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While some of these modes of travel have not yet come to pass, we have to admit they are all pretty unique.虽然这里所列的一些旅行方式还没有实现,但是我们不得不承认这些旅行方式是如此地独特,不可思议.A doomed ocean liner that is scheduled to make a comeback.18年将会有一艘人们熟悉的游轮卷土重来A replica of the legendary ocean liner Titanic is scheduled to set sail in 18.据说一艘以泰坦尼克号为原型复制的游轮将在18年扬帆起航Australian mining billionaireprofessor Clive Palmer and his Blue Star Line Company held a press conference in New York City to reveal the blueprints Titanic II in . Palmer claims the replica ship will make its maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York (following the same path as the original), carrying ,600 passengers in 850 cabins and yes, there will be a enough lifeboats all this time around – if he can get the project off the ground. As of March , it was reported that the project had stalled and that Chinese shipbuilders CSC Jinling had lost interest. So far, no contract had been signed. However, Palmer insists the keel will be laid in late , and a selection of cabins were being constructed on land approval which would also be completed in the same timeframe. It has been rumored that wealthy travelers have offered up to million each a berth on board the Titanic II its inaugural journey. One cant help but wonder if lightening – or an iceberg – will strike twice.年,澳大利亚矿业大亨兼教授克莱夫·帕默以及他的blue star有限公司在纽约召开了新闻发布会,向社会各界公布了“泰坦尼克二号”的设计蓝图帕默声称如果他们可以成功进行这个项目,这艘游轮首次出航将沿着原泰坦尼克号的路线,从英国的南安普顿出发,最后到达纽约,游轮会配备850个船舱供600名乘客乘坐,也会在这个航期内配备足够的救生船据报道,截至年3月,这个项目还处于停滞状态,中国造船企业CSC金陵已经失去兴趣到目前为止帕默并没有促成任何合同的签订,但是他仍然坚持将在年末将龙骨制作出来,而船舱也会在同一时间在选定的工厂中建造完成据说,一些富有的旅行者为泰坦尼克二号的首次旅行的每个停靠的地方提供了价值0万美元的泊位但是人们也禁不住想这艘船会不会也像泰坦尼克号一样中途遇到冰山而罢工9.The funicular that is known as the ;shortest railway in the world;9.被称为“世界上最短铁路”的缆索Angels Flight, located in downtown Los Angeles, is the self-proclaimed ;world shortest railway.; While the 3-foot trip lasts a mere thirty seconds, it is believed that Angels Flight has carried more passengers per mile than any other railway in the world, making it not only the shortest in length, but also the most traveled.天使飞行,坐落在洛杉矶的市中心,自称为“世界上最短的铁路”这仅有3英尺的旅行只需要30秒,然而你丝毫不会质疑这个事实:搭乘天使航班的比搭乘世界上其他任何铁路旅行的游客都多,天使飞行不但是长度最短,也是承载旅行次数最多的铁路Built in 1901, the funicular ferried millions of Angelenos up and down Bunker Hill until it was dismantled in 1969 to make way commercialization of the area. In 1996, the line reopened a half a block south of the original site, but was closed in 01 when a serious accident killed one passenger and seriously injured a few others. The National Transportation Safety Board deemed a ;design failure; as the cause, and the line remained closed the next 9 years while repairs were made and lawsuits were settled. The line reopened again until , when a derailment occurred. While there were no injuries this time, the NTSB want to see the creation of a track-adjacent walkway use in future evacuations. They also want to see the installation of end-gates on the rail cars that are tall enough to prevent a passenger from being ejected in the event of a sudden stop. While the issues regarding Angels Flight are currently being addressed, there is no timetable as to when the tiny railway will reopen, but rest assured, this valuable piece of LA history will roll again.