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  As Beijing enacted emergency measures on Tuesday to cope with the city’s first “red alert” over air pollution, images and stories of woe on social media documented the smog that is keeping schoolchildren and factory workers at home and some vehicles off the roads.本周二,北京全市采取紧急措施,应对该市首次发布的空气污染“红色预警”。这次雾霾危机致使学生和工厂工人留在家中,一些车辆无法上路。人们在社交媒体上发布的图片和痛苦的自述,记录了危机的过程。China’s state news agency, offering a stark contrast to current conditions, published images of pollution-free days. It did not say when the photographs of clear blue skies were taken: days of heavy smog that were off the charts started in late November, producing levels beyond the measure of the air-quality index.中国官方通讯社则发布了一些无污染时候的照片,与目前状况形成了鲜明对比。这些照片中的天空清澈湛蓝,拍摄时间没有披露:破纪录的重度雾霾从11月下旬就开始出现,其严重程度超出了空气质量指数的测量范围。Edward Wong, The New York Times’s bureau chief in China, published images and reaction on Twitter, including an item that circulated the trending nickname #airpocalypse that some have given to the crisis:《纽约时报》北京分社社长黄安伟(Edward Wong)在Twitter上贴出了图片和人们对雾霾的反应。一些人给该危机加上了#airpocalypse(“空气末日”)的标签,黄安伟的一个帖子中就使用了这个热门标签:Even far from street-level, the situation looked grim. A satellite image showed an opaque patch smothering the regionaround Beijing. The image was captured on Dec. 7, the day Chinese officials declared there would be a red alert.即使在远离街道的高度,形势看上去也很严峻。在卫星图像中,北京周边地区呈浑浊状态。这幅图像摄于12月7日,中国官员就是在当天发布了红色预警。Many residents have tried to adapt to the pollution, which was blanketing their city well before Tuesday’s alert, a fact of life highlighted in a first-person account written by Mr. Wong more than two years ago.在本周二的预警发布很久之前,雾霾污染就笼罩着北京城,黄安伟两年前曾用第一人称叙述描写这个现实;很多北京居民都试图对此做出应对。Among the commonplace precautions are the use of air filters in homes and surgical masks for those venturing outside. Still, from smoking to exercising in public, many stubbornly stuck to their daily activities, even if they did need to adapt a bit. Others, it appeared, had no choice but to go to work.常见的防护措施包括在室内安装空气过滤器,冒险外出的时候戴口罩。不过很多人仍顽固地坚持开展日常活动,无论是吸烟还是到公共场所做运动,即便他们确实需要做些调整。另外一些人别无选择,不得不去上班。 /201512/415092。

  A phone thief who had a taste of some instant exploding karma when his stolen Samsung Note 7 burst into flames is now in police custody.一个偷手机的小偷尝到了爆炸的苦果--他偷了一部三星Note 7,然后手机就起火爆炸了,目前这名小偷已经被警方拘留。Officers in Hefei, Anhui Province nabbed the 19-year-old surnamed Jin for swiping the notoriously combustible device from an Internet bar on October 9.安徽省合肥市的警方目前已经逮捕了这名姓靳的19岁小偷,他在11月9日的时候从一家网吧偷走了一台“臭名昭著”的Note 7。Surveillance from the bar shows Jin take the phone from a desk next to a napping customer, police said.据警方表示,从网吧的监控录像可以看出,这名小偷从一名打盹顾客旁边的桌子上顺走了手机。Officers soon tracked Jin down to a friend#39;s apartment where he had been hiding out.警方很快就在靳某一个朋友的公寓里抓住了他,此前他一直躲藏在这里。When asked about the stolen phone, Jin pointed officers to the roof of the building. There they found the remains of the charred device.当询问被偷手机下落的时候,靳某把警察们带到了屋顶。在这儿他们找到了这台已经被烧焦了的手机。It was not reported if Jin was injured by the explosion.目前没有报告称靳某是否因为手机爆炸而受伤。Jin blamed his misfortune on Samsung. ;They only began to recall the Note 7 on October 14,; said Jin. ;This all might have never happened if the recall was earlier and the owner had sent it back.;靳某则把自己的不幸归咎于三星。他说道:“他们从10月14号才开始召回Note 7。如果他们早点开始召回,说不定机主就已经把手机还回去了,这一切也就不会发生了。” /201611/479564

