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万市镇中医医院门诊部怎么样富阳市第三人民医院B超导读:过去人们常常认为做梦会影响睡眠质量,从而使减弱而最新研究却显示,做梦可使人的增强,并帮助人们更好地解决问题科学家发现,人如果睡觉时梦境连连(dream-filled),那么醒后的记事能力和关联事物的能力都会显著增强People who enjoy a dream-filled sleep are significantly better at recalling inmation and making links between facts when they wake, scientists found.科学家发现,那些睡觉时梦境连连的人们,醒来时和关联事物的能力都会显著增强But recharging with a shallow nap offers no such mental boost, the research suggests.但同时该研究显示,如果仅仅是打个小盹,不会对脑力产生如此奇效The results of the study add to the growing body of evidence that Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is crucial to the brain’s ability to lay down and consolidate memories.此前不断有据表明,快速眼动睡眠对大脑巩固记忆的能力至关重要,而这一研究结果再次印了该说法 18富阳双腔减压无痛人流费用 Eating a fiber-heavy diet helped reduce people's risk of death from heart disease, infectious or respiratory disease, or any cause by %, according to a new study.   据美国科学家的一份最新研究称,每日饮食中摄入大量的膳食纤维有助于降低出现心脏病、传染病和呼吸系统疾病并导致死亡的风险近%   What's more, people who were in the highest fiber-intake group (9. g per day men and 5.8 g women) were also less likely to develop those diseases than people with the lowest levels of fiber consumption (.6 g per day men and .8 g women).   另外,膳食纤维摄入量高的人群(成人男性每日9.克,女性5.8克)与摄入量底的人群(成人男性每日.6克,女性.8克)相比,对于此类疾病更具免疫抵抗力   That's good motivation to adhere to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's updated Dietary Guidelines Americans (DGA), which called on Jan. 31 increased consumption of fiber through whole grains, enriched foods and fresh fruits and veggies. The DGA recommends g of dietary fiber per 1,000 calories per day — which totals about 5 g of fiber a day.   美国农业部也于上月底更新其健康饮食指南,并呼吁大家在饮食中增加全谷物的比重,DGA建议每天每吸收00卡的热量需对应吸收克的膳食纤维,约合每天5g   Dietary fiber is the edible part of a plant that is difficult to digest — found in wheat bran and green, leafy vegetables — and is known to improve health in a number of ways. It is thought to lower risks of heart disease, some cancers, diabetes and obesity, and it's known to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. According to background inmation in the study, published in Archives of Internal Medicine, it also binds to potential cancer-causing agents so the body can flush them out.   膳食纤维是作物中最难以消化的一部分,富含于小麦麦麸和绿叶蔬菜中,在提高健康水平方面的益处众所周知它有助于避免心脏病、一些癌症和糖尿病的发生,同时在减低胆固醇、血糖和血压方面也有显著的效果同时,膳食纤维还可抑制癌细胞的变异 59富阳做人流哪个医院会好点

富阳包皮手术过程Experts at cosmetics retailer Beauty Flash reveal how western beauty has changed with the times - and the icons who epitomised each look. From pencil-thin eyebrows to red lips and 70s disco culture, we reveal how beauty has evolved over the past century.化妆品零售商Beauty Flash的专家揭示了西方审美的变迁,并列出了最佳诠释每种妆容的偶像明星从细挑眉到大红唇再到上世纪70年代的迪斯科文化,我们将展示化妆审美的百年变迁19s世纪年代American ballroom dancing legend and actress Irene Castle (1893 - 1969) epitomised western beauty during the 19s. The Broadway star and all-round trendsetter helped popularise shorter skirts and loose, elasticised corsets and was credited with introducing American women to the bob at a time when makeup was becoming mainstream among everyday women.美国芭蕾舞传奇舞者、女演员艾琳?卡索尔(1893 - 1969)在世纪年代是西方美的代表这位百老汇明星在各方面都引领了潮流,是她让短裙、宽松有弹性的胸衣流行起来,是她让美国女性认识了波波头,也是在那个时候,女性日常化妆开始变得普遍19s世纪年代 Hollywood icon Clara Blow, who rose to stardom in silent films during the 19s, facial expressions were hugely important and her wide eyes and arched, heavily-pencilled eyebrows were vital helping to frame her face. Meanwhile, women post-war lifestyles had begun to celebrate individuality through fashion and makeup like never bee.