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Sandra had not been to Las Vegas in more than a year. She was excited. Her sister Janice was coming by to pick her up in about ten minutes. Sandra finished putting her toothbrush and toothpaste into her travel bag; those were the last two items on her “to pack” list.She had called ahead, of course, to get a room for Janice and herself. The hotel told her that no more rooms were available at the price that was advertised in the newspaper. This was no surprise to Sandra. So, she put down a 0 nonrefundable deposit on a room for two nights. The cost for both nights was going to be 0 plus taxes, surcharges, and other fees.She looked at her watch. Janice was late, of course. Sandra had forgotten to remind Janice of today’s departure time. To put it kindly, Janice was not exactly the most organized person in the world. Sandra called Janice up. She left a short message: “Where are you? It’s time to go to Vegas!”A few minutes later, Janice called back. She had a big problem—a schedule conflict. She had aly promised to attend her daughter’s eighth-grade graduation ceremony this very weekend.“Oh, Sandra, I’m so sorry,” Janice said. “I know how much you had wanted to do this. I thought Alice’s graduation ceremony and party were next week. I get so confused sometimes. I’ll make this up to you, I promise. Maybe you can call up Lily; she might be available, even though it’s really short notice. If not, don’t worry, I’ll pay you for everything and we can make plans again.”Sandra sighed and dialed her friend Lily. She wondered how Janice had made it through life so unorganized. Article/201107/144904;How was it possible that such an idea should enter our brains? I felt a little uneasy--a little fearful of my sister#39;s happiness with him in marriage, because I knew that his conduct had not been always quite right. My father and mother knew nothing of that; they only felt how imprudent a match it must be. Kitty then owned, with a very natural triumph on knowing more than the rest of us, that in Lydia#39;s last letter she had prepared her for such a step. She had known, it seems, of their being in love with each other, many weeks. ; “我们的脑子里怎么会有这种念头呢!我只是觉得有些不安心,有些顾虑,怕跟他结婚不会幸福,因为我早就知道他的品德不太端正。父亲和母亲完全不知道这种情形,他们只觉得这门亲事非常冒昧。吉蒂当时十分好胜地说,她比我们大家都熟悉内幕情形,丽迪雅给她的最后一封信上就已经隐隐约约透露也了一些口风,准备来这一着。看吉蒂那副神气,她好象远在她几个星期以前,就知道他们俩相爱了。” ;But not before they went to Brighton?; “总不见得在他们俩去到白利屯以前就看出了吧?” ;No, I believe not. ; “不见得,我相信不见得。” ;And did Colonel Forster appear to think well of Wickham himself? Does he know his real character?; “弗斯脱上校是不是显出看不起韦翰的样子?他了解韦翰的真面目吗?” ;I must confess that he did not speak so well of Wickham as he formerly did. He believed him to be imprudent and extravagant. And since this sad affair has taken place, it is said that he left Meryton greatly in debt; but I hope this may be false. ; “这我得承认,他不象从前那样器重他了。他认为他行事荒唐,又爱奢华,这件伤心的事发生以后,人们都传说他离开麦里屯的时候,还欠下了好多债,我但愿这是谣言。” ;Oh, Jane, had we been less secret, had we told what we knew of him, this could not have happened!; “哎哟,吉英,要是我们当初少替他保守一点秘密,把他的事情照直说出来,那也许就不会发生这件事了!” ;Perhaps it would have been better, ; replied her sister. ;But to expose the former faults of any person without knowing what their present feelings were, seemed unjustifiable. We acted with the best intentions. ; 吉英说:“说不定会好些,不过,光是揭露人家过去的错误,而不尊重人家目前的为人,未免亦有些说不过去。我们待人接物,应该完全好心好意。” ;Could Colonel Forster repeat the particulars of Lydia#39;s note to his wife?; “弗斯脱上校能不能把丽迪雅留给他太太的那封短信逐字逐句背出来?” ;He brought it with him for us to see. ; “那封信他是随身带来给我们看的。” Jane then took it from her pocket-book, and gave it to Elizabeth. These were the contents: 于是吉英从口袋里掏出那封信,递给伊丽莎白。