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福州去那通水比较好福州第二人民医院看不孕医生When a pig farmer sued a hot air balloon firm, he needed to prove he wasn’t telling porkies。如果一个养猪的农民想要状告热气球公司,那么他得明自己不是在胡说八道。Luckily for Dan Gilbank, he had maths professor, the laws of trigonometry, a lucky photograph and a golfer’s laser rangefinder to back up his case。丹·吉尔本克就是这样一个幸运的农民,数学教授、三角原理、一张照片还有一个高尔夫球手常用的激光测距仪都帮他赢得了官司。Farm manager Mr Gilbank, 46, and his father Mick, 67, were adamant that a low-flying balloon had caused 250 of their pigs to stampede into a ditch, with disastrous – and costly – consequences。丹是一名农场经理,今年46岁,他和67岁的父亲米克,都坚信,使他们家250头猪受到惊吓逃窜到一条沟里从而造成灾难性后果及巨大经济损失的,是一个低空飞行的热气球。Now the farm’s owners have won nearly £40,000 compensation following a two-year legal battle。官司持续了两年的时间,如今该农场的主人获得了近4万英镑的赔偿。The stampede happened in April 2012 when a hot air balloon carrying a party of sightseers flew over Low Moor Farm, near York。农场的猪受惊事件发生在2012年4月份的一天,当时一个载着一群游客的热气球飞过约克郡附近的低尔庄园。The pigs had been in their pens but were so terrified by the sight of the red-and-white-striped balloon and the noise from its burners they charged through fences, stampeded 200 yards and ended up in a ditch at the end of the field。原本呆在围栏里的猪,因为被红白相间的热气球及其燃烧炉发出的声音吓到,随即越过栅栏四处逃窜了200多码(约183米)最后掉进了一个水沟里。Hot air balloons are banned from flying lower than 1,500ft over it or closer than 1,500ft to it。热气球在飞行时,与地面的距离被禁止低于低于或接近1500英尺(约457.2米)。On this occasion, Mr Gilbank – who has run the farm with his father for 16 years – suspected the offending balloon had breached these limits as it soared over the North Yorkshire countryside。因此,和父亲一起经营农场有16年之久的丹,怀疑这个在约克郡北部乡村上空飞行的热气球违反了规定。But the balloon’s operators insisted it had come no closer than 2,500ft to the farm。但是当时的热气球操作员坚持说热气球与村庄的距离超过了2500英尺(约762米)。Insurers for the company used GPS data generated during the flight to back their claim that it could not have caused the stampede。热气球公司的保险人员查看了飞行过程中的GPS数据也持了操作员的说法,认为猪受惊事件不是由此导致的。However, the wife of a neighbouring farmer had by chance taken a photograph of the balloon. Low Moor Farm’s owners, Ian Mosey (Livestock) Ltd, called in Chris Fewster, a professor of mathematics at the University of York。但是,丹邻居的妻子当时偶然拍下了一张热气球的照片。低尔庄园的所有者伊恩·莫西有限公司,找来了大学数学教授克里斯·福斯特。Professor Fewster used trigonometry to show that the balloon had been at a height of only about 100ft and had been less than 1,000ft from the pigs when it fired its burner。福斯特教授运用数学中的三角原理明出热气球当时的飞行高度只有100英尺(约30.5米),热气球的燃烧炉距离猪圈不到1000英尺(约304.8米)。He was helped in his calculations by Mr Gilbank, who used his laser rangefinder – a golfer’s tool to measure the distance to the green – to work out the height of the trees。在福斯特教授计算的过程中,丹使用激光测距仪帮助教授测量了树木的高度。激光测距仪是高尔夫球手常用作测量草坪距离的一种工具。As a result, the insurers, who had initially offered £10,000 compensation, have now agreed a settlement of £38,782.最终,起初只提供10万英镑赔偿的保险公司现在同意把赔偿金提高到38782英镑。Professor Fewster said the data he obtained from the photo was vital. ‘Putting all of that together, with fairly elementary mathematics, we got to the answer,’ he said。福斯特教授称他从那张偶然拍摄的照片中得到的数据很关键。“把所有这些综合在一起,使用数学方法计算之后,我们就得出了。”The balloon firm, also known as Cameron Flights Southern Limited, went into liquidation last year。而那家叫做卡米伦南部飞行有限公司的热气球公司在去年已经破产。 /201410/336239宁德做试管医院排名 Over 1M super rich in Mainland大陆千万富翁人数超百万There were more than 1m high net worth individuals in China#39;s mainland last year - double the figure for 2010, according to the China Private Wealth Report 2015 released Tuesday by China Merchants Bank and management consultants Bain amp; Co. The mainland#39;s private wealth market reached RMB112 trillion last year, the report said.