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Tax registration税务登记A:My company is a foreign investment group, and I would like to make tax registration.A:我们是一家外国投资集团公司,我们要进行税务登记。B:No problem. Could you please pass me your business license?B:没问题啊。请出示一下营业执照。A:Sure, here it is.A:好的,请看。B:First I have a question, in what field or fields is your company engaged?B:首先请回答我一个问题。贵公司是从事哪些领域的?A:Our enterprise is engaged in advertising field, is that matter?A:我们公司是从事广告方面的业务。这和税务登记有什么关系吗?B:Of course. I will see which departments you will have to go according to your engaging fields.B:当然了,知道你们是从事什么领域的我就能判断你们该去哪些部门办手续了:A: I get it. What am I going to do now?A:我明白了。那么我们现在傲什么?B:Please fill out this Registration Form over there, the green one.B:请填写一下那边的表格,那个绿色的。A:Excuse me; I have done with the form. What should I do next?A:打扰一下,我已经填写完这份表格了,接下来我要怎么做呢?B:Go to the next window with this registration form and the staff members there will tell you what other materials you will have to hand in.B:带着这份表格到下一个窗口,那里的工作人员会告诉你还需要提供哪些材料。A:OK, thank you. By the way, how much fee should I pay for the registration?A:好的,非常感谢。对了,顺便问一下,税务登记需要交多少钱?B:Its free of charge.B:这是免费的。 /201603/429752Clinton Scores Victory in Pennsylvania Primary克林顿在宾州初选中较大优势获胜  Senator Hillary Clinton has kept her presidential bid alive with a nearly 10-point victory over Senator Barack Obama in Tuesday's crucial Pennsylvania primary. The victory is a boost for Senator Clinton, but she still trails Senator Barack Obama in the total number of votes received in state primary races and in the total number of pledged delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination.  希拉里.克林顿参议员星期二在宾夕法尼亚州举行的关键初选中以超过对手奥巴马将近10%的选票保持了她继续竞争总统候选人提名的活力。这次胜利增强了克林顿参议员的竞争力,但是她在举行了初选的各州所得的总票数以及民主党提名所需的做出保的党代表人数方面还都落后于奥巴马。On the morning after the Pennsylvania primary, Senator Hillary Clinton summed up her feelings about her nearly 10-point win on the CBS Early Show. 宾夕法尼亚州初选过后的星期三早晨,克林顿参议员在哥伦比亚广播公司的早间节目中总结了自己赢得超过对手10%选票的感受。"It was a wonderful night," she said. 她说:“昨天晚上太美好了!”A number of political analysts had said Senator Clinton needed a convincing win in Pennsylvania to stay in the race, and that is exactly what she got. Some Democrats were hoping for a closer outcome that would have compelled Clinton to drop out of the race, allowing the party to unite behind Senator Obama and focus on defeating Republican candidate Senator John McCain in the November general election. 很多政治分析人士曾说,克林顿参议员要在宾州得到有说力的胜利才能继续竞选下去,而她恰恰得到了这样的胜利。有些民主党人希望投票结果更加接近,迫使克林顿退出竞选,以便民主党能在奥巴马的周围团结起来,在11月总统大选中集中力量战胜共和党的竞争对手麦凯恩参议员。At a victory rally late Tuesday in Philadelphia, Senator Clinton told her cheering supporters that the tide is turning. Speaking to CBS News, she said the victory would give her momentum for the next primaries, and explained why she believes more voters chose her. 星期二晚上,在费城举行的胜利庆祝集会上,克林顿参议员向对她欢呼的人群说,选情正在好转。她对哥伦比亚广播公司说,这次胜利会在后面的初选中给她带来获胜的势头。克林顿解释了为什么她认为更多的选民会选择她。"They believe that I offer them and their families the, you know, best chance for a better future," she said. "And I think that is what is going on here." 她说:“他们相信我可以给他们自己和他们的家庭提供未来最好的机会。我认为这里的情况就是这样。”Senator Clinton also said that her campaign raised more than million overnight with an Internet appeal after her victory. Her campaign had gone into debt during the Pennsylvania race, while Senator Obama still has plenty of funds for the next contests. 克林顿参议员还说,她在宾州胜利以后的竞选筹款通过因特网的吁求一夜之间筹到了三百多万美元。克林顿的竞选资金到了宾州初选的时候已经开始负债,而奥巴马参议员接下来的竞选所需的资金仍然雄厚。As in other races, Senator Clinton carried her core supporters, voters over the age of 60, female voters and lower income voters. Senator Obama again did best with young people, higher income voters and Black voters.  和在其它多次初选中一样,克林顿参议员的持者多数以60岁以上选民、女性选民以及低收入选民为核心,而奥巴马参议员最受年轻人、高收入、以及黑人选民的持。