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A self-styled armed militia continues to occupy a wildlife refuge building in Oregon. The FBI says it is hoping for a peaceful end to the occupation.The story out of Oregon got us wondering about Michigans history of militias, and whether whats happened in the Beaver State could happen here as well.Amy Cooter is a faculty member in Vanderbilt Universitys Sociology department. She did field work with the Michigan militia as part of her dissertation research.Cooter tells us its ;certainly possible; that Michigan could see some sort of militia activity, but its unlikely that it would play out the way it has in Oregon.What makes a militia?Cooter says theres a lot of debate over how to define a militia, but to her mind, a militia is, ;a group of people who are armed, who practice with firearms regularly and who meet not just for training purposes, but also to discuss political and other ongoing events.;She tells us there are similar groups all over the country who dont incorporate any sort of training into their operations, adding that many members of the aforementioned group in Oregon do not appear to have received any such training. ;So its debatable whether the militia label is really the best fit for them, but well go with that for now,; Cooter says.;Theres a little bit more faith in the state government in Michigan than what were seeing happening right now in Oregon.;According to Cooter, groups who fall under the general ;militia; umbrella can be broken into two categories: Millenarians and Constitutionalists.Constitutionalist groups, she explains, are typically made up of people who believe that Americans should follow the Constitution to the letter of the law. She tells us most militia groups fall under this category.;The Millenarian groups tend to take it a step further,; Cooter says. ;[They] think that things are kind of more urgent, more pressing, that they need to enact something, whether its violence in some cases, whether its a protest, to make the government pay attention to their needs.; She tells us these are usually the groups that show up in the news.According to Cooter, both types of groups exist in Michigan, but the majority are of the Constitutionalist variety.Militia in Michigan;There have been active militias in all 50 states for a long time, but Michigan in particular has a long history of its own,; Cooter says. ;It really first started around 1994 in the wake of several different events including Waco, Ruby Ridge and the Brady Bill.;She tells us different groups appeared around the state and eventually came together over common concerns, eventually forming the group we know now as the Michigan Militia.Michigan Radios Rina Miller spoke with members of the Southwest Michigan Volunteer Militia in 2010:Shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing in April of 1995, news sp that bomber Timothy McVeigh had attended a number of militia meetings in Michigan prior to attacking the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.Michigan militia members who were around at the time told Cooter that the group was skeptical of McVeigh and at one point asked him to leave one of the meetings.But regardless of how involved McVeigh was in Michigan, Cooter thinks his presence shaped the Michigan Militia in ways that set it apart from militias in other states.;Because of