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You and this entire society are useless in this country.You are archaic.And youre a fool to think that you can break away from us merely because you choose to.你们团体的做法在这个国家行不通,你们太古板了。你只是一个自以为能够和我们抗争的傻瓜。To prove Bruce Lee was wrong, he was a fake and a fraud,the Chinese traditionalists sent somebody over to fight him.为了明李小龙只是一个骗子,当地的中国保守派派了一些人去和他约战The Chinese sent someone to shut down the school.Shut down or throw down, and of cause Bruce chose throw down.他们派人踢馆。自己关门不然我们帮你,布鲁斯当然迎战。The fight was to be held at Bruces school.If Bruce lost the fight,he would have to stop teaching non-Chinese people.那场约战在布鲁斯的武馆举行。如果布鲁斯输了,他就不能再教外国学生武术。Anything that forces you to review your dogmas,most people dont respond too well to it.对于迫使你改变想法的外力,大多数人都只是采取逆来顺受的态度,I was there, eight months pregnant with Brandon,and these elders arrived from San Francisco,led by Wong Jack Man,who was going to be the opponent in this challenge.They came and they had this big match.I didnt have a shred of a doubt about how this would come out.当时我也在场,怀布兰登已有8个月了。这些人由黄泽民领头,从旧金山一路赶来,而黄则是他这次约战中的对手,然后就举行了这场重要的比赛。我毫不担心这场比赛的结果。Wong Jack Man started to run around the room trying to get away from Bruce,and it took three minutes for Bruce to get him down on the ground and say, ;Do you give up?;黄泽民开始绕着房间跑动以避开布鲁斯的攻击,布鲁斯花了三分钟将其击倒在地,并质问他 ;不;?。So Wong Jack Man and those people all left.And I remember so clearly in my minds eye Bruce sitting on the steps in the back of the studio with his head in his hands.And she said. ;Whats the matter?;后来黄泽民带着这帮人离开了,而我清晰地记得布鲁斯坐在武馆后院的阶梯上,双手抱头.然后妈妈上去问他 ;怎么了;That was the fight that he realised the classical arts were not working for him.He should have put that guy down much sooner.。这场打斗之后他发现了经典武学的弊端,他本可以更快地击倒对手201311/264811。

Think your dad is one of a kind? Give him a gift that will make him wish every day was Fathers Day.认为你的父亲是独一无二的?那就给他一份独特的礼物,让他感觉每天都是父亲节!You Will Need你需要Scrapbook剪贴簿Photos照片Memorabilia大事记Cardstock卡片纸Accessories饰品Scissors剪刀Adhesive粘合剂Specialty pens专业笔Ribbon缎带Color copies (optional)色复印(可选)Page protectors (optional)页面保护(可选)Steps步骤Children under 10 should use safety scissors, and an adult should help older children.十岁以下儿童应该使用安全剪刀,较大的儿童也应该在成年人的帮助下进行。STEP 1 Choose an album1.选择相簿Pick a scrapbook to use for your fathers day album. Find one with your dads favorite colors and a blank cover you can decorate later.选择一本剪贴簿,用作父亲节相簿。选择父亲最喜欢的颜色和空白的封面,稍后你可以自己装饰。STEP 2 Go to the archives2.搜寻档案Collect photos and memorabilia associated with your father. Divide the items into themed categories to make a variety of unique pages.收集与父亲有关的照片和大事记。按照主题将这些物品分类,分别制作成独特的页面。Use color copies of photos if youre worried about ruining the originals.如果你担心损坏原件,可以把照片印。STEP 3 Stock up on stock3.囤积卡片Buy cardstock to use as frames for your pictures. Pick up a few different styles, so they pop against the pages.购买一些卡片纸,作为照片的框架。选择几种不同的风格,所以各个页面之间比较醒目。STEP 4 Accessorize4.装饰Find related accessories to add -- craft stores carry a wide variety of stickers, stamps, and 3-D decorations, many with fathers day themes.寻找相关的饰品——工艺品商店有许多不同种类的标签,印章,3-D装饰品,许多都有父亲节的主题相关。STEP 5 Make the album5.制作相簿Assemble your pages by cutting, pasting, and matting your items. Use acid-free, waterproof, and fade-proof pens to write messages and add details for your father on each page of the memory album.通过剪切,粘贴等把所有物品集成册。使用无酸,防水,不褪色的笔在纪念册的每一页书写信息,添加细节。Use page protectors to preserve your scrapbook over time.使用页面保护装置来保护剪贴簿,使其保存更长时间。STEP 6 Decorate the cover6.装饰封面Write a title on the cover of your memory album and decorate it using a particularly meaningful or funny photo. Then tie a ribbon around the album, give it to your dad, and bask in his adoration.在纪念簿封面书写标题,用有着特别意义或者有趣的照片来装饰。然后在相簿上绑一条缎带,送给父亲,享受他的爱不释手吧。In 2007, a 90-year-old man from India fathered his 21st child.2007年,来自印度的一名90岁男子成为第21个孩子的父亲。视频听力由。 /201406/304826。

