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慈善助医情暖万家_泉州新阳光妇科医院泉州最好最权威的人流医院Only the metal parts have survived. But they are the finest quality bronze weapons found anywhere in the world. One of the most incredible finds is a sword, perfectly preserved after 2,000 years in the ground. This, um, this notch here in the sword shows us that this is a sword that was actually used. This was a sword that was wielded by an actual soldier. Professor Yuan has explained to me that this remarkable weapon is longer than any sword that existed before the Chin started, the Chin Dynasty started to make these, um, um, significantly longer. Chin armorers managed to perfect the art of bronze making to give their soldiers 30% extra reach and cutting power in close quarter combat. And there is new evidence that shows quite how seriously the Chin took their ability to wage war. Oh, a Chin halberd, part of the bronze assembly at the top of the halberd. The sharpened bronze head was placed on the end of a ten-foot long staff, making a powerful weapon.This has an inscription. What it says is that in the 5th year of the King of Chin’s reign, the prime minister of state, Lv Buwei, had this halberd made. That’s a guarantee of its quality, and that it was made to a standard, so that he himself was being held accountable for the effectiveness of the weapons that the soldiers were carrying into battle. The well-trained highly motivated Chin Army, equipped with precision weapons and led from the front by a ruthlessly ambitious king, creates the perfect conquest machine. Within 7 years, Ying Zheng captures 13 cities from the State of Han, a further 20 cities from other states, and repels a combined force intents on stopping him in his tracks. But while foreign enemies are easily brushed aside...07/78323泉州公立三甲医院网站 Youtube求救Teenage girl cry out for help on Youtube, the help did come at last, but will the girl be safe afterwards? I need some help. I didn't wanna do in this way...This 16-year-old girl from Florida has gone online hoping someone will hear her plea."Here I have to turn to this to make a , to post on the Internet for somebody to hear me and help me coz' I was raped by a 23-year-old man, and nobody wants to help me”The Rape Abuse and Incest National Network says more and more alleged sex abused victims whose cases never make it to court have been seeking justice online. But this is the first time a teenager has posted a ."All I’m asking for is someone out there in the world,anyone, anyone is watching this and listening to me. Please, please help me.”"such a good girl”This is the girl from that Crystal. We are not using her last name. She told us she grew up with a troubled mother, and a father who was in and out of jail."I didn’t think I was gonna live to be 13. But I did. I have lived a really hard life and it's made me the person I am now.Crystal says when she was 15, she met then 23-year-old Casey Mundling at a party. She recalls a night of drinking and doing drugs. Then she says she passed out."When I passed out in the middle of the night, and I wake up to a man and me, it’s not right.”She says that first time turned into many more. And it only became harder for her to stay away from him."When I was telling him to stop, he’d whisper my ear that he love me, that he was always gonna to be there for me and I'm beautiful…”But when her strange farther found pictures of Crystal posted on her Myspace page, posing with her 23-year-old boyfriend, he tracked her down. That’s when she told the Orange County sheriff's office about her relationship with Mundling. "Are you telling the truth?”"Yes. I’m telling the truth. He raped me and took advantage of me. And for those people who don’t believe me in the world, they don’t have to believe me.”Last November, police arrested Mundling, for having sex with an underage girl. They