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The Indian Rebellion of 1857 began as a mutiny of sepoys of the British East India Company's army on 10 May 1857, in the town of Meerut, and soon erupted into other mutinies and civilian rebellions largely in the upper Gangetic plain and central India, with the major hostilities confined to present-day Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, northern Madhya Pradesh, and the Delhi region. The rebellion posed a considerable threat to Company power in that region, and it was contained only with the fall of Gwalior on 20 June 1858. The rebellion is also known as India's First War of Independence, the Great Rebellion, the Indian Mutiny, the Revolt of 1857, the Uprising of 1857, the Sepoy Rebellion and the Sepoy Mutiny.印度民族起义(Indian Rebellion of 1857)亦称印度反英大起义,英国人则称为印军哗变(The Indian Mutiny),亦称印度叛变、土兵叛变(Sepoy Mutiny),而独立后的印度则称它为印度第一次独立战争。一般指1857年到1858年发生在印度北部和中部,英属东印度公司役的印度土兵发动的反对英国统治的普遍的民族大起义。这次起义以失败告终,但却终结了东印度公司管理印度的体制,从此印度置于英国的直接统治之下。 /201005/103409如果没有房子,那么就不一定每个人都能和自己喜欢的人结婚。中国人在寻找配偶方面遇到的困难正对全世界产生重要的经济影响,因为他们减少消费,攒钱以吸引潜在的伴侣。If a man has no house, then he may probably not be able to get married with his beloved. The difficulties Chinese people have in seeking their spouse are now significantly impacting the global economy because they are currently reducing consumption and saving money in order to attract potential partners. 按照中国传统,单身男子要想结婚就必须是自己房子的主人,而在今天,买房子需要一大笔钱。这就迫使很多人大幅度削减开,控制消费以增加存款。如果说在全世界增长最快的市场上没有消费,那么全球经济就会停滞。According to Chinese tradition, a single man must possess a house before he gets married, while nowadays buying a house entails a lump sum of money. It compels a lot of people to hew daily costs by a large margin and control consumption to increase deposits. If there is little consumption in the most rapidly developing market, the global economy will fall into stagnation. 在为了结婚而不得不牺牲本可以承受的舒适和其他奢侈品的中国年轻人中,20岁的杨家和(音)是其中一个。他生活在北京一个庞大的小区内,但为了进入他的房间,我们不是上楼梯,而是下楼梯来到一间没有窗户的地下室。这间房子不是为了长期居住而设计的,杨和其他100多人(包括儿童)生活的地方是一个防空设施。Among the young Chinese who give up their deserved comfort and luxuries for the sake of getting married, the 20-year-old Yang Jiayin is a typical one. Yang lives in a big community in Beijing. To go to his room, we, instead of going upstairs, went downstairs to a windowless basement, which was not designed for long-term living for Yang and some other 100 people(including children), but to be used as an air defense facility. 估计全中国有成百万人生活在地下室和防空设施内。在杨生活的这个地下室,有很多通道通往各个房间。杨的房间空间狭小,只够放下一张简易床,天花板上挂着的一个灯泡是唯一的光源。It is estimated that around one million of people are now living in basement and air defense rooms. In the basement where Yang is living, there are many aisles leading to different rooms. Yang’s room was very small and can only accommodate a small bed. The bulb hanging on the ceiling is the only source of light in the room. 地下室的卫生间和厨房设备是公用的。但杨不是非得生活在这样的条件下。显然他能够付得起条件更好、更有利健康的房租。他说:“现在我在北京,我首先要做的是工作和攒钱。”The washroom and the kitchen in the basement are for public use. Actually Yang does not have to live in such a harsh condition and obviously, he can afford a better and healthier room. He said, “Now I am in Beijing. My priority task is to work and save as much money as possible.” /201106/139890

A 66-year-old man in India#39;s remote northeast has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren, all living under one roof.印度东北部一个偏远地区有一位66岁男子,他共有39位妻子、94名儿女和33个孙子女,所有人都生活在一起。They all live in a four storied building with 100 rooms in a mountainous village in Mizoram state, sharing borders with Burma and Bangladesh, according to reports。据报道,他们全都住在印度米佐拉姆邦一个山村中的一栋四层小楼里,楼中共有100个房间。米佐拉姆邦与缅甸和孟加拉国接壤。;I once married 10 women in one year,; Ziona Chana said。这名叫齐奥纳#8226;查纳的男子说:“我曾经在一年内娶了10个老婆。”His wives share a dormitory near Ziona#39;s private bedroom and locals said he likes to have seven or eight of them by his side at all times。齐奥纳私人卧室旁边有一间大寝室是他的妻子们共用的,当地人说齐奥纳喜欢身边总是有七八位老婆陪着他。The sons and their wives, and all their children, live in different rooms in the same building, but share a common kitchen。他的儿子和儿媳们,以及孙辈们住在同一栋楼的不同房间里,但他们共用一个厨房。The wives take turns cooking, while his daughters clean the house and do washing. The men do outdoor jobs like farming and taking care of livestock。齐奥纳的妻子们和媳妇们轮流做饭,而他的女儿们则负责打扫房子和洗衣。家庭里的男人们负责耕种、喂养家畜等户外工作。The family, all 167 of them, consumes around 200lb of rice and more than 130lb of potatoes a day. They are supported by their own resources and occasional donations from followers。这个167人的大家庭一天要吃掉约200磅米饭、130多磅土豆。他们基本能自给自足,偶尔也会有追随者赠送一些食物给他们。;Even today, I am y to expand my family and willing to go to any extent to marry,; Ziona said。齐奥纳说:“即使是现在,我也很愿意继续娶妻,扩大我的家庭。”;I have so many people to care (for) and look after, and I consider myself a lucky man.;“我有这么多亲人可以去关心和照顾,我觉得我是个幸运的人。”Mr Chana met his oldest wife, who is three years older than he is, when he was 17.查纳在17岁时遇到了他最大的老婆,她大他三岁。He heads a local Christian religious sect, called the ;Chana;, which allows polygamy. Formed in June 1942, the sect believes it will soon be ruling the world with Christ and has a membership of around 400 families。查纳是当地一个叫“查纳”的基督教派别的领袖,该教创立于1942年6月,允许一夫多妻制。目前,该教派约有400个家庭的教徒,并且认为他们很快就会和耶稣一起统治世界。 /201301/221515

An 80-year-old public servant and CPC member from Anhui Province decided to donate his remains for medical research as his last contribution to the party, Xinhua reported.据新华社报道,一名年近80岁的安徽党员老干部决定捐出遗体供医学研究,作为自己为党做出的最后贡献。Miao Weimin, the former deputy secretary of the politics and law committee in Taihe County, was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer last September. However, his family had concealed this fact from since his initial diagnosis.苗为民曾任太和县原政法委副书记,去年9月查出患有胆囊癌,但家人一直对他隐瞒病情。After hearing this month the truth of his medical condition, he decided to contribute his remains for research as his final CPC membership due.今年3月,他得知实情后,决定捐献自己的遗体作最后一笔;特殊党费;。Zhang Xinya, the chief doctor of liver and gall department in local hospital, claimed that Miao was the first individual to sign the donation contract in the county.太和县肝胆科主治医生张新亚表示,苗为民是该县第一位签署遗体器官捐赠承诺书的捐赠者。 /201203/175635

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