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首批中国奥运选手抵达圣保罗训练营 --5 :5:59 来源: 首批中国奥运代表团运动员当地时间7月1日抵达位于巴西圣保罗南郊的赛前训练营,他们将在这里提前适应巴西的气候和时差,为即将到来的里约奥运会做最后备战 The first group of Chinese athletes from table tennis, swimming and women’s football team, arrived in Sao Paulo’s prestigious Esporte Clube Pinheiros, the training base of Chinese Olympic delegation the coming Rio Olympic Games.7月1日,首批中国奥运代表团乒乓球队、游泳队、和女足队运动员到达位于巴西圣保罗久负盛名的皮涅鲁斯体育俱乐部,这里是中国代表团的赛前训练营According to the introduction from Chinese Olympic delegation officials, a total of teams from the country will use the club in Brazil’s most populous city to train and acclimatize as well as recovering from jet lag ahead of the August 5-1 Games.本次奥运会将于8月5日到8月1日举行,据中国奥运代表团官员介绍,在此之前,陆续有个项目的运动队将提前到这个位于巴西人口最多的城市的俱乐部进行集训,并适应时差About half of the Chinese delegation’s athletes will go to the training base. The number of people in Sao Paulo is expected to total around 00, including athletes, coaches, officials and supporting staff.约有近半数的运动员会到这里进行训练,运动员、教练、官员和后勤人员总人数约为00人After their preparation in Sao Paulo, the delegation will travel 30 kilometers northeast to Rio, where they will stay in the Olympic Village during competition.结束在此的训练之后,中国代表团将前往里约入住奥运村里约距圣保罗30公里左右,在其东北方Esporte Club Pinheiros covers an area of 0,000 square meters, equivalent to about football pitches.该俱乐部占地面积万平方米,相当于个足球场那么大The training base was decided following 18 months of negotiations between Chinese officials and the club’s administrators.经过中国政府和俱乐部长达一年半的协商,中国代表团最终选定这里为训练大本营Esporte Clube Pinheiros is prepared to welcome Chinese athletes in the coming days as they recruited several volunteers to better serve the delegation.在接下来的日子里,皮涅鲁斯体育俱乐部已做好准备迎接中国运动员的到来,为了更好的为代表团务,他们雇佣了多名志愿者Meanwhile, to minimize disruption to its 38,000 members, the club will schedule times which its facilities will be available exclusively to China’s athletes.同时,皮涅鲁斯体育俱乐部拥有约3.8万名会员,为了不影响中国队备战,该俱乐部在租用期内将对会员出入俱乐部进行相应的时间限制The facilities have aly been rented and will be at the disposition of China between July and August .该大本营的租期为7月日至8月日The club aly houses facilities sports: table tennis, artistic gymnastics, swimming, badminton, football, tennis, rugby, water polo, volleyball, fencing, boxing, athletics, synchronised swimming, modern pentathlon and taekwondo.皮涅鲁斯体育俱乐部可为乒乓球、体操、游泳、羽毛球、足球、网球、橄榄球、水球、排球、击剑、拳击、田径、花游、现代五项、跆拳道共个项目提供训练场地设施China has also reserved a hotel close to the venue, booking most of the rooms available.中国奥运代表团还在皮涅鲁斯体育俱乐部旁边预订了一家酒店的绝大多数房间China is not the only team preparing the Games outside Rio. Britain will use the Minas Tenis Clube in Belo Horizonte as their pre-Games base.并非只有中国代表团在里约之外的地方选定了训练营,英国也选择在贝洛奥里藏特的米纳斯网球俱乐部训练China will send athletes, including 35 Olympic champions, to the Rio Olympics. This is the largest ever Olympic delegation China has sent overseas.