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After suffering Chengdus damp and foggy climate,体验了成都潮湿多雾的气候之后I think Im beginning to understand我想我渐渐明白了why everyone is obsessed为什么这里的每个人都那么痴迷于with this unique combination of spices.这种独特的麻辣组合I mean, its amazing, the first few days when I was here,我是说 太神奇了 我刚来这里的那几天I felt my bones creaking.感觉骨头都在嘎吱嘎吱响I thought, ;My God, I feel old for the first time.;当时还想着 ;我的天 我第一次觉得我老了;And I noticed since Ive been eating this kind of food,然后我注意到 自从我吃了这种东西之后my joints did not sort of creak我的关节就没有像the way they did the first day.来这里的第一天那样嘎吱作响了The climate might be damp here,这里的气候算是很潮湿的but its contributed to the area around Chengdu being但是这种气候也造就了成都周边so fertile that Sichuan肥沃的土壤环境is known in China as the land of abundance.在中国 众所周知 四川是个富饶多产的地方But its not only crops,但这里可不只多产庄稼it also supplies over half the countrys pork.四川猪肉占据中国猪肉市场的一半之多My dad kept pigs when I was growing up,我爸爸从我小的时候就开始养猪so Im looking forward to visiting a local pig farmer.所以我很期待拜访当地养猪的农户Im hoping to try my hand at some traditional pork dishes.我想试着去做一些传统的猪肉菜肴Mr Peng is different to most farmers in the region,彭先生和当地大部分农户不一样because his pigs are organic.因为他养的是有机猪Nearly three quarters of all the meat eaten in China is pork.在中国的饮食中 猪肉的几乎占到总肉类的3/4To the Chinese, pigs symbolise virility, and traditionally,对中国人来说 猪象征着活力 一直以来theyve always been an important part of everyday life.在人们生活中都占据着重要部分Wow, theyre really hungry. Hello, piggy!天啊 它们真的很饿 你们好啊 小猪And although the Chinese eat every part of the pig,尽管猪身上的每个部位中国人都吃they still get through nearly two million every day.但是每天都有近200万头猪被做成食物With so much pressure to churn out pork,市场对猪肉的大量需求organic farming has not been a priority,使得人们越来越少地选择养殖有机猪so Im happy to discover所以我很高兴地发现Mr Peng is obsessive about his pigs well-being.彭先生很关心他的猪是否能够健康成长He produces and mixes his own feed他自己制作和调配饲料and has a radical and unusual approach to their health.还有一种基本并与众不同的方法来保猪的健康These are all Chinese medicine herbs.这些全都是中草药I still cant believe they eat so well!我还是不能相信 它们吃得这么好Mr Pengs business started slowly,彭先生一开始只是做做小本生意but in the last five years - due to food safety scares但是五年以来 随着人们对食品安全问题的担忧and the expanding middle class和中产阶级的壮大the demand for organic food has quadrupled.人们对有机食物的需求翻了两番Hes invited me to his他邀请我到他家里去house to meet his wife and to have some supper.见见他的妻子 顺便吃些便饭In return, Ive offered to cook a dish for them.作为回报 我给他们做了一道菜201508/393358。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201602/426928。

How To Ski Powder粉雪技巧Powder skiing, its really the Holy Grail for a lot of recreational skiers.滑粉雪是很多业余滑雪者的必杀技.The idea of coming down a perfectly virgin field with snow flying everywhere ,its a lot of peoples dream.从一个条件完美的原始雪地上滑雪,伴随着雪花飞扬, 是大多数滑雪者的梦想But the reality is if youve got a problem coming down a blue run但事实是如果你在初学者滑道(蓝色滑道)出现问题its going to be amplified when youre off piste.在道外滑雪的时候这些问题就会更严重Linking those turns together is really key and not getting too built up physiologically that its a massively different thing between that and skiing down a piste.滑雪的时候关键是把回转串联起来而不单单是肢体动作的幅度增强,这也就是道内滑雪和道外滑雪的最大不同Good smooth linking of the turns and a positive flow.平稳的连续动作是串联了回转和正流Its a lot to do with rhythm.