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China on Sunday banned shark fin for official dinners as part of its austerity drive. The controversial ingredient joins hairy crabs, mooncakes and expensive suitcases as the latest victim of President Xi Jinping’s campaign.中国周日发布《党政机关国内公务接待管理规定》,禁止工作餐提供鱼翅等菜肴,这是厉行节约运动的一部分。继大闸蟹、月饼和高档行李箱之后,鱼翅这种备受争议的食材也成为中国国家主席习近平发起的这场运动的“受害者”。Chinese state media reported that the central government has banned official dinners with shark fin, bird’s nest and wild animal products in a new directive. Xinhua, the state news agency, said government staff would not be able to serve cigarettes and expensive alcohol at official functions.中国官方通讯社新华社报道,中央政府下达的这项新规定禁止工作餐提供鱼翅、燕窝和用野生保护动物制作的菜肴,禁止提供香烟和高档酒水。This comes as Samsonite, the 103-year-old luggage maker, says China sales will show a “certain amount of moderation” this year due to Mr Xi clamping down on extravagant spending.与此同时,已有103年历史的行李箱制造商新秀丽(Samsonite)表示,受习近平打击奢侈浪费风气影响,该公司今年在华销售增长将出现“一定程度的放缓”。Ramesh Tainwala, Samsonite’s Asia head, says sales are expected to decline at least 10 percentage points from a growth rate of more than 20 per cent last year to 12-15 per cent this year.新秀丽亚洲区总裁拉梅什?塔因瓦拉(Ramesh Tainwala)表示,今年销售额增长率将下滑至少10个百分点,由去年的逾20%降至12%至15%之间。“Because of the austerity drive that is going on with the government? Officials are now trying to learn?.?.?.?how they are supposed to react,” says Mr Tainwala. “Will this be considered as, let us say, a luxury or avoidable expense?”塔因瓦拉表示:“因为中国政府眼下正在推行的厉行节约运动……官员如今正努力搞清楚……他们该怎么做。比如说,他们会想,这会不会被视为奢侈品或可避免的出呢?”Since coming to power a year ago, Mr Xi has cracked down on excessive spending by government officials. The drive has taken a toll on everything from culinary delicacies such as abalone and exotic crabs to the kind of transportation and hotels that government workers use on official business trips.自一年前上台以来,习近平一直在打击政府官员的过度出。这项运动波及了方方面面,从鲍鱼、大闸蟹等美味食物,到政府工作人员在差旅中的交通方式和住宿规格。One Beijing resident and local official who travels to Nanjing to visit a relative says she was accustomed to being picked up at the airport in a government car. But she says the car has disappeared since Mr Xi became China’s leader.一名经常去南京探亲的北京地方官员说,过去她一下飞机就坐上在机场等候的公务车,自从习近平上台以来,这种待遇就消失了。To power his campaign, Mr Xi, or his propaganda team, has created slogans such as “four dishes and a soup” to urge officials to refrain from the kind of previously ubiquitous banquets that were laced with copious amounts of baijiu or, in more recent years, expensive claret.为宣传这场运动,习近平(或他的宣传团队)创造了“四菜一汤”等宣传语,以敦促官员杜绝过去普遍存在的那种摆满高档白酒(近年来则还有高档红酒)的公务宴请。In an interview, Tim Parker, Samsonite chief executive, and Mr Tainwala stress that China remains a very important market for the company. Mr Parker says he can “well imagine that in the next sort of three to four years that the company will make its first acquisition of a Chinese business”.塔因瓦拉和新秀丽首席执行官蒂姆?帕克(Tim Parker)在一次采访中强调,中国仍是新秀丽非常重要的市场。帕克表示,他完全可以“设想,再过个三四年左右,新秀丽将首次收购一家中国企业”。But, in the meantime, Samsonite must join other global luxury brands in navigating the new austere landscape in China. Mr Tainwala says one way the campaign is hurting business is through the impact on corporate gifts. Banks have also cut back on redemption campaigns that allow customers to exchange accumulated points for luggage and other items.