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您有没有遇到过这样的尴尬:在安静的地方发出较大的响声,或是在人多的时候忍不住想answer the call of nature……怎样从容地应对这些“突发情况”?下面这些建议也许能为您“排忧解难”。一起来看看吧!有人打喷嚏时,你该怎么说呢?应该说Bless you. 因为西方人相信,人在打喷嚏时,灵魂会出壳,恶魔会趁虚而入,所以周围的人要说 “Bless you”,而打喷嚏的人要说“Thank you”表示礼貌。Ever found yourself dumped by a friend embarking on a romance? Don't worry, you're probably not the only one. For according to Oxford University scientists, every time we start a relationship we jettison two of our closest friends。  Most of us simply don't have enough time for intimate friendships with more than four or five people, their research shows。  And a new love interest leads to two friends being pushed out of the inner circle。  Professor Robin Dunbar, one of Britain's leading experts in evolutionary biology, explained: 'If you go into a romantic relationship it actually costs you two friends in that inner core of relationships。  'Instead of having the typical five friends, they only have four in that inner circle. And bearing in mind that one of those is the new person that has come into your life, it means you have to give up two others.'  Men tend to have four or five intimate friends, women five or six, he said。  However, men were just as likely to jettison friends at the start of a new romantic attachment as women, found the study of those aged 18 to 60.  'Your attention is so wholly focused on the romantic partners, you just don't get to see the other folks you had a lot to do with before,' the professor told the British Science Festival in Birmingham. 'Those relationships start to deteriorate.'  But it's not just romance that can push out close friends, he explained. Children or buying a dog can have the same effect。  'You can only have five slots for deeply intense and meaningful relations. Those individuals don't have to be human. They can be your dog - or your favourite chrysanthemum plant. They can be people in an entirely fictional world - they can be soap opera characters. They can be God or they can be saints.' /201009/113984美国的可口可乐你爱喝吗?好莱坞的电影你喜欢看吗?在信息交流日益便捷的今天,世界各国文化的交流和融合已成为常态。以美国为代表的西方文化更是所向披靡,无处不在。因为当地文化在这样的全球化过程中受到冲击,很多国家都把这种现象称为“可口可乐化”。Coca-colonization is a term that refers to globalization or cultural colonization. It is a portmanteau of the name of the multinational soft drink maker Coca-Cola and the word colonization。可口可乐化(Coca-colonization)一词是跨国软饮制造商Coca-Cola(可口可乐)和colonization(殖民化)两个词的合成词,指全球化或文化殖民。The term is used to imply either the importation of Western (particularly American) goods or an invasion by Western and especially American cultural values that threatens the local culture。这个词多用来指代西方(尤其是美国)产品的进口,或者是西方及美国文化价值观的入侵,导致当地文化受到威胁的状况。It gained visibility in the European Americanization debate with the 1994 publication of Reinhold Wagnleitner#39;s book, Coca-Colonization and the Cold War: The Cultural Mission of the ed States in Austria After the Second World War. The expression also became a catchphrase of the anti-globalization movement。该表达在1994年初现于欧洲关于美国化的辩论中,来自于雷纳德#8226;瓦恩莱特纳一本名为《可口可乐化与冷战:二战后美国在奥地利的文化使命》的书中。后来在反全球化运动中一度成为热门词汇。 /201205/181306

