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泉州祛痣哪里好泉州祛黑眼圈怎么样And for now we were talking about the future of technology 我们于是开始谈论未来技术It was going to the cloud and it was going mobile and it was going to have social networks 我们讲到云 讲到移动性 讲到社交网络And 1 trillion sensors and everything in the world is getting connected together 讲到上万亿传感器 让世界上的一切连通到一起And she sat there so patiently for an hour 她在那里静静地听了一个小时It was a great. I was inspired by him 这很棒 至少我觉得他的想法很激动人心And then at the very end, she turned in 最后 她开始说话She turned in after listening to his whole business plan and said this 她在听完他的整个经营计划后说道Arjun 阿儿琼While you are working so hard 你在如此努力工作To change the world and create all this great technology 试图通过这些伟大技术来改变世界Im sure all those will come to pass 这些肯定都会发生Dont forget, dont forget to do something for others 但是同时 不要忘记 为其他人做点什么And Arjun was kind of taking it back a little bit 阿儿琼似乎有点吃惊And I felt like she was talking to me 而我感觉她是在和我讲话And I kind of felt like I just found what I was looking for 我觉得我突然找到了我所追寻的东西She said dont forget about other people 她说 别忘记其他人While were doing all this hard work, while were changing the world 在我们努力工作 试图改变世界的同时Dont forget about others who are a little less well taken care of than we are here 不要忘记那些机遇没有我们好的人们So we left actually the next day with our time to go home and 我们第二天就收拾好准备回家That night we were on a rise boat in the backwaters of the Arabian Sea 晚上 我们乘舟在阿拉伯海的河汊处荡漾And we were eating our vegetarian meal and 我们吃着素菜Going down this incredible river 沿河流往下漂行And talking about that 还是谈到这个On the one hand, we have this incredible business life and technology life 一方面 我们有美妙的经营和技术And we have these amazing degrees and we put it all into action 我们很有思想 并能付诸行动And on the other life we kind of have this rebirth desire after this guru to 另一方面 我们受到大师点播 在愿望上获得了重生Do something for others 为他人做点什么Do something for others为他人做点什么201601/422574在泉州哪个医院点痣好 Its an honor to be here today to address HBSs distinguished faculty, proud parents, patient guests, and most importantly, the class of 2012.今天很荣幸来到这里为尊敬的哈佛商学院(HBS)的教授们,自豪的毕业生家长们和耐心的来宾们,尤其是为今年的毕业生们演讲。Today was supposed to be a day of unbridled celebration and I know thats no longer true.今天原本应该是狂欢的日子,不过我知道现在并不合适了(由于一名毕业生在欧洲突然死亡)I join all of you in grieving for your classmate Nate.让我们一起为Nate同学表示哀悼。I know there are no words that makes something like this better.我知道任何言语在这样的悲剧前都苍白无力。Although laden with sadness, today still marks a distinct and impressive achievement for this class.尽管满怀悲伤,但今天仍然象征着你们取得的杰出成绩。So please everyone join me in giving our warmest congratulations to this class of 2012.所以让我们一起为12届的毕业生们献上最热烈的祝贺。When the wonderful Dean Nohria invited me to speak here today, I thought, come talk to a group of people way younger and cooler than I am?当尊敬的院长Nohria邀请我今天来做演讲时,我想来给一群远比我年轻有活力的人们演讲?I can do that. I do that every day at Facebook.我没问题。这正是我每天在Facebook做的事情。I like being surrounded by young people, except when they say to me, ;What was it like being in college without the internet?; or worse,; Sheryl, can you come here?我喜欢和年轻人在一起,除了当他们问我,“没有互联网的大学是怎样的?”或者更夸张,“谢丽尔,你能过来下么?We need to see what old people think of this feature.; Its not joking.我们想知道‘老人会对这个新功能怎么看” 这类问题。我不是在开玩笑。Its a special privilege for me to be here this month.能够在毕业季来到这里,我觉得很荣幸。When I was a student here 17 years ago, I studied social marketing with Professor Kash Rangan.17年前当我是哈佛的学生时,我上了Kash Rangan教授的“社交化营销”。One of the many examples Kash used to explain the concept of social marketing was the lack of organ donors in this country, which kills 18 people every single day.