但与此同时,新秀丽必须和其他国际奢侈品牌一样,应对厉行节约运动下中国的新形势。塔因瓦拉表示,这场运动冲击公司业务的方式之一,是影响企业的礼品购买行为。也减少了积分兑换行李箱等礼品的活动。As a result, there has been “a lot of slack” in Samsonite’s sales to businesses in China. Mr Tainwala says airlines that typically buy cases in bulk for flight crews until recently held off, as they tried to interpret the rules being telegraphed by Mr Xi.因此,新秀丽在华对企业销售情况“很不景气”。塔因瓦拉表示,航空公司以前往往批量购买行李箱,配发给机组成员,但最近也不这么做了,因为航空公司试图解读习近平主政下这些新规定传递出什么样的信息。“Buying is being looked upon a little bit more carefully and the new rules and regulations and guidelines are getting released,” says Mr Tainwala.塔因瓦拉表示:“人们在购买时变得更谨慎了,而新的规定、监管措施和指导方针还在不断出台。”But he adds that recently there are “indications that some of the airlines and banks which operate redemption schemes are aly getting started” again.但他补充说,最近有“迹象显示,一些航空公司和又开始在做积分兑换活动”。 /201312/268205

Cynics earn less愤世嫉俗者赚钱少People who take a dim view of the world and those around them earn less, research shows.一项研究发现,对于世界和周围人们持悲观看法的人,赚的钱更少。The difference is far from insubstantial, with the most cynical taking home 5 a month less, on average, than the most trusting types.这一区别非常明显:那些最愤世嫉俗的人,比最信任他人的人平均月薪少305美元(约合1892元人民币)。Employees who believe others to be exploitative and dishonest are likely to avoid collaborative projects and to forgo the related opportunities, said a psychologist at the University of Cologne in Germany.德国科隆大学一位心理学家表示:那些认为别人会利用自己、别人都不可靠的雇员,倾向于避开合作项目,从而放弃相关机会。People who hold a more benevolent view of human nature, in contrast, are more likely to benefit from joining forces with others, he said.相比之下,对人性看法更乐观的人们,则更容易在与他人的合作过程中获益。 /201506/379307


  What is an emerging market?什么是新兴市场?The term began as a euphemism for the pejorative-sounding “third world” but, as the FT argues, “emerging market” now stands for a haphazard collection of countries with varying economic sizes and growth rates.这个词原本是听起来带有贬义的“第三世界”的委婉说法,但英国《金融时报》认为,“新兴市场”现在代表一个由不同经济规模、不同增长率国家组成的大杂烩。The classification matters primarily because of index providers such as MSCI and JPMorgan that have a major influence over how international portfolio investors allocate their money. An estimated .3tn is invested in so-called emerging markets.分类之所以重要,主要是因为MSCI明晟和根大通(JPMorgan)等指数提供商对国际券投资者配置资金的方式有重大影响。据估计,总共有10.3万亿美元的资金投入了所谓的新兴市场。This helps explain why Greece’s stock market actually rallied when the country was demoted from developed to emerging status by MSCI in November 2013. Less than 0m of passive money tracking developed market indices would seep out of Greece as a result, according to one HS estimate, while inflows from emerging markets investors could top bn.这有助于解释为何2013年11月MSCI将希腊从发达市场降级为新兴市场时,希腊股市反而上涨了。根据汇丰(HS)的一项估计,那次降级导致不到2亿美元追踪发达市场指数的被动资金从希腊“渗出”,而新兴市场投资者投入该国的资金可能突破了10亿美元。Just how many emerging markets are there?新兴市场到底有多少个?According to the International Monetary Fund 152. Just 23, says MSCI.按国际货币基金组织(IMF)的说法是152个。按MSCI的说法则只有23个。The IMF classification basically comes from dividing the world in two: advanced economies, and emerging and developing economies. Its criteria are per capita income, export diversification and degree of integration into the global financial system.IMF的分类基本是将世界一分为二:发达经济体,以及新兴和发展中经济体。