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导读:恋爱中的情侣恨不得每天都粘在一起,寒冷的时候有个怀抱,孤独的时候有个陪伴。虽然说,距离产生美,但对于异地恋情(long-distance relationship)而言,距离往往会成为一种考验。一首歌中曾唱道: “距离是一份考卷,测量相爱的誓言,最后会不会实现。” Long-distance relationships are becoming more common in China today, as transportation and communication becomes easier and faster. According to a recent survey carried out by China Youth Daily, 61.7 percent of 2,149 university-aged respondents said many of their friends or classmates in long-distance relationships planned to end them when they graduate, 32.7 percent said they had at least some friends in this situation and only 4.7 percent said they only knew a few people like that.随着交通设施和通讯手段变得更为便利快捷,异地恋在中国变得越来越普遍。《中国青年报》最近的一项调查显示,在2148名高校受访者中,有61.7%的人表示,身边很多同学或朋友都想一毕业就和异地恋人分手;32.7%的人表示身边有一些朋友是这种状况,而表示身边很少有人这样做的仅占4.7%。A "long-distance relationship investigation" by a newspaper in Nanjing reported that half the couples in such relationships are under the age of 30, and that most were in college or at the beginning stages of their career.南京某报纸曾展开一项“异地恋调查”,结果显示近半数的异地恋情侣年龄小于30岁,他们中大部分人正在读大学或刚刚参加工作。 The main reasons the couples were separated were overseas education (35 percent of respondents) and different job locations (43 percent of respondents).这些情侣之所以分隔两地,只要是因为海外求学(占受访者人数的35%)以及异地工作(占受访者人数的43%)。 /201007/109955

Whether it's curled up in the fetal position, flat on the stomach or stretched out across the bed, the way people sleep reveals their personality, a British sleep expert said.Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service and a visiting professor at the University of Surrey in southern England, has identified six common sleep positions and what they mean."We are all aware of our body language when we are awake but this is the first time we have been able to see what our subconscious says about us," he said.Crouched in the fetal position is the most popular sleep pattern and favored by 51 percent of women, according to the results of the study he conducted for a large hotel group.Fetal sleepers tend to be shy and sensitive while people who assume the soldier position, flat on their back with arms at their sides, are quiet and reserved.Sleeping on one's side with legs outstretched and arms down in what Idzikowski refers to as the log, indicates a social, easy-going personality. But if the arms are outstretched in the yearner position, the person tends to be more suspicious.The freefall, flat on the tummy with the hands at the sides of the head, is the most unusual position. Only 6.5 percent of people prefer it and they are usually brash and gregarious.Unassuming, good listeners usually adopt the starfish position--on the back with outstretched arms and legs.Idzikowski, who identified the positions by comparing personality traits of people, their preferred way of sleeping and the most common positions, said once a sleeping style is adopted it is rarely changed. /200812/59759

