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  • AP Highlight in History历史上的今天 6月24日June 24th, 1948. An early Cold War crisis as the Soviet Union cuts off all land and water routes between West Germany and what’s then West Berlin. It’s an attempt to force the ed States and its western allies to abandon the city amid Soviet expansion across Eastern Europe. But the US and its allies organize a massive airlift of supplies into West Berlin, and the blockade ends the next year.1895. Jack Dempsey, world heavyweight boxing champ and a sports icon during the early 20th century, is born in Manassa, Colorado.And 1987. You havent got any sense of humor.; Oh, yes, I do. I married you, didnt I?;Comedian and actor Jackie Gleason, known as the Great One, dies at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Gleason, star of the early TV classic sitcom The Honeymooners, was 71.Today in History, June 24th. Carload Bradley, the Associated Press. /201309/254946。
  • Go ahead and celebrate your individuality—just dont announce to the office that youre a lazy nut-job.按照自己的意愿装饰格子间,显示自己的个性——不要让整个办公室觉得你是大懒虫。You Will Need你需要Awareness of the messages youre sending清楚自己想要传达的信息And a little restraint一点节制Plants植物A clock钟表A bowl of candy一盒糖果And personal mementos个人纪念品Steps步骤Step 1 No politics or religion1.不要涉及政治或宗教The first rule? Keep politics and religion out of the decor. Youre at the office to do a job, not win converts.第一个原则是什么呢?装饰品不要涉及政治和宗教。你在办公室是为了工作,不是为了赢得信仰者。Step 2 Keep collectibles at home2.可收集物品放在家中Keep collectibles at home. You need to be able to sp out your work without constantly having to upend your glass menagerie.把可收集的物品放在家里。你需要足够的空间顺利进行工作,而不需经常翻箱倒柜寻找需要的文件。Step 3 Limit photos3.禁止照片Limit photos of friends, pets, and family lest your cubicle begin to resemble the celebrity endorsement wall of a restaurant.不要放置朋友,宠物和家人的照片,以免你的格子间像酒店的明星捐赠墙一样。Desk photos that face outwards make the statement that family is important to you.向外放置的相片表明家人对你很重要。Step 4 Buy plants4.购买植物Buy some plants and take good care of them; studies show this sends the message that you are committed to your job.购买一些植物,好好照料;研究表明,这传达出的信息是,你很敬业。To follow one of the principles of Feng Shui, have an odd number of plants.根据风水学中的一个原则,植物的数量最好为奇数。Step 5 Get a clock5.放置钟表Get a clock. Contrary to logic, studies show it sends the message that youre meticulous and hard-working, not a clock-watcher.放一个钟表。与传统的逻辑不同,研究显示,放置钟表意味着你谨慎而勤恳,而不是一直看时间等待下班。Step 6 Place mementos6.放置纪念品Have a few sentimental mementos around, like the snow globe from the place you got engaged. They tell visitors that you are an agreeable person.放置一些动情的纪念品,例如你曾经到过的某地购买的雪花玻璃球。它们告诉别人你是一个和蔼可亲的人。Step 7 Put out bowl of candy7.放置一盒糖果Put out a bowl of candy (unless, of course, you dont want colleagues dropping by). Its the office equivalent of a welcome mat.放一盒糖果,除非你不想同事经常过来造访。这是办公室最受欢迎的礼物。Step 8 Keep area tidy8.保持整洁However you decorate, keep your area tidy. Research shows employees with messy workstations are rated lower on agreeableness, conscientiousness, and intelligence.无论怎样装饰,都一定要保持整洁。研究表明,工作台面乱七八糟的同事在认同感,责任心和智慧方面评级较低。According to one study, too many sticky notes send the signal that youre overwhelmed by your job.根据一项研究,粘贴过多便条传达出的信号是,你对工作不堪重负。视频听力由。201311/265785。
  • Chinas air force J-10 fighters conduct air refueling中国空军歼10战机空中加油Air refueling is the process of transferring fuel from one aircraft to another during flight. Earlier in Nanjing, Chinas J-10 fighters conducted air refueling runs during a training exercise.空中加油是在飞机飞行期间将燃料从一架飞机传送到另一架的过程。此前在南京,中国歼-10战机在一次训练中完成空中加油。The tanker aircraft waits for other planes that need to refuel. With air-to-air refueling, pilots can extend their combat range and perform more complex missions.运油飞机等待其他需要加油的飞机。通过用空中燃料补给,飞行员可以扩展作战范围,执行更复杂的任务。For fighter pilots, fuel is a weapon. They can take off with less fuel, allowing them to carry more bombs for their mission对于战斗机飞行员,燃料也是一种武器。少带燃料起飞,为他们携带更多炸弹执行任务提供了便利。201404/288172。
  • Walking into a job interview wearing the wrong attire is like showing up at a black-tie event dressed for a costume party. A bad move youll instantly regret.穿着错误的装参加工作面试就像穿着黑色套装参加化妆舞会一样,这种错误的举动会让你立即感到遗憾。You Will Need你需要Tidy, neatly styled hair整洁干练的发型A clean face, hands, and fingernails干净的面部,双手和手指A clean, professional outfit整洁,职业化的套装A briefcase or portfolio公文袋或文件夹And a pair of comfortable closed-toe shoes舒适合脚的鞋子Small, tasteful jewelry有品位的小饰品A light and subtle perfume or aftershave气味淡雅芳香的香水或须后水A manicure美甲Natural-looking makeup自然的妆容And a new haircut修剪头发Steps步骤Step 1 Find out dress code1.查明装规范Before the big event, find out how the employees dress where youll be interviewing. Ask whoevers arranging the interview for you what the dress code is, and if they have any pointers on what to wear.参加重大的面试之前,看一下你即将参加面试的公司员工的着装。问一下安排面试的人着装规范是什么,他们是否有着装建议。Step 2 Choose clothes2.选择装Find something in your wardrobe thats in line with what other employees wear, but kick it up a notch—a sharp tie, a colorful scarf or pocket square. Something to separate you from the pack.从衣柜里找一些与其他雇员的着装风格一致的衣,但是要赢在细节处——干练的领带,鲜艳的围巾或口袋,让你从人群中脱颖而出的地方。Step 3 Dont go overboard3.不要过火But dont go overboard. You want to make a good impression, not a fashion statement.但是不要太过分了。你只是想留下好印象而已,不是去参加时尚展销会。Step 4 Keep it tasteful4.有品位Go easy on the aftershave or perfume too, or the makeup and jewelry—keep things tasteful.须后水或香水也要不着痕迹,妆容和珠宝也一样,一切都要有较高的品位。Step 5 Be neat5.整洁Be neat. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed, your nails are trimmed, and your hair and teeth are brushed.保持整洁。确保装整洁,指甲修剪好,梳头,刷牙。Step 6 Dress comfortably6.着装舒适Make sure youll be comfortable sitting, standing, and walking. Now is not the time to break in a new pair of shoes.确保站立,静坐和行走舒适。现在不是试穿新买的鞋子的时候。Step 7 Give yourself time7.充裕的时间Get prepared early, show up on time and, most importantly, make sure you end up in the right place.提前做准备,准时到达,最重要的是,一定要到正确的地方。Research shows that 55% of a persons overall impression of you is based on how you look.研究表明,对一个人整体印象的55%取决于你的外表。201412/349967。
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