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The father of a Chinese student missing from a Midwestern university campus since June 9 met with law enforcement and university officials on Saturday after arrival in the US on the same day.一名中国学生6月9日在美国中西部一所大学校园里失踪,其父17日已经抵达美国并在当天与执法部门和校方碰面。Zhang Yingying#39;s father Zhang Ronggao, her aunt and her boyfriend Hou Xiaolin met with law enforcement and university officials accompanied by officials from China#39;s Consulate General in Chicago, according to the University of Illinois police department#39;s website.据伊利诺伊州大学警察局网站称,章莹颖的父亲章荣高、阿姨以及男友候霄霖在中国驻芝加哥总领事馆官员的陪同下,与执法部门和校方见面。The University of Illinois Community Credit Union has set up an account to raise money to cover the family#39;s living expenses on campus. According to World Journal, as of June 18 the fund had reached ,463 with contributions from 1,070 people, exceeding the goal of ,000.伊利诺伊大学学联会已经创建账户发起筹款,以付章莹颖家属在校期间的生活费用。据《世界日报》称,截至6月18日,共有1070人捐款36463美元,已经超过3万美元的目标。A tweet from The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it is now offering a reward of up to ,000 for information leading to the location of Zhang, 26, who was last seen near the north end of the campus when she boarded a Champaign-Urbana mass transit bus on June 9.美国联邦调查局发推特提供1万美元(约合人民币68000元)奖励,征集与章莹颖下落有关的信息。6月9日,人们在学校最北端最后一次见到26岁的章莹颖,当时她上了一辆香槟市去往厄巴纳市的通勤公交。Police confirmed Zhang was wearing a charcoal-colored baseball cap, a pink and white long-sleeved flannel shirt, jeans, white tennis shoes and was carrying a black backpack, and exited the West Springfield and North Mathews avenue at 1:52 pm local time.警方确认章莹颖头戴炭灰色棒球帽,身穿粉色配白色的长袖T恤、牛仔裤、白色网球鞋,并且背着一个黑色双肩包。她于当地时间下午1点52分在西斯普林菲尔德和北马修斯大道下车。Zhang was then captured on security cameras talking to a white male through the window of a black Saturn Astra, five blocks from where she got off the bus, the same day. Zhang got into the vehicle and it drove off.随后,监控摄像头捕捉到,当天章莹颖在距下车地点五个街区外的地方和一辆黑色土星汽车里的一名白人男子隔着车窗交谈。章莹颖坐进车里后,车子就开走了。The FBI, which has joined Illinois State Police and the University of Illinois Police Department in the search for Zhang, listed the case as kidnapping on its website.联邦调查局已经在其网站上将案件定性为绑架,并和伊利诺伊州警方以及伊利诺伊大学警察局一同搜寻章莹颖。Concerned residents and students have, under the direction of the UIUC Chinese Students and Scholars Associations (UIUC CSSA), distributed flyers around the city in what they describe as a ;carpet search mission;.在伊利诺伊大学香槟分校中国学生学者联合会的指导下,关心这件事的市民以及学生在该市周围发放传单,他们将这一行动称为“地毯式搜索”。The University of Illinois Police Department, the Office of the Dean of Students and the International Student and Scholar Services held a forum to share information about the ongoing investigation on June 15.6月15日,学校警察局、学生教务处以及国际学生学者务中心创立了一个论坛,分享调查进展。Officials suggested preventative measures for students and faculty to prevent future incidents of this nature. The school has expressed interest in increasing the numbers of cameras on campus and providing self-protection education to incoming international students and current students.官方建议学生和教师采取预防性措施,防止此类事件再次发生。伊利诺伊大学表示,有意向增加校园内的监控摄像数量,并对即将入学的国际学生和在校生进行自我保护教育。