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第一大信号:你发现所有女人(或男人)都有毛病You find that all women (or men) are flawed /200911/89818福清海口镇治疗腋臭的医院IQ has been the subject of hundreds, if not thousands of research studies. Scholars have studied the link between IQ and race, gender, socioeconomic status, even music. Discussions about the relationship between IQ and race and the heritability of IQ (perhaps most notably Steven Jay Gould's Mismeasure of Man) often rise to a fever pitch. Yet for all the interest in the study of IQ, there has been comparatively little research on other influences on performance in school.Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman estimate that for every ten articles on intelligence and academic achievement, there has been fewer than one about self-discipline. Even so, the small body of research on self-discipline suggests that it has a significant impact on achievement. Walter Mischel and colleagues found in the 1980s that 4-year-olds' ability to delay gratification (for example, to wait a few minutes for two cookies instead of taking one cookie right away) was predictive of academic achievement a decade later. Others have found links between personality and college grades, and self-discipline and Phi Beta Kappa awards. Still, most research on self-discipline has achieved inconsistent results, possibly due to the difficulty of measuring self-discipline. Could a more robust measure of self-discipline demonstrate that it's more relevant to academic performance than IQ?To address this question, Duckworth and Seligman conducted a two-year study of eighth graders, combining several measures of self-discipline for a more reliable measure, and also assessing IQ, achievement test scores, grades, and several other measures of academic performance. Using this better measure of self-discipline, they found that self-discipline was a significantly better predictor of academic performance 7 months later than IQ.How did they arrive at this result? They studied a group of 8th-graders at the beginning of the school year. They used five different measures of self-discipline: the Eysenck Junior Impulsiveness scale (a 23-question survey about impulsive behavior), the Brief Self-Control Scale (13 questions measuring thoughts, emotions, impulses, and performance), two questionnaires in which parents and teachers rated the student's self-discipline, and a version of Mischel's delay of gratification task. Students were given an envelope containing , and were told they could spend it immediately or bring it back in a week for a reward. The students were also given an IQ test (OLSAT7, level G).At the end of the school year, students were surveyed again and several measures of academic performance were taken. The data included final GPA (grade point average), a spring achievement test, whether they had been admitted to the high school of their choice, and number of hours they spent on homework. All except two measures correlated more strongly to self-discipline than to IQ. Scores on spring achievement tests were correlated both to self-discipline and IQ, but there wasn't a significant difference. Duckworth and Seligman suggest that this could be partially due to