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China education system has long had a chary attitude toward matters of romance. Middle-school students are often warned against canoodling, while many years, Chinese college students who chose to get married were summarily kicked out.中国的教育系统向来对早恋这件事态度谨慎中学生经常被警告不准做出亲热的动作,而很多年来,进入大学的中国学生若要选择结婚则会被立刻开除But a high school in central Henan province has grabbed the spotlight with its approach to regulating puppy love: it threatened to expel any students who are seen holding hands more than once.但河南中部一所高中对于早恋的规定却引发了媒体的关注这所学校威胁将开除那些拉手超过一次的学生Posted as part of a set of mirthless Eight Prohibitions, the rules also ban using cellphones, theft and cheating, state media reported. In addition to moratorium on hand-holding -- highly un- Paul McCartney in spirit -- the rules also banned on-campus birthday celebrations, with those who attempt to merry-make also threatened with expulsion.官方媒体报道称,除了禁止拉手(必须说,这项规定完全不符合保罗#539;麦卡特尼(Paul McCartney)的精神),该校的“八项禁止”还包括使用手机、盗窃和作弊此外,该校也禁止在校园举行生日聚会,那些参加生日聚会的人也将面临被开除的命运Attempts to reach Yanshi High School were unsuccessful. However, according to a report in the state-run People Daily, the school said its goal was to cultivate high-character students and to increase the quality of the school administration.记者未能联系上偃师高中不过,据官方媒体《人民日报的一篇报道,该高中说,这所学校的目的是“培养高素质人才,提升办学质量”Local media lambasted the regulations. If you carefully examine the prohibitions, you find some are not reasonable, theyre not scientific, one writer opined in the Beijing Morning Post. Birthday parties, the author wrote, could help students become more fraternal and mutually caring in their attitudes toward one another.中国的媒体对相关规定大加批评《北京晨报刊登的一篇文章说:“细看偃师高中的八条禁令,发现有些禁令本身就不合理,不科学”文章作者写道,生日聚会可以成为教育学生相互关心、团结友爱的有利契机China education system is characterized by its single-minded drive toward helping students succeed at the gaokao, or college-entrance exam, with punishing levels of pressure and grueling schedules de rigueur. Extracurricular affairs of the heart are accordingly strictly frowned on: In years past, schools have banned male and female students from standing too close to one another or dining together, and taught students to avoid touching each others waists in dance class.中国的教育体系的特征是,一门心思帮助学生在高考中取得成功,这给学生带来了极大的压力,让学生背上了沉重的课业负担正因如此,课外谈情说爱被严厉禁止数年前,曾有学校禁止男女学生站得过近、禁止男女学生共同用餐,而且还在舞蹈课上叫学生们不要碰彼此的腰部Following the backlash, the Yanshi high school amended its regulations to say it will kick out students only if their dating has a negative influence.在遭到媒体抨击后,偃师高中将禁令内容调整为“有谈恋爱行为,造成恶劣影响的开除学籍”Draconian or not, some doubted that the school rules would have much of an impact on increasing levels of academic industry anyway. As -year-old Hunan high school student Wu Yilian said, the inability to hold hands isnt likely to dim the ardor of a school crush.暂且不论这些禁令是否过于严厉,一些人对偃师高中的这些规定能否在很大程度上提高学业水平产生了质疑湖南一位名叫吴忆莲(音)的岁高中生说,禁止拉手或许无法浇灭学生的暗恋热情ome of my classmates are involved in some sort of relationship, but they dont need to hold hands in school. This rule is unlikely to have any real effects. Not holding hands doesnt mean anything, Ms. Wu said.吴忆莲说,她的一些同班同学有恋爱关系,但他们不需要在校园内拉手,这一规定不太可能产生实际效果,不能拉手没有任何意义 3673。