其划分标准是人均收入、出口的多样化以及融入全球金融体系的程度。MSCI, by contrast, approaches the issue from the point of view of investible equities, so its division of the world into developed, emerging and frontier markets is based on the level of market access to foreign investors, and standards of size and liquidity.相比之下,MSCI是从可投资股票的角度来处理这一问题,因此它依据外国投资者的市场准入程度以及规模和流动性标准,将世界分为发达、新兴和前沿市场。MSCI offers a Frontier Emerging Markets Index, with 163 equities from 28 countries — of which four: Colombia, Egypt, Peru and the Philippines are also represented in its Emerging Markets Index. Launched in 1988 it includes the shares of 838 listed companies from just 23 countries including 85 per cent of the market capitalisation of equities in each nation, weighted according to free float (the shares available to investors).MSCI提供一个前沿市场指数(MSCI Frontier Emerging Markets Index),包含28个国家的163只股票——其中,哥伦比亚、埃及、秘鲁和菲律宾同时也是MSCI新兴市场指数(MSCI EM Index)的构成部分。1988年推出的MSCI新兴市场指数包含仅23个国家的838家上市公司的股票,以自由流通股(投资者可以购买的股票)加权计算,该指数涵盖了其中每一个国家股票市值的85%。Do emerging markets actually emerge?新兴市场真的在兴起吗?Not really. Argentina once had developed status and lost it — as did Greece. Japan and Singapore are widely said to have gained developed status since the second world war, but others, such as Venezuela, seem to be “submerging” instead in that its economy has imploded under policy mismanagement, with soaring inflation, a collapsing currency and widesp shortages of the most basic household essentials.并非如此。阿根廷曾拥有发达市场的身份,但又失去了——希腊也是如此。人们普遍认为日本和新加坡在二战后赢得了发达市场的身份,但其他国家,比如委内瑞拉,似乎反而是在“下潜”,其经济因政策管理不善而崩溃,造成通胀飙升、货币急剧贬值、以及最基本的生活必需品普遍短缺。At issue is an idea implicit in the emerging markets concept: that those economies are on the way up, riding an escalator to developed market status. Some may be. But others are not.目前的争议焦点是暗含在新兴市场概念中的一个看法,即新兴市场经济体正在兴起、搭上了升为发达市场的扶梯。其中一些经济体可能是这样。但另一些并非如此。Why all the fuss about this term now?为什么现在要拿这个词大做文章?Because investors, economists and commentators are coming to the conclusion that it has outlived its usefulness and has actually become counter-productive.因为投资者、经济学家和人士正得出一个结论:这个词过时了,不仅不再有用,而且实际上还产生了反效果。 /201508/391133。

  With bellies full of turkey and hearts full of mirth, millions of Americans will head to the mall this extended weekend — to buy Ugg Boots, Xboxes and Frozen dolls for themselves and for loved ones.数百万吃饱了火鸡、满心欢笑的美国人将会在这个大周末来到商场,为自己和亲朋好友购买UGG雪地靴、Xbox游戏机和冰雪娃娃。Increasingly, another industry is cashing in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it’s not one you usually associate with teeming crowds and slashed prices — autos.另一个行业也逐渐开始利用黑色星期五和网络星期一的商机,而通常情况下,这里看不到热闹的人群和跳水的价格,这个行业就是汽车业。Car shoppers are visiting car dealers in greater numbers around the Thanksgiving holiday. Alex Gutierrez, an analyst at Kelly Blue Book, said that while Black Friday hasn’t yet reached the level of Memorial Day or Labor Day for car sales, it’s quickly becoming one of the bigger weekends of the year for dealers.感恩节前后,大量购车者会光顾汽车店。Kelly Blue Book的分析师亚历克斯o古铁雷斯表示,尽管黑色星期五的汽车销量目前尚未达到美国阵亡将士纪念日和劳动节的水平,但对汽车经销商而言,它已迅速成为一年中最重要的周末之一。Granted, the deals offered on car lots aren’t always short-term, he noted. Many manufacturers are “running their Black Friday specials throughout the month of December,” he said.然而,古铁雷斯称,汽车打折并非都是短期活动,许多汽车厂商的“打折活动会从黑色星期五一直持续到12月底。”