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LOS ANGELES — The entire Hollywood press corps turned up. So did dozens of Chinese executives from the Beijing-based Dalian Wanda Group, some of whom were introduced as “special dignitaries.” Studio executives? Check. Leaders from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences? Grinning from the front row.洛杉矶——整个好莱坞的记者团都到场了总部位于北京的大连万达集团也派来了数十名中国高层人员,其中一些被介绍为“特邀嘉宾”电影公司高层?来了美国电影艺术与科学学院(The Academy of MotionPicture Arts and Sciences)的领导层?正在前排咧着嘴笑But why were there also four women in gold evening gowns serving as ushers and M.C.’s? And why was the “Star Wars” score used as part of the Monday affair, which was held to promote Wanda’s billion studio complex in Qingdao as a home away from home Hollywood?但为什么还有四名穿着金色晚礼的女子充当迎宾和司仪?为什么在本周一这个为了宣传万达在青岛投资50亿美元兴建的影城——好莱坞可以把它当作海外基地——的活动中采用《星球大战(Star Wars)的配乐呢?The answer seemed to be: because Wanda wanted it that way.似乎是:因为万达就想要这样And, at least eager Hollywood executives hoping to tap into the fast-growing Chinese box office, that was answer enough. As the Motion Picture Association of America’s chief executive, Christopher J. Dodd, said in a infomercial the Qingdao complex that played as part of the event, “Any time an audience grows, everyone benefits.”好莱坞的一些高管热切盼望着分享正在快速增长的中国票房,至少对他们来说,这个已经足够正如美国电影协会(Motion Picture Association of America)首席执行官克里斯托弗#86;J#86;多德(Christopher J. Dodd)在为青岛影都录制的视频中所说,“每当观众人数出现增长,所有人都会受益”The 5 p.m. presentation, held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, began with remarks by Cheryl Boone Isaacs, president of the academy, an institution dedicated in part to celebrating artistic freedom.这个活动于下午5点在洛杉矶县艺术物馆(Los Angeles County Museum of Art)举行,学院主席谢丽尔#86;布恩#86;艾萨克斯(Cheryl Boone Isaacs)发表了讲话鼓励艺术自由是该机构的工作之一“We have so much in common,” Ms. Boone Isaacs said of the Chinese and American film industries. “Art. Creativity. Conscience. Conviction. Just telling your story.”“我们有很多的共同点,”布恩#86;艾萨克斯谈到中国和美国的电影业时说“艺术创造力良知信念只用去讲你的故事就好”Hollywood, of course, has been frustrated that Chinese censors restrict the flow of American films into China; only a few dozen eign films are allowed to be exhibited annually. But Ms. Boone Isaacs kept it gauzy. “This art m, like an old-fashioned carousel, is at its best when it takes us around the world,” she said of cinema.当然,中国的审查者限制美国电影进入中国,这令好莱坞感到失望;中国每年能够引进的外国电影只有几十部但是布恩#86;艾萨克斯对此一语带过她说电影“这种艺术形式就像老式的旋转木马,当它带我们环顾世界时,才是最佳状态”Next up: Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, who has made bolstering the movie industry a priority of his administration. Specifically, he has criticized the practice of studios moving production to other states and countries to take advantage of tax incentives and rebates. That, of course, is exactly the kind of runaway production funding that Wanda announced at Monday’s event.