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129 foods that can serve as the basis of your Healthiest Way of Eating. Links to the articles about these foods can be found below.Of course, there are many other nutritious foods other than those that we have included on our list that we feel are wonderful, health-promoting foods; if there are other whole foods - such as fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, whole grains, etc - that you like, by all means enjoy them. Just because a food is not on our list doesn't mean that we don't think that it can be included in a diet geared towards the Healthiest Way of Eating as long as it is a whole, natural, nutrient-rich food.To find out why some of your favorite nutritious foods are not included in our list, The Criteria Used to Select the World's Healthiest Foods.VegetablesAsparagusAvocadosBeetsBell peppersBroccoliBrussels sproutsCabbageCarrotsCauliflowerCeleryCollard greensCucumbersEggplantFennelGarlicGreen beansGreen peasKaleLeeksMushrooms, criminiMushrooms, shiitakeMustard greensOlivesOnionsPotatoesRomaine lettuceSea vegetablesSpinachSquash, summerSquash, winterSweet potatoesSwiss chardTomatoesTurnip greensYamsSeafood /200809/48999

Researchers say that drinking just three cups of tea a day can protect against heart attacks and stroke, according to a story in the UK's Daily Mail on October 9.A new review shows regular drinking of either black or green tea can reduce the risk of heart problems by 11 per cent. It cuts the build-up of plaque in the arteries - a combination of dangerous fat and cholesterol.The review by researchers at the University of Western Australia says the benefits of tea are largely due to the flavonoid content, antioxidant ingredients that counteract cardiovascular disease. One cup of tea provides 150-200mg of flavonoids. In terms of the delivery of antioxidants, two cups of tea is equivalent to five portions of vegetables or two apples.Dr Jonathan Hodgson, co-author of the review, said "There is now consistent data indicating that tea and tea flavonoids can enhance nitric oxide status and improve endothelial function, which may be at least partly responsible for benefits on cardiovascular health."Plaques in the carotid artery (a marker of atherosclerosis) have been shown to be less common in both men and women who drink tea. Bearing in mind the number of studies, including human trials, data demonstrates that flavonoids in tea can inhibit the development of atherosclerosis.This review also highlights evidence from randomized controlled trials showing that tea consumption may improve the health of the inner lining of the blood vessels as well as evidence that tea may reduce the risk of high blood pressure and lower blood pressure.Adding milk to tea doesn't affect the absorption of flavonoids from tea, according to several human research trials. In addition, the antioxidant effects seen in our blood following tea consumption are similar whether or not milk is added. /201010/115367

A couple of months ago, I asked you not to fear failure, saying that embracing failure — or at least the possibility of failure — was essential to success. But, of course, in the end the goal is to succeed, and fear of failing isn’t the only thing that keeps us from succeeding.I speak from experience here. Six or seven years ago, I was the picture of success — a straight-A graduate student, top of my class, a job I loved, a relationship that I was happy in, the whole enchilada. And then, those successes started slipping away. Nothing obvious at first, but gradually I found myself stuck in a rut academically, my relationship dissolved, things just weren’t going my way. I wasn’t failing, per se, just losing my grip on the successes I had won.In the last couple of years, I’ve been reassessing some aspects of my life, trying to figure out what had happened so I could rebuild. To some extent this has worked well — I have a job I love (although I need to develop it into a career, not just a job), I have a book coming out