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赣州比较好的整形医院This not only proved unfair, it also proved to be a poor business decision. The lack of women in management came to hurt Avon. Between 1975 and 1985, more than twelve and a half million women entered the ed States work force. These working women had to be served in new ways. But, at that time, Avons leadership team was still made up entirely of men. Womens voices werent heard as we planned our marketing strategy and as a result, sales in our largest market suffered.这不仅不公平,也是一个很糟糕的决策。没有女性参与的管理层开始给雅芳的业务带来损害。在1975年到1985年间,超过1250万妇女加入美国的就业大军。这些职业妇女需要新的务。但是,那时雅芳的领导团队还是全部由男性组成,我们规划市场战略时听不到女性的声音,结果便是我们在美国这个最大市场上的销售情况受到冲击。Fortunately, Avon learned to change. Men and women now work together as equal business partners. They learn from each other and respect each other. We still offer our male executives an outstanding career opportunity, but now women have an equal chance to succeed.幸运的是,雅芳学会了改变。男性和女性现在作为平等的商业搭档一起工作。他们互相学习,互相尊重。我们仍向男性高级管理者提供最佳的职业发展机会,但现在,女性有了同样的成功的可能性。Today, six out of eleven of Avons board of directors are women. My number two executive is a woman. Almost half of our management staff around the world are women. And importantly, we have put in place special programs to develop the next generation of women who are being trained and prepared to become General Managers in markets all over the world.今天,雅芳的11位董事会成员中有6位是女性,我的助手是一名女性,我们全球的管理层几乎一半是女性。重要的是,我们设立了专门的项目来培养下一代女性职员,准备把她们培养成全球各个市场的总经理。 /201303/232510瑞金彩光祛痘多少钱 But compassion, the generation of compassion,但慈悲,慈悲的产物,actually mobilizes our immunity.却可以促进免疫能力。You know, if compassion is so good for us,如你所知,如果慈悲是有益的,I have a question.我有个问题。Why dont we train our children in compassion?为什么我们不以慈悲教育我们的后代?If compassion is so good for us,如果慈悲有益,why dont we train our health care providers in compassion so that they can do what theyre supposed to do,为什么我们不以慈悲培训保健务的提供者这样他们各尽其职,which is to really transform suffering?去真正化解痛苦?And if compassion is so good for us,如果慈悲有益,why dont we vote on compassion?为什么我们不为慈悲投上一票?Why dont we vote for people in our government based on compassion,为什么我们不投票给政府里以慈悲为政的人,so that we can have a more caring world?这样我们可以有一个更关爱的世界?In Buddhism,佛教里,we say, it takes a strong back and a soft front.我们说强健于背而怀柔于胸。It takes tremendous strength of the back to uphold yourself in the midst of conditions.强大的力量才能在各种状况下撑你。And that is the mental quality of equanimity.这是精神上的禅定。But it also takes a soft front,the capacity to really be open to the world as it is,但你也需要有个温柔的心以如实地接受和拥抱这个世界,to have an undefended heart.不去设防。And the archetype of this in Buddhism is Avalokiteshvara, Kuan-Yin.这在佛教中的原型就是千手观音。Its a female archetype:这是个女性原型:she who perceives the cries of suffering in the world.她感知整个世界苦难的哭喊。She stands with 10,000 arms,她有一万个手臂,and in every hand,每个手上,there is an instrument of liberation,都持有一件法器,and in the palm of every hand, there are eyes,每个手掌上都是眼睛,and these are the eyes of wisdom.它们都是慧眼。201510/405615江西省赣州俪人医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱

赣州隆鼻多少钱Hi, everybody. 大家好。The holiday season is a time for remembering the bonds we share, and our obligations to one another as human beings.圣诞长假到来,我们要再次牢记共享发展成果、作为人类应该对彼此尽到责任的理念,But right now, more than one million of our fellow Americans are poised to lose a vital economic lifeline just a few days after Christmas if Congress doesnt do something about it.但现在如果国会不做出努力,将有100多万同胞在圣诞节后面临失去生活最低保障的困境。Our top priority as a country should be restoring opportunity and broad-based economic growth for all Americans. 我们国家当前的头等任务就是为全国人民重新寻求就业机会,在广泛的基础上促进经济发展。