You’ll never be confused about who the enemy is in “Women Who Flirt,” Pang Ho-cheung’s new romantic comedy. Hailey (Tang Sui) is the kind of passive-aggressive young woman who talks in a babyish voice to men, reacts to a scratch on her leg as if it might require amputation and bursts into tears at less than the drop of a hat, demanding at higher and higher volume to be consoled. In one restaurant scene, Hailey sobs like a stricken toddler and insists on being taken home after learning that her main course is a rabbit delicacy. (“Girls don’t eat bunnies!” she wails.)彭浩翔的爱情喜剧新片《撒娇女人最好命(Women Who Flirt)里的敌人是谁?你绝对不会搞错的蓓蓓(隋棠饰)是那种被动攻击型的年轻女子,她对男人说话时嗲声嗲气,腿上擦破皮,就叫得像是要截肢,动不动就掉眼泪,要求越来越多的抚慰在餐馆那场戏里,蓓蓓知道主菜是兔肉做的,哭得像个悲伤的孩子,要求被送回家The only reason we care about Hailey is that Marco (Huang Xiaoming) has fallen her, and Angie (Zhou Xun), Marco’s work colleague and best friend since college, had always kind of planned to marry him herself. Angie — everybody gets Western names in the English subtitles — is beautiful, but Marco can’t see that (“She’s a dude,” he says repeatedly) because she’s a sensible type with short hair and a grown-up job. The plot consists of Angie’s more blatantly sexy female friends’ teaching her how to look and behave like an idiot.我们关心蓓蓓的唯一原因是恭恭(黄晓明饰)爱上了她,而他的同事、从大学起的死党张慧(周迅饰)一直有点打算嫁给他张慧(英文字幕里用的全是英文名)很漂亮,但是恭恭没看出来(“她就是个男人,”他总是这样说),因为她是那种理智型的女人,留着短发,有份成熟的工作故事情节中包括张慧那些穿着暴露、更性感的闺蜜们教她如何表现得像个傻瓜This does give us that Doris Day-era Hollywood movie staple, the trying-on-glamorous-dresses scene, and a drawn-out explanation and demonstration of how to show off your décolletage by reaching something you’ve dropped on the floor. (Jennifer Coolidge did it much better in “Legally Blonde.”)这的确让我们想起多丽丝·戴(Doris Day)时代的好莱坞电影,里面有试穿各种性感连衣裙的场景,还有一些冗长乏味的镜头,解释和展示如何去捡掉在地板上的东西,以卖弄低胸装(詹妮弗·库利奇[Jennifer Coolidge]在《律政俏佳人[Legally Blonde]中的展示要比这好得多)The film is exaggerated, ludicrous and simplistic. It shows a towering disdain both men and women. But Angie and Marco have a certain good-natured charm, and there are some nice shots of Shanghai.这部电影夸张、滑稽,过于简单它对男人和女人都表现出过度蔑视但是张慧和恭恭有某种和善的魅力,里面关于上海的一些镜头也很好看 01。

威廉王子与未婚妻凯特将与明年月9日在威斯敏斯特大教堂举行威廉王子婚礼将制作成3D电影让民众亲身经历 网上爆料的豪华婚房  Prince William and Kate Middleton intend to make their wedding a people's event and on April 9 the happy couple may seem close enough you to reach out and touch them. Broadcasters are considering plans to screen the royal wedding in 3D.   据悉,英国威廉王子与未婚妻凯特将与明年月9日在威斯敏斯特大教堂举行出席这场盛大的婚礼的“嘉宾阵容”将经过女王千挑万选才能最后定夺,别沮丧,老百姓也许有机会“近距离”观看到威廉与凯特的婚礼因为全英各大媒体巨头盯上了这块“肥肉”,打算将皇室婚礼制作成3D电影让民众亲身经历   If those plans come to fruition it would mean a worldwide audience of millions would watch the anticipated marriage ceremony through 3D glasses. It is understood that Sky, the B and Virgin are in joint discussions about the possibility of screening the event live from Westminster Abbey in 3D. Sky TV have pioneered the new 3D technology on the small screen, largely sporting events, but it is more likely that a terrestrial broadcaster such as the B will get full access to footage of the event, in order to cater the largest possible TV audience.   如果该计划最后付诸实施,那就意味着全世界的民众都有幸“亲眼目睹”皇室婚礼为了运用超强3D电影效果来吸引老百姓进影院,三大媒体巨头(天空电视台、英国广播公司、英国维珍媒体公司)已经就怎样将这场奢华婚礼进行直播进行了深度讨论据悉,天空那个电视台拥有在“屏幕上”使用3D技术的水平与能力,但是仅仅运用该技术进行了体育直播而英国广播公司在传媒界的权威性让它在如此重大事件报道中占据一席之地婚礼报道权将花落谁家,我们目前还不得而知   Prince William and Kate Middleton, both , announced their engagement last week, nine years after they met as students at St Andrews University.   据悉,互为圣安德鲁斯大学同学、同是岁的威廉与凯特,经过9年的爱情长跑,终于上周宣布订婚 959。

U.S. budget retailer Candies will be selling a collection inspired by the outfits worn on the Britney Spears 's Circus tour  美国装零售商Candies将要出售以布兰妮马戏团全球巡演所穿装为灵感设计的套装  But the -year-old insists that the range features looks that both she and her fans would wear.  但是现今岁的布兰妮坚持说这个系列不仅适合自己,还适合她的粉丝穿。