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大理市妇幼保健院剖腹产怎么样With countless pregnancy apps, online community forums, and unsolicited opinions from your friends, figuring out the best diet to adhere to before, during, and after your pregnancy can be a bit overwhelming. While everyone#39;s individual dietary requirements and bodily needs varies — it#39;s always best to consult with your doctor — this is the best advice nutritionists have to offer.现在有太多的怀软件和在线社区论坛,朋友们又会主动给出建议,因此在找出怀前、怀中和怀后的最佳饮食方面,人们总会不知所措。虽然每个人的饮食和身体需求不尽相同——但最好的做法就是咨询医生——这也是营养学家给出的最佳建议。Take a Prenatal Vitamin Before You Even Start Trying to Become Pregnant在还未尝试怀前,可用前维他命;It#39;s important for women to start taking a prenatal vitamin before they even start trying to become pregnant,; says Sarah-Jane Bedwell, host of Cooking With Sarah-Jane. ;You#39;ll want to have plenty of the key nutrients, such as folic acid, iron, and calcium that the baby will need for healthy development — starting at conception.;“对于女性来说,在还未尝试怀前就用前维他命是十分重要的,”《与萨拉#8226;简一起烹饪》的节目主持人萨拉#8226;简#8226;贝德维尔说道。“从受开始,你就会需要很多的关键营养素,比如叶酸、铁元素和身体健康必需的钙元素。”Don#39;t Make Any Massive Changes to Your Regular Diet不要对日常饮食做出太大改动;Now is not the time to try a drastic diet change and become a vegan,; warns Lisa DeFazio, author of The Women#39;s Health Big Book of Smoothies and Soups. ;Yes, a vegan diet can be healthy, but it takes knowledge and discipline to do it right. Don#39;t start experimenting now; your growing baby needs all the nutrition it can get right now.; It#39;s also normal to crave more meat when you#39;re pregnant (pregnant women require more iron and protein), so you may find it particularly hard to subdue such impulses for steak, chicken, and other meat.“现在并不是尝试大幅度饮食变化、成为素食主义者的时刻,”《奶昔和汤女性健康之书》的作者丽莎#8226;德法西奥警告道。“是的,纯素饮食十分健康,但是有了了解和自觉才能确保你做的正确。可千万别现在试验,现在你肚子里的宝宝可是需要营养才能长大的。”怀时更想吃肉也是正常的(妇需要更多的铁和蛋白质),所以你会发现自己很难抑制对牛排、鸡肉和其它肉类的渴望。Load Up On Foods Rich In Folic Acid多吃富含叶酸的食物;[This nutrient is] critical to the development of the baby#39;s brain and spinal cord. Intake of folicacid prevents Neural Tube Defects (NTD) like spinal bifida,; says Rebecca Lewis, nutritionist for Hello Fresh. Seek out foods like dark leafy greens (like spinach, kale, and swiss chard), citrus fruits, beets, and avocados, and shoot to get 400 micrograms daily.“(这一营养素)对婴儿的大脑和脊髓发育至关重要。摄入叶酸会预防脊柱裂等神经管缺陷,” Hello Fresh的营养学家丽贝卡#8226;路易斯说道。可以多吃深色绿叶食物(比如菠菜、羽衣甘蓝和瑞士甜菜)、柑橘类水果、甜菜、牛油果和幼芽,确保每天要摄入400微克。You Probably Don#39;t Need As Many Calories As You Think可能你需要的卡路里并不如你以为的那么多;In fact, no extra calories are required during the first trimester. Only 340 extra calories are needed in the second trimester and 450 during the third trimester, as compared to normal intake,; says Julieanna Hever, author of The Vegiterranean Diet. What#39;s more? ;Excessive weight gain during pregnancy leads to gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and delivery complications,; says DeFazio. If you#39;re constantly feeling hungry, talk to your doctor or nutritionist about the best strategies to alter your diet during pregnancy.“事实上,怀头三个月根本就不需要额外增加卡路里。与正常摄入量相比,妊娠中期只需要增加340卡,最后三个月只需要增加450卡,”《素食者的饮食》作者朱莉安娜#8226;希弗(Julieanna Hever)说道。还有什么呢?“期增重过多会导致妊娠糖尿病、高血压和分娩并发症,”德法西奥说道。如果你总是很饿,那就找自己的医生或营养师谈谈吧,共拟出最好的方案来改变期饮食。