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上饶激光去疤价格上饶哪家医院治去脸部伤疤This man who leads Europe#39;s fight against cybercrime believes so.这位领导欧洲抵抗网络犯罪的人认同这个说法The Tor network plays a role because it hides criminals.洋葱网络很重要的原因是它能隐藏犯罪I know it was not the intention,虽然我知道这并不是它的本意but that#39;s the outcome and this is my job,但是事已至此 而我的工作to tell the society what is the trade-offs here.是告诉社会这其中的权衡By having no possibilities to penetrate this,在不可能渗透其中的情况下we will then secure criminals这将会保护犯罪分子that they can continue their crimes on a global network.如此一来他们就能在全球网络中继续实施犯罪And despite the success over Silk Road and others,尽管在打击丝绸之路和其他网站上取得了成功he is worried for the future.但他仍然为未来担忧Our detection rate is dropping. It#39;s very simple.我们的侦测率在下降 原因很简单The business model of the criminal犯罪的运营模式is to make profit with low risk是以低风险获取利益and, here, you actually eliminate the risk而在这里 风险基本为零because there is no risk to get identified因为没有被识别身份的风险so either you have to screw up因此除非你搞砸了or be very unlucky as somebody rats you out.或者不幸被别人出卖了Otherwise, you#39;re secure.否则你是很安全的So, if you run a tight operation,因此 如果你进行严格的操作it#39;s very, very difficult for the police to penetrate警察是难以发现你的so it#39;s risk-free crime.因此犯罪是无风险的So, does the anonymity offered by the Tor network那么洋葱网络提供的匿名encourage crime or simply displace it?是鼓励犯罪还是单单取代了它重点解释:1.play a role 起作用;扮演角色例句:In a way they played a vanguard role.在某种意义上说,他们起了先锋的作用。2.make profits 获利例句:The man privately admits that his motive is to make profit.那人私下承认他的动机是为了谋利。3.screw up 拧紧例句:No one sets out to screw up their life! 谁都不会成心破坏自己的生活。 Article/201704/502840上饶横峰县隆胸多少钱 English 900 英语九百句(英音版) 课 文 Book 1 第一册 [1] Greetings 问候语 1. Hello.你好! 2. Good morning.早晨好! 3. I’m John Smith.我是约翰、史密斯。 4. Are you Bill Jones?你是比尔、琼斯吗? 5. Yes,I am.是的,我是。 6. How are you?你好吗? 7. Fine,thanks.很好,谢谢。 8. How is Helen?海伦好吗? 9. She’s very well,thank you. 她很好,谢谢您。 10. Good afternoon,Mr. Green.午安,格林先生。 11. Good evening,Mrs. Brown.晚上好,布朗夫人。 12. How are you this evening?今晚上您好吗? 13. Good night,John.晚安,约翰。 14. Good-bye,Bill.再见,比尔。 15. See you tomorrow.明天见。 [2] Classroom expressions 课堂用语 16. Come in,please. 请进! 17. Sit down. 坐下! 18. Stand up,please. 请站起来。 19. Open your book,please. 请把书打开。 20. Close your book,please. 请把书合上。 21. Don’t open your book. 别打开书。 22. Do you understand?你明白了吗? 23. Yes,I understand. 是的,我明白了。 24. No,I don’t understand. 不,我不明白。 25. Listen and repeat. 先听,然后再重复一遍。 26. Now ,please. 现在请大家读。 27. That’s fine. 好得很。 28. It’s time to begin. 到开始的时候了。 29. Let’s begin now. 现在让我们开始。 30. This is Lesson One. 这是第一课。 [3] Identifying objects 辨别物品 31. What’s this? 这是什么? 32. That’s a book. 那是一本书。 33. Is this your book? 这是你的书吗? 34. No,that’s not my book. 不,那不是我的书。 35. Whose book is this? 这是谁的书? 36. That’s your book. 那是你的书。 37. And what’s that? 还有那是什么? 38. Is that a book? 那是一本书吗? 39. No,it isn’t. 不,不是。 40. It’s a pencil. 那是一枝铅笔。 41. Is it yours? 它是你的吗? 42. Yes,it’s mine. 是,是我的。 43. Where’s the door? 