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An Australian mining tycoon Clive Palmer has released on Tuesday plans a ;Titanic II; - and this time the ship will come with a safety deck and ;proper life boats;, the Daily Telegraph reported.据英国《每日电讯报报道,周二,澳大利亚矿业大亨克莱夫·帕尔默宣布,他将出资复制“泰坦尼克号”邮轮这次这艘邮轮将安装一层安全甲板,并配备与游客相应数量的救生船The ship which is due to set out on its first voyage in . The upper decks will feature the public rooms, passenger stairs, cabins and features of the original, according to designs by Deltamarin, a Finnish-based engineering firm. The ship will also include a casino.该邮轮预计年首航据设计方的芬兰知名船舶设计企业Deltamarin透露,轮船最顶层的甲板将配备公众活动室、游客楼梯、客舱,同时,还保留了原有特色邮轮还将开设The drawings show nine decks complete with first, second and third class, officer and crew accommodation. Though the plans have not yet been finalized, the ship is due to be built by Chinese shipbuilders CSC Jinling Shipyards.新邮轮将设置一二三等船舱、共九层甲板,船长和船员休息室尽管这次计划没有最终确认,但承建商已经定为中国长航重工金陵造船厂 1953Posing alongside Daniel Craig, they are the women who provide the glamour, action and intrigue in the new James Bond film Spectre.站在丹尼尔·克雷格身边一起合影的这些女人就是为詹姆斯·邦德系列最新电影《幽灵党增添魅力、曲折的情节和阴谋诡计的存在But if youre thinking of referring to Monica Bellucci, 51, Lea Seydoux, 30, and Naomie Harris, 39, as Bond girls, then think again.但如果你打算用邦女郎来指代51岁的莫妮卡·贝鲁奇(Monica Bellucci)、30岁的蕾雅·赛杜(Lea Seydoux)和39岁的娜奥米·哈里斯(Naomie Harris),那你不妨重新考虑一下Honor Blackman – who memorably played Pussy Galore to Sean Connery 0 in 196 Goldfinger – revealed that she thinks the phrase is derogatory to women and added: top calling us Bond girls, we are women and actresses!霍纳尔·布莱克曼(Honor Blackman)在196年肖恩·康纳利(Sean Connery)版0电影《金手指中饰演的角色普斯·格洛(Pussy Galore)相当令人难忘,她日前表示,她认为邦女郎这个称呼是对女性的贬低,并说“不要再叫我们邦女郎了,我们是女人、女演员!”Miss Blackman was 39 when she appeared as Pussy Galore, making her the oldest Bond girl until the casting of Miss Bellucci in Spectre, which will be released on Monday. Current 0 Craig is 7.布莱克曼39岁出演普斯·格洛,她一直是所有邦女郎中年龄最大的,直到贝鲁奇出演《幽灵党而现任0的扮演者克雷格为7岁《幽灵党将于当地时间月6日上映Now 90, Miss Blackman added that she thinks too much fuss is made over the age of the actresses paired with Bond on screen.布莱克曼今年已经90岁了她觉得屏幕上与邦德配戏的女演员的年龄被小题大做了She said: I just dont understand why we are still obsessed with age. Or rather, I dont understand why MEN are still so obsessed with the age of women. Because that really what were talking about.她说:“我就是不理解为什么我们还如此纠结年龄问题或者说,我不明白为什么‘男人始终纠结女人的年龄问题这确实就是我们一直在谈论的问题”Grow up guys! In the days of yore, young men were sent to a mature woman to learn something about love-making, so that they didnt make complete fools of themselves.“成熟点吧,小伙子们!以前,年轻的男人都是从成熟的女人那学会性爱技巧,这样他们才不会出洋相”There are double standards when it comes to men and women appearing on screen as they get older, she said in a guest column the Daily Mirror.她在《每日镜报(Daily Mirror)的一个特约专栏里表示,人们对于出现在 荧屏上的男人和女人变老这件事有着双重标准She wrote: Ageing men constantly appear on television with their ;destroyed; craggy faces and pot bellies, with their belts closer to their crotch than their waist, getting series after series. While older women are never afded the same opporty.她写道:“上了年纪的男演员仍活跃在电视上,一季又一季地出演他们容颜不再、满脸皱纹,长出啤酒肚,腰带都快系到胯部了而上了年纪的女演员却从没有同样的机会”On Thursday in London Craig posed a photoshoot with his co-stars ahead of Spectre release. Some critics say the movie could break Skyfall record as the most successful Bond film to date.在《幽灵党上映前,克雷格与各位主演日在伦敦合影一些家认为这部电影的票房可能会打破《大破天幕杀机的纪录,成为史上最成功的0电影

Seven employees of China’s second-largest oil company have been detained in connection with a crude oil explosion that killed at least 55 people in the eastern Chinese port city of Qingdao.与中国东部港口城市青岛原油爆燃事故相关的7名中石化(Sinopec)员工已被警方控制,此次事故已导致至少55人死亡中石化是中国第二大石油企业The official microblog of the Qingdao Economic and Technology Development zone said seven Sinopec staff and two local government officials had been detained in connection with the explosion on November . The accident is the deadliest this year in China, where pressure is building greater scrutiny of workplace safety.青岛经济技术开发区(Qingdao Economic and Technology Development zone)官方微称,警方已控制.东黄输油管线泄漏爆炸事故中石化相关人员7人,青岛经济技术开发区相关人员人此次事故是中国今年发生的最致命的事故目前,中国国内要求对安全生产施以更严格监管的压力越来越大Central government has blamed the blast on human error. “Very serious dereliction of duty” was behind the accident, a senior official in charge of China’s work safety administration said on Monday, according to state news agency Xinhua.中国中央政府将此次爆炸归咎于人为失误据官方通讯社新华社报道,中国国家安监总局一名负责人周一表示,“这是一起十分严重的责任事故”A damaged pipeline leaked crude oil into city storm sewers in the early hours of Friday morning. Two massive explosions ripped through city streets hours later, while workers were attempting to repair the leak and contain oil sping from the drainage outlets into the bay.上周五凌晨时分,一条破裂的输油管线导致原油泄漏,流入城市雨水排放管道几个小时后,正当工人们试图修补裂缝并围堵从排水口流入海湾的原油时,两起巨大的爆炸震荡了该市的大街小巷Yang Dongliang, director of the state administration of work safety and head of an investigation team the accident, said the poor planning and supervision, and “unprofessional handling of oil leakage bee the blasts”, contributed to the tragedy.中国国家安监总局局长、此次事故调查组组长杨栋梁表示,规划布置不合理、疏于管理、“泄漏后的应急处置不当”,才造成了这次群死群伤Mr Yang made the remarks at a meeting of the investigation team the accident, which also left nine missing and 6 injured, according to state television.杨栋梁说:“这次事故损失惨重,暴露出的突出问题是,输油管道与城市排水管网规划布置不合理;对输油管道疏于管理,造成原油泄漏”“The serious damage in this incident has highlighted major problems, including the location of the pipelines and the sewerage grid and the negligent maintenance of the oil pipeline that caused the oil leak,’’ Mr Yang said.杨栋梁表示:“泄漏后的应急处置不当,未规定采取设置警戒区、封闭道路、通知疏散人员等预防性措施这是一起十分严重的责任事故”“There was an inadequate response after the leak was found. They did not seal off the area and evacuate people. This is a serious lapse of responsibility,’’ Mr Yang said.上周日,中石化董事长傅成玉在中石化官方微上发布的一则声明中,为事故造成的生命财产损失向“青岛人民和全国人民”道歉 68

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