招商和管理咨询公司贝恩公司26日联合发布《2015中国私人财富报告》,报告显示,2014年末,中国大陆高净值人群规模突破100万人,相较2010年年底已经翻番;大陆个人总体可投资资产达到112万亿人民币。The number of high net worth individuals exceeded 50,000 in 7 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions last year, including Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and Sichuan.2014年末,大陆共有7个省(市、区)的高净值人群数量超过5万人,分别为广东、上海、北京、江苏、浙江、山东和四川。Guangdong took the lead with 130,000 high net worth individuals, and it#39;s the first to exceed 100,000.其中,广东的高净值人数率先超过10万人,达到13万人。 /201505/377601Chinese housing prices rose at their fastest monthly pace in 18 months, a private survey showed on Thursday, the latest sign that the country#39;s property market, a key growth driver, is recovering from a year-long slump.周四,一项民间调查显示,中国房价出现18个月来的最大环比上涨。这一最新迹象表明,作为中国经济增长的重要引擎,中国楼市正从持续一年的下滑中复苏。The slumping property market is a major reason growth in China’s economy slowed to a six-year low in the fourth quarter. Economists estimate that building, sale and outfitting of apartments accounts for about a quarter of the country’s gross domestic product.不断下滑的楼市是去年第四季度中国经济增速放缓至六年低点的主要原因之一。经济学家估计,中国国内生产总值(GDP)约有四分之一来自住房建设、销售和装修。Average home prices rose 0.56 per cent in June from a month earlier, data from the China Index Academy’s survey of 100 cities show, up from a 0.45 per cent gain in May and the fastest growth since January 2014. In spite of the new figures, however, analysts expect the market to recover only gradually.中国指数研究院(China Index Academy)对100个城市的调查所得出的数据显示,6月份中国平均房价环比上涨0.56%,高于5月份0.45%的环比涨幅,是2014年1月以来的最高环比涨幅。但尽管如此,分析师还是预计楼市只会缓步复苏。“A nationwide property market recovery will remain a prolonged and strenuous process, dragged by large inventory overhangs in second and third-tier cities,” Australia and New Zealand Banking Group analysts led by Liu Li-Gang wrote in a note.以刘利刚为首的澳新集团(ANZ)分析师在一份报告中写道:“受二三线城市积压的大量库存的拖累,全国性的楼市复苏仍将是个漫长而艰苦的过程。”The central bank has slashed benchmark interest rates four times since November, helping to lower mortgage costs. The People’s Bank of China has also cut the amount of cash that commercial banks must hold in reserve at the central bank, increasing liquidity in the financial system.自去年11月以来,中国央行已四次降息,帮助降低房贷成本。此外,中国央行还下调了商业存款准备金率,向中国金融体系注入更多流动性。ANZ estimates that a 1 percentage point increase in property prices translates to 0.2 percentage points of GDP growth.据澳新估计,房价每上涨1个百分点,GDP增速就会提升0.2个百分点。Analysts also say that some investors are now taking profits from the Chinese stock market — which hit a seven-year high on June 12 but has tumbled more than 20 per cent in the past two weeks — and investing them into property, which looks more fairly valued after a year of falling prices.分析师还表示,部分投资者正从中国股市获利离场,并将所得资金投资于房地产。中国股市在6月12日达到七年高点后,在过去两周里下跌了20%以上。而房价在经历了一年的下滑之后,现在看起来更合理一些。Local governments have also taken measures to stimulate the housing market. Xi’an, in central China, recently allowed non-native homebuyers who purchase flats larger than 90 sq m to obtain a residence permit for the city, which comes with social welfare benefits.除此以外,地方政府也采取了多项措施刺激楼市。最近,西安市允许购房面积在90平米以上的外地购房者在西安落户,这意味着他们可享受到与西安户籍相伴的社会福利。The price recovery matches official data showing that new residential property sales were up 13 per cent annually in floor-area terms in May, the second month of gains after 13 straight months of falling sales.这一显示房价回升的调查结果,与官方发布的数据一致。官方数据显示,5月份新房销售面积同比增长13%,这是该数据在连续13个月下滑后第二次上升。The central bank’s first-quarter household survey showed that 14.7 per cent of residents said they planned to buy a home in the next three months, up from 13.8 per cent in the previous quarter.