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福建第二人民医院妇科挂号泉州治疗宫颈糜烂专业医院本文选自《新飞跃比弗利,Harry Mills开着车,和他的妻子Celia Mills,孩子Annie,Dixon Mills聊着天欢迎朋友们来学习交流,希望大家喜欢Dixon: This sucks.Celia: Dixon, how about a new phrase, like "this bites" or "this blows"because you've been saying "this sucks" the last 1,800 miles.Dixon: Cause it sucks.Harry: Come on! This is gonna be fun. We got the weather. We got the palm trees, with the more palm trees. You know, this is gonna be fun. Dixon: Sucks, Bites, Blows.Harry: Guys. This is where we're, OK? Gramma needs us. She's getting older. It's family first. Besides, your mother and I have given up a lot this move, too.Annie: Really? Have you given up your boyfriend and the lead in a school play?Harry: As a matter of fact I have. He's heart-broken about it, and so am I.Annie: Such a dork. 重点讲解:1. palm tree 棕榈树. blow vt. 有很多意思,在这里指“搞砸,糟糕”例如:We've blown our chances of getting the contract. 我们失去了得到的那份合同的良机3. give up 放弃,抛弃,中止例如:The doctor told him to give up alcohol. 医生要他戒酒. As a matter of factin fact 事实上 在提供某种信息来强调已经说的某物(某事)时,可使用in fact和 as a matter of fact 例如:I don't like him, in fact, I hate him. 我并不喜欢他,事实上,我讨厌他汉语译文:Dixon: 糟透了Celia: Dixon,换个新词怎么样?比如说,“烦死了”或“烂死了”,我们开了1800英里而你一直在说糟透了Dixon: 因为确实很糟Harry: 拜托,会很有趣的我们有好天气,棕榈树和......更多的棕榈树,会很有趣的Dixon: 糟,烦,烂Harry: 孩子们,既来之则安之奶奶需要我们,她越来越老了家庭第一嘛而且,你们的妈妈和我也为此放弃了很多Annie: 真的吗?你也放弃了你的男朋友和校园剧社的主角了吗?Harry: 事实是,我放弃了他心碎了,我也是Annie: 你真是个呆子 8泉州市中医院门诊部 A male snow monkey has been observed attempting to have sex with female sika deer on Japan Yakushima Island, in an unusual example of interspecies mating behaviour.日前,日本久屋岛的一只公猕猴被发现试图与一只母鹿进行交配,这是一例罕见的异种交配行为It is only the second recorded example of sexual relations between two distantly related species.这是世界上第二次记录到两种远源物种交配的案例The latest paper, published in the journal Primates, describes how a low-ranking male monkey was observed repeatedly perming sexual mounts on at least two different female deer.刊登在《灵长类期刊上的最新相关论文,描述了一只低级别的公猕猴骑上两头母鹿重复进行交配动作One doe was seen to bolt and run off, but another female did not appear to object.可以看到一头母鹿闪开并逃走,但是另外一头母鹿并未抵抗Marie Pele, the lead author based at the University of Strasbourg in France, said: ;No ambiguity is possible, it is clearly sexual behaviour.;来自法国史特拉斯堡大学的第一作者玛丽·贝利表示:“这不可能有歧义,这是很明显的交配行为”The only previous reported case of sexual interactions between two distantly related species, was that of an Antarctic fur seal observed sexually harassing king penguins.在此之前唯一一次报道的远源杂交是一只南极海被发现试图强奸帝企鹅The scientists said that ;mate deprivation; was the most likely explanation the unusual behaviour, after also considering the possibility that the male was learning to copulate or had failed to recognise that the deer was a member of another species.科学家称,在考虑这只公猴正在学习交配行为、未能认出鹿是其他物种成员的可能性之后,“交配对象不足”是对此异常行为的最合理的解释 956石狮人民医院输卵管造影

泉州中心医院医生排名A professional streetballer from Serbia has heated things up a bit when he decided to set a basketball alight.一名来自塞尔维亚的职业街球运动员在决定点燃一颗篮球之后,让这件事火了起来Nemanja Blazic, better known as Tricky, from Kikinda, in Serbia, shares many of his stunts on his social media but this one went to a new level.来自塞尔维亚基金达的内曼贾·布拉奇克--以Tricky之名更为人所知--在他的社交媒体上分享了很多自己的特技表演,但是这次的这个上升到了一个新的层次After setting the ball alight Tricky still dribbled it around a court and even passed it through his legs bee shooting it in the net.在点燃篮球之后,Tricky仍然在一个球场周边运球,甚至在投篮之前还在胯下运球The uploaded last Tuesday called Handles on Fire, has had more than ,000 views on Tricky Facebook page.于上周二上传的这一名为《驾奴火球的视频,已经在Tricky的脸书上被观看超过100次了Tricky said: This was taken in my park in Kikinda, as Iam the best streetballer in Serbia.Tricky表示:“该视频是在基金达的公园内拍摄的,因为我是塞尔维亚最棒的街头篮球运动员”I always do this kind of things because I am so creative and I love to make some crazy s people especially the kids.