And yesterday, we learned that our businesses created about 200,000 jobs in the month of November. 昨天,统计数据表明11月份我们新增20万就业岗位。Thats more than 8 million new jobs in the last 45 months. 45个月以来,这一数字已经超过800万。And the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in five years.失业率也降低到5年来的最低值。But we need to do everything we can to help businesses create more good jobs that pay good wages even faster. 但我们还需要尽一切努力来帮助企业更快创造更多待遇良好的就业岗位。Because the hole that were still digging out of means that there are still millions of Americans looking for work-often because theyve been laid off through no fault of their own.因为我们仍在努力摆脱的困境意味着还有数百万人需要工作,而他们的失业并不是由于他们自身原因造成的。We also have to look out for the Americans working hard to get those jobs. 我们应该让努力付出的美国人民得到工作岗位。Thats why, as a country, we offer temporary unemployment insurance-so that job-seekers dont fall into poverty, and so that when they get that job, they bounce back more quickly.因此,就国家而言,我们提供了临时失业保险,这样可以让求职者不会陷入贫困,而一旦他们找到工作就可以迅速恢复生活水准。For many families, it can be the difference between hardship and catastrophe. 对大多家庭而言,失业福利意味着是面临小困难还是大灾难。It makes a difference for a mother who suddenly doesnt know if shell be able to put food on the table for her kids.一个母亲突然不知道自己能否将食物为孩子们摆上餐桌,失业福利将带来改变。It makes a difference for a father who lost his job and is looking for a new one. 一个失业的父亲能否继续找到新的工作,失业福利也将带来改变。Last year alone, it lifted 2.5 million people out of poverty, and cushioned the blow for many more.仅仅去年一年,这一政策让250万人摆脱了贫困,为更多人提供了经济上的缓冲。But heres the thing: if Members of Congress dont act before they leave on their vacations, 1.3 million Americans will lose this lifeline. 问题在于:如果国会议员们在休假之前不能有所行动,130万美国人民就将失去生活保障。These are people we know. 我们都了解这一情况。Theyre our friends and neighbors; they sit next to us in church and volunteer in our communities; their kids play with our kids. 他们当中有我们的朋友和邻居、有我们在教堂祷告时的教友和社区志愿者的同伴,他们的孩子和我们的孩子一起玩耍。And they include 20,000 veterans whove served this country with honor.他们当中有2万多退伍军人曾经为这个国家役,应该得到人们的尊重。If Congress refuses to act, it wont just hurt families aly struggling-it will actually harm our economy. 如果国会拒绝行动,伤害的将不仅仅是苦苦挣扎之中的人民,还将从根本上伤害到经济发展。Unemployment insurance is one of the most effective ways there is to boost our economy. 失业保险是提振经济发展最有效的途径之一。When people have money to spend on basic necessities, that means more customers for our businesses and, ultimately, more jobs. 当人们有钱在生活必需品上花销时,就意味着有更多顾客购买商家的产品,最终也就意味着有更多的就业。And the evidence shows that unemployment insurance doesnt stop people from trying hard to find work.有据表明,失业保险并不会阻止人们停止努力付出和寻找工作的步伐。Just this week, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicted that allowing benefits to expire will be a drag on our economic growth next year. 就在本周,无党派的国会预算办公室就预测,任由福利政策到期终止将拖累明年的经济发展。A report by the Department of Labor and my Council of Economic Advisors estimated that it could cost businesses 240,000 jobs.劳工部和我的经济顾问委员会的一份评估报告表明这将让我们失去24万个就业岗位。And without the ability to feed their families or pay the bills, many people currently looking for work could stop looking for good.如果没有能力养家糊口,付日常开,很多现在正在找工作的人就可能找不到好的工作。So extending unemployment insurance isnt just the right thing to do for our families-its the smart thing to do for our economy. 因此,延长失业保险不仅仅对众多家庭而言是正当的事情,对我们的经济发展而言也是明智的事情。And it shouldnt be a partisan issue. 这不应该是一个党派问题。For decades, Congress has voted to offer relief to job-seekers-including when the unemployment rate was lower than it is today.十多年来,国会多次通过为求职者提供生活保障的政策,包括失业率比今天还低的年份。But now that economic lifeline is in jeopardy. 但现在我们的经济命脉已陷入困境。