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如何做一名模范生(How to be a Model Student) -- ::5 来源: i want to be a model student. what shall i do?  i should be polite. i should study hard. i should capful and helpful. i should walk in the corridors. i should throw rubbish in the bin. i should be quiet in the library.  i shouldn’t walk and run on the grass. i shouldn’t throw rubbish on the floor. i shouldn’t run in the corridors. i shouldn’t fight. i shouldn’t be noisy in the library.  how about you?一封信(A letter) -- :7: 来源: 一封信(A letter)  dear amy,  i am happy to be your new pen pal. i live in china. i am in grade six.  i like riding a bike, playing basketball, ing books and listening to music. my school is far from my home. usually i go to school by motor bike. sometimes i go to school by bike. i go to school from monday to friday.  tell me something about you. write to me soon, please.  your new pen pal自我介绍英语作文 模板 -- 1:58:37 来源: 自我介绍英语作文 模板  i am xxx and i am years old. my favorite sports include basketball, swim and football. one of my favorite stars is liu xiang because he is the fastest runner in the world and a pride of our country.  i have love fruits like watermelon, grapes, banana, and so th. when i have time, i like watching tv, playing games on my computer, surfing the web, and ing. i have a lot of friends and we often play football together.买汽车 Buying A Car-- :7:31 NICK: I like the Honda Accord you showed me bee.I think it's more practical my needs.JOHN: Alright, sir. You are making a good choice.Honda has made a lot of design improvements in the new Accord.NICK: What does it come with standard?JOHN: On all our new cars, the standards include:air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, air bags, and an AMFM stereo with a CD player.But on the Accord, there is another standard item as well.The Accord comes with cruise control.NICK: Cruise control? I don't like that.JOHN: Why not, sir?NICK: I think it's dangerous. What if I can't turn it off?JOHN: Well, sir, I know some of our customers are concerned about cruise control.But Honda has never had a single cruise control malfunction that led to an accident.NICK: I wish it didn't have cruise control. My wife doesn't like it either.JOHN: You know, sir, you don't have to use it.You can turn it on or off. If you don't want to use it, you just never turn it on.NICK: I suppose. And what about the sunroof? Is that standard?JOHN: No, the sunroof is optional, sir.NICK: I see. Another important question is the time I can get this car.I need a new car rather soon.JOHN: Well, I can say that the new models will be here in August.If you order one now, we will have it you in August.NICK: That's good enough, I think. What colors does the new Accord come in?JOHN: We have this new model in red, white, black, or silver.These are the standard colors.Of course you could specially order from various other colors too.NICK: My brother has last year's Accord.And his car is a kind of soft purple color mixed with silver.I really like that color. I wonder if I can get that color on my Accord.JOHN: I know the color you mean. Is this it, sir?NICK: Yes, I think that's it. Can I get that on the Accord?JOHN: Yes, you can.That color is very popular with Honda buyers. So we've kept it available.NICK: Well, I think I want to order the new Accord then.It looks like an excellent car.JOHN: You have made a good choice, sir.I drive an Accord myself. They are very solidly built machines, very reliable.NICK: Yes, I know. I think Honda is the most reliable car on the road.I would never change to anything else.The Honda I have now almost never has service problems. It runs smooth as silk.JOHN: Alright, sir. I will get the paperwork y you. Just a moment.尼克:我喜欢上次你介绍给我的那部本田雅阁它比较符合我的需求约翰:好的,先生你选对了本田在新款雅阁的设计上做了很多改进尼克:基本配备是什么呢?约翰:我们新车的基本配备包括:空调、防死锁煞车、气囊和附有 AMFM 调频以及 CD 的音响但是雅阁还有另一项基本配备就是定速器尼克:定速器?我不喜欢那个约翰:为什么不呢?尼克:我觉得很危险,万一不能解除设定呢?约翰:有些顾客很在意定速器的问题但是雅阁的车从来没有因为定速器故障而导致意外事件尼克:我希望不要有定速器,我太太也不喜欢约翰:先生,你不必用到它你可以激活或解除设定,如果你不想用,不要激活它就好尼克:我想也是那么天窗呢?是基本配备吗?约翰:不是天窗是选择性的尼克:这样啊再一个重要的问题是什么时候可以拿车我很快就需要车子约翰:新的款式八月份会到如果你现在订购,我们八月份可以交车尼克:那还不错新款式的雅阁有什么颜色?【纪念张国荣】《霸王别姬的经典台词(双语) -- ::01 来源: 人不敌天   No matter how resourceful you are, you can't fight fate.  人纵有万般能耐,终也敌不过天命从一而终 56 《霸王别姬经典台词