all the fallout that happened from McVeigh from the Oklahoma bombing, I think militia members in Michigan today are much more careful about getting involved in certain events, making sure they really understand who the players are, what their motivations are, what the consequences might be before they get involved in some big picture actions,; she says.Cooter tells us that militia membership tends to be cyclical, fluctuating in response to state- and federal-level political occurrences. For example, she says that even without the recent militia activity in Oklahoma, militia membership would be expected to rise in response to President Obamas announcements about gun control.Alternatively, in times of Republican leadership and when political focus shifts away from gun control and other issues that are of concern to militia groups, she tells us membership tends to decline.Michigans militia members today view themselves ;almost as supercitizens,; Cooter says.;They really think about themselves as trying to be real Americans, as trying to understand the Constitution and what good citizens are supposed to do to take care of themselves, their family, and their country,; she tells us. ;They really think that its their job to watch out for government infringement even if some of their neighbors are being complacent about it.;Cooter tells us its important to understand that militia groups are varied in their practices and beliefs, ;just like most other kind of organizations that people join when they have a common interest.; She also warns us against letting the vocal minority set the tone for how we see militia around the country.;A lot of the ones that end up on the news who are in trouble, who are doing something that we may not agree with, are not necessarily representative of the brunt of militia members,; she says.;We may have to think about our terminology and keep that in mind before we get necessarily afraid of what theyre up to or maybe what is happening in our own community.;—Ryan Grimes, Stateside201601/420774The queens knickers女王的短裤Victoria’s secret维多利亚的秘密What do you buy the monarchist who has everything? One auction bidder has the answer: knickers that belonged to Queen Victoria. The buyer paid 6,200 (,900) for them on October 12th at an auction in Kent. At her death in 1901, Victoria bequeathed several dozen pairs of bloomers to her servants (“for loyal service”) but only one other complete pair has been found and sold. These drawers are interesting because the 52-inch (132cm) waist shows how well Her Majesty ate in later years. The sale is part of a growing market for the underwear of famous dead people: recent auctions have tried to sell the smalls of Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and Elvis Presley. Someone wanted 7,000 for the King’s briefs in 2012 but they didn’t sell. Only Victoria’s have sat on an actual throne.你要从拥有一切的君主那里买什么?有一位拍卖者知道:曾属于维多利亚女王的短裤。10月12号,这位买家在肯特举行的一场拍卖会上以6,200英镑(9,900美元)的价格拍下了这条短裤。维多利亚女王在1901年弥留之际,将好几十条灯笼裤赠给仆人(因为他们“忠诚的务”)。但除了刚刚提到的那条之外,迄今只发现另一条完整的短裤,它已经卖出去了。这些衬裤很有意思,因为那52英寸(132cm)的腰围显示出尊贵的女王陛下在晚年伙食相当不错。这次交易是已故名人内衣裤拍卖这个蓬勃发展的市场的一部分:近期的拍卖会已经尝试拍卖了迈克尔·杰克逊、安娜·妮可·史密斯和猫王的内衣裤。2012年,有人曾希望以7,000英镑的价格买下国王的内裤,但这是非卖品。只有维多利亚女王的短裤才曾坐在真正的王位上,(惟有维多利亚女王的短裤才真正雄踞价位榜首)。 /201410/339257