Patrick Wade, spokesman of the UIUC Police Department, said officers were working around the clock for Zhang#39;s return.伊利诺伊大学香槟分校警察局发言人帕特里克?韦德称,警方正在昼夜不停地寻找章莹颖。The university police department#39;s website said that detectives have been using vehicle records to identify a number of registered owners of the type of vehicle in the .该校警察局网站称,侦查人员通过车辆记录确定了一些与视频中汽车型号相同的注册车主。;Investigators continue to utilize image enhancing technology available through the FBI,; the website said. ;Information about the search is being shared widely, reaching more than 1 million people on social media, on billboards throughout the state, and through media both locally and throughout the country.;“调查人员继续利用FBI提供的图像增强技术展开工作。寻人信息已经被广泛传播,已经有超过100万人通过社交媒体、伊利诺伊州的公告板以及地方和全国媒体获知此消息。”The UIUC Police Department further encouraged the public to continue sharing accurate information on social media to sp awareness about Zhang#39;s disappearance, as well as print and distribute the bulletin to local businesses.该校警察局进一步鼓励公众继续在社交媒体上分享准确的信息,以让更多人了解章莹颖失踪案,并印发公告发布给当地企业。;Although the investigation is moving forward very quickly, we are unable to comment on many specifics of the case in order to protect the integrity of the investigation and make sure we can find Ms. Zhang as quickly as possible,; a representative from the department said.警察局一位代表称:“尽管调查进展得很迅速,但是为了确保调查的真实完整性,并为了尽早找到章莹颖,我们无法对案件的许多细节发表。” /201706/514409。

Does China need Alibaba as much as Alibaba needs China? From an economic perspective, the answer might be “yes”. The company is the largest player in China’s online retail sales sector, reaching even remote rural consumers. It is an essential facilitator in the country’s attempt to shift from heavy industry towards services and consumption. 中国对阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的需要,是不是与阿里巴巴对中国的需要一样多?从经济角度来说,也许是“是的”。该公司是中国网络销售行业的最大商家,其影响甚至可以抵达偏远的农村消费者。在中国从重工业向务业和消费转型的努力中,阿里巴巴是十分必要的一大助力。 That does not mean that Alibaba is immune to political risk. Hence its 6m purchase of the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s most- English language newspaper. On Wednesday, to broaden the reach of the paper, the SCMP dropped its subscriber paywall. Alibaba hopes to reach more global subscribers, help them to understand China better — and thus, presumably, boost its own appeal. 不过这并不意味着阿里巴巴不会面临政治风险。出于这个原因,该公司斥资2.66亿美元收购了香港阅读量最大的英文报纸《南华早报》(South China Morning Post)。周三,为扩大该报影响力,《南华早报》取消了付费订阅墙。阿里巴巴希望将影响力延及该报全球更多读者,帮助他们更好地理解中国——从而或许也能提升该集团自身吸引力。 That may be only part of the story. In promoting a “balanced and fair” perspective on China, it may hope to score points with Beijing. Even for the private sector, such favour has suddenly become more critical. In December, Guo Guangchang, the entrepreneur and chairman of Chinese insurer Fosun, disappeared for a few days to assist authorities with unspecified investigations. Fosun’s shares dropped a tenth as investors realised that private sector scions are not beyond the reach of Party politics. 这也许只是故事的一部分。通过宣扬“平衡而公正”的对华视角,该集团也许希望能借此在中国政府处获得加分。即使在民营部门,这样的好感也突然变得更加重要。