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福州输卵管通水那家好三明市什么医院输精管接通宁德备孕检查费用 Grace Dove had merely one credit in an obscure low-budget film and a recurring role in an action-adventure sports documentary series when she landed the part of the Native American wife of Leonardo DiCaprio’s fur trapper character in “The Revenant.”格蕾丝·达夫(Grace Dove)在《荒野猎人(The Revenant)中饰演莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥(Leonardo DiCaprio)饰演的皮草猎人的印第安妻子之前,仅出演过一部不出名的低成本电影,在一部动作冒险体育系列纪录片中多次亮相 This soon-to-be released Western thriller is directed by Alejandro G. Iárritu, whose “Birdman” swept the top Oscar categories in March. Once th Century Fox begins promoting his new million wintery wilderness blockbuster, it is likely to emerge as a frontrunner in the Oscar race.这部即将上映的西部惊悚片由亚历杭德罗·G·伊尼亚里图(Alejandro G. Iárritu)执导今年3月,他执导的《鸟人(Birdman)横扫奥斯卡多项大奖世纪福克斯电影公司(th Century Fox)开始宣传他的这部投资6000万美元的寒冷荒野大片之后,它很可能会成为年奥斯卡竞赛的领跑者And Ms. Dove — the only woman in the movie’s all-star male cast — may have a shot at landing a major fashion advertising campaign.这部电影的阵容几乎全是男明星,达夫是唯一的女演员她可能会给一个著名时装公司拍广告In recent years, there has been a growing divide between brands using under-the-radar talent and those loyal to Hollywood’s A-list actors who, years, have dominated major luxury campaigns and filled ambassador roles. The attractions of less well-known faces seem to be as varied as a conviction that they best represent the brand and a desire the sense of insider cool conveyed by a front row or ad model whom only the select will recognize.近些年,时装品牌在选择代言人方面的差别越来越明显,有的选用不出名的新秀,有的则忠于好莱坞一线演员多年来,大部分奢侈品广告都选用这些一线演员,请他们担任品牌大使不太出名的面孔的吸引力取决于,品牌是否认为某张新面孔最能代表自己,是否渴望得到只有圈内人才认识的头排名人或广告模特所传达的那种优越感The mechanics of these agreements — how designers make their casting calls and selections brand representation — is top secret. But they are always monitoring the film festival circuit and, since the awards season began Sunday with the Governors Awards in Hollywood, they are watching the red carpet, too, and will begin to deluge talent with offers to dress them premieres and ceremonies.这些协议的内幕——设计师如何要求试镜和为品牌挑选代言人——是顶级机密不过,设计师们一直在关注各大电影节随着周日(月9日)理事会奖(Governors Awards)拉开好莱坞颁奖季的大幕,他们也在关注红毯,并将开始向某些艺人伸出橄榄枝,表明他们愿意提供参加首映式和典礼的装Casting unknowns can be cost-efficient everything from advertisements to fashion films, the lavish commercials that are produced with increasing frequency as offshoots of traditional photography campaigns. And while it may be risky, if the brand’s choice proves to be a big hit — it also looks smart.选用不出名的演员代言能极大节约从广告到时装电影各个方面的成本时装电影指的是奢华的广告片,作为传统平面广告的衍生物,而今它们的拍摄频率越来越高虽然这样做可能有点冒险,但是如果一个品牌挑选的代言人后来成了红人,那么这也会显得很明智Social media has driven the development, granting brands unprecedented power to communicate their work directly to the customer, and a permer’s social media clout can be considered in the casting call process. Kendall Jenner’s Estée Lauder contract, instance, was said to have come her way partly because she had million followers on Instagram社交媒体也推动了这一趋势的发展,让品牌拥有前所未有的与顾客直接交流的能力演员的社交媒体影响力也成为挑选代言人的一个考虑因素比如,据说肯德尔·詹纳(Kendall Jenner)能为雅诗兰黛(Estée Lauder)代言的一个原因在于她在Instagram上有00万粉丝By contrast, actresses who appear in Miu Miu’s fall campaign, including Maddison Brown, Hailey Gates and Mia Goth, have a combined Instagram following of about 38,700. Stacy Martin, the brunette beauty who also is the face of Miu Miu’s new perfume, and the Prada men’s wear model Michael Shannon do not use social media at all.