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1.惯用口语句子:What time does the No. 8 train leave every day?8次列车每天几点发车?every day“每天”,用作副词;everyday“每天的,日常的”,用作形容词What do you prefer, cushioned seats. ordinary seats, cushioned berth or ordinary berth?您要软座、硬座、软卧还是硬卧?berth n. 卧铺Two berths in a cushioned sleeper, please.我要两张软卧床铺cushion v. 加衬垫sleeper n. 卧铺车厢Can I check my luggage through? Can I check my baggage all the way to my destination?我可以把行李托运到目的地吗?Is there a dining car?有餐车吗?Which way is the dining car?餐车在哪个方向?car n. (火车)车厢dining car“餐车”How long does this train stay at this station?这列火车在我们这站停留多久?How long is the layover in Zhengzhou?在郑州要停多久?How long is the stopover at that station?在那个站要停多久?layover n. 中途短暂停留(stopover)stay at“暂住在…,暂停在…”Which platm is the No. train?请问乘次列车应该去哪个站台?Where is the No. 3 platm?请问第三站台在哪儿?platm n. 站台What is delaying the train so long?列车为什么晚点了那么久?When does the train get in?火车什么时候进站?Is the train on time?火车准点吗?Please help me put my luggage on the rack.请帮我把行李放在上面的行李架上rack luggage rack“行李架” 89The public marriage celebration in Malaysia between a 14-year-old girl and a 23-year-old teacher has triggered a call for a fresh debate on child marriage.  马来西亚14岁女学生3岁男教师近日举行婚礼,这一事件在该国引发了关于"少女婚姻"的新一轮激辩。  On Saturday, schoolgirl Siti Maryam Mahood and Abdul Manan Othman celebrated their marriage at a mosque in the capital Kuala Lumpur, after a religious Sharia court approved the union. "It has been hard trying to juggle two roles -- as a student and a wife -- but I am taking it in my stride," said Siti Maryam.  在得到伊斯兰法庭的批准后,这位名叫西蒂·玛亚母·马胡德的女学生与青年教师阿卜杜勒·马纳·奥斯曼周六在吉隆坡的一座清真寺举办了婚礼。西蒂表示:"要协调好妻子与学生的双重角色不是一件容易的事情,但是我努力让自己适应"。  Siti' parents matchmade the couple and that the Sharia court granted them permission to marry in July.  西蒂的父母对这桩婚事没有异议,伊斯兰法庭也同意他们在七月份举行婚礼。  In Malaysia, Muslims make up about 60 percent of the 28 million populations. For certain issues including family law they are subject to Sharia which operates in parallel with the civil legal system. Muslims below 16 who want to get married must obtain the permission of the religious courts. Those of other religions aged below 17 must have the consent of civil authorities.  马来西亚约有2800万人口,其中穆斯林约0%。(马来西亚规定,)在处理包括家庭问题在内的事务时,伊斯兰教法与马来西亚民法享有同等法律效力,穆斯林同样要遵守。在马来西亚,如6岁以下的穆斯林想要结婚,必须获得伊斯兰法庭的许可7岁以下的其他宗教教徒如要结婚,必须得到民政部门的批准。  Ivy Josiah, executive director of leading activist group Women's Aid Organization, said that laws which allow underage marriage in certain cases must be dumped by Malaysia, "The government should set the minimum marriage age of 18 for all races. We need to protect the child," she added.  马来西亚"女性援助集执行总监艾薇·约西亚认为,马来西亚应该废除在某些情况下持未成年婚姻的法律。她还补充说政府应该将(马来西亚)所有种族最低婚龄设8岁。我们应该保护儿。  Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, the minister for women, family and community development, said in July that underage marriage was "morally and socially unacceptable".  马来西亚妇女、家庭和社会发展部部长莎丽萨·阿卜杜勒·加利尔曾月份表示,未成年人婚姻无在道德还是社会影响上都令人难以接。来 /201012/120249

President Vladimir Putin has defended Russias law on ;gay propaganda; ahead of the Sochi Olympics but insisted he was not prejudiced against homosexuals. Gay people faced no discrimination at work or in society in Russia, he told B Ones Andrew Marr Show, and the new law did not harm anybody. ;I myself know some people who are gay,; he said. ;Were on friendly terms. Im not prejudiced in any way.; US President Barack Obama pointedly announced he was sending an Olympic delegation that includes several openly gay sports figures, among them tennis legend Billie Jean King.英国广播公司(B9日报道,冬奥会之前,俄罗斯总统普京为《禁止宣传同性恋法》辩护,坚称自己对同性恋没有任何偏见。普京对B记者说,同性恋者在俄罗斯不会在工作中和社会上受到歧视,新颁布的法律不会对任何人造成伤害。“如果你想知道我的个人态度,我对一个人的性取向并不介意,”普京对在索契采访的B记者说;If you want my personal attitude, I would tell you that I dont care about a persons sexual orientation,; Mr Putin told Andrew Marr in Sochi.他说,例如英国歌手艾尔顿?约翰在内的一些著名的同性恋者在俄罗斯也很受欢迎。Famous gay people like the British singer Elton John were popular in Russia, he said.“我自己认识一些同性恋者,”他说,“我们关系很好,无论如何我都不会对他们有偏见。”Mr Putin also pointed out that many other countries banned homosexual relations. ;Theres no danger for individuals of this non-traditional sexual orientation who are planning to come to the games as visitors or participants,; he said.他补充说,“我表彰过几位俄罗斯的同性恋者,但表彰他们并不是因为他们的性取向,而是因为他们所取得的成就。”来 /201401/274065

About Clothes询问着装Is there anything I can do you?我能为您做些什么呢?I want to have a trip to Sydney.我想去悉尼旅游Sure.How long is your vacation?好的,您的假期有多长时间?3 weeks三个星期Well.how do you like this one? You will stay there days.您觉得这条线路怎么样?您将在那里待天lt good. By the way, what kind of clothes do I have to bring with me?不错顺便说一下,我需要带些什么东西?It summer in Sydney, so you have to bring your summer wear.悉尼现在是夏天,所以您只需要带上夏装就可以了 53

Conversation A: Where is the children wear department?A:请问童装部在哪里?B: It on the fourth floor, sir.B:在四层,先生A: Do the elevator stop?A:有电梯到吗?B: Yes. It over there.B:有,电梯到那头A: Is there any public telephone here?A:这儿有公用电话吗?B: Yes, it around that corner next to the cashierB:有的,就在那个角上,收款台旁边A: And where can I buy switch?A:我在哪里可以买到插座?B: You can find it on the third floor.B:在第3层A: How can I get there?A:怎么上去?B: Please go ahead and take the escalator.B:你可以往前走,然后乘坐自动电梯A: Thank you very much. Youve been so helpful.A:谢谢你,你真乐于助人B: Youre welcome, sir.B:别客气,先生 1

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