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The Year of the Goat is the cause for a slight decline in the number of newborns in 2015 over previous year, said nation#39;s top health authority.据国家最高卫生局表示,与2014年相比,2015年全国新生人口数量略有下降,一个可能的原因是因为2015年是羊年。China had 16.55 million babies born last year, 320,000 fewer than 2014, the Year of the Horse, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.国家统计局数据显示,去年共有1655万新生儿出生,与2014年马年相比减少了32万新生人口。China began to allow couples with one side being an only child to have a second child in late 2013, which made 11 million couples eligible. Experts expected back then the policy would bring one million more babies compared with 2014.2013年年底,中国开始允许夫妻双方中一方是独生子女的家庭生育二胎,共计1100万对夫妻符合该条件。当时专家预计,与2014年相比,该政策将增加100万新生人口。Facing the slight decrease last year, some said the policy change could hardly reverse a downward trend of the population.鉴于去年人口出生率下降,有人认为政策变化还是很难扭转人口减少的趋势。The National Health and Family Planning Commission, in response, rejected that view in an online statement issued on Wednesday. The decline is due to the Year of the Goat and the decreasing women of childbearing age, it said.周三,国家卫计委在网上发布声明回应,反驳了这一观点。该声明表示,出生率下降是由于受羊年的影响,以及生育年龄的女性数量正在减少。There is an old Chinese saying ;shi yang jiu bu quan;, that means nine out of 10 people born in the Year of the Goat are unlucky and will suffer from great misfortune throughout their life.中国古谚中有“十羊九不全”的说法,意思是说羊年出生的十人中有九人命不好,一生都会命途多舛。After that the Year of the Goat, China is expected to welcome 17.5 to 21 million newborns annually in five years, it projected.该声明同时预测,羊年过后的5年内,中国有望每年迎来1750万至2100万名新生儿的降临。 /201601/423692。

Chen Sheng- Wu Guang Uprising陈胜吴广起义Chen Sheng-Wu Guang Uprising was the first large-scale peasant uprising in Chinese history, which led to the downfall of the Qin Dynasty (221----206B.C.).陈胜吴广起义是中国历史上第一次大规模的农民起义,起义最终推翻了秦朝(公元前206年----公元前221年)的统治。In 210B.C, Qin Emperor Shihuang died on his inspection travel.在公元前 210 年,秦始皇死在视察旅行中。The eunuch Zhao Gao wrote a faked letter to Fusu in the name of the deceased emperor, ordering Fusu to commit suicide, and his younger brother Huhai, the deceased emperor’s favorite, was installed as Second Emperor.太监赵高以死去的秦始皇的名义伪造诏书,命令秦始皇钟爱的大儿子扶苏自杀,另立始皇幼子胡亥为帝,即秦二世。He was a cool-hearted and cruel ruler.他是一个冷血残忍的统治者。In order to keep secret of Qin Emperor Shihuang’s mausoleum, he plugged up the exit and killed all the workers in it.为了保护皇帝秦始皇的陵墓的秘密,他堵住了出口,杀了所有的工人。In his first year, rebellions of the old nobility and peasantry broke out.其当政第一年,旧贵族和农民的起义爆发了。In 209B.C, Hu Hai, the Second Emperor, ordered 900 people in the Huaihe River region to Yuyang (today’s Miyun in Beijing) to keep guard.公元前209年,秦二世胡亥,命令900余人到榆阳(今北京密云)的淮河地区戍边。It was July when it rained a lot.时值七月,时常下雨。When people arrived in Dazexiang (southwest in today’s Suxian County in Anhui Province), it began to rain cats and dogs; and they were bound to be late.当人们抵达大泽乡时(在今天的安徽省宿县县西南),天降大雨,他们注定要迟到了。According to the laws at that time, those who failed to observe deadlines would be sentenced to death.根据当时的法律,那些未能遵守截止日期到达的人会被判处死刑。People had no other choice but to rise up in revolt.人们没有其他选择,只能站起来反抗。Chen Sheng and Wu Guang were both from Henan Province.陈胜、吴广都来自河南省。They led the peasants to attack and occupy finally the Chen County (today’s Hengyang in Henan Province), and they established their own regime of Zhangchu.他们带领农民,最终攻占了陈县(今衡阳河南省),随后建立了张楚政权。Then their army sent westward by Chen Sheng to fight against Qin army was defeated by Zhang Han.随后陈胜指挥军队西进,与秦军作战的军队被打败张韩。Later, Chen Sheng and Wu Guang were murdered by their subordination.And the rest of the army was surrendered to Liu Bang and Xiang Yu.后来,陈胜、吴广被部下谋杀,剩余的军队被刘邦和项羽收编。In 206B.C, the Qin Dynasty came to an infamous end and the glorious dynasty fell victim to the fear and mistrust bred by its own despotic excesses.公元前 206 年,秦王朝迎来了其臭名昭著的瓦解,这个曾经辉煌的王朝最终倒在了由自己暴虐的荒淫无度的行为所导致的民怨载道上。 /201509/397331。