去年12月,中国企业家、复星国际(Fosun)董事长郭广昌曾失联数天,协助当局开展多项未公开的调查。复星的股价因此下跌了十分之一,原因是投资者认识到,即使是民营部门人士也无法超脱于党派政治之外。 Alibaba trades at 19 times forecast earnings for 2017, a very reasonable price given expected growth of 26 per cent. Political risk may be priced in (US tech leader Google trades on an 18 times multiple for slower growth). Given Alibaba’s cash pile of over bn, a quarter of a billion is affordable if it helps cut into the political discount, or keep it from widening. 阿里巴巴股票相对2017年预期盈利的市盈率为19倍。考虑到预计26%的增长率,这一价位非常合理。这其中也许已经把政治风险包括在内(美国高科技领袖谷歌(Google)增长率更低,市盈率却为18倍)。考虑到阿里巴巴逾80亿美元的现金量,如果有助于降低政治因素导致的估值减少,或者能阻止这类折扣因素继续扩大,2.66亿美元还是负担得起的。 If the SCMP becomes a full-time China-booster it will not win over global ers. There are plenty of state mouthpieces aly. Alibaba may not care, whatever it says. Its priority is to participate, and help investors participate, in the growth of China’s new economy. It can only do this if it stays on the right side of politics. 一旦《南华早报》变成一家全天候为中国打气的报纸,全球读者是不会买账的。如今,政府的喉舌已经够多了。阿里巴巴也许并不关心该报说什么。该集团的首要目标是参与及帮助投资者参与中国新经济的增长。而要做到这一点,它不能在政治上站错队。 /201604/436317。

PORT HEDLAND, Australia — A lanky, dark-haired surfer, Lee Meadowcroft modeled on the runways of London, Milan and Singapore, then followed his dream of going home to Australia to sell herbal medicines. 澳大利亚黑德兰港——身材瘦长、一头黑发的冲浪玩家李#8226;梅多克罗夫特(Lee Meadowcroft)曾作为模特在伦敦、米兰和新加坡的伸展台上走秀,而后他为了实现梦想回到祖国澳大利亚,做起草药生意。His store failed — he had chosen the wrong street, he says — and he lost almost all his savings. 他的店倒闭了——他说他不该选在那条街开店——他亏掉了几乎全部的积蓄。By then, the fashion world had found fresher faces.而时尚界在那时已经找到了更新鲜的面孔。So like tens of thousands of other Australians, Mr Meadowcroft went to the mines.于是,梅多克罗夫特和数万澳大利亚人一样,选择去煤矿工作。It was late 2004. 那是2004年底。He plowed his last ,000 into a two-week course on how to operate a crane. 他上了一个为期两周的吊车操作培训班,把手头最后的4000美元交了学费。He found companies so desperate for workers that they would send chauffeured cars to pick up prospective welders, electricians and crane operators and deliver them to the nearest airport for their flights to mining country, here on Australia’s remote northwestern coast.他发现企业对工人极度渴求,以至于会派专车去接这些未来的焊工、电工和吊车操作员,把他们送到最近的机场,然后飞往矿场所在地,其中就包括这里,偏远的澳大利亚西北部沿海地区。China back then was growing at a breathtaking pace and needed all the Australian rocks it could get. 当时的中国正在以令人惊叹的速度向前发展,希望得到澳大利亚的每一块矿石。Mine workers like Mr Meadowcroft kept a punishing schedule: 13 consecutive days of 12-hour shifts, a day off, then another 13 consecutive days of 12-hour shifts. 像梅多克罗夫特这样的矿工要超负荷工作:连续工作13天,每天12小时,休息一天,然后再连续工作13天,每天12小时。Mining fueled Australia’s surging exports to China, which at their peak reached nearly 0 billion a year — a figure representing ,300 for every man, woman and child in the country.矿业推动了澳大利亚向中国出口的猛增,最高时达到一年将近1000亿美元——相当于全国男女老少每个人4300美元。Resource-rich places around the world prospered thanks to China, and Mr Meadowcroft and his fellow Port Hedland equipment jockeys were no exception. 全球资源丰富的地方都借中国致富了,梅多克罗夫特和黑德兰港的其他设备操作员也不例外。By 2011 he was earning 0,000 a year. 2011年他的年收入达到25万美元。