So what is driving this increase in Black Friday car shopping? Some of it, surely, is just the growing focus on the weekend as a time for all things consumerist, with cars dragged along for the ride. Gutierrez also notes that for the past year or so, the auto industry has been recovering from a historic low point that came during 2009 and 2010 in the aftermath of the credit crisis.那么,是什么推动了汽车销量在黑色星期五实现增长?毫无疑问,部分原因只是更多人将这个周末当作购买一切商品的好时机,而汽车业只是搭了个顺风车。不过古铁雷斯也表示,在2009年至2010年的金融危机过后,汽车业的表现跌至历史最低,如今已经开始恢复生气。The other thing driving auto sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the increasing importance of online shopping to the car buying process. Dealer.com, a Dealertrack TRAK 2.02% company that sells shopping tools to auto dealers, saw a 7% increase in the total traffic during the two weeks leading up to Black Friday in 2013 compared to 2012.而另一个促使汽车销量在黑色星期五和网络星期一攀升的因素,是网购在购车过程中的重要性日益增加。Dealer.com是Dealertrack旗下一家为汽车经销商提供购买工具的网站。该网站在2013年黑色星期五前两周的访问量同比提高了7%。“We are seeing a major surge in traffic, and we saw it last year too,” said Dave Winslow, Dealertrack’s vice president of digital strategy. Winslow pointed out that, with customers going online to shop, it doesn’t really matter if they are actually heading to the lots this weekend, because most of the decision-making happens before they actually go to buy a car.Dealertrack的数码战略副总裁戴夫o温斯洛表示:“我们发现,这段时间的网站访问量大幅增加,去年也有这个情况。”温斯洛指出,随着顾客们开始网购,他们是否在这个周末光临了汽车店并不重要,因为他们在买车之前已经做出了大部分决策。One online auto company is taking things a step further in its appeals to Black Friday shoppers by offering a flat discount of ,000 on all cars. That would be Carvana, a startup that calls itself the “Amazon of cars,” in that the cars — all used — are sold entirely online, including financing, and delivered the next day with no test drive. (The company does offer a no questions asked, full refund return within seven days of delivery.) Carvana currently operates in Atlanta, Nashville and Charlotte.一家汽车网购公司在吸引黑色星期五的顾客上更进一步,公司对所有车辆都提供1,000美元的折扣。这家初创公司名为Carvana,它自称是“汽车业的亚马逊(Amazon)”。Carvana只卖二手车,所有的购买手续,包括付款在内,都在网上进行,汽车将于次日送至客户处,其中没有试驾过程。(不过公司提供送达七日内无条件全额退款。)目前,Carvana只为亚特兰大、纳什维尔和夏洛特三座城市提供务。Carvana CEO Ernie Garcia stressed that Carvana wasn’t raising prices for two weeks before Black Friday and then cutting prices back down to what they were originally. With so many of their competitors taking that tack, Garcia said the company was stressing the promotion too much.Carvana的首席执行官欧尼o加西亚强调,他们没有在黑色星期五之前两周提价,然后再在活动期间降回原价。加西亚表示,许多竞争对手都会玩弄这种伎俩,但他们公司非常重视这次促销。“Every automotive retailer out there is going to have some crazy Black Friday thing,” he said. “That’s because they’re playing games. That’s really hard for us to really get through to customers.”他说:“外面每家汽车经销商都会在黑色星期五打出一些疯狂的活动,因为他们只是玩玩。让顾客听到我们的声音真的十分困难。”Is Black Friday really a great time to buy a car? Larry Dominique, an executive vice president at Truecar TRUE -2.00% , a service that tracks car prices, said that while it may be a good time, but shoppers can do even better.黑色星期五真的是买车的好时机吗?提供汽车价格追踪务的Truecar的执行副总裁拉里o多米尼克表示,这也许是个不错的时机,但顾客可以有更好的选择。He said that while discounts are very good on Black Friday, they actually improve at the end of the month. This is because car makers and dealers are looking to move as many vehicles off the lot as possible before the end of the year — manufacturers so they can report the best yearly sales they can, and dealers to reach the sales goals set by the manufacturers.他表示,尽管黑色星期五的折扣不错,但月底实际上会有更加优厚的让利活动。因为汽车制造商和经销商都希望在年底之前尽可能多地把车卖出去——如此一来,汽车厂家就能报出更多的年销量,而经销商也更容易达成厂家设定的销售目标。(财富中文网) /201412/346014