全文如下: ;MY DEAR HARRIET, 亲爱的海丽, ;You will laugh when you know where I am gone, and I cannot help laughing myself at your surprise to-morrow morning, as soon as I am missed. I am going to Gretna Green, and if you cannot guess with who, I shall think you a simpleton, for there is but one man in the world I love, and he is an angel. I should never be happy without him, so think it no harm to be off. You need not send them word at Longbourn of my going, if you do not like it, for it will make the surprise the greater, when I write to them and sign my name #39;Lydia Wickham. #39; What a good joke it will be! I can hardly write for laughing. Pray make my excuses to Pratt for not keeping my engagement, and dancing with him to-night. Tell him I hope he will excuse me when he knows all; and tell him I will dance with him at the next ball we meet, with great pleasure. I shall send for my clothes when I get to Longbourn; but I wish you would tell Sally to mend a great slit in my worked muslin gown before they are packed up. Good-bye. Give my love to Colonel Forster. I hope you will drink to our good journey. 明天一大早你发现我失了踪,一定会大为惊奇;等你弄明白了我上什么地方去,你一定又会发笑。我想到这里,自己也禁不住笑出来了。我要到格利那草场去。如果你猜不着我是跟谁一起去,那我真要把你看成一个大傻瓜,因为这世界上只有一个男人是我心爱的,他真是一个天使。没有了他,我决不会幸福,因此,你别以为这这次去会惹出什么祸来。如果你不愿意把我出走的消息告诉浪搏恩我家里人,那你不告诉也罢。我要使他们接到我信的时候,看到我的签名是“丽迪雅·韦翰”,让他们更觉得事出意外。这个玩笑真开得太有意思!我几乎笑得无法写下去了!请你替我向普拉特道个歉,我今天晚上不能赴约,不能和他跳舞了。我希望他知道了这一切情形以后,能够原谅我;请你告诉他,下次在跳舞会上想见的时候,我一定乐意同他跳舞。我到了浪搏恩就派人来取衣,请你告诉莎蕾一声,我那件细洋纱的长衣裂了一条大缝,叫她替我收拾行李的时候,把它补一补。再见。请代问候弗斯脱上校。愿你为我们的一路顺风而干杯。 ;Your affectionate friend, 你的好友 ;LYDIA BENNET. ; 丽迪雅·班纳特 ;Oh! thoughtless, thoughtless Lydia!; cried Elizabeth when she had finished it. ;What a letter is this, to be written at such a moment! But at least it shows that SHE was serious on the subject of their journey. Whatever he might afterwards persuade her to, it was not on her side a SCHEME of infamy. My poor father! how he must have felt it!; 伊丽莎白读完了信以后叫道:“好一个没有脑子的丽迪雅!遇到这样重大的事,竟会写出这样一封信来!但是至少可以说明,她倒是把这一次旅行看成一件正经事。不管他以后会诱惑她走到哪一步田地,她可没有存心要做出什么丢脸的事来。可怜的爸爸!!他对这件事会有多少感触啊!” ;I never saw anyone so shocked. He could not speak a word for full ten minutes. My mother was taken ill immediately, and the whole house in such confusion!; “他当时惊骇得那种样子,我真一辈子也没见过。他整整十分钟说不出一句话来。妈一下子就病倒了,全家都给弄得鬼神不安!” Article/201204/178347PART FOUR - LIFE AT MOOR HOUSECHAPTER TWENTY-THREEMy Past Returns"I'll ask you again in a few days. Remember [-----1-----]! You are disobeying God!"I turned to face him. "St. John Rivers, you must make sure that you're not confusing what God wants, with what you want!" Later, I could not believe I had said this to him.He was very angry with me, and [-----2-----]. This hurt me very much. I was sorry I had hurt him, but I began to see that, if I were his wife, he would kill my spirit and not feel bad about it at all. When he asked me to marry him again, however, he was very gentle and kind. We were alone in the sitting room, and he spoke to me quietly in his deep voice. "Remember, Jane. God wants us to do what is right. He asks us to work for Him, and the people who do will go to heaven. Please say you will marry me!"I admired and respected St. John, and [-----3-----]. He gently held my hand, and I knew that it would not be a bad life in India. Maybe God was telling me to go, and I truly wanted to do what was right. 填空 :1、it's not me you're saying "no" to--it's God你拒绝的不是我,而是上帝。2、for the next week he was as cold as ice to me此后一星期都对我冷若冰霜。3、suddenly I almost wanted to agree我突然间差点要同意了 隐藏Vocabulary FocusHim:“h”大写以指代上帝,在提到上帝时,God及Lord的首字母都应大写。 