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2019年10月19日 00:50:56

Apple is expected to reportthe iPhone’s first annual decline in sales volumes this week, but in turnfuelling Wall Street’s hopes of a rebound in the run-up to Christmas.苹果(Apple)预计将于本周报告iPhone年销量首次下滑,但这进而将提高华尔街对于在圣诞节前出现反弹的期待。Apple is forecast to reportiPhone sales of about 45m units on Tuesday when it releases earnings for itsfiscal fourth quarter, according to analysts, marking the third successivequarter of decline for its flagship product. That would take total iPhone salesto 211m for Apple’s 2016 financial year, which is about 9 per cent lower thanthe previous year.据分析师表示,苹果将于周二发布第四财季盈利数据,预计将报告iPhone销量约4500万部,这是该旗舰产品连续第三个季度销量下滑,令苹果2016财年iPhone总销量达到2.11亿部,比上年下降约9%。Though the drop has long beenanticipated by investors based on Apple’s guidance, the result is a starkturnround after Apple’s blockbuster 2015, which saw iPhone sales surgeby 37 percent to 231m, thanks to huge demand for the iPhone 6.尽管基于苹果的指引,投资者对这一下降早就有所预期,但这是苹果2015年骄人业绩之后的一次明显转折,在iPhone 6巨大需求的推动下,该年iPhone销量激增37%,至2.31亿部。While the iPhone 6S was unableto sustain that level of growth, many on Wall Street have become moreoptimistic about the prospects for itsApple’s latest version modelafterAppleexecutives said last quarter that sales had passed the“low point”.虽然iPhone 6S无法保持这一增长水平,但许多华尔街人士对于苹果新版手机的前景已经变得更加乐观,此前苹果高管在上季度表示,销量已越过“低点”。Mobile operators in the US andEurope, as well as some component suppliers, have voiced their confidence inearly sales of the iPhone 7, which some analysts say may also see an addedboost from Samsung’s withdrawal of its Note 7 smartphone following a spate ofbattery fires.美国和欧洲的移动运营商以及部分组件供应商已表示,iPhone 7的初步销售形势让他们有信心;一些分析师表示,三星(Samsung)在一连串电池着火事件后停产Note 7智能手机,可能也会带来额外的促进。Although iPhone unit sales areamong the most closely watched figures among investors when Apple reports itsquarterly earnings, analysts are also anticipating an increase to the averageselling price of a handset owing to the popularity of the iPhone 7 Plus, whichis sold out for weeks on Apple’s website.虽然在苹果的季度盈利报告中,iPhone销量是投资者最关注的数据之一,但分析师还预期手机平均销售价格将增加,这归功于iPhone 7 Plus的畅销,几周来该手机在苹果网站上一直脱销。While many on Wall Streetanticipate that Apple’s smartphone sales will be little better than flat yearon year in the December quarter, more bullish investors are aly looking ata larger wave of upgrades by customers when next year’s iPhone arrives.尽管许多华尔街人士预计,苹果智能手机在截止12月的季度销量比去年同期水平好不了多少,但比较乐观的投资者已经在期盼,明年iPhone发布后,会有更大一波客户升级自己的手机。After reporting earnings onTuesday, Apple is also expected to unveil new Macs on Thursday. Reporters havebeen invited to a press event at its Cupertino headquarters with the tagline“Hello again”. Many have interpreted the invitation as a reference to theoriginal launch in 1984, when the computer famously introduced itself with thewords “Hello, I am Macintosh”.苹果在周二发布盈利报告后,预计将在周四推出新的Mac电脑。记者们已接到参加在该公司库比蒂诺总部举行的新闻发布会的邀请,其标语是“你好,又见面了。”许多受邀者将此邀请与1984年初代机发布作比,当时的标语是“你好,我是麦金塔(Macintosh)”。 /201610/473510瑞金市隆鼻手术多少钱赣州去眼袋医院布兰妮最淘气 茱丽最乖When Britney Spears and Paris Hilton open their stockings on Christmas Day, they shouldn't be surprised to finda lump of coal.A poll of American children released on Wednesday found that the two high-profile celebrities should top Santa's naughty list.By contrast Disney star Hannah Montana was overwhelming deemed the "nicest" celebrity among children aged 2 to 12 while actress Angelina Jolie was the choice for teenagers 13 to 17.The online survey of 1,107 children was conducted by E-Poll Market Research, which specializes in celebrity and brand research, to gauge children's attitudes about nice, naughty, and the seasonal question of who makes Santa's list.Spears, whose stint in rehabilitation, panty-less pictures, and custody battle for her children has won headlines globally, was awarded top "naughty" honors with younger and older children.She was followed on the list by heiress Paris Hilton who spent three weeks in jail this year on a probation violation.The two women beat out Swiper the Fox from the television show Dora the Explorer, the Grinch from the book "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" and Darth Vader from Star Wars among children 2-12.For teens, Spears and Hilton topped Lindsay Lohan, who spent 84 minutes behind bars this year for a drunken driving and caffeine possesion conviction, and Beyonce.When asked what makes someone nice, children mentioned "cleaning up and doing chores," "sharing" and "being honest and polite" as ways to impress Santa.On the flip side, they mentioned "not listening to parents," "being mean and bullying" and "being snobby" as behaviors exhibited by those headed for the naughty list. 如果“小甜甜”布兰妮和帕丽斯#8226;希尔顿今年圣诞节打开长筒袜时发现一块煤渣,她们应该不会感到惊讶。本周三公布的一项针对美国儿童的民意调查发现,今年“圣诞老人淘气榜”的冠亚军应该非这两位“名媛”莫属。相比之下,迪斯尼明星“汉娜#8226;蒙塔纳” 倍受青睐,她被两岁至12岁的儿童评为“最乖巧的”名人;而13岁至17岁的孩子则最青睐影星安吉利娜#8226;茱丽。该项在线调查由专门调查名人及品牌的E-Poll市场调查公司开展,共有1107名儿童参加。调查主要为了了解儿童对于乖巧和淘气的理解,以及他们认为谁该入选圣诞老人今年的“两榜”。“小甜甜”布兰妮今年因几次进出戒疗所、被拍到未穿内裤的“露底照”以及(与老公)争夺孩子监护权风波而频登世界各地媒体的头条,因此被孩子们评为“淘气王”。其次便是帕丽斯#8226;希尔顿,今年,这位豪门女星因在缓刑期违规驾驶而入狱三周。两人击败电视剧《爱探险的朵拉》中的捣蛋狐狸“斯维伯”,《圣诞怪杰》小说中的格林奇,以及《星球大战》中的达斯#8226;瓦德,成为2岁至12岁孩子眼中“最淘气”的名人。在十几岁的孩子们看来,“小甜甜”和希尔顿比林赛#8226;洛翰和碧昂丝更淘气,今年,林赛因酒后驾车及携带咖啡因入狱84分钟。在被问及如何评价一个人是否乖巧时,孩子们认为“打扫卫生和做家务”、“懂得与人分享”以及“诚实懂礼貌”都能给圣诞老人留下好印象。至于“淘气”,孩子们认为“不听父母话”、“小气、爱欺负人”以及“势利傲慢”都是淘气鬼们的“招牌行为”。 /200803/32399信丰县妇幼保健院打瘦脸针多少钱