“我经常做这类事情,因为我很有创意,很喜欢制作一些疯狂的视频供人们观看,尤其是给小孩子们” 863福建省泉州儿童医院电话 All aboard AllfinanzThe Germans coined the term Allfinanz,the marriage of banking with insurance and other services retail customers,yet their banks and insurers have lagged behind European rivals in putting it into effect.French banks, instance,sell 35% of France life insurance;German banks a puny 5%.But thanks to the ECingle market,Germany insurance market will be deregulated in 199.eign competition could then threaten the domestic cartels that dominate German insurance.That should ce German banks to catch up.Habit,law and the balance of power among financial institutions explain Germany backwardness.Bankers and insurance agents are not used to selling each other products.Savers usually buy insurance from agents tied to a single insurer,rather than from banks.The tax authorities encourage segregation by refusing to give tax breaks to types of insurance that mimic banking products.And some banks have been loth to start their own insurance operations lest they offend insurers,which are among their best customers.So most banks have sought to deliver Allfinanz through alliances,a strategy that entails modest costs but also produces modest returns.Allianz,Germany biggest insurer,co-operates in some areas with Dresdner Bank;in others with Bayerische Hypothekenbank or co-operative banks.Its alliances with Dresdner and Hypobank are cemented by shareholdings;its banking partners sell % of its life-insurance policies.Commerzbank owns 8% of its insurance policies.DBV and sells DM1 billion(0m) of DBV life insurance.Bolder approaches have not been particularly successful.AMB,Germany second-biggest insurer,plunged into Allfinanz by buying BFG,a mer trade-union bank.It lost more than DM750m on BFG bad loans,and the bank sold less insurance than AMB hoped.AMB has since sold BFG to a French bank(it is itself partyly-owned by a French insurer),though it continues to market insurance through BFG branches.The deregulation of Germany insurance market in mid-199 will free prices and allow insurers to experiment with new products.That will drive banks and insurers closer together and may promote mergers and takovers among companies that now co-operate.One reason is that banks can sell standard life insurance more cheaply than insurers tied agents.As competition heats up,that price advantage will tell.A second reason,says Sven-Michael Slottko,a mer head of Deutsche Bank life insurance operation,is that mere allies cannot invent true banking-insurance hybrids without squabbling over how to split the profits.Insurers require high commissions;banks live off sps.Only a combined Allfinanz group,says Mr Slottko,can sell an insurance policy that sacrifices commission a high sp.Deutsche Bank insurance venture may be a sign of things to come.Alone among big banks,Deutsche started its own company,DB Leben,in 1989.In 199 DB Leben sold DM7.billion worth of life insurance through Deutsche branches,putting it among Germany top life insurers.Despite this apparent success,Deutsche suddenly abandoned its go-it-alone strategy last year by buying 65% of Deutscher Herold,a medium-sized insurer.Deutsche has since transferred its insurance business to Herold and the insurance men who run it.Hilmar Kopper,Deutsche chairman,calls the purchase of Herold ;the most significant move we have made years.;Leaking at the seamsHAUNTED by catastrophes past,Lloyd of London faces a bleak future.Some wonder whether,in any recognisable m,by 00 it will even be there.This matters to more than just those smooth scions of the British upper class who work in this singular insurance market,or to those who pledge their wealth,as ;names;,to back the market underwriting syndicates.Though this collective of co-operatives pulls in only as