Obama, 46, sought to reassure his supporters late Tuesday at a rally in Evansville, Indiana. He pointed out that Senator Clinton had led in opinion polls by more than 20 percentage points in Pennsylvania six weeks ago, and that he gained ground in the state. 46岁的奥巴马星期二晚上在印第安纳州的伊万斯维尔的一个集会上再次寻求要他的选民放心。奥巴马指出,克林顿参议员在六个星期前的一个民意调查中领先他20个百分点,这次初选他本人在宾州扩大了地盘。"And now six weeks later, we closed the gap. We rallied people of every age, and race and background to the cause. And, and whether they were inspired for the first time, or for the first time in a long time, we registered a record number of voters and it is those new voters who will lead our party to victory in November," he added. 奥巴马说:“六个星期过去了,我们的差距在缩小。我们这次集会的持者年龄、种族和背景都非常广泛。不论他们是第一次受到这样的鼓舞,还是多年来第一次受到这样的鼓舞,我们纪录在案参加投票的选民已经创造了新纪录,就是这些新的选民将在11月的大选中带领我们的党走向胜利。”But before either candidate can turn their sights on the November election against Senator McCain, Democrats must decide which one of them is the nominee. There are nine more contests between now and early June, starting with primaries in North Carolina and Indiana on May 6. Senator Obama is heavily favored to win in North Carolina, and Senator Clinton currently has a slight lead in most voter surveys in Indiana. 但是在参加11月总统大选和共和党的麦凯恩竞争以前,民主党人必须决定这两人之间由谁来参选。从现在到6月初,还有9个州要举行初选,首先是北卡罗来纳和印第安纳州在5月6号举行的选举。奥巴马参议员在北卡受到特别强烈的持。克林顿参议员目前在印第安纳州所有的民调当中都有小幅领先的优势。 200804/36462

  国家地理:Reindeer Man圣诞老人和他的驯鹿There's a Santa's carrier.For Tom Scheib, today is one of those days he spends most of the year preparing for.Let's just put the harness out right here.This is his time to make any last-minute adjustments and see that his team is in good spirit and y for their performance.Hi, Elli, how are you doing? Good boy. Haha. I know it's close to time.Everything has to be perfect. Because tonight for the people of Rice Lake, Wisconsin, the magic of the holiday season rests on the shoulders of Tom's reindeer and the very important sleigh they're pulling. The kids, they give wide eyes. The adults are wondering what you got pulling Santa Claus, you know. It's a, it's a really fun time.The road to Rice Lake begins here on Tom's dancing reindeer farm in Milltown, Wisconsin. This is a great job.It all started back in 1985 when this 23-year Marine Corps veteran was looking for a unique way to spend his retirement.Very few people in the ed States have reindeer and I, kinda do things that are a little different as you've seen. Stop, now.What he found is a passion that's grown into one of the largest reindeer farms in North America.Hi, Rudy, oh, yeah, boy, my little old guy, uh.Unlike some farms that raise reindeer as livestock, his animals are specially trained to be entertainers. Hi, kids.Not only are they the toast of many holiday festivals and parades, they've also made appearances in movies and on TV. OK, Noah, you are not half the good, you are not half the you. It used to mean I'm gonna get standing up here for early close to you, Noah.And training reindeer is no easy task. Tom and his wife Lisa work with the animals for weeks before every event to make sure they are y to take center stage.We are picking for these reindeer and running rehearsal, training session before the parades that we do for the Christmas season.And like every great performance, practice makes perfect.Come on, let's go.And sometimes it's a little bit rock, but we'll try to take a lot of the ...Here at home. So that we give Santa a pretty smooth ride.Ya, ya, let's go, let's go.For Tom, it's not just a working relationship. Put your right foot front, you take your left foot back. You do the whole people skiing. Turn it over.Tom feels lucky to be able to share the spotlight with his amazing animals.I don't go because it's me. I