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上海毕业生艰难找房住 --9 :3: 来源: 随着毕业季的到来,更多的大学毕业生更愿意继续留在上海这样的大城市打拼,初入社会的他们如何承担高昂的住房费用,合租似乎成了一种共识 While graduates in Shanghai yearn independence, a recent survey by the Youth Daily revealed that 60 percent of them have to share accommodation and many wind up sharing apartments with strangers.在上海毕业生期待着毕业走向独立的时候,由《青年报最近做出的的一项调查显示,60%毕业生不得不选择合住,当中很多人得与陌生人合租房子The Youth Daily online survey involved 6 respondents from college graduates working in Shanghai.《青年报网上调查了6名在上海工作的大学毕业生Of those sharing apartments, 0 percent live with friends. Shanghai University graduate Li explained: "Renting apartments with friends can save money and we can help each other sometimes. All things being equal I enjoy living with my friends."合租的人当中有0%同朋友合住上海大学毕业生李同学解释说:“和朋友合租房子能省钱,有时还能互相帮助我们的东西都是公平划分的,我很享受与朋友合住”While sharing apartments saves money and is sociable, finding suitable people can be difficult. And the minute a good roommate gets a new job or leaves Shanghai, the hunt a replacement begins all over again. The survey showed that percent of these young tenants share apartments with strangers they have contacted online. And another 9 percent live in subdivided accommodation where flimsy walls have been erected to create extra rooms.合住虽然经济省钱,但找到合适的人很困难一旦室友找了新工作或离开上海,就又得重新找合适的室友调查显示,%的年轻租户与网上找到的陌生人合租房子另有9%的人住在隔断间,这种是用隔断墙来划分房子制造更多房间This style of accommodation is cheap and that was the main attraction Wu, a graduate of the University of Shanghai Science and Technology. With no experience at renting and not wanting to pay real estate agency fees, after scouring the Internet he found he could only afd a subdivided .这种合租方式比较便宜,正是这一点吸引了上海理工大学的毕业生吴同学由于租赁经验不足,也不想付租房中介费,在上网搜寻之后,他发现他只能负担得起一个隔断间Although these places are chancy and illegal the rent they charge is all I can afd, he said.他说:“虽然这些地方有一定风险也不合法,但是只有他们收取的房租是我能付得起的”This survey revealed that none of the respondents lived in apartments owned by family or friends - some respondents suggested this sort of arrangement could easily lead to conflicts.调查结果显示,没有受访者住在家人或朋友的房一些受访者表示原因在于这种住宿关系很容易导致冲突Twelve percent of those surveyed rented specially designed share apartments through websites. Just six respondents out of 6 rented government-backed accommodation and only 5. percent were living in accommodation provided by their employers.%的受访者通过上网找合租的房子,尤其是已经设计好的6名受访者中仅有六人租住在政府提供的公寓只有5.%的人住在由雇主提供的宿舍Of those surveyed .7 percent found accommodation through the Internet. Of these 30 percent believed that the Internet posts offered cheaper rents than the market was offering. However percent of the respondents thought it was dangerous to move in with strangers..7%的受访者通过上网找到了住宿30%的人认为,网上的帖子能提供比市场租金更便宜的房源信息然而%的受访者认为搬去和陌生人合住很危险