  Erotic sculpture park? Check. Bumper cars designed like genitalia? Check. Snack bar serving aphrodisiac recipes? Check. Sex on the premises? Uh, better not.情色雕塑公园?有了。 生殖器造型的碰碰车?有了。供应催情餐点的小吃店?也有了。在现场翻云覆雨?最好免了 。Entrepreneurs in Brazil are seeking to build an adults-only theme park called ErotikaLand near the city of Piracicaba, about two hours’ drive from S#227;o Paulo, and they hope to open its doors by 2018. But the project is setting off debate over public displays of sexuality in Brazil, where Carnival celebrations feature scantily clad dancers and thousands of short-stay love motels strive to please an exacting clientele.一群巴西企业家正设法在该国皮拉西卡巴市近郊、距圣保罗约两小时车程处打造一个名叫;情色美地;(ErotikaLand)的成人主题游乐园,并希望于2018年底前开始营业。不过这项计划在巴西引发了关于公开演示色欲的辩论,虽然该国嘉年华庆典的特色之一就是衣不蔽体的舞者,亦有无数情侣宾馆致力迎合挑剔的客群。“We cannot be known as the capital of sex,” Matheus Erler, a member of the Christian Socialist Party who leads the Piracicaba City Council, told reporters. He said he was worried that the park would attract “debauched individuals.”“我们不能以‘性爱之都’闻名于世,”皮拉西卡巴的基督教社会党(Christian Socialist Party)党员马提欧斯#8231;艾莱(Matheus Erler)告诉记者。该党亦是当地市议会的最大党派。艾莱表示,他担心这座主题乐园会引来“行为不检者”。The businessman in charge of the project, Mauro Morata, tried to ease some local concerns when he made clear that the park would be built outside the city limits. Still, municipal leaders in Piracicaba and nearby S#227;o Pedro have maneuvered to block the project. Mr. Morata says he is pressing ahead anyway with his search for an acceptable site, and emphasizes the project’s economic upsides: 250 new jobs and thousands of visitors who can afford 0 apiece to get in.主持这项计划的商人茂罗#8231;莫拉塔(Mauro Morata)已尝试抚平地方人士的不安,他明确表示这座主题乐园会建在市区之外。不过,皮拉西卡巴与邻近的圣佩德罗市府高层仍着手阻挡该计划。莫拉塔表示,他无论如何都会推动这个项目,继续寻找合意的地点,并强调了该项目在经济方面的好处:它能创造250个新工作岗位,并吸引付得起每人100美元入场费的大批游客。As for the racy theme, the investors behind ErotikaLand say the park will promote a healthy approach to sex. Parkgoers will be able to tour a museum exploring the history of sexuality, and employees will promote condom use. The park will have a “sex playground,” but it will feature a labyrinth, Ferris wheel and water slide.至于园区的不雅主题,“情色美地”的幕后金主表示,他们会发扬健康的性爱观。游客入园后可以参观一间探索性行为历史的物馆,工作人员也会推广保险套的使用。园内还会有一个“性爱游乐场”,不过里面安排的是迷宫、天轮与滑水道。What the customers cannot have, the investors say, is any actual intercourse — at least, not in the park.这些投资人说 ,他们的顾客唯一不能做的是真实弹的性行为─ 至少在园区内不行。“This won’t be a place for nuns, but it’s not like we’re trying to recreate Sodom and Gomorrah,” Mr. Morata said. “If attendees want to take things to another level, they can go to a nearby motel — which we will operate.”“这不是一个给修女光顾的地方,但我们也不是要再现所多玛与蛾拉(译注:圣经中的罪恶之城),” 莫拉塔表示。