相比之下,为Miu Miu年秋季系列代言的女演员们在Instagram上的粉丝总计约3.87万,包括麦迪逊·布朗(Maddison Brown)、黑莉·盖茨(Hailey Gates)和米娅·戈特(Mia Goth)Miu Miu新香水的代言人、黑发美女斯塔茜·马丁(Stacy Martin)以及普拉达(Prada)的男装模特迈克尔·香农(Michael Shannon)则完全不用社交媒体Miuccia Prada — who since the late ’90s has reserved the roles in Prada men’s wear campaigns character actors and in Miu Miu campaigns rising actresses — said actors have the power to humanize fashion and to relate the story behind her seasonal collections.缪西娅·普拉达(Miuccia Prada)从90年代末开始选用性格男演员为普拉达男装代言,选用新秀女演员为Miu Miu代言她说,演员能赋予时装人性,阐述每一季装背后的故事“Cinema has always been one of my true interests and passions,” Ms. Prada said. “With Miu Miu, and the men’s, I like to underline the narration of a character, a personal story. The cast of Miu Miu, season by season, is chosen to reince the attitude and the idea of the moment.”普拉达说:“电影一直是我真正感兴趣和热爱的事物之一在Miu Miu和男装方面,我想强调人物的叙述,讲述一个人的故事每一季Miu Miu选择的代言人都是为了强调当时的态度和观点”Some experts question the power a new face can command in selling fashion.有些专家质疑新面孔在时装销售上的号召力Peter Hess, co-head of the Commercial Endorsement division at Creative Artists Agency, is skeptical about the influence of unknowns in fashion advertising, although he concedes there are “tiers of this work.”创新艺人经纪公司(Creative Artists Agency)广告持部联合主管彼得·赫斯(Peter Hess)对不出名的演员在装广告方面的影响力表示质疑,虽然他也承认,“这份工作有很多层次”“Brands engage the finest photographers, hair stylists and makeup designers — and if a budget an advertising campaign is in the millions, the actors which brands go with usually have a proven track record,” Mr. Hess said. But then he represents influential entertainment professionals, including Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Kate Winslet, Bradley Cooper and Clive Owen.赫斯说:“品牌需要聘请最好的摄影师、发型师和化妆师如果一广告的成本有上百万美元,那么品牌挑选的演员通常具有丰富的经历和经验”但是之后,他列举了一些具有影响力的专家,包括朱莉叶·罗伯茨(Julia Roberts)、詹妮弗·劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence)、萨拉·杰西卡·帕克(Sarah Jessica Parker)、妮可·基德曼(Nicole Kidman)、凯特·温斯利特(Kate Winslet)、布拉德利·库珀(Bradley Cooper)和克莱夫·欧文(Clive Owen)At Saint Laurent Paris, plum modeling assignments have been reserved musicians since Hedi Slimane became creative director of the brand in March . He has cast promising players, gotten rock gods and obscure names from the grunge scene in Los Angeles (where he and the Saint Laurent Paris atelier are based) on the men’s wear runway, in the front row at fashion shows and also the Saint Laurent Paris seasonal Music Project ad campaign.自从年3月艾迪·斯里曼(Hedi Slimane)开始担任巴黎圣罗兰时装公司(Saint Laurent)的创意总监之后,他把报酬丰厚的模特代言工作留给了音乐人,挑选有前途的乐手、被遗忘的摇滚巨星,以及洛杉矶垃圾摇滚(grunge)场景中一些不为人所知的人物(他和巴黎圣罗兰工作室就在洛杉矶),让他们担任男装秀的模特,坐在时装秀的头排,担任巴黎圣罗兰季节音乐活动和宣传的代言人The musicians do evoke the decadent, renegade spirit of Saint Laurent Paris, but Mr. Slimane has also said that he admires them simply “because they know how to move on stage.”