the fact that achievement tests are similar in format to IQ tests. The other area where there was no significant difference was in school absenses.Most impressive was the whopping .67 correlation between self-discipline and final GPA, compared to a .32 correlation for IQ. This graph dramatically shows the difference between the two measures:Both IQ and self-discipline are correlated with GPA, but self-discipline is a much more important contributor: those with low self-discipline have substantially lower grades than those with low IQs, and high-discipline students have much better grades than high-IQ students. Even after adjusting for the student's grades during the first marking period of the year, students with higher self-discipline still had higher grades at the end of the year. The same could not be said for IQ. Further, the study found no correlation between IQ and self-discipline—these two traits varied independently.This is not to say this study will end the debate on IQ and heredity. The study says nothing about whether self-discipline is heritable. Further, the self-discipline might be correlated differently with achievement for different populations; this study covered only eighth graders in a relatively privileged school. Perhaps self-discipline has a different role at other ages, or in more diverse populations (though the study group was quite ethnically diverse—52% White, 31% Black, 12% Asian, and 4% Latino). Perhaps the most important question which remains is how best to teach children self-discipline—or whether it can be taught at all. 智商曾经是成百上千的研究者的主题,学者们曾经致力于研究智商和种族,性别,社会经济状况,甚至音乐等之间的关系.有关智商和种族关系以及智商遗传性的讨论也非常热(可能最有名的是 Steven Jay Gould 的amp;lt;关于人类的误区amp;gt;).然而,所有对智商感兴趣的研究中,有关智商在学校表现影响方面课题则较少.Angela Duckworth 和 Martin Seligman估计,有关智商和学业成就关系之间的论文中,只有不到十分之一的文章提到了自身努力.即便如此,这些小比例关于自身努力的研究也只是认为"它对成功有重要影响 ".Walter Mischel 和 colleagues 发现二十世纪八十年代,四岁的孩子延长快乐的能力(比如手上有两块饼干会等一会再吃掉他们,而不是先吃掉一块再说)成为了年后学术研究的对象.而另外一些人则发现了个性和学业成绩之间,以及自身努力和大学优秀生之间的关系.很多关于自身努力的研究出现了相互矛盾的结果,或者这要归罪于自身努力的难以量化. 是否能出现一个更有说力的据:自身努力对学校成绩的影响大于智商?为了落实这个一问题, Duckworth 和Seligman对八年级生进行了一项为期两年的调查,为了更可信,采用了很多自身努力的量化参数,也测试了智商.学业成绩,年级以及很多其他在校表现.籍此,他们发现,自身努力比智商更明显的预言了学生七个月后的表现.如何得到这个结果的?他们从学年开始就对八年级学生进行调查,使用了五项不同的自身努力量化参数:Eysenck初级冲动数(有关冲动行为的23个问题), 自我控制系数(关于思考,情绪,冲动和表现的十三个问题),两个问卷由老师和家长评定该孩子的自我修养,还有一个Mischel的自我满足测试任务.(给孩子们一个装了1美元的信封,告诉他们可以马上花掉它或者一个星后用它换2美元).同时也给他们做了智商测定.学年结束后,孩子们又接受了调查,还拿到了他们的成绩单.最后的数据包括各科平均成绩,成绩弹性度,他们是否通过了己理想高中的录取,每天花在家庭功课上的时间等等.所有这些除两个以外都和自身努力有莫大关系,与智商之间的关系却很少, 成绩弹性度与智商及自身努力都有关系,但是并不是根本性的不同,Duckworth 和 Seligman认为,这或许要归咎于成绩测试智商测试很相似.另一个对二者而言没有什么不同的因素是学校的出勤率.最后,自身努力和最终平均成绩之间67%的吻合度给人留下深刻印象,而与此对应的是,智商仅仅与其有32%的吻合度.从下面的可以明显看出来.智商和自身努力都和平均成绩有关,但是自身努力是一个相对更加重要的因素,那些自身努力不够的人比智商略逊的人成绩差,当努力的学生取得的成绩要高于高智商的学生.就算在一个学年标志性结束后调校了学生等级,很努力的学生也在年终取得了好成绩.但是高智商的学生却表现平平.而且,研究表明智商和努力之间没有任何直接关系--它们各自独立.并不是说这个研究会终结关于智商和遗传的争论,这个研究根本没有涉及自身努力是否可遗传.相反,自身努力对不同的人来说,能对成功会起到不同的作用.这个研究也只是在一个学校的八年级取得结论而已.或许自身努力在其他的年龄段它会扮演不同的角色,或许对不同的人种也有不同的效果(研究包含了52%的白人,31%黑人,12%亚裔,4%拉丁裔).或许,剩下最重要的事情是如何教育孩子奋发努力(如果能教育的话). /200810/54151福州福清医院妇科电话多少我们就要自由了,伙计们,加把劲。