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芜湖哪一家医院男性外科比较好芜湖第一医院割包皮The perfect woman should have Taylor Swift#39;s hair, Natalie Portman#39;s nose and the body of curvy star Penelope Cruz, according to a survey by Hollywood plastic surgeons。好莱坞整容医师进行的一项调查发现,完美的女人应该拥有泰勒#8226;斯威夫特的头发、娜塔莉#8226;波特曼的鼻子和佩内洛普#8226;克鲁兹的身体曲线。She should also have Scarlett Johansson#39;s lips, the cheeks of January Jones and the jaw line of Halle Berry。她还应该拥有斯嘉丽#8226;约翰逊的嘴唇、詹纽瑞#8226;琼斯的脸颊和哈莉#8226;贝瑞的下巴曲线。Add in the perfect complexion of Amy Adams and the mixture of body parts equals the ultimate woman。再加上艾米#8226;亚当斯的完美肤色,一个极品女人就这么诞生了。The combination of features of the Hollywood stars makes up what people seeking plastic surgery believe would be the perfect look. The most sought after body parts of the rich and famous were revealed by two Hollywood plastic surgeons。人们认为,如果通过整容手术集合了好莱坞明星的种种面貌和身体特征,就会拥有完美的外表。好莱坞的两位整容医师透露了这些富有的明星们最让人渴望的身体部位。Dr Richard Fleming and Dr Toby Mayer carried out a survey among their patients to build up the picture of what the perfect woman would look like。理查德#8226;弗莱明医生和托比#8226;梅尔医生在求医者当中展开了一项调查,以构建出完美女人的风貌。The doctors said the trend for plump, luscious lips as sported by Angelina Jolie were no longer popular. Instead the pair said women preferred the lips of actress Scarlett Johansson。这两名医生说,安吉丽娜#8226;朱莉引以为傲的丰满性感嘴唇已经不再流行了。他们说现在女人们更想拥有女演员斯嘉丽#8226;约翰逊的那种嘴唇。In the category of the most sought after body shape, former supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Aniston were in the top three。至于人们最向往的身材,前超模吉赛尔#8226;邦辰和珍妮弗#8226;安妮斯顿都位列前三。But Penelope Cruz, who has just given birth to her first son, was voted as having the top body. The Spanish born star is known for her voluptuous figure。佩内洛普#8226;克鲁兹尽管刚刚产下了她的第一个儿子,但仍然被认为拥有最完美的身体。这位西班牙出生的明星以其丰满性感的身材而闻名。Natalie Portman, who received an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of a ballet dancer driven over the edge in ;Black Swan;, has the nose most cosmetic surgery patients want. Emma Stone and Nicole Kidman were also named as having the perfect nose。凭借在电影《黑天鹅》中的表演而获得奥斯卡奖提名的娜塔莉#8226;波特曼拥有整容者们最向往的鼻子。娜塔莉在《黑天鹅》中扮演一位精神分裂的芭蕾舞者。艾玛#8226;斯通和妮可#8226;基德曼也被认为拥有最完美的鼻子。The Beverly Hills surgeons also compiled a list of the most desirable male features。贝佛利山庄的这两位整容医师还列出了最令人向往的男性面貌和身体特征。Mad Men star Jon Hamm has the most desired jaw line, while others liked Jude Law#39;s nose and George Clooney#39;s hair. Mark Wahlberg, who showed off his toned physique in ;The Fighter;, was said to have the most sought after body。出演《广告狂人》的明星乔#8226;哈姆拥有最令人向往的下巴曲线,也有不少人喜欢裘德#8226;洛的鼻子和乔治#8226;克鲁尼的头发。在电影《斗士》中展现健美体格的马克#8226;沃尔伯格被认为拥有最令人向往的身体。  Dr Fleming and his partner produce a list every year based on a survey carried out among their current and former patients。弗莱明医生和他的合作伙伴每年都会根据对现在和以往的整容病人的调查,列出一份“最令人向往的明星身体部位”清单。