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Well, that’s a short little sermon. 上面我简单地我说了一下我的看法。So Lets get on with what you’re interested in. 下面就让我们开始谈谈你们所感兴趣的。And like I say, in go all over. 就像我之前说的那样。So, I don’t know exactly how we gotta have this, but lets start with a hand here someplace or other. 我不知道接下来怎样进行,那我们从举手示意的同学开始提问题吧。There we go, for the first one...yeah, right here.第一个问题,那个同学。Q: Your thoughts about Japan?问题:您对日本的看法?W: My thoughts about Japan? I am not a macro guy. 巴菲特:我对日本的看法?我不是一个太宏观的人。Now I said to myself Berkshire Hathaway can borrow money for 10 years at one percent. 我所在的伯克希尔·哈撒韦公司在日本10年期的贷款利息只有1%。I say gee, I took Graham’s class 45 years ago and I have been working hard at this thing all my life. 我对自己说,45年前,我上了本杰明.格拉姆的课程,然后我就一直勤勤恳恳,努力工作,Maybe I can earn more than 1% annually. I really work hard at it. 也许我应该比1%挣的多点吧?One percent. It doesn’t seem impossible, doesn’t it? 看上去那不是不可能的。So I wouldn’t want to get involved in currency risk, so it would have to be Yen-denominated. 我不想卷入任何汇率波动的风险,所以我会选择以日元为基准的资产。I would have to be in Japanese Real Estate or Japanese companies or something of the sort and all I have to do is to beat 1%. 如地产或企业,必须是日本国内的。我唯一需要做的就是挣得比1%多,That is all the money is going to cost me and I can get it for 10 years. 因为那是我资金的成本,十年内我要收回来的。So far I haven’t found anything. It is kind of interesting. 可直到现在,我还没有发现一家可以投资的生意。这真的很有趣。The Japanese companies earn very low returns on equity, 日本企业的资产回报率都很低。and they have a bunch of businesses that earn 4%, 5%, 6% on equity 他们有少数企业会有4%,5%,或6%的回报。and it is very hard to earn a lot as an investor when the business you are in doesn’t earn very much money. 如果日本企业本身赚不了多少钱的话,那么其资产投资者是很难获得好的回报的。Now some people do it in fact. 当然,有一些人也赚了钱。Ive got a friend, Walter Schloss, who worked at Graham at the same time I did. 我有一个和我同期为本杰明.格拉姆工作过的朋友,他叫沃尔特·施洛斯。And it was the first way I went to stocks to buy stocks selling way below working capital. A very cheap, quantitative stocks. 那是我第一次运用买股票的方法,即寻找那些股票价格远低于流动资本的公司,非常便宜但股票数量有限的公司。I call it the “cigar butt” approach to investing. 我管那方法叫雪茄烟蒂投资法。You walk down the street, you look around for a cigar butt someplace. 你满地找雪茄烟蒂,And you finally see one and it is soggy and kind of repulsive, but there is one puff left in it .终于你找到一个湿透了的,令人讨厌的烟蒂,看上去还能抽上一口。So you pick it up and the puff is free. 那一口可是免费的。I mean it is a cigar butt stock. I mean you get one free puff on it and then you throw it away and walk down the street and try another one.你把它捡起来,抽上最后一口,然后扔了,接着找下一个。I mean it is not elegant, but it works. 这听上去一点都不优雅,但是很有效。If you are looking for a free puff,it works. 如果你找的是一口免费的雪茄烟,这方法还值得做。Those are low return businesses. 不要做低回报率的生意。201308/253853武汉阳痿是什么意思Why dont you come in with a list of what you want to discuss.;把你想讨论的事列出来就行。But everyone ignored me and they kept doing their presentations meeting after meeting, month after month.但是所有人都无视我的要求,仍然在做PPT,就这样一个又一个会议,一个月又一个月,没有改变。So about two years in, I said, ;OK, I hate rules but I have a rule: no more PowerPoint in my meetings. And I mean it, no more.;大概两年后,我说,“OK,我不喜欢条条框框,但我要定个规矩,和我开会不用做PPT。我是认真的。别再做了。”About a month later I was about to speak to our global sales team on a big stage and someone came up to me and said,大约一个月之后,我在一个大型场合正要和全球销售团队讲话,一个同事上来对我说,;Before you get on that stage, you really should know everyones pretty upset about the no PowerPoint with clients thing.;“在你上台之前,你应该知道大家对你制定的‘和客户会面不做PPT的规定很有意见。;I said, ;What no PowerPoint with clients thing?;我说,“什么‘ 和客户会面不做PPT?They said, ; You made rule: no PowerPoint.;“他们说:“你制定了一个规定:不做PPT。”So I got on the stage and said, ;one, I meant no PowerPoint with me.之后我上了台就说,“首先,我说的是和我开会不用PPT。But two, more importantly, next time you hear something thats really stupid, dont adhere to it. Fight it or ignore it, even if its coming from me or Mark.;其次,更重要的是,下次你们听到一些你们认为很傻的话,不要去遵循它,而要去提意见或者无视它,哪怕你知道那话是我或者马克说的。”A good leader recognizes that most people wont feel comfortable challenging authority, so it falls upon authority to encourage them to question.一个好的领导者知道大部分人不愿意去挑战权威,所以领导者有义务去鼓励大家来质疑。Its easy to say that youre going to encourage feedback but its hard to do, because unfortunately it doesnt always come in a format we want to hear it.