1. Does he have a sense of humor that dovetails with yours?1. 他的幽默感是否与你的相吻合?2. Does he make you laugh?2. 他能不能逗你发笑?3. Are your waking/sleeping schedules compatible? It#39;s a bummer to make it work when he#39;s a perpetually early riser and you#39;re the lie-in type.3. 你们的睡觉习惯相契合吗?4. Do you like the same kind of food? Drink about the same amount of alcohol?4. 你们喜不喜欢同样的食物?酒量相当吗?5. If you#39;ve been dating long enough for him to meet your friends and family, does he get along with them?5. 他能否和你的朋友家人相处良好?6. Do you have the same views about money?6. 金钱观是否相似?7. How well do you work together on a shared project?7. 你们合作处理同一件事情时感觉如何?8. Do you think he#39;s too smart--or not nearly as smart as you?8. 你们能相互hold住吗?9. Do you like the way he solves problems, even minor ones?9. 你赞不赞同他处理问题的方式?10. Do you respect him? Does he respect you?10. 你们相互尊重吗?If you can answer these questions honestly and still feel good, it#39;s entirely possible that you#39;ve met the person who#39;s right for you. Of course there are other factors that come into play such as physical attraction, financial matters, and geography. Chances are you#39;ve aly been in a relationship where the other person was less than ideally suited to you. History doesn#39;t have to be repeated it#39;s all up to you. But a good way to start building a solid relationship is asking yourself some questions and giving yourself some honest answers. /201204/176497

Be careful blowing out the candles. Scientists have found we are more likely to die on our birthday than any other day.吹生日蜡烛的时候要当心哦。科学家发现,一个人在生日当天死亡的几率比其他日子都要高。Researchers who studied more than two million people over 40 years found a rise in deaths from heart attacks, strokes, falls and suicides.研究人员在40年间对200万余人进行了调查研究,发现在生日当天死于心脏病、中风、摔倒和自杀的人更多。William Shakespeare died on his birthday on April 23 1616. The actress Ingrid Bergman also died on her birthday, in August 1982.威廉#8226;莎士比亚死于1616年4月23日——他生日那天。女演员英格丽#8226;褒曼也在1982年8月的生日那天去世。On average, people over the age of 60 were 14 percent more likely to die on their birthdays.平均而言,60岁以上的人在生日当天去世的几率要高出14%。Heart attacks rose 18.6 percent on birthdays and were higher for men and women while strokes were up 21.5 percent — mostly in women.生日当天心脏病发的概率要高出18.6%,男女皆是如此。中风的几率则增加21.5%,女性占多数。Dr Vladeta Ajdacic-Gross of the University of Zurich, said: ;Birthdays end lethally more frequently than might be expected.; He added that risk of birthday death rose as people got older.苏黎世大学的弗拉德塔#8226;阿吉达西克-格罗斯士说:“生日成忌日的情况比预想的更多。”他补充说,随着人们年龄增大,生日死亡的风险也会增大。Canadian data also showed that strokes were more likely on birthdays, especially among patients with high blood pressure.加拿大的数据还显示,在生日那天中风的可能性更大,特别是高血压患者。There was a 34.9 percent rise in suicides, 28.5 percent rise in accidental deaths not related to cars, and a 44 percent rise in deaths from falls on birthdays.