中国央行第一季度对家庭展开的调查显示,14.7%的家庭表示计划在未来3个月买房,而上一个季度的数字为13.8%。Rating agency Moody’s upgraded its outlook for China’s property sector on June 1 to stable from negative.6月1日,评级机构穆迪(Moody#39;s)将其对中国房地产业的展望从负面上调至稳定。Official data still showed monthly price declines for newly built residential apartments in May but the decline narrowed to 0.1 per cent, according to FT analysis of the figures. Official property price data for June is due out July 18.此外,根据英国《金融时报》的分析,虽然中国官方数据仍显示5月份新房价格环比下跌,但其跌幅却收窄至0.1%。至于6月份房价的官方数据,则定于在7月18日公布。 /201507/383919福建省费用保健院婚检好不好费用多少

福建割包皮到哪家医院WASHINGTON — For years, ed States policy makers have been debating the idea of granting green cards to foreigners with science doctorates. The cell biologist Xiao-Wei Chen, at the University of Michigan, is no longer waiting for them to decide.华盛顿——多年来,美国的决策者一直在讨论是否给拥有理工科士学位的外国人直接发放绿卡的问题。密歇根大学(University of Michigan)的细胞生物学家陈晓伟(音译)已不再等待他们做出决定。Mr. Chen, whose work on cholesterol metabolism helped him win a job competition this year at the National Institutes of Health, is instead making plans to return home to China and his undergraduate institution, Peking University.今年,陈晓伟凭借在胆固醇代谢方面的研究在竞争中脱颖而出,获得了在美国国家卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health,简称NIH)工作的机会。但陈晓伟计划返回中国,回到他的本科学校——北京大学。“The opportunities there might be more nourishing for young people like me to develop scientifically,” he said.他说,“对于像我这样的年轻人来说,那里可能有更好的科研机会。”Mr. Chen remains in a minority. Most top-ranked Chinese students offered jobs at American institutions after finishing doctorates still choose to stay. “He’s more the exception than the rule,” said Denis F. Simon, a professor of politics and global studies at Arizona State University who specializes in China policy.陈晓伟依然只代表少数人。不少顶尖的中国学生在获得士学位后会进入美国机构工作,其中大多数人仍会选择留在美国。亚利桑那州立大学(Arizona State University)的政治学及全球研究教授丹尼斯·F·西蒙(Denis F. Simon)表示, “他更多的是个例外,不算是普遍情况。”西蒙专门研究中国政策。Yet Mr. Chen might also be a warning flag: As Congress debates whether to extend green-card privileges to foreign students earning doctorates in the sciences, the question may be growing moot. Top-ranking students are aly finding that they can stay if they want — and many do not. The nation’s continuing disinvestment in science is making overseas options appear increasingly attractive.然而,陈晓伟可能也是一记警钟:尽管国会正在就是否延长给获得理工科士学位的外国学生优先发放绿卡的特权展开讨论,但这个问题可能会变得实际意义不大。优秀的学生已经发现,如果他们想要留在美国,就能办到,但问题是很多人并不想。美国持续缩减对科学领域的投入,使得其他国家的吸引力越来越大。“Anybody in academe knows,” says Michael S. Teitelbaum, a Harvard University expert in the global competition for scientific talent, “the offers coming from Chinese institutions are getting more and more attractive.”“学术界的人都知道,”哈佛大学(Harvard University)的专家迈克尔·S·泰特尔鲍姆(Michael S. Teitelbaum)说。“中国机构提供的机会愈发具有吸引力。”泰特尔鲍姆主要研究争夺科学人才的全球竞争。As the world grows more interconnected, says Mr. Simon, distance from the ed States becomes less of an impediment to career success.西蒙表示,随着世界各国的联系变得日益紧密,与美国之间的地理距离逐渐不再是阻碍事业成功的因素。Mr. Chen’s case gained attention in April during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing with the heads of the major federal science agencies.今年4月,主要联邦科学机构的负责人出席了参议院拨款委员会(Senate Appropriations Committee)的听会。会上,陈晓伟的例子引起了关注。The event was a call for helping the economy by investing more federal money in scientific research. Sen. Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, took the opportunity to bemoan the loss of many accomplished Asian students. “What a waste, that we would bring this talent to America, train it, and then invite it to leave,” he commented.