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Turkey launched a major diplomatic charm offensive Monday, reaching out a conciliatory hand to Russia and hailing a deal to restore ties with Israel as it looks to boost its neighborhood clout.土耳其星期一发起了一场重大的外交魅力攻势,向俄罗斯伸出了安抚之手并提出恢复同以色列关系的解决方案,看起来是要提高它的周边影响力‘Regretsover downed jet -对被击落的战机表示“遗憾”Putin had repeatedly demanded an apology over the downed jet, and the latest move could help end a feud that has seen Moscow slap a raft of sanctions on Ankara.普京曾多次要求就被击落的战机道歉,最新的举措能够帮助结束宿仇,可以看到莫斯科已经对安卡拉实行了一系列的制裁了。Erdogan said late Monday that he hoped for a “quickreturn to normal ties between the two.埃尔多安在之前的星期一表示他希望能够快速恢复两国的关系。Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has also accepted an invitation to the Black Sea Economic Cooperation meeting in Sochi, Russia on July 1, according to a foreign ministry source another potential sign of a thaw.根据外交部消息,外交部长Mevlut Cavusoglu同样接受了邀日去俄罗斯索契参加黑海经济合作会议——另一个解冻的暗示信号。Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters earlier that Erdogan had “said sorryin a letter to Putin, although there was no explicit confirmation of this from the Turkish side.克里姆林宫发言人早些时候告诉记者,埃尔多安曾在信件中向普京说抱歉,虽然并没有得到土耳其方面的明确确认。Turkey’s Anadolu state news agency cited presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin as saying Erdogan had written to “express his regrets土耳其Anadolu国家通讯社援引总统发言人Ibrahim Kalin的话说,埃尔多安曾写信传达他的歉意。The countries are on opposing sides in Syria, with Ankara backing rebels fighting to topple Assad while Moscow staunchly supports his regime.这两个国家在叙利亚持相反立场,安卡拉持反对派推翻阿萨德,而莫斯科持阿萨德政权。UN chief Ban Ki-moon meanwhile hailed the Israel-Turkey deal as a “hopeful signal for the stability of the region联合国秘书长潘基文同时称赞以色列-土耳其和解是一个“地区稳定的让人充满希望的信号”。The US has pushed for a resolution between its two longtime allies as it seeks cooperation in the fight against the Islamic State group.美国在它的两个长期盟友间推动了一个和解方案,来寻求对伊斯兰国组织的协同作战。Ties went into deep freeze in 2010 after the Israeli commando raid against activists trying to breach the naval blockade on the Gaza Strip.关系降到冰点实在2010年,在以色列突击队袭击试图打破海军对加沙地带的封锁的活动分子之后。Two of Turkey’s key conditions for normalization an apology and compensation were met earlier, leaving its third demand, that Israel lift the blockade, as the main obstacle.土耳其正常化的两个关键条件——一个道歉和补偿——早些时候得到满足,现在抛出了第三个要求,以色列解除封锁,这是一个主要的障碍。Israel has committed to pay million to families of the slain activists, in exchange for all claims against Israeli soldiers being dropped.以色列已经承诺000万美元给被杀死的活动分子的家人,作为交换要放弃所有针对以色列士兵的索赔主张。But while Turkey has won permission to deliver aid to Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed the blockade would remain in place.但是在此期间土耳其已经得到了援加沙的批准,以色列总理本杰明·内塔尼雅胡强调封锁仍将继续‘Nearly no friends-“几乎没朋友”Turkey had also fallen out with Egypt following the military’s ousting of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, a close ally of the government in Ankara.在军方将安卡拉政府的亲密盟友,伊斯兰主义总统Mohamed Morsi赶下台后,土耳其同样从埃及出局。Davutoglu’s initiatives resulted in Turkey ending up with “nearly no friendsin the Middle East, Cagaptay said.Davutoglu的举措是土耳其结束了在中东没有朋友的局面, Cagaptay说道。Israel had its own incentives to patch things up as it seeks regional customers for gas exports, with talk of a potential pipeline to Turkey.以色列也有改善现状的动机,它为天然气出口寻找区域买家,商谈一个到土耳其的潜在管道。Netanyahu, speaking in Rome after meeting US Secretary of State John Kerry, described the agreement as having “immense implications for the Israeli economy内塔尼亚胡在会见美国国务卿约翰克里后在罗马发表讲话,将该协议描述为对以色列经济有着巨大的影响。Kerry, too, hailed it as a “positive step克里也称赞它为一个积极的进步。After the deal is signed on Tuesday, the approval process will start in both countries, and Yildirim said Ankara would appoint an ambassador to Tel Aviv within weeks.在周二协议签订后,在这两个国家将开始审批程序,Yildirim称安卡拉将会在特拉维夫派驻一名大使。来 /201606/451975The construction of a new civilian airport is expected to start soon along Chinas border with Russia in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang.在中国东北的黑龙江省中俄边境,不久之后即将开始新建一座民用机场。Costing around 1.2 billion yuan (179 million U.S. dollars), the regional airport is designed to handle 450,000 passengers and 3,600 tonnes of cargo and mail annually, according to an official spokesperson with Suifenhe City.据绥芬河市政府一名发言人表示,这座新民用机场将耗资12亿元人民币(约合1.79亿美元),每年可以接纳的旅客数量达到45万人,货物和邮件达到3600吨。It will have a 2,500-meter-long, 45-meter-wide runway, allowing 4,800 take-offs and landings a year, said the spokesperson.据这名发言人表示,新机场将修建一.5公里长5米宽的跑道,每年可允800次飞机起降。The construction of an expressway leading to the airport broke ground last Saturday.上周六,机场高速公路的建设工作已经开始破土动工。Located in the southeastern part of Heilongjiang, Suifenhe is the provinces largest port to Russia.绥芬河位于黑龙江省东南部,是该省通往俄罗斯最大的港口。It sees nearly a million cross-border trips and its trade volume exceeds 10 billion yuan a year.每年跨境旅游人次接近100万,贸易额超过了100亿元人民币。Customs statistics show nearly 80 percent of Heilongjiangs cargo imported from or exported to Russia passed through Suifenhe.据海关统计数据显示,在黑龙江出口到俄罗斯、或者从俄罗斯进口回来的货物中,0%要经过绥芬河。来 /201610/474114

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