生日那天自杀的可能性高出34.9%,和撞车无关的事故死亡可能性高出28.5%,摔死的可能性高出44%。Psychologist prof Richard Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire, said: ;It seems to be a valid finding.;赫特福德大学的心理学教授理查德#8226;怀兹曼说:“这似乎是个确凿的发现。”;There are two camps - one is the camp that suggests you eat too much and your getting on a bit and that causes you to die.“有两种情况,一种是饮食过量、兴奋过了头,导致猝死。”;The other is a placebo effect. You are knife-edged on death. And you kept yourself going until your birthday. You think #39;that#39;s it I#39;ve had enough I#39;m out of here#39;.;“另一种情况是安慰剂效应。死亡已经步步紧逼,但是你却一直坚持到生日那天。然后你想‘好了,我已经从这个世界得到了足够的东西’。”Dr Lewis Halsey, of the University of Roehampton, said: ;One interesting finding is that more suicides happen on birthdays, though only in men.;罗汉普顿大学的路易斯#8226;哈尔西士说:“一个有趣的发现是,更多的人选择在生日那天自杀,不过只有男性是这样。”;Perhaps men are more likely to make a statement about their unhappiness when they think people will be taking more notice of them.;“也许男性认为生日这天人们会更多地注意他们,这样他们才更可能宣告自己的不幸。”The study is published in the journal Annals of Epidemiology.该研究发表在《流行病学纪事》杂志上。 /201206/186527读懂美国人的幽默(二) 美国人的笑话有很多都是关于嘲笑不同种族的。美国人怎么开犹太人的玩笑? 问: Why do Jews have such big noses? (为什么犹太人都有大鼻子?)答: Because air is free. (因为空气是免费的)你得知道两个文化点才能明白这个笑话:1. 美国人眼中的犹太人都有个大大的鹰钩鼻。2. 犹太人又精明、又小气。我们很多中国人都有这样一个概念:犹太人是绝顶聪明的。事实上呢?我不知道是不是全部如此,但是我在美国的犹太人的朋友们都是非常聪明的,而且特别有生意头脑。从达芬奇《最后的晚餐》中塑造的犹太人形象开始,犹太人就给人西方人留下了这样的印象:长着一个大大的鹰钩鼻。莎士比亚的《商人》又强化了人们对犹太人“精明、算计、贪婪”的印象。所以在这个笑话里,“空气是免费的”的背后文化含义就是犹太人的精明和小气。 记得有一次一个朋友带我去酒吧喝酒。他告诉我说那里的酒是免费的,于是我高兴得都要跳起来了。他于是对我说:“Are you Jewish or something? (你是犹太人还是怎么着?)”。大家不要轻易开关于别的种族的玩笑,在美国,一般,只有自己开自己种族的玩笑才是安全的,无害的。那你问,那你那个朋友怎么可以开关于犹太人的玩笑。是,我的那个朋友就是个犹太人。^_^好了,考你一个笑话,看你看懂没有: 问: What's "Jewish dilemma?" (什么能够让犹太人进退两难?)答: Free Pork. (免费的猪肉)文化点:1. 犹太人小气 2. 犹太人因为宗教愿意是不应该吃猪肉的。 Get it? 再给大家来一则关于犹太人的笑话:问: What's the difference between Jews and canoes? (犹太人和独木舟的区别在哪里?)答: Canoes tip. (独木舟能倾倒而犹太人不会倾倒) 你一头雾水吧!什么乱七八糟的?在英语里的很多笑话,都用了双关语 (pun). 在英文里,tip不仅表示“倾斜、倾倒”,还表示“给小费”的意思。所以这则笑话又是在指桑骂槐说犹太人小气,不给消费。说到这,给来美国旅游的国人提个醒。在美国餐馆用餐是要给小费的。消费的数量是在用餐结帐数字的 15% 到 20%。大家别忘了。 好了,下面这个笑话是关于犹太妈妈 (Jewish mother) 的。你说,啊?关于犹太人的妈妈还有说法,对! 没错!Q: What did the waiter ask a group of Jewish mothers? (侍应生问了一帮犹太妈妈一个什么问题?)A: "Is anything all right?" (有没有任何事情令您满意的?) 在这个笑话里展示出来的犹太妈妈的形象是斤斤计较,非常不通情理,很难伺候。因为在英文里,侍应生在餐馆招待顾客的时候,问的问题往往是:“Is everything alright?” 一切都还好吧!一般也就是那么一问,不会指望你来真的挑错。但是在这个笑话里,把“everything”变成了“anything”,表示有没有一样事情是你不会挑出错来的?关于 Jewish mother, 还有另外一些说法: 犹太妈妈有点像咱们的中国家长,从儿女出生来到儿女成年、结婚、生子都要亲历亲为,参政议政感极强。她们对儿女婚事的过问、参与程度绝对不会亚于我们的中国家长。这也是美国人对犹太妈妈的一些看法。关于美国黑人的文化背景 在美国,对黑人政治上正确的的说法(politically correct)是African American。(非洲裔美国人)。这么来形容黑人,的确是尊敬他们了,但是少了些亲切感。所以我平常听到的形容黑人的说法是这样的。“That cute black guy, that hot black girl (那个帅气的黑人男孩,那个性感的黑人女孩。)。瞧,在black前面加上“cute” 和“hot”这个两个词,一下子,black就不是什么问题了。但你说,如果我想形容的人既不帅,也不性感怎么办?在中国我们现在不是流行无论管睡都叫靓女吗?美国也可以这么干。好听话不会有人介意的。关于美国人有种族歧视的观念我在这里不想提,以免将错越描越黑。在美国人眼里,黑人通常是擅长各式运动的,尤其是篮球。这和黑人在篮球以及田径上的霸主地位十分不开的。此外对黑人的stereotype还包括黑人,尤其是女孩子很会跳舞。此外,有一个观点是怎么中国人也有的,那就是黑人女孩子的屁股特别的漂亮,又挺又翘又结实。这也是黑人女孩子们自己引以为自豪的。