We all know that smoking cigarettes is bad.我们都对吸烟有害健康这一点心知肚明。But what about smoking a pipe or cigars?但是抽烟斗或抽雪茄呢?Since you dont inhale, is it better for your health?如果你不吸气,那样对你的健康更有好处吗?Or at least less bad?或者危害少了很多?Good question. So first, its true that cigarettes are in a league of their own when it comes to ruining your health.问得好。因此,首先,抽烟确实在有害健康。And its also true that pipes and cigars have an aura of sophistication and, perhaps, harmless merriment.而人们普遍认为抽烟斗或抽雪茄也许不会对健康造成影响。But the fact is that in their own way, pipes and cigars are plenty bad for you.但事实上烟斗或雪茄都会对你的身体产生危害。Like cigarettes, smoking a pipe or cigar is linked to all sorts of cancers.就像香烟一样,烟斗或雪茄会让你患上各种癌症。Cancer of the lung, lip, tongue, mouth, and throat, to name a few.还有肺,唇,舌,口腔和咽喉癌等方面的疾病。201502/361162

The living wage最低生活工资Wage flaws工资缺陷Sense and nonsense about minimum wages最低工资的意义何在What unites Ed Miliband, the Labour leader; Boris Johnson, London’s Tory mayor; and Barclays Bank? All are keen on the “living wage”, the hourly rate needed to pay for the items people reckon they need for an acceptable standard of living. On November 5th researchers paid by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation uprated it to 7.45 pounds (.90). A separate calculation by GLA Economics, a research unit that advises Mr Johnson’s government, put the living wage in London at £8.55. Mr Miliband suggests naming and shaming those who pay less. Business folk warn darkly about the cost in lost jobs. Who is right?是什么将工党领袖埃德·米利班德,纽约的保守市长鲍里斯·约翰逊以及巴克莱联系在一起呢?他们都对“最低工资”极感兴趣,每小时的工资应该足以付人们认为的在一个合适的生活水平下应该拥有的东西。在11月5日,Joseph Rowntree基金会的调查者发现每小时工资提高到7.45英镑(约为11.90美元)。约翰逊政府的咨询机构——GLA经济研究协会做了一项独立的计算,得出伦敦的最低工资是7.45英镑。米利班德对那些小气的雇主冷嘲热讽,而商界人士则严肃警告说,员工失业对公司也会造成损失。孰对孰错?A mandatory national minimum adult hourly wage of 3.60 pounds was introduced in April 1999, and has been regularly uprated since. In October it rose to 6.19 pounds. The wage floor seems not to have cost jobs. A 2010 paper by researchers at the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics found the long-run effect was either negligible or positive (ie, jobs increased). That finding is echoed in studies of minimum wages in America.在1999年4月,强制实行成年人小时工资不低于3.6英镑的标准,到目前为止此项标准不断提高。到了10月就增加到每小时6.19英镑。薪资水平似乎还没导致失业。2010年,伦敦经济学院中心的一篇论文研究经济发现(最低工资)这一研究与美国的最低工资研究遥相呼应(即就业增加)。而这项研究在美国最低工资水平的研究中一直持续着。Such results might seem puzzling. If the price of something is forced upwards, demand for it should fall. Why might this not be the case for low-paid workers? The answer is that firms find other ways to absorb higher wage costs. The simplest is to raise prices. Fast-food restaurants in New Jersey did so when the state’s minimum wage was raised in 1992, according to a landmark study by David Card and Alan Krueger of Princeton University. Firms may also skimp on non-wage benefits, trim the number of hours worked by low-paid staff, or cut other costs. Even the best-run firms can find savings when pushed.这样的结果可能会令人费解。如果东西的价格被迫上升,那么他的需求将会下降。这样的情况难道不会难道不会出现在那些低工资者的身上么?是,公司将会寻找其他方式来减少高额的工资成本。最简单的就是提高价格。根据David Card和普林斯顿大学的Alan Krueger的一项里程碑式的研究显示,新泽西的快餐店在1992年国家的提出最低工资标准的时候就是这样做的。公司也可以克扣非工资福利,削减低薪工作人员工作时数以及其他的减少成本方式。运行得最好的公司甚至可以在强制的情况下找到解决的方式。They may even find benefits. Turnover of low-paid staff often falls in places where minimum wages go up, reducing hiring costs. Higher wages might also make workers more productive. The theory of “efficiency wages” says that well-paying firms can induce staff to work harder by improving morale or by making it costlier for them to risk being sacked. The well-heeled firms that have signed up to the living wage report a better standard of work. Bosses in less cosy workplaces know this, too. A study of prostitution in Chicago found that pimps paid above-market wages to retain the best street workers.