一个Kash用来解释“社交化营销”概念的例子就是美国在器官捐赠方面的不足,每天因此有18人死亡。Earlier this month, Facebook launched a tool to support organ donations, something that stems directly from Kashs work.本月早些时候,Facebook推出了一款持器官捐赠的工具,这是对Kash工作的直接应用。Kash, wherever you are here, we are all grateful for your dedication.Kash,无论你今天坐在哪里,我们都十分感激你的贡献。So It wasnt really that long ago when I was sitting where you are, but the world has changed an awful lot.所以也就在“不久”之前,我坐在你们现在的位置上。但是这个世界已经变化了很多。My section, section B, tried to have HBSs first online class.我所在的小组Section B曾尝试进行HBS的第一次在线课程。We had to use an AOL chat room and dial up service.我们用的是AOL的聊天室和电话拨号上网务。Your parents can explain to you later what dial-up service is.你们的父母可以向你们解释什么是拨号上网。We had to pass out a list of screen names because it was unthinkable to put your real name on the internet.我们得给每人发一张写有我们网名的列表,因为那时在网上用真名是件让人难以想象的事。And it never worked. It kept crashing and kicking all of us off.不过这完全不行。网一直断,我们会被踢出聊天室。Because the world just wasnt set up for 90 people to communicate at once online.因为当时的世界还无法让90人同时在线交流。For a few brief moments, we glimpsed the future a future where technology would power who we are and connect us to our real colleagues, our real family, our real friends.不过有几个瞬间,我们仿佛看到了未来。一个由于科技进步让我们和真实生活中的同事、家人和朋友更好地联系在一起的未来。It used to be that in order to reach more people than you could talk to in a day, you had to be rich and famous and powerful. You had to be a celebrity, a politician, a CEO. But thats not true today.过去如果想在一天内联系到比你能见着面更多的人,你要么有钱,要么有名,要么有权。得是名人,政客,或者CEO。你但是今天不一样了。201501/357211In the name of God, the most beneficent, the most merciful.以最善良,最慈悲的真主名义。Honorable UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon, respected president of the General Assembly Vuk Jeremic, honorable UN envoy for global education Mr Gordon Brown, respected elders and my dear brothers and sisters: Assalamu alaikum.尊敬的联合国秘书长潘基文先生,尊敬的联合国大会主席耶雷米奇先生,尊敬的联合国全球教育特使戈登·布朗先生,尊敬的长辈和我亲爱的兄弟们:祝愿你们平安Today is it an honor for me to be speaking again after a long time.继一段漫长时日之后,今日我很荣幸能再次发言。Being here with such honorable people is a great moment in my life and it is an honor for me that today I am wearing a shawl of the late Benazir Bhutto.在此与诸位可敬的人聚集在这里的这一刻,将成为我人生中的重要时刻。也很荣幸能在今日穿戴已故民选总理贝娜姬·布托的披肩。I dont know where to begin my speech.我不知道该从哪儿开始我的演讲。I dont know what people would be expecting me to say, but first of all thank you to God for whom we all are equal and thank you to every person who has prayed for my fast recovery and new life.我不知道人们会期望我说些甚么,但首先,感谢真主让我们所有人都平等,也感谢每一位为我祷告、冀望我快速康复、开始新生活的人。I cannot believe how much love people have shown me.我无法相信人们向我展现出如此多的爱。I have received thousands of good wish cards and gifts from all over the world.我收到了来自世界各地的数千份问候卡和礼物。Thank you to all of them.感谢所有人。Thank you to the children whose innocent words encouraged me.感谢孩子们,他们天真的话语鼓励了我。Thank you to my elders whose prayers strengthened me.感谢我的长辈,他们的祈祷让我变得更坚强。I would like to thank my nurses, doctors and the staff of the hospitals in Pakistan and the UK and the UAE government who have helped me to get better and recover my strength.我要感谢在巴基斯坦、英国和阿联酋政府的医院里照顾我,帮助我恢复健康和重获力量的护士、医生和职员。I fully support UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in his Global Education First Initiative and the work of UN Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown and the respectful president of the UN General Assembly Vuk Jeremic.我完全持联合国秘书长潘基文先生领导的全球教育优先计划,还有联合国全球教育特使戈登·布朗和尊敬的大会主席耶雷米奇先生的工作。I thank them for the leadership they continue to give.我感谢他们坚定的领导。They continue to inspire all of us to action.他们不断地激励我们作出实践。201412/347751泉州微创双眼皮