;There are common features you find year to year,; said Dr Fleming. ;But these names are more a commentary about pop culture – whose face is in your face this year.;弗莱明医生说:“每年你都能发现一些共同的特征。不过清单上的这些名字更像是流行文化的一个评注,你可以从中看到今年又有哪几张脸进入了你的视线。” /201212/213094芜湖市哪个医院包皮手术好 Eating 40 per cent less food could extend a person#39;s life by 20 years, according to scientists。科学家的研究表明,人类若少吃40%的食物,寿命可能会延长20年。Researchers at the Institute of Health Ageing at University College London are developing a treatment they hope will combat the #39;disease#39; of getting older。伦敦大学学院健康老龄化研究所的研究人员正在研究一种治疗方式,希望可以和变老这种“疾病”做斗争。They are looking into how genetics and lifestyle can be adapted to offset the effects of ageing and add years, possibly decades, to a person#39;s life。他们正在研究如何利用基因和生活方式来抵消衰老的影响,并把人的寿命延长几年,甚至几十年。Age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and neuro degeneration can also be combated, it is claimed。研究人员表示,该研究期望还能治疗与年龄有关的疾病,例如心血管病、癌症和神经退行性疾病。One line of inquiry that the team is developing is how the life of a rat can be increased by up to 30 per cent simply by reducing its food intake。对该研究小组的调查表明,他们正在研究如何只通过减少食物的摄取量,来把老鼠的寿命延长30%。Lead researcher Dr Piper told the Independent: #39;If you reduce the diet of a rat by 40 per cent it will live for 20 or 30 per cent longer. So we would be talking 20 years of human life. This has shown on all sorts of organisms, even labradors.#39;首席研究员派珀士对《独立报》记者说:“如果你把一只老鼠的食物减少40%,它的寿命会增加20%或30%。对人类而言,相当于20年。减少饮食能延长寿命,对各种生物都有效,包括拉布拉多犬。”The scientists are also studying fruit flies, which share 60 per cent of human genes and age in a similar manner, and mice。科学家们也正在对果蝇和老鼠进行研究。 果蝇拥有60%的人类基因,和人类变老的方式也很相似。They have aly prolonged the healthy lifespan in both flies and mice by using drug treatments and a modified diet。他们通过药物治疗和改良后的饮食,已经延长了果蝇和老鼠的寿命。It is hoped that this combination will also work to extend human life。他们希望药物治疗和饮食也能延长人类的寿命。Dr Piper said: #39;If we discover the genes involved with ageing, we should be able to delay ageing itself. This is what we#39;ve found.#39;派珀士说:“如果我们发现和变老相关的基因,我们应该能够延缓衰老的过程。这是我们目前所发现的。”He added that his team has extended the life of organisms by mutating single genes。他又补充道,他的研究小组通过单基因变异延长了生物体的寿命。The researchers have also lessen the effects of a mutation which can cause Alzheimer#39;s。研究人员也弱化了基因变异可能导致老年痴呆症这一副作用。However, Dr Piper cautioned that the field of research into extending life is only a decade old, so remains #39;theoretical#39;。然而,派珀士谨慎地提到,科学家们对延长寿命的研究仅有十年之余,所以,延长人类寿命目前只是“理论性的”。It is their unique approach to treating all age-related diseases as being caused by the #39;disease#39; of ageing itself that sets their research apart, he said。他们把和年龄相关的疾病看成是变老所带来的“疾病”,正是这种独一无二的方法让他们的研究有别于其他研究。 /201508/393363逛街买衣的时候,总是会在S和M两个尺寸之间纠结。每次把自己塞进S号的衣里,都会顿时很欢喜。