charged him with lewd or lascivious battery. Crystal and her father thought the case would be prosecuted since Florida law states: "A 15-year-old cannot give consent to having sex." But then, just two weeks ago, Crystal learned her case was dropped. "God, the day that they dropped my charges that I thought I was gonna die, I had an emotional breakdown, I cried for hours.”01/60201Gliese 581g is the sixth planet to be found circling a dwarf star some 20 light-years away, in the constellation of Libra. On paper it looks good – three times the mass of the Earth with possibly a rocky surface and enough gravity to hold on to an atmosphere.The researchers also promised shirt-sleeve weather in some regions, but not everywhere. One side of the planet is almost always in sunshine; the other almost always in darkness and estimated temperatures range from minus four degrees Celsius to a very hot 71 degrees. A year meanwhile would go by in just 37 days.Of course, whether life could really be supported on Gliese 581g will need much more investigation and, most probably, technologies which don't exist yet. But the astronomers say planet hunting is getting easier and they were surprised how quickly they detected the tell-tale signs of this distant body, using ground-based telescopes.【生词注释】dwarf star 天矮星light-years 光年constellation n.星座on paper 在理论上mass n.质量rocky surface 岩石表面shirt-sleeve weather 温暖的气候hunting n.搜寻detect v.发现或注意到tell-tale signs 明显的线索Gliese 581g是发现的第六颗围绕天矮星的星球,它位于20光年外天秤座附近。理论上它看起来很不错——质量是地球的三位,岩石表面并有足够的引力能吸引住大气层。研究者也发现有些地区有着温暖的气候,但并不是所有的地方都是这样。星球的一侧总是处于阳光中,另一侧总是处于黑暗中,温度估计从零下从读到零上71度。一年只有37天。当然,Gliese 581g上是否适合生命生存还需要很多的调查,而且,很可能这方面的技术并不纯在。天文学家说发现星球变得更加容易,当他们用地对空望远镜很快就发现这个遥远天气的明显迹象时,他们很惊讶。201110/158024泉州盆腔炎怎么检查

泉州妇科哪家医院好Hung Out To Dry As some line-dry their laundry to conserve, others say it's an eyesore. There is some New Hampshire residents who want to do their part to help the environment, and this A’s David Curley reports their efforts to go green are being complicated by the neighbors down the block. Remember these days, “What a wonderful sight when your wash is done!”Hang on! Clothes lines are making a comeback. And it smells good, smells better than anything that would come out of the drier. It’s a green comeback. Steven M. White hoped to cut their carbon footprint by hanging out their socks. “One of the things you can do easily is you can hang your laundry out.” American families spend at least 100 dollars a year drying cloth. Electric driers account for 6% of home electricity use. So save money, save the planet, what’s not to like?“I don’t wanna see any other. I hope, I want to see nature. Um, sheets are not nature”. Richard Jacques Homeowners’ Association and thousands like it ban clothes lines as unattractive all that underwear, and a threat to property values. I states in a very clear way that outside clothes lines are not permitted. So down the street, Mary Lucier hangs her wash inside on doors and from light fixtures. Is this decoration? No, haha, it is not decoration, it is serious. Others had figured out /the/ ways around the rules. So essence, you are hiding hanging your laundry. I am/ discreet.And unlikely, activist is trying to line up support to change the rules on clothes lines, hoping states will force associations to allow their residents the right to dry. Laundry has totally taken all over my life. 33-year-old bachelor lawyer, Alexander Lee/s/ is trying to empower those who want to hand and believe it or not, 3 states have enacted right to dry laws, 7 others are considering it. I mean these are several power plants that we can shut down if everybody would make a switch. That’s if he can convince Americans there is art in hanging out laundry, a beautiful way to help save the planet. David Curley, A news, right, New Hampshire参考中文翻译:有的人说用晾衣绳晒衣的传统应该保存,另外一些人却说这非常刺眼。New Hampshire的一些居民想为当地的环保出一份力。