音乐人的确与巴黎圣罗兰颓废叛逆的气质相符,不过斯里曼称,他喜欢音乐人只是“因为他们知道如何在舞台上走步”It is true that an unknown has little chance of being captured by the paparazzi brandishing a designer’s latest handbag, which a celebrity brand ambassador is expected to do. But what might make the untried and untested attractive to mega-brands is lack of baggage — be it a rehab stint, Church of Scientology escape plan rumors or a propensity to ghost a mer mate or consciously uncouple.的确,不出名的代言人极少有机会被仔队拍到炫耀设计师的最新款手袋,而这是品牌对明星代言人的一种期望但是没有尝试过或考验过的演员对大品牌的吸引力在于他们没有负面新闻——不管是强制戒毒、传说中的山达基教会(Church of Scientology)解救计划,还是喜欢纠缠或故意疏远前伴侣“Many fashion houses go with lesser-known names because someone A-list has the ability to overshadow the designs,” Miceala Erlanger said. She is the Hollywood stylist whose vision was integral in transming Lupita Nyong’o from an MTV Africa soap opera star to the winner of the best supporting actress Oscar in “ Years A Slave.”好莱坞造型师米希拉·厄兰格(Miceala Erlanger)说:“很多时装公司选用不太出名的演员是因为有些一线演员会掩盖设计的光”她的设计帮助露皮塔·尼永奥(Lupita Nyong’o)从MTV非洲肥皂剧明星蜕变为年奥斯卡最佳女配角奖获得者(凭借《为奴十二年[ Years A Slave])In the process, Ms. Erlanger helped Ms. Nyong’o clinch a Miu Miu campaign, as well as become a brand ambassador Lanc洀攀 Paris, which also has featured star veterans such as Ms. Roberts and Ms. Winslet. Ms. Erlanger believes working with an unknown actor can enhance a brand’s caché. “By picking up-and-coming actors, it appears to the outside viewer that the brand is endorsing them,” she said.在这个过程中,厄兰格帮助尼永奥得到为Miu Miu代言的一个机会,并成为巴黎兰蔻(Lanc洀攀)的品牌大使兰蔻也是主要选用资深明星,比如罗伯茨和温斯利特厄兰格认为,与不出名的演员合作能充实名牌的储备库她说:“在外人看来,品牌选择有前途的演员是在持那些演员”Dressing an actor who is just breaking into stardom may be a risk a brand, but history shows that it has led some designers to ge enduring relationships, which, over time, have lent value to their brands and helped them connect with tomorrow’s customer.为初露头角的演员设计装对品牌来说也许有些冒险,但是历史表明,这也让有些设计师能与演员达成长久关系,这种关系经过时间的沉淀能增加品牌的价值,帮助品牌与未来的顾客产生联系In 1979, Giorgio Armani initiated the practice of working with young actors as promotional partners.1979年,乔治·阿玛尼(Giorgio Armani)开创了聘请年轻演员担任宣传伙伴的做法 988新年英语祝福语——给父母亲的祝福语 Mom and Dad: Thank you everything this holiday season! 爸爸妈妈:值此佳节,感谢您们所给予的一切 I'll be home to enjoy this Christmas with you. 我将回家与你们共度佳节 A present from me is on the way. Hope you'll like it. 寄上一份礼物,希望你们会喜欢 I wish I were home the holidays. 但愿我能回家共度佳节 佳节,我想念你们 Best wishes from Mark, Janet and the kids. 马克、珍妮特和孩子们,谨呈最诚挚的祝福 Warmest thoughts and best wishes from your daughter. 寄上无限的思念和最美好的祝愿,你们的女儿 Season's greetings from Xiao Li and Ming Ming. 献上小丽和明明的节日问候 A holiday wish from your son Tom. 寄上佳节的祝福,你们的儿子汤姆敬上 May you have the best season ever. 愿你过个最愉快的节日 A New year greeting to cheer you from your daughter. 愿女儿的祝福带给您欢乐 Happy New year to the world's best parents! 祝世界上最好的父母节日快乐! Season's greetings to my dearest parents! 祝我最亲爱的父母节日愉快! 01956福州检查精液

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福州治疗输卵管粘连去那好 After decades of inching toward center stage, Asian-American theater actors are facing something that they’ve rarely enjoyed in New York: demand.几十年来,亚裔美国戏剧演员在缓慢地向舞台中央靠近,如今他们得到了过去在纽约极少能享受的东西:需求An unusual bonanza of jobs is in the offing from new shows as well as two anticipated Broadway revivals, “The King and I” and “Miss Saigon.” More plays and musicals are also telling stories from Asian viewpoints, a long-held goal of Asian-American artists. And increasingly, Asians are landing roles that traditionally go to non-Asian actors.