in my academic field, I’m writing quite a bit, and most importantly I have a new relationship that is going strong. To get here, I’ve had to figure out what I was doing wrong in the years in between, where I had lost my footing, and I think I’ve figured out a thing or two in doing so.If you’re not reaching the kind of success you imagine in the areas that area important to you, one or more of the following things might well be true of you, too:1. You don’t have a goal. A lot of time we find ourselves “spinning our wheels”, struggling through a day-to-day routine that isn’t getting us anywhere because we don’t know where we want to go. Sometimes we had goals when we set ourselves on a particular path, but we’ve changed along the way and those goals are no longer that important. Sometimes we simply did what was expected of us without ever stopping to think about what we eventually wanted to accomplish for ourselves. Whatever the case, figuring out what your goals are and, just as importantly, whether your current actions are helping to achieve them, is important.2. You don’t have a vision. Setting goals is important but isn’t enough to drive you to the finish line; it’s important, too, to be able to imagine yourself as the achiever of your goals. How will you feel, what’s the payoff, why is it worthwhile to follow these goals and not some other ones? If goals are the end result of a journey, your vision is the fuel to get you there.3. You don’t have a plan. If goals are your destination and a vision is your fuel, your plan is the map to get you there; without a plan, you have no idea what immediate steps to take to achieve your goals. Planning means taking stock of the resources you have, the resources you need, and the steps you have to take to put those resources into action. The world is full of people with goals they have never accomplished because they didn’t have a plan — don’t you be one of them.4. You’re too certain. Too much certainty creates inflexibility. If you’re sure that your plan is correct, and refuse to accept the possibility of error, you may well find yourself stuck when an unexpected change comes about, or when your plan takes you in an unexpected direction. However strong your plan and however sure you are of your goals, make room for periodic reassessment.5. You’re not certain enough. At the same time, too little certainty will paralyze you. If you refuse to take a step because you aren’t positive it will move you towards success, you won’t make any better progress than if you had no goals at all. Keep your eyes open and be willing to change, but have faith in yourself, too.6. You don’t learn from your mistakes. A lot of people take their mistakes as signs of their unworthiness. They take setbacks as proof that they were never meant to achieve anything in the first place, and that they were stupid to even try. Mistakes are crucial to success — if we take the time to analyze them and learn from them. Even when they bar us irrevocably from attaining a goal, the lessons we learn from our mistakes help us to make new and better goals.7. You reject outside influences. A lot of people see the influence of others as a weakness, or worse, a restriction or even “pollution” of their innate creativity. This is, in a word, hogwash. We are first and foremost social beings, none of whom has ever accomplished anything without the help of others. Welcome and accept other perspectives on your strengths and weaknesses, your successes and failures. Accept help graciously when it’s offered. This doesn’t mean you should take every piece of advice offered you, but you should listen seriously and openly and weigh carefully the input of others. And learn from their mistakes, when you can.8. You worry about being copied. Often we close ourselves off from other people not because we’re afraid that they will influence us but that we will influence them, that our brilliant ideas will be taken up by someone else and no longer be solely ours. So we avoid sharing our passions, and spend our