他们甚至在其中有利可图。当最低工资上调时,低薪员工流通率也会同时上涨,这样将可以降低雇佣成本。而高工资也可能使得工人更有效率。“绩效工资”理论认为:高薪公司或可以激发员工士气,或使员工冒解雇之风险而投机牺牲代价变的更高,从而促使员工更努力工作。据报告显示,收入不错的企业都规规矩矩地执行最低工资标准,其工作质量都处于较高水平。而工作环境不怎么舒适的公司的老板都知道这一点。芝加哥的一项研究发现,老鸨们付高于市场的薪水来留住最好的街头工作者。These are comforting arguments for those who think firms should be cajoled into paying the living wage. They apply only up to a point. Efficiency-wage theory was devised to explain high unemployment. Wage floors in America are low by European standards. Britain’s minimum wage is carefully set to avoid demolishing jobs. When it was introduced it affected fewer than 2 million workers. But the national living wage is 20% higher, the London rate almost 40% higher. If applied to all those currently in work, they would raise the pay of around 5m employees. It is hard to believe that would have no effect on jobs.对 那些认为公司应该被连哄带骗地付最低生活工资来说,这些都是令人欣慰的参数。但是他们只用到了一个方面。效率工资理论被用来解释高失业率。美国的最低工资标准低于欧洲水平。英国的最低工资的设置是十分谨慎的,以防带来失业,受影响的人数应控制在200万之内。但是全国最低生活工资高出(实际水平 的)20%,伦敦率更是高出近40%。如果推广到所有的行业,约有500万人将会提高最低工资。那么,很难相信这对就业没有任何影响。Indeed, large cuts in real wages help explain why the jobs market has hummed along in an otherwise sluggish economy. Employment growth has been stronger in low-paid industries—in shops, hotels, bars, office services and so on—than in higher-paid work. The law firms, banks and accountants who have embraced the living wage can afford it, as they employ few low-paid workers.事实上,实际工资大削减有助于解释为什么就业市场在萧条的经济中仍高歌猛进。例如像商店、酒店、酒吧、办公务,如此等等低收入行业往往比报酬更高的的工作的就业率要高。律师事务所、和会计等行业可以承受起最低工资标准,因此他们很少雇佣那些低薪劳动者。A living wage implies a wage level that keeps up with prices, at least in part. But British workers have had to settle for a lower standard of living in recent years, because of a weaker pound, the rising cost of oil across the world and higher taxes. As a result, surprisingly few have lost their jobs. Brits, it seems, much prefer the hardship of low wages to the misery of no wages.一个最低生活工资至少要与部分物价水平保持一致。然而,由于英镑疲软,世界范围内石油价格上升以及税收提高,英国工人最近几年不得不过着水平相对较低的生活。但是,令人惊讶的是,很少有人失去了工作。与没有工资相对比,收入低一点对英国人来说没什么关系。 翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201608/461378

China has relaxed a bit since: for a while, one film fan had a blog called Research Centre for Nipples in Chinese Films.据一位电影爱好者的客中国电影乳房研究中心所言,自那时开始,中国已经逐渐放开了一些。However, prudishness has revived in recent years.但是近年来保守之风又死灰复燃。The nude scene in Titanic, a Hollywood film, was screened intact in China in 1998, for example, but removed from the 3D version released in 2012.例如好莱坞电影《泰坦尼克》1998年在中国放映时,戏中的裸露镜头是保持完整的,但是在2012年重新发布的3D版中却被删减。Heaving bosoms have been blacklisted too:丰满的胸部也被列入了黑名单:in the past year two popular TV dramas have been forced to re-edit shots that include plunging necklines and to zoom in on the actresses faces instead (movies involving such filming techniques are referred to scathingly as big-head ones).去年两部热播电视部就被强迫重新编辑镜头,聚焦到将含有低胸画面的镜头改成女主角的脸部(使用到此类拍摄技巧的电影被人们戏谑地称为大头娃娃版)。Online streaming sites, which previously had often succeeded in escaping the censors attention, are coming under closer scrutiny.线上媒体先前逃脱了审查者的注意,但现在也被置于更严格的审查中。Moral strictures are not applied equally.然而道德标准并不公正。