Article/200906/75946One of the world's oldest stories, The Epic of Gilgamesh, is a lively tale of heroism and sacrifice from ancient Sumer. It also contains one of the earliest references to beer. In the story, a female friend of the hero changes a wild, primitive beast into a cultured human being by giving him seven cups of beer. In reality, drinking that much beer is more likely to have the opposite effect. Nowadays, it is the beverage of choice among rowdy young people on a Saturday night out, and it has fueled acts of violence and destruction in more than a few societies. It is, nevertheless, the oldest known alcoholic drink in the world and is widely enjoyed.Fermented beverages made from various types of grain appeared independently in different locations all over the ancient world from Africa to China. The word beer itself comes from a Latin verb meaning "to drink", and the ancient Romans were certainly no strangers to the brew. However, because they considered it the drink of barbarians , the Romans generally preferred wine.In ancient times, people who made beer lacked the means to preserve and filter it properly, so the drink was cloudy and turned bad quickly. It was medieval European monks who introduced scientific brewing techniques in an effort to produce a nutritious beverage to supplement their meager diets. The monks were not restricted to only brewing the beer, and consumption of it within the monasteries reached astonishing levels. One report from Belgium said that monks were drinking as much as five liters a day. Monastery breweries in Europe also ran their own pubs and enjoyed a tax-free status that came to be resented by the growing merchant class. As the power and influence of the church declined, the art of brewing became an important commercial activity. Today, beer production is largely a high-tech process in the hands of huge corporations or government monopolies. However, recent years have seen a growth in the popularity of small-scale breweries, reflecting an increasing global demand for quality and variety. 《吉尔伽美什史诗》是世界上流传最久的故事之一,栩栩如生地讲述了古代苏美尔地区(古代幼发拉底河下游的一个地区)的英勇事迹及壮烈牺牲的场面。史诗也涉及有关啤酒的最早传说。在故事中英雄的一位女友用七杯啤酒将一头野性,原始的野兽变成了一位文雅的男子。 事实上,饮用太多啤酒更可能产生相反的效果。啤酒是时下血气方刚的年轻人在周六夜晚狂欢时必备的饮料,而啤酒也在为数不少的社群里激发了暴力和破坏行为。尽管如此,它仍是世界上公认为最古老的含酒精饮料,而且广受喜爱。这些由多种谷类制成的发酵饮料,古时候从非洲到中国的世界各国都各自单独生产。啤酒这个词源自拉丁文动词,意为“饮用”。古罗马人对啤酒肯定不陌生,不过,由于他们认为啤酒是野蛮人的饮料,因此古罗马人普遍偏好葡萄酒。古时的啤酒酿造者缺少良好的保存方法及过滤工具,所以啤酒混浊而且容易变质。正是中世纪欧洲的僧侣们引进科学的啤酒酿造技术,制造有营养的饮料, 从而补充了他们贫乏的饮食。僧侣们不只局限在酿造啤酒,而且还在修道院中大量饮用啤酒,消耗量实在惊人。一份来自比利时的报告指出,僧侣们每天喝五升多的啤酒。欧洲修道院的酿酒厂也经营自己的酒吧,并享有免税的优惠,此项优待引起正在兴起的商人阶级的不满。随着教会权力和影响的衰落,酿制艺术也就转变为一项重要的商业活动。今天,啤酒的制造在巨型企业或政府的垄断下俨然成为一个高科技流程。然而近年来,小规模啤酒厂的倍受青睐也反映了全球对啤酒质量及多样化日益增长的需求。 Article/200803/28211

Short-term Memory There are two kinds of memory: short-term and long-term. Information in long-term memory can be recalled at a later time when it is needed. The information may be kept for days or weeks. Sometimes information in the long-term memory is hard to remember. Students taking exams often have this experience. In contrast, information in short-term memory is kept for only a few seconds, usually by repeating the information over and over. For example, you look up a number in the telephone book, and before you dial, you repeat the number over and over. If someone interrupts you, you will probably forget the number. In laboratory studies, subjects are unable to remember three letters after eighteen seconds if they are not allowed to repeat the letters to themselves.Psychologists study memory and learning with both animal and human subjects. The two experiments here show how short-term memory has been studied.Dr. Hunter studied short-term memory in rats. He used a special apparatus which had a cage for the rat and three doors. There was a light in each door. First the rat was placed in the closed cage. Next, one of the lights was turned on and then off. There was food for the rat only at this door. After the light was turned off, the rat had to wait a short time before it was released form its cage. Then, if it went to the correct door, it was rewarded with the food that was there. Hunter did this experiment many times. He always turned on the lights in a random order. The rat had to wait