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湖北省妇幼保健院看男科怎么样武汉哪家男科医院费用便宜黄冈中心医院割包皮手术价格 Chinese city dogged by criticism over dog-meat festivalResidents of a small city in southern China plan to hold an annual dog-meat festival on Friday amid intense criticism from animal rights groups, which have denounced the one-day event as unsafe and inhumane.Residents of Yulin in Guangxi province consider the festival an ancient summer solstice tradition. Many cherish their city#39;s dog-meat culture, which involves the mass consumption of dog-meat hotpot served with lychees and strong grain liquor.Animal rights groups say 10,000 dogs are slaughtered during the festival each year, and that many are electrocuted, burned and skinned alive. Pictures posted online show flayed dogs, dogs hanging from meat hooks, and piles of dog corpses on the side of the road. In China dog meat isprized as a nutritious wintertime dish that doctors can prescribe to treat maladies such as impotence and poor circulation.Activists have tried to block the event on numerous occasions through open letters and street protests. Some have implored the UK and US governments to interfere with the festival via online petitions. ;Please help us stop the Yulin Festival of eating dogs in Guangxi province. It is bloody and disregards life,; a petition on the US White House website was titled.;They use knives to kill the dogs which are alive,; it said, according to the South China Morning Post. ;Then people would like to burn the dogs, which are conscious, so they can eat them.; The petition was recently taken down because it failed to meet the 100,000 signature threshold required to elicit a response from the Obama administration.According to an open letter by the Hong Kong-based NGO Animals Asia, many of the dogs consumed during the festival are strays and abductees. Some are transported to the city on filthy, overcrowded trucks, significantly increasing the risk that they carry rabies and other contagious diseases. Yulin officials claim that the dogs are raised by local farmers.;Stolen dogs without quarantine certificates are cruelly slaughtered and sold to restaurants at very low prices,; Master Huici, assistant director of the Hebei Buddhism Charity Foundation, told the state-run Global Times newspaper.Yulin officials did not pick up the phone on Tuesday afternoon, outside of working hours.Last month Chinese border officials seized 213 bear paws – an expensive ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine – and arrested two Russian citizens for trying to smuggle them into the country in vehicle tyres. /201306/245021武汉勃起无力

武汉华夏男子医院男科医生Japan#39;s reconstruction following the devastating earthquake and tsunami nearly one year ago exactly is being delayed by an unlikely factor ; ghosts.距离日本强震海啸的发生已经近一年了,如今日本的灾后重建工作却受到了意外因素;鬼魂;的阻碍。Numerous reports of ghost sightings have reportedly been made by residents in the city of Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture, home to nearly a fifth of all tsunami fatalities.据报道,日本宫城县石卷市的很多居民称自己遭遇;活见鬼;,大约1/5的海啸遇难事故都发生在这附近。Reconstruction and repair have been put on hold in some instances due to workers#39; fears that the spirits of the dead who passed away a year ago will bring them bad luck if they continue.某些重建和修复工作被暂时搁置,因为工人害怕如果继续下去,一年前的亡灵会给他们带来厄运。Highlighting one half-repaired supermarket, local Satoshi Abe, 64, told the reporter: ;I heard people working to repair the store became sick because of ghosts. People died here everywhere, here and there. The city is full of such stories.;在一个修复了一半的超市,64岁的当地人安倍聪告诉记者:;我听说很多修复这家商店的工人都因为鬼魂生病了。这里曾经到处都是死人。市里有很多类似的故事。;A taxi driver, who did not want to be named, added that he was unwilling to stop in certain parts of the city that were badly damaged in the tsunami for fear of picking up a customer who is a spirit of the dead.一位不愿透露姓名的出租车司机补充说,他不愿意在城市的某些遭到海啸破坏严重的地区停车,害怕上车的乘客是死者的魂魄。Meanwhile, another local woman described hearing stories of people seeing queues of people rushing towards the hills, a replay of their final moment as they attempted to escape the tsunami.另一位当地女性描述称,听到有人说看到成群结队的;人;往山上跑去,重现了人们试图躲避海啸的最后场景。As the first anniversary of the disaster approaches, Ishinomaki appears, on the surface at least, to be returning to a new level of normality, with the tsunami debris cleared away in most areas and a growing number of businesses reopening.