much premium income as some of Britain big insurance companies,Lloyd is synonymous with British insurance.An enfeebled Lloyd would harm the City of London international standing.It was this thought that held the British government back from putting Lloyd firmly under its thumb during the fraud-ridden years of the late 1970s and early 1980s.The market has since done much to polish up its self-regulation,though it is still far from squeaky-clean.Today,however,the biggest problem that faces David Coleridge,who took over this month as chairman of Lloyd,is not one of scandal,but of profits.In the next couple of years these will prove unimly bad,underscoring the steady loss of competitiveness from which Lloyd has suffered recently.The market share of world premium income was .% in 1983,but is only half that today.The latest published figures Lloyd show £575m(0) of pre-tax profit in 1987(Lloyd syndicates close their s only after three years),down slightly on the record profits of 1986.That was bee a blast of natural and man-made catastrophes in 1988-90 sent insurance claims pouring into Lloyd:the fire on the Piper Alpha oil platm,the spillage from the Exxon Valdez,the San Francisco earthquake,Hurricane Hugo and a spate of European gales.Worse,these disasters coincided with falling premium rates in almost every one of the market businesses.Today Chatset,an independent consultancy,reckons Lloyd will post a meagre profit 1988 and a loss of more than £850m 1989,the first loss since 1967.Many of the 6,500 names would theree love to follow the 6,000 who have aly shaken the dust of Lloyd from their feet these past three years.Yet half the names could not leave even if they wanted to:they are locked into the 58, out of the total 01 Lloyd syndicates ,that have been unable to close one or more of their past annual s,so unquantifiable are the liabilities stacking up against them.Many of the resultant 9 ;open years; have to do with old American liabilities- asbestos-related risks, example,and pollution-whose scale was undreamt-of when the insurance(or,more usually,the reinsurance) policies were underwritten.The most notorious case concerns the 1,600 names on 31 Outhwaite syndicates.These face losses,mainly on asbestosis claims,of up to £1 billion;since Lloyd names have unlimited liability,many will be bankrupted.A case that looks set to rival Outhwaite in notoriety concerns two Feltrim syndicates,where at least £0m of losses are emerging on;excess-of-loss;insurance in 1987-89.Nor do the market commerical troubles end there.Other unsuspected;long-tail;claims are now hitting it,notably untold billions of coming dollars professional negligence.Most visible are the claims arising out of the gross mismanagement during the 1980s of America saving-and-loan institutions.Open years are proving to be open wounds Lloyd. 7泉州清宫多少钱一次

泉州市第二人民医院院长 5. Closing Your Eyes Boosts Your Recall Ability5.闭上双眼,找寻逝去的记忆We often close our eyes when deep in thought or when trying to recall a piece of inmation, and science suggests this act might actually make it easier to successfully remember an idea.当你陷入沉思或是回忆某些事时通常会下意识地闭上眼睛,科学表明此种行为事实上可以更容易地帮助你回忆A study conducted by researchers at the University of Surrey found that asking a participant to close his or her eyes helped him or her recall correctly 3% more of the questions asked. The research was actually comprised of two distinct studies, and each study showed that the act of closing one eyes was key to helping the brain recall an idea or answer a question. The first study required participants to watch a movie and recall distinct visual details from the movie, such as the writing on a vehicle. The second study went a step further and asked participants to recall things like dialogue and other auditory details.