different intervals before it was released from the cage. Hunter found that if the rat had to wait more than ten seconds, it could not remember the correct door. Hunter's results show that rats have a short-term memory of about ten seconds.Later, Dr. Henning studied how students who are learning English as a second language remember vocabulary. The subject in his experiment were 75 students at the University of California in Los Angeles. They represented all levels of ability in English: beginning, intermediate, advanced, and native-speaking students.To begin, the subjects listened to a recording of a native speaker ing a paragraph in English. Following the recording, the subjects took a 15-question test to see which words they remembered. Each question has four choices. The subjects had to circle the word they had heard in the recording. Some of the questions had four choices that sound alike. For example, weather, whether, wither, and wetter are four words that sound alike. Some of the questions had four choices that have the same meaning. Method, way, manner, and system would be four words with the same meaning. Some of them had four unrelated choices. For instance, weather, method, love, and result could be used as four unrelated words. Finally the subjects took a language proficiency test.Henning found that students with a lower proficiency in English made more of their mistakes on words that sound alike; students with a higher proficiency made more of their mistakes on words that have the same meaning. Henning's results suggest that beginning students hold the sound of words in their short-term memory, while advanced students hold the meaning of words in their short-term memory.短时记忆有两种记忆:短时记忆和长时记忆。处于长期记忆中的信息,在后来需要的时候能够回想起来。这一信息可以保持数天或数周。有时处于长时记忆中的信息很难记起。参加考试的学生经常会有这种经历。反之,短时记忆中的信息只能保持三两秒钟,通常还得再三复习这一信息。例如,你在一本电话号码簿中查到一个号码,在你还没拨号之前,你得再三复习这一号码。如果这时有人打扰了你,你也许会把这个电话号码忘了。通过实验研究表明,如果不准被测试的人复习,那么十八秒以后,被测试的人连三个字母都记不住。心理学家们以动物和人这二者做测试对象分别研究了记忆和学习的情况。这里这两类试验都表明了研究短时记忆的情况。亨特士研究了大老鼠的短时记忆。他用了一种特殊装置,这种装置上有个鼠笼和三扇门。每扇门上都有一盏灯。首先,把大老鼠放到一个关着的鼠笼里。接着,把其中一盏灯打开然后再关上。只有在这扇门那里才有给老鼠听的东西。在把灯关掉以后,必须让这个老鼠等候一段短时期,这才把它从鼠笼中放出去。接下来,如果这个老鼠走对了门,那么,门那里摆着的食物就是对他的奖赏。亨特士多次做过这种实验。他总是没有按固定顺序随便打开任何一盏灯。让老鼠等候的时间间隔也完全不同,然后才把大老鼠从鼠笼中放出去。亨特士发现,如果老鼠必须等候10秒钟以上才放出,那它就记不住哪扇门是正确的。亨特士实验的结果表明大老鼠能有大约10秒钟的短期记忆。后来,享尼希士研究了那些把英语作为第二种语言来学习的人,是怎样记生词的。他实验的对象是洛杉矶加州大学的75名学生。他们都是各种程度的英语学生中的代表人物:初级的、中级的、高级和以英语为母语的学生。开头,先让受试者们听一段以英语为母语的人所朗读的一小段英文文章的录音。听了录音以后接着让受试者参加一次共15个问题的考试,看看他们都记住了哪些生词。每个问题有四个选择项。受试者必须圈出他们在录音中所听到的单词。每个问题有四个选择项听起来很像是一样的。例如:weather天气,whether是否,wither枯萎,wetter润湿剂。有些问题的选择项的意义像是一样的:method,way,manner和system.有些问题的四个选择项之间没有任何关连:weather,method,love和result.最后,受试者们都参加一次语言熟练程度的测试。享尼希士发现,凡是英语熟练程度低的学生多在声音相似的单词中会弄错;凡是英语熟练程度高的学生多在意义相似的词汇上会出错。享尼希的实验结果表明:初学者能把单词的声音保持短期记忆。享尼希的实验结果表明:初学者能把单词的声音保持短期记忆,而程度高的学生能把词汇的意义保持短期记忆。 Article/200802/27813

Kitty and me were to spend the day there, and Mrs. Forster promised to have a little dance in the evening; (by the bye, Mrs. Forster and me are SUCH friends!) and so she asked the two Harringtons to come, but Harriet was ill, and so Pen was forced to come by herself; and then, what do you think we did? We dressed up Chamberlayne in woman#39;s clothes on purpose to pass for a lady, only think what fun! Not a soul knew of it, but Colonel and Mrs. Forster, and Kitty and me, except my aunt, for we were forced to borrow one of her gowns; and you cannot imagine how well he looked! When Denny, and Wickham, and Pratt, and two or three more of the men came in, they did not know him in the least. Lord! how I laughed! and so did Mrs. Forster. I thought I should have died. And THAT made the men suspect something, and then they soon found out what was the matter. ;吉蒂和我那天都准备在那儿玩个整天(弗斯脱太太跟我是多么要好的朋友!)她于是请哈林顿家的两位都来参加。可是海丽病了,因此萍不得不独个赶来;这一来,你们猜我们怎么办?我们把钱柏伦穿上了女人衣,让人家当他是个女人。你们且想想看,多有趣啊!