接下来上台的是洛杉矶市长埃里克#86;加希提(Eric Garcetti),他把振兴电影行业作为这届政府的优先要务具体来说,他曾批评过电影公司享受税收优惠和补贴,把制作环节转移到其他州和其他国家的做法当然,在周一的活动中,万达宣布的正是这种用资金把制作吸引到别处的举措Mr. Garcetti tried to have it both ways. After noting that efts to bring back production have borne fruit, he said, “We also are not a place that closes in.” He added, “We will be strong about promoting Los Angeles as a place to film, but we will also be proud to make those international links that are core to our businesses growing.” With that, Mr. Garcetti introduced Wang Jianlin, Wanda’s chairman.加希提试图两面讨好在谈到恢复电影制作的努力已经取得成果之后,他说,“我们也不是一个自我封闭的地方”他表示,“我们将坚定地提倡在洛杉矶拍摄电影,但是开展一些对我们的业务增长很重要的国际合作,这也让我们感到自豪”加希提以此为万达董事长王健林登台做介绍 his part, Mr. Wang spent most of his speech (delivered in Mandarin, with translation provided to the audience via headphones) highlighting the spectacular growth of the Chinese box office. Within a decade, he noted, China will not only far surpass the ed States as a movie marketplace, it will control more than 0 percent of global ticket sales.王健林的演讲(用普通话发言,听众带着耳机听翻译)大部分时间都在强调中国票房的巨大增长他指出,在十年内,中国电影市场不仅将远远超过美国,而且将占据全球票房的0%以上He got a round of applause when he said that American studios needed to “improve the quality” of their movies. “In the recent few years, perhaps because Hollywood movies are trying to minimize their risk, there are less original movies,” he said. After criticizing Hollywood’s over-reliance on special effects, he added, “Now that Chinese audiences are smarter, they do not so easily become happy.”当他说到美国制片厂需要“提高电影的质量”时,台下响起了连串的掌声“最近几年,也许是因为好莱坞想要尽量减少风险,制作的原创电影比较少,”他说在批评了好莱坞对特效的过分依赖之后,他又补充,“中国观众现在变得更聪明了,要让他们满意不是那么容易”It was almost a wrap. But first came more details about the 0 percent rebate Wanda will offer studios filming at its still-under-construction “movie metropolis” in Qingdao. Invited to the stage were executives from studios that had aly signed up, including Lionsgate, Wanda-owned Legendary Entertainment, Arclight Films and Kylin Pictures.差不多就这些了但在结束之前,活动还谈到了更多的细节,关于万达将为前往仍在建设中的青岛影都拍摄电影的国际公司提供0%补贴已经签约的电影公司包括Lionsgate、万达旗下的传奇、Arclight Films和Kylin Pictures,这些公司的高管被邀请到了台上As one of the women in gold gowns said in closing, “It’s very exciting!”正如其中一名穿着金色长袍的女子在活动结束时所说,“这真是令人兴奋!” 9。

哈利波特系列电影 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is the first novel in the Harry Potter series written by J. K. Rowling and featuring Harry Potter, a young wizard. It describes how Harry discovers he is a wizard, makes close friends, and a few enemies at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and with the help of his friends thwarts an attempted comeback by the evil wizard Voldemort, who killed Harry's parents and tried to kill Harry when he was one year old. 哈利波特是一个孤儿,从小寄养在姨妈家,受尽欺凌但就在哈利岁生日的时候,他意外收到了霍格沃茨学院的入学通知书哈利从该学院派来接他的巨人海格口中得知,这是一间魔法学院,并得知了自己的身世,原来哈利的父母都是伟大的魔法师,在对付伏地魔的战斗中双双献身,唯有哈利幸免于难…… 88。

