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The following flags are made of pizza.Let's enjoy.下面的国旗都是由匹萨制成的,一起来欣赏吧 93富阳妇产科医院哪个比较好富阳市妇保医院是民办还是公立医院Extreme foods are nothing new. Remember KFC Double Down of ? But this year restaurant chains took the concept to a new level. ;Weve seen operators from different segments roll out buzzworthy food mash-ups that shock and delight curious customers,; says Laura McGuire of food research firm Technomic. Case in point: the cronut (see above)—a doughnutcroissant hybrid. Whether these items left you drooling or repulsed, extreme food items keep restaurant concepts top of mind by generating news. We took a look at seven of them from the past year.极端食品并不是什么新事物还记得肯德基(KFC)在年推出的双层炸鸡汉堡(Double Down)吗?但在今年,连锁餐厅业把这项概念推向了一个新高度“我们看到不同领域的运营商推出引发热议的混搭食物,让好奇心重的客户备受震撼,惊喜不已,”食品研究公司Technomic的劳拉#86;麦圭尔说一个恰当的例是cronut(上图所示):一种把甜甜圈和羊角面包混合在一起的食物无论这些极端食品是让你垂涎三尺,还是恶心不已,它们总是能够成为新闻,让你牢牢记住蕴含于其中的餐饮理念现在,我们就一起来回顾一下过去一年最具代表性的7种极端食品Glazed Donut Breakfast SandwichChain: Dunkin DonutsCant decide between an egg sandwich or a glazed doughnut in the morning? Dunkin Donuts (DNKN) solved this eternal struggle breakfast lovers in with the creation of its Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich, comprised of bacon and a pepper-fried egg nestled between two sides of a glazed doughnut. Dunkin started testing the doughnut-sandwich combo in the Boston area bee rolling it out nationally. It became a permanent item in June on--of course--National Donut Day.Notable Review: ;This thing comes in at a scant 360 calories. A bacon egg n cheese croissant packs a whopping 80. It is borderline nutritionally irresponsible NOT to eat this thing.;- Thrillist 釉面甜甜圈早餐三明治连锁餐厅:唐恩都乐一大早不知道是吃鸡蛋三明治,还是吃釉面甜甜圈?唐恩都乐(Dunkin Donuts)在年推出了釉面甜甜圈早餐三明治——釉面甜甜圈夹熏腌肉和辣椒炒鸡蛋——解决了这样一个让早餐爱好者永远都难以抉择的难题唐恩都乐首先在波士顿地区试销这款由甜甜圈和三明治组合而成的食品,随后推向了全国6月份,它成为一个固定的菜单选项,上菜单的日子当然选在了全国甜甜圈日那天精:“这种食物的热量仅为360卡路里一个熏腌肉鸡蛋奶酪羊角面包的卡路里含量高达80从营养角度来看,不吃这玩意简直是不负责任的表现”—— Thrillist1. Memorizing phone numbers记电话号码的能力It was a hassle remembering numbers. Now we simply add them to our contacts list. That usually works well unless our device is lost, stolen, or damaged. No one can be expected to remember all their contact numbers. What we can do is memorize 5 of our most important contact numbers. This should include a mixture of family, friends and business. If you’re really ambitious you can memorize 5 contacts each category.记数字是个麻烦,现在我们只需将位的电话号码添加到联系人列表如果我们的手机不出现丢失、被盗或损坏的情况,这种做法通常还很好用没有人会记得所有的联系号码我们能做的就是记住5个最重要的联系号码应包括家庭、朋友和生意上的联系人的电话号码如果你真的想自己记住电话号码,记住每个分组中的5个联系人即可 69富阳市第三人民医院专家

富阳怀孕三个月能做流产吗浙江富阳市新登中医骨伤医院阴道松弛富阳早泄如何治疗CANNES, France — The 69th Cannes Film Festival, an event this year defined by peerless highs and embarrassing lows, ended on Sunday when the Palme d’Or was awarded to “I, Daniel Blake,” a film about a carpenter with a heart condition up against the heartlessness of bureaucracy, from the veteran British director Ken Loach. The award was presented by Mel Gibson.法国戛纳——第69届戛纳电影节(Cannes Film Festival)周日闭幕本届电影节既有无与伦比的精瞬间,也有令人尴尬的时刻金棕榈奖(Palme d’Or)授予《我是布莱克(I, Daniel Blake),这部电影讲述的是一名患有心脏病的木匠对抗官僚机构的无情,出自英国资深导演肯·洛奇(Ken Loach)之手颁奖嘉宾是梅尔·吉布森(Mel Gibson)Mr. Loach, a previous winner “The Wind That Shakes the Barley,” accepted his prize first in French bee switching to English. “We’re in the grip of a project of austerity,” he said, invoking the “catastrophe” of neoliberalism. He talked of cinema’s tradition of speaking to the “powerful and the mighty” and the need to show that “another world is possible and necessary.”洛奇曾凭借《风吹麦浪(The Wind That Shakes the Barley)获得此奖他发表获奖感言时先是说法语,后改为英语“我们受到紧缩政策的控制,”他说他指的是新自由主义的“灾难”他谈到电影讲述“强大有力”事物的传统,以及需要展示出“有可能也有必要存在另一个世界”This year’s jury the feature competition was led by George Miller (here in with “Mad Max: Fury Road”), who lauded “the feast of cinema,” and also included the directors Arnaud Desplechin and Laszlo Nemes (his “Son of Saul” won the Grand Prize last year); a producer, Katayoon Shahabi; and a clutch of internationally recognizable names: Kirsten Dunst, Valeria Golino, Mads Mikkelsen, Vanessa Paradis and Donald Sutherland.