这条缆索建于1901年,运送了数百万的洛杉矶人往返于邦克山直到1969年,邦克山由于被划为商业化区域,有一部分铁路被拆除1996年,这条线路终于开放了原来的南边部分,但是在01年又由于发生严重事故造成一名乘客死亡,几人重伤而被迫关闭美国国家运输安全委员会认为这起事故的发生是由于“设计失败”, 最后是通过诉讼解决这起事故,并且承诺在未来的9年中将会关闭此段路线并进行修缮直到年这条线路重新开放,可是又发生了脱轨事件虽然这次事故没有人员伤亡,但是NTSB (美国国家运输安全委员会)认为需要采取措施,建立一个邻街轨道来用于未来发生事故时的人群疏散他们同时也认为火车后面的挡板需要足够高,避免乘客由于列车突然停止而摔出虽然目前天使飞行的问题还在解决中,关于这条铁路将会在什么时候重新开放并没有任何说法,但是人们坚信,如此珍贵神奇的铁路将会在未来的某一天重新开放8.The rail service that encourages writers to ride free8.鼓励作家们免费搭乘的火车That right, Amtrak is offering several lucky riders free, long-distance train trips to work on their writing while they ride.是的,你没有看错美国铁路公司经常会提供免费的火车乘坐机会给一些幸运的乘客,让他们去旅行时在火车上写作 up and coming scribes, the rail service will throw in a “private sleeping roomette equipped with a desk, a bed, and a window to watch the American countryside roll by inspiration; on one of the company fifteen long-distance routes.In , Amtrak received over ,000 applicants its writers residency. Of that ,000, 1 semi-finalists were selected, and will be awarded the chance to ride the rails and find creative inspiration in .铁路务部门在公司的个长途路线中会提供给作家“私人小房间,配备一张桌子,一张床,还有可以观看美国乡村找寻写作灵感的窗户”的写作生活条件年,美国铁路公司收到了超过000名作家的居住申请在这超过000的申请人中,半决赛中角逐出1名作者,并且前名将会在年拥有乘坐Amtrak提供的铁路线旅游,找寻创作的灵感7.The airship that could revolutionize flight7.改革飞行时代的飞艇Until the Hindenburg tragedy of 1937, zeppelins were considered the future of air transport. They all but disappeared the next 75 years, but are now poised to make a comeback – enter The Aeroscraft.齐柏林飞艇一直被认为是航空运输的未来,直到1937年发生了兴登堡的悲剧在接下来的75年他们都几乎消失了,但是现在美国Aeros航空公司研制了Aeroscraft(新型飞艇)卷土重来The Aeroscraft, designed by Worldwide Aeros Corp thanks to a million grant from the U.S. government, is currently undergoing testing, and will be available to customers in mid-, when airships will be rented out a year at a time.The Aeroscraft was built using innovative technology which allows it to control its flight better than previous models, so it should avoid the problems experienced by the first generation of zeppelins. It can take off and land without use of a mal airstrip (that means vertically, folks) and uses about third as much fuel as an airplane carrying cargo, making it well suited to war zones and disaster areas.Aeroscraft(新型飞艇),是由Aeros航空公司从美国募捐了300万美元打造而成政府目前正在进行测试,并将飞艇出租一年,在年中期会提供给客户乘坐体验Aeroscraft的制造采用了创新的技术,使其比先前的模型更好地控制飞行,可以避免第一代齐柏林飞艇出现的问题它可以使用非正式的飞机跑道来进行起飞和降落并且可以使用第三种燃料,非常适用于战争和灾区6.The ;hippy; bus that offers a sense of commy to its passengers6.为乘客营造社区氛围的“嬉皮士”公共汽车 30 years, the San Francisco-based ;hippy bus; line the Green Tortoise has ferried more than ,000 riders a year to Yosemite, Alaska, the Yucatán, Baja, New York, the national parks of the West, Seattle and New Orleans on the cheap.30年来,位于旧金山的“嬉皮士公交”—绿龟每年运送000多名乘客到约塞米蒂,阿拉斯加,尤卡坦半岛,半岛,纽约,西方的国家公园、西雅图和新奥尔良,并且价格十分低廉The buses are customized so that passengers can lounge around inmally or sleep on bunk beds while the bus is moving. Most travel is done at night so that a new destination can be experienced during daylight hours. Riders not only sleep in the same space, but often cook together, making the Tortoise more communal and social than its conservative competition, Greyhound Bus Lines. Riders give up privacy, personal space and occasionally even showers a sense of commy, and develop long term friendships over the journey that they feel are worth the sacrifice.