处女座( 8月23日~9月22日) 英文名:Virgo She is the only daughter of World Mother and the god of grain, bright goddess of spring. As long as she gently t where the blossoms are full of beautiful flowers.泊瑟芬是一个纯洁的女神。 Persephone is a pure goddess她是人间的大地之母、谷物之神狄蜜特的独生女儿,是春天的灿烂女神,只要她轻轻踏过的地方,都会开满娇艳欲滴的花朵。 One day, Persephone was picking flowers in the valley with her companions. She was surprised to find a silver narcissus which she could not help picking. At the moment she picked it, the narcissus became a handson man with purple eyes and dressed in black. The man showed a thrilling smile and said: "goddess, since you break the spell. I would fulfill my pledge to marry you!" Persephone was rolled by a powerful force before she got understood.有一天,泊瑟芬和同伴们在山谷中的草地上摘花,她惊奇的发现一朵银色的水仙,美的光照人。她渐渐远离了同伴,伸手去采摘那朵水仙。就在她摘下它的一瞬间,水仙化作一团紫色的烟雾,一股淡淡的阴间的香气弥漫开来。烟雾渐渐散去,眼前出现了一个一身黑色,有着紫色眼眸的俊逸非凡的男子。泊瑟芬惊的后退了一步。只见那男子嘴角边流露出一丝可怕的笑,说到:“女神,你破除咒语救了我,那就履行我的誓言嫁给我吧!”泊瑟芬还没有弄明白是怎么一回事,地上就裂开一道缝,一股强大的力量把她卷了进去。 Persephone cried for help. her mother abandoned everything and went to everywhere to look for her. then World became a big mess. the seed will not germinate, fertile land can not bear clusters of wheat, humanity faces a huge disaster. All this were soon passed to Zeus, he punished Haiti, who ciuld not fight against the magic of Zeus, but he was really in love with Persephone. he gave his aroma to Persephone and fell into sleep.泊瑟芬的呼救声回荡在山谷里,狄蜜特抛下手中的谷物,飞跃千山万水去寻找女儿。人间没有了大地之母,种子不再发芽,肥沃的土地结不出成串的麦穗,人类面临巨大的灾难。这一切很快传到了宙斯的耳中,他知道劫走泊瑟芬的是冥王海地士,便下令再一次诅咒他。海地士终究敌不过宙斯的法力,但他是真的爱着泊瑟芬。他知道自己马上就会再次陷入长长的昏睡,于是对泊瑟芬说:“我身上的香气应该属于人间,请你把它带走吧!”说完,海地士闭上眼睛,再也看不见心爱的春天女神泊瑟芬了。Persephone was rescued and sped the aroma of her flowers scattered on the earth. However, she can not forget Haiti. until winter, she finally went to Haiti to see him. At this time Haiti would miraculously wake up, until the spring. Year after year, this pure and beautiful maiden found that she was really in love with the ghost. 泊瑟芬从地府回到人间的时候正是春天,她把百花的香气撒在大地上,把灿烂的阳光带给每一个人。然而,她却忘不了在地府长眠的海地士,那双紫色的眸子在女神的心里挥之不去。夏天,女神疲惫的思念着;秋天,女神又沉甸甸的思念着。到了冬天,女神终于忍不住跑到了地府看望海地士。这时候海地士就会奇迹般的醒过来,等到春天泊瑟芬一离开他,他又陷入睡眠。年复一年,这个纯洁美丽的处女发现自己是真的爱上了阴郁的冥间幽灵。 Therefore, Zeus made them meet every quarter of the year. Since then, the earth frosted in winter. and it was the time Persephone met Haiti. Zeus was so impressed with their love, he added a constellation Virgo to memorizing this.于是宙斯便规定一年之中有四分之一的时候可以让他们相会。从此以后,大地结霜,寸草不生的冬天就是泊瑟芬到地府去见海地士的日子。宙斯感动于这份特别的爱情,将天上的一个星座封为处女座以纪念泊瑟芬为人间所做的一切。 /201101/123768

Financial crisis enters lexicon with "toxic debt"After impacting almost every aspect of people's lives, the global financial crisis has now made it into the lexicon, with Australia's prestigious Macquarie Dictionary picking "toxic debt" as its word of the year for 2008.The noun is one of several new words that will be used in the annual update of the dictionary's online version (www.macquariedictionary.com.au) and which include "flashpacker," a backpacker who travels in relative luxury, "bromance," or an intense but non-sexual relationship between two males, and "textaholic," or someone who sends too many mobile phone SMSes."Last year was full of environmental concerns, but the other big thing that happened to us all was the financial crisis, and that has fueled coinage of our word of the year," publisher Sue Butler told the reporters."Our words all come from things that preoccupy us all, and are also a sign of how English speaking countries are getting closer together, and the strong trend is from US English these days," she added.According to the dictionary, "toxic debt" refers to loans initially taken on as a legitimate business transaction, but which prove subsequently financially worthless, as the subprime loans which precipitated the global financial crisis.The word was picked by the "word of the year" committee, which includes university academia as well as renowned Australian poet Les Murray.The list of new words was also put up for a public vote, of which "flashpacker" was the winner.Honorable mentions also go to "guerilla gardener," a person who plants gardens in areas controlled by councils or other organizations but neglected by them, and "lawfare," or the use of international law by a country to attack or criticize another country, especially a superior military power, on moral grounds. /200902/61901

China went from famine to fat in a few short decades, until it reached that true pinnacle of economic prosperity: it is on a diet.  在短短几十年里,中国人经历了从饥饿到肥胖的转变。现在,中国人开始减肥了。  Sales of slimming products, from weight-loss teas to mung beans, are rising sharply, gyms open (and close) at lightning speed, and traditional Chinese hospitals report a rise in patients seeking acupuncture and fire-cupping treatments to help shed weight.  从减肥茶到绿豆,各种减肥产品的销量都在急速上升;健身中心正在以闪电般的速度开业(和关门);越来越多的人前往中医院,寻求用针灸和拔火罐的方法减轻体重。 /201007/110092

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