我已经感觉到第一滴雨水的滋润了! /201108/148221“蓝精灵”喜迎50岁生日!The little blue cartoon Smurfs are planning to celebrate their 50th birthday this year with a new TV series, books and a film, their human promoters said Monday.Throughout 2008, 20 European cities will be flooded by the minute characters only "three apples high" as in the cartoons.The Belgium cartoonist Pierre Culliford, best known by his pen name, "Peyo," first introduced the tiny blue figures in a comic strip in October 1958. He called them Schtroumpf and they became known worldwide as the Smurfs."The invasion will begin on January 20 and end in October," said Hendrick Coysman, head of the Belgian-based IMPS group which holds the rights to the cartoon characters and is controlled by Peyo's widow Nine and children Veronique and Thierry Culliford.The sale of tens of thousands of small figurines will benefit the ed Nations Children's Fund, Coysman said.A much larger Smurf statue, decorated by an unnamed celebrity, will be auctioned off on October 23, the 50th birthday date, with the proceeds also going to the UN's children's fund.The Smurfs are also to head back to the big screen with a co-production with the US Paramount film group, Coysman said.In an apparent nod to gender parity, new female characters will also be introduced to the Smurf village to help out Schtroumpfette, the only female.The cartoonist Peyo died in 1992 at age 64. Since then, his family and collaborators have continued his work "in the same spirit of humour and creativity," IMPS said in a statement.Since their humble origins in the Belgian children's comic-strip magazine Spirou, the Smurfs have sold 25 million cartoon albums worldwide in 25 languages.A testament of their enduring popularity: One million Smurf DVDs were sold last year alone, Coysman said.  卡通人物“蓝精灵”今年50岁啦!据主办方本周一介绍,为了给这群蓝色的小精灵“祝寿”,以“蓝精灵”为主题的系列新版动画片、图书和电影将与观众见面。据介绍,庆祝活动将持续今年一年,欧洲20个城市将遭到“蓝精灵”的“突袭”,这些小精灵和漫画中一样,只有“三个苹果”高。1958年10月,比利时漫画家皮埃尔#8226;库利福德(笔名:皮尤)创造的“蓝精灵”卡通形象首次出现在连环漫画中,他给这群小精灵起名为“Schtroumpf”,也就是后来享誉全球的Smurfs(“蓝精灵”)。比利时IMPS集团总裁亨德里克#8226;考伊斯曼说:“蓝精灵‘突袭’活动将于本月20日启动,10月份结束。” 拥有“蓝精灵”版权的 IMPS集团由皮尤的遗孀奈茵和他的两个孩子弗洛尼克和希里#8226;库利福德掌控。考伊斯曼说,数万只“蓝精灵”的销售收入将捐给联合国儿童基金会。由一位神秘人物精心装扮的一个“蓝精灵”巨人将于10月23日——“蓝精灵”50岁生日当天公开拍卖,拍卖所得将捐给联合国儿童基金会。据考伊斯曼介绍,“蓝精灵”还将被“派拉蒙”影视公司搬上大荧幕。为了体现性别平等,“蓝精灵”村还将迎来一批女性新成员,家族中唯一的女性成员“蓝”再不会孤单了。“蓝精灵”的创造者皮尤于1992年去世,享年64岁。IMPS集团在一份声明中说,皮尤去世后,他的家人和合作方秉承了他“幽默与勇于创造”的精神,继续他的事业。当年“蓝精灵”首次登上比利时《斯皮鲁》儿童漫画杂志时还是群不起眼的“小家伙”,但自它们面世以来,《蓝精灵》动画片在全球的销量达到2500万张,并以25种语言发行。考伊斯曼说,《蓝精灵》DVD仅去年一年的销量就达到了100万,这足以明“蓝精灵”的长久生命力。 /200803/29230福清人流哪家医院好点

福清市医院费用城头镇人民医院靠谱吗你以前听说过穿着舒的衣就能治病吗?不用吃药更不用打针,这是真的哦,但绝非超自然能力的,这都是有科学依据的。Try wearing a T-shirt to help against dry skin. Or use special bed sheets to help you sleep better. Such ideas might sound strange to westerners, but in India, these products are a new development in a very old tradition.试试能防止皮肤干燥的T恤,或者用用改善睡眠的特殊床单吧!这些想法在西方人听来可能有些怪异,不过在印度,这些产品只是一种把古老传统加以创新发展的结果。Ayurveda is a system of health care that has existed on the Indian subcontinent for hundreds of years. The plants used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat illnesses are now being added to cloth during the dyeing process before it is made into clothes and sheets. The products are being created as part of a special project in Kerala, a state in south-western India. "For skin problems, we select a plant like indigo, and mix turmeric with the plant," dyeing technician Rajan Kay told the B.