这种公交车是定制型的,乘客可以在公交行驶过程中睡在床铺上或者做一些性质的事情旅游的行程大多数都在晚上,这样的话就可以保乘客们在白天抵达一个新的目的地乘客们不仅是一起睡在共同的空间,还经常一起做饭,营造出一个更和谐,社会化的社区氛围,这些让人感到舒适的氛围都让这个嬉皮士公交车在同类型的公交车中拥有极大的竞争优势乘坐绿龟公交车的乘客们都会主动放弃个人空间,在旅行的过程中与其他乘客发展友谊,感受不同的氛围,体验过这种特殊旅行的乘客基本觉得放弃隐私空间的牺牲是值得的翻译:曹秋会 来源:前十网 05

the Travel section’s Oct. 19 issue on Europe, writers and editors selected special items to profile from a dozen cities. Below, explore everything from chocolate in Brussels to silk in Florence to design in Copenhagen.在欧洲版月19日旅游板块,作者与编辑精选了十二个城市的独特珍宝,下面,我们从布鲁塞尔的巧克力、佛罗伦萨的丝绸到哥本哈根的设计,逐一欣赏吧Prague: Toys布拉格的玩具There’s no shortage of souvenir shops in Prague, especially in touristic Old Town, but most of what these shops offer — Russian-style nesting dolls, reproduction Soviet tank commander hats, knockoff Barcelona football jerseys — has no connection to Czech culture or traditions. But as the father of two Czech-American children, I have often been impressed with the Czech Republic’s traditional children’s toys, and frequently recommend them as authentic souvenirs.布拉格绝不缺乏纪念品商店,尤其是在游人如织的老城,但大多数店里出售的都是俄罗斯套娃、苏联坦克司令帽复制品或巴塞罗那足球队的运动,与捷克文化或传统没有关联但作为两名捷克与美国混血儿的父亲,捷克共和国的传统儿童玩具总让我耳目一新,把作为纯正旅行纪念品的代表屡屡向别人推荐One of the best outlets traditional toys, or hracky, is the five-year-old Retro Hracky shop (Nuselska 90; retro-hracky.cz). Owned by Rene Zelnicek, a builder of professional models architects and property developers, the shop is an easy trip on public transportation from the city center out to the decidedly nontouristic residential neighborhood of Michle. After a direct ride on the No. tram line from the Muzeum stop at the top of Wenceslas Square, you’ll spot the giant Hracky sign on the side of a faded modernist building, right when you get off minutes later at the Pod Jezerkou stop.传统玩具最好的去处之一就是有五年历史的怀旧玩具店(Retro Hracky,Nuselska 90; retro-hracky.cz),店主雷内·泽尼恰克(Rene Zelnicek)是一位专业建筑模型设计师兼房地产开发该店很容易找,市中心有公共车直达游客稀少的麦可尔住宅区乘坐路电车,从瓦刺拉夫广场一端的物馆站出发,坐分钟,在Pod Jezerkou站下车后,你就会在褪色的现代化建筑旁边看到巨大的怀旧标志The inside seems less like a toy store and more like a toy closet: a single small room overstuffed with beautiful, long-haired Hamiro dolls (around 300 Czech koruna, or about $ at 1.7 koruna to the dollar) and boxes of Merkur metal construction sets (00 to ,500 koruna), whose designs seem little changed since their first appearance in 19. Inside one display case is an impressively realistic layout of Merkur’s O-scale model trains, on top of which are unusual stuffed animals, like the three-foot-high giraffe (750 koruna) and packs of simple wooden toys with wheels and pull strings. Everything seems quirky and fun, and often remarkably afdable.