除了上校、弗斯脱太太、吉蒂和我、以及姨妈等人以外,谁也不知道,说到姨妈,那是因为我们向她借件长衣,她才知道的。你们想象不到他扮得多么象啊!丹尼、韦翰、普拉特和另外两三个人走进来的时候,他们根本认不出是他。天哪!我笑得好厉害,弗斯脱太太也笑得好厉害。我简直要笑死了。这才叫那些男人们起了疑心,他们不久就识穿了。;With such kinds of histories of their parties and good jokes, did Lydia, assisted by Kitty#39;s hints and additions, endeavour to amuse her companions all the way to Longbourn. Elizabeth listened as little as she could, but there was no escaping the frequent mention of Wickham#39;s name.丽迪雅就这样说说舞会上的故事,讲讲笑话,另外还有吉蒂从旁给她添油加酱,使得大家一路上很开心。伊丽莎白尽量不去听它,但是总免不了听到一声声提起韦翰的名字。Their reception at home was most kind. Mrs. Bennet rejoiced to see Jane in undiminished beauty; and more than once during dinner did Mr. Bennet say voluntarily to Elizabeth:家里人极其亲切地接待她们。班纳特太太看到吉英姿色未减,十分快活;吃饭的时候,班纳特先生不由自主地一次又一次跟伊丽莎白说:;I am glad you are come back, Lizzy. ;;你回来了,我真高兴,丽萃。;1.be forced to 被迫去做某事The president was forced into resigning/to resign. 会长被迫辞职。2.on purpose 故意, 有意She seems to do these things on purpose.她似乎是有意地做这些事。3.find out 发现, 找出Find out what the conditions of the contract are.弄清楚合同的条件是什么。 Article/201112/164943

6 Colin is afraid6 柯林害怕了Because it rained all the next week,Mary went to talk to Colin every day instead of visiting the garden.由于接下来下了一个星期的雨,玛丽没有去花园,而是每天去看柯林。But she woke early one morning to see the sun shining into her room,可一天早晨她很早就醒了,看见阳光洒进她的房间,and she ran out to the secret garden at once.她立即跑出去到秘密花园,She did not even wait to have her breakfast.连早餐也没来得及吃。It was beautifully sunny and warm,天气晴朗,阳光明媚,and a thousand more shoots were pushing their way out of the ground.无数的嫩牙拱出地面,Dickon was aly there,digging hard,with the crow and a young fox beside him.狄肯已经在那儿了,正起劲地挖着土,他的身边有一只乌鸦和一只小狐狸。‘Have you seen the robin?’he asked Mary.“看见知更鸟了吗?”他问玛丽。The little bird was flying busily backwards and forwards as fast as he could,carrying pieces of dry grass.小鸟正忙碌地飞前飞后衔着枯叶。‘He#39;s building a nest!’whispered Mary.“它在筑巢呢!”玛丽低声道。They watched the robin for a moment.Then Mary said,他们看了一会儿,然后玛丽说:‘I must tell you something.“我得告诉你一件事。You probably know about Colin Craven,don#39;t you?你听说过柯林·克莱文,是吗?Well,I#39;ve met him,and I#39;m going to help him to get better.’我见过他了,而且我要帮助他好起来。”‘That#39;s good news.’“这可是好消息,”There was a big smile on Dickon#39;s honest face.狄肯质朴的脸上露出了开心的笑容。‘We all knew he was ill.’“我们都知道他有病。”‘He#39;s afraid he#39;ll have a crooked back like his father.“他是害怕会像他父亲那样驼背,I think that#39;s what#39;s making him ill.’我看这就是他生病的原因。”‘Perhaps we can bring him here and let him rest under the trees.“也许我们可以带他来这儿让他在树下休息。That#39;ll do him good.那会对他有好处。That#39;s what we#39;ll do.’而那正是我们要做的。”They had a lot of gardening and planning to do and Mary did not have time to visit Colin that day.他们忙着在花园里修整、种花,所以玛丽一整天没时间去看柯林。When she came back to the house in the evening,当她晚上回到房间时,Martha told her that the servants had had trouble with Colin.玛莎告诉她用人们在柯林那儿惹了麻烦了。‘He#39;s been very badtempered all afternoon with all of us,“他整个下午冲我们所有人发脾气,because you didn#39;t come,miss.’就因为你没去看他,。”‘Well,I was busy.He#39;ll have to learn not to be so selfish,’replied Mary coldly.“哦,我很忙。他得学着别这么自私。”玛丽冷冷地说。She forgot how selfish she had been when she was ill in India.她忘了她自己在印度生病时有多自私了。‘I#39;ll go and see him now.’“我现在就去看他。”When she went into his room,he was lying in bed,looking tired.她走进房间时,他正躺在床上,显得很疲倦,He did not turn to look at her.没有扭头看她。‘What#39;s the matter with you?’she asked crossly.“你怎么啦?”她不太耐烦地问道。‘My back aches and my head hurts.“我后背疼,头也疼。Why dldn#39;t you come this afternoon?’下午你为什么没来?”‘I was working in the garden with Dickon.’“我在花园里跟狄肯一起干活儿。”‘I won#39;t let that boy come to the garden if you stay with him instead of talking to me!’“要是你净跟他在一起不来跟我说话,我就不许那个孩子到花园里来!”Mary suddenly became very angry.玛丽当即就生气了。‘If you send Dickon away,I#39;ll never come into this room again!’“你要让狄肯走的话,我就再也不到这儿来了!”‘You#39;ll have to,if I say so.I#39;ll make the servants bring you in here.’