go because of these guys. They are the ones that make it all happen, you know, those are the guys that do it.Back in Rice Lake, the star of the show is safely onboard.Ready, Santa?Elli, let's go.It's full speed ahead. For Tom, the spirit of the season is found in the joy his reindeer bring to so many people. It's his holiday gift to share with the world.Merry Christmas.You know they are really making me happy. It's a wonderful experience. You get to meet great people. And that's what it's all about.Wordsharness : A harness is a set of leather straps and metal links fastened round a horse's head or body so that the horse can have a carriage, cart, or plough fastened to it. 200708/16999

  Thai Rice Prices Hit Record; UN Concerned About Asia Food Security泰国米价创记录联合国关注此问题 Rice prices in Thailand, the world's leading exporter, reached a record of over one-thousand dollars a ton. The increase in rice and food prices generally will be the center of debate at a U.N. conference next week. 世界最大的大米出口国泰国的米价创下新的纪录,达到每吨一千美元以上。大米和食品价格的普遍上涨将成为下个星期联合国一个会议辩论的中心议题。The surge in rice prices in Thailand continues, with traders reporting benchmark rates climbing more than five percent on Thursday. 泰国大米价格的迅速上升仍在继续。星期四交易商通报的基准价格增长了5%。Prices have tripled since January, with a ton of Thai rice now selling for more than one-thousand dollars. Rising food prices around the world aly have led to food riots in some African nations and Haiti, and protests elsewhere. 大米价格自从今年1月起已经增加了两倍,目前一吨大米的价格已经超过了一千美元。世界范围的食品价格上涨已经导致一些非洲国家和海地发生暴乱,其他地方出现了抗议示威。There are fears prices could go higher in Thailand, the world's largest exporter, if Iran and Indonesia decide to buy rice on the international market. 有人担心世界最大的大米出口国泰国的价格可能继续上涨,如果伊朗和印尼决定从国际市场购买大米的话。U.N. officials have put food prices at the top of the agenda for an Asia-Pacific ministerial meeting in Bangkok next week. 联合国官员下个星期在曼谷召开的亚太部长级会议已经将食品价格问题列为议事日程的首要议题。Noeleen Heyzer is executive secretary for the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific - ESCAP. She says part of the problem has been poor oversight of farming in several countries.  联合国亚洲及太平洋经济社会委员会的执行秘书黑泽尔说,问题的一部分是由于几个国家在农业上的疏忽。"Growth has been centered on the urban areas and also the townships, and there has been a terrible neglect of the agricultural sector. For example, in India where the overall growth rate is nine percent, but the agricultural sector is 2.2 percent," Heyzer said. 黑泽尔说:“经济的增长一直集中在城市地区,而对农业严重疏忽。比如印度的经济增长是9%,但是农业的增长只有2.2%。”The Thai Rice Exporters Association says there is a shortfall of 30 million tons in world rice stockpiles. The shortage is the result of several factors, including rising demand from countries such as China and India, a severe drought in Australia, and the conversion of farm land to industrial and urban use. 泰国的大米出口商协会说,世界大米的储存出现了三千万吨的短缺。这种紧缺的现象是几个因素造成的,包括印度和中国这样的国家对大米越来越高的需求量、澳大利亚出现的严重干旱,以及将农田改为工业或者城镇用途的土地转换。"You have speculation the of food prices and you also have the fact that there is a growing middle class and a wealthy population that is changing in its food intake as well as its food patterns," Heyzer said. 联合国亚洲及太平洋经济社会委员会的执行秘书黑泽尔说:“你可以预测食品价格的趋势,也可以看到中产阶级以及富人正在改变食品成分的摄入,也在改变他们对食物选择的模式这个事实。”The food inflation also hurts aid organizations trying to feed refugees and the poor around the world. An official at one agency helping Burmese refugees in Thailand says rising prices have left his organization with a million budget shortfall. He says that without additional funding, the organization may be forced to halve the ration given to individuals. 食品价格的增长也伤害到试图为世界上的难民和穷人提供食品的援助机构。在泰国帮助缅甸难民的一个机构的官员说,攀升的食品价格导致他的机构形成了六百万美元的预算短缺。他说,没有更多的资金,这个机构可能会被迫减少每个难民口粮的一半。 200804/36565。