Mei Wending (1633~1721) was a Chinese writer on astronomy and mathematics whose work represented an association of Chinese and Western knowledge.梅文鼎(1633~1721 ),天文学家、数学家。梅文鼎的著作是中西知识联合的结果。In 1645 China adopted a new, controversial calendar that had been prepared under the direction of the Jesuit Adam Schall von Bell.1645年中国采用了一种新的、有争议的历法,这种历法是在耶稣会传教士汤若望指导下编制的。Together with his three younger brothers, Mei studied calendar design under the Daoist Ni Guanghu.梅文鼎和三个弟弟一起跟道士倪观湖学历法。A member of a loyalist family, Mei remained independent rather than join the ;foreign; Manchu administration, but his fame sp far beyond the boundaries of his Province.作为忠于明朝的家庭的一员,梅文鼎没有在外族满人的政府做官,但是他的声名传到了外省。The Kangxi emperor was interested in Mei#39;s work, the Lixue yiwen(c. 1701; ;Inquiry on Mathematical Astronomy;), and summoned him to an audience in 1705.康熙帝对梅文鼎的著作《历学疑问》(约1701)很感兴趣,于1705年召见梅文鼎。Mei#39;s comparative studies of Chinese and Western mathematics and astronomy expanded on the earlier work of Xu Guangqi (1562~1633).梅文鼎对中西数学和天文学的比较研究是以徐光启(1562一1633 )的著作为基础的。Mei tried to situate the new European knowledge properly within the historical framework of Chinese astronomy and mathematics.梅文鼎试图将欧洲知识恰当地融入到中国天文学和数学的历史框架中去。In his view, Chinese astronomical knowledge had advanced following the adoption of the new, more accurate Jesuit calendar following the reform initiated by Xu Guangqi in 1629. 在他看来,中国天文学知识随着采用比较精确的汤若望历法之后已经取得了进步,而这次更改历法是徐光启1629年发起的改革的结果。In his historical studies, Mei stressed that Chinese astronomy had improved from generation to generation, progressing from coarseness to accuracy.在他的历史研究中,梅文鼎强调中国天文学在一代一代地进步,从粗糙走向精确。Mei gave precisely the same description for the development of Western astronomy.他也对西方天文学进行了同样的描述。In other words, he believed that progress was a universal historical pattern. This was Mei#39;s historical rationale for synthesizing Western and Chinese knowledge.换句话说就是梅文鼎认为进步是一个普遍的历史规律,这是梅文鼎融汇中西方知识的基本原理。In Jihe bubian (“Complements of Geometry”) Mei calculated the volumes and relative dimensions of regular and semi-regular polyhedrons by traditional Chinese methods. 在《几何补编》里,梅文鼎使用中国的传统方法计算了正多面体和半正多面体的体积和相对尺寸。He reinterpreted Euclid#39;s Elements in his Jihe tongjie (;Complete Explanation of Geometry;), by reference to the chapter devoted to right-angled triangles in Jiuzhang suanshu (Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Procedtcres), a mathematical classic completed during the Han Dynasty.梅文鼎在《几何通解》里,通过提到《九章算术》里处理正三角形的那一章,重新解释了欧几里德的《几何原本》(约前300年)。《九章算术》是中国汉代完成的经典数学论著。Mei helped rehabilitate traditional Chinese mathematics, and he was most widely admired by the scholars of the Qing Dynasty, who generally assumed that the Nine Chapters included all of mathematics without exception. 梅文鼎促进了中国传统数学的地位的恢复,受到清朝学者的广泛钦佩。清朝学者一般都认为《九章算术》涵盖了数学的各个方面。The comprehensive collection of Mei#39;s works, Lisuan quanshu, was published in 1723.梅文鼎的著作总集《历算全书》出版于1723年。 /201603/431768。