中国里约代表团将派出名运动健儿出征,包括35位前奥运冠军这是中国代表团境外参加奥运会规模最大的一届The Asian country had the second-highest number of podium finishes at the London Olympics with 88, including 38 gold medals. The ed States, which had 530 athletes, led the medals tally with 1 medals, among which 6 were golds.在年伦敦奥运会上,这个亚洲国家在总奖牌榜上排名第二,其中有38枚金牌排名第一的美国共有530名运动员,揽得1枚奖牌,其中金牌6枚惊呆!美国9岁女童练误杀教练 --30 :5: 来源: Authorities have released of an Arizona weapons instructor teaching a 9-year-old girl how to operate an Uzi just a moment bee she fatally shot him.  美国亚利桑那州一名乌兹冲锋教练在教一名9岁女孩操作冲锋时,因女孩操作失误被其击毙官方已公布当时的录像  Charles Vacca, 39, was pronounced dead Monday after being airlifted from the Bullets and Burgers shooting range to a hospital.  周一,39岁的查尔斯·维卡从这个名叫“汉堡与子弹”的射击场被直升机送到医院后抢救无效而身亡  The Mohave County Sheriff's Department says the shooting was accidental and occurred when the recoil from the weapon sent bullets spraying over the girl's head, according to The Washington Post.  据华盛顿邮报的消息,莫哈维县警方称这个意外发生在女孩扣动扳机、体的反冲力将武器冲向她头顶的时候  In released Tuesday by the department, Vacca is seen showing the girl how to stand and hold the weapon. The child, who is not being named, fires the Uzi in single-shot mode. Vacca then sets the weapon to automatic, keeping his head near the gun as the girl fires.  通过周二公布的视频可以看到,维卡正在向女孩示范如何站立及如何拿这个未透漏名字的女孩朝目标开了一之后维卡将设置成自动模式,在女孩开的时候他的头离很近  “The guy just dropped,” Sheriff Jim McCabe told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  “他随即就倒下了”警长吉姆·麦卡比对报说  On his Facebook page, Vacca's posts ranged from pictures of his target practice to pro-gun rhetoric.  在维卡的Facebook主页上,他曾经发布的内容有打靶练习的图片,也有打前后的一些心情  Ronald Scott, a Phoenix-based firearms safety expert, told the Associated Press that there should have been stricter safety rules.  美国凤凰城的安全专家罗纳德·斯科特告诉美联社,的安全使用应该有更严格的规定  "You can't give a 9-year-old an Uzi and expect her to control it," Scott told the publication. “  你不能给一个9岁小女孩冲锋并且指望她能掌控它”斯科特说  Bullets and Burgers is located in the Mojave desert, about 5 miles away from Las Vegas.  事发的“汉堡与子弹”射击场位于距离5英里(约0公里)远的莫哈维县维多利亚.贝克汉姆亲女儿嘴引争议 -- :: 来源: 维多利亚.贝克汉姆晒出亲吻5岁女儿哈珀嘴唇的照片,由此引火上身 Beckham posted the photo her daughter’s birthday, writing “Happy Birthday baby girl. We all love you so much.”贝克汉姆晒出女儿过生日的照片,并写道:“宝贝女儿生日快乐我们都很爱你”Commenters attacked the fashion designer the innocent photo, writing things like, “Eww sorry I’m old fashioned it looks like they [are] making out,” “totally wrong” and “That’s one passionate kiss right there ... Hope she gets so passionate with @davidbeckham.” Social etiquette expert Liz Brewer told the B that she found the photo “uncomtable.”因为这张天真无邪的照片,时尚设计师维多利亚.贝克汉姆饱受者的攻击,比如说“哦,不好意思,我真是跟不上潮流了,看着照片感觉她俩在搞同性恋,”“完全的错误”以及“这真是之吻啊……希望她也能和大卫.贝克汉姆有如此”社会礼仪专家丽兹.布鲁尔告诉B,她觉得这张照片“让人不舒”“Normally with a member of your family you don’t kiss on the lips unless it’s your husband,” Brewer said. “With children, I wouldn’t have thought it’s a particularly good habit to get into but it’s her child and she’s at liberty to do what she thinks is best.”