“你必须得来,因为我说了让你来,我会叫用人把你叫来。”‘Oh,will you,prince!“哦,是吗?王子!But no one can make me talk to you.可是没人能让我跟你说话呀!I won#39;t look at you.我会连看都不看你,I#39;ll stare at the floor!’就盯着地板!”‘You selfish girl!’cried Colin.“你自私!”柯林叫嚷道。‘You#39;re more selfish than I am.“你比我自私多了。You#39;re the most selfish boy I#39;ve ever met!’你是我见过的最自私的人!”‘I#39;m not as selfish as your fine Dickon!“我可不像你可爱的狄肯那么自私,He keeps you playing outside when he knows I#39;m ill and alone!’他明知我一个人在生病,却让你一直在外面陪着他玩!”Mary had never been so furious.玛丽从来没生过这么大的气,‘Dickon is nicer than any other boy in the world!He#39;s like an angel!’“狄肯比世界上任何男孩都好!他像个天使!”‘An angel!Don#39;t make me laugh!“一个天使!别逗了!He#39;s just a poor country boy,with holes in his shoes!’他不过是个乡下的穷孩子。鞋底还漏着窟窿!”‘He#39;s a thousand times better than you are!’“他比你好上一千倍!”Colin had never argued with anyone like himself in his life,and in fact it was good for him.柯林长这么大从没跟自己年龄相仿的人吵过架,这实际上对他有好处。But now he was beginning to feel sorry for himself.可这会儿他觉得自己可怜极了。‘I#39;m always ill,’he said,and started to cry.“我老是生病,”他一边说一边哭起来。‘I#39;m sure my back is a bit crooked.And I#39;m going to die!’“我肯定我的背有点驼了,而且我就快死了!”‘No,you#39;re not!’said Mary crossly.“不,你不会的!”玛丽不耐烦了。Colin opened his eyes very wide.柯林睁大了眼睛,Nobody had said that to him before.以前从来没人这么说过他。He was angry,but a bit pleased at the same time.他生气了,可同时又有点高兴。‘What do you mean?You know I#39;m going to die!Everybody says I#39;m going to die!’“你什么意思?你知道我就要死了!每个人都说我快死了!”‘I don#39;t believe it!’said Mary in her most disagreeable voice.“我不信!”玛丽说,声音很刺耳。‘You just say that to make people feel sorry for you.“你这么说只是想要别人可怜你。You#39;re too horrid to die!’你怕死,你不敢去死!”Colin forgot about his painful back and sat up in bed.柯林忘了背疼的事,从床上坐起来,‘Get out of the room at once!’he shouted,“马上从这儿滚出去!”他吼道,and threw a book at her.把一本书朝她扔过来。‘I#39;m going,’Mary shouted in reply,“我这就走。”玛丽大声说,‘and I won#39;t come back!’The door banged shut behind her.“我再也不会来了!”她撞上门走了。When she reached her own room,she had decided never to tell him her great secret.回到自己的房间后,她下决心永远不告诉他自己的大秘密。‘He can stay in his room and die if he 66wants!’she thought.“他可以呆在他的房间里,要死就死吧!”她想。But soon she began to remember how ill he had been,可马上她又想起他病得那么厉害,and how frightened he was,frightened that one day his back would become as crooked as his father#39;s.他是那么恐惧,担心有一天他的背会像父亲一样驼。‘Perhaps…perhaps I#39;ll go back and see him tomorrow!’“也许……也许明天我会回去看看!”That night she was woken by the most terrible screams that she had ever heard.这天夜里她被从未听过的尖叫声惊醒。Servants were opening and shutting doors and running about.用人们开门又关门,跑来跑去。‘It#39;s Colin!’thought Mary.“是柯林!”玛丽想。‘He#39;ll go on screaming until he makes himself really ill!“他会不停地叫下去,直到真弄出病来!How selfish he is!他多么自私啊!Somebody should stop him!’该有人去制止他!”Just then Martha ran into the room.这时玛莎跑进她的房里,‘We don#39;t know what to do!’she cried.“我们不知道该怎么办!”她叫着。‘He likes you,miss!“他喜欢你,!Come and see if you can make him calmer,please!’去看看你能不能让他安静下来,好吗?”‘Well,I#39;m very cross with him,’said Mary,and jumped out of bed.“好吧,我烦死他了,”玛丽说着从床上跳下来,‘I#39;m going to stop him!’“我得去制止他!”‘That#39;s right,’said Martha.“没错,”玛莎说。‘He needs someone like you,to argue with.“他需要像你这样的人,一起吵吵嘴,It#39;ll give him something new to think about.’这能给他点新鲜的东西让他去琢磨。”Mary ran into Colin#39;s room,right up to his bed.玛丽跑到他的房间,径直走到床前。‘Stop screaming!’she shouted furiously.“别叫啦!”她气冲冲地喊道,‘Stop at once!I hate you!“马上停住!我讨厌你!Everybody hates you!人人都讨厌你!You#39;ll die if you go on screaming like this,and I hope you will!’你再这么喊下去就会死的,我希望你死!”The screams stopped immediately.喊叫声立即停住了。This was the first time that anyone had spoken so angrily to Colin,and he was shocked.这可是第一次有人这么气愤地对柯林说话,他被吓坏了。But he went on crying quietly to himself.不过他还是在小声哭着。‘My back#39;s becoming crooked,I can feel it!“我的背开始驼了,我能感觉到!I know I#39;m going to die!’我知道我就要死了!”Large tears ran down his face.大颗的泪珠从他的脸上流了下来。