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敦煌,它实在是太遥远了,也许正如余秋雨先生所说“它因华美而矜持,它因富有而远藏它执意要让每一个朝圣者,用长途的艰辛来换取报偿”In fact, Dunhuang is the only place in the world where you can admire massive amounts of murals and sculptures that are the heritage of hundreds of years of cultural exchange and cross-influence.But it is the gotten part of history – the events and stories that were never recorded in any way – that is most intriguing. ten nights, a TV documentary series about the visible and invisible history of Dunhuang aired on CCTV, China's official national TV network.I got the chance to talk to its director, Zhou Bing, who told me so much about both his documentary and the city that I just have to share it with you here.Reporter:One day in 1900, a young Taoist named Wang Yuanlu discovered a cave stuffed with aged silk scrolls.It is impossible to know exactly how he encountered the cave, but in a letter to the then empress of China, Cixi, the man wrote: "My helpers and I happened to be digging into a hill with hoes, and there it was, this huge cave that contains tens of thousands of ancient scriptures, many of them Buddhist scriptures."There were once hundreds of man-made caves with colorful murals painted on their inner walls, life-size, miniature and magnified sculptures of both Buddhist gods and believers, and more than 50,000 silk scrolls carrying Buddhist scriptures and secular documents, all accumulated just outside this small town. 196,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 How to Improve Your Communication Skills如何改善人际交流能力Tell a Story讲故事 Stories are powerful. 故事的力量是很强大的They activate our brains, make presentations suck less, make us more persuasive, and can even help us ace interviews. 它们能激活我们的大脑,让我们的演讲不会太差,让我们更有说力,甚至能帮助我们在面试中脱颖而出Learn the secrets of becoming a phenomenal story teller with these rules from Pixar or by simply using the word;but; more to structure your narrative. 可以从皮克斯那里学习如何能把故事讲得精,或简单地用“但是”来调整你的叙述结构Everyone got at least one great story in them.每个人心中都至少有一个非常好的故事narrative adj.叙述的,叙事体的;善于叙述的 例句:Thenarrativepulls you along like a runaway train.这个故事就像一辆失控的高速列车,读起来惊险刺激phenomenal adj.现象的;显著的;异常的;能知觉的例句:He is aphenomenalrunner.他是个非凡的赛跑选手更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 33Gaga年MTV颁奖礼上大获全胜

如何制作蛋糕- :5:6 A:OK, so are you y to learn how to bake a cake?好的,你现在准备好了如何做一块蛋糕了吗?B:Almost, let me just put my apron on.差不多,让我把我的围裙穿上A:OK, so the first thing we are going to do is pre-heat the oven, that way we have it at the desired temperature once we finish preparing everything. Set it to three hundred and seventy five degrees Fahrenheit.好的,第一件事就是我们要预热一下锅,这样的话等到锅达到需要的问题,我们的准备工作也就做好了设置温度是370华氏温度B:Got it.知道了A:No we are gonna make the batter. Take some butter and sugar and mix it lightly until you have a nice consistency. Then add some vanilla extract and eggs and continue mixing.接下来,把一些黄油和糖轻轻地搅拌直到很均匀然后加入香草精和鸡蛋,继续搅拌B:Do I have to use a whisk or can I use the electric mixer?我能用搅拌器或者电动搅拌器吗?A:Go ahead and use the mixer, but put it on medium speed. I'm gonna sift the flour and baking powder separately and then we can mix it with milk and the rest of the ingredients.可以用搅拌器,但是要调到中速我想分别筛选面粉和发酵粉,然后再混合加入牛奶B:OK, so now we need a baking pan right?好的,我们现在就需要个烤盘,对吗?A:Yeah, but grease and flour it first so the cake won't stick to it when it bakes.是的,但是先得在上面抹上油涂上粉,免得烘烤的时候蛋糕粘在上面了B:Done. So how long do we bake it ?做好了烘烤这个要花多久的时间?A:We can leave it in there about twenty five minutes. Then we let it cool ten minutes bee we remove the cake from the pan.我们需要把它放在那儿5分钟然后在从盘子上拿走之前,让它先冷却十分钟B:Wow! This was a lot easier than I thought!哇!这个比我想象的要简单!

