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上饶韩美整形美容医院去痣怎么样上饶假体隆鼻术哪家好Yes,I suppose.Thats what I did.我想是吧 那就是我做过的事I was on the verge of curing cancer when I said oh,jokes.Thats where its at.我差点治愈了癌症 结果我说 笑话 这才是流行的No,its,its funny.because I have a lot of young people over the years have come up to me and said,不 这很有意思 因为这些年有很多年轻人来找我 对我说I want to do what youre doing,so Im studying communications in college.我想当主持人 所以我在大学里学传媒I always tell them,I have to break the news to them,I studied American history and literature.我总是告诉他们 我得告诉他们这个坏消息 我学的是美国历史和文学I studied literature of the American south.I studied,you know,I studied all kinds of interesting,我学的是美国南方的文学 我学的很多有趣的things that were interesting to me at the time,urban planning.I took a course in urban planning.Just interested in it.那时候对我来说有趣的东西 城市我上过城市规划的课 我对这很感兴趣And I thought that would help inform me.Everything you need to know about show business,我觉得那帮助我成型了 你需要对演艺界了解的一切事情you can figure out,right Andy,in about 20 minutes of watching ;Password;.你都能看20分钟的《密码》 然后统统搞清楚 对吧 安迪Thats true of a lot of jobs.People are so drum beat of skills base learning and job training,对于很多工作来说是这样 人们现在急于学习基础技能 进行职业训练Its not turning people into engineers,because engineering is hard.这没让人们成为工程师 因为工程学很难And you either have the aptitude for science or you dont.你要么有科学天资 要么没有What its doing is making people take a lot of majors that sound like theyre directing you to a job.这种观点让人们选择了很多看起来像是能帮你找到工作的专业Like you know,business studies and media arts and communication sciences.比如商业研究 传媒艺术和通信科学And I think that people really should take real subject like English and history and math,whatever it is,learn the substance of all of that.我觉得人们该上真正的课程 比如英语 历史 数学 不管是什么 学习那一切的实质Learn how to learn.Learn how to write.Learn how to .Learn how to follow your curiosity.学习如何学习 如何写作 如何阅读 如何遵循自己的好奇心And then go out and work.You can figure out the rest.然后去找工作 然后你就能弄明白剩下的事了Working it not that hard.It takes hard work but its not like rocket science.Right,right.Unless you want to be a rocket scientist.工作没那么难 需要努力 但这并不复杂 不是火箭科学 是啊 除非你想成为火箭专家201609/465761上饶祛疤最好的医院 上饶韩美整形美容医院祛疤痕好吗

上饶万年县治疗咖啡斑价格婺源县去粉刺多少钱 But also how does he know its your shoes?Its ridiculous.他要怎么知道那是你的鞋啊 简直荒唐Look at the shoe.You know whose shoe that is?That makes no sense.看这只鞋 知道这是谁的鞋吗 根本没道理Ok,you have such hard-core fans.Your show has such hard-core fans,你有很铁杆的粉丝 聚集也有很多铁杆粉丝You probably have to be careful about spoilers.There must be some that want spoilers.你可能得小心不剧透吧 肯定有人想听剧透There must be some desperately afraid youre going to tell them a spoiler when they dont want to hear it.也有很不想听剧透的 不希望你说剧透的The show is based on these amazing book by George Martin so we have the fans that have the books and theyre very protective about it.因为剧集是改编自乔治·马丁的书 有些粉丝读过原著 对此很有保护欲And they also like to know more than anyone else.他们想知道更多I did the thing with spoilers,because were not allowed to say anything,of course.I would never say anything.有次我剧透 我们是不许剧透的 我也不会说But sometimes its fun to just tease them a little bit.And I was in Stockholm.但有时候逗逗他们也挺好玩的 我在斯德哥尔And I was doing this thing,this press for HBO Nordic as its called there.我当时在为HBO做宣传And at the end of this interview I was in this hotel room and I saw this stuffed animal,a duck.在酒店接受一个采访 到最后我看到一只鸭子毛绒玩具And I pulled it up and I said oh,this is just a little spoiler for the book ers.我给拿起来 我说 这是给原著党的小小剧透This duck,think about it.And then,I forgot about it.这只鸭子 想想看 然后 我给这事忘了A friend called me whats that thing about a duck?It was online.有个朋友打电话问我 那个鸭子什么意思啊 已经传到网上了Then it went online and those like all of these,you know debating it and these guys saying,I know exactly what that is.Thats awesome!我上网一看 大家各种议论 有些人说 我知道什么意思 太赞了But you completely random?It was,You could pick up a carrot and go,look for this.你其实就乱说的 就是 你当时就算拿根胡萝卜也可以那么说And they would be like I know what that means.Exactly.Thats so mean.No.也会有人说 我知道是什么意思 是啊 你坏死了 不是201608/459534上饶县脂肪移植隆胸费用