门在哪儿? 44. There it is. 门在那儿。 45. Is this book his? 这本书是他的吗? [4] Identifying objects.辨别物品 46. What are these? 这些是什么? 47. Those are books. 那些是书。 48. Where are the books? 那些书在哪儿? 49. There they are. 在那儿。 50. These are my pencils. 这些是我的铅笔。 51. Where are your pens? 你的那些钢笔在哪儿? 52. They’re over there. 在那里。 53. Are these your pens? 这些是你的钢笔吗? 54. Yes,they are. 是我的。 55. Those are mine. 那些是我的。 56. These are your books,aren’t they? 这些书是你的,对不对? 57. No,they aren’t. 不,不是。 58. They’re not mine. 不是我的。 59. These are mine,and those are yours. 这些是我的,而那些是你的。 60. Those aren’t your pens,are they? 那些钢笔不是你的,对吧? [5] Identifying people by occupation 辨别身份 61. Who are you? 你是谁? 62. I’m a student. 我是学生。 63. Who is that over there? 那边那个人是谁? 64. He’s a student,too. 他也是学生。 65. Is that lady a student? 那位女士是学生吗? 66. No,she isn’t. 不,她不是。 67. Those men aren’t students,either. 那些人也不是学生。 68. Am I your teacher? 我是你们的教员吗? 69. Yes,you are. 是的,你是。 70. That man is a teacher,isn’t he? 那个人是位教员,对不对? 71. Yes,he is. 是的,他是。 72. Who are those people? 那些人是谁? 73. Maybe they’re farmers. 他们可能是农民。 74. Aren’t they students? 他们不是学生吗? 75. I really don’t know. 我真的不知道。 [6] Introductions and courtesies 介绍和礼节 76. What’s your name? 你叫什么名字? 77. My name is Jones. 我姓琼斯。 78. What’s your first name? 你的名字叫什么? 79. My first name is Bill. 我的名字叫比尔。 80. How do you spell your last name? 你的姓怎么拼法? 81. Jones. J-O-N-E-S. 琼斯,J-O-N-E-S。 82. What’s your friend’s name? 你的朋友叫什么名字? 83. His name is John Smith. 他叫约翰、史密斯。 84. John and I are old friends. 我和约翰是老朋友了。 85. Are you John’s brother? 你是约翰的兄弟吗? 86. No, I’m not. 不,我不是。 87. This is Mr. Jones. 这是琼斯先生。 88. How do you do? 你好! 89. Mrs.Jones,this is Mr. John Smith. 琼斯夫人,这是约翰、史密斯先生。 90. Very please to meet you. 见到您很高兴。 [7] Days and months of the calenday 年历的周日和月份 91. What day is today? 今天是星期几? 92. Today is Monday. 今天是星期一。 93. What day was yesterday? 昨天是星期几? 94. Yesterday was Sunday. 昨天是星期日。 95. What day is tomorrow? 明天是星期几? 96. What month is this? 现在是几月份? 97. This is January. 现在是一月份。 98. Last month was December,wasn’t it ? 上个月是十二月,对不对? 99. Yes,it was. 是,是十二月份。 100. What month is next month? 下个月是几月份? 101. I was in the hospital for several weeks. 我在医院里住了几个星期了。 102. Where were you on Tuesday? 星期二你在哪里? 103. You were here in February,weren’t you? 二月份你曾在这里,对不对? 104. No,I wasn’t . 不,我没有在这里。 105. Your friend was here a week ago,wasn’t he? 一个星期前,你的朋友曾在这里,是不是? [8] Talking about objects 谈论事物 106. Do you have a book? 你有一本书吗? 107. Yes,I do. 是的,我有。 108. You have a radio,don’t you? 你有一台收音机,对吗? 109. No,I don’t . 不,我没有。 110. I don’t have a phonograph,either. 我也没有留声机。 111. Dees this radio belong to you? 这台收音机是你的吗? 112. Yes,I think it does. 是的,我认为它是我的。 113. How many sisters and brothers do you have? 你有几个姊和兄弟? 114. Don’t you have my hat? 你没拿我的帽子吧? 115. Yes,I have both your hat and your coat. 不,你的帽子和大衣都在我这里。 116. Does John have a yellow pencil? 约翰有一黄铅笔吗? 117. Yes,he does. 是的,他有。 118. He has a radio,doesn’t he? 