泉州地区人民医院做双眼皮手术多少钱We need more women not just to sit at the table 我们需要更多的女性不仅仅坐在会议桌旁but as President Obama said 而且要像奥巴马总统a few weeks ago at Barnard 几周前在Barnard学校说的那样to take their rightful seats at the head of the table 去光明正大地坐到主座上去One of the reasons I was so excited to be here today 我今天来这里十分激动的另一个原因是is that Dean Nohria told me that 院长Nohria告诉我this year is the 50th anniversary of letting women into this class 今年是HBS开始招收女生50周年Your Dean is so passionate 你们的院长about getting more women into leadership positions 对让更多的女性进入领导岗位很执着And he told me that he wanted me 他告诉我这就是to speak this year for that reason他请我来做今年的演讲者的原因I met a woman from that first class once 有一次我遇到了那届的一位女生She told me that when they first came in, the first class of women 她告诉我当第一届女生入学时They took a mens room and converted it to a womans room 学校把一个男生洗手间改成了女生洗手间made sense 没错吧But they left the urinals in 但是他们留下了小便池She thought the message was super clear 她认为这里的信息很明确we are not sure this whole girl thing is going to work out 我们不确定 让女生来上学的事是不是靠谱and if the case doesnt 万一后来黄了we dont want to have to reinstall the urinals 我们也不必重新安装小便池The urinals are long gone 现在这些小便池当然早就不在了Lets make sure that no one ever misses them 让我们确保没人会想念它们As you and your classmates sp out across the globe 当你和你的同学们即将走向世界各地and walk across this stage tomorrow 当你们明天走出校园I wish for you four things: 我对你们有四个期望First, keep in touch via Facebook 第一 通过Facebook保持联系This is critical to your future success! 这对于你们未来的成功而言很关键And were public now 另外 我们现在是上市公司了so can you click on an ad or two 所以当你上Facebook的时候while you are there 请点击一两个广告吧Two, that you make the effort to speak as well as seek the truth 第二 努力说真话 求真知Three, that you remain true to and open about your authentic self 第三 保持你的真我 用你的真我待人And four, most deeply 第四 最由衷的一点that your generation accomplishes what mine has failed to do 让你们这代来实现我们这代没有做到的Give us a world where half our homes 让我们创造一个are run by men and half our institutions are run by women 男女在家庭和工作都各撑半边天的世界Im pretty sure that would be a better world 我敢保这会是个更美好的世界I join everyone here in offering my most sincere congratulations 让我们一起向2012年的毕业生们to the the Class of 2012 献上最真挚的祝贺With your authentic self 和你们的真我一起give yourselves a huge round of applause 给你们自己一轮热烈的掌声吧201511/410532泉州市第一人民医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱 You should be nice to nerds.你们要对书呆子好点。In fact, Id go so far as to say, if you dont aly have a nerd in your life, you should get one.实际上,我想说如果你生活里还没有个书呆子赶紧找一个。Im just saying.我也就是说说而已。Scientists and engineers change the world.科学家和工程师们改变这个世界。Id like to tell you about a magical place called DARPA where scientists and engineers defy the impossible and refuse to fear failure.我想谈谈个神奇的地方,叫DARPA美国国防部高级研究计划局。在那儿科学家和工程师们都喜欢挑战不可能的事情,不惧怕失败。Now these two ideas are connected more than you may realize, because when you remove the fear of failure,impossible things suddenly become possible.现在,这两个观点联系紧密超乎你的想象,因为当你摆脱了对失败的恐惧,不可能的事情,就突然变成可能。If you want to know how, ask yourself this question:如果你想知道如何做到,那么,先问自己这样一个问题:What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?如果你知道自己不会失败你会打算做什么?If you really ask yourself this question,you cant help but feel uncomfortable.如果你真的问自己这个问题,你会禁不住感到不舒。I feel a little uncomfortable.我觉得有点不舒。Because when you ask it,you begin to understand how the fear of failure constrains you,how it keeps us from attempting great things, and life gets dull,amazing things stop happening.