开会那些事儿:乱写乱画假装很忙 -- 18::6 来源:chinadaily Bullet points, question marks, underlining and a couple of impressive looking equations.着重号,问号,下划线,还有其他几个令人印象深刻的方程式These are the methods used by one cheeky office worker to appear engaged in front of his boss during a mundane meeting.这就是一位调皮的员工用来在常见的会议上在老板面前假装很忙的方法The bored employee uploaded a copy of the hilarious handwritten notes he took during a conference to Reddit on Wednesday so others could learn how simple it is to fool you employer into thinking you're a productive member of staff.周三,这位觉得开会很无聊的员工将自己在某次会议期间手写的一份非常好笑的笔记上传到Reddit网站上,以便让大家学一下骗老板以为你效率很高有多简单'Pretend to pay attention and look like you’re writing important things even though it’s all BS,' he scrawled on a note pad.他在记事本上潦草地写道:“假装在注意听讲,看上去你在写啥重要的东西,其实啥也不是”'Indentation and bullet points are always a nice touch,' he added.他补充道:“缩进和着重号是不错的点缀”After sitting and listening another ten minutes, the officer worker jotted down some numbers and equations so it appeared he was paying close attention.又听了十分钟的会议内容后,这位员工草草记下了几个数字和方程式,看上去他在开会时很专心He had several other pointers about how underlining, using question marks and drawing arrows made your notes look legitimate from afar.他又提出了几条建议,告诉大家划线标注、使用问号、和画箭头如何能使你的会议记录远远看上去合情合理His last piece of advice was to make sure you jam some writing into the margins to 'avoided having to fill up more than one page'.他的最后一条建议是,在纸张边缘处写些字,免得还要另用一张'I can't wait until working in traditional offices are a thing of the past and working remotely from my bed becomes standard,' the man added.他补充说:“非常盼望在传统办公室工作的时期成为过去,在家办公成为新标准”Reddit users were quick to draw comparisons to their own 'waste of time' meetings, while others said the man should have used his time to be more productive.Reddit网站用户很快就将其和自己参加的“浪费时间”的会议作了对比也有些人说这位员工应该更高效地利用时间'Seriously, I don't know how many "mandatory" meetings I have that are better suited to be email or on the company messenger,' one user wrote.一位用户写道:“认真地讲,我不知道我参加了多少‘强制’会议,而这些会议内容其实以电邮或者公司内部通讯工具发送会更好”'I did that once too! Wrote something like "just writing things down so it looks like I'm paying attention". I still have the notebook at work,' commented another.“我也这么干过!写一些类似于‘随便写写,这样看起来我在认真参会’的东西在纸上我还保存有工作时的记事本”,另一位用户道The writer of another note, obtained by Daily Mail Australia, appears to have taken the man's advice, using dot points to jot down what a waste of time his hour and a half meeting was.《每日邮报澳洲版还拿到了另一份会议记录,写下这份会议记录的员工似乎已经采纳了前文所述员工的建议,使用圆点记下了这个长达一个半小时的会议有多浪费时间'Projector not working – standard. Good start.'“投影仪坏掉了,普遍情况,不错的开始”'No one is listening to you mate.... bla bla bla,' he wrote.“讲话的这位,没人在听你说啥啊……吧啦吧啦吧啦”,他写道He then took down the date of a quality audit with a short reminder to 'chuck a sickie' that day.之后他记下了质量审核的日期,加了个简短提醒,那天“请个病假”'That’s it. Great. 1.5 hours gone,' he wrote, marking the end of the meeting.