energy jealously guarding our “secret” rather than simply moving forward. In the end, we turn our passions into burdens that become difficult to carry instead of a joy.9. You use up your reserves. When I’ve found myself at my lowest points, it’s always been for lack of a reserve — whether of money, of time, or most crucially of energy. In part this was the fault of inadequate planning and over-certainty — I should have reassessed my situation more realistically before exhausting my resources — but whatever the cause, it’s a dangerous place to be. A mistake that could be easily recovered from under normal circumstances becomes overwhelming when you’re too broke or too exhausted to respond adequately. Keep track of where you are financially, materially, and emotionally before you find yourself too worn down to continue.10. You fear success. Forget fear of failure, it’s fear of success that kicks us the hardest. It’s the darnedest thing, too — the kind of thing that you don’t imagine possible, until one day you realize that you really don’t know what to do with yourself if you ever accomplish your goals. On the other side of success is the unknown, and believe it or not, the unknown is often scarier than the known world of struggle and unfulfillment this side of success. When I realized this, one night as I drifted unhappily to sleep, it jerked me straight up in my bed!My father, an avid collector of seemingly random es, is fond of saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. (I’ve never had the heart to ask him why he keeps saying this….) At some point, you have to stop doing whatever you’re doing and figure out why you’re doing it, especially if it doesn’t seem to be getting you where you want to be. When you do, I think you’ll find that at least one of the above applies to you. Whatever your reasons, though, the important thing is to realize that it’s in your nature neither to be a failure, nor to be a success, that success is something we make rather than something that happens to us — and when you realize that, you can start to make the changes that move you from “insanity” to success. 几个月前,我让你《不要害怕失败》,告诉你要拥抱失败——或者至少拥抱失败的可能性——对成功来说,这是必要的。但是,当然了,我们最终的目标是要取得成功,而害怕失败也不是阻止我们成功的唯一障碍。现在我来说说自己的经历。大概六七年前,我是很成功的——我是全优毕业生,班里的第一名,有一份自己喜欢的工作,有一段令人愉悦的爱情,就是一整个安琪拉达(意指很幸福)。然后,情况开始下滑。最初一切并不明显,但我渐渐发现自己在学术上停滞不前,我的亲密关系破裂,所有的事情都不由我掌控。就其本身而言,我并不是失败,只是在已拥有的成功上失去了掌控权。此后的几年,我一直在反思自己生活的方方面面,试着找出哪里出了问题,好让自己能重新来过。从某种程度上来说,它很有效——我拥有一份自己喜欢的工作(虽然我得把它发展成为一个职业,而不仅仅是一份工作),我即将出版一本自己学术领域的书,已经写了不少了,最重要的是我有了一份趋向稳定的感情。说到这,我得指出自己在那两段时间中做错的事,那使我失去了成功地位,我想我已经提到过了其中的一件了。如果你还没有在你认为重要的领域中取得成功,那么你至少符合下面的一种情况:*你没有一个目标。很多时候,我们发现自己“转动轮子”,终日和时间赛跑,却没有去到任何地方,这是因为我们不知道自己想去哪。有时候,我们已经在前进的道路上设立了自己的目标,但一旦我们改变了自己的方向,那些目标就不再重要了。有时候,我们只是简单地去做那些自认为渴望的事,却没有停下来考虑自己真正想要的是什么。不论在哪种情况下,也不论你现在的行动对实现目标是否起作用,指出你的目标是很重要的。*你没有一个远景。设定目标是很重要,但这还不足以使你去达到它。设想你已经在目标上取得成功同样重要。你的感觉怎么样?回报是什么?为什么值得跟随这些目标而不是其它的?如果目标是一场旅行的最终结果,你的远景就是让你达到那的燃料。*你没有一个计划。如果目标是你的终点,远景是你的燃料,你的计划就是让你到那的地图。没有计划,你就不知道眼下要做什么去达到你的目标。计划意味着储存你所拥有的和所需要的资源,以及那些把这些资源转化为行动的步骤。这个世上有太多有目标却从未实现的人,是因为他们不曾有一个计划——别让你自己成为他们中的一员。*你太固执。太多的肯定会造成僵化。如果你肯定你的计划是正确的,并且拒绝接受错误的可能性,当预期以外的情况发生时,或当你的计划把你带到一个你不期望的方向时,你会发现自己陷入了困境。不论你的计划多么强,也不论你对自己的目标有多肯定,都要为重新考虑预留余地。*你不够肯定。同样的,太少肯定会让你气馁。如果你因为不确定是否能成功就拒绝向前迈一步,那你就不会比完全没有目标更有进展。保持你的双眼睁开,并且愿意改变,但同时也要对自己有信心。*你没有从错误中吸取教训。许多人都认为错误是毫无价值的迹象。他们用挫折明自己一开始就不打算取得成功,同时也明他们愚蠢到要去尝试。错误是成功的关键——如果我们花些时间去分析它们并从中学习的话。即便当错误不可避免地禁止我们达到目标,我们从错误中吸取的教训也能帮助我们设定一个新的更好的目标。*你拒绝外部的影响。许多人把其他人的影响看作是一个弱点,一种错误,一种限制,甚至是一种对他们与生具来的创造力的一种“污染”。总之就是一派胡言。我们首先是社会人,没有一个人可以完全不要他人的帮助就能获得成功。欢迎并接受他人对你优缺点和成功失败的评述。优雅地接受他人的帮助。这并不代表你要接受所有的建议,但是你要认真而公开地倾听,并仔细斟酌。可以的话,从他人的错误中学习。*你担心被复制。经常,我们会让自己和他人保持距离,并不是因为担心他人会影响自己,而是担心自己会影响他人。我们害怕自己出色的点子被他人占有,不再仅仅属于我们。因此,我们避免分享自己的,并且花精力谨慎地保守我们的“秘密”,而不是简单地往前走。最后,我们把自己的变成一种很难被欢乐所代替的负担。*你耗尽了储备。当我发现自己处在最低谷时,这总表示缺乏储备——无论是金钱还是时间,或者是最关键的能源。在某种程度上来说,这是计划不足和过度肯定的后果。——在耗尽我的储备以前,我要对现状重新做一次更实际的评估。——无论如何,这都是危险的情况。一个在正常情况下可以很容易被纠正的错误会在你精疲力尽不能对它作出适当反应的时候变得势不可挡。在你觉得情况太坏而不能继续以前,要在财务上、物质上和情感上保持跟踪。*你害怕成功。忘记对失败的恐惧之后,对成功的恐惧最使我们受伤。这也是件最可恨的事。你不太可能会想到这类事,直到有一天,你真正意识到,如果你达到了所有设立的目标,你将无事可做。成功的另一面是未知,不管你相信与否,未知都比现实世界中的斗争和未达到成功更可怕。一天晚上,当我不开心地渐渐入睡时,一想到这些,我就猛地从床上坐了起来!我的父亲,喜欢收集一些看似随机的格言。他喜欢说的一句话就是,疯狂就是总是重复相同的事却期望有不同的结果。(我从没有用心问过他为什么老是这么说……)某个时候,你得停下任何你在做的事,想一想你为什么要这样做,特别是在你做的事并没有让你达到目标的时候。一旦你这样做了,我想你将会找出至少一条上面说的情况与你相符。不论你的理由是什么,最重要的是你要明白,你的本质并不是要成为一个失败者或成功者,成功是要争取的,它不会自动发生在我们身上。一旦你意识到这些,你就能开始做出改变,这将会促使你从“愚蠢”走向成功。 /200811/56136