With the list only including those who have starred in at least three movies during the past five years (animated films excluded), the runner-up this time around is newly-engaged “Alice In Wonderland” actress Anne Hathaway at $ 5.67 per $ 1.

【序言】各位亲爱的听众朋友,这里是可可之声晨间7点档A英语课堂我是Juliet非常高兴在这美丽的清晨和大家在空中和见面带上您的一份美丽的心情走进今天的A英语课堂,让您一天美好而又充实的的生活从现在就开始【今日主题】在第99节课,我给大家留下了一个悬念What's it? 我们来回顾一下个句子:1 A letter from home set off an attack of homesickness. A letter from his wife set off an attack of homesickness. 想必大家都想起来了,这个悬念就是这个短语“an attack of ”将给您带来的收获 【主题详解】请听我听我发音 [.#601;n#601;'daelig;g#601;v] [.#601;n#601;'daelig;g#601;v]在这个发音上有两个连读,两个浊化,还有重音与次重音的处理这个三个要诀在其中An attack中的an 是以鼻音[n] 结尾,attack是单元音[#601;]开头,将其连读为[n#601;], 那么,an attack的发音即:[#601;n#601;taelig;k]此外在[#601;n#601;taelig;k]中的第三个音节[taelig;k]中的元音[aelig;]前是清辅音,把它浊化为浊辅音[d],那么发音就变为:[#601;n#601;daelig;k]几个音节在一起就像是一小旋律一样,要有起有伏,有强有弱,[#601;n#601;daelig;k]是三个音节,attack是实义动词,那么重音在第三个音节上,次重音在第一个音节上,即发音为:[.#601;n#601;'daelig;k]attack of 中的attack是以清辅音[k] 结尾,of 是以单元音[#601;]开头,将其连读为[#601;'daelig;k#601;v]此时重音保持在第二个音节,第三个音节[k#601;]是连读的音节,要弱读请大家睁大您的眼睛看第三个音节[k#601;]是清辅音[k]在元音前浊化为浊辅音[d], 即:[g#601;]这样,attack of 的发音就是:[#601;'daelig;g#601;v]我们把[#601;'daelig;g#601;v]与前面提到的[.#601;n#601;'daelig;k]综合起来发音为:[.#601;n#601;'daelig;g#601;v],重音在第三个音节上,次重音在第一个音节上注意旋律的起与伏,音节的重与弱我们说了set off 的发音,句子中的set off an attack of 是一个意群我们说过了set off 的发音为[,se'd#601;v] ,重音在副词上,即第二个音节上,实义动词则为弱读音节,今天讲的an attack of 的发音为[.#601;n#601;'daelig;g#601;v]这时我们看一下这连个短语发音的链接点在哪里,这个连接点就在于off 和 an上面off是以辅音[v]结尾,而an 是以单元音[#601;]开头,将其连读为[v#601;],综合起来发音为:[.se'd#601;v#601;n#601;'daelig;g#601;v]这时候由于[v#601;]是连读的地方,就不再是次重音了请根据下面图中的发音进行发音练习When you begin practicing to them, you won't be used to it like that . However, you should believe this saying that "practice makes perfect." and you will get used to it. As long as you make your efts, I'm convince of your achievement to it because I've ever experienced. The more you plough the more you gain.这里是可可之声晨间7点档早间A英语课堂我是Juliet若您对今早课程有任何疑惑,不妨加入官方早间课堂QQ交流群,群号为:6353或者是以邮件形式将您的疑惑发送到我的邮箱:leinadancingroom@qq.com.我会在第一时间给您回复 9687

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