To accompany our cover on regional food specialties around France, we asked some food experts to weigh in with their tips must-eats in other parts of the world. Following is a selection.为了配合本期以法国各地特色美食为主题的封面文章,我们请教了一些美食家,请他们推荐世界其他地方不可错过的美味下面是几条精选Also, share your favorite regional dishes in the comments section.此外,您可以在区与大家分享你钟爱的各地小吃Mohinga in Myanmar缅甸的鱼板面Tender rice noodles in a slightly pungent yet delicate fish broth, dotted with chunks of green banana stem, may not be everyone idea of breakfast food, but mohinga, a classic morning-time food in central and southern Myanmar, is a great way to start the day. It comes in many versions. In Yangon, merly Rangoon, the broth is made aromatic with lemon grass, ginger and garlic. On the west coast, in Rakhine State, it topped with flaked cooked fish and a dollop of chile paste.柔软的米粉浸在微辣却美味的鱼肉汤里,点缀着几块绿色的香蕉茎,这就是鱼板面也许它并不是人人喜爱的早餐食品,但作为缅甸中部与南部的经典早餐,的确是启动一天的绝佳方式鱼板面有很多版本在仰光,肉汤中要放入柠檬草、生姜和大蒜调味在缅甸西海岸的若开邦,鱼板面上要盖一层熟鱼片和一团辣酱Mohinga is sold by streetside vendors and in some teashops. Pick a place aly busy with locals. The vendor will put a tangle of rice noodles in your bowl, pour over the hot broth, add a sprinkle of cilantro, a section of hard-cooked egg, some minced scallion greens and perhaps some slices of fish cake. You can then choose one or more deep-fried toppings.鱼板面在街边小摊及茶馆里都可以买到找一个已经坐满了本地人的红火摊位坐下,小吃摊老板会在把一把米粉放进碗里,倒上滚烫的鱼汤,撒一把香菜、葱花、半个全熟的水煮蛋,或者还会几片炸鱼饼然后你可以选择一种或几种油炸的食品盖在上面In Yangon youll find busy mohinga stands along downtown Maha Bandoola Road, and along small side streets. My favorite is called Ou Yi, in a tree-lined yard by a side lane off Inya Road. The mohinga costs more than the usual streetside fare — the equivalent of $.50 rather than . This is shocking to locals, but travelers it the best kind of bargain: the broth has a wonderful balance and freshness that is deeply satisfying. Ou Yi is open at 5:30 every morning. Get there bee 9 a.m. — they tend to run out early.在仰光,你会在闹市区的华人街及小巷内发现许多繁忙的鱼板面摊位和店铺我最爱的那家是“藕艺”(音译),位于茵雅路(Inya Road)附近一条小巷内绿树成行的院落里这里的鱼板面比街边小摊上的通常贵一些街边一份只要1美元,而这里要.50美元,在本地人看来是天价,但在游客眼中极其划算:肉汤鲜美可口,恰到好处,令人非常满意藕艺每天早上5:30开门最好在上午9点之前去,这里的店铺开张都很早Far from Yangon, there is outstanding mohinga at the main market in Nyaung Shwe, near beautiful Inle Lake — but only every five days; ;market day” rotates around the region. Head up the main aisle of the market building; just bee you reach the end, youll see to your right a huge wok full of tomato-tinged mohinga broth. Pull up a stool and tuck in. There a layered perfume to the fish broth, a delicate blend of lemon grass, shallots, tomato acidity and something more (perhaps a secret local herb?) that sings on the tongue. Youll be back more.除了仰光,在美丽的茵莱湖(Inle Lake)附近,娘乌镇(Nyaung Shwe)的大集市上亦有极好的鱼板面,但这个集市五天才有一次“赶集日”在这片地区各处轮转沿着集市大楼的主通道向前走,快到头的时候,你会发现右手边有一口巨大的锅,里面盛满了番茄色的鱼板面肉汤拉过一张凳子,大快朵颐吧鱼汤的香味层次无穷,丰富微妙,混合着柠檬草、青葱与西红柿的酸甜,还有些别的味道(或许是本土的秘密草药?),一起在舌尖上载歌载舞你肯定会多次回来,享受这种美味Naomi Duguid, the author of ;Burma: Rivers of Flavor.”