  Walt Disney cartoon character Donald Duck on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in August 2004. A first edition of a Donald Duck comic book from 1948 has been held behind bars in Sweden for a year-and-a-half amid a divorcing couple's drawn-out custody battle.A first edition of a Donald Duck comic book from 1948 has been heldbehind barsin Sweden for a year-and-a-half amid a divorcing couple'sdrawn-outcustody battle.The 58-year-old comic book was part of a collection at a museum in Koeinge, in southern Sweden, run by the couple.When they split up, they both claimed to be the rightful owner of the comic book. But in 2004, one of the couple decided to shut down the museum and sold the comic book to a third party, regional daily Hallandsposten reported in its online edition.As a result, the other spouse reported the comic as stolen to police, and it was confiscatedpendinga ruling.If inmintcondition, the item would be considered a rarity by collectors and could be worth up to 125000 kronor(16200 dollars, 13,345 euros), according to Swedish news agency TT.Prosecutor Sonja Seligmann said she would soon rule on the matter.In the meantime, the comic book remainsunder lock and keywith the Halland police.一本1948年首次出版的唐老鸭漫画书在瑞典卷入一对夫妇的漫长离婚官司。夫妇二人对这本漫画书的保管权争执不休,致使该书被瑞典警方“关押”了一年半。这本漫画书已有58年的历史,原本收藏在瑞典南部Koeinge一家由该夫妇经营的物馆里。这对夫妇关系破裂后,均声称自己是唐老鸭漫画书的合法主人。但2004年,据当地《哈兰日报》网络版报道,这对夫妇中有一人决定关闭物馆并把漫画书卖给第三方。之后,另一人则报警称漫画书被盗,警方由此收管该书,等待法庭做出判决。据瑞典TT通讯社报道,收藏家认为如果这本漫画书保存完好,它将是一件珍品,价值12.5万冰岛克朗(约16200美元或13345欧元)。检察官索尼亚·塞利格曼说,她将尽快处理此案。在这期间,唐老鸭漫画书仍由哈兰警方妥善保管。Vocabulary:behind bars: 坐牢drawn-out: 拉长的,拉锯式的pending: not yet decided or settled; awaiting conclusion or confirmation(悬而未决;等待作结论或批准的)mint: undamaged(未损坏的)under lock and key: 妥善锁藏着 /200809/47531

  Aries: head, brain, eyes, bones of face 白羊座:头部、脑部、眼部、脸部骨骼 Taurus: neck, throat, larynx, chin, lower jaw, ears, tongue, vocal cords 金牛座:颈部、咽部、喉部、下巴、下颌、耳朵、舌头、声带 Gemini: shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, upper ribs 双子座:肩部、臂部、手、手指、上部肋骨 /201002/96936。

  Assuming your doctor approves, exercise can help keep you healthy and feeling good during pregnancy.Assuming your doctor approves, exercise can help keep you healthy and feeling good during pregnancy.While you should avoidstrenuousactivity, light exercise can offer many benefits during pregnancy.The Nemours Foundation offers this partial list:Feeling better, having more energy, and getting better sleep at night.Reduced back pain and stronger back, thigh and buttock muscles.Reduced stress and anxiety.Reduced risk ofconstipation.Less weight gain during pregnancy, and a quicker return to your pre-pregnancy weight.Your body should tell you if it's had enough. Stop exercising immediately if you have any of the following symptoms:Fatigue.Dizziness.Heart palpitations.Shortness of breath.Pain in your back or pelvis. 如果医生允许,“准妈妈”们在怀期间应注意锻炼身体,这有益于你的身心健康。准妈妈在怀期间应避免剧烈运动,但轻微的运动确实能给带来很多好处。杜邦基金会列举了运动能给妇带来的一系列好处:1、可以使你状态更好、精力更充沛、睡眠质量更好2、缓解背部疼痛,增强背部、大腿和臀部肌肉的力量3、缓解压力和焦虑感4、防止便秘5、控制体重的增加,可以使你产后迅速恢复身材你的身体会告诉你运动量是否足够。如果出现以下几种症状,应立即停止运动:1、疲劳2、头昏眼花3、心悸4、呼吸短促5、背部或盆骨疼痛 Vocabulary: constipation: 便秘strenuous: requiring great effort, energy, or exertion(剧烈的;强度大的) /200803/29468