‘Don#39;t be stupid!’cried Mary.“别傻了!”玛丽叫道。‘There#39;s nothing the matter with your horrid back!“这跟你可怕的背没关系!Martha,come here and help me look at his back!’玛莎,过来让我看看他的背!”Martha and Mrs Medlock were standing at the door,staring at Mary,their mouths half open.玛莎和梅洛太太都站在门边,瞪着玛丽,嘴巴半张着。They both looked very frightened.看来她们都给吓坏了。Martha came forward to help,and Miss Mary looked carefully at Colin#39;s thin white back,up and down.玛莎走过来帮忙,玛丽上上下下仔细看了柯林那消瘦苍白的脊背,Her face was serious and angry at the same time.神色严肃,同时又很生气。The room was very quiet.房间里很静。‘There#39;s nothing wrong with your back!’she said at last.“你的脊背一点毛病也没有!”她最后说道。‘Nothing at all!It#39;s as straight as mine!’“什么也没有,像我的背一样直!”Only Colin knew how important those crossly spoken,childish words were.只有柯林明白这些带着怒气说出的孩子气的话有多么重要。All his life he had been afraid to ask about his back,and his terrible fear had made him ill.他长这么大一直都不敢问起自己的脊背,而他的恐惧总是让他病歪歪的。Now an angry little girl told him his back was straight,and he believed her.现在这个愤怒的小姑娘告诉他,说他的脊背是直的,而他相信她。He was no longer afraid.他再也不怕了。They were both calmer now.他们俩这会儿都安静多了,He gave Mary his hand.他把手伸给玛丽。‘I thinkI#39;m almost sure I will live,if we can go out in the garden together sometimes.“我想——要是我们哪天能到花园里去的话,我几乎可以肯定我会活下去的。I#39;m very tired now.我现在很累了,Will you stay with me until I go to sleep?’你能等我睡着后再走吗?”The servants went out very quietly.用人们悄悄地退了出去。‘I#39;ll tell you all about the secret garden,’whispered Mary.“我要告诉你秘密花园的事,”玛丽低声说。‘I think it#39;s full of roses and beautiful flowers.“我想里面满是玫瑰和美丽的花儿,Birds like making their nests there because it#39;s so quiet and safe.鸟儿喜欢在里面筑巢是因为那儿宁静、安全。And perhaps our robin…而且也许我们的知更鸟……”But Colin was aly asleep.可柯林已经睡着了。The next day Mary met Dickon as usual in the secret garden,and told him about Colin.第二天玛丽像往常一样在秘密花园里见到狄肯,她告诉他柯林的事。Mary loved Dickon#39;s Yorkshire dialect and was trying to learn it herself.玛丽喜欢狄肯的约克郡口音,所以努力在学他,She spoke a little now.她现在已经能说一点了。‘We mun get poor Colin out here in th#39;sunshine—an’we munnot lose no time about it!’“我们得把可怜的柯林弄到这儿来晒晒太阳——我们不能再耽搁了!”Dickon laughed.‘Well done!I didn#39;t know you could speak Yorkshire!狄肯笑了,“你说的不错呀!我还不知道你会说约克郡的话!You#39;re right.没错,We must bring Colin to the garden as soon as we can.’我们得尽快带柯林到花园里来。”So that afternoon she went to see Colin.于是下午她来看柯林。‘I#39;m sorry I said I#39;d send Dickon away,’he said.“很抱歉我说过让狄肯走的话,”他说。‘I hated you when you said he was like an angel!’“你说他像个天使,我就讨厌你了。”‘Well,he#39;s a funny kind of angel,but he understands wild animals better than anyone.’“嗯,他是那种有趣的天使,而且他比任何人都了解那些动物。Suddenly,Mary knew that this was the right moment to tell him.”这时玛丽觉得是告诉他的时候了,She caught hold of his hands.她握住他的手,‘Colin,this is important.Can you keep a secret?’“柯林,这很重要,你能保守秘密吗?”‘Yes—yes!’he whispered excitedly.‘What is it?’“能——能!”他小声兴奋地说道。“是什么?”‘We#39;ve found the door into the secret garden!’“我们找到了进秘密花园的门!”‘Oh Mary!Will I live long enough to see it?’“哦,玛丽!我能活着看看它吗?”‘Of course you will!Don#39;t be stupid!’said Mary crossly.“当然能!别傻了!”玛丽不耐烦了,But it was a very natural thing to say,and they both laughed.可这么说又非常自然,于是两人都笑了。Colin told Mrs Medlock and the doctor that he wanted to go out in his wheelchair.柯林告诉梅洛太太和医生他想坐轮椅出去。At first the doctor was worried the boy would get too tired,开始医生担心他会累着,but when he heard that Dickon would push the wheelchair,he agreed.可当他听狄肯说用轮椅推着他时,他同意了。‘Dickon#39;s a sensible boy,’he told Colin.‘But don#39;t forget—’“狄肯是个懂事的孩子,”他对柯林说。“但是别忘了——”‘I#39;ve told you,I want to forget that I#39;m ill,’said Colin in his prince#39;s voice.“我告诉过你,我想忘了我有病,”柯林用他那王子般的口气说。‘Don#39;t you understand?“你不明白吗?It#39;s because my cousin makes me forget that I feel better when I#39;m with her.’就是因为我表让我忘掉我有病,跟她在一起我才觉得好些的。” /201205/181363