这其中有很多需要联系才能跟上滑雪步调Link the turns together with no hesitation.连续动作的时候不要犹豫A good pole plant will help you keep the rhythm going.完美的点仗动作对节奏的把握会有帮助Remember what we learnt on the piste; no dead spot, no tea break between the turns.但是谨记,我们在滑雪道上学到的两点: 无盲区, 回转的时候无间断There is always something happening.但是总会遇见问题Relax and enjoy it要学会放松并享受The best way to build confidence skiing powder is on the piste after a fresh snowfall.树立信心的最好方式就是在下完一场新鲜的雪之后的滑雪道练习滑粉雪Start linking the turns down the run with no hesitation.开始把每个回转迅速得连接起来,不要犹豫The first few runs will give you a gentle introduction to the feeling of powder.前几个小连接会让你轻微的感受到雪粉扬起的感觉Above all be confident.这些都需要树立自信If youre in a resort when it snows over night make sure youre on the first lift, as it will soon get tracked out.如果你在一个度假胜地,晚上下了一整夜的雪,一定要确保你是第一个滑雪的人, 因为很快新鲜的雪道就会被追踪到Something to watch out for is trying to throw the skis around far too quickly.需要注意的是不要试图滑得太快Youre coming into the turn and youre going to do it all in one big movement.要不然你会很快就开始转弯而且在一个大回转中把所有动作连接起来If you put too much weight onto that new ski, the downhill ski, in one go its going to dig in and youre going to feel like youre thrown over the handlebars.如果你在下山脚上施压太多, 那只脚将直接挖进雪地里,然后直接被甩过手把Its got to start nice and smooth, let the skis point downhill and gradually build up that pressure change, nothing is too fast.正常应该平稳的开始,让滑雪板朝着山下然后慢慢改变施重,不要急Let the skis work through this deeper snow. Get that control.让滑雪板穿越更深的雪地, 好好的控制Keep the distractions to a minimum尽量保持注意力集中No rocks, no trees, a nice simple slope ,so you can just focus on what youre doing.没有石头,没有树, 一个简单平稳的坡度会让你注意力集中在你要做的事情上Skiing powder feels great but if you can get some of these exercises on the piste, a nice smooth fluid turn, good strong pole plant,滑雪粉感觉很棒,但是如果你在雪道上多多练习流畅的回转,点仗动作thats going to go a long way to help you get some of those turns mastered when the snows a bit deeper.当雪深一些的时候, 这些练习会慢慢帮助你掌握这些回转连贯动作Youll be amazed once you link some turns together一旦学会连贯动作, 你会非常惊喜的how much more self-confidence you have and thats going to go a long way to help you ski off piste.你越自信,在滑雪道上滑雪慢慢也会得到很大帮助的.注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201506/379786。

At the time,当时the Church insisted that all heavenly bodies were perfect,教会坚称所有天体都是完美无瑕的圆形unblemished spheres, and that the earth地球是宇宙间was the only body in the universe that was flawed.唯一有缺陷的星体But Galileos close up view of the moons surface但伽利略看到的月球表面revealed a world that was far from perfect.是个与“完美”二字沾不上边的世界He described it as他说;rough and uneven just like the surface of earth itself.;月球表面“崎岖不平和地球表面相差无几”Perhaps it was a living world, like our own?也许月球果真和地球一样是个充满生机的世界Hundreds of years later our knowledge几百年之后of the moon had barely improved.我们对月球的了解几乎毫无长进Just how ignorant we were was revealed in 1835.人类的无知在1835年显露无遗An American newspaper published a front-page story announcing美国一份报纸的头条新闻是that herds of bison had been observed有人看到一群野牛tramping across the lunar surface.飞奔过月球表面Readers were entranced by this vision.此情此景让读者神往不已A few days later it was revealed to be an elaborate hoax.几天后就被人踢爆为骗局The only way to find out what was really on the moon想知道月球上有什么东西was to go there and take a look.唯有跑一趟亲眼目睹But over a hundred years later it still seemed时间又过了一百多年an impossible dream.