“就这样,不错,会开了1个半小时”,会议结束时他写道The unidentified officer worker sat through another unbearable meeting on Thursday and compiled a sassy of what was said after wasting some time while he waited his boss to arrive. 这位身份不明的员工周四还耐着性子开完另一个让人难以忍受的会议,写下了一份活泼的会议记录等老板到会还耽误了一会儿时间'Oh yeah, minutes still waiting directors to arrive.'“噢耶,还有分钟主管才能来”'No worries, plenty of time, got nothing else to do,' he wrote.“别担心,时间足够,没啥可做的”,他写道He slammed one man his 'boring' contribution, asking 'how does this relate to my project?'他还批评了一位在会上说的话“很无聊”的人,问道:“这和我的项目有啥关系?”'Wow this guy is putting people to sleep. Seriously.' he said, adding that he was the only one in the meeting who bothered to take notes.“噢这人把大家都催眠了,讲真”,他写道,他还补充说他是会上唯一一个不厌其烦地做记录的人Vocabularyjot down:草草记下,匆匆记下sickie:一天的病假英文来源:每日邮报翻译#38;编审:yaning

卡梅伦带习近平“泡吧”吃炸鱼薯条 --3 :9: 来源: Chinese President Xi Jinping headed a traditional British pub on Thursday, during his state visit, indulging in a beer and a portion of traditional fish and chips with Prime Minister David Cameron.中国国家主席习近平在英国进行国事访问期间,于当地时间日(星期三)与英国首相卡梅伦共赴当地一家传统酒吧,点了一杯啤酒,外加一份英国传统小吃炸鱼薯条The two world leaders, in suits but tieless, could be seen awkwardly sipping their ales at The Plough, an establishment close to the British prime minister's residence of Chequers northwest of London.这家名为The Plough的酒吧位于伦敦西北部,在英国首相所居住的契克斯庄园附近两位领导人都穿着西装但没有打领带,有点拘谨地一起喝啤酒"I dropped into The Plough at Cadsden a pint of IPA and some fish and chips with China's President Xi," Cameron tweeted afterwards, along with a picture of him talking to Xi in which hunting guns could be seen hanging on the bare-brick wall behind them.卡梅伦随后在Twitter上发布消息,“我与习主席在The Plough酒吧点了一扎印度麦啤和一些炸鱼薯条”从他发布的照片上我们能清楚地看到两人身后砖墙上挂着的猎The pub's landlord Steve Hollings told AFP that Cameron and Xi had chatted around three-quarters of an hour and had been "extremely friendly".酒吧的店主史蒂夫·霍林斯告诉法新社记者,卡梅伦和习近平的小酌持续了约5分钟,而且两人表现得“极其亲密友好”They drank "traditional English bitter" and "traditional English fish and chips", he said proudly, adding: "I was highly delighted".他十分自豪地向记者介绍“他们喝的是传统的英式苦啤酒,吃的也是英国传统小吃炸鱼薯条,”并补充道:“我非常高兴”The pub traces its history back to the th century when it was a staging post London coaches.这家酒吧的历史可以追溯到十六世纪,当时它是伦敦长途马车的中转站Its website said the pub "is often host to some very famous patrons" and asks visitors to "remember, they are here the rest and relaxation too".酒吧的网站上写着“我们经常接待一些十分有名的人物”,并且它让顾客们“记住,他们也是来放松和休息的”The atmosphere proved a little too relaxing Cameron during a previous visit to the pub in with his wife Samantha when the couple left their eight-year-old daughter behind in the pub.事实明这家酒吧的气氛确实是太放松了,以至于卡梅伦和妻子萨曼莎年来这家酒吧的时候,把他们8岁的女儿落在酒吧里了The prime minister's office was ced to admit a couple of months after the incident that the Camerons only realised their child was not with them when they got home and picked her up minutes later.