上犹县妇幼保健院瘦腿针多少钱赣州哪里去疤痕疙瘩赣州非手术注射除皱Dealing with a rusty bicycle chain can be a messy affair, but an innovative new bike from Ikea solves that pesky problem. The furniture retail giant recently introduced its new ;Sladda; bike, which uses an oil-free and corrosion-resistant drive belt rather than a metal chain. 自行车链生锈是件麻烦事儿,但家具零售巨头宜家最新推出的创意自行车,完美地解决了这个问题。该自行车名为“斯拉达”,与人们熟知的金属车链不同,宜家自行车取而代之的是驱动带,无需润滑油,且耐腐蚀。 The drive belt is designed to last about 9,320 miles, which is about two to three times longer than a typical steel chain, according to Ikea. Moreover, the unisex Sladda bike has a ;click system; that lets the rider snap on accessories, such as a basket, a bike bag rack and a towing trailer, the company said. 这种驱动带设计行驶路程约9320英里,是普通钢链使用寿命的两到三倍。而且公司称,该款男女通用自行车还配有一键设置系统,骑行者可以自己添加各种配件,比如前车筐、后车篓,甚至能加挂拖车。 Sladda is like tablet apps: You can add endless accessories to enhance ease of use. 斯拉达就像可添加应用的平板电脑,你可以随意配置海量应用,以提高它的易用度。 The new drive belt may be a boon to riders who take to their bikes even during inclement weather. Over time, steel bike chains tend to rust, particularly when they#39;re covered with corrosive salt that#39;s left on the roadways. 对于那些即使在恶劣天气也要骑车的人来说,这种新款驱动带可能再合适不过了。随着长时间的使用,钢制自行车链易锈蚀,尤其当路面上的腐蚀性盐类附着在自行车上以后。 Accumulated rust can be difficult to remove, and it can also affect the chain#39;s flexibility. But Ikea#39;s new bike won#39;t have those problems. 斑斑锈迹不易清理,也影响车链的灵活性。但宜家自行车就不会有这些问题。 Moreover, the bike has automatic gears that are hidden in a sealed hub placed in the rear wheel. 而且这款自行车还安装了自动变速系统,隐藏在后轮内的一个封闭盒中。 Sladda#39;s frame is made from aluminum, meaning it will be easy to lift and carry up and down stairs. The bike, which comes with either 26- or 28-inch wheels, also has two layers of lacquer that will protect the frame from mud, salt and scratches. But it#39;s not for little kids — Ikea recommends that only people age 12 or older use it. 斯拉达的车架是铝制的,拿起来很轻,上下楼梯携带也很方便。轮子大小分26英寸和28英寸两种。车架表面有两层喷漆,防淤泥、盐蚀和剐蹭。但车子不适于儿童使用——宜家建议12岁以上人群使用。 The bike is expected to be available beginning in August for 7. 该自行车有望今年8月上市,售价797美元。 /201604/438912赣州医院哪家割双眼皮好

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