登月仍然是个遥不可及的梦想All that finally changed in the early 1960s.这一切终于在1960年代初期有了转机I believe that this nation should commit itself我认为美国to achieving the goal before this decade应该在十年间达成is out of landing a man on the moon让人类登陆月球and returning him safely to the earth.并安全返回地球的目标Kennedys bid for the moon came out of a Cold War甘迺迪的登月计划battle to win over peopleshearts and minds.是一场争夺人心的冷战的产物It was an inspired move, tapping into an ancient dream.这个利用人类古老梦想的举动,堪称神来之笔Finally we would find the answers to the moons great mysteries;人类长久以来的疑问终于可以得到解答:how was it formed, what was it made of,月亮是怎么形成的?其成分为何?and was it a home for some form of life?上面有没有生物?The moon had sort of always been the symbol of the,自古以来,月亮就象征着the remote and the unreachable and here people遥不可及的事物are going to leave earth and go to the moon!现在人类居然要离开地球,前往月球But if they wanted to lay claim to the moon,但美国人想拔得登月头筹the Americans had a lot of catching up to do.还得奋起直追才行Their cold war rival因为他们在冷战中的对手the Soviet Union was way ahead.苏联早就遥遥领先The Russians ambitious space programme苏联人企图心十足的太空计划produced a string of firsts产生了许多第一名:including the first satellite in orbit and the first man in space.包括第一颗进入轨道的人造卫星和第一个进入太空的人And in 1959 theyd set out to solve他们在1959年one of the moons greatest mysteries,着手解开月球最大的谜团something that had kept humans guessing for centuries.这个问题让人类猜测了好几百年What was on the far side of the moon月球的彼端究竟有什么?the side that always faces away from us?也就是永远背对着我们的那一面To find out the Russian mission为了找出would have to circle the moon for the first time.苏联人必须展开史上第一趟绕月任务On the 7th of October the probe disappeared10月7日探测器消失在月球的彼端behind the far side of the moon, and its cameras leapt into action.船上的摄影机开始拍摄For 40 minutes it snapped away并在科学家的屏息等待下whilst scientists waited on tenterhooks.拍摄了40分钟201504/371776。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for The Shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Whos the leader the US Federal Reserve, the countrys central bank? If you think you know it, shout it out. 美国联邦储备局的主席是谁?如果你认为你知道的话,就大声喊出来吧!Is it Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke, Mary Barra or Warren Buffet? Youve got three seconds. Go. 是珍妮特·耶伦、本·伯南克、玛丽·拉还是沃伦·巴菲特?你与哦三秒钟的时间,开始!Last year, Janet Yellen became the first woman ever to chair the US Federal Reserve. Thats your answer and thats your Shoutout. 去年,珍妮特·耶伦称为美联储历史上第一位女主席。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: One way the Fed can influence the US economy is by raising or lowering interest rates. 联邦储备局可以通过调高或者降低利率来影响美国的经济。It wants to keep the economy growing, but not too quickly. 联邦储备局想要促进经济的发展,但又不能发展过快。That can cause inflation, when prices go up and the value of the dollar goes down. 那会造成通货膨胀,也就是价格上涨,美元贬值。Interest rates right now are very low. 如今的利率很低。Some critics say thats keeping Americans from saving money in savings accounts. 一些家指出低利率会让人们的储蓄得更少。Why do it if you dont earn interest? 如果赚不到利息的话,为什么要存钱呢?The other side argues that now isnt the time to raise interest rates because even though the stock market has been setting record highs, Americans wages are growing too slowly. 另一种观点指出现在不是提高利率的时候,因为尽管股市再创佳绩,美国人的工资增长太慢了。Thats not a good sign for the economy. 这对不是一个好现象经济征兆。 /201503/363363。