但是他们为绿化所做的努力被这个街区上的邻居弄得复杂了。A记者David Curley报道。想起这些天,“当你洗完衣晾晒的时候,是多么美丽的风景啊!”挂出去晾着!晾衣绳正在卷土重来。晾衣的味道闻上去很好,比用烘干机哄出来的味道好多了。这是绿色的回归。Steven M. White 希望不要再有炭黑脚印,而是把我们的短袜晾出去。“其实洗完衣之后晾出去是很简单的事情。”美国家庭每年要花费至少100美元来烘干衣。烘干机的用电量占家庭用电的6%。既省钱,又环保,何乐而不为呢?“我不想看到其他任何东西。我希望我能看到大自然。而被褥不是大自然。”Richard Jacques业主联合会和千千万万类似的协会都禁止用晾衣绳晾衣,因为到处晾晒的衣影响美观,对财产价值造成威胁。我明确表态,禁止户外晾衣。所以在整条街上,都像Mary Lucier 一样,把衣晾在室内一些小店装置上面。是做装饰之用吗?不,不是装饰,这是很严肃的事情。其他人想出来应对这个规定的办法。本质上来说,你是在藏起来晾衣。我非常谨慎的。一下积极分子正在徒劳的试图改变关于晾衣绳的规定,希望政府给业主联合会施压,给予居民晾衣的权利。晾衣贯穿了我的整个生命过程。33岁的单身汉律师Alexander Lees正为了居民的这一权利而努力。信不信由你,已经有3个州颁布了关于晾衣方面的法律,其余7个州正在考虑。如果他能说所有美国人,晾衣是一项艺术,是拯救地球的美丽的途径。我的意思是,如果我们每个人都做一点点改变的话,我们就可以关闭几个发电厂。200811/57189泉州治疗淋菌性尿道炎哪家便宜呀 Ever worried if your feet smell? Especially when you have to take off your shoes in front of other people?你曾经担心过自己的脚散发出难闻气味嘛?尤其是你必须得在其他人面前脱鞋的时候。Well, at least in Japan, such circumstances are very common in places like private homes, Japanese-style bars and restaurants. And one shoemaker in Tokyo is offering a solution to smelly feet with new minty footwear.至少在日本,这样的情形十分普通,比如在家里,日式的酒吧和饭店。东京的一个造鞋商发明出带有薄荷味的些来解决脚臭问题。When I wear stockings or tights, they get sweaty. And that worries me when I have to take off my shoes in places like Japanese-style bars. Somewhere in my mind, I'd always think, “Ah, do my feet smell? ”当我穿长袜或紧身衣时,衣物会有捍卫。当我在日式酒吧这类的场所,必须脱鞋的时候,那令我很担忧。我总是在想“我的脚闻起来臭吗?”But since Miura started using these insoles a few months ago, she says foul smell in her boots has been replaced by the refreshing scent of mint.自从Miura 几个月前开始使用这样的鞋垫,她说靴子里的汗味被清新的薄荷味所取代。The system is pretty simple: A mint-imbued sponge embedded in the heel of this insole pumps out mint fumes into the shoe as the wearer walks around.原理很简单:鞋垫的脚跟部里有薄荷浸透的海绵,当人走路时,就会散发出薄荷味。Some restaurant owners hope that the mint-puffing insoles would help bring more female customers to traditional Japanese-style bars and restaurants in the future.一些饭店的店主希望有薄荷味的鞋垫将来会使更多的女性顾客来传统的日式酒吧和饭店。【生词注释】smell v.发臭,散发难闻气味private adj.私人的minty adj.有薄荷味的footwear n.鞋类sweaty adj.出汗的insole n.鞋垫foul a.难闻的embedded adj.植入的; 内含的pump out 散发出201110/157172福建省泉州市妇幼保健官网预约免费

洛江区妇女儿童医院贵么Asian Markets Tumble Over Lingering Concerns About Economy亚洲股市忧虑全球经济前景纷暴跌 Concerns about prospects for the global economy sent Asian shares falling, reversing gains made after Barack Obama became the U.S. president-elect. Markets in South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan all fell, although in Australia, a senior member of the government said the worst of the financial crisis has passed. 由于对全球经济前景的担忧,亚洲股市星期四损失惨重。奥巴马当选美国总统后对亚洲股市上涨的利好消息一扫而光。韩国、香港、日本股市纷纷暴跌。不过,澳大利亚政府一名高级官员说,金融危机的最艰难时刻已经过去。The share market euphoria that greeted Barack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential election did not last long. 奥巴马赢得美国总统大选后带给亚洲股市的短暂欢愉并没有持续很久。Asian markets tumbled Thursday, a day after celebrating the Illinois senator's historic win, because of lingering concerns about fundamental flaws in the global economy. Most Asian markets had risen Wednesday on the election results. 由于投资者对全球经济存在的根本性问题的担忧挥之不去,在庆祝奥巴马这位美国伊利诺伊拉州参议员赢得历史性胜利的一天之后,亚洲股市星期四暴跌。而星期三,在美国的选举结果出台后,亚洲许多股市应声上涨。South Korea's main Kospi index lost more than seven percent, and steel and auto exporters were the big losers - a sobering reversal after five sessions of gains. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index fell almost as much and Japan's Nikkei also slumped by more than 6.5 percent. 韩国综合股价指数在经历了连续五个交易日上涨后出现下跌,跌幅超过7%,其中钢铁和汽车出口类股跌幅最大。香港恒生指数出现差不多的跌幅。日本日经指数下跌超过6.5%。Japanese carmakers suffered. Shares in Toyota plunged more than 10 percent on worries about sliding earnings. The company cut its profit forecast for the current year by more than half to 550 billion yen. Shares in rival Isuzu Motors also fell. 日本汽车制造业损失惨重。丰田股价惨跌10%以上,原因是投资者担心赢利下滑。丰田公司此前预测今年利润将下降过半,为5500亿日圆。五十铃汽车股价也下跌。