对于在世纪年代成名的默片演员、好莱坞偶像明星克拉拉?布罗而言,面部表情极为重要,她那大大的眼睛和弯弯的、浓黑的眉毛对于塑造自己的面容至关重要与此同时,女性在一战后开始通过时尚和化妆来展现个性,这是以前从未有过的1930s世纪30年代Three-time Oscar nominee Joan Crawd (c. 19-1977) is synonymous with the Golden Age of Hollywood thanks, in part, to her striking beauty look which favoured dark eyebrows, thick clumpy eyelashes. She was also a pioneer of soft grey eyeshadow and heavily-lined lips三次获得奥斯卡奖提名的琼?克劳馥(约19-1977)和好莱坞黄金时代同名,其中一部分要归功于她的绝世美貌她偏好浓黑的眉毛和浓密的眼睫毛她还是淡灰色眼影和深唇线的妆容先驱190s世纪0年代Beauty supplies were scarce during wartime rationing which ced women to adopt a more neutral look, and Grace Kelly (199-198) understated elegance - even after she married into Monaco fabulously wealthy royal family - was a source of inspiration to women the world over.在二战定量配给时期,化妆品供应稀缺,迫使女性给自己画更中性化的妆容代表是格蕾丝?凯利(199-198)的低调优雅的妆容——即使在她嫁入富裕的纳哥王室之后,她的妆容依然很低调,她的风格启发影响了世界各地的女性1950s世纪50年代The 1950s saw the introduction of high-voltage glamour thanks to the dawn of colour cinema, with sirens like Marilyn Monroe (196-196) leading the way. The blonde sex symbol, with her impossibly long lashes and bright red pout, championed a flawless glamour not seen bee.世纪50年代迎来了女性魅力的大爆发,这要感谢色电影的出现,还有玛丽莲?梦露这样的美艳女星这位金发碧眼的性感女神凭借超长的眼睫毛和撅起的明艳红唇完美展现出前所未有的个人魅力1960s世纪60年代In the 1960s, vampy glamour made way a simpler, low-maintenance look. The emphasis was on dramatic eyes, with supermodel Twiggy (b. 199) showcasing thick, clumpy lashes and heavy liner along with her boyish pixie cut as women rights movements began to take off.世纪60年代,吸血鬼风格的魅惑红唇被简单、朴素的妆容替代重点在于修饰眼睛,超模崔姬(199年出生)的浓密眼睫毛、厚重的眼线和男孩般的小仙女发型就是代表,这个时候女权运动刚刚起步1970s世纪70年代The birth of disco in the 1970s gave rise to big hair, bright colours and glitter galore. Jerry Hall (b. 1956), who had graced more than 0 magazine covers by 1977, was the undisputed beauty icon of the decade thanks, in part, to her high-profile relationship with Mick Jagger.世纪70年代迪斯科的出现催生了爆炸头和五光十色亮闪闪的潮流在1977年前就已经登上超0本杂志封面的瑞莉?霍尔(1956年出生)是70年代无可争议的女神,这一部分也要归功于她和米克?贾格尔的高调恋情1980s世纪80年代Stars like Blondie Debbie Harry (b. 195) championed girl power during a time when women were gaining stronger roles in the world of work. Her choppy bold lips and colourful eyeshadow defined the edgy, rock n roll glamour.随着女性在世界职场的地位日益重要,金发女郎乐队的德比?哈利(出生于195年)等明星开始倡导女性力量她布满裂纹的醒目双唇和多的眼影诠释了前卫的摇滚风格的魅力1990s世纪90年代The so-called age of the supermodel during the 1990s saw catwalk queens like Kate Moss (b.197) taking centre stage. Thin eyebrows, smoky eyes and lip liner were once again the order of the day while grunge and goth culture also had their moment世纪90年代是所谓的“超模时代”,也是凯特?丝等T台女王主导舞台的日子细细的眉毛、烟熏眼妆、唇线又重新流行起来,垃圾摇滚和哥特文化也兴盛一时00s1世纪00年代Pop princesses like Britney Spears (b.1981) had their heyday in the early noughties, with glitter, shimmer and lip gloss contributing to their ultra-girly image - not to mention lashings of fake tan.像布兰妮这样的流行小天后(1981年出生)在本世纪00年代初红极一时,她们鲜活的少女脸庞加上亮闪闪的眼妆唇妆和美黑肤色,在当时迷倒一大片s1世纪年代Supermodel Cara Delevigne (b. 199) ultra bushy brows burst onto the scene in and have since amassed a cult following, inspiring thousands of women to channel fuller brows whether by tinting, pencilling or even tattooing them on. Meanwhile stars like Kim Kardashian have extolled the virtues of face contouring to give your face the illusion of more definition.自从年超模卡拉?迪瓦伊(199年出生)和她超浓密的眉毛被世人所认识后,她的裙下就聚集了一众粉丝,并启发数千女性将自己的眉毛变浓,或染眉或画眉甚至纹眉与此同时,金?卡戴珊等明星开始鼓吹轮廓塑造妆容,称其能将五官塑造得更为立体 6550杭州市富阳第三人民医院剖腹产需多少钱 常安镇中医院怎样

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