日本大地震一周年就要到了,石卷市似乎回归了常态,至少表面上是这样。大部分地区的海啸残骸都清理干净了,越来越多的商家重新开张。At the same time, the emotional impact of the massive losses of human life are clearly continuing to take their toll on residents: close to 4,000 Ishinomaki locals were killed in the tsunami out of a total death toll of 19,000 for the northeast region.而与此同时,大批人逝去的精神创伤很明显仍在影响着居民:接近四千名石卷市民在海啸中遇难,日本东北部地区因此丧生1.9万人。However, experts described the city#39;s apparent widesp belief in ghosts as a ;natural; side effect of a large-scale tragedy which wiped out vast swathes of the community and a potentially positive part of the healing process.但专家表示,城市里表面上流行的鬼魂思想是席卷众多社区的大灾大难后的;正常;负面反应,并在恢复过程中起着潜在的积极影响。;Human beings find it very difficult to accept death, whether they are inclined by nature to superstition or are very scientifically minded,; said Takeo Funabiki, a cultural anthropologist.文化人类学家船引武夫说:;人类很难接受死亡,不管是天生迷信,还是具有科学头脑。;;A sudden or abnormal death, anything other than someone dying in bed of old age, is particularly difficult for people to comprehend.;突然的非正常死亡和因年老死去不一样,人们很难理解。;;When there are things that many people find difficult to accept, they can find expression in the form of rumours or rituals for the dead, among other things. The point is that it takes the shape of something that you can share with other people in your society.;;当很多人都很难接受某件事的时候,他们可以在有关死者的传闻或者传统仪式等形式中找到。重要的是,这些都是以能够和社会中的其他人分享的形式存在的。; /201203/173168武汉华夏医院泌尿外科主任 IT#39;S no secret Google employees get a sweet deal when it comes to job perks, including gourmet food, on-site doctors and free haircuts. But until now, we didn#39;t know just how good they have it.人人都知道谷歌公司对于员工津贴给得很大方,谷歌不仅有美食、现场医生,还能免费美发。但我们直到今天才知道,原来谷歌的福利有那么好。Google#39;s chief people officer Laszlo Bock has revealed a new ;death benefits; that means employees are covered not just in life, but in death.谷歌公司首席人力官拉兹洛-克近日在接受采访时透露了一份新的;;遗属福利;。这意味着谷歌的员工即使离世,也能享受到公司的福利。The never-before-released details of the tech giant#39;s perks program include an amazing benefit that if a Googler dies while under the tech giant#39;s employ, their spouse or life partner will receive 50 per cent of their salary for the next decade.这个全球网络巨头新发表的这一福利丰厚得令人称奇,具体指谷歌公司的员工如果在职期间死亡,其配偶或伴侣将在接下去的十年中,获得此人原本薪水中的50%。We’ll say that again. The next decade. Death benefits extend to all employees and do not require any tenure or accruement.再强调一遍,这可是整整十年。无关员工的职位和工资水平,这项;遗属福利;对所有员工一视同仁。;One of the things we realized recently was that one of the harshest but most reliable facts of life is that at some point most of us will be confronted with the death of our partners,; Mr Bock told Forbes.克在接受《财富》杂志采访时说:;我们最近意识到,虽然这个事实很残酷,但是不可避免的是,我们中绝大多数人都可能会遭遇到伴侣离世的情况。;;And it’s a horrible, difficult time no matter what, and every time we went through this as a company we tried to find ways to help the surviving spouse of the Googler who’d passed away.;;不管怎么说,每当我们经历这事的时候,都会觉得这是可怕而艰难的。因此作为公司,我们希望能有方法在谷歌员工去世的时候,帮助到他们身后的这些配偶。;The death benefits were implemented in 2011 but they have not been revealed to the public until now.这条死亡福利从2011年起就已经开始生效了,只是直到最近谷歌公司才把这条福利公布于众。Along with 50 per cent of their partner#39;s salary for a decade, surviving spouses also have access to their partner#39;s shares in the company. If the couple have children, they will receive 00 a month until the age of 19, or 23 if the child is a full-time student.除了去世员工十年薪水的50%,配偶还可以获得该员工在公司里的股份。如果他们有孩子,这些孩子将每月获得1000美元,直至19岁。如果孩子是全日制的学生,则可以一直领到23岁。;When we think about [employee] needs at Google, we think less about how old you are that we do about your particular cluster of needs,; Mr Bock said.克还说:;当我们在考虑谷歌员工的需求时,我们不太考虑这员工的年龄,而考虑的是针对这员工的各种需求。;;For someone who fits a certain profile-say, an aging parent to take care of, or kids or grandkids to support–whatever your cluster of needs are, we do our best to discern the best package of perks and programs to meet them.;;对于符合某些条件的人——比如有年迈的父母要赡养,或者有子女或者孙辈需要抚养——无论你的需求是什么,我们都会尽力找出最好的福利方案来满足他们。;Google living benefits include things such as subsidized private health insurance for things like physio and other health and well-being care.谷歌的人身福利包括以津贴形式为个人健康保险提供补助,包括理疗和其他健康措施。;We take care of our people when they#39;re alive also,; the spokesperson said.他说:;我们在员工尚在世的时候,也会为他们提供照顾。; /201208/194908武汉华夏男子医院做照影哪家医院吗?

