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Given U.S. President Trump’s frequent claims that his nation’s leading media outlets are mass producing fake news in order to advance their own political agendas, it’s rational to at least wonder if negative stories about China by the Western media are fabricated lies. And given their international influence, fake news by mainstream media outlets is not just a great danger to the U.S., but a great danger to all countries. At the very least, we should take the China side of the story more seriously and not be so quick to assume that the U.S. is always right in its interpretation. Putting the U.S. interpretation of events on a pedestal is part of the fake news problem that China has been battling years.  "Only a schizophreniccan claim that you are flying Putin's planes," Peskov said.

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Using the international law when convenient and abandoning it in unfavorable conditions gravely undermine the authority, solemnity and effectiveness of the international law, said Lu.


    The same goes anyone with visible with tattoos, and all applicants must have no more than six points on their driving licence.。

  The muchwatched list ranks colleges based on selectivity, retention and graduation rates.

  鉴于他说过这样的话,你可能会中国有特朗普的粉丝这件事感到惊讶但是他们的确存在,人数不多,但是一直在增长华盛顿(路透社)报道,星期五,奥巴马政府将通告美国的所有公立学校地区允许变性学生使用与他们性别认知相匹配的厕所A by China Radio International that humorously mock UK's simple cooking methods went viral online. In the dubbed A Taste of Britain, anchorman Stuart Wiggin carefully sprinkle a layer of salt on a cooked potato and said such a delicacy could sustain British people all day without feeling tired.

  3 :0: :特卡乔夫在周一的时候对新华社说道:;在过去的几年里,中国和俄罗斯之间的农业贸易额一直在增加,年中俄农产品贸易额达到了30亿美元;

  However, the world is definitely not out of order. The multilateral framework and mechanism built after the World War II still play a key and irreplaceable part in maintaining world peace and development. As long as every country abides by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, disputes and conflicts can be resolved and a winwin situation based on peaceful coexistence will be attained.

  Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Saturday that courts will decide the fate of mer President Pervez Musharraf who currently faces high treason charges.。

  Zhou Xiaoming, minister counselor at the Chinese embassy in the UK, said, "London property has been a magnet that has attracted Chinese investment in recent years.

  巴基斯坦总统将访问上海 1 :01: 巴基斯坦总统将访问上海Following the visit to Beijing, Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain will visit Shanghai. Our reporter Shi Wenjing told us what’s on the agenda of the scheduled visit. Shi Wenjing reports from Shanghai, "Compared with a tight schedule in Beijing, the Pakistani President will have a relaxing tour here in Shanghai, his visit will start late afternoon... in the city’s urban and planning center, which opens to the public since 00.... known as the window of the city..after that he will do some sightseeing activities, including the Tower behind me.... some of the famous attractions nearby ...in the evening, he will meet with leaders of local government..and fly back in the evening...what is worth mentioning is that this year marks the 38th anniversary of sister city of Beijing and Karachi....both government are planning various activities to celebrate the friendship of each other."

  The littleknown group said they supported Mr Trump ;because he is hope humanity against Islamic terror;.

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