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【导读】近日欧洲监察部门却对益生菌对人体健康的宣传提出“质疑”,认为益生菌益处并无科学性,对健康“毫无益处” Probiotic yoghurt drinks and supplements don’t live up to their promises, according to an EU watchdog. They claim to boost your immune system and help digestion. It concluded there is no scientific proof that products such as Yakult have any health benefits at all.   近些年来,“益生菌”被广泛地添加到酸奶当中,益生菌酸奶也因对肠道免疫功能的促进作用而受到广大消费者的喜爱。然而,近日欧洲监察部门却对益生菌对人体健康的宣传提出“质疑”,该部门认为益生菌益处并无科学性,对健康“毫无益处”  The watchdog dismissed more than 800 claims regarding the increasingly popular probiotic drinks, yoghurts and whey proteins, vitamins, supplements, ruling that suggestions the products could strengthen the body’s natural defences and reduce gut problems were either too general or could not be proven.   欧洲监察部门驳回00个关于益生菌饮料以及酸奶对健康有益的宣传。他们认为广告对益生菌有益促进肠道免疫功能以及提高免疫系统的宣传“名不副实”,有太多数据没有经过实  The supposed health benefits of probiotic goods enable manufacturers to sell them at much higher prices than normal yoghurts and milkshakes.   据悉,在奶制品销售市场上,商家所售的标有“益生菌”字样的酸奶价格要比普通酸奶要高  Earlier this year, the Advertising Standards Authority watchdog banned a TV advert for Actimel, manufactured by Danone, which suggested it stopped children falling ill. It ruled that the promotion was ‘misleadingand its claim that the drink was ‘scientifically proven to help support your kidsdefenceswas not supported.   有广告监察部门对达能集团旗下的奶制品Actimel提出控诉,因为他们的电视广告宣传说该产品“能防止儿童生病”,监察部门认为宣传对受众起到了“误导”的效果,毕竟益生菌的效果仍旧没经过任何机构的科学认  Danone has subsequently dropped most of its claims that Activia yoghurts and Actimel drinks boost the immune system. But other probiotic firms claim the European watchdog has been unnecessarily rigorous.   达能集团随后撤下了广告中对与产品能提高免疫系统的话语。然而,其他的益生菌公司却认为欧洲监察局的做法太“小题大作”了  Last night, Yakult issued a statement saying the rejected claim was just one aspect of its research. A spokesman added: ‘The claim was supported by well-designed, double-blind, placebo-controlled human studies.‘In response to the EFSA opinion, the company wishes to discuss the evaluation process and this outcome with EFSA.‘With the benefit of further guidance, the company anticipates a positive EFSA opinion in due course.  益力多(全球最大的活性乳酸菌饮料巨头发言人称,公司会继续关注欧盟食品安全官方网站EFSA 对益生菌的研究进展,期待益生菌有益健康的研究尽快得到实 /201010/116700