“如果游客有意把行程再升级,可以前往附近的一间旅馆,它也在我们旗下。” /201605/441145The world economy is precariously balanced between continued recovery and a third leg of the global financial crisis, according to leading economists attending the World Economic Forum in Davos.正在达沃斯出席世界经济论坛(World Economic Forum)的一些顶尖经济学家表示,世界经济处于难以预料的十字路口,既有可能持续复苏,也有可能遭遇全球金融危机的第三阶段。The two sharply-contrasting outcomes highlight the uncertainties surrounding the global outlook in 2016 amid fears of a slowdown in China, plunging commodity prices and high levels of corporate US dollar denominated debt in emerging economies.这两种反差鲜明的展望突显了围绕2016年全球经济前景的不确定性,其背景是人们担心中国经济增长放缓,大宗商品价格暴跌,以及新兴经济体企业的美元债务负担过重。Economists said the instability threatened to exacerbate the vulnerability of households and companies, which were aly responding to disruptive technological changes.经济学家们表示,这种不稳定可能加剧已经在应对颠覆性技术变革的家庭和企业的脆弱性。The dilemma facing economists was demonstrated in the International Monetary Fund’s latest update to its World Economic Outlook.经济学家面临的这种两难困境,在国际货币基金组织(IMF)最新版的《世界经济展望》(World Economic Outlook)中表露无遗。While its central forecast is relatively optimistic, with growth expected to pick up modestly in 2016 and 2017, it also reduced its growth forecasts and acknowledged severe downside risks.尽管其核心预测相对乐观(预计2016年和2017年经济增长率将小幅回升),但《展望》也下调了经济增长预测,并承认存在严重的下行风险。Maurice Obstfeld, IMF chief economist, said financial markets, rocked by volatility since the beginning of the year, were “overreacting” but also acknowledged “there was a difficult adjustment ahead in emerging markets”.IMF首席经济学家莫里斯攠布斯特菲尔德(Maurice Obstfeld)表示,自年初以来受到波动性冲击的金融市场有点“反应过度”,但他承认“新兴市场接下来将面临一段艰难的调整”。Some of the big name economists in the Swiss Alps this week are notably pessimistic, thinking this adjustment will be more difficult than the IMF central forecast expects.本周汇聚瑞士阿尔卑斯山的一些大牌经济学家悲观得令人瞩目,他们认为,本次调整的难度将大于IMF核心预测的预期。Noting “the third leg of the debt supercycle does seem to be upon us”, Professor Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard University said: “Anyone who is still telling the ‘This Time is Different’ story for China has their head in the sand.”哈佛大学(Harvard University)教授肯尼思圠格夫(Kenneth Rogoff)指出,“债务超级周期的第三阶段似乎已经降临”。他说:“任何人如果还在讲对中国来说‘这次不同’的故事,肯定是把他们的头埋在沙子里。”Richard Baldwin, professor of international economics at the Graduate Institute, Geneva said: “There are a number of vulnerabilities that individually would suggest problems and slow downs, not a crisis with a capital ‘C’. But these vulnerabilities could merge into a new Crisis”.日内瓦国际关系及发展研究生院(Graduate Institute, Geneva)国际经济学教授理查德贠德温(Richard Baldwin)表示:“当前有很多脆弱性,个别而言它们暗示着问题和放缓,而不是大写的‘危机’。但这些脆弱性可能聚在一起,形成一场新的危机。”According to Nobel laureate professor Michael Spence of the Stern School of Business, New York University: “It is a fragile and deteriorating situation globally with little in the way of effective counter measures.”诺贝尔经济学奖得主、纽约大学斯特恩商学院(Stern School of Business)教授迈克尔斯宾塞(Michael Spence)表示:“当前全球形势脆弱且日益恶化,却没有什么有效的应对措施。”Professor Bob Shiller of Yale University, also a Nobel laureate, warned that the recent falls in financial markets had special significance.