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永丰县人民中医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱At five years old, she is unlikely to have her own career anytime soon.贝克汉姆家的小七今年5岁,短时间内不可能拥有自己的事业But that has not stopped Harper Beckham becoming a trademark.但这并不妨碍哈珀?贝克汉姆成为一个商标According to intellectual property office records, Victoria Beckham has registered her daughter name use in a range of branded products, including make-up, toys and clothing.根据英国知识产权局的记录,维多利亚?贝克汉姆已经将女儿的名字注册为商标,用于化妆品、玩具以及装等一系列品牌产品The Harper Beckham trademark has also been registered use in the entertainment industry should Harper wish to replicate her mother career as a pop star.这一商标也被注册用于产业,那么哈珀将来或许可以复制妈妈的流行歌手之路Mrs Beckham has also signed up the names of sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz to the UK Intellectual Property Office and the EU-wide office.贝嫂还在英国知识产权局及欧盟公司登记了儿子布鲁克林、罗密欧以及克鲁兹的名字It means the children are now officially part of Brand Beckham - David Beckham registered his name in 00 while Victoria trademarked her name in . Last night, an intellectual property expert said it was unprecedented to trademark a five-year-old.也就是说,贝克汉姆的孩子们如今都是“贝克汉姆”品牌的组成部分贝克汉姆曾于00年以自己的名字注册了商标,贝嫂也在年以自己的名字注册了商标日晚,一位知识产权专家对此表示,用一个5岁孩子的名字做商标,这还是前所未有的事情Oliver Bray, a partner at international law firm RPC, said the move was usually reserved those who were aly celebrities.奥利弗?布雷是国际律师事务所RPC的合伙人,他说,这种行为大多是为明星准备的It normally happens when your career is getting going and a lawyer says, ;Let get some protection in place;, he said. As opposed to the future-proofing which is what Victoria Beckham has done with her children.“这种事通常发生在你的事业蒸蒸日上的时候律师会建议你适时采取一些保护措施而维多利亚提前把这些事做了”In order to give you more levers to control your image, a trademark is an obvious place to go and it might be that society is driving the Beckhams to use these levers to protect their children in this more manipulative world in which we live.“想要获得更多维护形象的砝码,商标是个不错的选择在当下这个尔虞我诈的世界,可能正是社会环境驱使贝克汉姆家族通过这些手段来保护自己的孩子”But from another point of view, you could call it savvy and looking to the future. “但是从另一个角度来看,你可以称之为精明或者有远见”Mrs Beckham has registered her children trademarks covering six classes of products and a class ‘entertainment services’ should they wish to go into showbusiness.贝嫂已经用孩子们的名字注册了六类产品,以及一类“务”,这样如果他们想要进入圈也没有问题The trademarks cover brands of cosmetics such as perfume, lip gloss and even anti-wrinkle creams, as well as books, umbrellas, music, clothing and children dolls.注册商标覆盖的产品包括香水、唇膏乃至抗皱面霜等化妆品,以及书籍、雨伞、音乐、饰和洋娃娃In 00, the mer England captain registered David Beckham as a trademark, while Victoria Beckham was trademarked in as the mer Spice Girl embarked on a solo music career.00年,贝克汉姆以自己的名字注册商标,而年,从辣组合开始单飞活动的维多利亚也为自己的名字注册商标In recent years, the couple, worth around £500 million, have allowed their children to capitalise on the Beckham brand.贝克汉姆夫妇的身价约为5亿英镑(约合3亿元人民币)近年来,他们让孩子们利用贝克汉姆这个品牌Brooklyn, their eldest child, is managed by his father agent Simon Oliveira and has done a number of lucrative modelling shoots.长子布鲁克林由贝克汉姆的经纪人西蒙?奥利维拉负责,已经接拍了一些报酬丰厚的模特大片In , his younger brother Romeo fronted Burberry Christmas campaign having first started modelling the luxury fashion house at the age of .