“通常来说,除了你的丈夫,你不会亲吻其他家庭成员的嘴唇,”布鲁尔说道“我认为亲吻孩子的嘴唇不是一个好习惯,但那是她自己的孩子,她有权做自己认为是最好的事情”After the photo was picked up by the media, Beckham’s page became flooded with comments supporting her and her daughter.在媒体曝光这张照片后,人们纷纷在维多利亚.贝克汉姆的主页下,表示持她和她女儿“Shame on whoever who thinks they can’t do that without it being some sort of sexual thing,” said one user, while others slammed people who thought the photo was controversial. One commenter wrote, “How is this even a fucking topic of discussion!? This is a mother showing affection to her daughter, you freaks!”“有人认为她们母女俩不该亲吻,并将此举动与性联系在一起,真为这些人感到羞耻,”一位用户说道,还有人抨击了认为这张照片具有争议性的人们一位网友道,“这有什么好讨论的!这不过就是母亲表达对女儿的喜爱,你们真是一群怪胎!”Parents have also shown their support the Spice Girl by posting their own photos kissing their children on the lips.一些家长为了表示对辣的持,纷纷晒出了自己亲吻孩子嘴唇的照片And, in a poll conducted by “Today,” an overwhelming 75 percent of people responded yes to the question, “Do you think it’s okay to kiss your children on the lips?”《今日杂志发起了一项民意调查,主题是“你认为可以亲吻孩子的嘴唇吗?”,75%的人对此问题作出了肯定的答复一个人的生存史诗 -- :6:57 来源:i1st 导读:为了这部戏,小李子增肥、变丑,为了这部戏,小李子趟过冰封的河水、生吃活鱼和牛肝……这是一部一个人的生存史诗,揭露了人性的善恶,这也是一部美国历史,描绘了鲜为人知的荒蛮年代The Revenant is a brutal tale about survival, revenge and retribution, which reflects the history of the US in the 18s.《荒野猎人是一个有关求生、复仇、和报应的残忍故事,展现了19世纪年代的美国历史Alejandro González Inárritu, the winner of this year’s Oscar Best Director, set his latest work on the untamed American frontier, commonly called the “Wild West”. At that time, Europeans flocked to the New World in search of raw materials and precious commodities, like animal fur. According to Eric Jay Dolin, author of the book Fur, tune, and Empire, a sea otter pelt was worth 京东和沃尔玛宣布达成深度战略合作 --3 3:5:50 来源: 6月日晚间,京东集团发出内部信宣布,沃尔玛成为京东集团的战略投资者,双方达成深度战略合作 Walmart has announced a partnership with the Chinese e-commerce firm JD.com to help revive the US company’s struggling website Yihaodian.日前,沃尔玛宣布与中国的电子商务公司京东集团建立战略伙伴关系,以帮助重振这家美国公司的网站“1号店”Walmart will give JD.com ownership of Yihaodian’s marketplace, including the brand, website and app.京东将拥有1号商城主要资产,包括“1号店”的品牌、网站、APPIn exchange Walmart will take a near 5% stake in JD.com, China’s second largest e-commerce firm after Alibaba.作为交换,沃尔玛将获得京东发行总股本数的5%京东商城是中国仅次于阿里巴巴第二大电子商务平台Walmart took full control of Yihaodian last year, but has struggled to grow its market share.沃尔玛去年全权接手了“1号店”,但却难以使其业绩上涨"We’re excited about teaming up with such a strong leader in JD.com, and the potential that this new relationship creates customers in China, as well as our businesses," said Walmart chief executive Doug McMillon.沃尔玛首席执行官董明伦表示,“我们为能够与京东这样一家强有力的市场领导者携手,以及双方的合作将为中国顾客和我们的业务带来的新发展机遇而感到由衷高兴Walmart will be listed as a preferred seller on JD.com, offering it greater exposure to the Chinese market.沃尔玛将成为京东集团的优先供应商,为中国市场带来更丰富的产品选择Walmart’s Sam’s Club brand will launch a shop on JD.com’s website.沃尔玛的“山姆会员商店”将在京东平台上开设官方旗舰店The deal will also help grow Yihaodian in the western and northern regions of the country where it is less well-known.