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After a month she says to me,总之,一个月后,她对我说,Did this really happen?那些事情真的发生了吗?And I said, Yes. And so she said, So, if I came out of the woods — this is her brother and sister—If I came out of the woods, Avalon and Donovan might be gone.Yes.我说,是的。之后她说,那么,如果我当时出生了—这是她的哥哥—如果我出生了,Avalon 和 Donovan 可能就不在了? 是的。But Id get to see them in America.No.但我到美国后会再见到他们吧?不会。But what if I saw them? You know, couldnt we stay together?No.但万一我们能见面呢?我们不能呆在一起吗? 不能。So Daddy could be gone.Yes.那么爸爸也可能不在了? 是的。And she was fascinated by this, and she started to cry,她被吓呆了,之后她开始哭泣,and I started to cry, and her father started to cry,我也开始哭,她的父亲也开始哭,and now were all crying. He didnt expect to come home from work to the Middle Passage,然后我们一起哭。他没想到下班回家会遇到中央航路这档子事,but there it goes.但它就是发生了。And so, we made this game, and she got it.总之,我们一起玩了这样一个游戏,最后她懂了其中的含义。She got it because she spent time with these people.她懂了,因为她与这些人共同经历了那个过程。It wasnt abstract stuff in a brochure or in a movie.这不像书本或电影里的教化那样是抽象的东西。And so it was just an incredibly powerful experience.这是一次令人惊叹、充满力量的体验。This is the game, which Ive ended up calling.这就是那个游戏,我后来给它起了个名字。The New World, because I like the phrase.叫做《新世界》,因为我喜欢这个叫法。I dont think the New World felt too new worldly exciting to the people who were brought over on slave ships.我不认为新世界会带来什么世俗的兴奋感,尤其对于那些曾经从奴隶船上下来的人们。But when this happened, I saw the whole planet.但当这一切发生时,我看到了整个世界。I was so excited. It was like, Id been making games for 20-some years, and then I decided to do it again.我感觉太激动了。这就像是,我设计游戏已经超过二十年,而我决定再做一些类似的游戏。My history is Irish.我的故乡是爱尔兰。So this is a game called Síochán Leat. Its peace be with you.这个游戏叫做Síochán Leat。意思是《和平与你同在》。Its the entire history of my family in a single game.仅仅这一个游戏就包含了我的整个家族史。I made another game called Train.我设计了另一款游戏叫做《列车》。I was making a series of six games that covered difficult topics, and if youre going to cover a difficult topic, this is one you need to cover,我制作了一个系列的六款游戏都是关于沉重的主题,如果你要讨论一个沉重的主题,就需要这样的游戏来开展,and Ill let you figure out what thats about on your own.我会让你自己通过游戏来发现关于这个主题的一切。And I also made a game about the Trail of Tears.我还创作了一款游戏叫做《泪痕》。This is a game with 50,000 individual pieces.这个游戏有着5万个独立的零件。I was crazy when I decided to start it,我当时肯定是疯了才决定要设计它,but Im in the middle of it now.不过我现在已经进行了近一半。Its the same thing.这和之前的游戏是类似的。Im hoping that Ill teach culture through these games.我希望通过这些游戏来传授文化。And the one Im working on right now, which is because Im right in the middle of it, and these for some reason choke me up like crazy,is a game called Mexican Kitchen Workers.而我现在正在着手设计的游戏是因为我正在全心投入,所以想到它很容易使我情绪波动,这个游戏叫做《墨西哥厨房工人》。201602/428443But my point being that sometimes a leaders job is to undertake the difficult job of transformation and in this case it was a great company were saving,but it is a tough, painful crisis for everyone involved, and I accepted that part of a transformation means that people who have lost their jobs, I laid off 36,000 people in my tenure, those people dont like me, I understand that, I understand that part of what comes with leading transformation is people tend to focus their resentment and fear and anger on the person leading the change, but leadership is all about change. Management is about producing acceptable results within a known set of parameters, management is a worthy profession, but it is not leadership, leadership is about changing the order of things, seeing possibilities that others do not see. Some of you who may have heard me speak before know that I believe deeply that anyone can leave from any place at any time. Leadership is not about position, leadership is not about how many degrees you have, leadership is about the decision to make positive, different, changing the order of things.有时候,企业领导人的工作要承担改造的艰巨任务,当时的情况是这个企业值得挽救,但对所有牵涉其中的人而言是一个艰难、痛苦的过程。我接受一个事实:转变的其中一部分是意味着有人失去工作,在我的任期内我辞退了 36000人,我明白他们不会喜欢我。我知道领导改革带来的一部分影响是人们会把怨恨、恐惧和愤怒发泄于带领改革的人。但是领导就是要进行改革的,管理是在已知参数的范围内作出可接受的结果。管理是可敬的职业,但这不是领导。领导是改变事物的规则,看到他人看不到的可能性。在座各位若是以前听过我的演讲,就知道我深信谁都可能在任何时刻离开任何位置,领导力不是关乎地位,不是关乎有多少个学位,领导力是关乎作出积极的、不同的和能改变亊物规则的决策。201408/320048But I would encourage you to call upon the same hope and hard work that brought you to this day. Call upon that optimism and tenacity that built the University of California at Merced to invest in the future of Merced in your own towns all across this country. By using what youve learned here, you can shorten the path perhaps for kids who may not see a path at all.但是我要鼓励你们拿出过去的让你们取得今日成就的希望和努力,拿出建设加州大学赛德校区的乐观和不屈不挠的精神,将其投入到建设赛德的美好未来之中,投入到建设分布在全国各地的你们的家乡中去。运用你们在这所大学学到的知识,你们能够帮助那些也许根本看不到出路的孩子们找到通往成功的捷径。And I was once one of those kids.Most of you were once one of those kids. I grew up just a few miles from the University of Chicago in my hometown. The university, like most institutions, was a major cultural, economic institution in my neighborhood. My mother even worked as a secretary there for several years.我曾经就是那些看不到出路的孩子中的一员。你们中的大多数人也曾经是那些孩子中的一员。我的家乡距离芝加哥大学只有几英里。和大多数学校一样,芝加哥大学就是我邻近地区的一个文化经济中心。我的母亲甚至在那里做了几年的秘书工作。Yet that university never played a meaningful role in my academic development. The institution made no effort to reach out to me—a bright and promising student in their midst—and I had no reason to believe there was a place for me there. Therefore, when it came time for me to apply to college, I never for one second considered the university in my own backyard as a viable option.但是那所大学从来没有在我的学业发展中发挥积极的作用。它没做出任何努力来吸引我这样一个有着大好前程的学生,而我也没有任何理由相信在那里有我是一席之地。因此,当到了申请大学的时候,我根本没有考虑选择自己家门口的那所大学。And as fate would have it, I ultimately went on and accepted a position in student affairs at the university of Chicago more than a decade later.就像命中注定一样,十多年后我最终接受了芝加哥大学一个负责学生事务的职位。 /201302/227358