The global gloom followed the release of economic data in the ed States that showed deep cuts in employment in October. 在股市一片愁云惨淡之前,美国公布经济数据显示10月份的就业显著减少。Despite such widesp pessimism, Australian Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner thinks the worst of the global financial crisis is over. 尽管大多数人被一片悲观情绪笼罩,澳大利亚联邦财政部长坦纳却认为,全球危机最糟糕的时刻已经过去。"Nobody can predict what these international pressures will do. I'm optimistic that things have improved and that we've have seen the worst of these circumstances in the ed States and in Europe," said Tanner. "But we will be doing everything we can to push back against these very powerful economic forces." 他说:“没有人能预测这些国际压力会带来什么样的后果。我很乐观,我认为问题已经得到改善。我们已经看到了欧洲和美国最糟糕的时刻。我们将尽自己的一切所能,减少这些经济力量带来的影响。”Australia's main stock index closed down more than four percent Thursday after post-election jitters about the American economy sent Wall Street into a nosedive overnight. 澳大利亚主要股指星期四下跌了4%以上,原因是选举后对美国经济担忧让华尔街一夜之间暴跌。The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than five percent because of renewed concerns over a deep recession in the ed States. 由于投资者再次担心美国经济进一步衰退,道琼斯工业指数下跌5%以上。200811/55347 据台湾中国广播公司18日报道,伊朗近日审判了一名美国女间谍,重判其八年徒刑。被指控为间谍的萨贝里现年31岁,是伊朗裔美国人,最近六年都住在伊朗,担任自由撰稿记者,为美国(国际公共电台)跟(英国广播公司)做报导。今年一月,伊朗警方指控她没有记者,非法采访,将她逮捕。本月初,伊朗政府又指控她是美国间谍,法院已判处她八年徒刑。萨贝里的律师说,萨贝里一定会上诉。美国政府称伊朗对萨贝里的指控毫无根据,要求伊朗释放萨贝里,并强调这次的判刑,会破坏美伊两国关系。About its fairness.Iran is also facing growing pressure to release an American journalist tonight. She’s convicted of spying. Her name is Roxana Saberi. She was born in the ed States and grew up in North Dakota. She’s been living in Iran for six years, working as a freelance reporter. In January, Iranian authorities arrested her, accusing her of working without the proper credentials. But earlier this month, a judge charged her with passing classified information to US Intelligence, in other words, spying.The court last week convicted her and sentenced her to eight years in an Iranian prison and today our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded. “We believe she should be freed immediately, that the charges against her are baseless and that she has been subjected to a process that has been nontransparent, unpredictable, arbitrary.”At very least, Iranian leaders have ordered a full investigation into the case. And today they allowed her parents to visit her behind bars, so they are meeting now. And Jonathan Hunt with details of that, Jonathan. Shep(Shepard Smith), this is the first time since Roxana Saberi's sentencing that her parents are being allowed to see her, clearly a great relief for them. And they say she is, ed “doing ok.” Saberi is being held in a prison on the northern edge of Tehran. According to her parents, she is sharing a cell with two other women in the jail, which is often used to house political prisoners. After they saw her today, Saberi’s mom and dad spoke with reporters in Tehran and denied that their daughter could ever be a spy.“No way, she cannot be a spy. You know her. And once you know her, she is the last person to do that. She would never do that to anyone. Even to the enemies, she won’t do that.”Roxana Saberi’s eight-year sentence was announced Saturday as Iran celebrated Armed Forces Day with its usual military parade. Her father claims the trial, which was held behind closed doors, lasted just 15 minutes. President Obama has said he is gravely concerned about Saberi’s safety and well-being. But tonight there may be calls for optimism. Iran’s chief judge has ordered a full investigation into the case after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Saberi should be allowed to offer a full defense in her appeal which while encouraging of course raises a question: why would she not be, allowed to offer a full defense of herself at the original trial, Shep.05/68560晋江妇科医院泉州市人民医院附属二院在线咨询



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