The Best Parents in the World 世上最好的父母 -- 18:57:00 来源: The Best Parents in the World 世上最好的父母  My parents work in the same factory. They like their job very much.  My father has worked there about twenty years. He is very busy from morning till night. He goes to work at half past six because the factory is very far from my house. He doesn't come home until nine in the evening. I think he is hard-working.  My mother is a doctor in the factory. She works carefully and she is patient with the workers. She often tells the workers to do more exercise. But she herself is not very healthy. She is often ill, and takes a lot of medicine. I want to say to her,"Don't be so tired, Mum!"  My parents both love me deeply .they are the best parents in the word.  我父母在同一家工厂工作,他们很爱自己的工作  我爸爸在那里工作约二十年了他从早到晚的忙碌他六点半上班,因为工厂离家很远他晚上九点才回家我认为他很勤奋  我妈妈是工厂的一名医生她工作认真,对工人们很耐心她经常告诉工人们多锻炼身体,可她自己身体却不太好她常生病,吃好多药我想对她说:“别太累了,妈妈!”  我父母深深地爱着我,他们是世上最好的爸爸和妈妈!

天安门英文导游词 -- :53: 来源: 天安门英文导游词公元年作为前朝皇城正门的天安门完成后首次被命名为承天门(承天启运之意)明朝初年天安门是一个有五个入口的五间式木结构牌楼公元57年天安门被大火烧毁,公元65年重建,但是公元年明朝末年又被毁坏公元51年清朝统治下便有了现在的名讳Ladies an Gentlemen:I am very pleased to serve as your guide. First of all,I would like to say a few words about Tian’anmen and Tian’anmen sqare of the Ming Qing Dynasties.Tian’anmen was first named Chengtianmen(Gate of Heavenly Succession) when it was completed in as the main gate of the mer Imperial City.In the early Ming Dynasty,it was a five –room wide wooden structure with five entrances.The building was double-eave gable roof style.It was burned down by lightning in 57,and rebuilt in 65,but destroyed at end of Ming dynasty in .It received its present name in 51 of Qing Dynasty. The Tian’anmen Rostrum covers an area of 800 square meters, consists of two sections : terrace and tower. The whole building was 33.7 meters in height bee it was renovated in 1970.It was a nine-room-wide and five-room –long gate tower to reflect the highly-exalted status of the emperor.The roof was covered with yellow glazed tiles .Inside there were 60 red columns,the floor was paved with golden bricks .made in suzhou and Jiangning areas.Number nine could be seen everywhere in Tian’anmen gate tower. instance ,the tower was nine-room wide, nine animal figures on the eave corner,thirty-six windows and doors.that was four times of nine,and on each surface of the door there were enghty-one knobs,nine times nine,that was the metaphor of heaven.In Ming and Qing Dynasties ,there would be grand ceremonies on the rostrum during important occasions,such as Emperor’s enthronement,or when the emperors comferred honorable titles upon their empresses and crown princes, and dispatching generals and soldiers to the battle fields.Imperial edicts were sent down in a gilded box shaped like a phoenix to officials kneeling below. The edict was then taken to the Board of Rites, where copies were made dispatch to the whole country. The emperor would go through the gate whth his followers when he was leaving on a journey or a battle ,going to the Temple of Heaven,Temple of Earth and Altar of Agriculture to worship.In front of Tian’anmen, there are seven beautiful white marble bridges called Outer Goldedn Water Bridges.They are respectively Brigde of Imperial Way. Royal Bridges, Ranking Bridges and Public Bridges. Tian’anmen Gate is guarded by pairs of stone lions,they served as door keepers, symbolizing imperial power and prosperity. At the front and back of