  Hong Kong#39;s top court on Tuesday denied the city#39;s refugees--some of who live in slum-like conditions--the right to work, disappointing activists who say the decision is likely to force more refugees into deeper poverty.香港最高法院周二拒绝给予香港难民工作权。这一决定令活动人士感到失望,他们表示,此决定可能导致更多难民变得更加贫困;香港的一些难民生活在类似贫民窟的环境中。The financial capital#39;s treatment of refugees has come under fierce criticism in recent years. Until a court ruling last year, Hong Kong refused to handle many asylum requests, effectively outsourcing them to the local office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, which helped refugees find homes elsewhere. The city doesn#39;t allow recognized refugees to permanently settle inside its borders, instead requiring them to seek homes overseas.近年来,香港对待难民的方式受到猛烈抨击。在去年法院作出相关判决之前,香港一直拒绝受理许多避难申请,实际上相当于把这些申请推给了驻香港的联合国难民事务高级专员办事处(U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees)。该办事处帮助难民在其他地方寻找避难地。香港不允许被确定身份的难民在其境内永久定居,而是要求他们到境外寻找避难地。That process of resettlement can take a decade or more, and in the meantime, many refugees and asylum-seekers live in squalid shacks dotting the city#39;s periphery. Hong Kong technically allows refugees to work, but they must first seek approval from the immigration department, which rarely grants it, lawyers say. If they work without permission, they risk jail time.这一重新安置过程可能耗时10年或更长时间。与此同时,许多难民和寻求避难的人都住在分散于香港周边的简陋棚屋中。律师说,从技术上讲,香港允许难民工作,但他们必须首先获得入境事务处的批准,但后者准许难民工作的情况十分罕见。如果难民在没有获准的情况下工作,他们可能被监禁。On Tuesday, Cosmo Beatson of refugee-advocacy group Vision First lambasted the court#39;s decision, calling it #39;massively disappointing.#39; Other developed nations, he notes, such as the U.S., grant refugees the right to work.周二,难民权益维护组织Vision First的Cosmo Beatson严厉批评了法院的决定,称该决定非常令人失望。他说,美国等其他发达国家都给予难民工作权。#39;The right to work is a fundamental right,#39; he said. #39;The fact that we#39;ve had refugees who#39;ve been recognized 10 years ago and still can#39;t work is absolutely outrageous.#39;他说,工作权是基本的权利。香港有10年前就被确认身份的难民,但仍无法工作。这样的情况让人震惊。Advocates say allowing refugees to work would have a limited impact on society, given that there are currently only around 100 recognized claimants in the city.维权人士说,鉴于目前香港只有大约100名被确认身份的难民提出工作申请,允许难民工作对社会的影响有限。In its ruling, Hong Kong#39;s court unanimously dismissed the appeal of four applicants identified in the judgment by their initials. The applicants hail from Burundi, Sri Lanka and Pakistan and all resided in Hong Kong for around a decade without the ability to work.香港法院一致裁定驳回四名申请人的上诉。这四人的名字在判决中以首字母的方式出现。这些申请人来自布隆迪、斯里兰卡和巴基斯坦,且都是在没有工作权的情况下在香港居住了大约10年。According to Daly amp; Associates, the law firm representing them, three of the four applicants are suffering from major depression or schizophrenia because of both the terrors they have suffered in the past and as a consequence of their uncertain status in Hong Kong.代表这些申请人的律师事务所Daly amp; Associates说,四名申请人中有三人都出现严重的抑郁和精神分裂,诱因包括他们过去受到的恐吓以及他们在香港不确定的地位。