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吉安哪家医院脱毛好An apartment that is believed to be the most expensive one-bedroom property in the world is on sale in Tokyo with a price tag of a cool Y1.8 billion (pound;14.72 million).位于日本东京的一栋公寓以18亿日元(约合1472万英镑)的价格出售,成为世界上最昂贵的单卧室公寓。The House Minami-Azabu is sp over more than 4,430 square feet of a condominium building in the Minami-Azabu district of west Tokyo and is being sold by Japan Sotheby#39;s International Realty. The price means that 1 square foot of the property costs pound;3,320.33.这套豪华公寓坐落于东京都港区南麻布,占地约4430平方英尺,相当于每平方英尺售价3320.33英镑,目前正由日本苏富比国际地产公司挂牌出售。The owner of the penthouse apartment – whom Sotheby#39;s would only identify as a successful and married businessman – spent 18 months completely refurbishing the property from a four-bedroom family home.这栋豪华公寓的主人——苏富比公司只透露他是一名已婚成功商人——花了18个月时间把原先的家庭四居室翻新为现在的单卧室公寓。Stone and wood imported from Italy has been used for the walls, flooring and doors, a Japanese ;ryotei;-style dining room is designed specifically for dinner parties where the chef can serve guests directly from the kitchen.公寓内的墙壁、地板和门用的是意大利进口石材和木材;居室内专门为晚宴聚会设计了日式“料亭”风格餐厅,厨师可以直接从厨房给客人上菜。A separate ;casual; dining room has a Parisian-style terrace overlooking the neighbouring park. The bedroom includes an expansive walk-in closet, while the bathroom incorporates a hot-tub and a 60-inch television.另一个独立的休闲餐厅还带有一个巴黎风格的露台,可以俯瞰邻近的公园。卧室里有一个宽敞的走入式衣帽间,浴室里有热浴缸,还装有一台60英寸电视。The storage for shoes in the entrance has space to accommodate 200 pairs of shoes, but the focal point of the property is the courtyard with a surrounding lounge area where guests can ;enjoy the charming seasonal garden;.玄关处的鞋柜可容纳200双鞋。但该公寓的画龙点睛之笔还在于配有休息区的后花园,客人可以在那里“观赏四季迷人的花园”。;We have been quite surprised at the interest that has been shown in the property so far,; Mika Takemura, of Sotheby#39;s, told the reporters.苏富比员工米卡#8226;竹村告诉记者说:“到目前为止,已经有很多人表示对这套公寓有兴趣,十分出乎我们的意料。”;We did not think we would get many inquiries at that price or with only one bedroom, but there have been several couples who have inquired about it,; she said, adding that international businessmen who have to spend a couple of months in Tokyo every year have also expressed interest.她说:“我们起初认为人们会因这所公寓的昂贵价格或只有一间卧室而少有问津,但目前已经有好几对夫妇前来咨询了。”她还补充道每年都要在东京待几个月的跨国商人们也表示对这所公寓感兴趣。The company will not name the interested parties but Takemura said that they include ;famous people in the business world;.该公司并未透露有意向客户的身份,但竹村说其中不乏“商界名人”。The owner of the property is also selling off two more exclusive properties. A three-bedroom family home on the beach at Hayama, 90 minutes south of Tokyo and the summer residence of the Imperial Family, is on sale for Y1.3 billion (pound;10.63 million), while a vacation home in the mountain resort of Karuizawa is on the market for Y550 million (pound;4.5 million).这栋公寓的主人与此同时还在出售另外两套高级豪宅。一所三卧室住宅位于东京以南90分钟车程的叶山海滩,售价13亿日元(约合1063万英镑),该房屋是皇家的夏季住宅。另一栋是位于轻井泽山区的一处度假屋,市场价5.5亿日元(约合450万英镑)。 /201207/190736吉安市立医院去疤多少钱 导读:情人节就要到了,让情人节成为向心爱的人表达深深爱意的,有纪念意义的一天。Step 1: Brighten their day 制造个开心的一天Brighten their day with breakfast in bed. Make heart-shaped pancakes using a cookie cutter. For dessert, spell out a romantic message using candy pieces or sliced fruit.准备美味的早餐,让你的爱人在床边就能吃到早餐。用饼干成型切割刀做一个心形的煎饼。如果做甜点,要用糖果或切成薄片的水果拼出浪漫的句子(比如我爱你)。Step 2: Flirt with them和爱人调情Capture their heart by flirting with them in public. Compliment them on their hair, clothes, and the way they smell.在公众场所调情来俘获爱人的心。称赞爱人的头发,衣,和他们散发香味的方式。Tip:Always laugh at their jokes.爱人讲要笑话,你要笑。Step 3: Make their morning 过个快乐的早晨Make their morning by drawing a heart on a steamed mirror after a shower, or write a romantic message with lipstick.洗漱后在化妆镜上画一颗心或是用口红在镜子上写一些表达爱意的句子。Step 4: Meet for a rendezvous 来个秘密约会Keep love in the air by slipping them a note in their lunch pail, giving them a location to meet for a secret rendezvous.在他们的饭盒中塞一个写明秘密约会地点的纸条,来让爱涌动。Step 5: Hide love notes将表达爱意的纸条藏起来Put a smile on their face by hiding love notes in their coat pocket, car, briefcase, or under the cereal bowl. Everyone loves surprises.将表达爱意的纸条藏在衣兜里,车中,公文包里,或是饭碗下,来给他们制造个惊喜。每个人都喜欢惊喜。Tip:A canoe ride, horseback riding, and hiking are also exciting.独木舟旅行,骑马旅行或是徒步旅行都是令人兴奋的。Step 6: Write a poem 写一首诗Slip a poem or homemade card expressing your love under their pillow. Spend the day together enjoying each other#39;s company. Make it a day to remember ; and the first day in a year to remember.将写有诗的纸条或表达爱意的卡片藏在爱人的枕头下。一起度过情人节并享受彼此的陪伴。让情人节成为有纪念意义的一天;;一年中值得记忆的第一个节日。 /201202/170388江西省吉安保仕柏丽医院口腔美容中心

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