听会的主旨在于呼吁联邦政府在科研上投入更多资金,从而提振经济。来自伊利诺伊州的民主党参议员理查德·J·德宾(Richard J. Durbin)利用这次机会,哀叹美国失去了大量的优秀亚洲学生。他道,“太浪费了,我们将人才引入美国,进行培养,然后任由他们离开。”A bill Mr. Durbin has been promoting, backed by the Obama administration and leading lawmakers from both parties, would grant a green card, or permanent legal residency, to any foreigner who earned a doctorate in a science or engineering field at an American university and received a job offer based on it.德宾的提案获得了奥巴马政府及两党主要议员的持。根据该提案,在美国高等院校获得理工科士学位并借此赢得工作机会的外国人,均可直接获得绿卡,即永久居留权。The director of the National Institutes of Health, Francis S. Collins, responded to Mr. Durbin by telling him about Mr. Chen and the multimillion-dollar package he was offered by Peking University, and how China’s approach to pursuing research compared with the prolonged period of budgetary stress facing scientists in the ed States.NIH的院长弗朗西斯·S·柯林斯(Francis S. Collins)向德宾提到了陈晓伟的情况,称北京大学为他提供的待遇价值数百万美元。他还描述了中国在如何努力地搞研究,相比之下,待在美国的科学家则长期面临预算紧张的困境。“Certainly the visa situation is a big part of the issue, and it would be great to get that fixed,” Dr. Collins told the senator. “But even if that’s fixed, then people don’t see that there’s a future for them by staying in the American medical system — and it looks much brighter in Singapore or China or South Korea or Brazil — then they’re going to go where the opportunities are.”“当然,签是一大问题,如果能解决的话,是很棒的,”柯林斯对德宾说。“但即便这个问题解决了,要是他们觉得留在美国的医学研究系统看不到未来,而在新加坡、中国、韩国或巴西的前景会更好,他们就会到有机会的地方去。”Some in Congress are concerned about declining federal support for science — the National Institutes’s budget is about 25 percent smaller than it was 10 years ago, in inflation-adjusted dollars.联邦政府对科研的持力度不断减弱:经过通货膨胀调整,NIH的预算比10年前少了25%左右。一些国会成员对此忧心忡忡。“China is about to eat our lunch,” Rep. Jackie Speier, Democrat of California, told a staff briefing last month on Capitol Hill.来自加利福尼亚州的民主党众议员杰姬·施派尔(Jackie Speier)上个月在国会山参加工作人员通报会时表示,“中国即将吃掉我们的午餐。”Speaking from Ann Arbor, Mich., Mr. Chen reiterated Dr. Collins’s point about economics being more important than visa rules. Even without the green-card legislation, versions of which have been pursued unsuccessfully in Congress for years, Mr. Chen said he had seen that most top-ranked foreign science graduates who really wanted to stay in the ed States managed to find a way.身处密歇根州安娜堡的陈晓伟接受采访时重申了柯林斯的观点,即经济因素比签规定更重要。他表示,即便没有绿卡新规,大多数的确想要待在美国的优秀外国理工科毕业生仍能设法留下。国会多年来推出了不少版本的绿卡提案,但均未能成功通过。While a green-card bill may help foreign science graduates ranked at middle and lower performance levels, those recognized as star performers are eligible for visas, based on certain high-demand skills. “A visa is definitely not too much of a problem for many good people,” Mr. Chen said.绿卡提案可能会对中低水平的外国理工科毕业生有所帮助,但那些顶尖的学生本已具备某些高需求技能,因此目前就有资格获得签。陈晓伟说,“对于很多优秀的人来说,签绝对不是什么大问题。”Two of the most high-profile losses of foreign scientific talent in recent years — Shi Yigong, a Princeton University biology professor who left for Tsinghua University, and Rao Yi, a Northwestern University neurobiologist who decamped to Peking University — even had ed States citizenship and gave it up.在最近几年中最受人瞩目的外来科学人才流失案例中,有两人已经获得了美国公民身份,但最终选择放弃。普林斯顿大学(Princeton University)的生物学教授施一公选择了清华大学,而西北大学(Northwestern University)的神经生物学家饶毅则突然去了北京大学。Those cases, and that of Mr. Chen, suggest that foreign scientists consider factors more varied than may be assumed in many policy debates.上述所有案例都说明,外来科学家考虑的因素可能比许多政策辩论中假定的因素要多元。