  1.了解你的个性Know what constitutes strength in character. Strength in character are the qualities that allow its possessor to exercise control over his instincts and passions, to master himself, and to resist the myriad temptations that constantly confront us. Moreover, strength in character is freedom from biases and prejudices of the mind, and tolerance, love, and respect for others.了解你个性中最本质的东西。它能够帮助你有效地控制自己的情绪和自己,能够禁得住诱惑,并尊重他人。 /201106/1387711 Without you, the moon is round though my heart is empty.   没有你在我身边,天上月圆圆,我心却空落落。2 East or west, home is best.   金窝,银窝不如自己的窝。3 The moon cake is eaten away, but the sweetness remains.   月饼已吃,甜蜜犹存4 Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.   家是我们情之所系的地方,虽只身在外,但心系家园。5 When we are together, even the moon in the sky will be jealousy.   如果我们在一起,天上的月亮也会嫉妒的。6 My dear, can you hear my heart beating in the soft moonlight? I miss you so.   在月色廖人的夜里,我是如此的想念你,亲爱的你听到我的心跳了吗? 7 To have a moonlight walk with you tonight is my best dream.   今晚和你在月光中散步是我最大的梦想。8 Still remember the happy time on Mid-autumn Festival when we were children? Best wishes for you!   还记得儿时我们共度的那个中秋吗?   祝你节日快乐。9 Would you like to go and admire the beauty of the moon with me tonight? 今晚能邀你一同赏月吗?10 Wish you and yours a happy holiday on this gathering day.   在这团聚的日子里祝你全家节日快乐。1. You may need more sleep than you think.Research by Henry Ford Hospital Sleep Disorders Center found that people who slept eight hours and then claimed they were "well rested" actually performed better and were more alert if they slept another two hours. That figures. Until the invention of the lightbulb (damn you, Edison!), the average person slumbered 10 hours a night.2. Night owls are more creative.Artists, writers, and coders typically fire on all cylinders by crashing near dawn and awakening at the crack of noon. In one study, "evening people" almost universally slam-dunked a standardized creativity test. Their early-bird brethren struggled for passing scores.3. Rising early is stressful.The stress hormone cortisol peaks in your blood around 7 am. So if you get up then, you may experience tension. Grab some extra Zs! You'll wake up feeling less like Bert, more like Ernie. /200901/60652

  My clothes are too heavy!我的衣太重了!天秤座与白羊座的爱情相配度There is a powerful initial attraction between these two opposites, for in certain areas each supplies what the other lacks. Both are fond of of sexual pleasures, but the Aries probably will try to go too far too quickly. The Libra is inclined to idealize everything and can lose all illusions. Later Libra will look for someone less demanding, and Aries will bind someone more adoring. The physical connection is possible, but only temporarily. The marriage is very rare. Libra and Taurus love compatibility 这两个正相对的星座之间有着强烈的初始吸引,在某些特定方面,他们能互相给予对方所缺少的东西。他们俩都热衷于性带来的愉悦,但是白羊可能会试图走得更远更快。天秤总是喜欢把一切事物理想化,然后就可能失去所有的幻想。随后天秤会想找个不那么令人费劲的对象,而白羊要找的则是更有魅力的一位。这两星座之间可能会产生身体上的联系,但这只是暂时的。他们之间缔结婚姻非常少见。 /201011/119315

  Charcoal eyes look,是不是感觉看上去很魅惑很时尚呢?这里有四个简单的步骤,教你怎么在炎炎夏日用木炭黑的眼影,尽情展现眼睛的动人之处。一起来看看吧。 /201006/105411

  怀也要挑“吉日”Season of conception tied to school performanceThe time of year a womanconceivesmay influence the future academic performance of her child, according to research reported this week at the Pediatric Academic Societies' annual meeting.When researchers linked standardized test scores of 1,667,391 Indiana students in grades 3 through 10 with the month in which each student had been conceived, they found that children conceived May through August scored significantly lower on math and language tests than children conceived during other months of the year.The correlation between test scores and conception season held regardless of race, gender, and grade level.Why might this be? According to Dr. Paul Winchester of Indiana University School of Medicine who led the study, the evidence points to environmental pesticides, used most often in the summer months, as a possible player.The lower test scores correlated with higher levels of pesticides and nitrates in the surface water (nearby streams and other bodies of water) during that same time period, he told Reuters Health."Exposure to pesticides and nitrates can alter the hormonal milieu of the pregnant mother and the developing fetal brain," Winchester explained in a statement. For example, past research has linked exposure to pesticides and nitrates to low thyroid hormone levels ("hypothyroidism") in pregnant women and hypothyroidism in pregnancy has been tied to lower intelligence test scores in offspring.While the current findings do not prove that pesticides and nitrates contribute to lower test scores, "they strongly support such a hypothesis," Winchester said."A priori there should be no reasons particularly why the month of conception should change your (test) scores," he added in an interview, "and yet from our chain of evidence our hypothesis was that if pesticides do alter the friendly environment of the developing fetus than that might be reflected in lower scores. And unfortunately that's what we found.""There is something going on" and it needs to be studied further, Winchester concluded.