这次合作还将帮助“1号店”提高其在中国西部和北方的影响力,在这些区域1号店的知名度并不高"We look ward to further developing Yihaodian, which has tremendous strength in important regions of eastern and southern China," said JD.com chief executive Richard Liu.京东首席执行官刘强东表示,“1号店在中国的华东和华南等重要区域已有鲜明的优势,我们非常期待通过此次联手进一步推动1号店的发展”Yihaodian’s sale of food and beverages, home goods and electronics s just 1.5% of web sales in China, according to research firm iResearch据市场调查公司艾瑞咨询数据,1号店的食品饮料、家居电子商品占中国市场1.5%的份额According to Walmart, the website had more than 0 million registered customers in July .沃尔玛表示,年7月,1号店的会员数量超过1亿The two companies also announced plans to improve supply chain management and increase the amount of imported goods.京东和沃尔玛还宣布将在供应链管理方面展开合作,并扩大进口产品的丰富度 (651 yuan) at the time, while the average laborer in the US earned only or $ a day. The growing popularity of hunting disrupted North America’s ecological balance and triggered a backlash among the Arikara Native Americans.今年奥斯卡最佳导演奖得主,亚利桑德罗?冈萨雷斯?伊纳里多,将自己的这部新片设定在荒芜的美国边境,即我们常说的“蛮荒的西部”那时,欧洲人涌入新大陆寻找原材料和珍贵的商品,比如动物皮草《皮毛、财富和帝国的作者埃里克?杰?多林写到,当时一张水獭皮能卖到0美元(约651人民币),而在美国一个劳工一天只能挣到一、两美元捕猎热破坏了北美的生态平衡,还激起了阿里卡拉印第安人的反抗“[The Revenant] is the story of this country, which is basically the story of humanity,” Inárritu told Rolling Stone. “Colonialism has been [around] since man is man. In this case, it’s the 18s, a part of history that hasn’t been explored too much in American films.”“《荒野猎人讲诉了这个国家的历史,从根本上说它还是一部人性史,”导演伊纳里多告诉《滚石杂志“从人类诞生时起,就有了殖民主义故事中的19世纪年代是美国电影很少触及的一个历史时期”The film tells the story of Hugh Glass, a trapper played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Fur traders send Glass and a team of trappers to the US West Coast to hunt, but along the way, Glass is badly injured in a grizzly bear attack. He resolves to take revenge on the colleagues who left him dead.电影讲诉了猎人休?格拉斯(莱奥纳多?迪卡普里奥饰)的故事皮草贸易商派格拉斯和一队猎人前往美国西岸捕猎,但是格拉斯在途中被一头灰熊重伤他决心向那些把他抛弃在荒野等死的同伴复仇Unlike his fellow fur trappers, who pursue economic gain by any means necessary, Glass is depicted as relatively respectful to the Native Americans. He even marries an aboriginal wife. He represents some of the invaders who were less greedy and inhumane.和那些为了经济利益可以不择手段的猎人不同,格拉斯被塑造成一个尊重美洲印第安人的形象他还娶了一位印第安妻子他代表了那些不那么贪婪和残忍的入侵者US novelist Michael Punke has a book about Glass’ thrilling journey, and the film is partially based on the book. But The Revenant heightens the stakes, presenting Glass with an even more desperate predicament. In the book, Glass has a map to help him find his destination. In the film, however, he’s left clueless, with no map to tell him how long a journey he has to face or whether he can hope survival.美国小说家迈克尔?