同为诺贝尔经济学奖得主的耶鲁大学(Yale University)教授鲍勃席勒(Bob Shiller)警告说,金融市场近期的下跌具有特别的重大意义。“There is more than the usual salience to this event and...愠 substantial risk of further such drops,” he said.“这一事件……以及进一步下滑的巨大风险,具有异乎寻常的显著性,”他表示。While recognising the possibility of something worse, an equal-sized group of economists take comfort from the still-healthy rate of Chinese growth. Expecting a further slowdown in the Chinese rate of expansion, Paul Sheard, chief economist of Standard amp; Poor’s, the rating agency, said an outcome of 6.3 per cent Chinese growth this year would still be positive.与此同时,人数相仿的另一群经济学家尽管承认形势有可能变得更糟,但他们对中国保持健康的经济增速感到欣慰。评级机构标准普尔(Standard amp; Poor’s)的首席经济学家保罗∠尔德(Paul Sheard)预期中国经济扩张速度将进一步放缓,但表示,如果今年中国实现6.3%的增长,那仍将是积极的。“Let’s not get carried away here,” Mr Sheard said. “6.3 per cent real GDP growth this year is the equivalent of about 14 per cent growth in 2009, in terms of the size of the increment to global GDP.”“我们不要忘记一件事,”谢尔德表示。“就对全球GDP的增加而言,中国今年6.3%的实际GDP增长相当于2009年大约14%的增长。”Another Nobel laureate, Professor Christopher Pissarides of the London School of Economics, said the fact that US interest rate rises had been telegraphed for so long should help.另一位诺贝尔经济学奖得主、伦敦政治经济学院(London School of Economics)教授克里斯托弗皮萨里德斯(Christopher Pissarides)表示,美国很早就预报加息这一点应该有所帮助。Meanwhile, China “is still growing reasonably well and the government seems prepared to help the justment to the slower growth rate”.与此同时,中国“仍然保持不错的增长,而且政府似乎准备在向较慢增速的调整中提供帮助”。Professor Ian Golding of Oxford university, noted another reason not to expect a worldwide slide back into recession.牛津大学(Oxford university)教授伊恩戈尔丁(Ian Golding)指出了不应预期全球重新陷入衰退的另一个理由。“The world economy is now much more resilient than was the case in past decades, due to the number of growth engines. India is picking up, as China slows, and both continue to grow at rates which are unprecedented in the advanced economies,” he said.“相比过去几十年期间的情况,世界经济如今具有高得多的韧性,原因在于增长引擎的数量。就在中国放缓的同时,印度正在加快增长,且两国的增速都仍是发达经济体闻所未闻的,”他说。If the big picture for the global economy is teetering between divergent outcomes, households and companies are also struggling with the possibility of even faster technological change.如果说全球经济整体面临截然不同的前景,那么家庭和企业也在艰难应对技术变革进一步加快的可能性。Professor Ned Phelps of Columbia University and another Nobel Prize winner, said: “Fears that new technologies may further upset advanced economics seem not yet to threaten business confidence, but they are a cause for worry.”诺贝尔奖得主、哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)教授内德菲尔普斯(Ned Phelps)表示:“有关新技术可能进一步打乱发达经济体的忧虑似乎还没有影响商业信心,但这是一件令人担心的事情。” /201601/424060