可是,你有没有想过,你穿在身上的S号跟几年前的S号是一样大的吗?Vanity sizing, also known as size inflation, is used to refer to the phenomenon of y-to-wear clothing of the same nominal size becoming larger over time.虚荣尺寸(vanity sizing),也叫做尺寸膨胀,指随着时代的发展,各类成衣制品在尺寸号码不变的情况下,实际尺寸增大的现象。The increasing dimension of garments of the same nominal size has caused some designers to introduce size 0, 00, or subzero sizes. Different manufacturers have modified sizes so that a woman who once wore a size 12 dress can now wear a 10 or an 8.由于成衣实际尺寸的增大,不少设计师都开始引入;0号;、;00号;,甚至;负0号;尺寸。不同的成衣生产厂家也调整了各自的尺寸号码规则,原来穿12号衣的女性现在能穿10号或者8号的衣。Many commentators have suggested that ;vanity; sizing, as its name suggests, is designed to satisfy buyers#39; wishes to appear thin and feel better about themselves. While some others also suggests that vanity sizing allows clothing companies to cater their sizing to their demographic, since women of different sizes may be attracted to different brands. Finally, it has been suggested that vanity sizing merely reflects the increasing prevalence of obesity.很多人士都表示,;虚荣尺寸;就是为了满足消费者想要看上去瘦一点儿的虚荣心理。不过,也有人表示,;虚荣尺寸;让成衣公司能够根据目标消费人群的特征来调整产品的尺寸,因为不同身材的女性可能钟情的品牌也不尽相同。总的来说,;虚荣尺寸;的出现说明肥胖人士增多了。 /201203/173627芜湖市鸠江区男性男子男科医院男科预约

弋江区妇幼保健人民男科中医院有治疗前列腺炎吗Father: Well, Tom, I asked to your teacher today, and now I want to ask you a question. Who is the laziest person in your class?父亲:哎,汤姆,今天我跟你们老师谈过,现在我想问你个问题。你们班上谁最懒?Tom: I don't know, father.汤姆:我不知道,爸爸。Father: Oh, yes, you do! Think! When other boys and girls are doing and writing, who sits in the class and only watches how other people work?父亲:啊,不对,你知道!想想看,当别的孩子们都在做作业、写字时,谁在课堂上坐着,只是看人家做功课?Tom: Our teacher, father.汤姆:我们老师,爸爸。芜湖市中心医院看男科好吗 QQykd_HCTh)fTE^fNZ1Ej)pMNUu4ZqR%z1cK~sEsjXUzlq导读:从凯特威廉的王室大婚,到名媛Kim Kardashian短暂的72天婚姻,在2011年结婚的欧美明星们可不在少数#UOO9tt(;(ULW!2#eeC。而新娘们身上所穿的不同风格的婚纱也让人印象深刻qDL|iqr;W+w。不管他们的婚姻会延续多久,在穿上婚纱的那一刻,她们都是最美丽的天使CC7RSjQTO0X6sO|Qt!。n,nArq@ulQc)Y7W!Wedding dress of the year: A very happy looking Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave Westminster Abbey after saying their vows.-kQ19tc47!(-2011婚纱大集锦:剑桥公爵及其夫人许下永恒的神圣诺言后,带着甜蜜的笑容走出了威斯敏特大教堂)TodG!dCIYHPwX@ba%。|1HE[#tUEVRfLs-WTLThis time last year there was only one wedding dress we were looking forward to seeing... Kate Middleton#39;s. But while Sarah Burton#39;s universally applauded design satisfied every fashionista#39;s craving for a royal wedding gown, the Duchess was far from the only bride who impressed.V36---(53R)kQuwvFN去年大家似乎都在期待着一件特殊的婚纱;;那就是凯特;米德尔顿的婚纱6Q5T-5%v;jdnHwjdm3K(。莎拉;伯顿独一无二的设计果然没有让这场世纪婚礼失色,它充分满足了大家对时尚的要求,要知道公爵夫人不仅仅只是位新娘啊+gX6GHKsNY3Eg^02-3。4u;(yR!Xtt,LXLace was a strong theme, with everyone from Lily Allen and Reese Witherspoon choosing to embellish their dresses with different styles of the sophisticated material. Meanwhile, this year#39;s other royal brides, Zara Phillips and Charlene of Monaco, went for more simple ivory silk dresses.5SV4g;%YJ,蕾丝是2011的强势主题,无论是Lily Allen,还是Reese Witherspoon都选择了复杂精致的蕾丝来装饰婚纱TTPbqV-5]kJ9.GJI。同时,今年的另一场皇家婚礼的主角Zara Phillips和Charlene of Monaco选择了朴素的象牙白丝绸礼l#[0(-x#,u-T*)zaJ。;H(2d4ujz-qX_J;yredwEgN[jZx[xBMCn0pRyEw82[Zd /201201/167134芜湖市无为县妇幼保健人民中医院治疗阳痿早泄