#39;This is not a case about #39;immigrants#39; taking #39;our jobs,#39;#39; said the firm#39;s Mark Daly. #39;It is a case about basic human dignity.#39;该律所的戴利(Mark Daly)说:这无关于移民抢走我们工作机会的问题,这是关于人的基本尊严的问题。Though three of the applicants can now work, Mr. Daly notes, they were given temporary permission, which expires this year, only after filing their latest appeal with the court.戴利指出,虽然四名申请人中有三人目前可以工作,但他们只是在提出最新上诉后才获得了临时许可,而临时许可将在今年到期。A spokesman for city#39;s security bureau, meanwhile, said that it welcomed the court#39;s judgment, adding that the government had #39;been acting and will continue to act in accordance with the law in a fair and reasonable manner.#39;与此同时,香港保安局发言人说,对法院判决表示欢迎,并补充说,政府一直在行动,并将继续根据法律采取公平合理的行动。 /201402/276444

  It’s pretty frustrating to follow the press coverage of Uber rape case in India on both sides of the world. What is a terrible tragedy — the details are awful and stomach churning — has played out in the press along three very predictable directions.在一位使用Uber打车务的印度司机强奸女乘客之后,东西方世界的媒体报道读起来都令人沮丧。多惨的一桩悲剧啊,案件的细节令人不忍卒读。媒体的解读也基本上是沿着三个非常容易预期的导向来进行的。Meme #1 — Uber is a company that likes to play loose with the rules and this is yet another example (mostly tech press in the U.S.)导向1:Uber是一家喜欢把规则当游戏的公司,这桩悲剧只是又一个例子(大多数美国的科技媒体)。Meme #2 — India is a country which has a problem with women’s safety (both press here and in India)导向2:印度是一个存在女性安全问题的国家(大多数美国和印度媒体)。Meme #3 — This is another example of why “foreign” companies can’t be trusted in India (from Delhi government, various Indian influencers)导向3:这个例子再次说明为什么“外国”公司在印度得不到信任(新德里政府、在印度有影响力的人士)。All of these are loose caricatures playing to existing biases and it’s frustrating because it ignores the underlying realities of these parts of the world and what could have been done to prevent this.所有这些观点都是在迎合已有的偏见,是非常不严谨的漫画手法。由于它忽略了这些地区的一些基本事实,和人们本可以采取哪些手段来预防这种悲剧,这真的令人非常沮丧。First, some history. India has had a string of similar tragic incidents for many years. When I was at Microsoft Hyderabad in 2005, we started having security guards accompany women home late at night after a string of incidents where women in tech companies were assaulted by their shuttle drivers. As I was writing this post, I found more incidents as recent as 2013. This has been happening for a long time now and India has been grappling with some hard social/cultural questions on why it has been unable to stop this. This is why a lot of us tell women traveling to India to be much more aware of their surroundings — the social calculus you employ when you do something as trivial as jumping into a cab or asking a stranger for a favor isn’t the same in every part of the world.首先要普及一些历史知识。多年来,印度已经发生了一连串类似的悲剧事件。2005年,我还在微软海德拉巴分公司(Microsoft Hyderabad)工作,由于当时接连发生科技公司女性员工被通勤班车司机性侵的事件,我们开始派保安护送下班晚的女性员工回家。就在我写这篇文章的时候,我发现就在不久前的2013年,也发生了很多类似事件。在印度,这类事件早已有之,印度为什么不能制止类似悲剧的发生,也与一些深刻的社会和文化问题有关。这就是为什么我们许多人都会警告去印度旅行的妇女一定要注意周围安全。坐进出租车或请陌生人帮忙这样的小事,可能会导致跟世界其他地方不一样的后果。The idea of Uber doing background checks and “filtering out” this driver with an arrest record is laughable for anyone who has dealt with government records in India. First, there is no reliable way to run a check on someone in most parts of the world and second, even if they did, a small bribe in the right place will fix most records.