  Where Is D.B. Cooper? F.B.I. Ends 45-Year HuntFBI放弃45年悬案,传奇劫机者下落依然是谜It remains one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the ed States, a startling crime that captured the American imagination, inspiring songs, movies, TV shows and books.它是美国悬而未决的最大谜团之一,这桩惊人的犯罪事件激发了美国人的想像力,为歌曲、电影、电视节目与书籍带来了创作灵感。In 1971, a man who called himself Dan Cooper hijacked a passenger plane from Oregon to Seattle where he freed the 36 passengers in exchange for 0,000 in cash. As the nearly empty flight took off again, flying south, he parachuted out of the airplane with the ransom, and was never seen again.1971年,一个自称丹·库珀(Dan Cooper)的男人劫持了一架自俄勒冈飞往西雅图的民航班机。他在拿到20万美元现金后,释放了机上36名乘客。这架几乎清空的飞机再度升空、向南飞去的时候,库珀带着赎金跳伞离机,从此不见踪影。But after 45 years in which hundreds of leads were probed and discarded, the F.B.I. said this week it was no longer actively pursuing what it called one of the longest and most exhaustive investigations in its history.45年来,美国联邦调查局(FBI)对无数线索加以排查又放弃之后,于本周宣布,不会再主动推进这件他们自称该局历史上时间跨度最长也最巨细无遗的调查。Who was D.B. Cooper?D·B·库珀是何许人也?No one knows. Or someone does, but is not telling. The F.B.I. has described him as a “nondescript” man. He appeared to be in his mid-40s, which if true would make him about 90 years old by now. As the caper became widely known, he was referred to as “D.B. Cooper” in media reports.没人知道。又或许有人心里有数,却不愿意说。FBI曾经把他描绘成一个“毫无特征”之人。他犯案时的年纪似乎是四十五六的样子,果真如此的话,如今他就有90岁左右了。随着这桩案子变得广为人知,媒体在报导中称他为“D·B·库珀”。How did he pull it off?他是怎么作案的?On Nov. 24, 1971, the man calling himself “Dan Cooper” approached the counter of Northwest Orient Airlines in Portland, Ore., dressed in a business suit and carrying a briefcase. He paid cash for a one-way ticket on Flight 305 to Seattle.1971年11月24日,这个自称丹·库珀的人来到西北东方航空(Northwest Orient Airlines)在俄勒冈州波特兰机场的柜台。他身穿西装,带着一个公文包,用现金购买了一张飞往西雅图的305航班的单程票。“Thus began one of the great unsolved mysteries in F.B.I. history,” the F.B.I. said.“然后,FBI史上悬而未决的最大谜团之一就此发生了。”FBI表示。A “quiet” man, he ordered a bourbon and soda while waiting for takeoff. In midair just after 3 p.m., from seat 18C, he handed the flight attendant a note saying he had a bomb in his briefcase and showed her a glimpse of wires and red sticks. She wrote down his demands — four parachutes and 0,000 in twenty-dollar bills — and passed them to the captain.这名“镇静”的男子在等待飞机起飞的时候,点了一份波本威士忌加苏打水。下午3点刚过,飞机正在半空中,他从18C的座位上递了张纸条给一名空乘,上面写着他的公文包里有炸弹,还让空员很快瞥了一眼导线和红色炸弹。空员记下他的要求——四副降落伞还有用20元面值的钞票给付的20万美元——然后转给机长。In Seattle, the passengers were exchanged for the money and parachutes. The flight resumed with “Mr. Cooper” and the crew en route for Mexico City, with the plane flying no higher than 10,000 feet, as he demanded.在西雅图,这些钱与降落伞换来了乘客的自由。班机载着“库珀先生”与机组人员再次升空飞往墨西哥城,同时在他的要求下,飞行高度未超过1万英尺(约合3048米)。After 8 p.m., somewhere between Seattle and Reno, he jumped out of the back of the plane into a wooded area with a parachute and the ransom, and disappeared.晚间8点过后,在西雅图与内华达州里诺市之间的某处,他带着赎金自机身后方跳伞离开,落入一片林地便消失了。How did the story affect American culture?这起事件如何影响了美国文化?The high-flying exploit of the man known as D.B. Cooper infused American popular culture. The parts of his story that were known were dramatic enough to inspire writers, directors and musicians, but the unanswered questions had to be patched up with guesswork.这位以D·B·库珀留名的仁兄在高空作下的奇案,对美国的流行文化产生了很大的影响。故事中为人所知的部分已经够戏剧化了,足以为作家、导演、音乐家带来灵感,而那些无解之处就得靠众人自行脑补。