他们罕见地得到了大量工作机会,包括一些新剧以及两部备受期待的百老汇复排剧——《国王与我(The King and I)和《西贡(Miss Saigon)现在越来越多的戏剧和音乐剧也从亚洲的角度讲述故事,这是亚裔美国艺术家们一直以来的梦想越来越多的亚裔得到了过去由非亚裔演员饰演的角色The biggest game-changer is “Here Lies Love,” one of those rare musicals that become critically acclaimed commercial hits Off Broadway and have an open-ended run. Even more uncommon, it’s all about an Asian character. The subject is Imelda Marcos, the mer first lady of the Philippines. With a cast of , the show is the first in years to offer the prospect of steady employment to Asian-American actors. Productions of “Here Lies Love” are also in the works San Francisco and London this fall, with Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver and Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, under consideration.对局势影响最大的是《爱在这里(Here Lies Love),它是少数几部叫好又叫座的外百老汇音乐剧,而且它的演出计划尚无结束时间更不同寻常的是,它完全是一部关于亚洲人物的戏剧女主人公是菲律宾的前第一夫人伊梅尔达·马科斯(Imelda Marcos)该剧有位演员,是多年来第一部可以保亚裔美国演员有稳定工作的音乐剧《爱在这里今年秋天在旧金山和伦敦的演出正在筹备中同时有望在洛杉矶、西雅图、丹佛以及澳大利亚的悉尼和墨尔本上演“Asians are used to being the third actress to the right of the star,” said Ruthie Ann Miles, a Korean-American who spent months in a blond wig on the road in “Annie” bee landing the role of Mrs. Marcos. “The wig,” she added, “was supposed to make me fit in with my two white sisters. Those were the things a lot of us did to get work.”“亚裔过去是明星右边的第三位女演员,”韩裔美国女演员露西·安·迈尔斯(Ruthie Ann Miles)说在得到马科斯这个角色之前,她在《安妮(Annie)巡演期间戴了十个月金色假发她补充说,“那个假发是为了让我和两个白人外形一致我们很多人为了得到工作都这样做过”Actors say they are also making steady gains in smaller theaters, landing more roles that they describe as “nontraditional.” In recent months a Japanese-born actor played Romeo opposite a white Juliet at the Classic Stage Company and a Filipino-American actor was Bill Sikes in “Oliver!” More Asian-Americans have also been creating characters named Heather and Claire who were not written specifically as Asian.演员们说他们在较小规模的剧院也不断取得了进步,得到了更多他们描述为“非传统”的角色最近几个月,一位日本出生的演员在经典舞台公司(Classic Stage Company)的戏剧中饰演罗密欧,饰演朱丽叶的是个白人女演员;一个菲律宾裔美国男演员在《奥利弗!(Oliver!)中饰演比尔·塞克斯(Bill Sikes)更多亚裔美国演员在饰演名叫希瑟(Heather)或克莱尔(Claire)这样的人物,剧本中没有明确说明这些人物是亚洲人“Casting directors are starting to take Asian diversity seriously, after focusing mostly on black and Hispanic actors,” said Pun Bandhu, an actor who was cast as several minor characters in the Broadway revival of “Wit.”“在演员多样化方面,选角导演们在主要关注黑人和拉美裔演员后开始认真考虑亚裔演员了,”演员潘之友(Pun Bandhu)说他在年的百老汇复排剧《智慧(Wit)中出演了几个小角色 the - season, at least three new plays written by Asian-Americans will open Off Broadway — including one, “Straight White Men,” in which the female playwright, Young Jean Lee, is offering her take on white characters. Such new works are rarer on Broadway; while there have been African-American productions of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and “A Streetcar Named Desire,” there has yet to be an Asian-American Big Daddy or Stanley Kowalski.