(CRI)在本周举行的"儿科学术协会年会"上,一项研究报告称,母亲怀的月份可能会影响孩子以后的学业成绩。研究人员对印地安那州1,667,391名3到10年级学生的统一考试成绩和他们的受月份进行了相关分析。结果发现,与其它月份受的孩子相比,5月至8月受的孩子的数学和语言成绩要低得多。考试成绩与受季节这一相互关系不受种族、性别和年级的影响。该如何解释这一结论?本研究的带头人、印第安纳大学医学院的保罗·温彻斯特士说,罪魁祸首有可能是空气中的杀虫剂,这些杀虫剂在夏季使用得比较多。他在接受路透社健康部的采访时说,考试低分与地表水(附近的小溪和其它水体)中含量过高的杀虫剂和硝酸盐有关。温彻斯特解释说,"接触杀虫剂和硝酸盐会使妇体内的荷尔蒙环境发生改变,从而影响胎儿的大脑发育。"比如,以往的研究发现,妇体内甲状腺激素含量低(甲状腺机能减退)与接触杀虫剂和硝酸盐有关,而怀期间甲状腺机能减退又与孩子智商低有关。尽管目前的研究不能明杀虫剂和硝酸盐导致考试低分,但是,温彻斯特说,"它们为这一假设提供了有力的持。"他在采访中补充道,"我们是这样推理的,既然没有特别的原因来解释受的月份影响考试成绩这件事,那么根据一系列的据,我们假设如果杀虫剂确实影响胎儿成长的良好环境,那么这种影响也许会导致考试低分。不幸的是,这正是我们通过研究发现的。"温彻斯特最后总结到,"这其中还有一些影响因素"有待进一步的研究。Vocabulary:conceive: To become pregnant(怀)hypothyroidism: 甲状腺机能减退 /200803/31405。

  Billions of pounds have been wiped off the value of shares after recession fears sparked panic selling across the world. The experts say there is more pain to come - and everyone will eventually feel the impact of the market downturn.I have shares, should I worry?If you are still holding stocks and shares in individual companies you're either a hardy soul or have been burying your head in the sand as the markets have been jittery since the start of the year. "This is fairly late in the day - nervous investors will have aly moved into cash or safer investments," says Martin Bamford, an independent financial adviser at Informed Choices.BabyIf you do hold money in the market you need to decide if it is time to crystallise your losses, or if you have the stomach to sit tight and hope for a recovery. Parents who have invested their child trust fund (CTF) voucher in the stockmarket should not be too alarmed - there are years to go before the money can be withdrawn, or in the case of a stakeholder CTF is moved to safer investments, in which time the market could recover.I moved my money - will I be OK?It depends where and when you moved it. Money market funds, which had traditionally been seen as a safe haven for investors, have been falling too, while commodities prices have also been dropping. Property funds are doing badly and even cash accounts, which used to be regarded as the safest of safe places to put your money, have had a bad week with the collapse of Icesave. Fixed-interest securities, which traditionally do well when stock markets fall, have failed to ignite this time round, but Bamford reckons they will bounce soon. But he adds: "There is risk in every type of asset class in a recession."My pension is invested in the stock market. Should I be worried?Most people start moving money into safer investments as they near retirement, so those with pensions invested in stocks and shares should still have time on their side. However, Bamford says there will be some people approaching retirement who are still exposed to the markets. "There will be people who have been completely caught out by this," he says. "They might have to reconsider their plans for retirement - the timing and their lifestyle may have to be different."Earlier this week, Hargreaves Lansdown said the value of personal pensions had fallen by a fifth since last year. The latest wave of falls will have wiped even more off their value. However, the firm's head of pensions research, Tom McPhail, says if you have more than 10 years until retirement the best strategy "is just to ignore what is going on at the moment". He explains: "This will all have probably played out by the time you get to retirement, so you should keep paying your regular contributions to your pension."I have an occupational