All because Republicans in this Congress-which is on track to be the most unproductive in history-have so far refused to extend it.所有的原因都在于国会的共和党人长时间以来拒绝延长这一政策,他们正在无作为的道路上越走越远。So this holiday season, lets give our fellow Americans who are desperately looking for work the help they need to keep on looking. 因此,长假到来之际,让我们给予那些还在拼命寻找工作的美国同胞们一些他们需要的帮助。Lets make it easier for businesses to attract more customers, and our economy to grow. 让商家更好的吸引更多顾客,让我们的经济更好的增长。And together, lets keep doing everything we can to make this country a place where anyone who works hard has a chance to get ahead.总之,让我们一起努力,竭尽所能,让这个国家成为任何努力付出的人都能获得成功的国度。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。 201312/269947 It was something wed seen before,and it was completely unambiguous.这是我们之前见到过,并且确切不疑。This was an epidemic of accounting control fraud led by the banks.这就是主导的大面积会计管理欺诈行为。What about liars loans?欺骗性贷款又是神马呢?Well, that warning actually comes earlier.实际上,它的预警信号来得更早。The savings and loan debacle is basically the early 1980s through 1993,and in the midst of fighting that wave of accounting control fraud.储贷危机基本上从1980年代早期开始持续到1993年,在打击那波会计管理欺诈的行动中,In 1990, we found that a second front of fraud was being started.我们在1990年发现欺诈行为出现了第二波。And like all good financial frauds in America,it began in Orange County, California.果不其然,和美国的所有牛逼的金融欺诈行为一样,发源地又是加州橙县。And we happened to be the regional regulators for it.我们刚好是当地的监管机构。And our examiners said,they are making loans without even checking what the borrowers income is.我们的检查人员说,当地根本不核实借款人的收入情况直接就发放借款。This is insane, it has to lead to massive losses,and it only makes sense for entities engaged in these accounting control frauds.这太没底线了,必然会导致大规模损失,这种情况只可能是金融机构进行了会计管理欺诈行为。And we said, yeah, youre absolutely right,and we drove those liars loans out of the industry in 1990 and 1991.我们对检查人员说,没错,你们说的对,然后就在90、91年,我们在业取缔了这些欺诈性的贷款。But we could only deal with the industry we had jurisdiction over, which was savings and loans,但是我们只能处理我们有权管理的业务,也就是储蓄和贷款业务。And so the biggest and the baddest of the frauds, Long Beach Savings, voluntarily gave up its federal savings and loan charter, gave up federal deposit insurance.业内最大最狡猾的诈骗长滩储蓄主动放弃联邦政府颁发的储蓄和借贷执照,放弃联邦存款保险。Converted to become a mortgage bank for the sole purpose of escaping our jurisdiction,变身一家抵押煞费苦心,只为了逃避我们的监管,and changed its name to Ameriquest,and became the most notorious of the liars loans frauds early on.长滩储蓄后来更名为Ameriquest,是早期欺骗性借贷欺诈行为最为臭名昭著的。and to add to that,they deliberately predated upon minorities.此外,他们还故意欺骗美国的少数族裔。So we knew again about this crisis.所以这样的诈骗性贷款危机也是我们所了解的,Wed seen it before. Wed stopped it before.我们之前见过,我们之前也阻止过。We had incredibly early warnings of it,and it was absolutely unambiguous that no honest lender would make loans in this fashion.我们接到的预警信号非常之早,预警信号确切不疑:有节操的借方绝不会这样放款。So lets take a look at the reaction of the industry and the regulators and the prosecutors to these clear early warnings that could have prevented the crisis.我们来看看面对这些完全可以阻止危机发生的清晰预警信号,从行业自身、监管机构到检调人员都做了些什么。Start with the industry.先看行业本身。The industry responded between 2003 and 2006 by increasing liars loans by over 500 percent.从2003年到2006年,金融行业的欺骗性借贷业务增加了5倍之多。These were the loans that hyperinflated the bubble and produced the economic crisis.正是这些贷款使泡沫飞速膨大,造成了经济危机。By 2006, half of all the loans called subprime were also liars loans.截至2006年,半数被称为次贷的借款,同时也是欺骗性借贷。Theyre not mutually exclusive, its just that together,theyre the most toxic combination you can possibly imagine.这两者并不互斥,而是交织在一起共同构成你所能想象出的最坏组合。201501/357033大余县整容医院哪家最好崇义县丰额头多少钱



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