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Few of us want to appear dependent witness the rugged determination of many older people to resist support to which theyre entitled; and the intense frustration of some whove spent a lifetime caring others who now find it painfully difficult to accept that theyre the ones who must be cared .The Christian faith, like others, commends the good life as one spent in loving service of God and of other people.But it makes clear that the willingness to receive is just as much a part of what it means to be truly human.We enter the world totally dependent, and however confident, self-contained we might become, we do so only in relationship with other human beings and with gifts which are exactly that - abilities, skills, which are first given. And we never outgrow our need to receive love, human and divine. But it can take both humility and courage to recognise it.没什么人愿意显出依赖性,目睹过很多垂垂老者坚决不接受他们应得的帮助,有些一辈子都在照顾别人的人难以接受自己要被人照顾的事实基督教信仰和其他一样,赞美虔诚伺主、关爱他人的人生但也说明,能同时接受别人的给予也是真实人生的一部分我们出生时完全无法独立,无论我们后来变得如何自信、自持,这都是在与他人接触中才会展现的,而且与之相关的能力、技巧一开始也是从别人那里得到的我们永远都需要接受爱,同情和善意,但只有谦卑和勇气才能让我们醒悟到这一点 0189


I really blew it last night. I finally asked my neighbor, Fatima, out on a date and she walked out on me in the middle of it.昨晚我真的是搞砸了,我终于能邀请到我的邻居Fatima和我一起约会,但是中途她就离开了我I didnrsquo;t blame her. I wanted to make a good impression on her, but I felt I was floundering a half an hour into the date. I decided to liven things up a bit with a few drinks. I got carried away and got stinking drunk. What an idiot! I had to call her to apologize.我不怪她我想给她留下个好印象,但是约会开始半个小时了,我还是笨手笨脚的我想喝点酒助兴下我有点激动,喝得烂醉如泥我真是个白痴,我必须给她打电话道歉Fatima: Hello.你好Rob: Uh, hi, Fatima. This is Rob calling.Fatima你好,我是RobFatima: Oh.哦Rob: Please donrsquo;t hang up. I need to apologize my atrocious behavior last night. I was a real jerk and Irsquo;m really, really sorry.请不要挂电话,我得为我昨晚的龌龊行为道歉,我真是个混球,我真的、真的很抱歉Fatima: I appreciate the apology. Thanks, but I have to go now.我理解但是,我现在必须得出去Rob: Hold on one second, please! I want to explain. I thought I was boring you at the beginning of the date and thatrsquo;s why I started in on the drinks. Irsquo;m not normally a lush, really! I was nervous and worried that things werenrsquo;t going well, and I thought a couple of drinks would loosen me up.稍等下我想解释下我原以为在约会开始时我让你过得很没意思,那就是我喝酒的原因平常我并不是一个酒鬼,真的!我很紧张,而且很担心约会进展得不顺利,我本以为喝点酒能让我放松下来Fatima: Okay, I understand that, but that doesnrsquo;t excuse the groping.[qh]好吧,我理解你喝酒的原因,但是那不是;触摸;的借口Rob: Groping? What groping?触摸?什么样的触摸?Fatima: You donrsquo;t remember? You insisted on a goodnight kiss.你不记得了?你坚持要我给你个告别的亲吻Rob: I did? Itrsquo;s all a blur. I donrsquo;t remember anything after you called me a creep.我真那么做了?我记不清了我不记得;你叫我卑鄙小人;后的任何事情Fatima: You tried to kiss me and I walked out. Can you blame me?你试图要吻我,我走了出去你怪我吗?Rob: No, I canrsquo;t. I deserved much worse. After that, I can also understand why yoursquo;d never want to speak to me again. Is there any way I can make it up to you?不,我不会的我理应得到更糟糕的报应那次约会后,我明白了你为什么从不想和我说话还有我能补偿你的方式吗?Fatima: I really donrsquo;t know...我真的不知道;;Rob: I promise not to have a drop of alcohol.我发誓再也不沾酒了Fatima: Irsquo;ll have to think about it.我必须得想想Rob: And Irsquo;ll have both of my hands tied behind my back the entire time.我会将手一直绑在背后Fatima: Maybe. Let me sleep on it.也许吧把问题留在第二天解决At least it wasnrsquo;t a ;no.; Therersquo;s a glimmer of hope a second chance!至少不是;没有;,还有一点希望再给你次机会

康蒂·卡伦(Countee Cullen),生于纽约市,并且在那里成为诗人,获得很多荣誉早在中学时期他便在全市诗歌比赛中获奖;在纽约大学,他获得一项重要的诗歌创作奖,被选入美国大学优秀生全国性荣誉组织PBK联谊会195年卡伦出版第一部诗集《肤色,蜚声美国诗坛,并成为二十年哈莱姆文艺复兴的风云人物之一除了几本诗集,他还写了一部题为《通往天堂的一条路的小说和基本供儿童阅读的书19年以后卡伦在纽约市初级中学任教Yet Do I Marvel — Countee Cullen但是我感到惊奇——康蒂·卡伦I doubt not God is good, well-meaning, kind,我不怀疑上帝的仁慈、善良和好意,And did He stoop to quibble could tell why但若是他使用遁词便能解释,The little buried mole continues blind,为何地下的鼹鼠仍然瞎眼,Why flesh that mirrors Him must some day die,为何反映他形象的肉体总有一天要死去,Make plain the reason tortured Tantalus说明坦塔罗斯受折磨的原因,Is bailed by the fickle fruit, declare是他被变化不定的果子吸引,If merely brute caprice dooms Sisyphus阐明是否仅仅因蛮横的任性,To struggle up a never-ending stair.西西弗斯就注定得攀登无限高的阶梯Inscrutable His ways are, and immune上帝之道深奥莫测,To catechism by a mind too strewn对人们的诘问置之不理,With petty cares to slightly understand他们的头脑塞满鸡毛蒜皮What awful brain compels His awful hand他们的头脑塞满鸡毛蒜皮Yet do I marvel at this curious thing但我对这件怪事感到惊奇:To make a poet black, and bid him sing!造出黑肤色诗人,令他唱吟! 19

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