庞克曾写过一本关于格拉斯惊险之旅的书,电影采纳了书中的部分内容不过《荒野猎人中格拉斯所处的困境则更为艰难书中,格拉斯还有一张地图帮他找到目的地而在电影中,他被独自抛下,毫无头绪,手边也没有地图告诉他前面将会有多长的旅程等着他,他甚至不知道是否能生还People often say that, compared with nature, man is insignificant. Yet the film depicts humankind’s tenacious vitality under intolerable conditions. Glass survived a frozen river, gunfire, and a grizzly bear mauling. Just as the line on the movie poster says, he’s “one who has returned, as if from the dead.”常言说,和自然界相比,人类十分渺小而这部电影则描述了人类在极端条件下的顽强生命力不论是面对冰冻的河水、子弹的袭击,还是灰熊的攻击,格拉斯都挺了过来正如电影海报上所写,他“死里逃生”At the beginning of the film, Glass says to his son, “As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight. You breathe... Keep breathing.” That’s the essence of this survival epic.电影一开始,格拉斯就对儿子说:“只有你一息尚存,就要抗争深呼吸……不要间断,一直深呼吸”这正是这部生存史诗的精髓河南大学生毕业当天家传喜讯 妻子生下四胞胎 -- :3: 来源: 6月日,也就是河南省平舆县李乾熙领到大学毕业的当天,妻子产下了四胞胎,两男两女 On June , when Li Qianxi from Pingyu County, Henan, received a university certificate, his wife gave birth to four babies—— two boys and two girls. Hearing the good news, he returned to the home excitedly to tell his friends and relatives, saying “ I have no idea how to tell my class that I suddenly have four kids on the same day when I received the college diploma.”6月日,也就是平舆县李乾熙领到大学毕业的当天,妻子产下了四胞胎,两男两女听到消息,李乾熙便迅速回到家将其告知自己的朋友和亲戚,同时也发愁道:“刚领到大学毕业就当爹了,还是四个孩子,我还没想好怎么跟同学们说呢”The reporter went to meet Li Qianxi and his wife Yang Xiaowen in the maternity ward of the People’s Hospital in Pingyu County, whose four kids had been delivered to the nursery room. The two girls were uptaking oxygen in CICU.当天上午,记者在平舆县人民医院妇产科病房见到了李乾熙和他妻子杨孝稳四胞胎正在新生儿护理室,其中有两个女婴在监护室吸氧“The puerpera is relatively young. With the quadruplets as her first birth experience, she has been in good condition after childbirth.” Zhao Long, the director of obstetrics and gynecology of the hospital told the reporter, “ She was hospitalized on June th and some wrong came up on the morning of June th that the puerpera couldn’t stand up with small capacity of uterine cavity and slow fetal movement.” Zhao Long and several other obstetricians immediately decided to operate the caesarean section after consultation.“产妇比较年轻,这次生产的四胞胎是第一胎,所以其产后身体恢复还算良好”该院妇产科主任赵龙告诉记者,该产妇于6月日入院日上午,产妇身体突然出现状况,宫腔容积小,无法基本站立赵龙和其他几名产科医生会诊后决定立即给产妇做剖腹产手术“The operation took half an hour. The first boy of .kg came out , followed by two girls weighing .1kg and 1.9kg. The last baby was a boy ,weighing 1.65kg. With two minutes per baby on average, the quadruplets have a total weight of more than 7.5kg.” Zhao Long said. The doctors in this hospital have delivered quadruplets many times since 00. However, most families including Li Qianxi’s would have mixed emotions in face of such situation.“手术用了半小时就完成了日上午9时5分第一个出来的是男婴,重达.8斤,中间出来的是两个女婴,分别是.斤和3.8斤,最后出来的男婴重.5斤,四胞胎总重斤多平均两分钟出来一个”赵龙说该院从00年以来,多次接生过四胞胎,产妇和家属都是喜忧参半,这位产妇的家属也是这情况Li Qianxi’s mother told reporter that she lived in Zhangmiao County in Donghuang Street with husband and her mother-in-law, managing to eke out a living with one-acre land in hand. She would take care of the elderly mother-in-law and do some farm work at home. Her husband is the bwinner who makes money son and daughter’s education as a driver. “ My son got married last year, and his wife got pregnant soon after marriage. Now he just became the father of four kids after he graduated from college.”