只要你曾经跟印度政府部门打过交道,你就会知道,质疑Uber为什么没有做好背景调查,从而“过滤掉”这样一个有犯罪前科的司机,是一个多么可笑的想法。首先,在全球大多数地区,并没有可靠的方法彻查某人的历史记录。其次,即便他们有这种方法,一笔小小的贿赂就能把大多数记录改过来。A side anecdote on how such records work. Most of my school friends didn’t have to go to the Indian equivalent of the DMV to get a license when they hit the right age — they just got a “friend” to get it for them for around . I remember being grumpy with my dad when he made me actually take the test. Not because my dad had some moral high ground but more because he didn’t want to spend the money on a bribe (note — that’s my dad in a nutshell for you). India is trying to fix this and anti-corruption has really captured the public’s imagination in the last few years but it’s a long road. Paying off a government official is still very much the status quo (as I find out every time I need something from them).说一个关于这些记录的故事。我的大多数同学在到了合法驾车年龄之后,并不会去印度的机动车辆管理部门申领驾照——他们会去找一个“熟人”花大约10美元弄一张。我记得当年我父亲逼我参加考试的时候,我甚至还发了脾气。我父亲倒不是有多高的道德水平,只不过他不愿意花贿赂的钱。印度政府也试图改变这种风气,近几年印度的反腐行动也引发了公众的不少想象,但这个国家仍然有很长的路要走。花钱贿赂政府官员仍然是一件非常平常的事(每次我去政府机关办事时都会发现这一点)。A reasonable person may ask — shouldn’t Uber have covered their bases anyway and asked the police? In a twist that is probably going to embarrass the Delhi cops, it turns out that Uber actually did get a police “character certificate” for the driver. But as I said above, no one really takes this seriously and Uber shouldn’t have either (more on this later).自然有人会问,Uber难道不应该调查自己的人,并且问问警察吗?这个问题可能会让德里警方感到尴尬,事实上Uber还真有一张警方为那个司机开具的“无犯罪记录”。但就像我上文说的那样,没人真把它当回事,Uber本来也不应该把它当回事。(稍后再进一步谈论这个问题)The Delhi government banning Uber as “unsafe” smells of a knee-jerk PR reaction against a company perceived to be “foreign.” Delhi has thousands of taxi drivers, cab companies and private transport vehicles — no one bothers asking for any sort of real background check for anyone driving these things. I have friends who own cab companies — their “driver check” is asking the driver whether he has a license. And even if everyone suddenly had great checks, let’s not forget that a lot of the recent assault cases in India were first-time offenders. This is just the way business is done in other parts of the world and people generally accept this as the status-quo and guard against it.德里政府以“不安全”为由封掉Uber,透出一丝针对“外国”公司近乎本能的公关反应。德里的出租车司机、出租车公司和私人运营车辆成千上万,几乎没有人要求对任何驾驶这些车辆的人做任何严肃的背景调查。我有朋友就是开出租车公司的,他们的“驾驶员调查”就是询问司机有没有驾照。如果哪家公司真的做了很好的背景调查,我们也不要忘了,印度最近发生的很多性侵案的嫌疑人其实都是初犯者。在世界其他一些地方,生意就是这样做的,人们也基本上接受了这种现状,并对此保持警惕。Uber with its use of technology is way safer than any other cab company or any generic cab driver who hustles you at the airport. I would ask anyone in India or visiting there to trust it (and other startups like OlaCab that use tech to power transport) way more than some cab driver off the street or some company which has three beat-up cars and a phone number in the yellow pages.凭借它所用的技术,比起其他任何出租车公司、或者挤在机场拉客抢客的出租车司机,Uber其实要安全得多。对于任何一个在印度居住和旅游的人,我会请他们相信Uber(以及其它利用科技促进交通的初创公司,比如OlaCab等),而不是街上随便一个出租车司机,或是那些只有三辆老爷车,而且只在黄页本上有一个电话的出租车公司。What really happened here is a tragedy due to India’s inherent social dynamics and problems with sexual assault as well as it’s inability to have a efficient ID system. *That* is why a young woman was harmed and that’s what we should be focusing the spotlight of mainstream attention on.