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What do you think of this one?你觉得这个怎样吗?Just as nice as the 70 other shirts, you have looked at. I#39;m hungry...Can we go to GrubHub now?和你看过的其他70个衬衫一样的漂亮。我饿了……我们现在可以去GrubHub(订餐搜索引擎公司)吗?There isn#39;t much different between regular shopping and online常规购物和网上购物之间没有太多不同 /201608/459247

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is giving Tesla until Aug. 26 to fully answer questions about the fatal crash of one of its 2015 Model S cars that was operating with its automated driving system activated.美国国家公路交通安全日前要求特斯拉在8月26日前回答关于2015款Model S自动驾驶车辆致死事故的所有问题。The agency said it is examining the performance of the automatic emergency braking system used by Tesla that is designed to prevent collisions such as the one that killed Joshua Brown of Ohio in a crash in Florida on May 7.据NHTSA表示,他们正在检测特斯拉为阻止碰撞事故发生而设计的自动紧急制动系统的性能。就在今年5月7日,在佛罗里达州发生的一起事故中,来自俄亥俄州的驾驶员约书亚·布朗因此丧命。Federal regulators say preliminary reports show the Tesla crash happened when a semi-trailer rig turned left in front of the car that was in Autopilot mode at a highway intersection. Florida police said the roof of the car struck the underside of the trailer and the car passed beneath. The driver was dead at the scene.联邦监管机构表示,根据初步调查报告显示,在一个十字路口,一辆半拖挂车在开启了Autopilot模式的Model S前左转。佛罗里达警方称,这导致了Model S从卡车底部穿越,驾驶员当场死亡。;Neither Autopilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor-trailer against a brightly lit sky, so the brake was not applied,; Tesla said in a blog posting June 30.特斯拉6月30日在其客上指出:;由于强烈的日照因素,Autopilot和司机都未发现这辆货车,也就没有及时刹车。;NHTSA said in its letter to Tesla, dated July 8, that it is looking for information on all systems designed to provide automatic emergency braking that#39;s intended to prevent front-end crashes. In a statement provided to The Detroit News, the agency said, ;NHTSA has not made any determination about the presence or absence of a defect in the subject vehicles.;NHTSA在7月8日向特斯拉发送的一封信函中称,正在查找与阻止前向碰撞相关的自动紧急制动系统相关的所有信息。该机构在一份声明中向《底特律新闻》指出,;NHTSA尚未确定事故发生的车辆是否存在缺陷。;The agency is requiring Tesla to respond to 10 questions about the deadly crash. NHTSA has set a deadline of July 29 for Tesla to respond to its highest priority questions about the fatal Florida crash. The company will be given until Aug. 26 for Tesla to comply with the remainder of the queries. Tesla faces penalties up to ,000 per day, with a maximum of 5 million, if it fails to meet NHTSA#39;s deadlines for responding to the questions about the autopilot crash.NHTSA要求特斯拉回答关于Model X致死事故的十个问题。在7月29日前对上述事故最重要的问题进行回应,在8月26日前回答其余的问题。如果后者未在限定时间内回应Autopilot碰撞事故的相关信息,将被处以每天21,000美元的罚款,罚款上限为1.05亿美元。The Wall Street Journal reported Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during an interview the company has no plans to disable the company#39;s Autopilot function in the wake of the May crash. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Detroit News about the highway safety agency#39;s information request.据《华尔街日报》报道,特斯拉CEO埃隆·马斯克表示,不会因5月份的事故而禁用Autopilot功能。此外,特斯拉方面也未立即就《底特律新闻》关于NHTSA最终期限的报道发表。 /201607/456137

Fifteen years ago, Patrick Hardison, then a 27-year old firefighter, suffered a massive burn injury to his face when he ran into a burning house and the ceiling collapsed. He lost his ears, lips, eyelids and most of his nose.15年前,27岁的消防员帕特里克·哈迪森跑进一座着火的房屋救火时,天花板掉落导致他脸部大面积严重烧伤。他失去了耳朵、嘴唇、眼皮和大部分的鼻子。Hardison made history in 2015 when he became the recipient of the most extensive face transplant ever. His surgery is part of an innovative and controversial shift in the field of organ transplantation.哈迪森在2015年成为了史上最大面积脸部移植手术的接受者。他的手术在器官移植领域属于既有创新又有争议的移植手术。People are now getting transplants of organs that may not save their lives, like a heart, but can dramatically improve them, like a new face.现在人们接受器官移植手术不一定是要挽救生命,例如心脏;也可以极大改善自身形象,例如一张崭新的脸。Before his face transplant, Hardison grew depressed, lost his tire-selling business, became addicted to painkillers and split with his wife of 10 years.在脸部手术之前,哈迪森变得很沮丧。他失去了轮胎销售的生意,对止疼片产生了依赖性,并和结婚10年的妻子离异。He went under the knife 71 times to improve the look and function of his face, yet almost always hid behind a baseball cap and sunglasses.他经受了71次开刀手术来改善面貌,完善面部功能。但还是要藏在棒球帽和太阳镜的遮蔽之下。When his doctor told him that his lack of eyelids was destroying his sight, that was the last straw. ;I hated life,; Hardison says.当他的医生告诉他眼皮缺失导致视力受损时,他再也无法忍受了。哈迪森说:;我痛恨生命。;Last August, Hardison underwent a 26-hour surgery to replace his face with that of a 26-year-old bike mechanic who#39;d been killed in a cycling accident.去年8月,哈迪森经历了一场26小时的换脸手术,;换;上了一名死于自行车赛事故的26岁自行车手的脸。Dr. Eduardo, head of the NYU Langone Medical Center face-transplant program, told Hardison he had only a 50% chance of surviving the procedure, since no one had successfully transplanted as much face and scalp tissue before.纽约大学朗格尼医学中心的脸部移植项目带头人爱德华医生告诉哈迪森,他只有50%的机会在这过程中活下来,因为先前从未有人成功移植过如此多的脸部和头皮组织。A year after the surgery, Hardison says he#39;s doing great. Though he remains on potent drugs to prevent his body from rejecting his face, so far, that hasn#39;t happened.手术后一年,哈迪森表示自己过的很好。尽管他留存了强效药物以防身体对脸产生排斥,但是目前为止这还未发生。He#39;s happy with his new life and recently took his five children to Disney World, where he was able to swim with them for the first time since his face injury in 2001.他对新的生活感到很幸福。最近,他带着5个孩子去了迪斯尼乐园,并且在2001年受伤后终于能够首次游泳。;I would#39;ve given up a long time ago if it wasn#39;t for them,; Hardison says of his kids.哈迪森提到他的孩子时表示:;如果不是为了他们,我很早之前就放弃了。; /201609/464314