5.Circadian Clocks Are As Old As Time5.生物钟像时间一样古老The Salisbury Cathedral in England is said to be home to the world#39;s oldest clock. The mechanical device#39;s wrought iron hands are believed to have been tracking the passage of time since at least 1386. The clock survived war, fire and inattention before being rediscovered in the early 20th century and restored.英格兰的索尔兹伯里大教堂据说是世界上最古老的钟的发源地。至少自1386年来,装有铁的时针的机械设备就被认为是用来记录时间的。在20世纪早期被重新发现之前,索尔兹伯里大教堂里的这口钟受过战火的洗礼,以及人们的忽视,但是最终还是保存了下来。The Salisbury Cathedral clock is but a wee whippersnapper when compared to the natural clocks that track our circadian rhythms. Scientists believe internal clocks evolved more than 3 billion years ago in cyanobacteria (what we also call blue-green algae), but they don#39;t know exactly why it happened. Some say this was nature#39;s way of leveling the playing field for organisms all competing for the same sources of energy. Circadian rhythms developed so that some creatures feed during the day and others do it at night. Others say the body clock evolved in algae to stagger the sludge#39;s processes for photosynthesis—converting light into energy to be stored for later—and nitrogen fixation—in which plants convert nitrogen from the air into energy — so as not to counteract one another.和记录我们昼夜节律的生物钟相比,索尔兹伯里大教堂里的钟根本是微不足道的。科学家认为在30亿年前的蓝细菌(我们称之为蓝藻)时期生物钟就开始演变了,但是科学家们并不知道生物钟开始的确切时间。有的人觉得这其实只是一种自然的竞争机制,因为所有的生物体都需要同样的能量。生物钟的存在确保了有些生物可以在白天觅食,有些可以在晚上觅食。而另外一些人认为在蓝藻时期就演变的生物钟利用光合作用缓慢发展,把光转换成能量,储存在身体后,又释放出氮化物,这样的话植物就把空气中的氮化物固定在体内了,以免消耗。4.Sleep, It Does a Body Good4.睡眠对身体有益Perhaps the reason for circadian rhythms in humans is simpler: They help you sleep, and sleep is good for you.或许,人类具有生物钟的原因很简单——生物钟有助于你入眠,而睡眠对你有益。When you lay your head down and nod off to the feather ball, your body is restoring itself. That includes basic upkeep and repair like muscle growth, tissue maintenance, protein production and the release of growth hormones. Those hormones help children develop naturally — exhibit A in the case against little Johnny staying up to watch Jimmy Fallon — but also play a key role in helping adults rebuild tissue over time. In fact, it#39;s believed that some of these functions only happen during sleep hours. Animals deprived of sleep will lose all immune function and die in just a few weeks. If you#39;ve ever popped out of bed after a nice long slumber and felt mentally refreshed, it#39;s probably not just because you spent the night dreaming about being fanned and fed grapes by models poolside at an Italian villa. Sleep helps humans restore their mental energy and cognitive functions that often get tapped out during waking hours. Our circadian rhythms naturally make us sleepy at night.当你安然平躺,枕着松软的枕头酣然入眠时,你的身体便开始进行自我修复,即一些基本的维护保养,如肌肉的增长、组织的修复、蛋白质的生成及生长激素的释放。生长激素对儿童的茁壮成长具有促进作用,总是熬夜看吉米·法伦节目的小不点儿就是个典型的反面例子。不仅如此,生长激素还在促进成年人的组织修复过程中起着关键作用。有分析认为,以上机能中有部分仅在睡眠时才起作用,因此,被剥夺睡眠的动物会丧失所有的免疫能力,在几周内死亡。你在经过了长时间的优质睡眠后会觉得精神焕发,或许不仅仅是因为置身豪宅、名模环绕的黄粱美梦之中。因为睡眠有助于恢复人们在清醒时消耗的心理能量及认知功能。而且,夜里那排山倒海的困意也是生物钟这只“幕后黑手”所致。3.The Post-Lunch Dip is Natural3.午餐后犯困很正常Ever wonder why you have to fight the urge to sleep after lunch (unless you#39;re lucky enough to work from home and can give into it)? Your body#39;s circadian rhythm is in a natural resting place after your noontime meal. There#39;s also another system called the sleep/wake homeostatis that tells your body when it#39;s time to sleep, which also occurs after you#39;ve been awake for a long time. By 2 p.m., you#39;ve usually been awake for at least eight hours. Put those two systems together, alongside a heavy lunch, and it#39;s no wonder you want to take a nap.