店内看上去不太像个玩具店,倒是更像个玩具柜:小屋内塞满了美丽的长发哈米洛洋娃娃(约300捷克克朗;照1美元等于1.7克朗计算,合美元),一盒盒的默克金属建筑套装(00至500克朗)看上去与19年面世时几乎没有什么不同展柜里有一套极其逼真的默克O刻度模型火车,下面则是那些异乎寻常的毛绒动物玩具,比如三英尺高的长颈鹿(750克朗),还有整盒的带轮的简单木制拉绳玩具一切充满奇趣,而且价格便宜More important, almost everything has a real connection to the Czech lands. When you start playing with the old-fashioned wind-up metal toys from the Czech company Kovap, you will probably fall in love with the tiny version of the country’s classic Zetor tractor, complete with working ward and reverse gears (7 koruna), as well as optional attachable hay wagons, cisterns, seeders and tillers. In terms of entertainment, such historic toys probably don’t have much on Candy Crush Saga. But unlike most modern playthings, these toys don’t seem as if they could have been made anywhere else in the world. EVAN RAIL更重要的是,几乎一切都与捷克这片土地有真正的关联当你摆弄着捷克科瓦普公司出品的老式的、发条金属玩具,大概会爱上该国的古典版泽塔拖拉机模型,有向前和后退发条(7克朗),还有可拆卸式干草马车、水箱、播种机和耕作机说到性,这些老玩具也许与糖果粉碎传奇几乎没有相似之处但与大多数现代玩具不同的是,老玩具不是世界各地随处可造的埃文·瑞尔(EVAN RAIL)供稿 5673



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  Humans have a lot of talents. Some of us can juggle, others can play the guitar, while others can juggle guitars (probably). Yet most of what we can do relies on our brains and hands. That means that there are a whole bunch of things well never be able to do, like tie ourselves in a knot, liquefy our bodies to squeeze through small spaces, or swallow a guitar (short of some horrifying juggling accident). Those kinds of talents are left to other animals, like the underwater critters here.人们有很多才能有人会杂耍,有人会弹吉他,还有人(可能)会用吉他玩杂耍而我们所做的一切大部分依靠我们的大脑和双手这也就意味着有很多事我们永远也做不了,比如把自己打成一个结,把身体融化后钻进细小的空间,或者吞掉一把吉他(某些令人震惊的杂耍除外)这些才艺属于其它动物,比如下面这些水生动物.Black Swallowers Eat Enormous Prey.黑色饕餮鱼捕杀大型猎物The horrifying black swallower has a talent that given away by the huge sack of a stomach that dangles beneath its body. Chiasmodon niger has many of the features that make other deep sea fish frightening, like its bulging black eyes and abominable teeth. Yet it the fish ability to swallow its prey whole that makes it stand out. When the black swallower finds something it wants to munch on, it darts out, grabs hold, and inches its jaws over the victim until the entire prey is consumed.黑色饕餮鱼长相很吓人,身体下面藏着一个巨大的胃,它们而具有一项特长黑色叉齿鱼(Chiasmodon niger)有许多令其它深海鱼害怕的特征,如肿胀的黑色大眼和让人生厌的牙齿然而这类鱼天生能一口吞掉整个猎物——在鱼类中;出类拔萃;当黑色叉齿鱼发现了它想吃的东西,它会突然冲出来,一把抓住猎物,张开嘴一点一点吞噬猎物,直到把猎物全部吃掉It not fussy about what it eats, and it can swallow animals twice its length and over times its mass. Its stomach becomes so stretched that it ends up translucent, so you can see the swallower latest meal being digested. And digestion takes so long that the swallower cant process some of its bigger targets bee they start to decompose. This ends up filling the stomach with gas, and turns the fish into a balloon. It these inflated black swallowers that end up floating to the surface, and they are the ones we find most often.它们不挑食,能吞下比自己长两倍、大十倍的动物它们的胃被撑得紧紧的,变得半透明,你能看见它们正在消化最近吃下去的东西消化花的时间比较长,有些大家伙不腐烂,叉齿鱼还消化不了所以它们的胃里充满了气体,身体变成了一个气球这些膨胀的黑色饕餮鱼常常浮在水面上,也就是我们常常见到的那些9.Sea Slugs Can Perm Photosynthesis9.