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he will take two months of paternity leave after the birth of his daughter.脸谱首席执行官扎克伯格宣布,女儿出生后将进行2个月的陪产假。He and his wife, Priscilla Chan, announced this summer they were expecting a baby girl.扎克伯格和他的妻子Priscilla Chan在今年夏天宣布怀了女孩。Zuckerberg made the announcement about his leave on Facebook, saying, ;Studies show that when working parents take time to be with their newborns, outcomes are better for the children and families.;扎克伯格在“脸谱”上宣布了他的请假,说:“研究表明,当父母花时间与他们的新生儿在一起,对孩子和家庭会更好。”Facebook offers employees up to four months of paid family leave, which they can use throughout the year.脸谱为员工提供了长达四个月的带薪家庭休假,一年内都可以使用。Parental leave has been something of a discussion point among big tech companies lately.最近,育儿假一直是各大高科技公司讨论的焦点。Microsoft raised their amount of leave to 12 weeks for any parent and 20 weeks for birth mothers. Adobe raised it to six months, and Netflix is offering unlimited leave for the first year of a childs life.微软公司提高到为父母提供12周假期,为分娩的母亲提供20周假期。Adobe提高到6个月,Netflix在孩子的第一年内没有假期限制。Most of these companies say the move is about employee retention.大多数这些公司表示,这一举措是为了留住员工。Adobe said in a statement, ;Our employees are our intellectual property and our future. ... The investment is unquestionably worth it.;Adobe在一份声明中表示,“我们的员工是我们的知识产权和未来,这种投资无疑是值得的。”However, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer seems to be ignoring this trend. She says she plans to return to work two weeks after giving birth to twins.然而,雅虎首席执行官玛丽莎似乎忽略了这一趋势。她说,她计划在分娩双胞胎两周后就回到工作。译文属。201511/411618。

And leading this test is Chief Engineer, Joel Krajewski.总工程师乔尔·克拉耶夫斯基主持整个测试The fate of this mission这次任务的结果is central to everybodys soul, really.对每个人来说都至关重要Most folks have worked on this for three years,大多数同事在这上面已经花了five years, eight years.三年 五年 甚至八年的时间You dont get to do many in a given career.人们的职业生涯中不可能取得太多成就You only get to do a few if youre lucky.能有一些成就已经是很幸运的So the stakes for everybody are as high as they can be.所以每个人下的赌注都很高This is just a rehearsal,这只是一场演习but on the 6th of August,但在八月六号theyll be doing it for real,这就是真的了hoping the Curiosity rover他们希望好奇号火星车will arrive safely能够在目的地at its destination.安全着陆Mars,火星the Red Planet.红色的行星Its become known as the Bermuda Triangle of space.它被称为宇宙中的百慕大三角Since the launch of the first rocket there in the 1960s,自六十年代向火星发射第一枚火箭以来two-thirds of all missions三分之二的任务have ended in disaster.都以失败告终重点解释:1.work on 不停地工作例句:She is working on a new dictionary.她一直在忙着编写一本新词典。2.be known as 被称为, 公认为例句:ts known as the most dangerous part of the city.那地方都知道是市内最危险的地段。3.end in 以 ... 告终例句:is summer vacation will end in the late August.他的暑假将于八月底结束。 201512/415196。

The educational materials presented here were developed以下教育资讯由爱荷华州立大学by students and faculty at the department of食物科学和人类营养学院的food science and human nutrition at Iowa State师生共同研究产生University.Funding for this project was provided此计划由美国中西部癌症协会by grants from the American Cancer Society Midwest和兰斯,阿姆斯特朗基金会and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.The materials提供资助,节目资讯旨在are intended for education use and are not meant教育用途而非提供医疗建议to provide medical advice.We welcome your feedback我们欢迎您对这些资讯提出about these materials.Please use the evaluation您的反馈,请点击主页上的survey link on the homepage to provide评估调查链接来提供your comments and suggestions.