你可曾想过,为何你在午餐后总是得对抗那绵绵困意(除非你是个在家办公的幸运儿,困倦来袭便可安然入睡)?那是因为午餐过后,你体内的生物钟已经指向了休息时分。而且,睡眠/清醒体内平衡系统会在到点睡眠时或保持长时间清醒状态后,向你的身体发出讯号。到下午2点时,你至少已经保持了8个小时的清醒状态,这时,丰盛的午餐、生物钟以及体内平衡系统三管齐下,你不想打盹才怪呢!Not everyone has this feeling to the same degree but it is a natural one. In fact, for most adults, their strongest sleep drives are at 2 p.m. and 2 a.m., thanks to their circadian rhythms. However, if you got a good night#39;s sleep, your urge to nap at lunchtime will be lessened.每个人的困倦程度有所不同,这很正常。由于生物钟的作用,大多数成年人往往在下午2点及凌晨2点时困意最浓。但如果夜间的睡眠质量好,午餐后的困倦会有所减轻。2.Electronic Light Warps the Body Clock2.电子产品的灯光会扰乱生物钟If we#39;ve learned anything so far, it#39;s that the body clock is wound generally to correspond to light and dark. When it starts to get dark at night, the brain tells the body it#39;s time for a rest by releasing melatonin into the bloodstream. So, what happens when you literally flip the (light) switch in the evening?就我们目前所了解到的,生物钟一般来说会与光明和黑暗相对应。当夜幕开始降临,大脑通过释放褪黑激素到血液中,告知身体已到休息的时间。那么,当你在晚上拨动(电灯)开关会怎样呢?Artificial light can send mixed signals. Yes, a small and strategically located night-light may be necessary for navigating from bedroom to bathroom when duty calls. But other lights could throw your body clock into disarray. That includes illumination coming from a television, computer or smartphone. Many people like to wind down for the night by watching the ol#39; boob tube -- or streaming entertainment through their computers and tablets. If you bring those devices, and the artificial light that they give off, into bed, however, you may be tricking your brain into thinking it should stay awake.人造光线会传递出复合信号。没错,也许一盏在特定位置的小小夜明灯对指引人们从卧室到卫生间以解决日常需要来说是必要的,但是其它的光线会打乱你的生物钟,这些光线来自电视机、电脑和手机。许多人喜欢在晚上通过看电视来放松自己或者将玩电脑和平板作为活动。如果你将这些电子设备带到床上,它们散发出来的人造光会影响大脑原先的运作方式。1.The Body Clock Can Impact the Biological Clock1.生物钟会影响生理钟We#39;ve come right back to the ;biological clock.; Research shows that women who are pregnant or hoping to conceive should listen to their circadian rhythms and avoid artificial light at night. Sleep doesn#39;t just help the body rejuvenate and promote growth in kids; it also protects a woman#39;s eggs from stress. That#39;s because melatonin is believed to have antioxidant qualities and defends the body against inflammation while stimulating the immune system, particularly during ovulation .让我们回到“生理钟”这个话题上。研究人员表示妇或者期望怀上孩子的女性应该遵循她们的昼夜节律以及在夜晚避免接触人造光线。睡眠不仅仅有助于身体自我修复和儿童的成长发育,还可以保护女性的卵巢免受情绪压力影响。这是因为褪黑激素有抗氧化的功能,并且可以通过刺激免疫系统来抵御炎症以保护身体,尤其是在女性排卵期。When the lights go on at night, melatonin production slows or stops. Experts say that women who are expecting should maintain steady sleep patterns that conform with the light and dark cycles going on outside. That means eight hours of darkness with little or no interruptions each night. The dark, not actual sleep, is the key. The body produces melatonin as a reaction to darkness and will continue doing so, even if you can#39;t sleep. Among other effects, researchers have found that disruptions in this routine can lead to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autism-related disorders in young children.在夜晚有光亮时,褪黑激素会减慢甚至停止生成。专家认为想要怀的女性应该养成与外界日夜交替保持一致的固定的睡眠模式。也就是说在每晚八小时的睡眠时间中,应该很少或者完全避免受到光线的干扰。保持黑暗的睡眠环境是关键,而非睡眠本身。身体产生的褪黑激素是对黑暗的条件反应,就算你没有进入睡眠,褪黑激素的产生仍会继续进行。至于其他方面的影响,研究人员发现对于幼儿来说,夜晚睡眠中受到光线的干扰会导致注意力缺陷障碍和自闭症等相关疾病审校:围巾、烟囱 编辑:listen 来源:前十网 /201602/427098。