上饶韩美整形美容医院垫高鼻梁怎么样Sarah H ask, ;Besides president election,Whats something else that only happens every four years.萨拉问 ;除了总统选举 ;还有什么是每四年一次;A Barbra Streisand farewell concert tour.Helen S asked, ;I know picture is the same as thousand words,芭芭拉·史翠珊的巡回告别演唱会 海伦问 ;我知道图画里包含了千言万语What else is as thousand words.;A Matthew Mcconaughey voice mail message.还有什么包含千言万语 马修·麦康纳的语音信息I can just go solve all of these.But I mean look at how many there are.我可以解决全部问题 但是这里太多了I mean this is all questions. For just.But I cant. I dont have time.这里是全部的问题 但是不能全部回答 因为时间有限Um...Well be back.Owl, an owl.Would you like getting scared? - I dont like scary movies.稍后回来 猫头鹰 猫头鹰 你喜欢受到惊吓吗 -我不喜欢恐怖电影But would you like getting scared?But I like being...Okay, you all know my app ;heads up;. Right?但是你喜欢受到惊吓吗 但是我喜欢 你们都知道我的应用;你划我猜; 是吗Everybody knows ;heads up;.Well, I play it with a lot of my guests.每个人都知道;你划我猜; 我跟好多嘉宾都玩过But I realize Ive never played with my audience.但是我发现我没有跟观众玩过So Im gonna do something that Has never attempted in the history of television.所以我要跟观众玩 这是这档节目有史以来的第一次Im gonna play with all of you.Its me and all of you.At the same time.我要跟你们所有人一起玩 我和你们 同时一起玩 /201511/411879 Divorce离婚Work to rule依法力争England becomes a slightly worse place for idle ex-wives英格兰不再是那些懒散前妻们的理想之地ENGLAND has long been the jurisdiction of choice for wives who have the luxury of being able to choose where they divorce. English law (Scotland is different) tries to balance lifelong need and fairness. The poorer partner—typically a wife bringing up children—can expect housing and many years of income, especially if she has sacrificed her career for the marriage.英格兰一直以来都是妻子们垂青的辖区,因为她们有可选择在何处离婚的特权。英国法律(和苏格兰法律不同)试图平衡终身需求与公平。夫妻中较为贫穷的一方(尤其是带着孩子的母亲)有希望得到住宿问题的解决和多年的收入,特别是那些为了婚姻牺牲事业的女性。A court ruling on February 23rd has nonetheless continued a recent trend of tilting the balance a little towards husbands. Tracey Wright objected to her ex-husbands bid to cut her 75,000 (6,000) annual maintenance, awarded after an 11-year marriage failed in 2008. She argued that she was too busy with the two children (one at boarding school, the other, aged ten, at home) even to look for work. She lost, on appeal. Lord Justice Pitchford said Mr Wrights payments should taper off as he neared retirement and that his ex-wife should get a job.但是2月23日法院判决近期这种平衡要略微要丈夫一方倾斜。特雷西·怀特反对她前夫请求减少每年给她的75000英镑(约合116000美元),这是自她于2008年结束了11年的婚姻之后的赡养费。她声称因为太忙于照顾两个孩子(一个在寄宿学校,另一个年仅十岁,留在家中)甚至无暇顾及工作。她为此上诉却败诉了。上诉法院法官皮特福德称怀特先生因为快要退休,所以赡养费应该减少,而他的前妻则应该自己找一份工作。The ruling is a legal landmark chiefly because it sets out a mothers duty at least to have to seek a job as her children grow older. As David Hodson, a specialist lawyer, notes, that principle has long applied to poor women when it comes to claiming welfare benefits. But an ex-wife will still be able to argue that no suitable work is available for her and that she needs her ex-husbands help in order to keep up her own and her childrens living standards. Such arguments would cut little ice in most other countries.这项规定是法律上的里程碑,主要是因为它制定了母亲的责任,至少是她们在孩子长大一些后自己找到一份工作。一位专业律师戴维·霍德森提到,规则一直以来都是在贫穷妇女声讨生活福利之时体现其效力。但是某位前妻仍能打着没有合适工作的旗号,借此向前夫她索要赡养费以保她和孩子们的生活水平。这种理由在大多数其他国家都不起什么作用。The ruling will not dent Londons attraction as a global centre for divorce. English divorce law, with its bespoke solutions reached after costly legal wrangling, is also likely to remain a luxury service, out of reach to all but the very rich.这一规定仍不会削弱伦敦作为全球离婚中心的吸引力。伴着高昂的法律纠纷费用之后的定制解决方案,英国的离婚法律同样很可能成为一项奢侈务,非富贵之人不可承受。译者:邵夏沁 校对:张娣 译文属译生译世 /201503/363338婺源县妇幼保健人民中医院瘦腿针多少钱上饶地区人民医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱



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