年,年仅岁的二弟罗密欧在奢侈时尚品牌巴宝莉的圣诞节宣传活动中首次担任模特Last year, the youngest brother Cruz launched his pop career with the release of a charity Christmas single.去年,年纪最小的克鲁兹也开启了流行音乐生涯,推出自己的圣诞节公益单曲Brand expert Nigel Currie said the decision to trademark the children names was a wise move.品牌专家奈杰尔?克里表示,用孩子的名字注册商标是一个明智之举He said: Obviously the Beckham name is worth something and they dont want someone trading off it and using it to create their own brand.他说:“很显然,贝克汉姆这个名字是很有价值的,而且他们也不想有人利用他们的名字牟利,创立自己的品牌” 5577吉安市第一人民医院做红色胎记手术多少钱 Walt Disney has pulled Beauty and the Beast from cinemas in Malaysia in a stand-off with authorities that underlines how multinationals are increasingly coming into conflict with conservative hostility to homosexuality in Asia.在与马来西亚当局的一轮对峙中,沃尔特?迪士尼公司(Walt Disney)从该国电影院撤下了《美女与野兽(Beauty and the Beast)这一冲突凸显出跨国公司正越来越多地与亚洲保守的反同性恋态度发生冲突Malaysia’s film censorship board said the film had been approved following a cut to remove a so-called “gay moment”. However, Disney said in a statement that “the film has not been and will not be cut Malaysia.”马来西亚的电影审查委员会曾表示,在剪掉了所谓“同性恋片段”之后,该电影已获批上映然而,迪士尼却在一份声明中表示,“该电影未曾也不会为了马来西亚而加以剪辑”The decision to withdraw the film rather than submit to censorship comes amid a growing determination on the part of multinationals to resist illiberal rules in the markets in which they operate.迪士尼决定撤下电影而不是提交审查之际,越来越多的跨国公司决定对抗所运营市场中的偏执规定“They are showing that they believe in artistic integrity,” said Eugene Tan, associate professor at Singapore Management University. “They will know what the consequences are, and will have done their calculations.”新加坡管理大学(Singapore Management University)副教授陈庆文(Eugene Tan)表示:“它们是在明它们信仰艺术上的正直它们将深知这么做的后果,也已对此做过评估”The live-action adaptation of the 1991 animated musical is the first Disney film to feature a gay character. It includes a brief scene in which LeFou, played by Josh Gad, dances with another man.这部对1991年动画音乐片的真人版重拍片,是首部有男同性恋角色的迪斯尼电影片中出现了由乔什?盖德(Josh Gad)饰演的乐福(LeFou)与另外一名男子跳舞的短暂一幕The commercial consequences Disney will be slight, given the size of the Malaysian box office. However, the stand-off is the latest sign of mounting tension between Southeast Asia’s increasingly vocal gay commy and religious conservatives, with multinationals caught in the crossfire.考虑到马来西亚票房的规模,这一决定对迪士尼的商业影响不大不过,这次对峙是东南亚日益直言的同性恋社区与宗教保守主义者间越来越激化的紧张局面的最新表现,跨国公司也被置于风口浪尖Both Malaysia and Singapore ban sex between men and censor media content that portrays homosexuality in a positive light.马来西亚和新加坡两国均禁止男男性行为,并会审查正面描写同性性行为的媒体内容Beauty and the Beast has been approved release in Singapore but the city-state’s Anglican bishop warned clergy last week to alert congregations to its “homosexual content”.《美女与野兽在新加坡已被批准发行不过,新加坡圣公会主教曾在上周提醒神职人员,要他们就电影的“同性恋内容”警告信众“Disney films children’s entertainment are usually associated with wholesome, mainstream values,” Rennis Ponniah, bishop of Singapore, said in a statement. “But times are changing at a foundational level.”新加坡主教伦尼斯?庞尼亚(Rennis Ponniah)在一份声明中表示:“以儿童为主题的迪士尼电影通常都带有有益身心的主流价值观然而,时代已发生根本改变” 8360吉安哪里激光祛斑好

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