  Kenyan Leaders Discuss Forming New Cabinet齐贝吉与奥廷加仍在商讨组阁问题   Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki has discussed the formation of the country's abinet with Raila Odinga, the opposition leader expected to take up the post of prime minister in a coalition government, but the two have not reached agreement. Meanwhile, civil society leaders have called for the leaders to appoint a smaller Cabinet and to avoid picking politicians with records of corruption. 肯尼亚总统齐贝吉与反对党领导人奥廷加商讨组建内阁事宜,奥廷加预期将担任联合政府的总理,但是两人还没有达成一致意见。与此同时,公民社会领导人呼吁齐贝吉和奥廷加任命一个较小的内阁,避免挑选有腐败记录的政治人士担任内阁成员。Many Kenyans had expected President Kibaki to announce the members of the country's new power-sharing Cabinet. But Raila Odinga left his meeting with the president saying discussions were still underway and that he did not know when the announcement would come. 许多肯尼亚人原来预期齐贝吉总统会宣布权力共享新内阁成员的名单。但是,由于齐贝吉总统说,讨论仍在进行当中、他也不知道何时将宣布内阁成员名单,所以,奥廷加离开了会场。A power-sharing agreement between President Kibaki's Party of National y and Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement calls for Cabinet ministries to be evenly divided between the two. Analysts have expected intense wrangling between the two over the distribution of posts, with both leaders attempting to steer allies into key positions. 齐贝吉总统的民族团结党与奥廷加的橙色民主运动签署的协议要求两党平份内阁职位。分析人士预期,两党就职位的分配问题将进行激烈的争斗,因为两位领导人都试图让自己的盟友获得关键职位。President Kibaki had aly appointed roughly half the members of the Cabinet, including in top ministries such as finance, internal security, and foreign affairs. The president is expected to concede some of these posts, but the existing appointments likely added to the difficulty of the current process. 齐贝吉总统已经任命了大约一半的内阁成员的职位,包括财政、国内安全、外交事务等高级部长的职位。预期,齐贝吉总统会让出这些职位里的一部分,但是已经做出的任命可能会加大目前组建内阁过程的困难。With both Kibaki and Odinga seeking to award jobs to their supporters, the Cabinet is expected to have at least as many ministers as the current 34. But civil society groups have urged the leaders to resist the temptation to form a large Cabinet, saying resources could be better spent on things like development projects. 由于齐贝吉和奥廷加都希望回报他们的持者,任命这些持者担任部长职位,所以预期内阁至少有和现在一样多的部长职位。但是,公民社会组织敦促两位领导人顶住组建成员较多的大内阁的诱惑。他们表示,资源用在开发项目上可能会更好一些。Cyprian Nyamwamu is executive director of the National Executive Convention Council and a leader of the National Civil Society Congress, which has advocated reducing the number of Cabinet posts to 21. 尼亚姆韦姆是全国行政大会理事会的执行主任、兼全国公民社会大会的领导人,全国公民社会大会倡导将内阁的职位减少到21个。"They have blackmailed Kenyans. If you want this coalition to work, it can only work if it is large, if everyone is in," Nyamwamu said. "So you have to choose whether we allow the coalition to collapse then we go back to war, or you allow us to create a bigger one and then there is peace for you, even if that peace is pyrrhic and is just a feel good factor which does not come with concomitant reforms and changes." 尼亚姆韦姆说:“他们一直在敲诈肯尼亚人。如果你希望这个联合政府发挥作用,那么只是在议会成员较多、每个人都进入内阁的情况下才会起作用。所以你必须在这两者之间做出选择,或者让内阁垮台,重起战端;或者组建一个较大的联合政府,以便恢复和平。既使这种和平只是一种庆祝胜利的象征,只是一种感觉比较好的因素,这种因素并不会带来改革和变化。”Nyamwamu also highlights the importance of picking ministers without a history of corruption, especially given the worry that with no real opposition party in the proposed coalition government, it will be more difficult to bring government misconduct to light.尼亚姆韦姆还强调了挑选没有腐败记录的人担任部长的重要性,特别是考虑到人们担心,在拟议组建的联合政府中没有真正的反对党,要揭发政府的不当行为就更加困难。"This country has documented evidence, stories and records of people who have run down ministries, stolen money, promoted ethnic chauvinism and nepotism in ministries. These people should be kept out of public office at least at the ministerial executive level to show that we are expecting a corruption free government," Nyamwamu said. 尼亚姆韦姆说:“这个国家保存了一些明有人让政府部门境况恶化、私吞国家资金,推动民族沙文主义和搞裙带关系的据、事实和记录。这些人不应该担任公职,至少是在部级职位,以显示我们正期待建立一个没有腐败的政府。”Civil society groups have also called for strong representation of women and younger politicians in the Cabinet. 公民社会组织还呼吁在内阁增加女性和年轻的政治人士的人数。200803/32187