对-演出季来说,至少有三部亚裔美国人写的新剧本将在外百老汇上演,包括女剧作家李永珍(Young Jean Lee,音译)的《正直的白人(Straight White Men),她在该剧中表达了自己对白人的看法这样的新剧在百老汇更少见:虽然那里有非裔美国人演的《热铁皮屋顶上的猫(Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)和《欲望号街车(A Streetcar Named Desire),但是还没有亚裔美国人演的《冒牌爸爸(Big Daddy)或《斯坦利·科瓦尔斯基(Stanley Kowalski)Yet casting does begin next week “The King and I,” which will start permances in March at Lincoln Center Theater and feature about 30 Asian characters. “Miss Saigon,” which reopened in London last month with Asian-American actors in lead roles, is expected to return to Broadway during the - season; the show has more than a dozen Asian characters and originally ran years on Broadway.不过,《国王与我下周将开始选角,明年3月将在林肯中心剧院上演,其中有大约30个亚洲人物《西贡上个月在伦敦重演,由亚裔美国演员饰演主要角色,它有望在-演出季返回百老汇这部戏剧有十多个亚洲人物,最初在百老汇演了十年But compared to “The King and I” and “Miss Saigon,” which have been criticized recycling some Asian stereotypes, the Filipino-centric story of “Here Lies Love” represents both an artistic breakthrough and an emotional high point.但是,《国王与我(The King and I)和《西贡被批评为重复对亚洲的刻板印象而《爱在这里的故事则是以菲律宾人为中心,代表了一种艺术突破和情感上的高点“ years I’ve mentored Asian actors to prepare themselves the lack of Asian parts out there,” said Jose Llana, a Filipino-American actor who plays Ferdinand Marcos in “Here Lies Love.” “Until now my best strategy was auditioning Hispanic roles as well, because I can look the part,” he added, noting that he played El Gato in the Broadway musical “Wonderland.”“多年来,我一直让亚裔演员做好亚洲人物角色不多的心理准备,”菲律宾裔美国演员约瑟·利亚纳(Jose Llana)说他在《爱在这里中饰演费迪南德·马科斯(Ferdinand Marcos)“之前我的最佳策略是参加拉美裔角色的试演,因为我的外貌跟他们相像,”他补充说他提到自己曾在百老汇音乐剧《爱丽丝漫游仙境(Wonderland)中扮演笑面柴郡猫(El Gato)Still, he has slowly started winning roles that traditionally went to white actors. He was cast as Bill Sikes in “Oliver!” last fall at Paper Mill Playhouse — a decision that surprised him so much that he asked executives if the audience would accept him in the role. (“No one batted an eye,” he recalled.) It was a far cry from his experience in the lead role of Melchior in a Sundance Institute workshop of the musical “Spring Awakening” in 00. By the time the show reached Off Broadway and then Broadway in , the role had gone to Jonathan Groff, who is white.不过,他慢慢开始获得一些以前通常由白人演员饰演的角色去年秋季他被选中,在造纸厂剧院(Paper Mill Playhouse)的《奥利弗!中扮演比尔·塞克斯这个决定让他感到十分意外,他甚至向主管们询问观众能否接受他饰演这个角色(“没有一个人表示惊讶,”他回忆说)这跟00年他在圣丹斯学院讲习班饰演音乐剧《春之觉醒(Spring Awakening)主角梅尔基奥(Melchior)时的经历大相径庭该剧年先后在外百老汇和百老汇上演时,这个角色改由白人演员乔纳森·格罗夫(Jonathan Groff)饰演Trip Cullman, a director who mostly works Off Broadway, has cast several Asian-American actors, including Sue Jean Kim and Maureen Sebastian, in roles that were not explicitly Asian.导演特里普·卡尔曼(Trip Cullman)大部分时间在外百老汇工作,他选了几位亚裔美国演员——包括金素珍(Sue Jean Kim,音译)和莫林·塞巴斯蒂安(Maureen Sebastian)——饰演一些没有明确说明是亚洲人的角色“I like it when the casting of a play reflects my experience of the world around me,” said Mr. Cullman, who is white. “Expanding my collaborators’ notions of who could be ‘right a role’ seems to me to be a moral and political duty.”“我喜欢让一部戏剧的选角反映我对周围世界的体验,”卡尔曼说他是白人“在我看来,让我的合作者们在谁能‘胜任这个角色’的理念方面放开思路是一种道德和政治责任”The numbers of Asian-Americans in New York theater roles have been stubbornly low years. Between the - and - theater seasons, Asian-Americans filled about 3 percent of the roles on Broadway and at major Off Broadway theaters, according to a new study by Asian American Permers Action Coalition, an advocacy group. Hispanics had roughly the same numbers of roles, while black actors had percent and white actors had 79 percent.