Regulators warn against displaying excessive drinking, smoking and other bad habits, for example, yet smoking is routine on Chinese screens.例如,监管者们对播放过度饮酒,抽烟或其他陋习提出警告,然而在中国电影电视中,抽烟的镜头依旧比比皆是。One blockbuster released in 2015, Gone with the Bullets, had to delay its premiere, probably because it had to adjust some of its sexually suggestive content.2015年的电影巨作《一步之遥》不得不延迟上映,或许是因为要修改其中一些性暗示内容。But it featured 45 smoking scenes—around one every three minutes.但是电影中出现了45个抽烟的镜头—约每三分钟出现一次。Tolerance for violence is higher than it is for sex, perhaps because so much of what passes for entertainment on TV and in cinemas is in fact propaganda relating to the war against the Japanese and the partys bloody rise to power.对暴力内容的容忍度比性要高,这或许是因为许多电视节目和电影实际上都是在宣传反对日本侵略的战争,以及宣扬共产党崛起的血腥历程。Such historical gore is mostly given a clean pass (although some anti-Japanese war shows were reined in for being overly dramatic in 2013).类似的历史剧一般都不会遭到刁难(尽管2013年一些抗日战争剧因为过于戏剧化而被禁播)。A Chinese film released in 2006, Curse of the Golden Flower, was given a rating in America that required those under 17 to be accompanied by an adult because of its violent scenes.2006年上映的电影《满城尽带黄金甲》因为其中的暴力场景,在美国被评级为17岁以下人员需由一名成人陪同才可观看。But these scenes were left uncut when it was screened in China. Viewers were given no warning about them.但是这些画面在中国上映时并没有被删减,观影者没有接到任何警告。On TV The Patriot (Yue Fei), a popular historical drama, commonly features long fights with bloody swords, arrows through the heart and dripping corpses.正在上映的流行历史剧《精忠岳飞》中,经常出现带血的刀剑,箭矢穿心而过,以及正在流血的尸体等长时间打斗的画面。It currently airs on one channel in the early afternoon (others show it at 7.35pm).该剧每天下午早些时候在一个频道中播放(其他频道在晚上7:35播放)。Censors more often pounce if the context is not related to Chinas military heroism.当上映内容与中国的军事英雄主义无关时,审查者们往往都倍加严格。A Japanese anime film, Attack on Titan, was pulled from the Shanghai film festival in June, probably because of its violent content.在今年6月的上海电影节中,一部日本动漫电影《进击的巨人》或许就由于其暴力内容被撤。A childrens cartoon, Pleasant Goat and the Big, Big Wolf, a Chinese Tom and Jerry, was criticised by state media in 2013 for its vulgar language and violent images;儿童动漫《喜羊羊与灰太狼》—中国版的《猫和老鼠》,在2013年时因为其中的粗俗语言和暴力画面被国家媒体抨击;they said that the wolf was assaulted with a frying pan over 9,500 times in his attempt to bring a sheep home for his wife to cook.他们称那只狼为了将羊抓回家让老婆煮被平底锅击中了9500多次。There were no apparent objections to the gender stereotypes.审查中没有明显地对性别的刻板印象提出异议。 译文属译生译世 /201602/428260

Europe Greek taxation欧洲 希腊税收A national sport no more逃漏税再也不是全民运动Greek tax dodgers are being outed希腊严惩逃漏税者Greek officials used to shrug off tax evasion as “a national sport”. The finance ministry focused on raising revenue through indirect taxes such as value-added tax. Meanwhile income from a flourishing black economy financed the building of second homes on the islands, in Greece’s Arcadian heartland or moved into bank accounts abroad.希腊官员曾经将逃漏税看做一场“全民运动”,对其并不重视。财政部主要通过增值税之类的间接税收来增加收入。同时,繁荣的黑市经济创造的收入一部分走入希腊田园牧歌般的中部的二手房市场,一部分流入境外账户。Those days are over. As Greece struggles to put its public finances in order, property owners have been hit by a volley of new taxes and holders of Swiss bank accounts are under uncomfortable scrutiny. Hot Doc, an investigative magazine, recently published a list of 2,000 Greeks who kept accounts at a Geneva branch of HS.这样的日子一去不复返了。当希腊挣扎着稳定公共金融秩序的时候,房产主受到了各种新税种的连番轰炸,瑞士持股人也处于监控之下,无法安心。调查性杂志《热门档案》最近公布了一份名单,曝光了2000位在汇丰日内瓦分行开户的希腊富人。