Tian’anmen, there are four sculpted white marble columns called “huabiao”which used ornamental purposes and to ward off evil spirits.During the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Tian’anmen Square was in “T” shape. It was surrounded by a red wall. To its east was Left Chang’an Gate: the west was Right Chang’an Gate .On the southern end of the Imperial Way (it used to run from south to north through the center of the square ) was Gate of Great Ming .the northern end was the Gate of Heavenly Succession. The Thousand –step Corridor used to be along each side of the Imperial Way. All together there were 8 rooms inside the corridor. In the central part of the square outside the red wall, there were government offices, all designed according to the “civil east and military west” pattern. On the east ,there used to be Board of Rites. Board of Personnel .Board of Revenue. etc. On the west ,there were Military headquarters. Left Chang’an Gate and Right Chang‘an Gate used to situate on Chang’an Avenue ,facing east and west with three entrances. They were single-eave, galbe-roof brick and stone structures of five-room wide and three-room long. Left Chang’an Gate was on the east (in the old days, after the imperial examinations, the top competitors would go through this gate .Hence the name ’Dragon Gate’)and Right Chang’an Gate on the west (criminals went through this gate ,so the gate was also called “Tiger Gate”) .Both of them were torn down traffic in 1953.The Gate of Great Ming was called Gate of Great Qing in the Qing dynasty and in 19 the name was changed to Zhonghua Gate .It was a brick and stone structure with Single-eave gable-roof style. There were three entrances and a pair of stone lions in front of the gate .flanking by two stone tablets inscribed with the words “dismounting horse’. When it was built in the years of Ming emperor Yongle ,the couplets on the gate were written by grand academician Xie Jin. The gate was intact in the Qing and was pulled down in 1958 when the square was expanded In 1976 Chairman Mao Memorial Hall was built on the sight .The South Facing Gate (Zhengyangmen Gate ) was located at south of Damingmen Gate built in (18th year of Ming Emperor Yongle).The name of the gate implied that the emperor was the sun and in the middle of the sky :the Empire was held in high esteem by all countries.In Ming Qing dynasties, South Facing Gate included gate tower, arrow tower ,jar city.Guandi Temple,Guanyin Temple in the jar city ,South Facing bridge and five-archway (Wupailou).They made up a complex of magnificent architectures at central south of Beijing inner city. The Front Gate (Qianmen Gate)itself and arrow tower were the most splendor and tallest among the gates and arrow towers of the inner city. The Gate tower was 0.36meters high. There were 9 battlements at the arrow tower. In 1900(6th year of Qing Emperor Guangxu),the gate was destroyed by the gunfire of the Eight Allied army. In 1901(7th year of Qing Emperor Guangxu),it was renovated. The arrow tower was reconstructed in 19(3nd year of Qing Emperor Guangxu)There was a small square hundred steps in diameter between South Facing Gate and Gate of Great Ming. The passage placed with stone railings in cross shape was called ‘Chess-board Street’. The street connected South Facing Gate at the south. Gate of Great Ming at the north. Dongjiangmixiang(now Dongjiaominxiang lane) at the east .Xijiangmixiang(Xijiaominxiang lane )at the west. In the Ming Qing common folks were not allowed to go through the imperial city. so the chessboard street became an important road interflow of the citizens of eastern and western districts.Well, that is all my topic. Thank you your attention. I’m looking ward to your next visit. Good luck and see you! 天安门英文导游词

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