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While it is easy to imagine a sharp rise in online orders for anti-pollution products such as masks and air purifiers on smoggy days, a boom in the sales of condoms and sports-wear might be a little unexpected.作为雾霾天的必备之物,口罩、净化器需求量的急速上涨理所应当,然而令人始料未及的是,雾霾同时也掀起了避套、运动装的销售热潮。According to search ratings for last week provided by Taobao.com, China#39;s largest online shopping platform, searches for condoms were clearly correlated with those Chinese cities that had heavy smog.作为中国最大的网上购物平台——淘宝网,据淘宝上周的搜索量排行显示,避套,在几个深受雾霾影响的城市中搜索量有所上升。In Beijing and some northern cities that were severely hit by smog, the rise in orders of condoms went beyond the sales in cities with cleaner air, as people have greater concerns of good child bearing and try to prevent getting pregnant on smoggy days, according to Taobao.在雾霾天气严重的北京和一些北方城市,避套的订单量有所上涨,而在其他空气质量良好的城市并未见此现象。根据淘宝网的数据显示,这是因为人们希望能有一个健康的宝宝,所以用避手段以免在雾霾天怀上宝宝。Interest in sportswear also increased during the heavy smog. Those cities with serious haze recorded more frequent searches for sportswear, as residents have a stronger willingness to exercise outside once the air gets cleaner. Sportswear has become more popular than women#39;s apparel and cosmetics on smoggy days, according to Taobao.在雾霾天气期间,运动装的销量也有所上涨,被雾霾严重困扰的城市居民对运动装的搜索也较为频繁,他们渴望清新的空气,希望雾霾天一结束就能到户外运动锻炼。淘宝网的数据显示,在雾霾期间,运动装比女装、化妆品更受欢迎。Traditional anti-pollution products are profiting from the smog, too. In the most recent seven-day search, the search index for anti-pollution masks on Taobao.com surged by 116 percent over the previous seven days.当然,传统防污染商品的生产商也从雾霾天气中有所受益。与前7天相比,在最近7天的搜索中,防霾口罩的搜索量增长了116%。 /201512/415077。

Samp;P yesterday lowered its outlook on Fosun International’s BB-minus rating to negative, illustrating that even rating agencies cannot agree on the risks of a debt-fuelled deal spree.标准普尔(Samp;P)昨日将复星国际(Fosun International)的评级展望从BB-下调至负面,这表明就连各评级机构也无法就债务驱动的并购热潮的风险形成共识。The move came just a month after rival Moody’s took a more sanguine view of the Chinese conglomerate, upgrading its outlook on the ratings of Fosun Group’s flagship listed company from “negative” to “stable”.就在一个月前,标普竞争对手穆迪(Moody’s)对这家中国综合企业集团持更乐观态度,将复星国际旗舰上市公司的评级展望从“负面”上调至“稳定”。Fosun, founded by Guo Guangchang, is China’s largest private company and also one of its most acquisitive.复星国际由郭广昌创建,是中国最大民营企业,也是最具收购意识的中国企业之一。It has scooped up Club Med, the French holiday operator, a stake in Cirque du Soleil and another in Thomas Cook, the UK holiday group. The group has also spent more than bn buying insurance assets.该集团一举收购法国度假运营商地中海俱乐部(Club Med),购入太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)部分股权,同时持有英国度假集团Thomas Cook部分股权。该集团还斥资逾40亿美元收购保险资产。But Fosun has recently gone quiet on the deal front after Mr Guo disappeared for four days in December in connection with a Chinese corruption probe. He was not a target of the investigation but was helping authorities, people close to the company said at the time.但在去年12月郭广昌因协助一桩中国腐败调查失踪4天后,复星最近在并购方面偃旗息鼓。当时据了解该公司的人士称,他并非腐败调查的目标,而是在协助官方调查。Fosun has aimed to copy the success of Warren Buffett by using its insurance operations to provide fresh investment capital for new deals. But Samp;P said yesterday that the group was still reliant on its other units to generate profits in the near term.复星力求仿效沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)的成功,利用保险业务为新的交易提供新的投资资金。但标普昨日表示,该集团近期内仍将依赖其他业务实现盈利。“The negative outlook reflects our expectation that Fosun’s leverage for its industrial operations will remain high over the next 12 months,” Samp;P said.标普表示:“负面展望反映出我们预期,未来12个月期间复星工业业务的杠杆将居高不下。”“The prospect of a material leverage reduction is uncertain, despite our expectation that Fosun will focus on consolidating its existing investments instead of more aggressive acquisitions in the near term.”“杠杆实质性下降的前景仍不确定,尽管我们预计,复星近期将把重点放在整合现有投资方面,而非更多咄咄逼人的并购。”Moody’s, however, seems more confident. It revised the company to a stable Ba3 outlook (equivalent to BB at Samp;P) last month, writing: “The stable outlook reflects Fosun’s demonstrated ability to maintain its access to the funding markets and improve its debt maturity profile, as well as Moody’s expectation that the company will prudently manage its expansion and strengthen its financial profile according to plan.”然而,穆迪似乎更有信心。上月,该机构将其对该公司的评级展望调整至稳定的Ba3(相当于标普的BB级),并写道:“稳定展望反映出,复星展现出有能力继续利用融资市场并改善其债务期限结构,还反映出穆迪预计,复星将按计划审慎管理其扩张并强化其财务状况。”According to Samp;P, Fosun’s non-financial assets accounted for 45 per cent of its total assets, but 81 per cent of its revenues at the end of last year.据标普称,复星的非金融资产占全部资产的45%,但去年底占到了收入的81%。Shares are down 8.6 per cent this year.复星股价今年累计下跌8.6%。 /201606/447146。

The ed States and European Union have struck a new deal regulating cross-Atlantic data transfers, after a European court struck down a previous agreement in October.美国和欧盟达成一项有关跨大西洋数据传递管理的新协议,此前欧洲法院曾于去年10月否决了一项类似的协议。European Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova announced the move Tuesday, saying she expects the deal to take effect in about three months.欧盟司法事务专员星期二宣布了这一举措,并表示她预计这项协议将于3个月内开始生效。Jourova said the deal marks the first time the ed States has given the European Union ;binding assurances; that public officials#39; access to personal information will be subject to clear limits, safeguards and oversight.她说,这项协议标志着美国首次向欧盟提出“有法律约束力的保”,确保政府官员接触私人信息将受到明确的限制和监督。U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker told reporters Tuesday that the deal is ;central to transatlantic commerce; and also signals the closeness of the U.S.-E.U. relationship.美国商务部长普利茨克星期二对记者说,这项协议对“跨大西洋的商业往来至关重要”,同时也展现了美国与欧盟的紧密关系。 /201602/425842。