海蛞蝓可以进行光合作用The sea slug Elysia chlorotica has an ability that never been found in any other animal—it able to photosynthesize its own food using sunlight. The ancestors of the slug lived on a diet of algae. The slug is able to steal the chloroplasts—organelles that perm photosynthesis—from the algae and incorporate them into its own cells. This gives the slug a distinctive green color, and they have been nicknamed ;leaves that crawl.;绿叶海蛞蝓(Elysia chlorotica)有一种独一无二的能力——它能通过光合作用的方式为自己产生食物蛞蝓的祖先以藻类为食蛞蝓能盗用藻类的叶绿体——进行光合作用的细胞器官——并将它们融进自己的细胞中这让蛞蝓呈现耀眼的绿色,还为它们得到一个昵称:;爬行的叶子;Even more surprisingly, the slug has stolen genes from the algae and is able to produce its own chloroplasts. Researchers found the genes even in juveniles that have never eaten. Yet in an added wrinkle, other scientists have found that the slugs are able to go long periods of time in the dark without eating, and still survive quite happily. It suggests that the photosynthesis may not be the only key to their survival strategy. However much importance it has the slug, it a unique talent that no other animal can boast.更让人惊讶的是,蛞蝓还盗用藻类的基因,能产生自己的叶绿体研究人员在蛞蝓幼体体内发现了还没吃过的东西的基因而在后来新设计的研究中,其它科学家发现蛞蝓能够在黑暗中长时间前行而不吃东西,而且活得很好这表明光合作用可能不是它们唯一的生存战略无论这对蛞蝓多么重要,这种特异功能是其它动物无法拥有的8.Planarians Heal Better Than Wolverine8.涡虫的复原能力比狼獾还强Planarians are a type of freshwater flatworm, which is an animal notable its ability to regenerate. In fact, their regenerative abilities have given them two list-worthy talents. If you decapitate a flatworm, it will grow a new head. That impressive by itself, but researchers have found that the new head gets the memories that developed bee the old one was removed.涡虫是一种淡水扁形动物,以其再生能力而出名实际上,它们的再生能力赋予它们两种值得列在这里的才能如果你切掉扁虫的头部,它会长出一个新的这让人们印象深刻,但是研究员发现新长出的头具有切去旧头之前的记忆Scientists trained some planarians to tolerate light, which the worms normally avoid, then chopped off their heads. Two weeks later the worms had regenerated their missing noggins, but retained the learned tolerance to brightness. The researchers arent certain how this happened. It may have been a change to the animal DNA, or an unknown mechanism.Another team of researchers have found that a single cell has the ability to regrow an entire body. They bombarded a flatworm with radiation until its tissues were destroyed and its cells were no longer able to divide properly. They then injected a single cell from another adult, which was able to regrow every single part of the animal. This shows that adult stem cells in flatworms are able to turn into literally any body part, unlike adult human stem cells, which tend to be more limited.科学家训练一些涡虫忍耐光线——涡虫一般躲避光线,然后切掉它们的头两周以后,涡虫长出了失去的脑袋,但是保留了忍耐明亮的习惯研究员不确定这是怎么发生的这可能是因为动物的DNA发生了改变,或者未知的生理反应另一组研究员发现,一个细胞有能力再生形成一个整体它们用放射线辐射涡虫,破坏它的身体组织,让它的细胞不能再正常分裂然后注入一个从另一个成年涡虫身上取下的单细胞——它能再生出所有部位这基本表明,涡虫体内的成年干细胞能够转变成身体的任何一部分,不像人体干细胞那样有限7.Hagfish Tie Themselves In Knots7.盲鳗把自己打成结Weve mentioned hagfish here bee, but being around 300 million years gives you plenty of time to develop more than one interesting trait. There one talent possessed by these gooey not-really-fishes that weve never covered—hagfish are able to tie themselves in knots, an ability that comes in useful both in defense and when catching prey.