他有一台收音机,对不对? 119. No,he doesn’t have one. 不,他没有。 120. He aly has a phonograph,but he doesn’t have a radio yet. 他已经有一架留声机,但是他还没有收音机。 [9] Telling time 述说时间 121. What time is it? 几点钟了? 122. It’s two o’clock. 两点钟。 123. It’s a few minutes after two. 两点过几分。 124. My watch is fast and your watch Is slow. 我的表快,而你的表慢。 125. Excuse me.Can you tell me the correct time? 对不起,你能告诉我一下准确的时间吗? 126. No,I can’t . 不,我不能。 127. I don’t know what time it is. 我不知道现在几点钟。 128. I don’t think it’s four o’clock yet. 我认为现在还不到四点。 129. It must be about three thirty. 现在想必是三点三十分左右。 130. I get up before six o’clock every day. 每天我六点前起床。 131. The restaurant doesn’t open until seven forty-five. 饭馆要到七点四十五分才开门。 132. Will you be here at ten o’clock tomorrow? 请你明天十点到这里,行吗? 133. Yes,I will. 行。 134. We’ll be on time,won’t we? 我们将按时到,是吗??nbsp; 135. I hope so. 我希望如此。 [10] Talking about dates 谈论日期 136. What’s the date today? 今天是几号? 137. Today is November first,nineteen sixty-three. 今天是一九六三年十一月一号。 138. When were you born? 你是什么时候出生的? 139. I was born on November first,nineteen thirty-five. 我是一九迦?晔?辉乱蝗粘錾?摹?nbsp; 140. Today is my birthday. 今天是我的生日。 141. My sister was born in nineteen thirty-eight. 我的是一九三八年出生的。 142. I don’t know the exact date. 我不知道确切的日子。 143. Where were you born? 你出生在什么地方? 144. I was born in a little town not far from here. 我出生在离这儿不远的小城市里。 145. What do you know about the tenth century? 有关十世纪的事你知道些什么? 146. I don’t know anything about that. 关于那个我什么都不知道。 147. Let’s talk about something else. 让我们谈点别的什么吧。 148. Where were you during the month of April last year? 去年四月份你在哪里? 149. I don’t remember where I was then. 我不记得那时我在哪里。 150. Where will you be nest year at this time? 明年这个时候你将在哪里?  /200604/6093上饶市南昌大学医院激光祛斑多少钱

上饶医学整形美容整形美容中心This is a compact apartment.这是间麻雀虽小,五脏俱全的公寓。compact这里指空间不大但功能齐全。compact也指小型的,紧密的。 a compact disc一张光盘。 /200802/27258鄱阳县opt嫩肤多少钱 At least 18 people have been killed after the driver of the bus they were travelling in lost control of his vehicle.巴士司机失去对车辆的控制,至少造成18人遇难。Investigators say it hit a barrier, overturned and fell down a ravine at Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.调查人员称在巴西圣保罗州,巴士撞到障碍物翻入山沟。This police officer says It’s a war zone down there, The bus lost control on a curve. It’s too early to say if it was a mechanical failure or excessive speed.这名警官表示,现在那里是一个战区,巴士在拐弯处失控。现在还不能说是机械故障还是超速行驶。Fifteen people were killed instantly, including the bus driver. Firefighters say three injured passengers died in hospital. The victims are mostly students.十五人当场死亡,包括汽车司机。消防队员称三名受伤乘客在医院死亡。受害者大多是学生。Road collisions are common in Brazil. They cause about 43,000 deaths a year.巴西的交通事故很常见。每年夺去约43,000人的生命。译文属。 /201606/448487上饶隆鼻价格多少

上饶市第二人民医院激光祛斑手术多少钱栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201610/464460 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/466623上饶横峰县治疗痘痘多少钱上饶第五人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱



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