The International Monetary Fund is warning that global economic growth is slowing at the same time the World Bank says hundreds of millions of new jobs are needed around the world. Top financial and political leaders are gathering in Tokyo to discuss these and other major economic issues.国际货币基金组织警告说,全球经济增长正在放慢。与此同时,世界表示,全世界需要数亿个新的工作机会。世界各国的高级经济和政治领导人正在东京开会,讨论经济增长、就业机会和其他重要经济的问题。Many Europeans have been angered by government efforts to slash pensions and salaries, while raising taxes in an effort to balance battered budgets.欧洲国家政府试图减少退休金和工资,同时增加税收,以平衡预算,很多欧洲人为此感到愤怒。Public anger is one of many things limiting what leaders can do to solve economic problems in Europe and elsewhere.公众的愤怒和很多其他因素束缚了欧洲等国家领导人解决经济问题的手脚。As leaders head for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings, many economists say Europe’s problems are the biggest threat to the global economy.就在领导人参加国际货币基金组织IMF和世界会议的同时,很多经济学家说,欧洲问题是对世界经济的最大威胁。Making cuts while spurring growthIMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said the budget cuts must be made gradually and need to be balanced with spending thats designed to boost growth and jobs.IMF总裁拉加德说,裁减预算应该循序渐进,要和促进经济增长及就业机会的特定开取得平衡;There should be clearly a focus on austerity, but also on growth as we believe that the two are not mutually exclusive,said Lagarde.她说:“紧缩政策显然是重点,可是我们相信,紧缩政策并不排斥经济增长。”A World Bank study says 600 million new jobs are needed by 2020 to accommodate new entrants to the workforce. The study says private enterprise creates most new jobs, but World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said government can help by providing good infrastructure and smart regulation.世界的一份研究表示,020年为止,全球需要为新生劳力提供6亿个就业机会。这份研究还说,私有企业创造的就业机会最多。可是世界行长金墉说,政府提供基础设施和明智的条例作为帮助。“There is a lot that governments can do to create an environment where especially small and medium enterprises can create the kind of good jobs that people need and people want,; he said.金墉说:“政府可以做很多事情来创造就业环境,特别是帮中小型企业创造人们需要和喜欢的工作。”Battling complex issuesTop financial officials from around the world have met frequently over the past few years to deal with difficult issues. Some economists blame blunders by financial companies for sparking the economic crisis that threw millions of people out of work.世界高级金融官员过去几年来频繁举行会谈来处理这些难题。一些经济学家指责金融机构的失误导致经济危机,造成上亿人失业。Many experts say regulation has improved, by for example, requiring banks to keep larger cash reserves.很多专家说,政府条例有所改善,比如要求增加现金储备。Daniel Hanson of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington said, however, that Europe’s debt woes slow the process.可是设在首都华盛顿的美国企业研究所的丹尼尔·汉森说,欧洲的债务困境改善缓慢。“Europe is making a lot of progress in safeguarding their system, but they are doing so in the midst of their largest credit crunch on record,said Hanson.汉森说:“欧洲在保护体制方面取得很多进展,可是他们面对的是有史以来最大的信贷危机。”One expert said that easing Europe’s troubles will be challenging new territory for the IMF, which has experience helping poor nations.塔夫茨大学教授巴克沙·查克拉沃夫说,欧洲的麻烦将是对拥有帮助穷国经验的IMF的新挑战。Tufts University Professor Bhaksar Chakravorti expects only modest progress from the IMF and World Bank gatherings in Tokyo. He spoke on Skype.查克拉沃夫预计,IMF和世界的东京会议只能取得微薄的进展。他通过SKYPE说:;I think it moves the ball along a few tiny inches on a field that is probably several miles long,; said Chakravorti.“我认为,这次会议只是长征的第一步。”At a time when the globe faces slowing growth, debt problems in Europe, political stalemates in the ed States, and other problems, modest progress may be the best that can be achieved.就在全球面临经济放缓的同时,欧洲的债务问题、美国的政治僵局,再加上其他问题,这次会议能够取得微薄进展就已经算是大功告成了。来 /201210/203611

Part Ballast handling第部分 压载操作1.Scuppers plugged.1.甲板排水孔已堵.Open sea suction valve and report..打开海水吸入阀并报告3.Sea suction valve closed.3.海水吸入阀已关闭.Ballast pump stopped..压载水泵已停止 3696



  1.Do I often have to work overtime?我需要经常加班吗?.Is there any extra pay working overtime?有加班费吗?3.How to compensate me if I work overtime?加班以后怎么补偿?.To be honest, nobody would like to work overtime.老实说,没人喜欢加班5.However, we have to if it is necessary our company. I would do that if it is the call of duty.但是工作需要,我们不得不加班,只要是我的职责要求,我就愿意加班6.I really don’t like to work overtime, that’s why I quit my job last month.我不喜欢加班,这也是我上个月辞职的原因7.I dislike working overtime and I want to punch in and out in regular pace.我不喜欢加班,我喜欢时上下班8.Generally, it is to 3 hours more than your working hours.一般加班时间比正常工作时间长到3个小时9.I hate to tell you this, but you have to get used to working my overtime here.我不愿意说这个事,但是我必须告诉你,我们公司加班很频繁,你必须适应.You will be given extra pay if you can stay late.加班的话有额外补贴Dialogue 1对话1Do I often have to work overtime?我需要经常加班吗?Yes, you have to work overtime a lot due to the editing job.是的,鉴于编辑的工作性质,我们经常需要加班Is there any extra pay that?有加班费吗?No, but we’ll provide you with good businesses at the end of the year.没有,不过年终的时候会有很可观的奖金Dialogue 对话Can we talk about the working overtime issue? What’s on your mind?我们可以谈谈加班问题吗?你怎么看?Yes, sure. To be honest, nobody would like to work overtime. However, we have to if it is necessary our company. I would do that if it is the call of duty.好的老实说,没人喜欢加班 但是工作需要,我们不得不加 班只要是我的职责要求,我 就愿意加班Glad to hear that. Generally, it is to 3 hours more than your working hours.很髙兴你能这么说-般加班 时间比正常 作时间长到3个小时OK, I completely understand.好的,我完全可以理解 955