译文属 /201612/484496大理剖腹产哪家好 Seoul#39;s city government is asking people for help to correct poorly translated street signs - with prizes on offer for those who spot the most errors.首尔市政府请大家帮忙改正翻译不当的街道标志牌,并为那些指出最多错误的人颁发奖金。It#39;s running a two-week campaign calling on Koreans and foreigners alike to keep their eyes peeled for mistakes in English, Japanese and Chinese text, the Korea Times reports. There#39;s a particular focus on public transport signs, maps and information signs at historic sites, as part of a drive to improve the experience of foreign tourists in the South Korean capital. Anyone spotting a confusing or incorrect translation is being asked to snap a photo and report the details via email.据《韩国时报》报道,这次活动号召韩国人和外国人共同关注英语、日语以及中文文本上的错误内容,为期两周。此次活动着重关注位于历史名胜处的公共交通标志、地图以及信息牌,同时,为了改善外国游客在韩国首都的旅游体验,该活动也从一定程度上成为改进的驱动力。无论什么人发现令人困惑或错误的翻译,都被要求拍下照片并通过邮件汇报错误细节。As an added incentive, the government is stumping up 1.6m won (,430; £1,100) in gift vouchers, with the top error-spotter getting an ;award of excellence; and a 200,000 won voucher (0; £140).为了进一步激励大家,政府会提供价值1430美元的礼券作为活动奖金,其中发现最多错误的人会获得“优秀奖”以及价值180美元的礼券。At the central library of a first-rate university in Korea, one can find an awkward stipulation at the entrance: “You can possess writing tackles, books, laptop and the bag which one side size maximum 22cm.” The sign probably means: “You can bring into the library writing utensils, books, laptops and bags which do not exceed 22 centimeters in size.”在韩国一所一流大学的中央图书馆的入口处,大家会发现一项令人尴尬的规定:“你可以持有一边尺寸不超过22厘米的书写用具、书籍、笔记本电脑和背包。”这块指示牌可能是想表达这样的意思,“你可以把尺寸不超过22厘米的文具、书籍、笔记本电脑和书包带进图书馆。”English translations on the of Korean restaurants are much worse. The popular Korean dish, “seafood and green onion pancake (haemool pajeon)” is not safe from Konglish either: one calls the pancake a “marine products green onion pancake.” Another dish called “cocktail of pan-fried food (modeum pajeon)” should simply be translated to, “assorted seafood and green onion pancake.”韩餐厅菜单上的英语翻译错的更离谱。在韩国备受欢迎的菜肴“海鲜葱煎饼”也没有逃脱韩式英语的迫害,有一份菜单称其为“海产洋葱煎饼”。还有一道被称为“锅贴冷盘”的菜肴,其实应该翻译为“什锦海鲜葱煎饼”。Perhaps one of the funniest translations is “mountain not yet the pebble pot boiled rice with assorted mixtures (sanchae dolsot bibimbab),” which should be “assorted mountain vegetables and rice mixed in a hot pot.”最搞笑的翻译之一可能就是这个“山还没有-卵石锅-用杂菜煮米(什么鬼?)”,这道菜应译为“山菜石锅拌饭”。There are funny Konglish translations of items other than food, too. For example, when someone vomits, Koreans say, “He is overeating,” confusing vomiting with overeating. During sports games, Koreans cheer their team on by shouting, “Fighting!” when native speakers of English would holler, “Go team, go!”除了食品,其他物品的韩式英语翻译也很搞笑。例如,当某个人呕吐的时候,韩国人会说,“他吃多了”,他们把呕吐和暴饮暴食混淆了。在体育比赛中,韩国人为队伍加油的时候会喊,“Fighting!(去战斗吧!)”,而英国本地人会喊,“Go team, go!(大家加油!)”While Seoul is trying to adopt more visitor-friendly signage, its own tourism campaigns have run into language troubles in the past. Last year, ;I.Seoul.U; was chosen as a slogan to promote the city internationally, and was promptly mocked for making little sense in English.虽然首尔在试着采用更适合游客的标志牌,但是其先前的旅游宣传活动却遇到了语言问题。去年,“I.Seoul.U(我·首尔·你)”被选为推动城市国际化的标语,然而,立马有人嘲笑这个标语在英语里是毫无道理可言的。The slogan will replace ;Hi Seoul;. Even before the vote, many people raised concerns that ;I.Seoul.U; doesn#39;t make much sense in English, with some calling it ;Konglish; - the Korean practice of adopting English words in a way that English speakers often cannot understand. ;这个标语将替代“你好,首尔”。实际上,在投票之前,许多人就担心“我·首尔·你”在英语里毫无道理可言,一些人称其为“韩式英语”,也就是韩国人使用的英语,但从某种程度上,讲英语的人常常理解不了。 /201609/468679南涧县流产哪家医院最好的