Everything in moderation, as the old adage goes. As it turns out, that couldn#39;t be more accurate, as research continues to shed light on how the modern world is damaging our health. We might be living longer today than our ancestors did, but the current era isn#39;t as health-friendly as we might think.老话说得好,凡事都有个度。事实明,这句话十分准确,研究正持续揭露出现代社会是如何戕害我们的健康的。我们或许能比我们的祖先活得更久,但现在这个年代或许没有我们想的那样对健康多有益。10.Feeling Guilty Can Damage Your Health10.愧疚感能伤害你的身体Every January, people around the world resolve to leave their bad habits behind and embark on a journey of self-improvement as the new year begins. Then, a few weeks later, everyone starts to feel a little guilty for not following through.每年1月,全世界的人们都决心丢下他们的坏习惯并且在新年伊始时开始一场自我提升的旅程。接着,几周以后,每个人都会为没能做到而开始感到些许愧疚。But while a little guilt can encourage someone to make positive changes, too much guilt is a different story. Feeling guilty isn#39;t just unpleasant—it could be causing damage to your immune system. Researchers from Hull University found that people who felt guilty about their favorite activities had decreased levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A in their saliva. So if two people like to unwind with a box of wine and some trashy reality shows, but only one feels guilty about it, then the guilty person is more likely to catch viral and bacterial infections. That means your favorite ;guilty pleasure; could be the reason you seem to catch colds more often than someone who just calls it ;pleasure.;些许愧疚能鼓励一个人做一些积极的改变,但太多的愧疚感则另当别论了。感到愧疚不只是令人不愉快——它还可能对你的免疫系统造成损害。赫尔大学的研究者们发现对自己喜欢的活动感到愧疚的人唾液中的抗体免疫球蛋白水平降低。所以如果有两个人想用一箱葡萄酒和一些没什么意思的真人秀节目来放松自己,但只有一个人对此感到愧疚,那么这个愧疚的人更有可能被病毒和细菌感染。那意味着你最喜欢的;有罪恶感的快乐;可能就是你比只是单纯感到;快乐;的人更容易感冒的原因。9.Light Pollution9.光污染According to astronomers, the majority of Americans under 40 have never experienced true darkness. Urban areas experience a phenomenon called ;sky glow,; where artificial light is scattered by water droplets, creating a dome of light over the city. Even inside our own homes, the little lights on electronics like alarm clocks and televisions stay on 24/7—and our bodies just weren#39;t built to handle that. In fact, light pollution in the developed world is now so bad that it#39;s damaging our health. According to physicist Eric Vandernoot, the human body is hardwired for a cycle of light and darkness. Overuse of light in the evening is connected to a number of health problems, including increased risk of diabetes, obesity, depression, prostate cancer, and breast cancer.根据天文学家的说法,大多数40岁以下的美国人都没有体验过真正的黑暗。城市地区有种现象叫;人工白昼;,人造光被水滴反射出去,在城市上空制造了一个光线的穹顶。即使是在我们自己的家里,从闹钟和电视这样的电子产品中发出的微弱光线也一刻不停地照射着我们——而我们的身体可不是生来就能承受这些的。实际上,光污染在发达国家十分严重,它正侵蚀着我们的健康。根据物理学家Eric Vandernoot所说,人体天生适应光与暗的循环。在夜晚过度用光将导致一系列健康问题,包括增加患糖尿病、肥胖症、抑郁症、前列腺癌和乳腺癌的风险。Sleep disorders are another big problem. In fact, light pollution may have actually changed the entire way we experience sleep. Before the industrial revolution, it was common for people to sleep for two periods of around four hours each, separated by one to three hours ;of quiet wakefulness.; Even today, studies have shown that people tend to revert back to this sleep pattern once light pollution is taken out of the equation. And even if you buy blackout curtains and cover those flashing LEDs, you might still be in danger from excess light, since the streetlights are still on outside. Turning streetlights off has actually been found to drastically reduce crime (even criminals need to be able to see). Of course, that might not be much comfort to anyone trying to find their way home in the pitch dark, but at least they won#39;t get mugged.