奈奥米·达贵德(Naomi Duguid),《缅甸:香味的河流(Burma: Rivers of Flavor)的作者Kibbe Nayyeh in Antelias, Lebanon黎巴嫩山省(Antelias)的生肉饼Kibbe, a subtly spiced mixture of minced lamb and bulgur wheat, can be found around the Levant, cooked in myriad ways. It can also be served raw, as kibbe nayyeh (nayyeh means raw in Arabic), often called the national dish of Lebanon. It sometimes referred to as Arab steak tartare, although it is smoother and spicier — the meat is moistened with olive oil instead of egg yolk, and should ideally be pounded in a marble mortar with a heavy wooden pestle until it turns into a silky paste. I can still picture my Lebanese mother and grandmother sitting on low stools on either side of a beautiful large mortar taking turns to pound the lean chunks of lamb with a big wooden pestle.吉布(kibbe)是一种用羊肉馅和小麦碎加丰富香料制成的食物,是黎凡特一带的特色小吃,烹饪方法很多有时候可以把生肉直接上桌,名叫生肉饼,或者叫“吉布纳耶”(Kibbe Nayyeh;Nayyeh在阿拉伯语中意为生肉),人们常常称它为黎巴嫩的国菜有时候,吉布纳耶指的是阿拉伯鞑靼肉排,尽管会更为滑嫩香辛——因为里面用来增加肉馅湿度的是橄榄油而不是蛋黄,理想的情况下,应当是把肉馅放在石臼内,用沉重的木杵反复捶打敲击,直到肉馅成为丝滑的糊糊一台精美的大石臼,我的黎巴嫩母亲和祖母分别坐在两旁的矮凳上,轮流用大木捶打一块块精瘦的羊羔肉,这个画面至今历历在目As you can imagine, this took quite some time and hardly anyone these days makes kibbe nayyeh by hand, least of all restaurants. But some, like Al-Halabi, a timeless restaurant in Antelias, a northern suburb of Beirut, manage to achieve the same smooth texture despite mincing the meat in a grinder. Its kibbe nayyeh is one of the best in town: as silky as the one I remember from my youth, with the same lovely pale pink color, a sure sign it is mixed just bee it is served, with a little iced water added to keep the color and loosen the meat. Al-Halabi also uses a minimal amount of bulgur wheat, which allows a meatier texture. And the seasoning is subtle, with enough spices to enhance the flavor of the lamb but not overwhelm it.正如你想象的,这个过程非常耗时,现在几乎没人用纯手工制作生肉饼了,尤其是餐馆但也有例外,比如山省贝鲁特北郊有家不合时宜的艾尔哈拉比餐厅(Al-Halabi),虽然用了研磨机来制作肉馅,但出产的生肉饼的质地与手工制成的一样嫩滑它的生肉饼是镇里最美味的:和我青春记忆中最香的肉饼一样丝滑,有同样可爱的淡粉色泽,见到这种色泽,你就可以确信它是做成之后立马新鲜上桌的还加了一点冰水用来维持色泽,同时让肉馅松软艾尔哈拉比用的小麦碎也是最少的,小麦碎的作用增加肉的质感调味料加得恰到好处,既能丰富羊肉的浓香,又不至于盖过它本来的滋味ANISSA HELOU, the author of ;Levant.”阿尼莎·西露(Anissa Helou),《黎凡特(Levant)的作者Piti in Kars, Turkey土耳其卡尔斯的炖羊肉(piti)In Kars, a northeastern Turkish province where dairy and cattle ranching dominate, one local specialty stands out its unlikely main ingredient: lamb. Piti, a stew of chickpeas, mutton and tomato in a broth flavored with sheep tail fat and sarikok, or dried turmeric, embodies the region past as a Silk Road way station and, four decades around the turn of the th century, a Russian territory. The dish originated in Azerbaijan, though piti there is sometimes flavored with saffron instead of turmeric. Tomato, a novelty in Turkey remoter provinces until well into the th century, is probably a recent addition.