这里我想提几个国人不知道的,但是,我再次重申,不要知道了一点赶快就去向外国友人炫耀,我下面要提到的是黑人们自己都不喜欢听的,觉得这种偏见带有种族歧视成分。 我也不清楚这种说法是怎么来的,但是许多黑人被认为是喜欢吃炸鸡和西瓜。有没有任何事实根据,我也不清楚,但是在有些电影电视里你会看到这样的文化隐喻。黑人们自己并不喜欢这样的说法。我有一个黑人朋友,他告诉我说他曾经到一家类似咱们中国远郊边县的餐馆用餐,他叫了一杯冰水喝,但是侍应生却端来了一个大西瓜。全餐馆的白人都在哈哈大笑。我这个朋友告诉我说那是他一生中所受到的最大的耻辱。黑人也许和你开玩笑,提到他们自己喜欢吃西瓜和炸鸡,但是那不意味着你也可以开同样的玩笑。这就像妈妈可以说自己家的孩子有多么不好,但是别人的妈妈如果说自己孩子的不是,那么这个妈妈心里才叫一个赌气呢。同样的道理,给大家将这些事情的目的是让大家了解,然后能够听得懂,这就够了。要开种族的玩笑,就先拿自己开涮吧!美国人对英国人的“成见” 美国人对英国人的固有印象很多,但是有一点是特别有趣的。美国媒体特别喜欢嘲笑英国人的牙齿,觉得"Brits (British people) have bad teeth (英国人的牙齿都不怎么好)。我也不清楚这种讲法来自何处,我想其实在美国人眼里,只有他们自己的牙齿才是最齐、最白、最完美的。大家一笑而过吧! /200909/83529

Pychologists have confirmed what writers have always believed: that books are literally the stuff of dreams.A survey has confirmed that ers of Iris Murdoch or JK Rowling are more likely to have bizarre dreams than people deep into a history of the crusades. People with a taste for fiction experienced dreams that contained more improbable events, and their dreams were more emotionally intense. The survey also found that people who thrillers were no more likely to have nightmares. But those with a weakness for science fiction were rather more likely to wake up suddenly with a cold sweat.The study, according to Mark Blagrove, of the University of Wales, is perhaps the first experiment to determine a link between the waking world and dreams. Dr Blagrove and colleagues distributed 100,000 questionnaires about sleep patterns and literary tastes, and got more than 10,000 replies.They found that 58% of all adults had experienced at least one dream in which they were aware they were dreaming ?nbsp;and that women could recall more dreams than men. Older people seemed to dream less and have fewer nightmares.Around 44% of children said their dreams were affected by the books they had been ing. "Children who report ing scary books have three times the number of nightmares as children who don't," said Dr Blagrove. /200812/59212

Put your puppy triviato the test and discover these interesting facts about man#39;s best friend.用你小的日常表现来测验一下吧,你会发现关于人类最好的朋友的有趣事实。1. Nosy Dogs大鼻子A dog#39;s nose print is as unique as a human#39;s finger print and can be used to accurately identify them.的鼻纹同人类的指纹一样,是独一无二的,可以被用来准确地识别它们。 /201202/172666They say you should never judge a book by its cover.But when it comes to the opposite sex, it seems that's exactly what women do.  人们说以貌取人是不对的。但是女人在评判异性的时候似乎偏偏就是这么做的。  It takes a woman just three minutes to make up her mind about whether she likes a man or not, a study has revealed.The average female spends the time sizing uplooks, physique and dress-sense as well as taking inscent, accent and eloquence of a potential suitor.Women also quickly judge how he interacts with her friends and whether he is successful or ambitious.  一项调查显示,女人只需要三分钟就可断定是否喜欢一个男人。一般来说,女性会用这三分钟观察一个潜在追求者的长相、体格和穿衣品味,以及感知对方的体味、口音和口才。女人能很快判断他和她的朋友们是不是合得来,他是否成功,以及他是否有雄心壮志。  Kay said: 'I think a lot of people believe in trusting their instincts when dating. It makes it seem more magical, like it's coming from somewhere deeper.  