Mr. Chen earned an undergraduate degree from Peking University in 2002 and went to Michigan, where he earned a doctorate in physiology in 2008. This year he was among a handful of winners chosen from several hundred applicants for the Stadtman Tenure-Track Investigators program at the National Institutes of Health.陈晓伟于2002年在北京大学获得了学士学位,然后前往密歇根大学,并在2008年拿到了生理学士学位。今年,NIH的斯塔特曼终身研究员(Stadtman Tenure-Track Investigators)项目共收到了几百份申请,而陈晓伟是少数几个最终的成功者之一。But the actual appointment of a Stadtman winner to an N.I.H. division is dependent on annual budget allocations, and Mr. Chen was told that he would probably need to wait another year or more to get a posting. Instead he accepted the offer from Peking University, which included modern lab facilities, a supply of graduate students, and — most important, he says — confidence that his budget would remain robust for many years to come.但是,将成功的申请者实际安排到NIH的部门工作要取决于年度预算分配,而陈晓伟被告知,他很可能需要再等至少一年,才能获得职位。于是,他转而接受了北京大学提供的机会,其中包括现代化的实验室设施、一定量的研究生,以及北大给予他的信心——在未来很多年里,他的预算会持续充足。他表示,这一条最重要。Rather than hold out the prospect of a visa that becomes an increasingly less valuable enticement for top foreign scientists, ed States policy makers might instead consider reviving federal support for research and making conditions easier for American scientists to collaborate with global partners, said Mr. Simon, of Arizona State.亚利桑那州立大学的西蒙表示,美国的决策者或许应该考虑重新加强联邦政府对研究工作的持,以及提供便利条件来帮助美国科学家与全球伙伴展开合作,而不要拘泥于签问题,因为对于顶尖的外国科学家来说,签的诱惑力越来越小。Still, the relatively few top science graduates who return home to foreign countries should not be regarded by Americans as somehow “lost” or “wasted” investments, he added.他还表示,美国人不应该把选择回国的优秀理工科毕业生算作投资上的某种“损失”或“浪费”。此类学生的人数相对较少。“The interesting question is not whether one stays or goes,” he says, “but what one does wherever they are.”“问题的关键并不在于离开还是留下,”他说,“而是做什么,无论他们身在何方。” /201407/313174福建备孕检查费用 三明市输卵管疏通费用

福州人工授孕大概多少钱Frankfurt airport has caused controversy after it painted a section of its car park pink and designated it entirely for the use of women.法兰克福机场近日将部分停车区涂成粉色并将其指定为女士专用,这一举动引发了广泛争议。Worse still for people striving for equality, the Ladies Parking section has bigger parking bays insinuating they require less skill to manoeuvre their vehicle safely into the parking spot.对于那些追求男女平等的人来说,更过分的是“女士专用停车区”的停车位比普通停车位要宽敞,似乎在暗示她们即使技术欠佳也可将自己的座驾安全停进这种停车位。According to airport authorities, the new bays offer #39;quick, safe and convenient from your parking to the terminal.#39;机场管理人员表示,新停车位会使您“快速、安全且便捷地从停车场到达航站楼”。Airport officials said the bays are #39;bigger, nicer and close to the terminals#39;.机场官员说,新停车位“更大、更好且靠近航站楼”。They added: #39;This is our exclusive parking offer at Frankfurt Airport for women only. With new and special designed parking areas, which are colour-coded and easy to find.#39;他们还补充说道:“这是我们法兰克福机场为女士提供的专享停车务。我们的新停车区专为女士设计,这一区域用色标出很容易找到。”Women hoping to avail of the new parking zones have to find their way to the pink areas which are located in several areas.然而,这些粉色停车区分散在多个地点,那些希望使用新停车区的女士不得不想办法找到前往那里的路线。According to the airport#39;s website, forward-planning women can avail of #39;early bird online rates#39; and save more than 50 per cent on the cost of their parking.机场网站上称,提前计划出行的女士可以享受“网上预订优惠价”,可以省下一半以上的停车费。Geraldine Herbert, editor of Wheels for Women magazine told The Local that many areas in Germany have a requirement that 30 per cent of parking spaces are allocated exclusively for women.《Wheels for Women》杂志的编辑杰拉尔丁·赫伯特(Geraldine Herber)在接受The Local采访时说道,德国很多地方都要求划出停车区域的30%给女司机专用。She said: #39;It#39;s very patronising for women to be singled out in this way. All this does is reinforce the stereotype that women are bad at parking.#39;她说:“以这样的方式给女性搞特殊化,施舍的意味很浓。