土耳其东北部省份卡尔斯的柱产业是奶制品和畜牧业,这里有一种特色食品因其主料脱颖而出——羊羔肉这种特色美食就是炖羊肉(piti),一种炖制食品,在汤汁中放入羊尾油和姜黄粉,加鹰嘴豆、羊肉和西红柿一起炖这道菜体现了此地作为丝绸之路重镇的历史,而且,在世纪转折点前后,它有0年时间属于俄罗斯的疆土这道菜源于阿塞拜疆,只不过在那里,炖肉料加的是藏红花,而不是姜黄至于西红柿,土耳其一些边远省份直到世纪才引进这种蔬菜,,炖羊肉中的西红柿可能是近年来才增加的Piti is baked in small single-serving vessels — metal cups in Kars and clay dishes in Azerbaijan — and is served with broth strained from the meat and chickpeas. In Kars it is poured over torn strips of lavash mounded in a shallow bowl. Absorbing the liquid, the b becomes a dumpling-like cloud redolent of meat juices, with a slight musty-bitter edge from the turmeric. Some diners make it a one-dish meal by placing meat and chickpeas on top of the lavash and mashing the legumes into the b, while others eat the two side by side. Though the hearty dish is served year-round it especially suited to Kars notoriously long and harsh winters.炖羊肉盛在单独的小容器(在卡尔斯是搪瓷茶缸,在阿塞拜疆则是瓷盘)中,份烹制端上餐桌时,盛些加有鹰嘴豆的肉汤浇在上面在卡尔斯,是将面饼撕成片,堆在空碗里,然后浇上肉汤面饼吸收肉汤之后会膨胀成饺子形状的馍块,散发出肉汁的浓香,姜黄带来一丝苦涩而陈旧的口感有些顾客会把肉块与鹰嘴豆放在馍块上面,将豆子压到泡馍里,这样它就成了一道菜还有一些顾客喜欢将这两样食品分别食用尽管这种丰盛的美味全年都有供应,但它尤其适合卡尔斯漫长而凛冽的寒冬Kristal Lokantasi is one of the last restaurants in the drowsy provincial capital (also called Kars) to serve piti. Tahsin Kaya, the owner, said that his version, available lunch only, is prepared using the same recipe as when his father opened the establishment, in a storefront down the street, over 50 years earlier. It sells out daily, even in summer, when temperatures can hit the 80s.洛坎塔西餐厅是这座乏味的省会城市(卡尔斯省的省会,名字也叫卡尔斯)中硕果仅存的仍可烹制炖羊肉的几家饭馆之一老板塔辛·卡雅(Tahsin Kaya)说这里只有午餐才供应炖羊肉,配方与他父亲50年前开店时完全相同当年,它只是街边的一个小门店该店的炖羊肉每天都供不应求,哪怕是气温80华氏度以上的盛夏时节ROBYN ECKHARDT, writer and blogger, EatingAsia.罗宾·艾克哈特(Robyn Eckhardt),美食亚洲(EatingAsia)的作者与主Tlacoyos in Mexico City墨西哥城的脆皮馅饼(tlacoyo)People have been eating tlacoyos — masa patties stuffed with either refried beans, a salty, spable cheese called requesón, or mashed fava beans — in one m or another since pre-Hispanic times, and they are still sold at sidewalk stands across Mexico City. Female vendors hand-pat the corn dough into the shape of a flattened football and then cook the patties until crisp and freckled on both sides, often at charcoal grills that sit inches from their laps. The toppings, though, push tlacoyos into the upper echelon of Mexico street food: cooked cactus strips, fresh onion and cilantro and a spoonful of salsa.从前西班牙时代开始,人们就开始吃脆皮馅饼,模样虽然各异,但直到今天,墨西哥城的路边摊仍在兜售面皮中间填塞的要么是炸豆泥,一种名叫雷却桑(requesón)的易于涂抹的咸味奶酪,要么是蚕豆泥小吃摊老板娘用手把玉米面团拍成漏气足球的模样,然后将这团生面饼放在几英寸外的木炭烤架上烤至焦脆,两面都布满均匀的斑点可是让脆皮馅饼在墨西哥美食街独占鳌头的,是其中的馅料:煮熟的仙人果丝、新鲜的洋葱、香菜和一勺莎莎辣酱My favorite stand is run by Rosa Pe?a Sotres, who typically wears her gray hair in a braid. To find her, you get off at Metro Salto del Agua and head north on bustling Calle López. Her stand sits near Calle Delicias, just bee the carnitas stand with the big clay pots. Ms. Pe?a Sotres has made tlacoyos decades (her mother made them bee her) and her skill comes across in each bite. The blue corn masa, which she prepares herself, is fluffy and airy; the fava beans add moisture and a nutty sweetness. When she asks, ;Con todo?; the answer me is always yes.我最爱的摊位是罗莎·佩纳·索翠思(Rosa Pe?a Sotres)开的,她经常把灰色的长发编成辫子如果你想找她,需要在索托戴尔阿瓜(Salto del Agua)地铁站下车,向南沿着熙熙攘攘的洛佩兹大街(Calle López)直走她的摊位就在德莉希亚大街(Calle Delicias)附近,下一个摊位卖的是卡尼特斯玉米卷,有几个大陶罐佩纳·索翠思女士制作脆皮馅饼已经好几十年了(过去是她的母亲在做),每尝一口,你都能感受到她高妙的手艺揉好备用的蓝色玉米面团松软多孔,里面的蚕豆为其增添了一份润泽的口感与坚果的甘甜每当她问:“还要吃?”