谁都想第一个拥有它。美国达人秀明星登场的一个广告。广告创意不错,表现手法也极尽夸张搞笑之能事,飞行器、外星人、绳索吊威亚等各种笑料层出不穷。 以下是中英对照:Jerry Seinfeld: I want it, I would love to have the first one.杰瑞·宋飞:我想要这个,并且很乐意成为拥有它的第一个人。(杰瑞·宋飞,美国著名喜剧演员,其代表作品《宋飞正传》)Car Salesman:I’m sorry, Mr. Seinfeld, youre number 2 on the list.导购员:不好意思,宋飞先生,您只能当名单上的第二位。Jerry Seinfeld: Whose number 1?杰瑞·宋飞:谁的数字是1号?Car Salesman:That guy.导购员:那位。Jerry Seinfeld: OK. So youre number 1?杰瑞·宋飞:好吧,所以你是1号?Guy: Ya.男人:是。Jerry Seinfeld: How would you like to be number 20?杰瑞·宋飞:你觉得当第20号怎么样?Jerry Seinfeld: I’ll throw in the Soup Nazi.杰瑞·宋飞:我要扔进汤纳粹。Soup Nazi: Soup for you.汤纳粹:你的汤。Jerry Seinfeld: I don’t know all the characters.杰瑞·宋飞:我不了解所有性格。Jerry Seinfeld: Last living Munchkin.杰瑞·宋飞:仅剩的仍活着的小矮人。Guy: I thought he past away.男人:我以为他死了。Jerry Seinfeld: I found another one.杰瑞·宋飞:我又找了一个。Jerry Seinfeld: Dancing holographic monkey?杰瑞·宋飞:要不要全息的会跳舞的猴子?Guy: I have one.男人:我也有。Jerry Seinfeld: I’ll make small talk with the omelet guy for you.杰瑞·宋飞:我要为了你跟蛋卷男沟通一下。Jerry Seinfeld: Do you ever take an egg home with you? Is your head that shape underneath the hat? Do you ever feel bad coming out of the toilet and coming right back to work here. Nobody knows it, you do.杰瑞·宋飞:你有没有带一个蛋回家过?你的头是照着你帽子的形状长的的吗?Jerry Seinfeld: Anybody like dirty limericks?杰瑞·宋飞:有喜欢打油诗的没?Elder Woman: Yams?年长女:地瓜?Jerry Seinfeld: Nobody wants any yams sweetheart, beat it, I’m trying to get a role going.杰瑞·宋飞:没人想要地瓜,亲,我只是想来个角色扮演。Jerry Seinfeld: I’ll re-cap last weeks episode of Jersey Gang Land for you with sock puppets. (Manicotti) is dead I am the elder one now!杰瑞·宋飞:我将用手偶给大家重现一遍上周泽西港地中的片段给大家看看。Manicotti死了现在我是老版的他!Wife: Is he still here?夫人:他还在这吗?Guy: Yes.男人:是的。Guy: Oh—– (bad smell)男人:哦——(什么难闻的味道)Jerry Seinfeld: That’s a bad idea.杰瑞·宋飞:那想法不好。Jerry Seinfeld: How about a new boat?杰瑞·宋飞:一个新大衣怎么样?Jerry Seinfeld amp; Guy: Whooooooooa!杰瑞·宋飞和男人:哇——!Jerry Seinfeld: Final offer! For the record I don’t think I like you as quite much as I did in the beginning.杰瑞·宋飞:最后争取一次!经过前几次之后我发现我不像最开始那么喜欢你了。Guy: I’m listening.男人:我听着呢。Jerry Seinfeld: Access to my personal network of Manhattan zip-lines.杰瑞·宋飞:连上我个人的曼哈顿链条网。Guy: Wow! Impressive! You got the first Acura NSX.男人:哇!不是吧!你竟然有第一个讴歌NSX。Jay Leno: How about a jet-pack flying squirrel suit New York to L.A. in 20 minutes.杰·雷诺:来一趟20分钟从纽约到洛杉矶的喷气飞鼠飞行怎么样?(杰·雷诺,美国脱口秀主持人)Guy: Sorry Jerry.男人:对不起杰瑞。Jay Leno amp; Guy:Ha ha ha ha ha! (laughs)杰·雷诺和男人:哈哈哈哈哈!Jerry Seinfeld: (holds fist)杰瑞·宋飞:(握拳)Alien: Leno!外星人:雷诺!Jerry Seinfeld: Alright, can we talk about something else.杰瑞·宋飞:够了,我们能唠点儿别的不。201405/298868。