英国萨里大学的研究人员做过这样一个研究,这项研究由两个不同的研究项目组成,这两项目都表明,闭上眼睛能很有效地帮助大脑回忆或回答问题第一项研究要求受试者观看电影,并回忆起电影中不同的视觉细节,例如在汽车上写作的镜头;第二项研究更进一步地要求受试者回忆诸如影片中的对话及其他听觉细节研究表明,闭上双眼后测得的记忆能力提高了3%In addition to asking some participants to close their eyes when attempting to remember certain details of what they had seen or heard, they also asked participants to build a ;rapport; during the experiment. Interestingly, building rapport seemed to increase the success even more of a person ability to recall certain details. The study was published in the journal ;Legal and Criminological Psychology.; Given the study results, it would seem police officers investigating a crime could glean more inmation from a witness by building a rapport with the person and then asking them to close their eyes during questioning. Not surprisingly, the technique could also come in handy the general public in attempting to remember specific details from a past experience.此外,受试者们还被要求在实验过程中建立一个和谐关系,以积极配合的态度完成此项研究有趣的是,这种融洽的关系似乎更能提升一个人回忆细节的能力研究结果也于《法律和犯罪心理学上发表鉴于此,如果警方能与人建立一个融洽的关系,并要求人在盘问期间闭上眼睛,那么警方往往能搜集到更多的线索当然,这个方法也适用于普通百姓,可以帮助他们拨开过往云烟,找寻逝去的记忆. Micro-Cramming Could Create Permanent Memories.“重要的事情说三遍”A study in the ;Journal of Neuroscience; suggests rehearsing new memories just a few seconds could help transm them into permanent memories. The research, entitled ;Consolidation of Complex Events Via Reinstatement in Posterior Cingulate Cortex,; found that participants could more accurately recall an event if they rehearsed the memory quickly after first experiencing the event. The study asked participants to watch several clips and then asked participants to recall what they saw in the clips. Some participants were asked to recall details aloud, and others were asked to recall details silently while receiving an MRI scan. Participants who actively rehearsed the clips remembered far more details after a week than participants who didnt rehearse what they saw immediately after watching the s.《神经科学杂志中的一项名为“通过大脑后扣带回(扣带回是位于大脑内侧的一个解剖结构,是大脑边缘系统的一部分其功能牵涉情感、学习和记忆)的修复加强对复杂事件的”的研究表明,大脑在接收信息后的几秒内不断重复同一概念,有助于形成永久记忆研究人员给受试者播放了几段视频短片,看完之后即让受试者一边接受核磁共振成像扫描,一边回忆刚才的短片内容一部分人大声地说出回忆内容,另一部分人则静静地回忆一周后再次对他们的记忆内容做了测试,结果表明那些在看过视频后进行短暂回忆的人几乎记住了所有内容,而没有立即回忆的人则基本上遗忘殆尽The results of the study suggested that participants could remember a much greater level of detail whether they silently thought about what they just saw or whether they had a conversation aloud about the . Does this mean that you could study a test 0 seconds bee the start of it and expect to remember everything necessary to pass the exam?此项研究结果表明,受试者大脑在接收信息后是静静思考还是激烈讨论,决定了他们能记住多少东西这是否意味着考前四十秒的临时抱佛脚能帮助你记住所有的内容,然后顺利通过考试呢?Probably not, but if you spent more time during your study session going over an educational you just watched, it possible you could retain greater details about the when test day arrived. Like other studies about making memories, the technique of reviewing events a person just experienced could also help a witness recall specific events after seeing a crime take place.是,想!得!美!但如果能在复习期间仔细研究看过的教学视频,那倒是有可能记住很多内容,在考试时大展身手的这项研究成果还可以适用于事故或犯罪现场目击者,帮助他们准确回忆一些重要场面和细节3. Drink Coffee and Enhance Your Memory3. 喝咖啡有助于提高Research conducted at Johns Hopkins University suggests drinking coffee, brewing a cup of tea, or consuming caffeine in some way could enhance your memory. The team of scientists at the university found people could improve long-term memory about hours after consuming caffeine. In the study, the researchers compared memory strength between participants who were given a 0-milligram caffeine tablet and other participants who were given a placebo. Participants were not regular caffeine drinkers outside of their participation in the study. Researchers showed participants images and then asked them to come back the next day to see how many images they could recall. The researchers showed participants some images theyd aly seen, as well as new images and pictures that were just a little different.