当然说鼓励反馈容易,做起来难。因为听到的反馈往往不是我们想要的那种。When I first started at Google, I had a team of four people and it was really important to me that I interview everyone who was on my team.当我刚开始在Google工作时,我的团队里面有四个人。所以对我而言,由我自己来面试团队的每个成员就尤其重要。It felt like being part of my team meant I had to know you.要成为我的团队的一份子,我必须了解你。When the team had grown to about 100 people, I realized it was taking longer to schedule my interviews.当团队增长到大约有100人的时候,我意识到在面试上花的时间越来越多。So one day at my meeting of just my direct reports, I said ;maybe I should stop interviewing;, fully expecting them to jump in and say ;no, your interviews are a critical part of the process.; They applauded.所以有一天在我的报告会上,我说也许我应该停止面试。那时我完全预计他们会打断我说,“不行,你的面试是流程中很重要的一步。”然而他们都对此非常赞赏。Then they fell over themselves explaining that I was the bottleneck of all time.然后他们转过来解释说我一直都是流程中的瓶颈。I was embarrassed. Then I was angry and I spent a few hours just quietly fuming.我先是觉得羞愧,然后恼怒。我花了几个小时的时间生闷气。Why didnt they tell me I was a bottleneck? Why did they let me go on slowing them down?他们为什么不告诉我我是瓶颈?为什么他们不阻止我拖大家的后腿?Then I realized that if they hadnt told me, it was my fault.后来我明白了:如果没人告诉我,那这就是我的错。I hadnt been open enough to tell them that I wanted that feedback and I would have to change that going forward.我还不够开怀到主动告诉大家我希望得到反馈。我决定从此改变这点。When youre the leader, it is really hard to get good and honest feedback, no many how many times you ask for it.当你是领导,得到有用的真实反馈是很难的,哪怕你反复要求。One trick Ive discovered is that I try to speak really openly about the things Im bad at, because that gives people permission to agree with me, which is a lot easier than pointing it out in the first place.我发现的一个小技巧是尝试主动地谈论你的某些缺点。因为这样会让人愿意来认同我,这比直接指出我的缺点要容易许多。So To take one of many possible examples, when things are unresolved I can get a tad anxious.从众多可能中举个例子来说,当事情没有搞定时,我会有点焦躁。Really, when anythings unresolved, I get a lot anxious.真的,只要有事情没有搞定,我会变得非常焦躁。Im quite certain no one has accused me of being too calm.我敢肯定没人会说我过于冷静。So I speak about it openly and that gives people permission to tell me when its happening.后来我就主动地谈论这个缺点,让大家来认同我,因而可以在我焦躁时告诫我But if I never said anything, would anyone who works at Facebook walk up to me and say, ;Hey Sheryl, calm down. Youre driving us all nuts!;但是如果我对此一句不提,会有Facebook的员工,走上来对我说,“嘿,谢丽尔,冷静点。你快把我们搞疯了!”I dont think so.我可不这样认为。201502/357365武汉华夏医院男科包皮手术多少钱So when a request is entered into this box,当用户输入请求之后we do all kinds of semantic analysis, behavioral analysis,将会对此请求进行各种语意分析,行为分析intelligent interaction with the user并与用户进行智能交互than massive computing然后进行大量计算and figure out what the user really wants.来定位用户的真正需求Once thats clear, we will send it结果一出to the necessary application,页面将会转到相应的应用be it a search engine or anti-virus software,像,搜索引擎,或者,杀毒软件or a stock search, or shopping,或是,股票搜索,购物or FriendFinder - anything that can be交友网站plugged into this kind of platform.任何能够接入平台的东西So now we have implemented a number of the applications.我们现在已经设计一些应用If you ask what is todays lunar date,如果你问今天的农历日期we will come up with a calendar of it. So, lunar dates.页面会呈现农历的日历给用户If youre looking for a piece of software Baidu Hai如果你要找百度Hi这个软件--its an instant这是一种messenger software we delivered-- we will show that to you.即时通讯软件,搜索页面会显示出来If youre looking for a beautiful girl,如果你寻找美女this is one that not only shows you页面上the pictures but its got不仅会出现照片a Flash application that you can browse through as well.还有Flash应用能帮助你轻松浏览It also automatically rotate.还带有自动旋转的功能Train schedule, you will be prompted by列车时间表,一个新搜索框会提示你the newer boxes from where to where.输入起点与终点We understand this kind of user intents.了解到用户的意图之后Then, theres a lot of computation going on将进行大量计算to figure out whats the right answer.以找到正确We had a lot of submissions第三方应用程序from the third-party application.也提供许多信息This is the movie showing schedule from a third party.这是一个来自第三方的电影放映时间表This is the stock es. This is an anti-virus software.这是股票报价信息表,这是一个杀毒软件It doesnt need to show you the search result.页面并不显示所有搜索结果It just asks you,而是询问用户;Do you want to run the anti-virus software?;;是否要运行杀毒软件;So we group all kinds of information into one box.当所有的信息都被整合至一个搜索框内时You can find that Box Computing efficiently connects框计算就会展现出高效的一面enormous user request with the application providers.