And you will definitely have your share of setbacks. Count on it. Your best laid plans will be consumed by obstacles. Your excellence ideas will be peppered with flaws. You will be confronted with financial strains as your loans become due and salaries fall short of both expectations and expenses. You will make mistakes that will shatter your confidence. You will make compromises that will test your convictions. You will find that there is rarely a clear and direct path to any of your visions. And you will find that youll have to just again and again and again. And there may be times when you wonder whether its all worth it. And there may be moments when you just want to quit.你们肯定会遇到挫折。要想到这一点。你们深思熟虑的计划可能因为挫折而泡汤。你们卓越的想法难免会有瑕疵。当你们的贷款到期、工资低于期望值而且不能满足花费时,你们将会遇到财务紧张的情况。你们难免会犯错误,这将摧毁你们的自信心。你们难免会妥协,这将挑战你们的信念。你们将会发现,几乎没有一条道路会明朗而直接地通向理想。你们将会发现不得不再三调整。也许你们在某些时刻怀疑自己的理想是否有价值。也许在某些时候,你们想放弃。But in those moments, those inevitable moments, I urge you to think about this day. Look around you. Look around you. There are thousands of hardworking people who have helped you get to this point, people who are celebrating with you today, who are praying for you every single day,and others who couldnt be here, for whatever reason. I want you to think of the people who sacrificed for you—you know that—family members who worked a third job to get you through, who took on the extra shifts to get you through, who put off doing something important for themselves to get you to this day.但是在那些时候,在那些不可避免的时刻,我希望你们回想一下今天。看看你们周围。看看这成千上万为帮助你们走到今天而努力工作的人,还有今天和你们一起庆祝的人,每一天都为你们祈祷的人,以及不管出于什么原因不能来到这里的其他人。我要你们想想那些为你们做过牺牲的人——你们知道——他们就是你们的家人,为了让你们顺利毕业,他们身兼三职;为了让你们顺利毕业,他们加班加点地工作;为了你们能达到今天的成就。他们将自己的大事一拖再拖。 /201303/228694

You see? If all you remember in years to come is the ;gay wizard; joke, Ive still come out ahead of Baroness Mary Warnock. Achievable goals--the first step to self-improvement.你们知道吗?如果在若干年后你们还仅仅记得“快乐的魔法师”这个笑话,那就明我已经超越了男爵夫人玛丽·沃诺克。确定一个切实可行的目标——这是自我提升的第一步。Actually, I have wracked my mind and heart for what I ought to say to you today. I have asked myself what I wish I had known at my own graduation, and what important lessons I have learned in the 21 years that has expired between that day and this.实际上,我为今天应该给大家讲些什么绞尽了脑汁。我曾自问,在当初自己的毕业典礼上我想要知道些什么呢?从毕业典礼那天到现在的21年里我得到了什么重要的经验和教训呢?I have come up with two answers. On this wonderful day when we are gathered together to celebrate your academic success, I have decided to talk to you about the benefits of failure. And as you stand on the threshold of what is sometimes called ;real life;, I want to extol the crucial importance of imagination.我想到了两个。今天是个美好的日子,我们欢聚一堂一起庆祝你们在学业上取得的成就。然而我决定跟你们谈谈失败的收益;同时,你们即将迈入“现实生活”,所以我还要褒扬想象力的极度重要性。These may seem quixotic or paradoxical choices, but hear with me.这两点似乎是不切实际或自相矛盾的选择,但请先容我讲完。Looking back at the 21-year-old that I was at graduation, is a slightly uncomfortable experience for the 42-year-old that she has become. Half my lifetime ago, I was striking an uneasy balance between the ambition I had for my self, and what those closest to me expected of me.对于已经42岁的我来说,回忆21岁刚刚毕业时的情景并不是一件很舒的事情。21年前,我一直都在自己的雄心和身边的人对我的期望之间寻求平衡。I was convinced that the only thing I wanted to do, ever, was to write novels. However, my parents, both of whom came from impoverished backgrounds and neither of whom had been to college, took the view that my overactive imagination was an amusing personal quirk that could never pay a mortgage, or secure a pension.我一直深信,自己唯一想做的事情就是写小说。然而,我的父母家境都很贫困,两个人都没上过大学,他们认为我过于丰富的想象力是令人惊讶的怪癖,根本不足以让我付按揭,或者获得足够的养老金。201401/273590

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