约翰斯·霍普金斯大学有项研究表明,喝咖啡、冲杯茶或以其他方式摄入咖啡因都可以提高摄入咖啡因后,人们往往有长达小时的记忆保鲜期研究人员针对那些不经常喝咖啡的人做了个实验:其中一部分人吞下了一颗含有0毫克咖啡因的药片(相当于一大杯咖啡的咖啡因含量);另一部分人吃下的是一片不含药理成分的安慰剂之后,研究人员给他们看了一堆图片,并在第二天让他们进行图片识别(其中一些图片选自于第一天看到的,另一些图片是新加入的,和先前的图片略有不同)The interesting part of the study is that it showed that caffeine drinkers could identify when images they were shown on the second day were similar but not exactly the same as the initial images showed to them. Specifically, this ability to engage in successful ;pattern separation; was a sign of better memory retention. Researchers at Johns Hopkins suggest previous studies were more simplistic than the Johns Hopkins study and their simplicity is why researchers observed no measurable improvement in memory with caffeine consumption. The government Food and Drug Administration suggests around 90% of people around the world use caffeine in some m, and about 80% of people consume caffeine in the ed States every single day. There a good chance you aly drink caffeine, so you might aly be enjoying the memory-boosting benefits of drinking that morning cup of coffee.有趣的是,研究表明,喝了咖啡的测试者能够辨认出图片中有些和第一天的某些图片很像,但又略有差异更确切地说,此种“模式分离”的能力正是好的表现霍普金斯大学的研究人员称以前的研究过于简单,这也是以前在咖啡因摄入领域毫无实质性进展的原因美国食品药品称世界上约90%的人以一些特定形式摄入咖啡因,约80%的美国人每天都摄入咖啡因好啦,放心吧,天天早起喝咖啡的你不用担心跟不上啦. Climbing a Tree Could Boost Your Memory and Cognitive Skills. 爬树可以提高你的和认知力A study conducted in at the University of Florida concluded that climbing a tree, as well as walking on a balance beam, could noticeably improve a person cognitive skills. In ;The Working Memory Benefits of Proprioceptively Demanding Training: A Pilot Study, ; researchers at the university Department of Psychology examined the working memory benefits of adults who engaged in demanding activities like climbing trees against other participants who engaged in calmer activities like yoga. Like other studies examining the benefit of exercise on the brain, researchers found that just a few hours of strenuous activities were enough to produce noticeable gains in memory. Study participants were well above the traditional age climbing trees and ranged from 18-years-old to 59-years-old.佛罗里达大学年一项研究表明,爬树、走平衡木可以大大提升一个人的认知能力“经自身严格训练后对工作记忆的好处”的试点研究中,该大学心理系的研究人员称:那些喜欢爬树等激烈运动的成年人比喜欢瑜伽等静态运动的人更好研究参与者年龄介于18至59岁之间,早已过了爬树闹腾的年纪了实验结果表明,只需几小时的激烈运动就能显著提升Proprioception, which is a person ability to know where his or her body is positioned and oriented, has aly been connected to memory. Researchers wanted to investigate this connection and see if activities, where a participant needed to remain aware of his or her posture, could increase the memory benefits. After a few hours of participating in activities like climbing trees and crossing a balance beam, researchers found that working memory capacity increased by a whopping 50% when participants were tested after two hours. The researchers concluded that participating in activities that required a person to think and which wouldnt allow someone to ;zone out; during the activity were excellent boosting memory. Reaching back into your childhood to participate in time-honored activities like climbing trees could very well give you a better memory.研究人员认为本体感受(Proprioception,是指人在不同的状态下感知身体各部位置的能力,例如,人在闭眼时仍能感知身体各部的位置)和存在着一定的关系,并想通过对其进一步的研究来探索那些需要时刻注意体位、姿势的激烈运动是否能提高研究人员让受试者进行了像爬树、走平衡木等克障碍的活动,两小时后进行工作检测,发现这些受试者的工作提高了50%!原来那些需要动脑、需要集中精力的活动是提升的利器倘若你在童年时期能多多参与这种很有年代感的活动,你的可能会更好哦!1. Writing It Down May Help You Remember It1. 