武汉包皮过长哪家医院比较好设置有儿科的二级及以上医疗机构名单  1 北京妇产医院  2 北京中医药大学东直门医院  3 北京中医医院  4 首都医科大学附属北京同仁医院  5 中国医学科学院北京协和医院  6 北京市第六医院  7 北京市和平里医院  8 北京市隆福医院  9 首都医科大学中医药学院附属鼓楼中医医院  10 北京大学第一医院  11 北京大学人民医院  12 首都医科大学附属北京儿童医院  13 首都医科大学附属复兴医院  14 北京市西城区展览路医院  15 北京中医药大学附属护国寺中医医院  16 首都医科大学附属北京天坛医院  17 北京市宣武区中医医院  18 首都医科大学附属北京友谊医院  19 首都医科大学宣武医院  20 中国中医科学院广安门医院 The publisher of the Guardian and Observer newspapers is close to axing the print editions of its newspapers, despite the hopes of its editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger to keep them running for several years.尽管主编艾伦?罗斯布里奇希望可以将印刷版多运营几年,但英国《卫报》和《观察家报》的发行商还是将削减印刷版业务。Senior figures at Guardian News amp; Media are seriously discussing the move to an entirely online operation, it has been claimed, leaving Mr Rusbridger increasingly isolated.据称,卫报新闻传媒集团的主管们正认真研究完全转向网络运营一事,这导致罗斯布里奇希愈发孤立。The longstanding Guardian chief wants to develop the Guardian’s digital-only US operation before pulling the plug on the print edition, in the hope that it will provide a useful blueprint for the online business in Britain.在完全结束印刷业务之前,《卫报》资深负责人想在美国发展数字版,并希望这可以为在英国的网络业务提供一份有益的规划。However, trustees of the Scott Trust, GNM’s ultimate owner, fear it does not have enough cash on its books to sustain the newspapers for that long, according to More About Advertising, the website run by former Marketing Week editor Stephen Foster.但根据《行销周刊》前编辑史蒂芬-福斯特创办的广告资讯网站的介绍,卫报新闻传媒集团的拥有者、斯科特信托基金的受托人担心,并没有足够的资金持这份报纸这么久。The Guardian publisher has spent the last few years battling to stem losses of £44m a year. However, it has been slow to make savings and any money that it has clawed back has been spent on expanding its US and online operations.在过去几年,《卫报》发行商一直设法防止每年亏损4400万英镑,但增收速度非常慢,而且所有弥补性收入都被用于发展美国版和网络经营。The investments helped to fuel a 16pc increase in digital revenues to £45.7m last year, but this was not enough to balance GNM’s operating losses.相关投资帮助该集团去年的数字营销收入达到4570万英镑,增长率达到16%,但这还是不足以抵消营业亏损。Guardian Media Group, GNM#39;s parent company fared even worse. Its operating losses more than doubled to £129.1m after nearly £55m of write-offs.卫报新闻传媒集团的母公司、卫报传媒集团的经营状况更差。在冲销掉大约5500万英镑后,该集团的营业亏损仍然达到1亿零291万英镑,是之前的两倍多。Meanwhile, the company has been forced to steadily shrink the Guardian newspaper, getting rid of some of its flagship supplements. GNM has also pledged to axe up to 100 of its 650 editorial staff.同时,该公司还被迫逐渐缩减《卫报》的发行规模,取消一些主要增刊。卫报新闻传媒集团还决定在其650名编辑团队中削减100个职位。Last year, GNM also looked at closing the £80m printing plant it opened seven years ago, and moving its printing presses out of London.去年,卫报新闻传媒集团还考虑关闭七年前开业的价值8000万英镑的印刷厂,并把印刷业务搬离伦敦。However, it now seems more likely to stop running the presses altogether.但现在看来,该集团更有可能停掉印刷版业务。A GNM spokesman denied that it intends to stop printing newspapers, saying they would “remain the foundations of our organisation for many years to come”. The newspapers generate three quarters of GNM’s revenues but do not turn a profit.卫报新闻传媒集团的一位发言人否认将停止印刷版,并表示印刷版业务“在今后若干年内仍将是整个集团的基础业务”。报纸业务创造了该集团3/4的营业收入,但却没有利润。 /201210/204479孝感中心医院包皮手术多少钱武汉广州军区医院包皮手术多少钱



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