He watched idle miners sketch circles in the dust and place cockroaches inside, at times betting more than 0 on which one crawled out first. 他曾见到矿工们闲暇时在地上画个圈,把放进去,赌哪只先爬出来,有时候赌注可达100美元以上。One welder bought a Ferrari 308 sports car, quickly tired of it and sold raffle tickets for ,000 apiece to get rid of it.有一个焊工买了一辆法拉利308跑车,很快就厌倦了,于是办了一场1000美元一张票的抽奖把车处理掉。Everyone just went crazy, Mr Meadowcroft said.大家都很疯狂,梅多克罗夫特说。The bust came just as hard and just as fast. 崩溃的到来同样是迅速而猛烈的。China’s economic slowdown left too many mines to feed too many dormant Chinese steel mills. 中国的经济放缓导致太多的矿场在向太多已经停产的中国炼钢厂供应矿石。Construction of new mines stopped. 新矿建设项目停工了。Port Hedland’s economy slumped. 赫兰德港的经济陷入低谷。Mr Meadowcroft lost his job, then lost a second job. 梅多克罗夫特丢了工作,而后下一份工作也丢了。Like thousands of others, he went back home.他和其他几万人一样,回到了家中。Mr Meadowcroft’s tale could serve as yet another boom-and-bust cautionary tale of the limits of China’s rise. 梅多克罗夫特的经历,是有关中国崛起局限性的又一则盛衰寓言。From Russia to Brazil, and Nigeria to Venezuela, resource-rich countries that boomed during China’s surge found their economies shaken when Chinese demand slowed.从俄罗斯到巴西,从尼日利亚到委内瑞拉,随着中国崛起而繁荣的资源大国,也因中国需求放缓而遭到经济打击。Except something unexpected has happened to Australia: It has withstood the global rout. 不过在澳大利亚发生了一些意想不到的事情:它没有被全球崩溃打倒。Most mines — lower-cost compared with mines elsewhere — have stayed open. 这里的矿场成本比别的地方低,多数矿依然在作业。But Australia has also kept thriving, against all expectations, with a different kind of money flowing in from China.而澳大利亚的这种出人意料的持续繁荣,还因为有另一种完全不一样的资金正从中国流向这里。Attracted by clean air, a strong education system and worries about China’s future, more Chinese are spending their money in Australia. 在清洁的空气、优质的教育系统吸引下,再加上对中国未来的担忧,越来越多的中国人正把钱花在澳大利亚。Thousands of Chinese families have sent their children to study at costly Australian universities, and Australian food exports to China have boomed. 数以万计的中国家庭把子女送到昂贵的澳大利亚大学读书,澳大利亚向中国的食品出口也在猛增。Chinese investment in Australian real estate has increased at least tenfold since 2010; Chinese investors have purchased up to half the new apartments in downtown Melbourne and Sydney.中国在澳大利亚的房地产投资自2010年以来增加了至少10倍;在墨尔本和悉尼市中心的新住宅单位有近一半被中国投资者买下。 That has led to some soul-searching about the role of Chinese money in the country’s political and economic life. 这让一些人开始反思中国资金在这个国家的政治、经济生活中所扮演的角色。Businesses linked to China have become sizable donors to Australian political parties, and a company said to have links to the Chinese military obtained a 99-year lease last year for a port next to a base that often houses ed States Marines.与中国有关联的企业向澳大利亚的政党做出了可观的捐献,一家据称与中国军方有关联的公司,去年拿到了一个港口的99年期租约,而港口就在一个经常驻扎着美国海军陆战队的基地附近。But for people like Mr Meadowcroft and others in Western Australia who were cut loose by the mining slump, Chinese money is a blessing. 但是对梅多克罗夫特这样的人以及西澳大利亚州其他因矿业衰落而失去生计的人来说,中国的钱是一种赐福。He now lives in the Western Australia capital city of Perth and works as an apprentice plumber in new housing developments aimed at Chinese buyers. 现在他住在西澳大利亚州首府珀斯,在一个瞄准中国买家的新住宅开发项目中做水管工学徒。He earns just ,000 a year, but that could double or triple when he finishes his apprenticeship.他一年只能挣2.1万美元,不过出师之后,他的收入可能翻两三倍。