这件事发生数月之后,首相办公室不得不承认卡梅伦夫妇确实是在已经回到家之后才发现他们的女儿没有跟他们一起回来,并在分钟后回去接的女儿***文化小贴士***a pint of:一品脱一扎(啤酒)在英国口语里,pint可以直接指啤酒,如:Do you fancy a pint? (想喝一杯吗?)IPA:India Pale Ale,又称印度麦啤,或印度淡艾尔啤早在十九世纪,英国在全球殖民的鼎盛时期,为了让远在印度的大英帝国士兵喝到家乡的酒,英国酿酒公司用远洋货轮将啤酒“直供”印度但在此过程中,传统的桶装啤酒很容易腐坏变质于是有人想到用啤酒花作为天然防腐剂的酿酒方式,由此产生了一种味道和口感与传统麦芽啤酒有所区别的新品种啤酒,即今天的印度麦啤English bitter: 英式苦味啤酒苦啤酒味道中有强烈的苦涩,它的苦味来自较高的啤酒花含量,它也保了啤酒浓度,延长了在潮湿阴郁气候中的保质期浓郁的苦涩曾经是英国饭桌上的主流风味,今天的苦啤已经形成了一种饮酒风格English fish and chips: 鱼和油炸土豆条是英国民族传统的快餐食品它是在19世纪60年代流行起来的那时,铁路开始把新鲜的鱼一夜间直接从东海岸运到伦敦英国人在鱼上面裹上糊放在油里炸好,和炸土豆条一起吃人们把盐和醋的混合调料倒在炸鱼和土豆条上,用报纸包上,然后从纸包里拿着吃如今,人们经常用清洁的纸包装,并提供一个餐叉***英式“酒吧外交”***英国首相很喜欢在传统酒吧里招待客人,英国媒体干脆取了个名字“酒吧外交”除了习近平,以下外国领导人也被英国首相带去“泡过吧”:卡梅伦去年带法国总统奥朗德去了牛津郡(Oxdshire)的天鹅酒吧(The Swan Inn)两人依靠在实木的古老吧台上,喝着木桶纯麦芽(cask-ale),吃着罐头虾(potted shrimps)、虹鳟鱼(rainbow trout)聊天据说他们在酒吧里就两国合作项目达成了一致意见年,时任英国首相的布莱尔带着美国前总统小布什去了塞奇菲尔德(Sedgefield)的遁牛酒吧(The Dun Cow pub)两人喝的是不含酒精的淡啤(non-alcoholic lager),吃了炸鱼和薯条(fish and chips)、豌豆泥(mushy peas)00年,布莱尔请了法国前总统希拉克来到杜伦郡艾克利夫村的乡村餐馆(County Restaurant)据说后来希拉克跟德国前总理施罗德和俄罗斯总统普京嘲讽过英国食物,说:“食物那么难吃的国家不可信”(One cannot trust people whose cuisine is so bad.)***英国酒吧文化***中国人爱喝酒,地球人都知道然而,世界上最爱喝酒的国家却是——英国没错,气度不凡的英国绅士竟然比中国人和俄罗斯人更爱喝!英国人最爱去酒吧喝酒,街上的酒吧比比皆是,大英词典编纂者塞穆尔·约翰逊(Samuel Johnson)曾经这样赞美英国酒吧:There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern or inn.世间人类所创造的万物,哪一项比得上酒吧更能给人们带来无限的温馨和幸福酒吧在英国人生活中所扮演的角色,跟美国的咖啡馆、中国的茶馆一样,都是当地文化中不可缺少的一部分***Pub、Bar和Club***英国的酒吧从字面意义上来说分为pub、bar和club,但是用中文翻译过来都是一个意思:酒吧而它们在英国的真正含义,却是迥然不同的Pub在这些酒吧中,Pub是最大众,也是英国历史最悠久的酒吧类型Pub在英国大大小小地分布着八万多个,遍布英国的城市和乡村,成为英国的独特风景线这些Pub历史悠久、建筑颇具特色,名字也透露着古朴的英伦范儿,如美人鱼(The Mermaid)、红房子(The Red House)、森林古堡(Cattle in est)、快乐的水手(The Jolly Sailor)、迷人的港湾(Charming Port)等Pub是英伦乡村生活的真实写照,这里不仅提供给人们吃饭休闲,也是英国人交流聚会的场所,在英国人的生活中占据着颇为重要的地位Bar而Bar或许和中国的“酒吧”相似更多偏向于喝酒聊天,是年轻人比较喜欢的交流场所Bar一般气氛比较活跃热闹,装修也比Pub更现代化这些Bar主要分布在城市闹市区晚上是Bar的营业高峰期,尤其是有球赛的夜晚,几乎个个爆满英国人喜欢聚集在Bar看球赛,享受这种人潮涌动的气氛,也是英国颇具特色的足球文化ClubClub类似于“夜店”,开放时间更晚,可以跳舞,需购买门票,酒水价格更贵,族群也更为年轻所以在进入夜店之前先到酒吧喝几杯也成了很多人的惯例,又称之为pre-drink另外也有人会先去off-license的商店(只有贩酒执照,不能在里面饮酒的商店)买便宜的酒喝***常见酒水***英国的酒吧提供含酒精的饮料,也提供给女士不含酒精的饮料含酒精的饮料包括啤酒(beer)、果酒(cider)、雪利酒(cherry)、香槟酒(champagne)、葡萄酒(wine)、鸡尾酒(cocktail)、马丁尼鸡尾酒(martini cocktail)、苦艾酒(vermouth)及一些烈性酒(liquor or spirit),包括威士忌(whisky)、杜松子酒(gin)和白兰地(brandy)等不含酒精饮料包括各种果汁(fruit juice)、起泡酒(bubbling wine)、甜酒或玫瑰酒(sweet or rose)、可乐(cola)及矿泉水(mineral water)等苦黑啤(traditional English bitter)为英国酒吧中最传统,也最常见的酒,因为酒花的苦味而得名,带着红色或琥珀色,酒上面会浮着一层白色的沫,苦啤口感较干、酒劲较强,喝到最后会回甘,味道醇厚,以室温饮用最为常见,入口时会有苦味留于齿间卡梅伦在谈及自己的酒吧喜好时也曾称,“比起淡啤酒,我更喜欢苦啤酒”,而且什么都比不过他对看飞镖和喝吉尼斯黑啤酒的喜爱