  1. Do you have any experience in the translating field?你有翻译方面的经验吗?. How are your Chinese and English?你的中英文水平如何?3. How would you consider your salary if you succeed in becoming a translator in our company?如果你成功应聘上我公司的翻译,你会怎样考虑薪水?. I have to translate any documents I receive and I’ve been there 5 years.我负责翻译所有收到的文件,而且我已经工作5年了5. I can confidently say that my Chinese and English are pretty good.我可以很自信地说,我的中英文都很不错6. And you will give me a satisfying salary according to my abilities and permances.你们会根据我的能力和表现给出令人满意的薪水的7. This job is more challenging and I have longed to be a translator.我觉得翻译更有挑战性,它是我渴望已久的职业8. I think one needs common knowledge, specific knowledge,and professional codes to be a successful translator.我认为一个成功的翻译需要具备常识、专业知识和职业操守9. I am interpreting the speeches of officials in business fields.我主要是给商界领导人做会议口译. You are a big translation company with awesome quality of translation and high-level service.你们是一家大型翻译公司,质量好、务周到Dialogue 1对话1A: How are your Chinese and English?A:你的中英文水平如何?B: I can confidently say that my Chinese and English are pretty good. I won prizes in many speech contests in both Chinese and English.B:我可以很自信地说,我的中英 文都很不错我曾经参加过很 多汉语和英语的演讲比赛并获 得奖项A: How would you consider your salary if you succeed in becoming a translator in our company?A:如果你成功应聘上我公司的翻译,你会怎样考虑薪水?B: I believe every company has its own salary criterion. And you will give me a satisfying salary according to my abilities and permances.B:我相信每个公司都有自己的工资标准,你们会根据我的能力 和表现给出令人满意的薪水的Dialogue 对话A: Why do you change your job and apply a translator?A:你为什么要换工作来做翻译呢?B: This job is more challenging and I have longed to be a translator. That’s why I came here an interview.B:我觉得这份工作更有挑战性, 它是我渴望已久的职业,这就 是我今天来面试的原因A: What do you think are the capacities a success as a translator?A:你认为具备怎样的能力才能称 得上一个成功的翻译?B: I think one needs common knowledge, specific knowledge, and professional codes to be a successful translator.B:我认为一个成功的翻译需要具 备常识、专业知识和职业操守 376680Using a Cash Dispenser使用付现机June Richmond is having trouble working the cash dispenser at the Higashi Bank.琼·里奇蒙在使用付现机时遇到了麻烦,She must ask one of the clerks help .她不得不求助于一位职员Richmond:Excuse me ,but I seem to be having trouble with this cash dispenser .里奇蒙:对不起,我在使用这台付现机时似乎遇到些麻烦,My card is stuck and nothing came out !我的卡片被卡住了,而且什么东西也没有从机器里出来Clerk:Well.Let me see if I can help you .Did you push the correct buttons your secret number?职员:噢,我来看看你是否能帮您忙您输入您的密码时是否对了钮?R:Yes,I am sure I did.I use my birth date as my secret number .It easy to remember it that way .里奇蒙:是的,我确信这一点我使用我的出生日期作为我的密码,这样做,很容易记住C:Well,everything seems to be in order. The display board is asking you to enter your secret number again.职员:嗯,看起来一切都是正常的显示板要求您再次输入您的密码,Maybe youve made a mistake in pushing the numbers .可能您在密码时出了错R:No,I dont think so .You try it .My secret number is .I was born on March .里奇蒙:不会的,我认为绝对不会的您试一试,我的密码是,我是3月日出生的C:Well,I push that number ,but the display board is asking you to enter the secret number one more time .职员:好的,我了这个数码,但是显示板要求您再次输入密码Are you sure youre using the correct secret number ?你肯定你使用的密码没有错?R:Yes,Im positive!I use my birth date as the secret number of my ,and my husband uses his birth date as the secret number of his .里奇蒙:是的,我可以肯定我使用我的出生日期作为我的帐户密码我丈夫使用它的出生日期作为他的帐户密码C:Well,whose card are you using ?Did you ,by chance ,take your husband card by mistake ?职员:那么,您使用的是谁的卡片呢?会不会碰巧您拿了您丈夫的卡片呢?R:There was no mistake! I took his card because he wanted me to get some money from his .里奇蒙:没错,我确实拿了他的卡片,因为他让我从他帐户中取些钱,I have my card here in my purse .我的卡片就放在我的钱包里C:But maam .If you re using your hushand card to take money from his ,职员:夫人,可是如果您使用您太夫的卡片从他的帐户中取钱,you must use his secret number .您就得必须使用他的密码 39