多年来,亚裔美国演员在纽约剧场担任角色的比例一直很低亚裔美国演员行动联合会(Asian American Permers Action Coalition,它是一个倡议组织)最新的一次研究表明,在-和-演出季,亚裔美国人在百老汇和主要的外百老汇剧院出演角色的比例约为3%拉美裔的比例跟亚裔差不多,黑人占%,白人占79%On Broadway, where producers tend to cast Hollywood names to help sell tickets, Asian-Americans actors are still more likely to be the wise adult or the best friend. In “Matilda,” Celia Mei Rubin is in the ensemble and understudies the role of Mrs. Phelps, the kindly librarian who has been played so far by black actresses. In another musical, “Mamma Mia!,” Ashley Park is in the chorus and understudies the character of a best friend, usually played by white actress.在百老汇,制作人们喜欢选用好莱坞名演员来帮助提高票房,亚裔美国演员仍然主要是扮演智慧的大人或最好的朋友西莉亚·梅·鲁宾(Celia Mei Rubin)在《玛蒂尔达(Matilda)的演员名单中,候补饰演亲切的图书管理员费尔普斯夫人(Mrs. Phelps),此前该角色都是黑人女演员扮演的在另一部音乐剧《妈妈咪呀!(Mamma Mia!)中,阿什莉·帕克(Ashley Park)是合唱队的一员,同时候补饰演一个最好的朋友,这个角色通常是白人女演员饰演的Some shows with Asian-related story lines and characters, like recent revivals of “Flower Drum Song” and “Pacific Overtures” and David Henry Hwang’s play “Chinglish,” have struggled to find audiences on Broadway. A new musical, “Allegiance,” about a Japanese-American family in a World War II internment camp, starring George Takei and the Tony Award winner Lea Salonga (from the original “Miss Saigon”), has waited a year so far to get an offer from one of Broadway’s theater owners.一些故事或人物与亚洲相关的戏剧,比如最近的复排剧《花鼓歌(Flower Drum Song)和《太平洋序曲(Pacific Overtures)以及黄哲伦的《中式英语(Chinglish),在努力吸引百老汇观众的兴趣新音乐剧《效忠(Allegiance)讲述的是“二战”拘留营中的一个日裔美国家庭的故事,由乔治·竹井和托尼奖获得者莉亚·莎隆嘉(Lea Salonga,曾出演原版《西贡)主演该剧在争取百老汇某位剧院老板的同意,到目前为止已经等了一年“You need Lucy Liu to have a hit on Broadway,” said Tisa Chang, who in 1977 founded the Pan Asian Repertory Theater, which significantly expanded opporties Asian-American permers. “But ideas like an Asian-American production of an American classic are absolutely workable.”“要想在百老汇引起轰动,你需要请刘玉玲出演,”张瑜说她在1977年成立了泛亚剧场(Pan Asian Repertory Theater),为亚裔美国演员增加了很多表演机会“但是让亚裔美国演员主演美国经典剧目是完全可行的”If it’s Off Off Broadway, that is. A new “Death of a Salesman” is running in a 99-seat theater through June 9 starring South Asian actors as the Loman family, including the show’s producer, Saima Huq, as the matriarch Linda. She put up ,000 from savings and credit cards to mount the show.在外外百老汇,情况的确如此新排的《推销员之死(Death of a Salesman)正在一个有99个座位的剧场上演,持续到6月9日,由几位南亚演员扮演洛曼(Loman)一家,该剧的制作人塞马·胡(Saima Huq)饰演女家长琳达(Linda)她用自己的积蓄和信用卡凑了.5万美元来制作该剧“There was no way I could ever imagine playing an iconic role like Linda unless I put on the show myself,” she said.“除非我自己制作,我想不出还有其他办法来扮演琳达这样的标志性角色,”她说But “Here Lies Love” did not rely on Asian-American creators or producers; most of them are white.但是《爱在这里的创作者或制作人大部分是白人,不是亚裔美国人“It shows that white and Asian artists can create really great work together,” said Ms. Miles, who was born in Arizona and spent much of her childhood in South Korea. “You get to tell the ultimate story — a person’s whole life story — and that person is a very complicated, very human, stereotype-free Asian who is surrounded by other Asian characters. It’s a dream come true me.”“它表明白人和亚裔艺术家们能够一起创作出真正的好作品,”迈尔斯说她出生在亚利桑那州,童年的大部分时间在韩国度过“你能够讲述一个终极故事——一个人一生的故事——那个人非常复杂,非常人性化,不是固有的亚洲人形象,她周围的人也是亚洲人对我来说,它是美梦成真” 3188福州那里输卵管通液好福州省立医院通输卵管多少钱



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