我们曾提到过盲鳗,但是大约3亿年的生存历史让它有足够的时间发展多项有趣的特点这些又软又黏又并不真是鱼的动物,有一项我们未曾提到的才能——盲鳗能把自己打成结这种能力在防御和捕猎时发挥作用When hagfish hunt, they do so by searching fish burrows. When they find a fish hiding in a hole, they lunge face-first into the hole to pull it out. But sticking your head into a tunnel while your rear end flails around isnt the easiest way to pull out a fish that doesnt want to be eaten. To make it easier, the hagfish tie their rear end into a knot which is bigger than the hole. This gives them a perch around the top so they can pull themselves—and their lunch—back out. Hagfish have also turned this ability into an escape trick. If theyre being held at one end, theyll tie the free end into a knot. They can then push the knot up their body, and when it reaches whatever gripping the hagfish, the knot pushes against the predator and pulls the hagfish free.盲鳗通过搜寻鱼儿的洞穴进行捕猎当它们发现洞里藏着一条鱼时,它们脸朝洞穴冲进去将鱼拉出来但是脑袋伸入地道、尾巴在外面摆动——要用这种方式抓出一条不想被吃掉的鱼并不容易方便起见,盲鳗会将尾巴打成一个比洞口大的结这样,它们在高处就有了位置上的优势,能够将自己——和午餐——拉出来这个本事还是盲鳗逃生的技能如果它们头尾一端被捉住了,它们会将另一端打成结,然后把这个疙瘩顺着身体移动当结接近抓住盲鳗的动物时,这个结将对手推开,盲鳗就自由了6.Sea Cucumbers Liquefy Themselves6.海参会融化Sea cucumbers have a famous defense mechanism that weve told you about bee. They eject their guts at predators, and regrow them later. Yet they have a second, equally unusual defense mechanism—they can liquefy themselves. Essentially, they unhook the bonds keeping their cells together and let themselves flow into (or out of) awkward spaces.海参有一套出名的防御机制,我们之前提到过它们将自己的内脏朝对手弹出去,之后再重新长出它们还有第二套防御机制,同样不同寻常——它们能将自己融化掉本质上,它们断开连接细胞的纽带,让自己流进(或流出)细小的缝隙When it where it wants to get to, the sea cucumber can solidify itself again and become difficult to extract from a hiding place. This talent is so extreme that it even possible a cucumber to liquefy itself to death. It would turn purely into goo, and would simply flow through your fingers if you were holding it (at which point you would tell aquarium staff, ;I swear I didnt do anything!;).如果这个地方是它想去的,海参能将自己再变坚固,这样就很难从藏身之地被拉出去这项才能很极端,过分融化甚至能要了海参的小命它会变得十分粘稠,如果你拿在手里,它会直接从你指缝间流走(你会对水族馆的工作人员说:;我发誓我什么都没干!;)翻译:罗惠月 来源:前十网 3957Police arrested a 67-year-old man after a woman said he “charged” her in his electric wheelchair, crashing into her bicycle after chasing her around a parking lot three days.The victim said Gray purposely crashed into her leg and bicycle, knocking her off. Further, she said he picked up the bike, which her late father gave her, and “slammed” it down, causing the front tire to come off.“(The victim) stated that Gray has chased her the last three days around the parking lot, but she never called the police,” an affidavit states.Gray, who police said appeared “very intoxicated,” denied doing anything. He then offered the woman money to repair the bike.Gray was arrested on misdemeanor battery and criminal mischief charges.67岁的老头Gray在开着电动轮椅连续三天跟踪一名骑自行车的女性后,终于被捕……实际上说这三天内他是跟踪并不准确,这货其实开着轮椅直接撞来着!而且连人带车撞倒之后,他还抓起自行车使劲往地上砸,把前轮都给砸脱了……警察来到现场之后发现这老头醉醺醺的,而且他坚持声称自己什么都没干,不过转眼他就开始掏钱给那位女士让她修自行车(这算是认罪么?)至于他为啥这么干?没有人知道……目前这位Gray先生已被以“殴打他人与故意伤害”罪起诉 975