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!What is the southernmost U.S. state? If you think you know it, shout it out. 美国最南端是哪里?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Louisiana, Hawaii, Texas or Florida? Youve got 3 seconds, go. 是在路易斯安那州、夏威夷、得克萨斯还是佛罗里达?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!At around 21 degrees north latitude, Honolulu, Hawaii is farther south than Key West, Florida. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.在北纬21度,夏威夷的火奴鲁鲁比佛罗里达的基维斯特( Key West)还要南边得多。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Hawaiis big island is even farther south than the capital in Honolulu, and its Mount Kilauea, one of the most active volcanic masses on earth, is threatening to destroy a village named Pahoa. 夏威夷最大的岛还在首府火奴鲁鲁更南边的地方,地球上最活跃的基拉韦厄火山就在那里,它有可能毁掉一座名为Pahoa的小镇。Its a natural disaster in slow motion. 这是一场慢动作的自然灾害。A lava flow with heat so high, it melts rock. 高温熔岩流动着,融化了石头。It was just feet away from homes when we produced this show. 这就发生在离我们录制节目不远的地方。Humans havent had great success in stopping lava flows. 人们在阻止熔岩流动上没有取得很大的成功。The thing thats most effective, when the volcano stops erupting.这是火山停止爆发之后最需要做的事情。 /201411/340453。

Over the past few days, large parts of northern China have experienced a sharp fall in temperature.在过去的几天,华北大部分地区都经历了一次大降温。As a new wave of cold air hit Northeast Chinas Jilin Province, residents saw the biggest drop this autumn, with some areas falling more than 10 degrees Celsius. Health officials are warning people to keep warm.随着新一轮寒流对中国东北吉林省的袭击,居民们在这个秋天经受了最剧烈的降温天气,部分地区降温达10摄氏度。卫生局提醒人们要做好保暖。In Liaoning Province, heavy rains and strong winds have battered the area since Monday morning, prompting authorities to issue a storm alert. The rains helped bring temperatures in the provincial capital Shenyang down to 18 degrees from a high of 25.辽宁省从周一早上开始,便迎来了暴雨和大风天气,致使当局发布了暴雨警报。暴雨天气使得省会沈阳的气温从25度降至18摄氏度。Further west, residents in Chinas Gansu Province have aly brought out their autumn clothes as temperatures dropped 6 degrees Celsius since this week. The sudden drop was also seen in North Chinas Shandong Province. Temperatures dropped to 16 degrees Celsius in the city of Zibo and is expected to fall to 10 degrees by Wednesday.自本周开始,西北部的甘肃省气温下降达6摄氏度,当地居民已经拿出了秋冬衣物以应对气温变化。山东省也同样出现了剧烈降温天气。淄市气温降至16摄氏度并预计在周三降至10摄氏度。201309/258000。

If youre off to travel in the US -- might want to consider the next list: the top ten most dangerous cities in the US last year -- as reported by the Washington-based CQ Press.如果你要去美国旅行,或许下一个黑名单是你应该考虑:美国最危险的10个城市。The list was generated from FBI data and rated cities on six crime categories, including murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft.这份名单来自FBI的数据库,该名单将这10个城市按照6类犯罪行为进行分类,包括谋杀,强奸,抢劫,故意伤害,偷盗以及机动车盗窃。The top 10 most dangerous cities, in descending order, are Camden, Flint, Detroit, Oakland, St. Louis, Cleveland, Gary, Newark, Bridgeport and Birmingham. In those cities, economic growth is hampered by safety problems, which need financial resources to be solved.这10个最危险的城市按危险程度由高到低排列依次是,康登,弗林特,底特律,奥克兰,圣路易斯,克利夫兰,加里,纽瓦克市,布里奇波特,伯明翰。在这些城市,经济增长因安全问题受到阻碍。201402/274778。

The alleyways of the capitals ancient hutongs are home to a very different kind of creature.北京古老胡同的小巷是很多不同生物的家园。Each day Zhou Guoguang tends his brood of pigeons, his chance to escape the pressures of city life for an hour or two.每天,周国光都要照料他那一窝鸽子,这一两个小时他可以远离城市生活的压力。Up here on the rooftops, Zhou is confident his charges will be safe.在屋顶上,周国光相信他的鸽子能够被安全地照料。But in the streets below lurk dangerous spirits that scavenge and steal.但鸽子要是在下边的街上觅食,就潜藏着被偷偷带走的危险。Deeper into the hutongs, the influence of modern Beijing recedes. These alleys are full of ancient beliefs.胡同的深处极少受到现代北京的影响,那些巷子充满了古老的传说。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 重点讲解:1. be home to栖息之地;家园;eg. They are home to the critically endangered snow leopard.这片地区是濒临灭绝的雪豹的栖息地。eg. The jungle is home to a tiger and a lion.丛林是老虎和狮子的家。2. be full of有大量…的;满是…的;eg. No matter where you go in life or how old you get, theres always something new to learn about. After all, life is full of surprises. 不管你生活在哪里,你有多少岁,总有新东西要学习,毕竟,生活总是充满惊喜。eg. Jem was full of beans after a long sleep. 杰姆好好睡了一觉之后又变得精力充沛了。 /201408/324787。