Easter Sunday was a cloudy but festive day in Memorial Park for about 100 kids from local orphanages. An Easter egg hunt started at 10 a.m. when a fire engine blasted its horn. Boys and girls, ranging in age from 2 to 6, dashed throughout the park, yelling and screaming, walking and running, and quite often, falling down. One little girl, Amanda, found her first egg less than a minute after the horn blew. Instead of putting it into her basket and continuing to search for more, she sat down. Then she spent the next 10 minutes examining it, unwrapping it, and eating it piece by piece. When she finished, she put the wrapper into her basket, wiped her hands on her white dress, and went to hunt for another egg. Meanwhile Jeff, one of the older boys, filled his basket to overflowing. He asked one of the firemen to hold it for him, and then took off running for more candy eggs. As soon as he found some, he put them into the basket of the child closest to him. Two little toddlers both saw a candy egg at the same time, and they both bent over to pick it up. They banged heads, and both of them sat down bawling. A couple of volunteer nurses picked them up and told them that everything was going to be all right. By 11 a.m., the search was over. Most of the kids were studying their candy, exchanging it with others, or eating it. But then the fire engine horn blasted again, causing three-year-old Jenny to cry. A fireman on a bullhorn told everyone to gather around, because a special guest had arrived. Once everyone was settled, the Easter Bunny climbed down out of the fire engine. The bunny was 6’6” tall. Most of the kids cheered and ran toward him. Even Jenny stopped crying for a moment. She stared at the bunny and at all the kids running toward the bunny; then she started crying even harder. The Easter Bunny hugged the kids, and they hugged him. Then the Easter Bunny sat on a fire engine step, and one by one the kids came up, sat on his lap, and got their pictures taken. After that, the older kids were allowed to explore the fire engine itself. The festivities ended about 3 p.m., when the orphans climbed into the buses for the return trip home. Most of them said they had a fun time. Six-year-old Sara asked, “Can we do this every Sunday?” And more than one boy asked, “Can I drive the fire engine next time?” Article/201106/141519

A group in San Francisco is “honoring” former President G.W. Bush by proposing to name a new wastewater treatment plant after him.“We hope that this will catch on nationwide,” said activist Bill Maher. “Every state should have a wastewater treatment plant named after Bush.” In addition, Maher's group is offering to the person who comes up with the best new word for their online “Bush Dictionary.” The word must refer to Bush somehow, such as “garbush can” for garbage can, “bushfill” for landfill, and “bushpaper” for toilet paper. To submit a new word, go to bushwhacked.com.In addition to putting Bush's name everywhere, Maher’s group also wants to see Bush’s face plastered all over America. They are talking to many different companies. Waste Management, the largest trash company in America, might put Bush’s face on the rear end of all their trash trucks, Maher said.In addition, he hopes that Kimberly-Clark will put Bush's face on their paper towels, tissue paper, toilet paper, and disposable diapers. “I can’t wait to blow my nose into Bush’s face,” said Maher, laughing.Several companies are eager to work with Maher’s group. He said that the public will soon see Bush’s face on dartboards, Welcome mats, and the bottom of trash cans and kitty litter boxes. One company is putting his face on their fly swatters. “Bush ruined this country,” said Maher, “so we want to ruin his image. Unfortunately, the man is such a dope that when he sees his face on a yellow plastic fly swatter, he’ll probably feel flattered.” Article/201108/149430

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