  Fireworks illuminate the world's biggest floating Christmas tree on Dec. 5, in the opening ceremony at Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   月5日,在巴西里约热内卢的罗德里戈湖开幕式上,烟火照亮了世界上最大漂浮在水上的圣诞树 9595They say a picture is worth a thousand words; now picture yourself, approaching a woman or a prospective client, walking into a board meeting or a party. How do you look? What message do you communicate the moment you walk into a room? What are your eyes, hands and shoulders saying? What inmation can people gather about you bee you ever say a word? Never thought about it? You should. And you can start by perusing our top tips to show confidence with body language. 人们常说一幅画面胜过一千句话语;当你接近一位美女或接待早已期待的客人,当你参加董事局会议或者一次聚会时,现在是时候展示你自己了你看起来怎么样?当你走进房间的时候你传达了怎样的信息?你的眼睛、双手和肩膀又表达出什么?在你说话之前,人们又能从你身上得出什么样的结论?从未想过?你应该想一想的你可以读读我们写的项最佳展示自信的身体语言 No. Avoid Your Pockets避免(将手插入)你的口袋 7

  1. Tomato Sauce 番茄酱Men who eat a lot of tomatoes, tomato sauce, or pizza smothered with the stuff may be giving themselves a hedge against prostate cancer. So say researchers at Harvard, who studied the eating habits of more than 7,000 male health professionals.男人吃大量的番茄、番茄酱或者涂有大量番茄酱的披萨饼,都可以起到预防前列腺癌的功效哈佛的研究人员在研究了7000多名健康职业男性的饮食习惯后得出了上述结论They found that men who ate tomato sauce two to four times per week had a 35 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer than men who ate none. A carotenoid called lycopene, which tomatoes contain in abundance, appeared to be responsible. But scientists were puzzled: tomato juice didn't seem to have a protective effect.研究人员表示,每周吃两至四次番茄酱的男性与不吃的男性相比,其罹患前列腺癌的风险降低了35%番茄中大量含有一种类胡萝卜素即番茄红素,其所发挥的作用不可小觑然而令科学家困惑的是,番茄汁不具有类似的功效 6


  Ta^b#8O!6xKHil(jXOa)@bUk(PeKM]DY*#L,e;9|Animals are so cute, even when theyre dead;sometimes. Taxidermy has been resurfacing both in fashion and as a hobby. Since most legitimate taxidermy classes are in the middle of bumblefrig nowhere, people have taken to DIY projects in their living rooms. The results are a bunch of rogue taxidermy projects which range from super cute and convincing to horrible and weird. Weve sifted through the trauma to bring you only the cutest, most adorable animals you didnt know were actually dead.动物们真是太可爱了,有时候,即使它们去世了也一样地可爱;DZmi@faiNRqakUf9.制作标本不但已经形成一种时尚,更是一种爱好dB_DH+qAsv-p自从政府允许开课教授制作标本后,人们就可以回家自己DIY制作标本了k+;GKNM8l[HfjS结果就是一大堆可怕的,古怪的标本涌现出来,但,这里我们只筛选出最可爱,最讨喜的,虽然这些小动物已经死去了,但我们仍然爱它们teFX31Mr7.vjmpR7Id|M55sOTO+KA perfect manicure.1*!fgj.yOy;uWVs3来做个指甲ZtT8!kND)(fp.lME)fftitMeNfgb7rl%l+Jfc7]3#U#v6XOo_s7VB7X(_jR73Tg3Boa7 653

  Hairdresser Business Cards理发师名片

  教材:蓝精灵课程主题:共产主义实现了!(Communism works!)课程原文: naysayers who point to the mer Soviet Union as proof that communism is inherently flawed, may we merely direct your attention to Smurf Village, where everyone shares everything, wears similar utilitarian clothing, battles Gargamel and his turn-Smurfs-to-gold get rich quick schemes and obeys the dictates of a bearded, red hat-wearing, benevolent authority figure. Quoth Comrade Papa: “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” Really, he actually said that.课程大意:蓝精灵村里的居民们共享着劳动成果、穿着相似的工装、“齐心合力开动脑筋斗败了格格巫”——这不正是马克思所说“各尽所能,需分配”的最好体现么?总结原文:However, the sexual politics of Smurf Village, with its one female every 30 guys, did go a long way towards preparing us freshman year of college.课程总结:蓝精灵村里只有一个蓝却有30个小伙子的男女比例恐怕不甚乐观,那得多少时间学校才有个新学生咧?||| 1890

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