您的与建议If you can remember back to your first few years in如果您还记得您小学时最初的几年elementary school think about your favorite subject.请回忆一下您最喜欢的科目是什么Maybe you really enjoyed your math class and也许您真的喜欢数学课had parents that would congratulate you on您的父母会称赞您因为your 100 percent gold starred math homework.您的数学作业得了一百分On the other hand maybe you were not so good at也有可能,您不是很擅长数学math but loved art class and had parents that would却对艺术课情有独钟,您的父母always make sure to ask about all of your latest总是关切地询问您最近在学校所做的creations in school.Or maybe your favorite subject所有作品,再或者,您最喜欢的科目was ing or music.Well, I want to talk to you是阅读或者音乐,那么,我告诉您about my favorite subject, the lunch period.我最喜欢的科目吧,那就是午餐时间Parents should be talking to their kids about父母们应该就他们的孩子在学校选择what they choose to eat at school in the same way吃什么与他们谈谈,就像父母们parents ask their kids about how they are doing in询问他们的孩子在数学课上表现如何那样math class.Education is now more than the three Rs.现在的教育已不仅限于那三个;R;了So lets start the discussion by所以我们就从学校食物营养的现状来开始talking openly about the facts of school nutrition.开诚布公地谈一谈Now this is important information for anyone这是一个相当重要的信息,无论对于任何who is a parent, a grandparent, a future parent,父母,祖父母,未来的父母anyone who is a babysitter, anyone in the作保姆的人,以保健为职业的人healthcare profession, anyone in a profession还是从事与学校和任何社区成员associated with a school and any community member之类相关的职业的人in general.Im sure its no surprise that obesity is我相信肥胖者的人数在我们国家正在on the rise for both adults and children in our nation.上升,无论大人还是孩子,这不足为奇This chart shows the obesity trend in both girls这张图显示了在6-11和12-19岁的and boys ages 6-11 and ages 12-19.The first column年龄段的女孩和男孩的肥胖趋势,第一组柱is showing data from 1963-1970 when less than显示了1963-1970年的数据,那时5 percent of children were overweight or obese.只有不到5%的孩子超重或者肥胖The last column is showing data from 2003-2004.最后面一组柱显示了2003-2004年的数据By this time between 15 and 20 percent of children这期间已经有15%到20%的孩子were overweight or obese.I have even that属于超重或者肥胖,我读到的数字更令人吃惊the number is now up to 32 percent of children现在已经有高达32%的between the ages of 2 to 19 that are overweight2到19岁的孩子属于超重or obese.One in two children between the ages或者肥胖了,在6到19岁的美国孩子中of 6 and 19 in the US is overweight or at risk of两个里面就有一个属于超重或者有超重的overweight.Data strongly suggests that obese children危险,数据强有力地说明了肥胖儿童are more likely to develop adverse health outcomes更有可能产生对自己健康不利的后果including diabetes, hypertension and even包括糖尿病,高血压,甚至a shortened lifespan.Weight loss attempts in寿命缩短,成年后的减肥尝试adulthood are very difficult and have limited success是非常艰难的,也收效甚微so it is very important and urgent to address and所以,非常重要和紧急的是要提出并reverse the obesity epidemic in childhood.扭转孩子在儿童时期的肥胖趋势Addressing the problem before it begins in childhood在孩子童年时期问题尚未出现时就把它提出来is a major public health strategy.Take a look这是一个重要的公共健康策略,看一看at the data on this next slide to see why early下一张幻灯片上的数据,您就知道为何早期prevention is key.The fact that 1 in 2 children预防是如此关键,事实是如此令人警醒are overweight or are risk of becoming overweight两个孩子当中就有一个属于超重或有变得超重is alarming.The fact that 32 percent of children的危险,另一个事实同样也令人警醒 32%are overweight or obese is equally alarming.的孩子是超重的或肥胖的201503/366545。