  An Israeli mayor on the front lines of the conflict with the Palestinians is calling for a truce with Islamic militants. But reaction was cool in both the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem.  以色列和巴勒斯坦人发生冲突的一个前沿城市的市长呼吁和伊斯兰激进分子实行停战。但是,不管是加沙地带,还是耶路撒冷对这一呼吁都很冷淡。The mayor of the southern Israeli border town of Sderot, Eli Moyal, says he is willing to hold truce talks with the Islamic militant group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. Sderot has been hard hit by daily Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza that have terrorized residents and battered the economy. 以色列南方边防城市斯德洛特的市长穆瓦亚尔说,他愿意和控制加沙地带的伊斯兰激进组织哈马斯就停战问题开展谈判。斯德洛特每天都遭到从巴勒斯坦加沙地带发射的火箭弹的袭击。这使当地居民十分恐惧,同时也破坏了当地的经济。It was an about-face for Moyal, a member of the hawkish Likud Party, who has been calling for the army to invade Gaza to end the rocket attacks.  穆瓦亚尔是采取强硬立场的利库德党的成员。他发出的呼吁和他以往的立场不一样。穆瓦亚尔过去一直呼吁以色列军队入侵加沙地带,从而结束火箭袭击。Hamas, which has called for a truce in the past, dismissed Moyal's offer as a publicity stunt. The group said if Israel wants a cease-fire it should end military action and its crippling blockade of Gaza. 哈马斯以前也曾经要求实行停战。可是,这一次哈马斯说,穆瓦亚尔要求停战的呼吁是宣传的伎俩。它说,要是以色列要停战,它就应该停止军事行动以及停止封锁加沙地带。The Israeli government also rejected the truce proposal. Israeli spokesman Mark Regev says Hamas is a terrorist organization that refuses to renounce violence or recognize Israel.  以色列政府也拒绝停战的建议。以色列发言人雷格夫说,哈马斯是一个恐怖组织,它拒绝放弃暴力,拒绝承认以色列。"We are talking of an extremist group, a very hateful agenda, a very extremist agenda, opposed to peace, opposed to reconciliation," said Regev. "And so there is not much to talk about."  雷格夫说:“我们说的是一个极端组织,它们要达到的目的极其可恶,也是非常极端主义的,它们反对和平,反对妥协。所以,跟它们没有什么好谈的。”At the weekly Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced a -million plan to fortify homes in Sderot. 以色列总理奥尔默特在举行每周内阁会议时宣布一个价值9100万美元的计划,用来为斯德洛特居民的房屋建立防卫设备。Mr. Olmert said that about half the eight-thousand homes in Sderot would be fortified, with the priority given to those buildings directly in the line of fire. The Prime Minister also said that Sderot would be equipped with an anti-missile defense system by 2010.  奥尔默特说,在斯德洛特的8000个住家中,大约有一半将设置防卫设备,那些处于前线的房子将优先设防。总理还说,到2010年斯德洛特还将装备一个反导弹防御系统。200802/27795Last week, Anna got the job of sales executive at Tip Top Trading, thanks to her quick-thinking in an office crisis.上周,安娜在 Tip Top Trading公司得到了销售主管的职位,多亏了她在办公室危机中的灵活应变。Today its her first day in the office.今天是她办公的第一天。How are you feeling now, Anna?安娜,你感觉怎么样?Excited, but a bit worried.很激动,但是有点担忧。I really want to make a good first impression.我真的很想留下好的第一印象。Well, youre going to need some phrases to introduce yourself politely, such as: Hello, I dont think weve met.你需要一些礼貌的自我介绍的表达用法,例如:我们好像还没见过面。You must be – and say the persons name.你肯定是——说出这个人的名字。Ive just joined the team. Nice to meet you.我刚加入这个团队,见到你很高兴。Have you worked here long?你在这里工作很久了吗?Why dont you start by saying hello to Tom Darcy, the Senior Account Manager?为何你不试着先跟高级客户经理汤姆·达西打招呼?Yah, yah, no, yah, yah, OK, yah. Ill seal the deal, yah, no worries. OK, see ya mate, bye!好的,不,好的。成交,别担心。好的,再见伙计。Hello, I dont think weve met. No.你好,我们好像还没见过面。没有。You must be Tom. Im Anna. Ive just joined the team.你肯定是汤姆,我是安娜。我刚加入这个团队。Nice to meet you. Have you worked here long?见到你很高兴,你在这里工作很久了吗? /201612/479873