睡眠障碍是另一个大问题。实际上,光污染可能已经改变了我们整个睡觉的方式。在工业革命以前,人们普遍有两段睡眠期,每段约四小时左右,中间隔着1到3个小时的;安静的清醒;时期。研究显示,即使在今天,一旦光污染消失后人们也倾向于回到这种睡眠模式里去。而就算买了遮光布来挡住那些闪烁的LED灯光后,你可能还是会处在多余光照的危险下,因为外边还是有路灯。人们发现关掉路灯实际上大幅减少了犯罪行为(就连犯罪行为也需要能看得见)。当然,这对那些在伸手不见五指的黑暗中想要找到回家的路的人来说不是件好事,但至少他们不会被抢劫了。8.Added Sugar Is Worse Than You Realized8.多加糖比你意识到的更糟糕Sugar itself isn#39;t bad for you—glucose is essential to powering the body, especially the brain. The problem is that people are now consuming more sugar than ever, and you can definitely have too much of a good thing. And while our ancestors got most of their sugar from fruits and grains, these days most of our sugar is added to various processed foods—the average American eats 27.5 teaspoons of added sugar a day. It#39;s hard to cut back, too—the brain has a built-in trigger to let you know when you should stop eating and sugar consumption makes it less effective over time.糖本身对你无害——葡萄糖给身体、特别是大脑提供的能量至关重要。问题在于人们现在正消耗比以往更多的糖分,而再好的东西用起来都该有个度。我们祖先的多数糖分都是从水果和谷物中获取,而今天我们的多数糖都被加进了各种加工食品中——美国人一天中平均食用27.5匙的添加糖。减少食用量也很难——大脑有一套内置的机制,能让你知道什么时候应该停止进食,而糖分的消耗让它随着时间推移而变得不那么有效了。It#39;s only relatively recently that we#39;ve started to realize just how bad too much sugar can be for you. In the 1970s, when the public became concerned about fat in foods, manufacturers simply replaced fat with sugar. Since then, sugar consumption has shot up worldwide. Which is unfortunate, since sugar is now linked to high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, premature aging of the skin, dementia, brain damage, poor metabolism, and liver damage. Added sugar might even be damaging to our very DNA. In fact, some scientists now regard sugar as a problem potentially as damaging as alcohol and tobacco.直到不久前我们才开始意识到太多的糖分会对人造成多大的危害。在上世纪70年代,当公众开始关心食物中的脂肪含量后,制造商仅仅是把脂肪换成了糖分。自那以后,全世界食糖量迅速上升。这挺不幸的,因为现在糖和高胆固醇、糖尿病、肥胖症、皮肤过早老化、痴呆、脑损伤、药物不良代谢以及肝损伤都有关。添加糖甚至对我们的DNA有害。实际上,一些科学家现在把糖看作是和酒精与烟草一样具有潜在危害的东西。7.Climate Change7.气候变化We aly know that global climate change is making Mother Earth sick, but it may also cause major health issues in humans. As our oceans get warmer, toxic algae blooms will increase in likelihood, area, and duration. Algae like Alexandrium catenella can contaminate seafood and cause everything from vomiting to death by paralysis.我们已经知道全球气候变化让地球母亲生病了,但它也可能会引起人类的重大健康危机。随着我们的海洋变暖,有害藻类将有可能持续区域性的大量繁殖。像链状亚历山大藻这样的藻类能够污染海产品并且通过麻痹引起呕吐甚至死亡等一系列反应。Meanwhile, as the Earth gets drier, more dust will be blown into the ocean, spurring the growth of dangerous bacteria—poisoning caused by bacteria of the genus Vibrio in seafood is aly up 85 percent since 1996. Rapid urban growth means that many sewer systems are aly close to overflowing and contaminating our water sources—in Milwaukee, it currently only takes 4.3 centimeters (1.7 in) of rain a day for this to happen. As climate change makes flooding more likely, this could become a real problem. Between the flooding and the increased bacterial growth in the oceans, don#39;t be surprised if water-borne diseases make a comeback in the developed world.