我的回答永远是“对”I loved her tlacoyos so much that I asked her if she accepted students. Soon afterward I found myself in the spotless patio of her house, in a nearby town. She showed me how she grinds her beans on a ground stonetool called a metate — brushing the stone cylinder against the base with sharp, quick motions — and the correct way to place the tlacoyos on the grill, first in the center, then off to the edges. After making a few dozen tlacoyos, my feet and back hurt. Ms. Pe?a Sotres had barely broken a sweat.她的脆皮馅饼我实在太喜欢了,就问她能不能收我为徒片刻之后,我就来到了附近小镇里她家一尘不染的露台上她为我演示怎样用一种叫做凹面磨盘的石具磨豆子——用快速而敏锐的动作将石柱顶在基底上擦,以及怎样把脆皮馅饼放在烤架上才正确——首先放在中间,然后慢慢向四边铺开做了几十个脆皮馅饼之后,我的双足和背部开始隐隐作痛,佩纳·索翠思女士却泰然自若,几乎一滴汗水都没出LESLEY TELLEZ, writer and blogger, The Mija Chronicles.莱斯利·泰勒兹(Lwsley Tellez) ,美子编年史 (The Mija Chronicles)网站的作者与主Porchetta in Umbria, Italy意大利翁布里亚的脆皮烤猪肉In the ancient town of Bevagna in central Umbria, down a narrow and winding street, is a magnificent butcher shop called Macelleria Tagliavento. Head through the modest and dimly lit space, perfumed by cured meats hanging overhead, and you will find a delicatessen case filled with yet more meat. Past that, perched on a ledge, is a particularly magnificent porchetta. I grew up mostly around central Italy, and this version is the type I remember loving bee industrialized methods took over.在翁布里亚中部的贝瓦尼纳古城,沿着一条狭窄而曲折的街道向前走,就会看到一家气派的肉店,名叫塔利亚文托肉店(Macelleria Tagliavento)朴素幽暗的店内挂满了腌肉,穿过这香浓的气息,你会发现一个熟食柜台,里面摆放的肉更多走过柜台,壁架上摆着一盘十分华丽的脆皮烤猪肉我的童年与少年基本是在意大利中部度过,这种烤肉的方式正是我过去深爱的那种,可惜后来都被工业文明取代了Porchetta — a deconstructed whole pig, gutted and spiced, then stuffed, tied and roasted, with layers of meat, fat, stuffing and skin — originated in the area around Rome and in the mer Vatican states. These days, it available all over Italy, including in Bevagna, in the heart of one of the most famous pork-curing regions of Italy. At Macelleria Tagliavento, the skin, glazed and crispy, covers perfectly moist flesh; traditional organ meats, wild fennel pollen, garlic, rosemary and lots of salt and pepper hide inside. The head is left attached extra-dramatic presentation. It usually sold out by noon.脆皮烤猪肉是将一只整猪拆散,去掉内脏,加上香料腌制,然后填上馅料,绑在一起烤制而成,瘦肉、肥肉、馅料和脆皮层次分明这种烤法发源于罗马一带与前梵蒂冈各州而今,意大利各地都可烹饪这种菜肴,包括贝瓦尼亚,意大利名气最大的养猪区的中心地带塔利亚文托肉店的烤猪肉脆皮晶莹酥脆,恰到好处地盖住了鲜嫩多汁的瘦肉;藏在里面的则是传统的有机瘦肉、野生茴香粉、大蒜、迷迭香和大量的盐和胡椒猪头也留了下来,展示时显得格外生动这份烤猪肉一般不到中午就能卖出去Marco Biagetti and Rosita Cariani, the owners, cut the porchetta by hand and use thick slices from a great round loaf of artisanal b. After wrapping the sandwich in a little butcher paper, they will send you on your way into the street, blinking in the bright light.店主马可·比亚盖提(Marco Biagetti)与罗西塔·卡瑞阿尼(Rosita Cariani)亲手切下肉片,用厚厚的面包片夹起来那是用一大块工艺圆面包切成的他们用一小块包肉纸把这份三明治包好递给你,目送着你走进大街,他们的眼睛仍在明亮的灯光下闪闪发光SARA JENKINS, the chef at Porsena and Porchetta in New York.莎拉·詹金斯(Sara Jenkins),纽约波西那与波尔凯塔餐厅(Porsena and Porchetta)的主厨 3796。