大理妇保医院可以做人流吗Versions of Game游戏的种类China has two versions of game played with the kicking shuttlecock. The original one, called KAI MO IN in Canton, is still played by children andyoung people who can make their own shuttlecocks. But for those who do not wish to go to that trouble there is more than one version of kicking shuttlecock on sale in the shops.中国有两个版本的踢毽子游戏。最初的那个,在广州被称为鸡毛毽,会做鸡毛毽儿童和青少年仍然在玩。但是,对于那些不想麻烦的人可以去商店有买各种各样的踢毽子。Then there is a modern version called simply “SHUTTLECOCK”,a game which utilizes a net to separate opposing teams and is essentially a sport for the super fit athlete.再有就是一个现代版本,简称为“羽毛球”,一个利用网分离对立的团队的游戏,本质上是一种超级适合运动员的运动。The sport has a governing body which lays down stringent rules for playing the game, including the use of yellow and red cards to indicate infringement of the rules.这项运动有一个管理机构,制定了严格的玩游戏规则,包括使用红黄牌表示侵权的规则。 /201612/483087 I have visited plenty of self improvement blogs and inspirational blogs these past few months and most of them all tell you that you need to wake up and state positive affirmations. When you wake up, you need to think that something great is going to happen today, and that you are going to have a great day. This positive energy is supposed to attract more positivity throughout your day.在最近几个月我访问了不少有关自我提升和自我激励的客。其中大部分都是告诉你要清醒并保持乐观积极的状态。在你醒来的时候,你需要想着美好的事情即将发生,这将会让你拥有非常棒的一天。正能量会在这一天中贯穿累积。So this morning I woke up and decided to give it a whirl. The sun was shining bright through my bedroom window blinds, and it immediately gave me this warm feeling inside.所以今天一早我醒来就想着照着客内容试试吧。从窗帘后面透进来的阳光明媚耀眼,让我即刻感到这中间的暖意。I thought to myself, ;today is going to be a great day. One of the best days ever!;.我想着,今天一定会好,它将会是迄今为止最好的一天。I got out of bed, took my morning shower and began to get dressed. I put on a pair of dress pants I have not warn in a while, followed by my dress shirt and that is when it began.我从床上起来,洗了个澡,然后开始穿衣。我穿上了一条西装裤,没有在意里面有什么,接着穿上了衬衫,发现有点不对劲了。I reached into my left pocket and pulled out what felt like some paper.我摸到左边的裤子口袋,拿出了类似纸张的东西。You know that feeling of finding a bill in your pants and it feels like free money? Because you forgot all about it and assumed you never did?你了解那种从裤子口袋里面找到20美金的感觉么?因为完全忘了就感觉从来就不是你的。I pulled out a 0 bill and a bill in the same pocket. Yes, 0 to start off my day that I forgot I had. It was one of the best feelings and I#39;m sure if someone could have seen the smile on my face they would have understood.在同一个口袋中我拿出了一张100美金和一张50美金。这种感觉不能更好了,如果你能看到我此刻脸上的笑容你就会了解那种感觉。I literally yelled in joy, with my poor puppy looking at me like I was crazy!我忘乎所以的大笑起来,我可怜的小就这么看着我的疯样。Moral of the story, start your morning off thinking you are going to have the best day ever and you just might! I wonder what will happen next :)这个故事告诉你,暗示自己今天会是最棒的一天,那就会如你所愿。我期待着接着将会发生什么:) /201704/504263大理东方妇科医院不孕不育多少钱大理腋臭手术哪里做好



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