人行道上的礼仪:你是“让路党”吗? -- :0:37 来源:chinadaily Two people are walking towards each other along a narrow pavement – who gives way?两个人沿着一条狭窄的人行道相向而行,谁给谁让路?If it is you, you fall into the 5 percent of people who prefer to step aside.如果是你让路,你就归入了5%喜欢站到一边让路的人群Another 5 percent like to pass first, making the other person stand to one side.还有5%的人喜欢先通过,让对方站在一边让路The remaining 50 percent make up the third type of pedestrian and vary their strategy.其余50%归入第三种类型的行人,他们会改变策略The findings come from study in which researchers from the Technical University of Munich paired up strangers and asked them to walk towards each other without colliding and without speaking.这项研究结果来自慕尼黑工业大学,研究人员将个陌生人进行配对,要求他们在不发生碰撞也不说话的情况下向对方走去The volunteers also filled in personality questionnaires and were measured and weighed.研究志愿者还填写了性格问卷,并测量了身高和体重Interestingly, physical factors such as age, height and gender seemed to have no bearing on pavement etiquette.有趣的是,年龄、身高和性别等自然因素似乎与人行道上的礼仪没什么关系Nor did traits such as extraversion or shyness, the Journal of Experimental Psychology reports.《实验心理学杂志报道称,这与外向或害羞等性格特点也没有关系In other words, some of us seem to be simply born to barge past.换言之,我们中的一些人似乎只是天生喜欢横冲直撞地先过去A second experiment revealed that the person who passes first isn’t as rude as they may initially appear.另一项实验显示,先通过的人并不像他们最初表现的那样粗鲁It seems they do tend to adjust their path – just not enough to avoid a collision.他们似乎倾向于调整自己的路线——只是不足以避免碰撞As a result, it is only when the second person moves out of the way that the problem is solved.,只有当另一个人让路时问题才能解决Etiquette expert William Hanson said that the custom of men walking on the outside of the pavement to protect women from traffic, splashes and other dangers has fallen by the wayside.礼仪专家威廉?汉森说,男人走在人行道外侧保护女性远离车辆、溅湿等危险的传统做法已经被抛到一边Mr Hanson said: ‘Traditionally, men let the woman they were accompanying walk closest to the building, away from the pavement edge.汉森先生说:“传统上,男性让同行的女性走靠近建筑的一边,远离人行道的边缘How to avoid that awkward 'pavement dance'如何避免“让路却让向同一侧”的尴尬?The German study doesn’t address what to do in the common but embarrassing situation, in which both pedestrians repeatedly dodge out of each other’s way in the same direction, giving the impression of dancing together on the pavement.两位行人互相让路,但反复让向同一侧,看上去就好像在人行道上一起跳舞,这种现象常见又尴尬这项德国研究并未提及这时应该怎么做But Mr Hanson said: ‘I tend to pick a side of the pavement, stick to it, and politely gesture to the empty space the stranger to use.’但汉森先生说:“我总是选定人行道的一边,不换方向,礼貌地作出手势,让对方从另一侧通行“THREE TYPES OF PEDESTRIAN三种行人类型Bumbler - Most people fall into this category. Scientists found 50 percent can't make up their mind, and vary their strategy when walking in crowds.跌跌撞撞者——大部分人属于这一类科学家们发现50%的人拿不定主意,在人群中行走时会改变策略Barger - Around 5 percent of people like to pass first, making the other person stand to one side. The person who passes first isn’t as rude as they may initially appear.横冲直撞者—— 5%左右的人喜欢先过去,让其他人站到一边先走过去的人并不像他们最初看起来那么粗鲁It seems they do tend to adjust their path – just not enough to avoid a collision. 他们似乎倾向于调整自己的路线——只是不足以避免碰撞Polite- Another 5 percent prefer to step aside. Interestingly, physical factors such as age, height and gender seemed to have no bearing on pavement etiquette.有礼貌——另外5%的人倾向于站到一边让路有趣的是,年龄、身高和性别等自然因素似乎与人行道上的礼仪没什么关系Vocabularyfall by the wayside:半途而废,中途退出英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaning

你是什么性格?看你的网络头像就知道 --31 :: 来源:chinadaily Is your profile photo bright and cheery, or is it a brooding work of social media art?你的头像照片明亮愉快吗?抑或是社交媒体艺术育的成果?According to a new study, these distinctions contain key clues about your personality and can reveal whether you’re conscientious, extraverted, or even neurotic.根据一项新研究,这些差别隐藏着关于你性格的关键线索,可以透露出你是尽责型,外向型,还是神经质的人Using thousands of Twitter profile pictures, an international team of researchers found that personality traits can be accurately predicted based on differences in aesthetic and facial presentation.一个跨国研究团队观察了几千张推特个人资料里的头像照片,发现基于美学和面部展示方式的差异,可以准确推测性格特征In a recent paper, Analyzing Personality through Social Media Profile Picture Choice, researchers analysed a data set of more than 66,000 Twitter users, and collected up to 3,0 of the most recent tweets each person.在最近发表的研究论文——《通过社交媒体头像选择分析用户性格中,研究者们分析了6.6万推特用户的数据,收集了每个用户最近写的30条推特(如果有这么多的话)Along with this, Twitter users were given a psychological survey to determine their scores among the Big Five personality traits.除此之外,名推特用户接受了心理测验,根据结果来确定他们是五大人格特质中的哪一个These include extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience.这些特质包括外向型、宜人型、尽责型、神经质型和开放型Profile pictures are likely an important indicator of personality, as they are chosen by the user to represent their online persona, the researchers explain.研究人员解释道,头像照片很可能是人格的重要指标,因为用户选择它们来代表自己在网上的形象So, they looked only at profile photos, and divided the features into two categories: general image features and stylistic facial features.,他们只看头像照片,并把照片特征分为两类:一类是一般的图像特征,一类是充满个人风格的脸部特征The researchers analysed the differences in colour, composition, general type (meaning number of faces included), demographics, facial presentation, and expression.研究人员分析了颜色、构图、大体形式(就是照片上有多少张脸)、人口学特征,脸部展示以及表情上的差异Then, they investigated the correlation between the personality analyses and the features of each image.然后他们探究了人格分析和每张图片的特征之间的相关性Twitter users that have a profile picture with higher aesthetic quality – increased contrast, sharpness, saturation, less blur – were associated with open personalities, the team found.研究团队发现,头像有更高审美价值的推特用户——图片对比度、清晰度、饱和度较高,模糊的较少,属于开放型人格This group was also most likely to have a profile picture that contained something other than a face, indicating ‘non-conmance,’ they explain.除了脸,这类人的头像更有可能包含其它事物,暗示他们“不随大流”,他们解释道But, they were also less colourful, and the facial expressions were higher in negative emotion, particularly anger.