事实上,这出悲剧之所以会发生,根源是印度固有的社会因素导致的性侵问题,以及印度没有能够建立一个高效的身份系统。这才是这名年轻女性受害的原因,这也是社会主流应该关注的焦点。However, there are still several questions we here need to answer.不过我们还是需要回答几个问题。For us in the tech world — How do we scale services that we take for granted when the social/cultural foundations don’t exist in other nations or there are other social dynamics at play? Do we say “Customers need this service even if we can’t guarantee what we can in the first world?” Or do we take a more nuanced approach (and what does that even mean)? I don’t know.对科技界来说,当有些社会和文化基础在某些国家不存在,或者这些国家存在其它社会问题时,我们又该怎样扩展我们认为是理所当然的务?我们是说“顾客需要这项务,即便我们不能保我们在第一世界国家能做到的事,在这里也能做到”?还是我们应该采取一种更微妙的方法(这到底意味着什么)?我不知道。For Uber — They must be feeling under siege now in a situation where they did more than any Indian cab company (and way, way more in working with law enforcement promptly). Props to them but they could/should have done more. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in India would know that background checks just don’t work and a certificate from the cops is just paperwork. How do you actually protect your riders in these parts of the world by going above and beyond what law enforcement can do? Someone suggested that Uber adopt a “more Indian way” of background checking by asking a few neighbors of each driver — as silly as it sounds, a crazy, unscaleable, localized approach like this might yield way better results.Uber现在肯定觉得自己身陷重围,哪怕他们做得比任何一家印度出租车公司都多(也更为迅速地配合执法部门方面)。这一点值得鼓励,但是他们本可以,也本应该做得更多。任何在印度待过一段时间的人都知道,背景调查根本不管用,警方开的无犯罪明不过是浪费纸张。那么在这个地区,你如何在执法部门的能力范围之外保护乘客的安全?有些人建议Uber可以采取“更具印度特色”的背景调查方式,比如询问每个司机的几个邻居——虽然这个点子听起来似乎愚蠢,但像这样貌似疯狂、不容易大规模推广的“土办法”很可能会带来更好的结果。If you can’t actually have effective background checks in less developed parts of the world, how do you tell your riders that before they step into a car? Culturally, how do you react to this by actually looking into doing more than just set up a bunch of meetings with the Delhi home ministry/ police department which establishes a process that looks great on paper? How do you build this concern into your company DNA? It’s way easier to get big numbers to go up (riders, trips, passengers, cities) than protect against the rare, catastrophic incident. I don’t know but I hope Uber uses the same ingenuity it has shown in developing their core service in tackling these questions.如果你在欠发达国家无法进行有效的背景调查,那么在乘客踏进出租车之前,你应该告诉他们什么呢?从文化角度上,除了和新德里的内政及警务部门开一堆会议,建立一套纸上谈兵的流程之外,你还得怎样应对?你如何把这种对安全的关注植入企业的DNA?让大数字(司机、行程、乘客、城市数量等)涨上去,要比预防这种罕见的灾难事故简单得多。我也不知道这些问题的,但是我希望Uber能发扬它在开发核心务时展现出的智慧,来解决这些棘手的问题。The real media tragedy here is the burial of the core story. A young woman was viciously assaulted and still managed to show incredible bravery in the seconds (taking a photo, recording the number) and hours afterward. Society failed her.真正的媒体悲剧在于,他们埋藏了这个故事的核心:尽管惨遭施暴,这位年轻女子依然在随后的几秒钟和几小时内展现出非凡的勇气(拍照、记下车牌号)。但是社会令她失望了。(财富中文网)Sriram Krishnan currently works on mobile monetization products for Facebook, and previously worked on cloud solutions for both Yahoo and Microsoft.本文作者Sriram Krishnan目前为Facebook开发移动货币化产品,此前他曾为雅虎和微软提供云解决方案。 /201412/348278






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