李乾熙的母亲告诉记者,她家住东皇街道张庙村,每人只有一亩地,产的粮食勉强能够维持温饱自己平时在家伺候年迈的婆婆,干农活,丈夫做司机挣钱供儿子、女儿上学,全家就他一个人挣钱“儿子去年和媳妇结的婚,婚后媳妇就怀了,现如今他刚刚大学毕业,就当了四胞胎的爹”“Actually we are very happy to see our grandsons and grandaughters. We are just worried that how to raise these children. ” Li Qianxi’s mother said, “ We will be extremely grateful if there can be some warm-hearted people or mula manufacturers who are y to offer some help. My son and daughter-in-law used to be medical students and they will make contribution to the society and pass on love and kindness in the future. ”“媳妇生了四胞胎,孙子孙女都有了,说实话我们特别高兴,就是发愁奶粉钱”李乾熙的母亲表示,“希望能有爱心人士和奶粉厂家为四个孩子提供帮助,我们全家感激不尽儿子女儿大学都是学医的,将来就业后一定会用所学专业回报社会,把爱心传递下去”

最热门职业出炉! -- ::7 来源:chinadaily Primary and secondary education sectors see thebiggest rise in job opporties as they provided8.7% of total job opporties graduates in, an increase of .% over , according to areport on employment of Chinese college graduatesin released by education consulting companyMyCOS. 教育咨询公司麦可思近日发布的《年中国大学生就业报告显示,中小学教育行业的社会需求量增加最多,就业的届毕业生中,就职于中小学教育行业的比例为8.7%,比届增加了.% However, the average salary of those joining primary or secondary education sectors was thelowest, about 3,500 yuan (3), six months after graduation. 不过,小学或中学教育部门的平均工资是最低的,在毕业半年之后,薪水为3500元(折合533美元) The other top five sectors that recorded biggest job increase were: internet development andapplication; finance; medical care or first aid service; and media and publishing. 社会需求量增加最多的前5个职业类还包括互联网开发及应用、金融、医疗保健紧急救助、媒体和出版 College graduates who joined internet development and application industries were best paid,with an average monthly salary of 5,0 yuan, six months after graduation. 进入互联网开发与应用行业的大学毕业生收入最好,在毕业半年之后平均月薪50元 The five occupations that saw sharpest fall in work opporties in were architecturalengineering; machinery or instrument; marketing; electrical or electronics (with computerscience excluded); and automobile engineering. 年社会需求量降低最多的5个职业类是建筑工程、机械仪器仪表、销售、电气电子(不包括计算机科学)、机动车机械 Architectural engineering saw the biggest dive, dropping 1.6 percent from the previous year,though it still provided 6 percent of total job opporties. 尽管仍提供了6%的就业机会,但是建筑工程还是遭遇了需求量最大幅度的下跌,相比前一年下降了1.6% Architectural engineering was among the cluster that witnessed an increase in jobs from to and the decline in may be a result of the tightened national policy on property,said MyCOS. 麦可思公司表示,结合数据可以发现,年至年从事“建筑工程”职业的比例逐年增加,但在年骤降,这可能是由于国家政策收紧的结果 The MyCOS report is based on its tracking assessment on graduates of six monthssince their graduation, covering 3,000 undergraduates and 7,000 higher vocationalcollege graduates. 麦可思公司的这项报告是基于年大学生毕业半年后的跟踪评价的,其中包括本科生约.3万人,高职院校毕业生约.7万


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