The 2004 movie “Without a Paddle” was about three friends who headed into the wilderness in search of the lost ransom money and ended up finding his skeleton.2004年上映的电影《寻宝假期》(Without a Paddle)描述了三名友人深入林野搜寻失落的赎金,最终他们找到了库珀的遗骸。In 1981, the movie “The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper” opened with Treat Williams in the lead role as a former Green Beret named J.R. Meade. The movie was based on J.D. Reed’s 1980 book, “Free Fall.” Other fictional books included “D.B.” by Elwood Reid in which “Cooper” is actually a Vietnam vet named Phil Fitch, and James M. Cain’s “Rainbow’s End” in the 1970s, which had similarities.1981年,电影《D·B·库柏的冒险旅程》(The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper)问世,由崔特·威廉姆斯(Treat Williams)领衔饰演一位名叫J.R.米德(J.R. Meade)的前美军特种部队成员。这部电影改编自J.D.理德(J.D. Reeds)于1980年出版的《自由落体》(Free Fall)。其他小说还有艾伍德·瑞德(Elwood Reid)撰写的《D·B·》,在本书中,库珀化身名叫菲尔·费奇(Phil Fitch)的越战退伍军人。至于詹姆斯·凯恩(James M. Cain)在1970年代所写的《虹那端》(Rainbow#39;s End)也有类似情节。Artists from Todd Snider to Chuck Brodsky have written and performed songs about him.从托德·史奈德(Todd Snider)到恰克·布罗斯基(Chuck Brodsky)等诸多艺人都谱写、演唱过关于库珀的歌曲。“They say that with the wind chill, it was 69 below,” Mr. Brodsky sings. “Not much chance that he’d survive, but if he did where did he go?”“他们说根据风寒指数,温度为负69度(约合零下56摄氏度),”布罗斯基唱着。“他的存活几率不大,可要他活下来了,人又在哪儿?”The Ariel General Store and Tavern, an archive of Coopermania in the Washington State town of Ariel, where he is believed to have landed, has kept the story alive with an annual get-together that toasts Mr. Cooper as a hero. Its next annual D.B. Cooper festival is planned for Nov. 26, including a look-a-like contest.据信库珀是在华盛顿州艾瑞尔镇(Ariel)落地的,而这里的艾里尔杂货店─酒馆(Ariel General Store and Tavern)是库珀迷的集散中心,每年都举办集会向库珀致上英雄般的敬意,让这个故事一直保持热度。这里的下一届年度D·B·库珀节预计在11月26号举行,到时还会有模仿大赛。What happened to the money?那些钱去哪儿了?In 1980, a boy found a rotting package of twenty-dollar bills along the Columbia River worth ,800 that matched the ransom money serial numbers. Using an inflation calculator, the ransom of 0,000 in 1971 would be equivalent to demanding about .2 million today. It is unclear what happened to the rest of the money.1980年,一个男孩在哥伦比亚河(Columbia River)河畔发现一袋腐烂的20美元钞票,总额5800美元,与赎金上的序列号相符。把通胀计算在内,1971年的20万美元大致相当于现在的120万美元。其他的钱则去向不明。Who were some of the suspects?有哪些嫌疑人?The F.B.I. has said it interviewed hundreds of people, tracked leads across the nation, and scoured the aircraft for evidence. By the fifth anniversary of the hijacking, it had looked into 800 suspects. As The New York Times reported in 2011, the F.B.I. file on the case, available in an online vault, measures 40 feet long, cataloging more than 1,000 suspects, some supplied by psychics, some turned in by people suspicious of a family member, some coming in deathbed confessions.FBI曾说已审讯了成百上千人,在全国各地追踪线索,彻底搜查飞机寻找据。劫持发生后五年内,FBI调查了800名嫌疑犯。2011年《纽约时报》就报道过,FBI关于此案的资料(在一个在线资料库中能够看到)长达40英尺,记载了1000多名嫌疑人的情况,有些是通灵者提供的,有些是怀疑家庭成员的人上报的,有些来自临终忏悔。