因为当你这样问的时候,你就开始明白失败的恐惧怎样束缚了你,怎样阻碍了我们追求伟大的事情,生活变得无趣,奇妙的事情不再发生。Sure, good things happen, but amazing things stop happening.当然,好事情还是有,但是神奇的事情不再发生了。Now I should be clear, Im not encouraging failure, Im discouraging fear of failure.现在,我要说明一点,我不是在鼓励失败。我在反对。惧怕失败。Because its not failure itself that constrains us.因为不是失败本身束缚了我们。The path to truly new, never-been-done-before things always has failure along the way.在通往真正新鲜没有人做过的事情的路上总会有失败。Were tested.我们受到了考验。And in part, that testing feels an appropriate part of achieving something great.而考验是我们获得巨大成功的应有条件。Clemenceau said, Life gets interesting when we fail, because its a sign that weve surpassed ourselves.克里蒙梭说过:在我们失败时,生活变有趣了,因为它表明了我们超越了自己。In 1895, Lord Kelvin declared that heavier-than-air flying machines were impossible.1895年,开尔文爵士宣称,重过空气的飞行器都是不可能飞起来的。In October of the prevailing opinion of expert aerodynamicists was that maybe in 10 million years we could build an aircraft that would fly.1903, 1903年10月,动力学专家。普遍认为千万年以后人类才能造出能飞的飞机。And two months later on December 17th, Orville Wright powered the first airplane across a beach in North Carolina.但是两个月后,12月17日,奥维尔赖特驾驶第一架飞机飞过了北卡罗来纳州的一个沙滩。The flight lasted 12 seconds and covered 120 feet.这次飞行持续了12秒钟行程为120英尺。That was 1903.那是1903年。One year later, the next declarations of impossibilities began.一年后又一个不可能宣言开始了。Ferdinand Foch, a French army general credited with having one of the most original and subtle minds in the French army, said, Airplanes are interesting toys,but of no military value.斐迪南福煦,法国军队中一位将军,他被人们赞誉具有最原始的和微妙的思想之一,他说:飞机是个好玩的玩具,但是毫无军用价值。201411/343326泉州欧菲美容医院怎么预约

德化县中医医院的qq号I thank you so much for the interpretation of my music 感谢你们对我的乐曲的演奏That was really touching 非常让人感动But, across the music of Geri Allen, and Thara Memory, Valerie Simpsons music 昨晚有婕莉·爱伦 他拉·麦莫里 瓦莱丽·辛普森的音乐which is superb, I must say 我不得不说 这非常棒Valerie Simpson was absolutely superb last night 瓦莱丽·辛普森的音乐昨晚真是太棒了Absolutely. Yeah 超级棒But also just to hear the brass section that you have here 还有昨晚的铜管乐合奏hearing them last night from the audience, just down there 从下面那里的观众席听到was so powerful and so precise and so punchy 如此震撼 如此精确 如此有力and everything about what real good brass sections should be about 一切铜管乐应有的优秀品质都到位了Fantastic soloists there 还有美妙的独唱It was just moving, right across the whole of the evenings event 非常动人 整晚的活动都非常精and I must say that being here in a college 我不得不说 在这样一所学院中I have to sort of be perfectly honest with you all that I was sort of self-taught 我需要完全诚实 我都是自学的Not such a bad thing because I learnt from records 这并不是什么坏事 我从唱片中学习and trying to sort of interpret playing of what would be my guitar heroes from there 然后尝试在我的吉他上进行演奏Along the way I became a, I think you call it a side-man here, a session musician 过程中 我变成了一个伴奏乐手And I was going in there and Id have the charts 我到这里面 我有一些和弦图I was head-hunted for this, actually, curiously enough 说来也奇怪 我被猎头相中了but I couldnt music at that time 当时我还读不懂音乐But I could the chord charts 不过我能读和弦图and the session musicians in those days 当时的伴奏乐手would play across quite a wide variety of music 需要演奏的音乐范畴非常广It wouldnt be, like, if you were a guitarist 不能说 你是一个吉他乐手you wouldnt just be the stylist in your own sort of field 你就只需要在自己专长的领域进行演奏I had quite a number of guitar techniques that Id evolved over my teenage years 因此 我在十几岁的时候培养出了很多吉他技术201511/407366 The first one is very simple: experience bars measuring progress首先看一个简单的:用经验值条量度进程something thats been talked about brilliantly by people like Jesse Schell earlier this year.它曾经被人精地讨论过,比如杰西谢尔,在今年的早些时候Its aly been done at the University of Indiana in the States, among other places.