着他的幻想足球队的成绩。He is in his dorm room at Stanford, talking deep into the night with his friends. 他正在斯坦福大学的宿舍里,和朋友们谈话到深夜。Daniel is lingering with new friends on the rooftop of his investment firm in Boston where he just started working.他正在刚开始工作的一家波士顿投资公司的天台上和新朋友们交流。Where are you, Daniel? I shout the question to the sky when I am strong enough to bear the silence that follows. 你在哪里,丹尼尔?当我足够强大,能够承受随之而来的沉默时,我对着天空大喊。Why did you die? Even that has no real answer. 你为什么会死?甚至连这个问题也没有真正的。His doctors think Daniel died of new onset refractory status epilepticus, or Norse, a rare seizure disorder in which healthy people with no history of epilepsy suddenly begin to seize uncontrollably. 医生们认为丹尼尔死于顽固性癫痫持续状态新发作(new onset refractory status epilepticus,简称Norse),一种罕见的癫痫,没有任何癫痫史的健康人突然开始不由自主地抽搐。The majority of patients die or survive with significant brain damage. 大部分患者不管能不能活下来,都会出现严重的脑损伤。There is no identified cause or established treatment for Norse. Norse没有确定的病因或成熟的治疗方法。This cloud of uncertainty does not obscure what I know: My child is dead.然而这些不确定性并不妨碍我确知的一件事:我的孩子死了。The instinct to protect one’s offspring runs through mothers of virtually all species. 几乎所有物种的母亲都具有保护后代的本能。I violated the basic canon of motherhood. 我违背了做母亲的这一基本准则。I failed to protect my child. 我没能保护自己的孩子。That my child is dead while I still live defies the natural order.我的孩子死了,而我还活着,这违背自然秩序。I love my husband and our two surviving children, but I couldn’t simply transfer my love for Daniel to them. 我爱我丈夫以及我们的另外两个还活着的孩子,但我不能把我对丹尼尔的爱转移到他们身上。It was for him alone. 那是只属于他的爱。And so, for the longest time after his death, my love for Daniel bruised me.所以,在丹尼尔死后的很长时间里,我对他的爱让我伤痕累累。So unbearable was my occluded heart that I called out to him in desperation one day: What will I do with my love for you, Daniel?我郁结的心脏难以承受这种痛苦,有一天,我在绝望中向他大声呼喊:我该怎么处置我对你的爱,丹尼尔?My eyes were closed in grief when suddenly I seemed to see him before me, his arms bent and lifted upward in supplication. 我悲伤地闭上眼睛,突然之间,我好像看见他出现在我面前,他的胳膊弯曲着向上举起,做出祈祷的样子。In my mind’s eye, his face was suffused with love and tinged with exasperation, a common look for Daniel.我透过脑海中的眼睛,看见他的脸充满爱,带着一丝恼怒——那是丹尼尔的常见表情。Just love me, Mom, he says.只管爱我,妈,他说。But where are you? I ask.但是你在哪里?我问道。I’m here! he answers with frustration. 我在这里!他沮丧地回答。And then he is gone.然后他走了。I had not heard his voice since the day before he suddenly fell ill. 从他突然犯病前那一天起,我再也没有听到过他的声音。I spoke to him while he lay unseeing and unmoving in the hospital bed. 他躺在病床上,看不见、动不了的时候,我跟他说话。I told him I loved him. 我对他说我爱他。I begged him to speak to me. 我恳求他跟我说话。I begged him to come back to me. 我恳求他回到我身边。He never answered or moved to squeeze my hand. 他从来没有回答,也从来没有紧握我的手。The only flicker from him over his 79 days of hospitalization was a single tear. 在他住院的79天里,他唯一的动静就是一滴眼泪。One day a tear slid from his left eye down his cheek and disappeared beneath his chin.有一天,一滴眼泪从他左眼滑落,流过脸颊,消失在下巴下面。And now, months after he had died, I felt him before me.而此刻,在他去世几个月后,我感觉他出现在我面前。Just love me, Mom. 只管爱我,妈。I’m here!我在这里!His words unleashed a torrent. 他的话像是打开了我感情的闸门。I fell forward, my tears streaming. 我向前摔倒,眼泪奔涌而出,I felt breathless with release. 因为释放而无法呼吸。I could continue to love him. 我可以继续爱他。I would love him in a new way.我将以一种新的方式爱他。It was harder to do than I expected. 