  Idiot. I bet he actually spent hours preparing he just cant admit it.白痴!我打赌他其实花了几个钟头做准备,他只是不承认罢了。Well, maybe youre right. I cant think clearly anymore, Im so tired.也许你是对的,我再也没法正常思考了,我太累了。I need to sleep properly otherwise Ill end up trying to sell bananas instead of lemons.我需要好好睡一觉,否则我最后卖的会是香蕉,而不是柠檬。Anna has finally got the message: shes realised shes been working too much.安娜终于知道了,她意识到自己工作的时间太长了。She needs to be realistic.她需要现实一点。Heres a reminder of some of the phrases we heard to talk about how much Anna had been working.这是一些关于安娜加班工作的表达用法提示。Burning the candle at both ends.过度劳累。Doing overtime.加班。Putting in the hours.花费很多时间。Burning out.累死了。Lets hope shes thinking clearly by the time she has to do her presentation.我们希望她作报告时能思路明确。Join us next time to find out! Bye.下次和我们一起去看看!再见。 /201701/483825

  Georgia Accuses Russia of Violating Sovereignty格鲁吉亚与俄罗斯的擦正在升级  The U.N. Security Council is preparing to hear objections from Georgia over Russia's recent announcement that it would build stronger ties with two separatist regions located within Georgia's borders. The diplomatic dispute heated up when a Georgian surveillance drone was shot down by what the former Soviet republic says was a Russian MiG fighter.  联合国安理会准备听取格鲁吉亚对俄罗斯最近宣布将和格鲁吉亚境内两个执意独立的地区建立更坚固的关系表达的反对意见。格鲁吉亚指责一架俄罗斯米格战斗击落了一架格鲁吉亚无人驾驶侦察机,使这一外交纠纷升温。Georgian officials protested last week when Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian government to establish closer ties with the secessionist Georgian republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Both regions lie on Russia's southern border and have maintained de-facto independence from Georgia since the early 1990s.  格鲁吉亚官员上星期抗议普京命令俄罗斯政府和格鲁吉亚有分离倾向的共和国--南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹建立更为紧密的关系。这两个地区位于俄罗斯南部边境地区,而且从上个世纪90年代初以来就一直保持着实际独立于格鲁吉亚的地位。Russia's overtures to the two regions drew a protest from Georgia that this violated its sovereignty. Georgia brought its grievance before the ed Nations last week.  俄罗斯主动接近这两个地区引起格鲁吉亚抗议,说这一举动侵犯了格鲁吉亚主权。格鲁吉亚上个星期向联合国表达了愤怒。The U.N. Security Council agreed Monday to Georgia's request to hold a special meeting on the recent developments. The private U.N. meeting is scheduled for Wednesday. 联合国安理会星期一同意格鲁吉亚举行特别会议、讨论最近的进展的要求。星期三联合国将举行一次不公开会议。Vitaly Churkin, Russia's ambassador to the U.N., says he is sure that Russia will have something to say about the latest "non-constructive, and at times, provocative acts" from the Georgian side. 俄罗斯驻联合国大使丘尔金说,他相信俄罗斯对格鲁吉亚最新的“没有建设性而且时常还带有挑衅的行为”会表达观点。As a permanent member of the Security Council, Russia can veto any of its resolutions. Oleg Morozov is the first deputy speaker of the Russian Duma, the lower house of parliament. 俄罗斯议院下院杜马的第一副发言人莫里兹说:He says the actions taken by Georgia in relation to the U.N. meeting on South Osettia and Abkhazia, taken together with Georgia's overtures to join NATO, do not promote an improvement in relations between Georgia and Russia. “格鲁吉亚关系到联合国南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹会议所采取的行动以及格鲁吉亚主动提出加入北约的行为,不会推动格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯关系改善。”Tensions had increased Sunday after an unarmed Georgian surveillance drone was shot down while patrolling Abkhazia and the Georgian government released footage showing a MiG-29 launching an air-to-air missile at its unmanned craft. 星期天,一架没有装备武器的格鲁吉亚无人驾驶侦察机在阿布哈兹巡逻时被击落,加剧了格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯紧张关系。格鲁吉亚政府公布录像显示一架米格-29战机向这架无人飞机发射了空对空导弹。Independent military experts confirm that the plane in the footage is a MiG-29. The aircraft has been a component of the Russian air force since it was introduced in 1983, for the then-Soviet military.  独立的军事问题专家确认在录像中的这架飞机是米格-29。米格-29自从1983年加入当时的苏联军队以来,一直是俄罗斯空军的一部分。Shota Uteashvili is a spokesman for Georgia's Internal Ministry.  格鲁吉亚内务部发言人乌图阿什维利说。He says the two tails of the attacking craft can clearly be identified. Even a child knows this is what distinguishes a MiG from other military craft, he says, adding the Abkhazia separatist movement could not afford such an aircraft. 可以明显看出那架攻击型飞机尾巴后面的两道气流,甚至小孩都知道那是米格和其他军用飞机不同之处。