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保护野生动物 Protect Wild Animals -- :3: 来源: The animal is the friend of our human beings. We live in the same earth. Animals and human beings can’t be separated from each other. But some animals are getting less and less. So it’s necessary us to protect animals, especially wild animals. Some people kill wild animal because of money. It’s illegal. Beside, because of the development of society, human needs more space to live in, so we explore the est. Animals have less space to live in. The number of wild animals decreases year by year. It’s high time to take actions to protect wild animals.动物是人类的朋友,我们共同生活在地球上动物和人类不能彼此分离但有些动物的数量越来越少,所以我们有必要去保护动物,特别是野生动物一小部分人为了赚钱而去猎杀野生动物,这是违法行为此外,由于社会的发展,人类需要更多的生活空间,所以要开发森林然而动物的生存空间却变少了野生动物的数量逐年减少,现在该是采取措施保护野生动物的时候了友谊 Friendship -- ::39 来源: Friendsareimportant inour life. They are always with us. When we are happy, we feel happy as we are.When we are sad, they try to cheer us up. Friendship is our necessity.It’sa warm feeling between you and your friends. This feeling makes you smile allthe time. With friendship, your world seems brighter. It lights your life. Everyoneneeds friends and friendship.朋友在我们的生活中十分重要,他们总是陪伴着我们当我们快乐的时候,他们同我们一起快乐;当我们伤心的时候,他们想办法逗我们开心友谊是我们的必需品你和你朋友之间的感觉很温暖这种感觉使你一直微笑有了友谊,你的世界变得更明朗它点亮了你的生活每个人都需要朋友和友谊We Should Follow Traffic Rules 我们应该遵守交通规则 -- :9:9 来源: We Should Follow Traffic Rules 我们应该遵守交通规则  In order to keep the road orderly and people safe, everyone should follow traffic rules.  The walkers should look carefully both left and right when they are crossing the roads. When people are driving, they should wear a seat belt. Drivers are not allowed to drive after drinking. They must stop when the lights are red. Many people take buses. They should wait in line, and follow the rule "First get off, then get on".  If everyone follows the traffic rules, there will be fewer traffic accidents.  为了保持交通秩序和人们的安全,人人都应该遵守交通规则  行人在穿马路时,应该人真的看看左右当人们开车时要系上安全带,酒后不能开车,见到红灯必须停下来许多人乘公共汽车,他们应该排队,并遵守“先下后上”的原则  如果人人都能遵守交通规则,交通事故就会少多了

旅游英语:茹丝葵牛排(Ruth's Chris)英文介绍 -01-18 :: 来源: 旅游英语:茹丝葵牛排(Ruth's Chris)英文介绍The debut of Ruth's Chris in China means meat lovers will never go hungry, Xu Junqian finds in Shanghai.Eating at fine dining restaurants is sometimes not fine, but overwhelming, with difficulties over table manners, dress codes or the way to pronounce those peculiar French and Italian names on the . At Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Shanghai, however, the only thing that would overwhelm diners is the immense sense of southern US hospitality, beginning with over-sized portions meat lovers.Founded in 1965 by a single mother of two in New Orleans, the steakhouse opened this outlet on the historical Bund early in December, the first of four openings planned by the upscale steakhouse chain in Shanghai and Beijing. While the location and the breathtaking view are touted as the "sauce" of their signature steak, the restaurant takes more pride in its generous offerings of food."When you come to Ruth's Chris, please come hungry," Stanley Ko, president of the decades-old steakhouse, warned bee the lunch kicked off.I was a bit ashamed, like joining a marathon without doing enough to warm-up, or attending a black-tie party in a sweater, as the aftertaste of my breakfast still lingered on my palate.The sense of guilt didn't last long, tunately. The finishing touch of brandy from the French onion soup, our starter, quickly washed it away - and excited my taste buds the meat feast to come.The highlight of the meal, the steak, makes a confident arrival at the table. The dark, charred eight-ounce petite filet is displayed in the center of the white plate, with no sides or sauces.A small bite unveils the beauty of this simple presentation. The word "juicy" is not adequate to describe this most tender cut of corn-fed premium beef. The meat, cooked medium-rare, resembles a fountain, with juice bursting from every single bite. And the trademarked plate heated to 60 C makes sure the meat stays warm till you finish your last bite, which is unlikely to take long as it's so divine that one just automatically brings the meat to the mouth.Standard sides, including sauteed mushrooms, creamed spinach and French-fried onion rings, are served separately and cost extra. Do try the bracelet-sized onion rings, which are perfect, crispy complements the steak.The dessert can be overwhelming after an aly expansive meal. There is the caramelized-banana cream pie, the warm apple crumb tart, the chocolate sin cake, to name just a few of the sweet, seductive temptations.My choice was the New Orleans cheesecake, served with fresh berries and topped with sweet-and-sour cream. I finished half of the house-made dessert, as large as my face and looking more like a birthday cake a party than an after-meal dessert. I wrapped up the other half a late-night snack and next morning breakfast.After that I am almost reluctant to eat cheesecake - not because I had too much, but the velvety sweet has hit my tongue so unapologetically and unabashedly that it would be very hard to top. Yes, it is the cheesecake of the year. 旅游英语 茹丝葵牛排 Ruth's Chris

My Teacher-我的老师 -- :53:00 来源: My Teacher-我的老师  My favourite teacher is Miss Huang. She is a beautiful lady. She has two big eyes, a high nose and a little red mouth. there is always a smile on her face.   Miss Huang likes singing and collecting posters. She is good at playing the piano. In the evening, she always sits in front of the piano and plays nice music. She is good at dancing, too. Sometimes she teaches us dancing.   Miss Huang likes dogs very much because the dog is very friendly and cute. Her favourite color is blue. Because blue is the color of the sky and the sea.  This is my favourite teacher. Our classmates all like her very much.

我最喜欢的颜色 The Color I Like Most -- :3: 来源: Amongall the beautiful colors in the world, I like purple most. I don’t know why. WhenI see the purple color, my eyes are attracted immediately. I think it’s aromantic color. Lavender and the purple rose are my favorite flowers. They bothare purple. As a result, I have many purple things, such as purple clothes,shoes, cups and so on. My room is light purple. I am so happy to be in such apurple world.

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