One of the suspects interviewed was a man named Richard Floyd McCoy. He carried out a similar hijacking and escape by parachute less than five months after the Cooper flight, the F.B.I. said. But Mr. McCoy was ruled out because he did not match descriptions provided by flight attendants, and for other undisclosed reasons, the F.B.I said.其中一名接受审讯的嫌疑犯名叫理查德·弗洛伊德·麦科伊(Richard Floyd McCoy)。FBI称,他在库珀劫机案发生不到五个月后,进行了一次类似的劫持,并跳伞逃跑。不过麦科伊的嫌疑被排除了,FBI表示,他不符合乘务员们描述的外貌特征,此外还有其他一些不便透露的因素。The agency was not sure, even by 1972, that he was alive.该机构无法确定他是否还活着,甚至到1972年都无法确定。Q: Did the case influence the way the government handled hijackings?问:此案是否影响了政府处理劫持的方式?A: Hijackings during the Cold War were often desperate attempts at escape from the Iron Curtain, but during the 1970s criminals used them as leverage in ransom negotiations. The D.B. Cooper case became a storied example of an era of hijacking. By the mid-1970s, at least 150 planes had been “skyjacked” in the ed States alone.答:“冷战”期间的劫机往往是逃脱铁幕的疯狂尝试,不过在20世纪70年代,犯罪分子把劫机用作换取赎金的砝码。库珀案成为那个劫机时代的著名案例。到20世纪70年代中期,单在美国就至少有150架飞机遭到劫持。Geoffrey Gray, a journalist who has contributed to The Times and who wrote the 2011 book on the investigation, “Skyjack: The Hunt for D.B. Cooper,” said in an article published after the FBI announcement this week that the case was legally still open.时报的特约记者杰弗里·格雷(Geoffrey Gray)2011年出版了一本关于此案调查的书,名叫《劫机:追捕D·B·库珀》(Skyjack: The Hunt for D.B. Cooper)。本周,在FBI发表声明之后,他在一篇文章中写道,此案从法律上讲依然没有封案。He said it had initially been deemed a case of air piracy, a felony that carried a statute of limitations of five years. However, a grand jury indicted the hijacker in absentia for violating the Hobbs Act, another federal statute aimed to prevent extortion that carried no statute of limitations.他说,此案最初被认定为劫机案,这项重罪的诉讼时效是五年。不过,一个大陪审团指控缺席的劫机者违反了霍布斯法案(Hobbs Act)。霍布斯法案是另一项旨在防范勒索的联邦法令——勒索案没有诉讼时效。“In theory, if Cooper were to walk out of the woods today, he could theoretically be charged with a crime,” he wrote.“从理论上讲,如果库珀今天走出那片树林,他依然可以被判罪,”他写道。Q: Why did the FBI decide to shelve the investigation?问:FBI为什么决定搁置调查?A: The agency said it was redirecting resources because “every time the FBI assesses additional tips for the Norjak case,” referring to the name it gave the D.B. Cooper probe, “investigative resources and manpower are diverted from programs that more urgently need attention.”答:FBI称,它是为了把资源用在其他事情上,因为“每次FBI评估Norjak案(这是FBI对库珀案的代号)的新线索,调查资源和人手都不得不从其他更急需注意力的项目上转到此案中”。The FBI said that the “countless items” it has examined over the years would be preserved for historical purposes at its headquarters. The agency did say people could still contact the bureau if they had specific leads.FBI称,这些年它研究过的“无数物品”将为历史目的保存在总部。该机构表示,人们如果发现具体线索,依然可以联系该机构。Gray said, “Hundreds if not more Cooper sleuths continue to harangue the office with their leads.”格雷称,“至少有数百名业余侦探继续拿着自己的线索向该机构慷慨陈词。”Reassigning the lone agent on the case, he said, “is really an attempt by the bureau to spare the office from irritating calls, wacky emails and more.”他表示,只给此案分配一名探员“真的是该机构为了免受烦人电话和奇怪邮件等等的骚扰”。 /201607/454781。




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