这种做法只会强化女司机停车技术差的成见。”Ms Herbert said that all parking spaces needed to be increased in size to accommodate larger, modern vehicles.赫伯特女士说所有的停车位都需要加大以停下更大的现代车辆。She branded the women-only spots as #39;sexist parking spaces#39;.她将这种女士专用停车位称作“性别歧视停车位”。Campaigners claim that women-only parking spots enable the introduction of better security and CCTV systems to help lady drivers feel safer.持者称女士专用停车位意味着可以引进更好的安全和闭路电视(CCTV)监控系统,使女司机感到更安全。The German Automobile Association added: #39;We believe that in car parks, every parking space should be a ;women#39;s; parking space.德国汽车协会(German Automobile Association)补充道:“我们认为停车场的任一停车位都应该是女士停车位。”#39;This means making sure every space and stairwell is well-lit, avoiding blind spots and corners and installing sufficient electronic security systems - most importantly surveillance and emergency call systems.#39;“这意味着我们要确保每寸空间、每个楼梯口都要配备良好的照明系统,避免出现盲点和看不见对向来车的转弯,并且安装充足的电子安全系统,其中最重要的是安装视频监控和紧急呼叫系统。” /201508/392808 Brazilian miner Vale reached a deal on Friday to expand its fleet of extremely large ships for carrying iron ore, following a truce with China’s largest shipping company that raised the prospect of the vessels being allowed to dock at Chinese ports.淡水河谷(Vale)周五达成了扩充其超大型铁矿石运输船船队的协议,此前这家巴西矿商与中国最大航运公司达成了妥协,使此类船舶有可能获准靠泊中国港口。The very large ore carriers or VLOCs – dubbed Valemax in the shipping industry – were developed by Vale to help reduce its shipping costs, which are higher than its two Australian rivals, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton, because of Brazil’s greater distance from Asian customers.在航运业被称为Valemax的超大型矿砂船(VLOC)是由淡水河谷开发的,目的是帮助降低其运输成本。由于巴西距亚洲客户的距离更为遥远,淡水河谷的运输成本要高于它的两个澳大利亚竞争对手——力拓(Rio Tinto)和必和必拓(BHP Billiton)。But only the maiden ship had docked in China in 2011 when the Chinese Ministry of Transport banned them from Chinese ports, citing technical issues.但Valemax只在2011年处女航时靠泊过中国港口,之后中国交通部以技术问题为由,不让此型船舶进入中国港口。VLOCs are expected to be allowed back into Chinese ports this year after Vale reached an agreement this month with Cosco, China’s largest shipping group.淡水河谷本月与中国最大航运集团中远(Cosco)达成协议后,预计超大型矿砂船年内将被允许靠泊中国港口。Cosco had previously lobbied against VLOCs having access to Chinese ports, but Vale has agreed to transfer ownership of four of these vessels to the Chinese company. Cosco will also commission the building of a further 10 VLOCs.中远此前曾游说反对超大型矿砂船进入中国港口,但淡水河谷同意将4艘此型船舶的所有权转让给中远。中远还将委托建造另外10艘超大型矿砂船。Vale will charter all 14 VLOCs from Cosco over the next 25 years. It has similar charter agreements with other shipping companies for 15 of the 31 VLOCs in the Vale fleet.淡水河谷将在未来25年里向中远租用上述14艘超大型矿砂船。它与其他航运公司订立了类似的租船合同,涵盖淡水河谷船队31艘超大型矿砂船中的15艘。Meanwhile, China Merchants Group, a Chinese conglomerate, will build 10 VLOCs and charter them to Vale over 25 years, Vale said on Friday.与此同时,淡水河谷周五表示,中国企业集团——招商局集团(China Merchants Group)将建造10艘超大型矿砂船,并将它们租给淡水河谷。China’s shipping industry had lobbied against the VLOCs while freight rates were at their height, forcing Vale to transfer ore to smaller ships at ports including Subic Bay in the Philippines.前些年运费较高时,中国航运业曾游说反对超大型矿砂船,迫使淡水河谷在菲律宾苏比克湾等港口将铁矿石转移至较小的船舶。Lower shipping costs stemming from its use of VLOCs will help Vale stay competitive as a growing glut in world iron ore mining capacity causes prices to drop.随着世界铁矿石产能过剩现象越来越严重、导致价格下跌,超大型矿砂船所带来的较低运输成本将有助于淡水河谷保持竞争力。As iron ore output grows, an economic slowdown in China is depressing steel demand.在铁矿石产量增长之际,中国却出现经济放缓,这种局面抑制了钢铁需求。 /201409/332513福州做结扎恢复手术那家医院最好福州博爱不孕不育腹腔镜手术多少钱



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