与此同时,随着土地越发干旱,更多的尘土将被吹入海洋,激发危险的细菌生长——自1996年后由弧菌属细菌致毒的海产品已经在85%以上。快速的城市发展意味着许多污水管道系统已接近外溢而污染我们的水源——在密尔沃基,现在只需每日4.3厘米(1.7英寸)的降雨量就会发生这件事。至于气候变化使得发洪水的可能性更大,这将成为一个真正的问题。在思考洪水和海洋里增长的细菌的两个问题时,别为发达国家里卷土重来的水源性传染病感到惊讶。6.Lack Of Sleep6.睡眠的缺乏It might be a cliche, but in our fast-paced modern world many people just don#39;t get enough sleep. And researchers are increasingly concerned about just how dangerous that might be. In fact, men with chronic insomnia who sleep less than six hours per night are substantially more likely to die young than normal sleepers. In one study, 51.1 percent of male insomniacs were dead within 14 years, as opposed to just 9.1 percent of regular sleepers. Oddly, this only appears to affect men—women with chronic insomnia have only slightly higher mortality rates than average. That might be because men are more likely to suffer from severe insomnia than women, even though women are more likely to have insomnia overall.这或许是陈词滥调,但在我们快节奏的现代生活里,许多人都没有得到充足的睡眠。研究者们越来越关心这会带来怎样的危害。实际上,每晚睡觉少于6小时的慢性失眠者大体上更有可能比拥有正常睡眠的人死得早。在一项研究中,51.1%的男性失眠症患者在14年内死亡,与此相对照的是只有9.1%拥有正常睡眠的人死亡。古怪的是,这似乎只影响男性——患慢性失眠的女性死亡率只比平均水平高一点点。那可能是因为男性比女性更有可能患重度失眠症,即使总的来说女性更可能患失眠症。While insomnia itself isn#39;t deadly, it will slowly wear a person down by not allowing enough sleep for the body to rest, recover, and revitalize, and long-term sleep loss is now known to cause irreversible brain damage by killing off neurons. Even just working night shifts can badly damage your health. There is also no such thing as being able to ;catch up on sleep;—taking naps on the weekend won#39;t make up for lack of sleep during the week.虽然失眠本身不致命,它却会通过不允许身体由充足睡眠得到休息、恢复而慢慢拖垮一个人,并且现已知长期的睡眠缺失会通过杀死神经导致不可逆的脑损伤。即使只是值夜班也会大大危害你的健康。也不存在;补觉;的说法——在周末打个盹不能弥补这周缺失的睡眠。翻译:bansu 来源:前十网 /201510/405758。

The Embassy of China in Canada confirmed in a statement on its official website Monday that Chinese citizens have been deported for having pornographic pictures or s of children on their cellphones or laptops.中国驻加拿大使馆周一在其官方网站发表声明表示,近日有中国公民在入境加拿大时,因个人手机或笔记本电脑上存有未成年人色情图片或视频而被遣返回国。An official account ;iask-ca; on the WeChat social network, claimed Sunday that two Chinese students who were separately trying to enter the country were recently deported by Canadian customs for having child pornography on their mobile phones.一个名为“iask CA”的微信官方公众号声称,周日两个试图进入加拿大的中国学生被海关驱逐出境,因为在他们的手机上发现了未成年人色情信息。According to iask-ca, Canadian customs found obscene content in the two students#39; WeChat, a messaging app.根据iask-ca表示,加拿大海关发现这两位学生的社交APP微信上有淫秽内容。Meanwhile, the Chinese embassy statement did not specifically confirm the truth of these two cases. The embassy warned Chinese citizens who plan to come to Canada to delete sensitive or illegal content on their phones, computers or hard disks before traveling.同时,中国大使馆的声明并未明确确认这两起案件的真相。大使馆提醒那些打算到加拿大旅行的中国公民,在来之前要删除他们的手机、电脑或硬盘上的敏感或非法内容。According to Canadian laws, persons who make, possess, distribute, or access child pornography can be sentenced to a jail term of between six months and 14 years.加拿大法律规定,凡制作、持有、传播或浏览涉及未成年人色情信息的人员,将被判处6个月至14年的监禁。While many on Chinese social media questioned whether Customs officials violated passengers#39; privacy by going through their phones, but according to Canada Border Services Agency#39;s code of conduct, Customs officers have the right to search passengers#39; electronic devices.国内社交媒体上许多网友质疑加拿大海关人员查看乘客手机是否侵犯隐私,但依照加拿大边境务局行为规范,海关人员有权搜查乘客的电子设备。 /201602/427218。