好记心不如烂笔头In the digital era, it common people to go several days without using a pen or pencil, and we might be making things tougher on our brains by taking notes with a computer rather than with a pen and paper. Teachers have long advised their students to take notes during class, as well as during study sessions to improve knowledge on various subjects, but a recent study on writing called ;Handwriting versus Keyboard Writing: Effect on Word Recall; may prove what teachers have been saying decades. After examining the results of study participants writing in three different ways, researchers found that handwriting words led to stronger memories. The different ways participants were asked to record inmation included typing on a normal keyboard, using a virtual keyboard such as one on a tablet computer, and writing by hand.在数字化时代,几天不写字都是司空见惯的我们可以用电脑记笔记,而不是用笔记事老师早就说过,学生应在课上、研讨会上做笔记,扩大各科的知识面但近日有个叫“手写和键盘打字对的影响”的研究实了这么些年来老师苦口婆心的念叨是有道理的研究人员把受试者分成了三个小组,分别用键盘打字、用平板电脑上的虚拟键盘打字以及手写,结果表明手写组更胜一筹While the scientists who created the study couldnt pinpoint the reason the discrepancy in memory between keyboard typing and handwritten writing, they suggested it could have something to do with the split attention span required to type on a keyboard. A person must occasionally glance at a keyboard and then back to the screen when typing while a person using a pen and paper need only look at the paper while recording inmation by hand. Another hypothesis suggested by the researchers was that writers could create better visual memories by staring at recently handwritten words than they could words typed via a keyboard.虽然发起此项研究的科学家们尚且无法准确指出键盘打字和手写之间存在记忆差异的原因,但他们认为这可能和键盘输入时会分散注意力有关如果是键盘打字的话,就得在键盘和电脑屏幕之间游离;手写就不存在类似问题,在记录时只需看着纸就行另一个假设是书写过程会促进对文字的视觉识别,而这种感觉是打字者无法体会的Whatever the reason, you might want to pick up a pen and paper the next time you need to remember a phone number without having to look at the contacts in your phone.不管原因是啥,下次需要记电话号码时,你一定会自觉拿起纸和笔了吧?不必依赖你的手机通讯录啦!So, do you need to employ all of these techniques at once to create the perfect memory? Should you wake up with a cup of coffee, take a barefoot morning run, go write down a few things you want to remember, and adopt a heart-healthy Mediterranean diet? Is it necessary to start lifting weights, climbing trees, and engaging in self-actualization? Will these techniques truly give you a perfect memory? Can you become Dr. Spencer Reid from ;Criminal Minds; with an eidetic memory and an 180 IQ?想要一网打尽所有改善记忆的技巧吗?难道非得要每天清早一杯咖啡、赤足晨跑、记录每日事项,养成地中海饮食习惯来保养心脏?难道真的有必要开始举重、爬树、奋力实现自我吗?这些林林总总的手段,真的能带来完美的,让你和《犯罪心理里的斯潘塞·瑞德士一样,拥有超级精准的和180的超高智商吗?The Mayo Clinic reveals there no guarantee when it comes to memory loss and dementia but that engaging in memory-sharpening techniques can help, as well as knowing when to seek help from a doctor memory problems. Simply socializing regularly, getting organized, and getting enough sleep can have a positive impact on your memory, which means adding these scientific techniques improving your memory could be the icing on the cake when it comes to remembering the name of your new coworker, your significant other birthday, and exactly where you put your car keys.梅奥诊所相关人员指出,记忆减退或者痴呆症是毫无征兆的,但是这些加强记忆的技巧可以助你早日发现端倪,及时就医简化社交网络、生活作息规律、睡眠充足都能有助于提高,再加上这些科学技术那无疑是锦上添花,再也不用怕记不住新同事的名字、某某重要的生日、不用怕忘了车钥匙到底放哪儿了They were on your bedside table next to your smartphone, right? Or were they on the kitchen counter where you dropped them after bringing in the groceries last night? tunately, you dont have to be a savant, experience life-changing head trauma, or have a genius IQ to improve your memory. Trying out these scientific secrets to a perfect memory might be all you need to remember everything you want to remember.拥有这些技巧,你可以清晰地记得钥匙就在床头、手机边上,或者昨晚买了东西进来顺手扔在了厨房柜台上为提高,不用非得经历颅脑损伤之后才能改头换面、重拾记忆,也不用非得成为一个高智商的天才试试这十个能提高你的科学奥秘吧,说不定就能让你飞速提升了呢 55泉州做无痛人流打大概多少钱泉州妇幼保健医院公立还是私立




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