I told you I was really sick!我告诉过你我是真的病了! 88。

DEC , :00 PM ET BY DISCOVERYNEWS东部时间年月日下午:00 探索新闻People walk in a street covered with snowas they attend Christmas celebrations in the town of Richev, Belarus. 人们走在布满积雪的街道上,他们去参加在白俄罗斯瑞切夫镇举行的圣诞庆祝活动Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas onJan. 7 in the Middle East, Russia and other Orthodox churches that use the oldJulian calendar instead of the th-century Gregorian calendar adopted byCatholics, Protestants, Greek Orthodox and commonly used in secular life aroundthe world.中东、俄罗斯以及其他使用旧儒略历的东正教教会的东正教基督徒在1月7日庆祝圣诞节,他们使用旧儒略历,而不是天主教徒、新教徒、希腊东正教以及世界各地的世俗生活中通用的世纪的格里高利历(公历)AFPGETTY IME法新社盖蒂图片社 59。

8Fa]Mky_E#WO%fd7NGjemlZTQh(+IpnAxYaoSVv|A man takes photographs of a globefish-shaped kite during the Cha-Am International Kite Festival at the Thai resort beach town of Cha-Am, 0 km (99 miles) southwest of Bangkok, March , .图中是一名男子正在为河豚风筝拍摄照片]z#pVX!X.z+0@ZfQd+e;oNzx)rWUGwS+#t)gSv-X[KX-cTbri*Ej*DRH!DgFZckK^@kPbJi 6。

当别人提到猴子的时候,你脑子里会出现一个什么形象呢?一般来说,人们认为猴子是很聪敏的动物,大家都喜欢观察它们,这是因为猴子的行动往往跟人很像它们也确实和人一样有的时候很调皮、爱耍花招Monkey business是指不道德或不合法的行为,一般解释为“骗人的把戏,胡闹”,往往是偷偷摸摸和具有欺骗性的行为,例如盗用公款等下面我们来举一个例子: The newspapers say there's a lot of monkey business going on at city hall, with officials getting money under the table from people who want the contract to build the new airport. 有些报纸认为,市政府里有许多见不得人的事,有的营造商为了从市政府获得建造新机场的合同而偷偷地用钱贿赂市政府的官员Monkey business 不一定指官员贪污腐化,一般人当中也可能出现不轨行为,下面这个人说的就是一个例子:I think there's some kind of monkey business going on in that house across the street. People going in and out all day long; maybe they're selling drugs or something. 我看对马路那个房子里的人一定在进行一些不正当的勾当一天到晚老有人进进出出,他们可能在贩毒,或搞其他什么鬼名堂!。

A girl born as Britain smallest baby ever has celebrated her tenth birthday by being made captain of her school football team.英国出生的最小的女婴,在庆祝十岁生日的时候收获了一份她梦寐以求的大礼——当上了学校足球女队队长Aaliyah Hart was just seven inches long and weighed ounce when she was born three months prematurely in .艾丽娅.哈特出生于年,当时早产三个月的她,只有七英寸长,盎司重Doctors gave her a one per cent chance of survival when they found that her lungs had not developed properly.她出生时肺部发育不足,医生断定她只有百分之一的几率存活下来But Aaliyah - who was small enough to sit in the palm of her mother hand - astounded medics by surviving.然而只有妈妈巴掌大的艾丽娅却顽强存活了下来,她的存活让所有的医护人员吃了一惊When she started school five years ago her mother, Lorriane, 7, was nervous she would be knocked over in the playground because she only weighed the same as a two year old.当艾丽娅5岁入学时,7岁的妈妈罗润英很担心艾丽娅会被其他孩子欺负,因为它实在太小了,她只有两岁正常孩童的体重But the youngster has since grown into a healthy schoolgirl and is now a similar size to her classmates - standing at foot and weighing stone.而如今,艾丽娅再也不是小不点了,她和她的同学一样身高,健康的她身高英尺,体重石Amazingly, sporty Aaliyah now loves nothing more than playing football against a team of boys and has been named captain of the girl football team at the independent Rosslyn School in Hall Green, Birmingham.