能够将众多用户要求与程序提供者连结起来So in the future, when you power up a terminal,在未来,当你打开一个终端时a laptop, a PC, a netbook, or a cellphone, immediately,比如笔记本电脑 PC机,上网本,手机instantly, you see a box.马上就能看到一个搜索框You dont wait two minutes for Windows to put up.无需花两分钟等待Windows启动You dont need to launch a browser也无需启动浏览器and type in a URL address.并输入URL地址You will only see this and immediately see this.只要打开终端,你就能看到搜索框Whatever you want to do;无论你想做什么check your email, publish tweets, go shopping or whatever,查收邮箱,发布推特状态,网上购物等等it can be solved by this one box.都可以通过这个搜索框解决So everyone you know,学会使用it takes time to learn how to use Windows.Windows需要时间It takes time to learn how to use Mac.学会使用Mac也需要时间But nobody needs to teach you但使用搜索不需要how to use the search. Its so easy.很简单Its so instant.很便捷,这就是为什么Thats why I think the future should be like this.我认为未来应该是这样的201503/365922武汉华夏医院网络咨询

武汉市第五医院泌尿系统在线咨询武汉阴茎流浓疼痛难当THE PRESIDENT: Hello, South Carolina! (Applause.) Thank you! Well, it is good to see everybody. It is good to be back in South Carolina. Now, if you all have a seat, take a seat. If you don’t have a seat, I’m sorry. (Laughter.)I want to say thank you to Benedict College for your hospitality. (Applause.) I want to thank Tiana for the great introduction. Give her a big round of applause. (Applause.) We have all kinds of luminaries and dignitaries, and big shots here today – (laughter) – but I’m just going to mention a couple of them.One of the finest gentlemen and finest legislators we have in the country, your congressman, Jim Clyburn. (Applause.) Your outstanding mayor, Steve Benjamin. (Applause.) The president of this great institution, Dr. David Swinton. (Applause.) Go, Tigers!It’s been a while since I was in South Carolina. In fact, I got – it’s been too long. It has. I’m not going to lie. I love you, and I’ve been loving you. It’s just I’ve had a lot of stuff to do since I last saw you. But it was wonderful to be backstage because I got a chance to see so many of the wonderful people that I worked with back in 2008. If it was not for this great state, the Palmetto State, if it was not for all the people who had, at a grassroots level, gone door-to-door and talked to folks, and got everybody fired up and y to go – (applause) – if it hadn’t been for all of you, I might not be President. And I’m truly grateful for that. (Applause.) I’m truly grateful for that.I hope that you don’t mind, I also brought another good friend – the Attorney General of the ed States, Eric Holder. (Applause.) We decided to take a Friday road trip together, because Eric has not only been a great friend, but an extraordinary Attorney General. As some of you know, he is going to go enjoy himself and is going to retire from public service. But I know he’s still going to be doing great things around the country. I’m really going to miss him.Now, I am not here to make a long speech. I’m here to make a short speech – because what I want to do is spend most of my time interacting, having a conversation. I want to get questions; I want to hear what you guys are thinking about. This is a good thing for me, to get out of Washington and talk to normal folk. (Laughter.)And I thought it was appropriate to come here because tomorrow I’ll be visiting Selma, Alabama, for the 50th anniversary of the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. And one of the things I might talk about – I’m still working on my speech, but it might come up – is the meaning of Selma for your generation. Because Selma is not just about commemorating the past. It’s about honoring the legends who helped change this country through your actions today, in the here and now. Selma is now. Selma is about the courage of ordinary people doing extraordinary things because they believe they can change the country, that they can shape our nation’s destiny. Selma is about each of us asking ourselves what we can do to make America better.And, historically, it’s been young people like you who helped lead that march. You think about somebody like John Lewis who was one of the key leaders and will be joining us tomorrow. He was 23 when he helped lead that march that transformed the country. You think about the Children’s Crusade in Birmingham, or the 12 