When visitors from China enter his construction site, he knows they may be the eventual buyers. 当中国游客进入他工作的建筑工地时,他知道,他们可能是最终的买家。If you see a group of Chinese people, he says, they’re the money.如果你见到一群中国人,他说,那你就是见到了金主。The Color of Prosperity繁荣的颜色In Port Hedland, the color of money is pinkish red.在黑德兰港(Port Hedland),钱的颜色是粉红色的。At the docks, the salmon-hued dust coats everything, from the yellow railings atop the cranes to the rims of the fast-moving conveyor belts that hurtle rocks toward the bellies of giant cargo vessels. 码头上所有的东西都蒙上了鲑鱼色的尘土,从起重机顶部的黄色栏杆到快速转动的传送带的边缘——传送带把岩石快速送入巨型货轮的肚子里。When the mining boom started 50 years ago, it covered the streets, too.50年前采矿业兴起时,这里的街头也蒙着这样的尘土。It made all your clothes go pink, said Julie Arif, a city council member who was still a girl when workers began digging mines in the nearby Pilbara desert and hills. 它把你所有的衣都变成粉色,市议会议员朱莉#8226;阿里夫(Julie Arif)说。当年,工人们开始在附近的皮尔巴拉沙漠和山丘上挖矿时,她还是个小女孩。Pilbara pink, we used to call it.我们过去称它为皮尔巴拉粉色。Back then, local leaders did not mind. 当时,当地领袖也并不介意。We’ll worry about our dust when it clogs the cash registers, said the city’s mayor in the early 1970s, according to Ms Arif, who also runs the town’s small history museum.据阿里夫讲,在20世纪70年代初,该市市长曾说,尘土把收银机堵塞了,我们才会担心。阿里夫也主管该市的一座小型历史物馆。The pink dust comes from iron ore. 那些粉色尘土来自铁矿石。And nobody sends more iron ore abroad than the state of Western Australia.西澳大利亚州出口海外的铁矿石数量比澳大利亚其他任何一个州都要多。Iron ore transformed Port Hedland. 铁矿石改变了黑德兰港。Named Marapikurrinya by the local Aboriginal people, it subsisted for years on wool exports and a few pearls gathered from oysters at low tide. 原住民称这个港口为Marapikurrinya,有过去很多年时间里,它的经济全靠羊毛出口以及从落潮时的牡蛎中采集的少量珍珠。Until the mining boom, its claim to fame was a late-1940s three-year strike by nearby ranch workers that became a pivotal moment in the assertion of Aboriginal rights in Australia.在矿业兴起之前,它出名是因为20世纪40年代末附近的农场工人举行了持续三年的大罢工,那成为澳大利亚原住民争取权益的关键时刻。The iron ore deposits were far from Australia’s steel industry on the country’s southern coast. 这些铁矿距离澳大利亚南部沿海的钢铁工业区路途遥远。But the Australian government began allowing large-scale iron ore exports in the 1960s, opening up the region to buyers from Japan and Europe.不过,20世纪60年代,澳大利亚政府开始允许大规模铁矿石出口,向日本和欧洲的买家开放这个地区。As foreign money trickled in, Port Hedland remained rough around the edges. 尽管外国的资金慢慢来到了黑德兰港,但它依然很简陋。When Cyclone Joan flattened half of Port Hedland in 1975, the state government replaced the shattered hospital with a prefabricated structure propped up on the dirt with thin, foot-high steel poles. 1975年,热带气旋琼(Cyclone Joan)将一半黑德兰港夷为平地,州政府用一英尺长的细钢杆在废墟上起一个预制构件式建筑,替代遭到摧毁的医院。It stayed in use for nearly 40 years before it was abandoned, and now stands vacant on its oceanfront site.这个医院又使用了近40年才遭废弃,如今海边的这幢建筑还空置着。For entertainment, there were the skimpies — stripper shows by young women who barely complied with state regulations against full nudity at the start of each evening, and were even less likely to comply as the hour grew late.方面有skimpies——也就是年轻女子的脱衣舞表演,她们几乎从不遵守夜晚降临后不得全裸的州法规定,随着夜色渐深,更是不可能遵守。The ore is mined several hours’ drive into the desert from Port Hedland. 