Costas Vaxevanis, its editor, is adamant that to publish the list was in the public interest. (Many hard-up, law abiding Greeks would agree.) He argues that reforms of taxation have not gone far enough, despite recent efforts by the conservative-led coalition government of Antonis Samaras to pursue 54,000 taxpayers who sent 22 billion (.5 billion) abroad in -11. About 15,000 people transferred funds that were not declared to the tax authorities; the government now hopes to rake in an extra 2.25 billion in taxes.杂志总编辑哥斯达斯·瓦瑟瓦尼斯坚称,公布这份名单是保护公众利益。(许多经济拮据并遵纪守法的希腊人会认同这一点)。 他声称,尽管最近保守派的安东尼斯·萨马拉斯领导的联合政府做出了许多努力,追查在至2011年间将220亿欧元(合285亿美元)转移到国外的54,000位纳税人,但税制改革还远远不够深入。大约有15,000人转移到境外的资产是未向政府申报的资产,希腊政府现在则希望税收收入快速增加22.5亿欧元。Mr Vaxevanis is due to be tried in Athens on November 1st on charges of violating data-privacy laws by publishing the list that contains names of politicians, shipowners and businesspeople. He accepts that some accounts held legitimate funds. Yet many of the 200 people contacted by the Hot Doc team either claimed the list was a fake or begged him not to publish their names, he says.瓦瑟瓦尼斯预计会在11月1日因“违反数据保密法,擅自公布包含政客、船商及企业老板姓名名单”受审。他承认一些账户持有的是合法资金。然而,他还说,《热门文章》杂志团队取得联系的200人,或声称名单是伪造的,或乞求他不要公布他的名单。Those most embarrassed by the revelations are two former socialist finance ministers, George Papaconstantinou, and his successor, Evangelos Venizelos, now leader of Pasok (the PanHellenic Socialist Movement). In 2010 Mr Papaconstantinou requested the list, put together by a former HS employee, from Christine Lagarde, then his counterpart in France. He asked Ioannis Kapeleris, the head of SDOE, the Greek financial police, to check out ten names. Although they turned out to be suspected tax evaders, Mr Papaconstantinou never pursued the matter. The CDs containing the names and a copy made on a USB stick were “mislaid”, Mr Papaconstantinou told parliament. The next head of SDOE, Ioannis Diotis, a former public prosecutor, told Mr Venizelos an investigation into the stolen list could face legal problems. The matter was quietly dropped.在此次揭发事件中最为难堪的是两位社运党籍前财政部长:乔治·帕帕康斯坦提诺及其继任者、泛希腊社会主义运动党现任领导人伊万格勒斯·维尼则罗斯。2012年,帕帕康斯坦提诺曾向法国财政部长克里斯蒂娜·拉加德索要过这份由一位前恒生员工制成的名单。还曾要求希腊独立税务调查组——相当于希腊的财政警察——负责人扬尼斯·卡佩勒瑞斯调查其中的10个人。尽管调查结果显示这些人有逃漏税嫌疑,帕帕康斯坦提诺却从未追究下去。他告诉议会,记载名字的CD及装有副本的USB存储器“不知道被放在哪儿了”。继任的希腊独立税务调查组负责人、前检察官扬尼斯·戴奥蒂斯告诉维尼则罗斯,调查丢失的名单可能会遇到一些法律问题。此事因此就被悄然搁置了。Yannis Stournaras, the current finance minister, a technocrat, has asked Paris to send another copy of the list, which dates from 2007. Yet it may still be hard to catch up with tax evaders. According to Mr Kapeleris, delays in digitising tax records have meant that many documents going back more than five years are shredded.现任财政部长雅尼斯·斯托纳拉斯是位技术官员。他要求巴黎再给他提供一份2007年以来的名单副本。然而,想抓住那些逃漏税者还是很难。据卡佩勒瑞斯说,由于实现税务记录数字化过程落后而缓慢,5年多以前的许多文件都被粉碎了。The sheer scale of Greek tax evasion angers the European Union and IMF officials trying to knock Greece’s economy back into shape. One recent study suggested up to 30 billion of revenue goes uncollected every year. Ms Lagarde, now the IMF managing director, has said publicly she cares more about village schoolchildren in Niger than Athenians “who are trying to escape tax all the time.” Mr Vaxevanis’s trial will be closely watched.希腊大规模的逃漏税激怒了欧盟及国际货币基金组织里那些尝试将希腊经济扳回正轨的官员。最近一份研究表明,希腊每年会流失约300亿欧元的税收收入。现担任国际货币基金组织总裁的拉加德女士公开表示,相比起“一直尝试偷漏税的”雅典人来说,她更关心尼日尔的农村学龄儿童。对瓦瑟瓦尼斯的审判将会受到密切关注。翻译:陈莎莎译文属译生译世 /201608/461122

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