We all have long-forgotten clothes gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe. 我们的衣柜里总有一堆被遗忘的旧衣在积灰。But new technology could see the end of that, with the garments themselves giving owners a gentle reminder of their existence. 但是新科技可以改变这种现象——衣们能温柔地提醒主人它们的存在。#39;Smart clothes#39; could help us clear out our drawers by sending messages or tweeting us if they haven#39;t been worn in a while. 被长久搁置的“智能衣”能给我们发短信或推特信息,提醒我们去清理衣柜。If these alerts are ignored, the garments will get in touch with a clothing charity and ask to be recycled, with an organisation automatically sending out donation information. They could also be programmed to put themselves up for auction on eBay. 如果人们忽略了它们的信息,那“衣们”将自行联系衣物慈善机构,要求被回收,慈善机构会自动给“衣们”发送捐赠信息。“衣们”也可能按照预设程序,被送到eBay上拍卖。As a society, we own four times as many clothes as we did 20 years ago, but regularly only wear about 20 percent of them. 现代人的衣数量是20年前的4倍,但是其中仅有20%的衣是常穿的。Academics at Birmingham City University are developing the #39;connected wardrobe#39; to encourage more ethical clothes consumption. 伯明翰城市大学的学者们正在研发“智能衣柜”以鼓励更合理的时装消费。The concept sees garments tagged using washable contactless technology, known as radio-frequency identification. “智能衣柜”中的衣物上会被贴上可清洗无接触式标签,此种技术也被称为无线射频识别技术。Mark Brill, senior lecturer at Birmingham City, said: #39;Think of the surprise when an owner suddenly receives bids for items they didn#39;t know were in their wardrobe. 伯明翰城市大学的高级讲师马克#8226;布瑞尔表示:“当主人突然收到闲置衣的拍卖通知时,想想看他们会有多惊讶吧。”#39;The connected wardrobe is a practical, engaging concept to encourage people to think about their clothing consumption. Ultimately, I hope it will encourage more ethical fashion consumption.#39;“‘智能衣柜’是一个很有吸引力的实用型产品,鼓励人们合理消费衣物。我希望它最终能引导人们建立正确的时尚消费观。He added: #39;Perhaps we can even move away from the idea of #39;ownership#39; of clothing. When we#39;ve worn them enough, the items will pass themselves on to their next keeper to wear.#39; 他补充道:“或许我们可以消除衣物的‘个人所属’概念。当人们穿腻了这件衣时,它将主动将自己传递到下一位主人手里。”It follows in the footsteps of the #39;Internet of Things#39; – a concept that sees ordinary household items connecting to the internet in order to share information. 这项创意紧跟“物联网”的潮流,“物联网”概念提出将家用物品连接到网络平台上,以共享信息。From adjusting your alarm clock to monitoring the temperature of your home, the internet is changing the way we live. 从调整闹钟到监控室内温度,网络改变了我们生活的方方面面。Now, the #39;Internet of Clothes#39; will see that neglected garments will tweet and text the owners #39;asking#39; to be worn depending on the weather and frequency of wear. 现在“衣联网”会根据天气状况和衣物的使用频率,让久被搁置的衣物主动发推特或短信给主人,“请求重见天日”。Clothes will keep track of other information such as who owned it previously, as well as how much it originally cost, who made it and how much the worker was paid for it.智能衣也会记录其他的信息,例如前任主人是谁、衣的原始价格、生产者以及制作衣物的工人所得的报酬等等。British shoppers buy 2.15 million tonnes of clothing and shoes annually, yet UK citizens have an estimated £30 billion worth of unused clothing sitting in their wardrobes. 英国人每年购买215万吨衣和鞋子,而据估计英国人有价值高达300亿英镑的衣物未被使用,在衣柜角落里积灰。 /201608/460549

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