year-old boy who was elected head of the NAACP youth chapter who grew up to be Jim Clyburn. (Applause.) It was young people. It was young people who stubbornly insisted on justice, stubbornly refused to accept the world as it is that transformed not just the country but transformed the world. You can see that spirit reflected in a poster put out by the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee in the 1960s. It had a picture of a young John Lewis kneeling in protest against an all-white swimming pool. And it s: “Come let us build a new world together.”Come let us build a new world together. That’s the story of America. That’s why immigrants came here – the idea of building a new world together – not just settling on what is, but imagining what might be. Insisting we live up to our highest ideals, our deepest values.That’s why I wanted to come here to Columbia, and here to Benedict College, because we all know we still have work to do. We’ve got to ensure not just the absence of formal, legal, oppression, but the presence of an active, dynamic opportunity. Good jobs that pay good wages; a good start for every child; health care for every family; a higher education that prepares you for the world without crippling you with debt; a fairer and more just legal and criminal justice system. (Applause.)Now, the good news is we’re in much better shape now than we were six years ago. This morning, we learned that our economy created nearly 300,000 new jobs last month, the unemployment rate went down – (applause) – the unemployment rate ticked down to 5.5 percent, which is the lowest it’s been since the spring of 2008. (Applause.) Our businesses have now added more than 200,000 jobs a month for the past year. And we have not seen a streak like that in 37 years, since Jimmy Carter was President. (Applause.) All told, over the past five years, our businesses have created nearly 12 million new jobs.And what’s more, the unemployment rate for African Americans is actually falling faster than the overall unemployment rate – which makes sense because it went up faster, too, during the recession. (Applause.) But it’s still too high. The unemployment rate across the country and here in South Carolina is still higher than we want, which means we’ve got more work to do. And we’ve got to make sure those are good jobs that pay a living wage and have benefits with them.So we can’t let up now. We’ve got to do everything we can to keep this progress going. This community, I know, is doing its part to prepare students for this new economy. Programs like YouthBuild – (applause) – are giving young people who may have gotten off track a chance to earn a degree and get the skills they need for the for the 21st century. CityYear AmeriCorps – (applause) – in the house – I see their jackets – they’re working with the public schools in Columbia to increase graduation rates. The Benedict College community is doing outstanding work beyond your walls. (Applause.) We put you on the Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. You earned that honor. (Applause.)So as long as I’m President, we’re going to keep doing everything we can to make sure that young people like you can achieve your dreams. We can’t do it for you; you’ve got to do it yourselves. But we can give you the tools you need. We can give you a little bit of a helping hand and a sense of possibility and direction. You got to do the work, but we can make it a little bit easier for you.That’s why, one year ago, we launched what we call My Brother’s Keeper. It’s an initiative that challenges communities to bring together nonprofits and foundations and businesses and government, all focused on creating more pathways for young people to succeed. And this week, we put out a report showing the progress that’s been made. That progress is thanks to the nearly 200 local leaders who’ve accepted what we call My Brother’s Keeper’s Challenge – including Mayor Benjamin and the mayors of Johnston and Holly Hill. They’re doing great work mentoring young people, giving them a new path for success. (Applause.) 201507/383438武汉那家医院做切包皮好武汉早泄怎么自己恢复

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