今年故事片竞赛单元的评审团由乔治·米勒(George Miller,年他携《疯狂的麦克斯:狂暴之路[Mad Max: Fury Road]参与戛纳角逐)领导他称赞本届电影节是“电影盛宴”评审团还包括导演阿诺·德斯普里钦(Arnaud Desplechin)和拉斯洛·内梅斯(Laszlo Nemes,去年他的《索尔之子[Son of Saul]获得评审团大奖[Grand Prize]);制片人卡塔永·谢哈比(Katayoon Shahabi);以及一群国际知名人士:克斯汀·邓斯特(Kirsten Dunst),瓦莱莉·高利诺(Valeria Golino),麦德斯·米克尔森(Mads Mikkelsen),瓦妮莎·帕拉迪斯(Vanessa Paradis)和唐纳德·萨瑟兰(Donald Sutherland)The ceremony included a brief tribute to Jean-Pierre Léaud, the screen immortal who played Antoine Doinel Fran#31;ois Truffaut, beginning with “The 00 Blows”; Mr. Léaud received an honorary Palme d’Or presented by a visibly moved Mr. Desplechin. The best actor award went to Shahab Hosseini, one of the stars of the Iranian movie “ushande” (“The Salesman”), from the director Asghar Farhadi. This smooth, schematic drama turns on a married couple who are perming in a production of Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” and whose lives are upended when the wife is attacked. Mr. Farhadi also won best screenplay.颁奖仪式包含一个向影坛常青树让-皮埃尔·莱奥德(Jean-Pierre Léaud)致敬的环节莱奥德曾在弗朗索瓦·特吕弗(Fran#31;ois Truffaut)的系列影片中饰演安托万·杜瓦内尔(Antoine Doinel),第一部是《四百击(The 00 Blows)莱奥德从显然深受感动的德斯普里钦的手中,接过金棕榈荣誉奖最佳男演员奖授予谢哈布·侯赛尼(Shahab Hosseini),他是伊朗电影《推销员(The Salesman)的主演之一,该片导演是阿斯加尔·法尔哈迪(Asghar Farhadi)这部流畅、严谨的电影讲述的是一对夫妇的故事,他们在演出阿瑟·米勒(Arthur Miller)的《推销员之死(Death of a Salesman)妻子遭到侵害后,他们的生活被彻底打乱法尔哈迪也凭借该片获得最佳编剧奖The best actress prize was given to Jaclyn Jose, the star of “‘Ma’ Rosa,” a slice of naturalism from the Philippine director Brillante Mendoza. Ms. Jose plays a tough, low-level drug dealer who peddles dope out of her small Manila store and, with her addict husband, is swept up in police corruption. The best director prize was, surprisingly, split between the Romanian director Cristian Mungiu, “Graduation,” and to the French director Olivier Assayas, “Personal Shopper.” The Jury Prize (effectively third place) went to “American Honey,” from the British director Andrea Arnold. “When I’m happy, I want to dance,” Ms. Arnold said, swaying to the accompanying music.最佳女演员奖授予《罗莎妈妈(Ma’ Rosa)的主演贾克琳·乔斯(Jaclyn Jose),这部电影是菲律宾导演布里兰特·门多萨(Brillante Mendoza)的自然主义作品乔斯饰演一位坚强的小毒贩,她在马尼拉的自家小店里兜售毒品,她和吸毒的丈夫被警察的腐败吞噬最佳导演奖令人意外地由罗马尼亚导演克里斯蒂安·蒙久(Cristian Mungiu,凭借《毕业会考[Graduation])和法国导演奥利维耶·阿萨亚(Olivier Assayas,凭借《私人采购员[Personal Shopper])共同获得评审团奖(Jury Prize,相当于第三名)授予英国导演安德烈娅·阿诺德(Andrea Arnold)的《美国甜心(American Honey)“我一高兴就想跳舞,”阿诺德一边说着一边随音乐起舞The Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan won the Grand Prix prize, second only to the Palme d’Or, “It’s Only the End of the World,” a decision booed by the press, who watched the ceremony in a live feed from a theater in the same building. “Thank you feeling the emotion of the film,” Mr. Dolan said, choking up as booing continued from critics across the hallway. “The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki,” a black-and-white movie about a boxer, from the Finnish director Juho Kuosmanen, was awarded the prize Un Certain Regard, a section reserved younger and sometimes more adventurous filmmakers.加拿大电影导演哈维尔·多兰(Xavier Dolan)凭借《只是世界尽头(It’s Only the End of the World)获得评审团大奖,此奖仅次于金棕榈奖这一决定引起媒体一片嘘声,他们在同一建筑的一个剧场里观看颁奖礼直播“感谢诸位感受到这部电影的感情,”多兰说他的话被走廊对面不断传来的家们的嘘声打断芬兰导演尤霍·库奥斯马宁(Juho Kuosmanen)的《奥利最开心的一天(The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki)获得一种关注奖(Un Certain Regard)这部黑白影片讲述的是一名拳击手的故事一种关注单元专门授予更年轻、有时更冒险的电影导演The Caméra d’Or, best first feature, went to “Divines,” from the French director Houda Benyamina; it screened in La Quinzaine des Realisateurs, a program that runs parallel with the official selection. The Palme the best short film was presented to “Timecode,” from the Spanish director Juanjo Giménez.金摄影机奖(Caméra d’Or)是表彰最佳故事片处女作今年该奖项授予法国导演乌达·本亚米那(Houda Benyamina)的《女神们(Divines)它在导演双周单元(La Quinzaine des Realisateurs)展映,该单元与官方评选并驾齐驱最佳短片奖授予西班牙导演胡安霍·希门尼斯(Juanjo Giménez)的《时间代码(Timecode)Inmation about other winners is at festival-cannes.fr.其他获奖信息请参看festival-cannes.fr 5558杭州富阳区妇女医院哪个医生比较好

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