实际做起来比我想象中要难。I would see him everywhere, in every full moon, in each brilliant day. 我会随时随地看见他,在每一个月圆的夜晚,在每一个阳光明媚的白天。My spirits would soar. 我的精神会为之一振。But there were days when a weight in my heart made each breath shallow and every step an effort.但在某些日子里,我的内心又无比沉重,每一次呼吸都微弱不堪,每一步都难以迈出。On the worst days I sit before my laptop and pour out my feelings to the only person who can take in my sorrow and remain unbowed. 感觉最糟糕的时候,我坐在笔记本电脑前,向唯一一个可以把我的悲伤照单全收而不被击垮的人发泄我的情感。The keyboard is damp when the final refrain leaves my fingertips: I love you, Daniel, I love you. 当我用指尖敲出最后的叠句时,泪水打湿了键盘:我爱你,丹尼尔,我爱你。I miss you. 我想你。I miss you. 我想你。And then I press send.然后,我按下发送按钮。Daniel’s friends continue to visit us. 丹尼尔的朋友们仍然会来看望我。It is a pilgrimage of sorts. 带着点儿朝觐的意味。My heart tightens when I see them. 每当看到他们,我的心都会猛地收紧。Their presence illuminates our immeasurable loss.他们的存在时刻提醒着我们,我们的损失是多么无可估量。His friends reveal to me how much Daniel meant to them. 丹尼尔的朋友告诉我,他对他们来说非常重要。Now there will be a missing groomsman at the wedding and empty air in the place of a steadfast friend. 现在,一场即将举办的婚礼会缺少一名伴郎,原本留给一个铁哥们的位置会空空如也。At the end of one visit, a young man asks, Recognize this sweater? I don’t. 有一次,一个年轻人在拜访即将结束的时候问我,认出这件毛衫了吗?没有。It’s Daniel’s, he explains. 是丹尼尔的,他解释道。I suddenly recognize Daniel’s old cotton sweater stretched to fit his friend. 我突然认出,他身上那件有些紧绷的棉毛衫是丹尼尔的。The young man folds forward to touch the sleeves of the sweater, hugging himself. 那个年轻人俯身抱紧了自己,两手抚摸着毛衫的袖子。He is tall and blond and athletic. 他个子高高的,一头金发,很健壮。He and Daniel were opposites in looks and temperament, best friends since nursery school. 他和丹尼尔不论在外貌上还是性格上都截然不同,但自打上幼儿园起就是最好的朋友。He had just returned from Moscow where he was working. 他在莫斯科工作,刚刚回国。I wear this when I travel, he says, touching the arm of the sweater again. 我旅行的时候会穿上这件衣,他一边说,一边再度触摸毛衫的袖子。It’s so soft.它非常柔软。I encourage Daniel’s friends to tell me about their work and their plans for the future. 我鼓励丹尼尔的朋友们告诉我他们的工作情况以及他们对未来的打算。At first they are self-conscious, and their voices are tender. 起初,他们有些难为情,声音也很轻。They don’t want to hurt me with their future plans when there is no future for Daniel. 在丹尼尔已经没有未来可言之际,他们不想让自己对未来的打算伤害到我。But as they speak of the things they will do and the places they will go, their excitement breaks free. 但当谈及要做的事情和要去的地方时,他们逐渐兴奋起来。I smile into the glow of their unlined, earnest faces and I feel my son. 他们那光洁而又恳切的脸庞上绽放的神采让我禁不住微笑,我仿佛感受到了儿子的存在。I think they feel him too. 我想他们也感受到了他的存在。For a moment we are all reunited.有一瞬间,我们全都重聚在一起。I will carry this child for the rest of my life. 这个孩子会伴我走过余生。He lives within me, forever a young man of 22. 他会活在我的心里,永远都是一个22岁的年轻人。Others will carry him as they move forward in their lives. 在其他人继续自己的生活之际,他也会陪伴着他们。He will be with them when they look out to the world with compassion, when they act with determination and kindness, when they are brave enough to contemplate all the things in life that remain unknown.当他们以怜悯之心看着这个世界的时候,当他们果决而又满怀善意地行事的时候,当他们鼓足勇气去迎接生命中所有未知的时候,他与他们同在。I still search for him, but without desperation. 我仍然在寻找他,但已不再绝望。I look for him in others. 我在其他人身上寻找他的影子。My search is lifted by his words: Just love me. 我的寻找因为他的话而振奋了起来:只管爱我。I’m here.我在这里。 /201612/483172 芜湖市芜湖县男科电话芜湖东方医院能治早泄吗



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