芜湖激光包皮手术要多少钱 You know eating fruit and vegetables is virtuous. But did you know it can also make you look good?你知道吃水果和蔬菜有很多好处,但你可知道多吃水果蔬菜会让你变漂亮?People who increased their intake over just six weeks developed a healthy glow and appeared more attractive, researchers found.研究人员发现,增大水果蔬菜的摄入量,只需六周就能让你焕发出健康的光,看起来更有魅力。Scientists at St Andrews University found eating them subtly increased yellow and red pigments in the volunteers#39; skin.圣安德鲁斯大学的科学家发现,吃水果蔬菜能微量增加志愿者皮肤中的黄色素和红色素。They monitored the food intake of 35 people and took pictures of their faces, arms and hands using a sensitive camera at the start, and after three and six weeks.他们监测了35人的食物摄入量,并在一开始、三周后和六周后用高灵敏相机给他们的脸、胳膊和手拍了照片。Increasing their intake of greens by 2.9 portions a day was found to make the person look more healthy and an extra 3.3 portions could enhance their attractiveness, when their photographs were rated by others.研究发现,从他人对照片的打分来看,每日增加2.9份的蔬菜摄入量将让人看起来更健康,再增加3.3份摄入量将使人看起来更有魅力。Fruit and vegetables are rich in carotenoids, which are known to protect against cell damage from pollution and UV rays, and can also prevent age-related diseases including heart disease and cancer.水果和蔬菜的类胡萝卜素很丰富,而据我们所知,类胡萝卜素可以保护细胞不受污染和紫外线的损害,还可以防止心脏病和癌症等老年病。But while it was known eating extreme amounts of certain vegetables such as carrots could turn skin orange, it was not known a small increase was perceptible to others - and was seen as appealing.不过,尽管人们知道某些蔬菜(如胡萝卜)摄入过量会让皮肤变成橘黄色,但人们不知道这种细微变化会被他人觉察到,而且这种皮肤颜色还被视为很有吸引力。A camera measured changes to the skin’s redness, yellowness and lightness, and found it significantly changed in people who naturally increased their intake. These changes were not evident at three weeks.研究人员通过相机拍照来测量皮肤的红色、黄色和明亮度发生的变化,发现那些以自然的方式增加蔬菜水果摄入量的人的皮肤发生了明显改变。不过这些改变在三周内还看不出来。Using light sensors, the researchers showed these red and yellow hues were linked with the levels of carotenoids in their skin.借助光传感器,研究人员指出,皮肤呈现的红色和黄色与皮肤内所含的类胡萝卜素水平有关。There are hundreds of carotenoids but those thought to have the most dramatic effect are lycopene - which gives tomatoes and red peppers their red colour - and beta-carotene found in carrots as well as broccoli, squash, and spinach.类胡萝卜素有数百种,但据认为对皮肤颜色影响最显著的是番茄红素和胡萝卜素。西红柿和红辣椒的红色都源自番茄红素,胡萝卜素则可以在花椰菜、南瓜、菠菜和胡萝卜中找到。Skin colour is also affected by chemicals called polyphenols, found in apples, blueberries and cherries, which cause blood rush to the skin surface.皮肤颜色还受到化学物质多元酚的影响,多元酚可以在苹果、蓝莓和樱桃中找到,这种物质可以让血液流向皮肤表面。 /201204/179368芜湖男科那里好芜湖梅毒治疗的医院



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