  第一句:I want to check it.我要入住A: Good morning, Miss! What can I do you?晚上好,!有什么需要我效劳的吗?B: I want to check in. My reservation is 180.我要入住,我的预定号是180A: Are you Ms. Nancy Wang?您是王南希吗?B: Yes.是的第二句:Hello, I have a reservation.您好,我有订房A: Hello, I have a reservation.您好,我有订房B: May I have your name?请问贵姓?A: My name is Robert Sue. And here is my confirmation card.我的名字是罗伯特·苏这是我的确认卡B: Fill up this registration card, please.请填这张登记卡入住酒店用check in,如果已经预订好房间,只要说自己的名字及确认号码,即 confirmation number就可以了当一切入住手续办完后,你就可以入住了:Can I enter the room now? 我现在能进房间吗? 0568一份美国报纸说,联邦政府准备对至少12家大型金融机构提出起诉。原因是这些机构就在2008年发生的金融危机中发挥很大作用的房贷持券的质量给投资人提供虚假信息《纽约时报》报导说,美国联邦住房金融局的起诉对象有美国、根大通、高盛等金融机构。这些在房地产泡沫期间把各种房贷券捆绑在一起出售给投资者,包括政府持的房贷公司房利美和房贷美这家报纸说,美国联邦住房金融局的看法是,这些金融机构没有提供有关房主收入被故意夸大或作假的据。当这些房主无力付月供的时候,这些房贷券也就没有价值了房利美和房贷美在有关券上共损失300多亿美元。纽约时报说,联邦住房金融局在争取让赔偿这些损失 A U.S. newspaper says the federal government is set to file lawsuits against more than 12 massive financial institutions for misrepresenting the quality of mortgage-backed securities that played a role in the 2008 financial crisis. The New York Times says the Federal Housing Finance Agency is taking action against Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs and others. The banks bundled mortgages and sold them to investors, including government-backed mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the housing bubble. The Times says the FHFA will argue the banks missed evidence the homeowners' incomes were inflated or falsified. When those homeowners' were unable to pay their mortgages, the securities lost value. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lost more than billion combined on the securities. The Times reports the FHFA is seeking repayment from the banks for those losses. /201109/152359



  Part 9 LIST, DANGER OF CAPSIZING第9部分 倾斜倾覆的危险1.I have heavy list to port side.1.我船有严重的左倾.I have heavy list due to flooding..由于进水,我船有严重的倾斜3.I have heavy list due to shifting of cargo.3.由于货移,我船有严重的横倾.List increasing..横倾增加5.List decreasing.5.横倾减少6.I am in danger of capsizing.6.我船有倾覆的危险7.Can you transfer cargo to stop listing? Yes, I can transfer 0t of cargo.7.你船能转移货物调节阻止倾斜吗? 是的,我船能转移0吨货物8.I have transferred cargo, but I can’t stop the list.8.我已经转移货物,但是无法阻止倾斜9.Deballast port tank to stop the capsizing.9.排放左箱压舱水阻止倾覆 365



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