他补充说,阿布哈兹分离运动不可能买得起这种飞机。Georgian authorities have also released radar evidence indicating the plane returned to Russian territory after it attacked the drone. 格鲁吉亚官方还公布雷达据,显示这架飞机在攻击了无人飞机之后返回俄罗斯领土。Russia denies its air force was in the region, calling the charges "nonsense." General Alexander Zeiln says the Russian air force does not fly across international boundaries.  俄罗斯否认这个地区有它的空军。俄罗斯认为这些指控是“无稽之谈”。塞恩将军说,俄罗斯空军不会飞越国际边界。Alexander Hramchihin is an independent military analyst. He says the fact that Russia's military does not have many unmanned drones means it perhaps did not anticipate that the Georgian craft would be able to gather and transmit footage of the attacking craft the way it did. In other areas of relations between the two countries, Russia has recently made overtures to improve trade. Last month, Russia allowed the resumption of direct flights between Moscow and Georgia's capital, Tbilisi. And Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed authorities to initiate talks aimed at ending a ban on Georgian imports such as wine and mineral water. 200804/36182


  Irish Prime Minister Announces Resignation爱尔兰总理埃亨宣布将下月辞职 Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern says he will resign on May 6, because of growing pressure on him from a tribunal probing alleged financial irregularities.  爱尔兰总理埃亨说,他将于5月6号辞职,因为一家特别法庭调查他有关财务违规的传言给他造成的压力越来越大。In an address to the nation from outside parliament in Dublin, Bertie Ahern said he had done nothing wrong, but he said continued speculation about his finances is taking the parliament's focus away from running the country. 埃亨在都柏林议会外面向全国发表的讲话中说,他没有做错任何事,但是他说,人们继续对他的个人财务进行猜测使议会偏离了管理国家的中心工作。"It is a matter of real concern to me that the important work of government and party is now being overshadowed by issues relating to me at the tribunal of inquiry into certain planning matters and payments," Mr. Ahern said. "The constant barrage of commentary of tribunal related matters has, and I believe will continue to dominate the political agenda at an important point for our country." 埃亨说:“政府和党的重要工作现在因为特别法庭调查与我有关的某些计划中的事宜和付款问题而变得次要,这才是我真正担心的问题。与特别法庭调查有关的事宜引起的连篇累牍的已经、而且我相信它们将会继续在我们国家的一个重要时刻主导我们的政治议程。”The tribunal is investigating allegations - strongly denied by Mr. Ahern - that he received improper payments from a property developer between 1989 and 1992. He has also been dogged by allegations about his personal finances involving loans in British pounds and dollars from private supporters in the Irish business community. 特别法庭正在调查一些埃亨坚决否认的指控。这些指控说,在1989年到1992年期间,埃亨接受了一家房地产开发商不适当的付款。埃亨还在个人财务方面面临许多指控,这涉及他从爱尔兰企业界他的民间持者那里借贷英镑和美元。Bertie Ahern is a veteran politician. He became prime minister in 1997 and won international acclaim for his role in the Northern Ireland peace process.  埃亨是一个资深的政界人士。他在1997年成为总理,并且因为在北爱尔兰的和平进程中发挥的作用受到国际社会的赞许。Britain's minister responsible for Northern Ireland, Shaun Woodward, told British TV the peace deal will be Mr. Ahern's legacy. 英国负责北爱尔兰事务的大臣伍德沃德在英国的电视节目中说,和平协定将是埃亨的政治遗产。"His legacy here is that peace process, and that peace process is here to stay," he noted. "He was determined to change the lives for the people in Northern Ireland, just as Tony Blair was, and as a result of that determination it was possible to have that transformation." 伍德沃德说:“他的政治遗产是和平进程,和平进程将会继续下去。埃亨决心改变北爱尔兰人民的生活,就像布莱尔一样,这种决心使北爱尔兰可能发生变化。”Mr. Ahern had previously said this would be his last term in office, but that he did not intend to go until it ended in 2012. Finance Minister Brian Cowen is favored to take over as Irish prime minister until new elections are held. 埃亨先前曾表示,这将是他最后一届总理任期,但是他并没有打算在2012年年底前离职。爱尔兰财政部长科恩被看好接任爱尔兰总理,直到举行新选举为止。200804/33226