它已经被美国印第安纳大学做到了,也在其他的地方Its the simple idea that instead of grading people incrementally in little bits and pieces,这个朴素的理念是,取代用零碎的方式将人们逐步分级you give them one profile character avatar你给他们一个人物轮廓which is constantly progressing in tiny, tiny, tiny little increments which they feel are their own.一个可以不断进步的以非常,非常小的增量,一种他们感觉是自己的东西And everything comes towards that,然后所有事都向其发展and they watch it creeping up, and they own that as it goes along.他们看着其攀升,然后他们的自我也随之提升Second, multiple long and short-term aims第二点,长期与短期目标5,000 pies, boring, 15 pies, interesting.5000个馅饼,无趣,15个,有趣So, you give people lots and lots of different tasks.所以你给人们很多很多不同的任务You say, its about doing 10 of these questions,你说,这个是解决其中的10个问题but another task is turning up to 20 classes on time,但另一个任务是在规定时间里上升20个等级but another task is collaborating with other people,另一个任务是和其他人一起合作的another task is showing youre working five times,另一个任务要求你工作量提高五倍another task is hitting this particular target.还有一个任务是达到某个特定目标You break things down into these calibrated slices你把事情分成这些可计量的小部分that people can choose and do in parallel to keep them engaged人们可以选择然后同时进行以让他们持续参与and that you can use to point them towards individually beneficial activities.并将它们和个人的获利行为挂钩。Third, you reward effort.第三,奖励成就Its your 100 percent factor. Games are brilliant at this.这是你百分之百的要素,游戏在此很明确Every time you do something, you get credit; you get a credit for trying.每次你做一些事,你得到功劳,你因尽力而为获得认可You dont punish failure. You reward every little bit of effort你不惩罚失败,你奖励每一个小小的努力a little bit of gold, a little bit of credit. Youve done 20 questions,tick.你的一点金子,你的一点功劳--你解决了20个问题--打上勾It all feeds in as minute reinforcement.这些都是通过小小的鼓励实现的。Fourth, feedback.第四,反馈This is absolutely crucial, and virtuality is dazzling at delivering this.这绝对关键,虚拟世界以眼花缭乱的方式传递这一信息If you look at some of the most intractable problems in the world today如果你看看今天世界上一些最棘手的问题that weve been hearing amazing things about,我们所听到的一些惊人的事情its very, very hard for people to learn非常,非常难为人们所领会if they cannot link consequences to actions.如果他们不能把结果与行为连接起来Pollution, global warming, these things--the consequences are distant in time and space.污染,全球变暖,这些事情结果的产生在时间和空间上都是久远的Its very hard to learn, to feel a lesson.这非常难以学习或者体会经验But if you can model things for people,但是如果你能模拟东西给人们看if you can give things to people that they can manipulate如果你给予人们一些东西,他们可以操作and play with and where the feedback comes,可以演示,可以收集反馈then they can learn a lesson, they can see,人们就可以学到经验,他们能看they can move on, they can understand.他们能行动,他们能明白And fifth, the element of uncertainty.第五点,不确定性因素Now this is the neurological goldmine, if you like,现在这是个神经学金矿,如果你愿意的话because a known reward excites people,因为一个已知的奖励会激发人们but what really gets them going is the uncertain reward,但是真正能让他们前进下去的是未知的奖励the reward pitched at the right level of uncertainty,带着适当不确定性的奖励that they didnt quite know whether they were going to get it or not.也就是人们不知道是否能得到的奖励The 25 percent. This lights the brain up.比如25%的获奖机率,会使大脑兴奋And if you think about using this in testing,如果你想把它运用到测验中in just introducing control elements of randomness in all forms of testing and training,引入控制随机变量到任何形式的检测和训练里you can transform the levels of peoples engagement你能够改变人们的投入程度by tapping into this very powerful evolutionary mechanism.通过引进这种非常有力的进化机制When we dont quite predict something perfectly,当我们不能完全预测某事时we get really excited about it.我们为之十分兴奋We just want to go back and find out more.我们就想追溯出更多东西201511/411325泉州丰胸手术价格泉州脸上毛孔粗大怎么治



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