阿育吠陀是一门在印度次大陆上流传了数百年的医疗保健体系。在传统的阿育吠陀医药中治病用的那些植物现在通过染色工艺被加到了布料中,然后这些布料再被加工成装和床上用品。这种产品将成为印度西南部喀拉拉邦一个特殊项目的一部分。染色工艺师瑞占?凯对英国广播公司的记者说:“针对皮肤问题,我们选择了槐蓝属之类的植物,并将姜黄根粉与之混合。”Companies making the cloth are quick to point out that wearing herb-infused clothing will not actually cure an illness, but can simply help as part of an overall approach. What happens to the herbs when the clothes are washed, however, is a question that's still unanswered.生产这种布料的多家公司很快便指出:穿戴浸过药草的衣物实际上并不能治愈疾病,它仅仅可以作为一套整体的医疗方案的一部分。至于衣经水洗后药草会发生什么变化仍是一个待解决的课题。1. Ayurveda 〈梵〉阿育吠陀,也译作“生命吠陀医学”,是印度一门集治病和保健于一体的古老学问。Ayus指的是“生命”,Veda指的则是“知识或者智慧”,两者结合在一起,意思是指“生命的科学”,或指“生命或长寿的知识”。阿育吠陀医学不单是一门治病的知识,同时还是一种教导人们如何生活、如何保持健康的学问。印度政府对于阿育吠陀医学相当重视,因此阿育吠陀医学在印度的卫生保健事业上一直发挥着重要作用。2. indigo 槐蓝属植物,木蓝属植物,这种植物能产生靛蓝类染料。3. turmeric 姜黄根粉,尤用于制作咖喱等佐料或黄色染料。4. herb-infused 浸入药草的,herb指“叶或茎可用于调味或制药的香草、药草”,infuse有“浸渍、泡制(草药)”之意。 /200807/43148Small boxes are a godsend. Large boxes become too heavy and unwieldy fast. It’s a lot easier to deal with lots of small boxes rather than fewer big ones that are too heavy to lift. As a rule, try to keep all boxes under 50 pounds to make sure they’re manageable.最好使用小纸箱子。大箱子笨重,不好挪动。相比较而言,多搬几个小箱子比搬大箱子更方便。 /201003/99474一都镇私密整形多少钱Scientists say they have discovered the world's smallest known fish in threatened(1) swampland(2) in Indonesia.The fish, a member of the carp(3) family, has a translucent(4) body and a head unprotected by a skeleton(5).Mature females grow to less than a third of an inch long. The males have enlarged pelvic fins(6) and muscles that may be used in reproduction, researchers wrote in a report published Wednesday by the Royal Society in London."This is one of the strangest fish that I've seen in my whole career,' said Ralf Britz, a zoologist(7) at the Natural History Museum in London. "It's tiny, it lives in acid(8) and it has these bizarre(9) fins. I hope we'll have time to find out more about them before their habitat(10) disappears completely."The fish are found in an acidic(11) peat(12) swamp on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Indonesian peat swamps are under threat from fires lit by plantation owners and farmers as well as unchecked(13) development and farming. Researchers say several populations(14) of the tiny fish have aly been lost.The previous record for world's smallest fish, according to the Natural History Museum, was held by a species of Indo-Pacific goby(15) one-tenth of a millimeter(16) longer.According to researchers, the little fish live in dark, tea-colored water at least 100 times more acidic than rainwater. Such acidic swamps was once thought to harbor few animals, but recent research has revealed that they are highly diverse and home to many unique species. 科学家称他们在印度尼西亚濒临消失的沼泽中发现了世界上最小的鱼。这种鱼属于鲤科,通体透明,头部几乎没有头骨保护。周三,伦敦皇家协会发表报告说,成年雌鱼体长不足三分之一英寸,雄性的腹鳍和腹肌比较大,可能用于求偶繁殖。伦敦自然历史物馆的动物学家拉夫·布利兹说:“这是我从事动物学研究以来见过的最奇特的鱼之一。它们很小,生活在酸性水域中,还有这样奇特的鳍。我希望在它们赖以生存的环境还没有完全消失之前,可以对它们了解得更多。”科学家们在印尼苏门答腊岛的一个煤炭沼泽中发现了这种鱼。印尼煤炭沼泽在农场主和农民大肆焚烧和无限制开发、农田开垦的威胁下,面临消失的危险。研究人员说这种小鱼的部分种群已经灭亡了。自然历史物馆说之前世界上最小的鱼是印度太平洋虾虎鱼的一种,体长十分之一毫米。研究人员说这种小鱼生活在黑暗、茶色的水中,水的酸性比雨水强至少100倍。 此种酸性沼泽曾经被认为是极少数生物的栖息地,但是最近的研究表明它们育着各种独一无二的珍奇物种。 /200804/37119福清治狐臭哪个医院好

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