  "...what's more, You can start to say perhaps what the planet's made of, and you can follow it in its orbit. You can understand it in much more detail." In the future, the revamped Hubble Space Telescope may even detect planetary systems more like our own. Telescopes yet to be invented may one day confirm that we are not alone in the universe. "It is conceivable within the next 10 to 15 years that we can directly detect these earth-sized planets that could have atmospheres, that could have oceans, we don't know. And we might also be able to sense their atmospheres from earth with telescopes to see if there is water, carbon dioxide and oxygen. And if we find carbon dioxide and oxygen, where the oxygen is in much greater abundance than the carbon dioxide, we will then speculate that photosynthesis takes place. That's the process on earth where trees and leaves convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, and then we could really begin to think there could be life. But right now, we don't even know if there’s an earth-sized planet around a star other than our own.Future generations might witness scenes like these from an alien world. The discovery of an earth-like planet is a real possibility. "There is no question that having discovered planets tremendously enhances our interest and the prospects of discovering intelligent life in the galaxy. And the reason is up until a few years ago, we didn't know there were any planets around any other stars. We might've been the only thing going in our galaxy."Today, earth is still the only place where we know for sure that life exists. Humankind has the only intelligence civilization that we know about. But, there could be life out there. The mounting evidence motivates scientists to keep searching."Are we alone? I rather doubt it. Uh, if we are, that would be almost more fascinating to me. Uh, and so, I'm eager to continue the search and even if it's a lowly microbe that we find as our cohort in the, in the cosmos, I'll be, I'll be satisfied."Perhaps, these are the fingerprints of a simple life form, perhaps not. Mars holds out the most hope in the solar system but then there are more than 100 billion stars in our galaxy and there are countless galaxies. If it could be shown, beyond doubt, that life evolved somewhere, anywhere other than our own home planet, then life on earth would never be the same again.words and expressionsrevamp:to change or arrange something again, in order to improve it修补, 翻新;改装.eg:We revamped all the management system, but the business is doing no better than it was before.in abundance:充裕eg:Carpets are available in abundance.可供地毯货源充足。photosynthesis :the process by which a plant uses the energy from the light of the sun to produce its own food光合作用lowly :low in position and importance, or not respected:地位低的;级别低的cohort:a group of people who share a characteristic, usually age:同党,同伴beyond doubt:[常作插入语]毫无疑问200808/46903

  For the tribe and for Jamuqa(扎木合) it was a decisive moment. "Men who were sworn brothers share one life. But I began to question whether Jamuqa was truly my blood brother for all eternity." "It was not right that our differences should force a feud but my wife stopped me from going after him. She warned that one day my blood brother would ride against me." For Temujin(铁木真), this feud brought back the darkest memory of his childhood. "I knew where a war between brothers would lead. Even when we were starving, my brother Bekhter(别克帖儿) betrayed us, he refused to share the spoils of a hunt. He died of his wounds."sworn brothers: people who have sworn to their fraternity, people who have taken an oath of brotherhoodblood brother: one of two men pledged to mutual loyalty by a ceremonial use of each other's blood200809/49398

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