让人惊奇的是,活波好动的艾丽娅最热衷的运动是足球,她经常和男孩子一起比赛,现在是伯明翰罗斯林学校足球女队的队长Ms Hart, who was told her daughter might die in the womb, said she was amazed at how Aaliyah had taken to sports.艾丽娅的妈妈对这个曾经被医生下了死亡通知书的孩子,能成长为今天的足球小将也感到十分惊奇She said: ‘Aaliyah a little tomboy - she loves playing with the boys and she developed a really sporty side recently.她讲到“艾丽娅是个假小子,喜欢喝男孩子一起玩,她的运动天分随着成长渐渐凸显出来”‘She very good at running, she likes rounders and gymnastics.“艾丽娅跑的很快,他喜欢儿童棒球和体操”‘Over the last six weeks she really got into her football and has been made captain of the girls team.“经过六个星期的训练,她爱上了足球,现在,她成为了足球女队的队长”‘It 50 at her school so they usually have the girls against the boys.“她学校的男女比例是一半一半,所以,足球女队经常挑战足球男队的孩子;‘The social side really appeals to her, everybody loves Aaliyah.’“艾丽娅很有人缘,人人都喜欢她”She added: ‘It just nice to see her doing normal things, getting involved and jumping around, happy with a smile on her face.艾丽娅妈妈补充道“看着她健康成长真好,她能融入孩子的群体,成天开心地跑跑跳跳”‘When she was born ten years ago I didnt imagine shed be running around a football pitch.“十年前,当她刚出生,我简直不能想象她可以在足球场上疯跑”Social worker Ms Hart added that Aaliyah - who turned ten last month - had moved from a state to an independent school in to help her schoolwork and build her confidence.艾丽娅妈妈说艾丽娅在年时从国立学校转入私立学校,目的就是让她能更好的的学习,建立自信心She added: ‘As she was always smaller than her friends her confidence had suffered.艾妈妈解释道“因为她以前总是比别的孩子个子小,所以她以前很不自信”‘But it much better than it used to be now - she the same size as her classmates, although she quite thin.“现在好了很多,她个子和别的孩子差不多,虽然还是很瘦”‘She been given lots of responsibilities at school such as milk monitor, it allows her to assert herself.“学校老师为帮助她建立自信心,让她担任了许多职务,比如牛奶监管员”‘She really has come a long way - it been one hell of a journey.’“她能走到今天很不容易,毕竟她的路比别的孩子更难走”Aaliyah said she enjoyed getting a chance to play football with friends and her idol was Wayne Rooney.艾丽娅告诉我们她真的很爱足球,她最崇拜的球星是韦恩#86;鲁尼She said: ‘I really like playing football, it a lot of fun playing with my friends.‘Being the captain makes me feel very proud. I like school but I really love sports.她说道“我真的喜欢足球,和我的朋友在一起玩耍十分有趣,我很骄傲我能当上足球队长,我喜欢上学,但我最喜欢的是足球”‘I know Im a bit smaller but I try not to let it make a difference.‘My favourite team is Manchester ed, I really like Wayne Rooney.’我知道我比别人个子小一点,但我经量让别人觉得我和其他人是没有差别的我最喜欢的足球队是曼联,我最喜欢的球星是韦恩#86;鲁尼“Headteacher Jane Scott said Aaliyah was showing good progress at school and was delighted to see her playing football.艾丽娅的校长简.斯科特说,艾丽娅的学业进步很大,也很高兴艾丽娅喜欢踢足球She said: ‘She really is holding her own and it wonderful to see.她讲到“艾丽娅很有主见,很高兴她能这样”‘She is progressing well academically and is a very popular little girl. She is full of confidence and has a wonderful character.“她学业进步很大,在学校也很受大家喜爱,她很自信,性格也十分好”‘To see where she has come from to playing football with the boys in the playground is an incredible story considering she was only given such a slim chance of survival.’“如今看到她在足球场上和男孩子一起竞技真的是一件很奇妙的事情,因为她曾经的存活几率是那么的小” 773。