pension - will I be hit?You could be. If it is a defined contribution scheme, where the amount you receive when you retire depends on the performance of the assets in which it is invested, then you are in the same boat as anyone with a personal pension. If you are about to retire the company operating your work pension should have been moving your share of the money into safer assets, so you won't be hit too hard. If you have years to go before you finish work, then there is time for losses to be recovered.If you have a final salary scheme, where the amount you get is linked to your earnings, then you will be insulated from the falls in the short term, says McPhail. "In the medium term it will have an impact, though. One result that we will see is final salary schemes closing at a faster rate than at the moment."Ros Altmann, an independent pensions analyst, says most employers are likely to give up on final salary schemes: "Most of them were in deficit before the market falls, and almost all will be now." More worrying, she says, is that if your company fails and you end up having to claim your pension through the Pension Protection Fund, you will only get 90% of what you had saved.My pension has plummeted and now I have to buy an annuityUnless you have reached 75, at which point the rules say you have to use your fund to buy an annuity to provide you with an income, you might want to sit tight in case the market recovers. The sum of money you have with which to buy the annuity will determine how much you have to live on for the rest of your life, so you might want to wait to see if your fund recovers some of its value and you can buy a better income. The government is considering suspending the rules so that those who have reached 75 can also wait.However, McPhail warns: "The risk of not cashing in your investment is that there is no certainty that the market will recover soon." And while you wait for it to bounce back, annuity rates could fall. "If you are keeping your money in the market waiting for a recovery, then keep your eye on annuity rates too," he says.If you are concerned, it would be wise to take advice.I don't have shares or a pension - will I be OK?"It's easy to see it as just problems in the financial markets, but this is going to have a knock-on effect on everybody," says Bamford. "The only questions are to what extent and how long it will take to feel the impact."As the FTSE falls value is knocked off the UK's biggest companies, leaving them with less money to invest. Instead of expanding their businesses they could start reducing staff numbers, leading to redundancies.Those companies do not exist in a vacuum - they do business with other firms who will also be hit if they start to rein in their spending. Workers everywhere could eventually feel the impact of the downturn.Is there any good news?A little. The price of oil has slumped in recent weeks, which should mean cheaper petrol and could ultimately push down gas prices. Interest rates have been cut by 0.5% this week and further cuts are likely as the Bank tries to prop up the UK economy, which is good news for the third of borrowers on tracker mortgages. And while base rate cuts are usually bad news for savers, the fact that banks and building societies are seeking cash means they are still offering attractive interest rates on deposits. /200810/54039


  Mistakes teach you important lessons. Every time you make one, you’re one step closer to your goal. The only mistake that can truly hurt you is choosing to do nothing simply because you’re too scared to make a mistake. 错误会教会你更多的东西。你每犯一次错,就会更接近你的目标。你犯的唯一会伤害你的错就是什么都不做,因为你害怕犯错。Your health is your life, keep up with it. Get an annual physical check-up. 健康是你生活的一部分,保持健康。每年都要体检。Change is the only permanent thing in life.变化是生活中永远不变的。Having a thousand credentials on the wall will not make you a decent human being. But genuinely helping one person everyday will. 在墙上有许多明并不能说明你是一个好人。每天真诚地帮助一个人才会。 /201106/139162

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