但是,他们的头像没那么绚丽多,而且脸部表情表现出更多的消极情绪,尤其是愤怒As conscientious users, the researchers found profile pictures were more colourful, natural, and bright.至于尽责型的用户,研究人员发现他们的头像照片更绚丽多、自然、明亮These users were highly correlated with positive mood expressions, like smiling, and expressed the most emotions out of all the five traits.这些用户与积极表情高度相关,比如微笑,而且是五大人格中情感表达最丰富的一类人Extraverts were found to have the most colourful images, and tended to have profile pictures that contain multiple people.研究发现,外向型的人头像色最丰富,而且头像照片上往往有好几个人Users associated with agreeableness were also found to have colourful photos, which were blurry and bright.宜人型的用户头像色也比较多,明亮但比较模糊Overall, these users express positive emotions.总而言之,这些用户表达的情感都比较积极Neurotic users, they found, tended to have simpler, uncolourful images.他们发现,神经质型的用户头像往往更简单,色更单调They were also more likely to opt not to present a face in their photos, and had an overall lack of positive emotions when a face was shown.他们也更倾向于选择没有正脸的照片,即使有,脸上也全然没有积极的表情Using this inmation, researchers say profile pictures can be harnessed to make predictions with ‘robust accuracy.’研究人员表示,了解这些信息,就可以利用头像对性格做出“靠谱的”预测Vocabularybrood: 冥思苦想;孵化conscientious: 认真的;尽责的demographics: 人口统计学英文来源:每日邮报译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮

纸们嘴上说着不要,而实际的想法却是... -- :6: 来源:chinadaily 都说“女人心,海底针”,世间最难参透的除了人生道理,恐怕要数纸的话里有话了美国新闻聚合网站Buzzfeed搜罗了一波纸的潜台词,菇凉们来看看自己躺几回,帅锅们也来检测下悟性吧~ 1. Do I look OK? 我看起来还行吗? 潜台词:If you say anything other than yes, I’ll be upset. 如果你的不是yes,我会很不爽~ . Is this cute? 这个可爱吗? 潜台词:Again, say yes. 跟上面一样,说yes 3. I’m over it. 这事儿我已经不放在心上了 潜台词:No, I’m not. 不,我还揣着呢 . Nothing is wrong. 一切正常 潜台词:There’s definitely something wrong. 肯定有问题 5. I’m fine. 我很好 潜台词:I’m not fine. 我很不好! 6. I like, honestly don’t even care. 说实话,我并不在意 潜台词:I care so much. 我可在意着呢 7. I hate makeup. 我痛恨化妆 潜台词:I am so freaking thankful that makeup exists. 谢天谢地世间竟有化妆这样的存在 8. I love your dress. 我太喜欢你这件裙子了 潜台词:I’m pissed that you bought it bee me. 居然在我之前先买到了,气死我了 9. I think I have something going on that night. 我那天晚上可能有事 潜台词:I have nothing going on except Netflix, but I don’t really want to hang out. 我其实除了刷剧也没别的事儿,但就是不想跟你出去 (Netflix是美国互联网电视商) . Do you think I’m emotional? 你觉得我这人情绪化吗? 潜台词:Do you think I’m crazy? 你觉得我疯了吗? . I’m not really hungry. 我其实不太饿 潜台词:I’m starving. 我快饿疯了 . Am I overreacting? 我是不是反应过度了? 潜台词:I know I’m overreacting but I want you to support me anyway. 我知道反应过度了,那我也想让你持我 . We’ve been through so much together. 我们在一起经历了那么多 潜台词:We got into a fight one time. 我们也曾互掐过 . I’ll only eat one piece of candy. 我就吃一块糖 潜台词: * eats the whole bag * 吃一包…… . I have nothing to wear. 我没啥衣穿啊~ 潜台词:I have multiple things I could wear but I don’t currently like any of them. 我衣多着呢,但现在找不出我喜欢的

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