从黑德兰港往沙漠里驱车数小时,才能到达开采铁矿石的地方。Workers use explosives to shatter the rock at open-cut mines, then scoop it up with huge bulldozers. 工人们用炸药在露天矿山上炸开巨石,然后用大型推土机把它们铲起来。The ore is crushed and sorted by machines bigger than a house, then hauled to Port Hedland either by train or by enormous trucks — so-called road trains — pulling three or sometimes four trailers.矿石粉碎后,用比房子还大的机器进行分类,然后用火车或巨型卡车(也就是所谓的公路火车,它能挂三到四个拖车)运到黑德兰港。During a crimson Indian Ocean sunset at Port Hedland’s Utah Point berth recently, a conveyor belt dumped iron ore into one of the seven large holds of a Chinese-owned freighter held in place by mechanical suction cups the size of minivans. 前不久,在黑德兰港的犹他点(Utah Point)泊位,一条传送带在印度洋深红色的晚霞中,把铁矿石倒入一艘中国货轮的七个大货舱中。货轮用小型面包车大小的机械吸盘固定。A red gravel torrent rocketed downward at two tons a second, in a low, dull roar. 红色碎石流以每秒两吨的速度倾泻而下,发出沉闷的轰隆声。Each hold was big enough for a capacious American home, with room to spare.每个货舱都很大,面积相当于一栋宽敞的美国家庭住房,还能留出些空间。The crane lurched to one side, stopped disgorging iron ore, rumbled sideways to a position over a different hold, near the middle of the vessel, and resumed pouring.起重机突然转向一边,停止倾泻铁矿石,轰隆着挪到靠近货轮中间位置另一个货舱的上方,继续倾泻。Iron ore sometimes means dangerous work. 铁矿石有时也意味着危险。Mr Meadowcroft once saw a taut, inch-thick steel cable snap and sweep a man into a pile of steel pipes. 有一次,梅多克罗夫特看见一根绷紧的一英寸粗的钢索突然断裂,把一名男子扫进一堆钢管中。Another time, he saw a 50-pound steel cable block fall on a worker, shearing off part of his face and shoulder and hurling him to the floor.还有一次,他看见一个50磅重的钢索滑轮砸到一个工人身上,削掉了他的部分脸和肩膀,并将他击倒在地。It bounced him off the ground like a basketball, Mr Meadowcroft said. There was a lot of blood.滑轮把他从地上弹起来,就像篮球那样,梅多克罗夫特说,现场流了很多血。But life was mostly quiet — and inexpensive. 不过,那时候这里的生活总的来说很平静,生活成本也不高。The town had eight amateur baseball teams, and many of the workers played after their shifts. 该市有8业余棒球队,很多工人下班后就会去打棒球。Housing was affordable. 房价也能承受。Sharon Ramirez, 40, remembers that her parents had a chance in the late 1980s to buy the bungalow they were renting for ,000, but decided not to.40岁的莎伦#8226;拉米雷斯(Sharon Ramirez)还记得,她的父母在80年代末曾有机会以2万美元买下他们当时租住的平房,但最后决定不买。We didn’t jump at it, she said, because it was a lot of money in those days.我们没有欣然接受那个价格,她说,因为在当时,那还是挺大一笔钱的。China Shock Wave中国冲击波Everyone in Port Hedland has a story about a moment when the boom struck them.黑德兰港的每个人都有一个关于矿业繁荣对他们造成冲击时刻的故事。For Mrs. Ramirez, it was when that rental home sold to an out-of-town investor for million. 对拉米雷斯来说,那个冲击时刻是当她家租住的房子以100万美元卖给一个外地投资者的时候。For Dave McGowan, it was when four of the eight baseball teams disbanded because workers were putting in 12-hour shifts instead of eight-hour shifts. 对戴夫#8226;麦高恩(Dave McGowan)来说,是那8棒球队中有4因为工人的轮班从8小时变成12小时而解散时。For Daniel Connors, it was when a local garage, short on workers, told him that he had to make a reservation four months in advance to get the oil in his car changed.对丹尼尔#8226;康纳斯(Daniel Connors)来说,是当地汽车修理厂因为缺少工人而告诉他必须提前4个月预订才能给他的汽车换机油时。China was changing — and it changed Port Hedland.当时中国在变化——它也改变了黑德兰港。