凯说:“我想很多人在约会的时候都会相信他们的直觉。这使得心动的感觉更奇妙,好像这种感觉来自内心深处某个地方。 'But it's surprising how quickly women make a decision. That's barely enough time to finish a drink together. “但是令人惊讶的是,女人居然能在那么短的时间内做出决定,三分钟只勉强够两个人喝完一杯酒。” 'It's interesting that so many women trust their instincts and yet still give men the opportunity to change their minds. “有趣的是,尽管很多女人相信直觉,但她们还是会给男人们扭转乾坤的机会。 'Some men might think this is leading them onbut I would imagine most women just want to give every blokea fair shot.'  “一些男人可能会认为这是在给他们错误的暗示,但是我认为大多数女人只是想给每个男人一个公平的机会。”  Researchers found women will quickly dismiss a man who they feel is 'too cocky' or 'too needy'.He will also be rejected if he isn't nice to people, doesn't appear to earn enough and if he has nothing in common with the woman.  研究人员发现,女人们会很快拒绝她们觉得“太自大”或者“太穷”的男人。此外,对人不够友善、看起来赚得不多、没有共同语言也是男人被拒绝的原因。 /201012/121750Most people learn over time, but often learning comes too late to be fully useful. There are certainly many things that I know now that would have been extremely useful to me earlier in my life; things that could have saved me from many of the mistakes and hurts I suffered over the years—and most of those that I inflicted on others too.I don’t buy the romantic notion that my life has been somehow richer or more interesting because of all the times I screwed up; nor that the mistakes were “put” there to help me learn. I made them myself—through ignorance, fear, and a dumb wish to have everyone like me—and life and work would have been less stressful and more enjoyable (and certainly more successful) without them. So here are some of the things I wish I had learned long ago. I hope they may help a few of you avoid the mistakes that I made back then.1. Most of it doesn’t matter.So much of what I got excited about, anxious about, or wasted my time and energy on, turned out not to matter. There are only a few things that truly count for a happy life. I wish I had known to concentrate on those and ignore the rest.2. The greatest source of misery and hatred in this world is clinging to past hurts.Look at all the terrorists and militant groups that hark back to some event long gone, or base their justification for killing on claims of some supposed historical right to a bit of land, or redress for a wrong done hundreds of years ago.3. Waiting to do something until you can be sure of doing it exactly right means waiting for ever.One of the greatest advantages anyone can have is the willingness to make a fool of themselves publicly and often. There’s no better way to learn and develop. Heck, it’s fun too.4.Following the latest fashion, in work or in life, is spiritual and intellectual suicide.You can be a cheap imitation of the ideal of the moment; or you can be a unique individual. The choice is yours. Religion isn’t the opiate of the masses, fashion is. /200903/64049

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