Three decades of economic reform in China, plus lower trade barriers after the country joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, lit a fire under the economy there. 中国30年的经济改革,再加上2001年加入世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization)后贸易壁垒的减少,给中国经济点了一把火。Skyscrapers blossomed by the hundreds in obscure cities. 连一些不出名的城市都冒出很多的天大楼。The nation has built 77,000 miles of expressway, almost all of it since 1997 and two-thirds more mileage than the Interstate highway system in the ed States, on which China’s network is modeled.该国修了7.7万英里的高速公路,几乎全是1997年之后所建,这比美国的州际高速公路系统还长三分之二——中国的高速公路网就是以美国为样本的。All that construction meant China produced and consumed last year almost as much steel as the rest of the world combined.所有这些建设意味着,中国去年生产和消耗的钢铁几乎是世界上其他国家的总和。To supply its steel mills, China needed Australia’s iron ore. 为了给钢铁厂提供原料,中国需要澳大利亚的铁矿石。Iron ore prices surged tenfold. 铁矿石的价格增长了十倍。Big companies like BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Fortescue Metals Group rushed to build mines and add port berths as fast as possible.必和必拓公司(BHP Billiton)、力拓矿业集团(Rio Tinto)和福蒂斯丘金属集团(Fortescue Metals Group)等大公司竞相修建矿场,尽可能快地增加港口泊位。 /201609/468742。

All couples in China are encouraged to have two children, according to a draft amendment to China#39;s national law on population and family planning proposed to China#39;s top legislature for review on Monday.周一,人口与计划生育法修正案草案的议案已提交中国最高立法机关审议,根据修正草案,国家提倡一对夫妻生育两个子女。China#39;s top leadership announced the universal two-child policy at a meeting in late October, but it has to be approved by the National People#39;s Congress before it becomes law.在10月底召开的一项会议上,中央领导层宣布了全面二孩政策,但它必须由全国人大审议通过后才能进行相关法律修订。The draft, proposed by the State Council, China#39;s Cabinet, to the National People#39;s Congress for review, said couples who have two children can enjoy longer maternity leave. It also said couples could have more than two children if they are eligible.该修正法案由中国国务院提请全国人大进行审议,草案中规定,符合政策生育二孩的夫妻可享受延长生育假的奖励。草案中还表示,符合法律法规规定条件的夫妻可生育两个以上子女。The draft said the two-child policy would come into force on Jan 1.草案表示,全面二孩政策将于2016年1月1日实施。Relaxation of the family planning policy is expected to provide part of the solution to the challenge of an aging population, and to become a new driver for the economy in the long run.放宽计划生育政策为人口老龄化问题提供了解决途径,更为中国经济的长久发展提供了持。By the end of 2014, the number of people over 60 years of age had reached 212 million, accounting for 15.5 percent of the total population. Of those, about 40 million were disabled or partly disabled.截至2014年底,60岁以上年龄的人口已达2.12亿,占总人口的15.5%,其中包括4000万残疾人士或部分残疾人士。The new two-child policy could increase economic growth rate by 0.5 percentage points through reducing China#39;s dependency ratio, said National Health and Family Planning Commission in November.国家卫计委11月表示,新的二孩政策通过减少中国的赡养和受赡养比率,可促进经济增长0.5个百分点。The change in policy is expected to mean over 30 million more people in the labor force by 2050 and an decrease of 2 percentage points in the share of elderly of Chinese population, said Wang Pei#39;an, deputy head of the commission.卫计委副主任王培安表示,人口政策的变化将意味着到2050年会有3000多万劳动力,老龄人口比例将下降两个百分点。 /201512/417350。